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LetterZ From the Pen, 07/05/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Cheryl Manuel

LetterZ From the Pen with guest Cheryl Manuel

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hello hello hello and welcome to letters from the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia and I'm your co-host e and we have a very great show for you guys tonight we have Skylar singer eyes from San Fran from the set the Stanford is at the San Fernando Valley for the South Bay
San Francisco Bay San Francisco Bay by there so we're going to talk to her a bit we're going to talk about her songs. And what she's doing but before we get into all of that of course we are going to chat our sponsors that make letters from A Kim Possible
how do you spell entertainment
sorry guys I'm a little distracted because I'm out and about moving around Mother's Day there's a lot happening but I let me Focus okay so I'm in jrc clean up where no job is too big or too small
Royal ice TV shout out to them you can catch letters from the pain of course every Sunday on I Fame and who Mad TV over on Roku
lhx Homecare shout out to them for all your home 10 needs a New York in tri-state area so before we get into having this great conversation with a girl eyes of course we are going to read our letter of the day
so it's your first time being here on the show with us so I'm going to explain to you a little bit about what our letter is so ever shall we do a letter someone writes in
or advice and sweet kind of dissect the letter we give our advice and we give our opinion and we allow our guests to give their opinion on the letter as well so that being said take our letter away so it says I'm a 29 year old female my mother kicked me out of her house at 17 because I got pregnant my son's father parents took us in I look at my boyfriend parents of my own but there is one thing that is hurting me
and I don't know what to do I'm sleeping with my boyfriend's dad
it's been going on for five years now
my boyfriend doesn't know and I don't know how to tell him
his mom always stares at me funny like she knows what's going on but not too sure if it's really happening
I am pregnant with baby number two and I don't know if it's his or his dad
please help
okay wait I had to take a break for a minute let me get this straight to her just right just because she's pregnant by her boyfriend's dad know she said her parents kicked her out at 17 because she was pregnant so she moved in with her boyfriend's parents and her boyfriend at 17 for five years now she's been sleeping with the father
she says the mom stares at her funny because she looked at her as if she thinks something's going on but not too sure but she's pregnant now at 29 with baby number 2 but she doesn't know if it's the boyfriends or the Dead
okay that's what I that's what I thought you said okay okay I need a moment to take that in so I we going to let you respond to that so that letter first me yeah that sounds
well she should definitely keep sending her story to radio station and talk shows and make you some money off to the situation and go on Maury
oh my God sorry
are you fake
call Kaz what's your take on this
first of all them people took you in when you were 17 they treat you like one of their do you want and you have their first grandbaby I will I don't know if it's the first but you know you have their grandbaby
you could have said no to the father you could have talked to the boyfriend you could have did all these different things like I don't feel comfortable maybe we need to grind harder to get our own place because your father is coming onto me know you just so you know drop down and get you going okay and drop it down getting your Eagle on now you're pregnant with baby number two you don't know if it's the dads are discerns I mean I guess we should take a DNA test they both and I don't know
something that should have happened you know I some point you're going to have to tell him
at some point so
I think Jefferson wise father should be ashamed of himself cuz he was playing I'm a seventeen-year-old girl that's number one and number two I believe he has to move in when she was 17 she's 29 now and she started sleeping with this bother now since 5 years so he waited since you like 24 like three baby but still that's a young girl she has way more experience in life that she does and on top of that that's his son's girlfriend so
what like Star Wars your wife like what what where's the wife on all this is happening and going on like what's happening here maybe in the other room
child anyway I can tell from this whole situation cuz if she doesn't it it's it's it's just going to be bad okay so your your parents kick you out but they treat you like one of theirs now when they kick you out where you going
you been living with them since you were 17 but I'm sure it's obviously like they just looking at this situation there's a reason why they kicked her out so I don't know it's crazy and comment on the letter at 867-6008 we're here for the kids today so and then we're going to get some questions and find out what she's missed eyes it's all about the right now we're going to play still a rainbow by Thais they don't yes
it's good to have somebody
I bet you won't
you going to stop Facebook
I bet you won't
Maddie & Tae
alright alright alright welcome back to pop singer spots in your eyes
so how you doing besides great great day I'm on wonderful Goku space number yeah yeah yeah that's cool thank you for for those who don't know you are there not 10 million with your music
okay so my your pianos by right and saying my own music I sing and play so most of the time and you know it's me so yeah that's what I do I've been recording music for a while at the same since I was little because the toddler so yeah that's what I do
so what was the inspiration behind your phone still in rainbow
you know I wrote that song
and I had a be going and the song actually just came out I didn't know then if you called still a rainbow I was thinking of stuff I had to do a rainbow. I didn't know it was because I was getting ready to write stuff with the metaphor still a rainbow in it and so yeah I was just thinking of my sometimes we go through the storms and sometimes we we get blown away but at the end of the day all it did was make me a rainbow and I'm still here
so you let me get this straight so you produce that hose on yes what I have a beatboxer in the song so as far as the beat is concerned he did do the part that I picked out with him going to text back because I love playing the same and I was like early cuz we had just talked about how much I love you and I did the piano the vocals lyrics and the violins all that other stuff in the background
so when did you start playing instruments and singing and when did you realize that that was your passionate oh you know what so I grew up in a musical family so there was always instruments around giano I started taking lessons when I was very young since before I can remember Ashley cuz my mom
first piano teacher but I don't remember but I do remember my probably my second and third piano teachers one was a jazz pianist from Oakland I still call him like mr. smell good
is the alleys where to load and shirts and then I had a Pamela khamisani one of my piano instructor so I still talk to you if you're he's music I took lessons Furs as well as the flu so it like growing up you know the piano was always as I was taking piano lessons as long as a couple of the instrument and there was always instruments inside the house so I'm very happy that I was able to have that growing up
so how has the covid affected your your ability to like the form and do your crafts
it's a very positive effect for my career because like I said I've been you know performances I was three and or you know a lot of times people been smoking too hard on RT 66 because they don't see stuff like the pretty Costner
to do that you know I work really hard inside the toddler and
you know I'm still working hard. It's kind of easier like I feel like we all deserve a break so allow this pandemic to let you rest your soul you know cuz I got a couple of shows but I'm not too ecstatic about going outside. I mean so I appreciate the rest
so do you have any upcoming shows like online or anything that any of that people can buy tickets to go see
I do have a show coming up in on August 7th but the show is not for selling tickets it's free you just have to contact me on Instagram and let me know if you want to come if you're one of my fans to red carpet event yeah and I do have some other shows but I can't really remember the specific data on a say yeah I'm doing something and I can't remember what it is but the show on August 7th it is that a private location is red carpet event like I said and if you would like to come you're going to be in Oakland California just hit me up in a GM at Miss I say hey can I come so there's going to be other performers are pictures of snacks everybody has to social distance to Forest and there's only a limited number of people so if you let me know I can put you down as my guest
so what inspires music that you write like where does it come from is it something that you're going through in your personal life is it's like things that you just see like when you write your music where is it actually from ya so normally when I write it does come from literally my soul like in my experiences in life normally the songs that I released like the little rainbow or like that it just comes out naturally and I am singing about myself and my life I I have experimented with the observational I'm aspect of songwriting and those songs are not released or finished or anything like that I do do other writing styles and I also feel like those other writing styles are not me so I was hired to write songs for other artists before and it was more fun
cuz I'm really playing with words I'm you know being a little bit more cool I don't get to have too much of that kind of fun when I write my own songs because it wasn't meant to be but I do have one somewhere it's just more me being funny but you know that's just I have to be conscious and aware of what I'm here to do with my music you know so I do understand other writing styles and I like those writing styles and I like to listen to songs like that their observational or fictional but you know my my stuff is it comes from the heart like that really dramatic
what genre of music do you consider you know your yourself so I don't know if
and I'm so happy like I always got to shout him out every time I do something first boy band member on Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers he is my mentor and my friend and it's just so awesome how you can grow up loving an artist and one day meet them and actually be their friend so it's so cool.
nice do you think that him being your Mentor has any influence on how your music is created you know you know because he's more like you know you got it you know and it will we were talking about experimenting with different styles at something that I I would like to do is Jimmy March experiment with different writing styles because I ate like I said I can do other thing is is what I write and it comes from my heart and all that you know I can't really change the style of writing in but I would like to experiment with him but he more so just in Courage is what I do and he likes what I do and he is honest about what he likes like if somebody doesn't sound good well you know that's good that you like them I don't like that like he was sleeping for like that so yeah you just reaffirms the things that I do correctly
so what do you enjoy more do you enjoy you know singing and writing for yourself or do you enjoy riding for others myself and myself but it's when it comes to writing for others that's like more fun and I get to like be less serious because there are times you know you make songs and it's like really traumatic you know like and it's like just like for example if there was a company interested in mine and wanted to use it in a murderer seen as long as like all the great cool this like it's hard sometimes when I long to get a little trim headache cuz it's like
you know that particular song I'm like it's it's kind of sad it's like depressing so you know I get that because the songs are real life and my realize it wasn't filled full of Daisy so you know it's just that I like the way I write I just it's just writing for other people is more fun because it's not really me and I get to pretend so you know being in the music industry there are times when people expect you to look a certain way like you know all these
what do you want to call Like Love & Hip Hop and stuff like that have you ever been denied a show our turn down for something because they didn't like your look like I don't like how your hair looks so I don't know you're not wide enough are you're not dark enough for this is not for you like has that ever happened to you if anything like that has happened I was not aware of it there was only like two times somebody mentioned anything like that but those two times the first time he's more of a mine because I had a manager who just wanted he was trying to
and I'm so I think that he was just being really rude to her on my performance just to like you know Tennessee what was what would how I react to it and the second time that was just like somebody was mad at me and they started calling me names so I don't really count that but the only time I can remember was the time where my former manager he was like
what year was watching you perform like you just being really really rude but like I said if I know it was a mind game then but I wasn't Express till 1
right so he kind of insulted me a little bit and like I said he's one of those managers and I'm going to just don't act like that you know but he was he was like oh we'll see we'll see but I did not sign a contract with my career but that that's what happened sometime or contract you never know how things will turn out so yeah and I think anybody because he was trying to get us out of my mind things that happened later they did allow those tests or those circumstances to really destroy your mind like that
but nobody ever said that's what you don't really know it's true you know
so what's going for some of your your new project I know you have like a new single called go for it yes what was the inspiration behind that song okay so what time I would I would
I wrote this song I was at bench and Bar in Oakland California and it was called Monday's I guess and
Miss Anita fixes famous drag queen in the Bay Area
before she before she said somebody didn't get a message tonight and she of course lip sing a gospel song I cannot tell you the name of this song but why it was performing to you I'm talking to you like yes you shouldn't care about me an anonymous tip or nothing and I started getting chills like I have to because what she didn't know it's like a few days before I had just signed with an agent and the message that I got from that performance
play meet up with my age and I need a new song so as soon as I got to the house I wrote that song immediately go for it and it was just
because like I'll get ready to go to La and you know I couldn't go with the same old songs that I have to sing so that's how that started and then once I started writing it was more it became more of an inspirational song
that's great that's great so do you have any albums coming out or anything like that. Like I said I have the performance on August 7th and I am working on other smaller projects but I I want to let you know a little a little quiet for now because I don't want to talk about it in the project isn't finished yet if it was closer to being done and I will tell everybody who's already but I want to wait at least until we get song mixed and then I'll talk about it
all right so we're going to get off into your nose new single so this is go for it by eyes right here on letters from the pen
why do so many people
just leave within the moment
even with passion and consistent still trying to come in the moment
all right go for it
great song so what are your plans for the future
my plans for the future
you know I I know that yours is shut down but last year you know I did a meet-and-greet or I would like to do is similar again A Course in a Safeway preferably outdoor course no touching and hugging and kissing
an ice probably should have
I mean like but I was so I really enjoyed that I had never done it
so just like an outdoor meet and greet you know you know I just love doing that and I would like to do something like that in the future
so what artists are out today that you would like to collab with okay so there's this art is musically I want to collaborate I don't pronounce his name correctly I'm going to try it's his name is massagio or message you or something like that I think it's massage has a song called a few years ago and another song called Navajo so I'm I would like he has a new song out right now too I would probably like to work with him because of his talent skills musically yeah and he plays as Max
you can sing for this right all that stuff but I like his his artist like his music ality so I would I would want to work with him either for music production or him playing the saxophone
call do if somebody wanted to reach out to you to kind of collab with you work with you how would they get in touch with you cuz I know you mentioned you had a manager I did have manager so the best way to contact me will be through my Instagram because I'm still at are at Miss eyes MSU I heart music I also I have
other social media
is my journey to my website my other social media platforms like Tik-Tok VanCamp YouTube those other types of sites like that's a link new size so then that way you can have everything my music
okay and tell everybody you where they can actually buy your music downloaded app streaming app you can download my music off backslash eyes pop music you can buy off of iTunes music anymore but you can stream it on Spotify I would say Amazon cuz that's the most popular music but I know of but it my songs have been sent on my retailer so you can get it pretty much anywhere music is how old
okay there's another big question for you what's your plans for Mother's Day
probably like pancakes and yeah so I'm a little late Mother's Day was but yeah so I was I was a little confused I had thought it was today but I'm not sure I thought it was Sunday
it is Sunday OKC okay
I have more time
did you get your mom anything special and that yet I was thinking about pancakes so yeah I've been so busy that I was like
Mother's Day Sunday now I have to run like a chicken with my head cut off tomorrow that's fine and I hope she's not listening to the show because yeah because you know I asked her to babysit my my friend today but that's why I said I hope she not listen to the show to know that I forgot it says that she's probably going to tell me like get your baby
this is really cool you know cuz my mom even though she isn't like pancakes he secretly fun so yeah
shame on the both of you guys forget Mother's Day was Sunday I just haven't I haven't been able to go out and I every time I go online to look for something it's like I know I need to see it I need to see it so tomorrow I'm going to try and then not only that I'm getting ready to go to take the kids to Disney and we're leaving on Wednesday for Disney and I'm laughing at your mother's day Sunday
I'm doing all of this but I still have to get my mom a gift and then on top of that I thought today was the 6th not the 7th and I'm like yeah but it's Ally brother-in-law's birthday on the 8th and you know they're telling me like yes tomorrow and I'm like
I guess so but I hope he's not listening to the show either because this year I'm just the worst usually I'm last minute people
well I'll give you some I'll give everybody I'll give you some Mother's day shifts right so you could do flowers when I have a kind of boring the kind of stay like I went to 7-Eleven at the last minute and got you a bouquet of flowers
let's not do that I mean we could do
maybe some chocolate covered strawberries I think mother is like candles or Yankee Candles not like the cheap you know 99 cent candles you know anyone listening just in case you think you're going to run to the dollar store and buy candles
hey don't Dollar Tree candles count all you have to do is Carter Yankee on the side of them know you can do jewelry Mother's Love diamonds Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
you want to get really creative you can make your mother a Mass for covid-19 that movie has her name on it and you know who sparkles sparkles makes everything better I would say to give her you know gift certificate to get a massage but with covid-19 on I don't think anybody wants fuchsia or one of the little Chinese people giving on massage right now social this thing
I'm saying you're a rain check on that I'm going to have my face on it
recognition baby I don't think your mom wants to walk around with your face on her face okay that's that's just creepy okay
nobody do that that's not a good gifts not a good gift to buy your mom a car
or house yeah I was up to our house and I'll go for it go for it perfect. The perfect song for that go for it so now I'm going to go for it once my stops go higher for it
so of course we're kind of winding down but before we close out the snow and all that good stuff with some of your piano playing a song Live me you I'm not in front of my piano
let's see what is a good song I can sing to keep the positive mood going for the mothers for Mother's Day for all the mothers that are listening to you.
that was nice thank you that's really nice for all the mothers out there that are listening and I know there's a lot of you listening so make sure
as a mother
you guys are taking care of yourself self care is like everything mother's you so much for everyone else to make the world go round and we never stopped to think about herself or you know take time for us also make sure on Sunday for all the mothers take that little special time out for yourself and self-care
give your kids to the husband locked yourself in the bathroom light some candles and take some time for yourself
yeah I'm going to go to sleep in the laundry room
because I know my kids are not going to find me there only because they don't like the wash their clothes they want you to watch they want me to wash it for them so I'm going to just walk myself in the laundry room because I know they're not going to put nothing in the washer and dryer and go to sleep
I just need that little bit
turn the dryer on in sleep on the dryer because I get to warm especially especially my daughter I have to hide from her
well we'll see when your daughter get your Mother's Day
alarm the next you can share with us what she had made for you or picture you that the kids like to do I just hope she doesn't give me a bill and my kids are listening one of them is 14 the other one will be too if you guys are listening to Mommy right now do not give me a bill or don't give me an idea of something you want I love you guys as well I thank you so much for being here with us we're definitely going to be a big push for go for it and we will have you back on the show soon you're welcome
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so we will see you guys right back here on Friday night thank you for joining us