Latest election flyer - Kevin Annett and the Republican Party of Kanata

Reverend Kevin D Annett
Latest election flyer - Kevin Annett and the Republican Party of Kanata

The Voice of the Ashtar Command, June 5, 2019




Freedom Through Inner Peace, July 4, 2017

Transition Radio Show with Ken D Foster and Paula Shaw

Today we talk about finding freedom through inner peace.

The Future Under Liberalism. Clinton Body Count Rises, July 18, 2017


Title: The Future Under Liberalism. Clinton Body Count Rises


College students can’t define what they support. This is our future if parents don’t do their job.


Haiti Official mysterious suicide. Set to testify against Clinton Foundation in Haiti supposedly shot himself in the head.


3 audio clips on Clinton body count  

Government Control over Health Insurance Industry, July 17, 2017


This issue is the federal government controlling a private industry which is unconstitutional. The GOP transfers penalties from the IRS and to the private insurance companies. This is collusion. 

Ted Cruz wants a fund, paid for by the tax payers, to give to insurance companies to lower premiums for people who cannot afford to pay full price. 

This is Communism. 

Healthcare Repeal Scam right up to the White House, July 14, 2017


Title: Healthcare Repeal Scam right up to the White House  

Promises to repeal Obamacare are not being kept. Once government intrudes in our lives, they never let go. The federal government, no matter who is in control, still wants to control to our detriment. 

America – A Republic or a Democracy?, July 13, 2017


Title: America – A Republic or a Democracy?

A republic protects individual sovereignty and God given natural rights whereas a democracy is mob rule and group sovereignty

True Christian Libertarians founded our country.  

Galactic Connection: More Details on the 819 Arrests!!!, March 29, 2016

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra Meadors: I was awakened this morning at around 4:44 am ans asked to write down an introductory message for today's interview with Tory Smith.

Sri and Kira Live, March 20, 2016

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Building upon the momentum of last week's powerful Authenticity experience, NOW is the moment to Stop Hiding any aspect of yourself and to FREE YOURSELF to BE!  The energy presenting on the planet WANTS YOU CONFUSED, and deep within - you know that is not the truth of your Being!

Galactic Connection: Who Is The Master Of Your Ship?, December 15, 2015


Alexandra is on the other side of the microphone today, being interviewed by Mike Harris of Veterans Today on his radio show The Short End of the Stick.


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