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LetterZ From the Pen, 21/05/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Eric "Sig VeggC" Sullivan

LetterZ From the Pen with guest Eric "Sig VeggC" Sullivan

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hello hello hello and welcome to
and we have a really great show for you guys tonight
so make sure obviously stating we're going to be before we get off entire letter and invite our guests and we're going to shut us out of our sponsors that makes letters on the Kim Possible photography got next for all of your photography needs LHS home care for all your home care needs of your loved ones in the New York in tri-state area jrc cleanup no job is too big or too small Kryptonite station 420 clothing which that link is on our website ww.w. Let us in the pen. Calm so go on their Explorer there's a lot of great things on there
and of course
you can catch us right here every Friday on TBS radio and every Sunday night you can go to your Roku Channel if you don't have it make sure you download it and you can catch us on I Fame and who mag TV
so with that being said
where can I get off entire letter
and now we're going to let you know we're going to take some calls at the show rock and you know we're going to do a fat Saudi it was a letter
process deer letters from A 10 I'm a single mother of one from Baldwin New York
my son's father pays $25 a week child support he is also supposed to provide health insurance what he was in the beginning but then drop my son Insurance because he didn't want to pay it anymore
my son's father is also supposed to help pay for half of his activities clothes and so on but doesn't and every time my child asks his father for something and he says to my son where's your child support money I give you every week $25 but he is out here going on trips by the women date kids gifts but I don't say anything to him and keep providing for my son the best way I know how my question is why do men feel the little bit of money they give a child support is to help provide
is to help provide for their kids
when a kid cost way more than that take care of
sign looking for advice I really wonder how the job is can you here in a few yo and I'm not y'all so funny but that is a crazy that's a crazy joint to be refrozen at yo
no saying it was like
and just like is like you sent the phone worried
that she was barking spot for go ahead and ladies
so she started jumping through your opinion of the letter not yet but I am ready for your little kids that needs diapers and formula it still nothing if it's like a middle-aged child school because it's all types of projects and activities that children want to do so
I don't know what he's talkin about like what you mean like where's your where's your child support money I pay every week sir $25 car that's not even a sniff we I don't think the boys and Pampers due to the fact when she said you know the sun asking him for stuff you'll stay to start where's where's your shop but that's okay let life I can break that down and speak for himself and talk and he let me just get into this without the mint in them that's not the type of conversation you should be having with a child where is the child support money what the hell does it support and whatnot
right so I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot and he had custody in the mother was supposed to pay $20 a week he'll be having a connection because $25 a week is nothing you can't do nothing with that you can't even buy a house with that what does child support cover
child support is supposed to cover the needs of a Child clothing housing so you think it's $25 a week and you divide that into seven days that breaks down and see how much how much a day
okay so he can't even get no food unless you going to the Dollar Tree to get a dollar TV dinner
the disrespect of it all but anyway go ahead me
well I can understand where she's coming from because I go through the same thing with my daughter's father okay and I will put it out there I don't care G's World dad that will stop by take a picture act like he did the world for her posted and make it seem like I'm not doing anything mean while I have for 24/7 I take care of her my sister and my mother helps with whenever they can and that's it and he supposed to provide her health insurance and guess what he brought them from from her health insurance as well and he doesn't provide that her health insurance comes from my job when he's the one that's supposed to be paying for that she does cheerleading that cost thousands of dollars and instead of saying OK let me try to help you you will turn around and say quit cheerleading
daddy don't want her to be a cheerleader you want to be a basketball player at the end of the day when it comes down to my daughter's activities to her clothing her shoes besides my fiance helping my mom and my sister house buy her clothes and shoes for school
what about you just about the letter
no I
that that you know that we in the same predicament sis and I understand where you coming from but at the end of that you cannot you cannot make make a boy become a man you understand what I'm saying and jump in and help the men out here now they're getting slaughtered they're not because there's some men that are out there that are taking care of providing for their child and they're actually join you know my mom's job in that Mom nowhere to be found she's clapping and swapping on something else or ran away and left the family so it works both ways don't get it I don't get it twisted it works both ways there's men out there going through stuff with child support and everything just as well as women but you know due to the fact that this happened more to women than men you know it's a big thing
and you are going on trips going up to taking shots to the back but you can't help provide for your child and every time you turn around you talk about where child support go my daughter only gave me $1 or less clarified it what does that mean on shot anytime let me help you pay for it or let me help you buy some underwear or something like that if you don't get it to the back mat because my mind is what are the places I want to talk about it if that's the way I know shots in the back and be interpreted as a special way I wasn't talking about hitting it from the back and things like that
I mean you know right
okay I mean it could go either way like like like like Tyree with d like you know that's brothers that's going through it but unfortunately you know it's the sisters that you know that's always getting the worst of it and I'm saying so and are
bad like that you know that have the eyes on it and I'm saying like you know seems to be males women women women women have you know that they get most they they they they they they they get the most of it and I'm saying because you know that's whack you know what it is either way you know it's just women really
I can't find the proper way to say it but women women on they seem mostly getting to the damage and I'm saying.
let me tell you something okay keep doing what you doing at the end of the day you don't have to pay nothing mean about the baby daddy or talk bad about you baby daddy put up the end of the day your child when the child gets older and older and older he don't realize who was doing what and see things for for himself as he gets older so you don't have to install nothing and no child tax and some parents do some parents be like all your daddy ain't shyt you ain't got no I'm making an excuse and out here buying them whoever kid water doing whatever whatever chance you just do what you have to do for your kids when you get older you'll understand
explanation for the fuk up he's doing excuse my language he needs to get that explanation to to that kid when they get older
I will say this and then we can move on from this subject
if you feel like $25 and not enough
I mean there are legal you know stuff that you can take go back to court when you come home you know let a judge you know how shit out the book when I try to turn around and get a 1099 at the end of the year so you don't know exactly what they making it because throughout the year because they only want to pay that $25 a week cuz you know it's based 17% with based on 70% of the of the pay that's what they get so she's probably in here talkin about some fake pay stubs about this is all I know. That's why you came $25 a week unless he's out there hustling enough to ask questions that child will ask questions and it's going to be for that parents to have to answer to those questions so you know I wouldn't stress myself out
your life if you wants to be an asshole I mean Karma's going to get them cuz he's going to get that one that one baby mama that he going to think he's not paying child support and Rasputia going to beat him down by the train station so we going to put you in the hot seat we going to ask you some questions about yourself because we we going to be going to hook you up today okay if it's my understanding you ain't got no woman so we going to have to hook up a veggie burger
so when we going to get into
we got to get that we going to get in love song by Johnny will
we'll see.
play The Dramatics.
The Best Time Ever
thank you mad I love you
boom all right so you guys are if you're just tuning in your suit and into letter from the pen so we are here with big vag
I know we know you but introduce yourself to those who don't know you start man I was astonishing there director I do almost everything except break dance next show actually like my 20th anniversary in music
yeah but not really house today if I just called upset because they don't know where it's at you know the saying Go internet radio music video show called music Monday videos only the flag supposed to that geographer been doing this for 6 years directing music videos for 223
yeah I did you know I'm literally coming from and get out on the side engineer I work with Raekwon the chef of Wu-Tang and who else I work with
our Lotto
a lot of people cheesy or of the Coke Boys
shop French Montana and just posted an interview. Rakim the god of the sea I'll be in a few games with this Rick James daughter with James James I received interviewed mooski to do with the track strombecker
I got a lot you some of the classic artist that you know you work with that kind of paved the way for hip hop
I mean I'm a hip hop head so it's always so it's an honor man you know I'm staying working with it cashed that helps you put put yourself in and in that position I'm staying at Bon Jovi like like Raekwon the chef like you know you've known for being you know I want to say one of the Pioneers the one of the dudes that really took mafioso route to us to a level you know I'm saying so to work with him and stole his lyrical lyrical Beast as far as signing and all that so I think she's working with with you know the classic artist honor you know I mean just cuz of them we're here you know radio and all you know
yeah miniature true so what project are you working on right now
I mean currently I'm in I'm in my hosting and Bianca face so I'm in the midst of creating and then hosting so as far as geography I got your damage video on the way that's going to be Bonkers working on that so he was looking groovy I'm not that you know I got you I got you you know damage I'm working on
I don't have to feel intimidated know we we we we we we
if you don't come out of the video call Rod I'm working on his video and then the really main thing I'm working on is on working on if I told you music Monday videos on the flagship host its platform that it's kind of like the new school yo MTV Raps where we we are introduced Independent Artists music videos but an interview them and of course in a few industry professionals like directors models you know
you know actresses actors you don't say if you're a professional in the industry with an interview to we all send of you in the street we all said if you are just as well and then in the end up in a lane so that's my main thing right now but didn't announce moving and grooving now I'm saying if I'm not out and about I'm home editing 10 million videos where can people like go see that if they want to go watch the show and how do they decide they want to be interviewed on your show interviews they can go to music Monday spell grammarly correct know ebonics child the big albino Ebonics
check out the stuff there and then if they wanted to get on the show they can also go to the website the same Westside to save music money for those. Calm and then hit submission form and then submit stuff some of your videos about the form and of course it is a question that says you want to end up going to show and then they say yes I say yes so you only have to be in the tri-state like Connecticut New York New Jersey you know so well at the moment. That's how they get on the show and ask if they have to show when they come to the show naturally healthy you know I'm saying like
I mean listen
I trust in God
this this is been a crazy year right so during this whole year I will see what's on my friend Amex so it's like it down once all this started realizing you are what I need constant and they started hitting me up like I've been out of seed cautious I haven't been around a lot of people like a group of people but you know I'm chosen I thought I told you myself well the be around people the right people to be around
so you know where I am if I ever I'm around you know I feel like you know I don't know man I'm just I feel like I'm I'll be all right and I'm saying your God has got me this far and I'm just blessed man and I woke up today and I'm going to talk to y'all bless man
Shirley and Kelly the West Coast
lovely lovely lovely Queen
I heard it's cuz of her she connected me with you so before it before we move on I have to shut her out and I'm blessed that she connected me with you you know I'm saying so I got to give her her flowers cuz she could have just not been that not me she's like yo yo so south of her people's man
stop at her man she should go peoples like I said she connected me with you and your dope artist so if it's a pleasure working with you whatever whatever we do I feel like I'm making a movie out of it and if you do good music and I'm staying song I'm blessed you make my job easier as a director because sometimes she come in with some crazy shit
it's cuz I'm cute but yeah yo yo yo use our platform you know for positive things and you know to help other Independent Artists get out there and you know
call Tino anything entertainment Arts psychology you name it we're here for
No Doubt No Doubt
alright so we're taking a little break when I plan to another song and then we come back we're going to find out just what kind of women big vaginally man I saw y'all song man let me know by
when I wake up in the morning
if you love me if you love me
we can go slow I know you're ready just let me know if you love me if you love me baby
look at the new moon and the stars baby baby
just let it flow if you love me if you love me
we can go slow
I love you baby girl
but your phone
just let me know if you love me
welcome back. I'm going to kill you have just let me know if you tear you up he will just let me know but anyway we're here
so they were asking the questions here you just answer your mom had what's up alright one do you have any kids
I don't have any kids no
okay just don't know about no kids and I'm not
do you have any booty calls on your phone all messed around like that how long was it I'll be real with you the last time I was in a relationship was like
well damn yeah yeah yeah. Relationship ended on really bad terms because the chick I was with didn't understand my lifestyle and how I work and how I did my thing and I say this not trying to sound crazy but I'm going to go get her right in around that time like right now I'm in the height of like my videography directing and hosting career at the time at that time I was in the height of my son engineering career so I was busy I was doing my thing. Don't get it twisted I made time for her for us to do you know to buy band you know they have our own and I have all night to whatever but
I guess it wasn't enough because I was busy you know making making things happen you know
you know so you don't like meeting women check women I want a woman to work with me and understand that like
I'm in the music industry oh that's just what it is you know me and I'm saying you know I don't got no machine pushing me away whatever like I'm doing all this on my own and everything I do is like oh my God like I'm on my grind you're not coming so I would need a woman to support my grind and understand my grind that's that's what it is under Stand My Ground and I'm saying because
how to cook
I don't know.
McDonald's at Olive Garden
Olive Garden course
well we just have to know cuz if you want like a cheap girl or a girl who's you know Olive Garden not that expensive but you know step up a project to get you a girl or we could go to like a library at a church I mean I mean at the end of the day
I'm almost whatever man like I'm a simple guy man like I'm not all complicated I don't think I'm complicated
actually not I'm just asking these questions is coming to my inbox so I'm asking you to question some of the questions is coming because we need to know I'm just saying I need to know if you was willing to be a side dude if you was with me
stick around you don't want to be around you know what day and time we live as I have to ask a question let me know I don't know I don't know he might have been cool being somebody's side dude and just get a little some money left on the dresser she dipped out
I'm just asking for $40
call Mom
Yacht Race you know my own man
all right so okay wait but you haven't dated anybody since 2012 so you know my last relationship was in 2012 how long was the relationship
well that was from 2008 to 2012 and 2012 and then I haven't been in a relationship but we never got that far because they see my lifestyle how busy I am and unfortunately I'm in the music industry so you know I'm around women you know I'm saying I go to fashion shows you know I'm on chat with like Dad models you know I'm saying and you know it security stuff so but I don't have time to like not like you don't like no like self confidence and self love is a big thing to me like you got to be ready to ride out and I'm saying like if I'm standing next to a woman you should have be inseminated by just cuz I'm standing next to a woman that made a bad or whatever and they're in the video and I'm shooting them she's now I'm taping them I want to go to take that the wrong way shaping them
call Shane like you know why you know once again why does my line of work and coming home late and I'm saying because I'm out all day you know I'm saying it and I go to another shoot or I can have an interview and I'm getting home like I don't know like 10:11 to go to the city in back of State you know I'm saying so it's like your videos that need to be sent out the next day or so
looking like olive oil or do you like them with me. It'll be like a medium size plus size Hefty how you like your woman
it really doesn't matter to me because
all icon size women if they don't have as far as that now I'm saying like women a beautiful or big small medium to me and I'm saying
I don't judge a book by it's cover you know I'm saying so
what are you looking for what do you mean
and a woman like when you see a woman what is that one thing that makes you say damn I'm attracted to her
history of vegan or vegetarian.
all right so what were I guess what Springs my attention from a woman
August with me honestly like
I like the way they talk and the way they
what's the weather like in the way they talk in the way they carry themselves
wait wait free let's analyze this about you like accident like what's going on with you want me to get
no no no no
I'm about to be gone like, like good, so if you talk to me right I'll talk to you right like it just positive I'm big on that
OK Google would you date a woman would you date women with kids
yes and no
that was that yes and no kids but not disrespectful different type of but you know if you have kids it's a different type of disrespect. Just passed. They not really bad then you got them disrespectful kids that were black that's not right you go to jail but I'm just saying if they play
I agree with d that's definitely true but the add-ons as that you know what it is I see no also because it's like when you when you get with it with a queen that got kids they some women are naturally expect you to be there there there there like you might not be ready to be put in a position to be a father figure that's a big
you know I like like like I just met you and we just saw that Bob and automatically like even my kids like you know they they already trying to hang out like you know me like that so that's why I say yes or no and yes it's all I'll look at it that no I mean like if we have kids like cool but maybe some type of like processing crew you don't stand so they won't introduce their children to a man until they come and dating for a year or two when they know it's serious but dating a woman you can tell like if someone's looking for a serious relationship to build or they just looking for Daddy for the kids because you know they can't find the other day the other daddy don't give a damn so
we're absolutely that's what you rushed it so we just you all these questions and I have to say that we got absolutely no information about what kind of woman we're going to hook you up with Street
like what
it's cool I'm not the type to have that like a foot fetish like nobody's toes
they think I have pretty feet I mean
it all right
but seeing you better than me cuz I'm going to tell you right now if you got a big ass but why shoot you don't feel like a gift we not doing that cuz I see now you get into the specialty store special shoes tell no one you need to see a podiatrist I'm sure your insurance covers it okay you need to handle that because don't nobody want your feet that look like you mad at climbing trees and boxing with people
crazy I'm just saying I'm just saying I don't nobody want nobody with no seat that needs Odor Eaters. They come off and smell like they've been walking by myself. You should know that don't mind the pretty see you don't mind the decency he just don't want no feet that's Crip walk it okay
no doubt we will keep it right there
if you guys want to go on a date with veg right and it 867-6008 or you put our websites droppers and we can I forward this to him but sent us a picture of your feet too so we can forward it to him with the feet
we'll talk about that I got you McDonald's cuz that's a good first day for him cuz only $3 so just put a couple of lines in there so we know your personality and the get down cuz if you don't want if you say okay I'll take the door $3 but knows I'm only starting off like that because then if we going to next date then you know you might graduate the Whopper meal and then from there you might get the $5 biggie bag from Wendy's and then from there you know you might go to talk about that because I know
bag okay first of all they do have vegetarian meals at Taco Bell because I'll be getting them okay I'll be getting your bean burrito okay but let me just say that if you take a girl to Taco Bell on a date you better go straight back to your house and hope you got two bathrooms for both y'all going to try to Boo Boo at the same time cuz Taco Bell is serious that's the toilet Runner I mean I would intake
the queen to a fast food restaurant for a first date
my grandmother raised me way better than that and I'm saying like
just saying it outright first date and it's a blind date you met the girl on the internet whatever I mean the girl you know she's pretty and all that and all of a sudden she act like I'm a mom question and now you don't want to a fancy restaurant and she told you know a bottle of Hennessy out of her purse she Belgian at the table she ordered all the crab legs and all the kissing thing on the menu she's sucking on a crab leg drop in the morning
you know I drive fast I will come and get you I got your back
I got you okay okay
right now we don't play the song and we come back we're going to find out how you got to get in touch with badge and all that good stuff and stuff so we're about to play Love Song by The Cure
even though
all right so we have come to the closing of our show so then let everybody know like where they can reach out to you at where they could you know get services from you and all that good stuff
absolutely first off I like to think both of y'all passed me on the show appreciate y'all Queens for your sister to let you know y'all doing y'all thing so thank you for having me on your show you can reach me anywhere man thinks that she's Google me man bigbee man please put Juicy's on my name is suspect on my big vag check me out on music Monday videos musically videos. I want to get to spell grammarly correct Spanish artists out there looking to get on all I mean for interview whatever submit your videos to us we will post your videos on our website as well show love
yeah you know how that Mineo Google music or whatever. Hit me up man I'm ready to work man thank you for coming we have fun hopefully will help you make a love connection check out any of our sponsors on our website and see you guys next Friday right here on BBS radio he's out