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LetterZ From the Pen, 17/09/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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with Nikia Hughes and Dominique "Dee" Roberts

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes-Cousins and Dominique "Dee" Roberts

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hello hello hello and welcome to letters in the pan I am your host Army singing a Kia and I'm your co-host
we are so glad to see you guys back here again another time because there's so many things going on in the world and thank you for those you know who who joined us so that the companies that make us possible that make letters in the fan keep going Jeresy clean up no job is too big or too small for all your home care needs and the New York in tri-state area Kryptonite station 420 clothing which you can get their website on our website go to click on that link
and you can order up a whole bunch of stuff they have a bunch of new fall fashion on there lots of for 20 things OG 210 meant who Maxine me where you can catch letters and the pain every Sunday night and of course Royal i v
before we get into this juicy letter tonight
Play the song see you guys cuz we need to pay some bills he looks like she needs to pee so
we're going to
play the song
so right now we're going to play one of my songs love songs featuring Jenny will be right back
even though
I think it's bad
so I don't know what everybody else but I've had a long week and I'm ready to go to like the spa or something so that was like a nice soothing song even though it was kind of like somebody lost somebody anyway
you can read the letter
dear letters on the pain I am a 24 year old male seeking advice I work for a big Corporation in New York City I am trying to climb up the ladder and become something bigger than what I am but the CEO of the company keeps throwing passes at me
I am not into same-sex but I was told from the co if I want to become president
of the company I will have to have sexual favors with him I feel uncomfortable coming to work I didn't tell my wife or anyone else at this point but I don't know what to do this job pays my mortgage and puts my kids to private school and now I feel like I'm going to lose everything that I ever drink up please help
okay so there's just so many things wrong with this letter and so many things to unpack here first of all
sexual harassment in the workplace is real sexual harassment is real. And not only can women get sexually harassed men can too but the fact that
the CEO of whoever shame on you cuz you're just stupid the stupidity of you telling someone that they're not going to move up the ladder unless they give you a sexual like something must be wrong with you that's number one for the gentleman I know it's embarrassing but he needs to speak up he needs to he needs to go to go to HR go somewhere okay see y'all is not exempt from from listen does he own that company you get what I'm saying and if he goes to HR is a charge and really believe him or HR send it back to CEO majority of 99% of the HR management and he needs to go to the Better Business Bureau or something
what is the Better Business Bureau going to do a strike on their name give him a bad Google review
she needs to Let It Go song
go to the labor board
see that's that's a better option right there that works that works I mean to make have a paper trail what this person is saying
I was I was I would teach him you're seeing you see those videos where like somebody got mad at their boss and they wasn't there like feeding the coffee if you want me to ask Pete on the chair see I want it I'm one of those people I'm one of those people I don't know
I'm appalled I'm really appalled that a man is trying to force another man for sexual favors by Sir
there's there's there's plenty of men out there that will give you a sexual favor that will
you know get kinky with you you know for play do all these things kick you in your nuts if you want them to beat you with a whip with a strap whatever like come on come on let's not what's wrong is something in this man that's really want listen to make you lose your job and go to jail all the things that are going on right now okay from the R.Kelly situation to the damn crotch grabbing some in this day and age there is no more we're going to keep this on the hush-hush and on the well okay we are not in the 80s you're not in the night okay we are right now there's video cameras everywhere people people very private about their body that he shouldn't be invading somebody's personal
but I'm sorry like a somebody doesn't want to be bothered with this man should not have to go to work and be harassed by a CEO because you don't know how to get your little longer than normal but it controls her plenty of strip clubs around whatever that you can go get your ass tags like come on now sir this is too much this is too much
the man is getting her ass I don't know why you're embarrassed to tell your wife I need you might want to tell her honey just a girl might want to go up there and catch the CEO catch homeboy when he's dressed up and he's some heels and a skirt coming out to do the night and punches ass into the street we don't condone violence and let us know but I'm just saying I know what I would do you know honey I got this I'm about to go get some some
that's what happened and I will probably come back with one of his balls in my hands but you're not doing it you don't invade people's personal space like that like I know I'm joking right now but it's a serious situation like you don't invade people's personal and if someone doesn't want their personal space invaded you should respect that as a person as a human being and you should understand that I just see because obviously you have some form of Education to be in the position that you're in and I'm sure you start on the ground level you didn't just come and say okay someone said all right you're going to be a CEO so you understand these things like your son to your daughter to your wife
maybe he has no kids
okay well maybe someone should kick him in the nuts so he doesn't have any like I don't know but like you just don't do you don't do those types of things to people and people should not have to go to work and feel uncomfortable
I mean honestly in this Danny there's enough going on right now in the world global warming covid-19 being a bitch fucking shit up and other hurricanes like there's way too much going on forest fires like homeless people homeless on the street I mean there's so many damn thing like there is so much going on right now that we don't need another fucking Karachi Grammar okay like
no I've had enough of this type of behavior from men who even women from people who are in power positions that use that power to try to get what they want
and you pick you can before I can see if I can expose like I'm sorry so you think because you're sitting in a chair somewhere I'm making 6 figures you can you can pick and choose each day is like who's fucking crotch you're going to grab like now we're not we're not so much so you need to go to HR need to go to the labor board find yourself a good attorney
start recording his ass because recording these days are everything
and you know you know what you got to do so I would have that conversation with your wife just in case somebody needs to know what's going to somebody else other than you need to know what's going on just in case you know Pepe Le Pew try so you know take you out when you get clock out one day I'm just saying
I'm just saying I'm just saying he'll send one of your daughters are going to kick his ass
like who does this type of stuff
right who does disciple stop anyway bosses name is or what company he works for
did he say did he say did he say his boss his name or what company he works for
no biggest corporation in NYC the biggest corporation in New York city so that's a lot of big corporations and so we can narrow it down it's too much let's play some bills and then we come back we're going to continue to dissect us a little bit and then we're going to give you guys some on how to dress for The Fall season without going out to wardrobe and we're also going to give you some tips on how to keep that hair moisturizer in the fall and winter season so right now we're going to play light skin dark skin by Samuel
BioLife why I like you
imma keep it to home
guinea pig
JCPenney's hair salon
hey are you a girl
want to be one in a million
play Spotify
a jar of
Martin Luther King
I wish I could discern
and I let you have it all. You can't go in tomorrow
dragon games
call Val cell.
Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco.
Paradise Canyon
all right so that was like teen girl dark skin girl right here on letters in the pen by Samuel Leon I like that he doesn't discriminate he likes you know he likes all the shades of dark skin girl light skin girl okay all right all right
so anyway back to this disturbing letter
for anybody right if you're in a situation where your personal space is being invaded and violated
you feel uncomfortable you do not have to be in that situation and don't ever think because all this is where I make my money or this is why I work that you just have to take that because you don't and don't put yourself in a bad situation like that because eventually that situation could turn into something else that
you will not like or appreciate
but anyway we can put that on ice right now but I'm going to try my hardest to find out some more information so gentleman that wrote the letter you know hit us up at give us some more information because depending on what who just scored for not depending whoever this Corporation as we need to make some noise about this because this is this is not right I mean I would have got fired the same day cuz I probably would have karate karate chop to him in his ding ding but anyway
the fall is approaching
and I don't know what you guys but I like the fall because it's not too cold and not too hot I just don't like the rain but I just love all the fashion and the trends in the dressing with the fall season so you do not have to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe every time I season changes for you to look cute right so you can go right into your closet get yourself a nice pair of jeans
you don't put a nice little car to get on with it and a nice little three in you know he'll right and you'll be Savvy Chic you can put like a nice little hat on and stuff I mean if you got like a knockoff Walmart bag don't do that you can't be pairing up with that but I'm just saying
stop it all the Coach bags okay people because the Coach bags are not cute anymore and if you going to rock on Michael Kors bag you know it needs to be like not the tiny ones but you know how to be like a cute little or could be over the shoulder or a cute little bag like that you know I can clutch bag I mean all that strength and all of that is in right now I'm just saying it's sweaters are in
knit sweaters knit sweaters are in sometimes I like my depends on what's going on you know but if you want to go swimming that might work for you or turtleneck I'm just saying
but yeah so you guys like it has hit me up or hit us up on Facebook hit us up at on the website tell us what the trends that are that you like so where and what you like to do you know for the fall what kind of colors you like to wear I like the burgundy he's in The Rustic colors those are very cute colors for the fall right so he is going to give you guys some hair care tips
for the fall weather that's going to help you to help your hair not get dry and dry it out as a season changes rights of any some good moisturizing kids cuz you got enough people running around the edges missing we don't need no more edges missing MPS that with the baby hairs with with with the jail in the edge control anyway go ahead and give me a call if you have smelleze product watch is the rice water products do they have a leave-in conditioning spray so I can leave your hair Moisturizing Conditioner throughout the day we also have can you hear me okay you have a chance to and mixed Mixed Chicks
and I'll use the can to as well
and you also can use the olive oil with flaxseed that works as well so you get to leave in conditioner you can get the shampoo and the conditioner all that it works so keep your hair hydrated moisturize and braid it up
what's really important to not only keeping your hit your hair moisturized you you have to keep yourself hydrated as well because a lot of people don't realize that when your body is not fully hydrated affects your hair grows it affects your skin it affects so many things so make sure you stay hydrated as well
leave I believe in that Old Miss Melissa you rub pee pee baby pee pee on your face
I mean I never tried it I mean I don't you know I don't want to rub no baby feeds on my face but I'm just saying
just and also what I do want to point out as to when he was talking about the nail product the rice water products is for all Hair Care Titanfall for all hair types so whether your hair is coarse straight fine it's for all hair types
so I mean it is going to
I think affect everyone's hair differently it's going to lay it a different way but it's it's for all hair types just saying just saying
let's get into some into some quick Paul next right so first of all don't get lazy because Falls coming in cuz I know like in the winter and The Fall season when it gets colder or sometimes people suck like to stop being silly like stopped going to the gym and stuff like that but you can do all that stuff inside your house but you don't have to go to the gym if it's snowing outside if it's raining hard you can do all the same exercises using your own body weight at home
just saying so weather is not an excuse for not staying healthy or working out
and I'm just saying everybody is New Year's resolution that smoke cigarettes this year should be to stop smoking that stuff kills you but anyway quick fall snacks and movies to watch
weather for dry apples to dry apricots and the dry bananas both those work all the time cranberries raisin you know the cashews and also work cuz I just can't get into it I just can't
what are you getting me dry apples bananas and apricots are so delicious with dried cranberries and raisins get a trail mix pack it's delicious I'm more like a give me a Honeycrisp apple with some Bell cheese and I'm good right or give me some hummus and crackers I'm good
but that's just me but that's just me anyway has anybody seen on the Candyman the new Candyman I haven't seen it but I heard the reviews of really bad so that would not be a movie that's on my faultless for you guys to go watch I'm just saying there's some really good old school movies that I can watch over and over and over again and just grab snacks and deceive engine out like imitation the Life That's my movie The Five Heartbeats I can watch that over and over and over again
what else what else can I watch I mean it's a lot of movies that I could just watch over and over
but yeah I don't know I prefer romance movies and you know old school I don't like really that the movies that are that are out now but I mean I can binge-watch some Grey's Anatomy though I'll tell you that right now
Ryan from season 1 I can binge-watch some Chicago PD and never get the old some Law and Order and never gets old
you just like Shemar Moore First 48
okay Law & Order SUV true this is true but you know what you know what I've been really on lately when I've been binging on lately on TV one Fatal Attraction and for my man I've been watching the crap out of that shit out of that show those two Souls
I'm just saying
don't get caught up I hear y'all for your man you know I started
power story book tell but you know they just like cut it off like cut me short just for raising Cajun I couldn't really get into the whole raising and things 1 I I seen like maybe two episodes and then I was just like you know I I can't really do it I couldn't really get into it the way that I got into Powers but it now they have this other show that's getting ready to come out black family mafia are black that I saw the previews on that if I mean it looks decent but you never know
so I'm waiting to see if that's any good but raising came in I really just couldn't get into like that maybe I'll take a day to actually sit and watch and then my mindset might be different but as of right now I'm just waiting for power book I mean power story book 2
there's ice in my head I still don't believe ghosts his dad his casket was a closed casket it was like I just don't believe those that I think ghost-like faked his death so they can get the money or whatever but I don't believe
but anyway that is the case I cannot wait
so back to default Max right so why you guys are watching all these shows right you could give the kids you know cheese and crackers with peanut butter and crackers pepperoni you can make you can make pizza at home with the kids to I'm just saying right
what's a lot of it's a lot a lot of fall things and I know there's a lot of kids that are being homeschooled right now as well they didn't their parents did not allow them to go back to school because of the whole situation and what not so I mean there's there's plenty of things like you got to keep these kids occupied you have to keep their do you know their minds going we have to still whether their virtual learning or in school we have to make sure that you know they're on the right track and they're still you know learning things and they're going to be you know productive members of society
right right but anyway
when I get off into a song and then you know then we'll be right back so right now we're going to play mr. midnight by Raheem DeVaughn will be back in a minute
last night
Star Wars
little people
show me videos of
you can call me baby
call Sprint customer service number
all right so that was Raheem DeVaughn mr. midnight off of one of his most recent albums streaming everywhere on every platform you guys can go out every platform whatever picture poison iTunes Spotify title Napster it's there so make sure
you go and stream and download and support any news that's because it's so important that Independent Artists are supported because there's some dope Independent Artists out there and sometimes overlooked
The Overlook because they're not like half naked or they don't have the budget to do you know what they do so it's so important that we support great music not support someone just because they're an indie artists with support them because they're dope artists and it's great music right
but anyway so I have the messages coming in and I'm going to get to them right now
so Shauna from Los Angeles says
to the gentleman this is for the gentleman that wrote the letter
she says why don't you just beat him up in his office
Okay so
I can't go around beating people up right so these are adult so they're not meeting at the sandbox at 3 after school fight so great comment but yeah that probably won't work for him he'll probably end up going to jail if you beat the guy up and and all that good stuff. Whatever you don't want him to lose his job depending on if you know
honestly like the best thing that you can do the best that you can do for someone whose egotistical is expose their ass that's like the best thing that you can do literally knock them off their high horse
when he feels like he cannot be touched
okay so now he's doing it to him that means he's doing it to others in that building as well so I wonder how many women has he done it to how many other man has he done it to the man that sits in the position now and did he do that to him
I mean those are great questions but you know he didn't get all off that deep into the letter so like I said again if you're listening go to drop drop us your number or some contact information so we can kind of get a little deeper into an unfold like what's happening and and you know be there to kind of give you some advice if you need some we're not not legal advice because you know we're not lawyers but you know we know a thing or two if we could steer you in the right direction if you did not know what direction that you should be going in my email from North Carolina says I've been through a similar situation like this at a job
I did not have a chance to report it I just left because I couldn't take it anymore so
again this happens more often than I think anybody realize it so sexual harassment is like a real thing and it happens every day everywhere and people don't realize it right so sexual harassment doesn't have to be just like someone touching someone or someone grabbing some water proofing them I mean it can be an uncomfortable gesture it could be word it could be like the way someone looks at you and makes you feel uncomfortable or I mean sexual harassment to be a lot of things but the perception that's what the best thing to do is to just keep your damn hands in your hearts to yourself right and and keep those those bad words to yourself like you can't just go around saying certain things to people right and at the same time to someone could say something crazy like someone's wife daughter cousin Auntie mother and then it'll turn into a different situation because everybody doesn't respect that and everybody doesn't accept that
so for the co that's doing that I think sir I think you need to to get your head examined and
I mean I'm wondering truly like if you have a wife and if your wife knows the way you behave
I mean shame on you shame on you for even making someone feel uncomfortable in your Co you know better you know better than that I would hope you know better than that
just saying keep your crotch grabbing Paws to yourself
right now we're going to play ride by Jay holiday so right here on BBS radio your holidays new single ride right here and let us independence will be back
come let me take a look and give you some
meaning goddess
only thing on my mind his P's and you making music with your body and know I love to sound.
show me a video how to
when I see you
and then flag game
we ain't gotta say too much
Randy Savage
Odell images
so that was your holidays new single ride you heard of first right here on letter Smith 10 So speaking of like pandemic and stuff and everything that's going on so you guys know Carly read right from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
the guy that she was married to we saw play out I think last season on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we saw you know the bad relationships play out and everything so yeah he just got sentenced to 17 years for pandemic fraud so let that be a lesson to you guys if you're out here you know trying to fight for money and and lie on applications and do all these extra things it could land you wasn't even that did you hear this stuff that he spent the money on it was ridiculous and then the first thing you let me let me go by the years, and all these items and let me you know just act like I'm pimping it out so you got yourself caught big dummy
in retrospect he shouldn't a wide and I mean they're stumped there's people out there that really need the money people that are get better going to be evicted that don't have food in the refrigerator that don't know where they're getting money from to feed the kids I mean there are plenty of jobs out there though so let I'm not going to play the violin people needs to like go get a job but just saying like sir so you're an idiot now you're going to be now you're going to be in jail for 17 years because you're a moron and yeah
grapes grapes grapes
what say we can help you out but you know I can't do any of that time for you
I'm not you know I'm not going I'm not comfortable being in close behind bars in small spaces so yeah that's not going to happen
Lord Jesus but anyway make sure you guys send tune in every Friday 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time to let us independent BBS radio catches every Sunday on hoomantv
and we wish nothing but peace love and light to everybody in the world right and be you do you be fabulous Falls, I mean in make sure you got to step out you know in your stilettos boots and heels because I know I'm going to be I'm going to step into every day in the fall like I'm working the runway just saying
just thinking y'all should do the same thing I mean hey right
anyways so
thank you guys for coming and we're going to go we're going to play Lady Banks your love and then we going to get up out of here we come back so I can let us in the pain to Your Love by Lady baby
you drove away
do I have a choice
in transit on.
that was really debating with her song for single your love right here and let us live in so we are going to get up out of here because we just about used to fall apart but what I want to do say is happy birthday to Oliver goes out there because it's Virgo season hey and Leelee happy 15th Birthday. Happy 15th Birthday the wee wee
so meet us here on BTS Radio Friday next Friday 3 p.m. Pacific Time 6 p.m. Eastern Standard time we will be right back here same time with the same with great tips another awesome letter and maybe I guess maybe a special
love you thank you for tuning in and have an amazing weekend have an amazing night