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Transition Radio Show, July 4, 2017

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Freedom Through Inner Peace
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with Azim Khamisa and Liana Chaouli

Today we talk about finding freedom through inner peace.

Our first guest, Liana Chaouli, shares her views and expertise on creating your image from the inside out. Our second guest, Azim Khamisa, shares his tragic experience of the loss of his son and explains how he was able to attain freedom through forgiveness.

We discuss:

  • How to transition into having more freedom in your life
  • Creating your image from the inside out
  • How you can blossom and put out positive energy
  • Getting outside of yourself – Awareness, acceptance, and action
  • Seeking emotional freedom over anger and bitterness
  • Separating your journey from someone else’s
  • The two aspects to forgiveness
  • The importance of grieving

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Transition Radio Show

Transition Radio...because everyone is either moving away from something or going toward something. Life is full of changes and with every change comes loss, even if it is a positive change like moving to a better home or getting married. Whenever change comes something must be upheaved or left behind and that creates loss and the normal, natural response to loss and grief.

Our show seeks to give you the information and the tools to make the changes you're going through smoother, easier and more life-enhancing. We look forward to you joining us on Transition Tuesday each week where we promise hot topics, engaging guests and always laughter and fun.

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