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LetterZ From the Pen, 26/03/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Mikey D (Michael Deering)

LetterZ From the Pen with guest Mikey D (Michael Deering)

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all right welcome to letters from the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia Arco hoses D is going to be a little bit late today cuz you know trying around signing checks anyway we do have our special guest Mikey with us tonight who is going to help me hosts the show once he gets up in here
right now I'm going to shut up and sponsors that make our show possible and then of course we will get in to the letter so they are sea clean up no job is too big or too small or more of your designs LHS home care for all of your home care needs for your loved one in the New York in tri-state area photography got next for all of your Photography in The O'Jays want to tame at Kryptonite station 420 clothing line you can get all these Blanks on the website ww.w. Letter from the pain.
we also have to shout out who magnetizing TV was you think I should order some the pain every Sunday evening
fire stick
on whom agonizing TV
we are going to get off into the letter I see my keys he's trying to pop and he's got a little bit of trouble so we're going on with the letter and then when he gets up in here that he can give his opinion we have a pretty juicy letter tonight
for you guys hey Mikey what's going on how's it going to be so I had to figure out if you don't have you figured it out at the right time because I'm about to be the letter G letter, she pay attention listen to everything so you can give your advice and we talked about this with your listening ears okay so we get letters from we mainly get more letters that I chose tonight there's a lot of it has to choose from so don't worry if you wrote in your letter to read it okay for tonight not tonight but I maybe you're not okay here we go
I have been married to my wife for five years the first two years of our marriage has been really good the last three has been kind of Rocky we do have two small children and I still love my wife very much however my wife doesn't really like to have sex with me we haven't had sex in the last year-and-a-half she does however prefer to watch pornos
she won't tell me what the problem is I haven't stepped out yet the thought has been on my mind
please help a man about to get blue balls
rap I'm going to be from a man's perspective
Katana understand where he's coming from I mean you know being an older gentleman I've been through a situation like that before and the only advice that I could give them because they said maybe let her be the aggressor and and try something new and I mean it's been a year-and-a-half she not even sometimes that could mean a red flag do you know she likes porno and you know I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but you got to check you know you want me but me personally
I would just be patient you know I'll give it some more time and you don't try to try a different approach
I don't know what I feel like
I feel like a year-and-a-half is a very long time
for someone like that kind of not be intimate with their significant not saying that it can't happen I mean you know because being sexual is a mental thing so depending on we don't have the full background of but what's happened what's going on we don't know he I mean he'll you know you might have did something or stepped out that made her say you know what if you don't have that long time
I don't know imma Imma Stay silent on this one
so would you step out on your girl or your wife if it's been a year-and-a-half if you wasn't he's married then I would you step out you know because I married her
it's not all about the sex you know what I'm saying I don't think I would step out and I actually had a conversation with her in and figure it out like I mean it so hard to answer this letter because m and n on one side of things you want to say OK like bro go to you or should I be doing something but then on the other side of things they have two small children is it that they're both working and then she's tired or is not an excuse you should still make time but where is it that he's done something and she doesn't to touching her or is it that she's not in love anymore or maybe she's doing what it said we got it we got to also take the did he give us the age
because maybe maybe she's going through menopause we don't know
that's a fact that that's true
that's true you and 1/2 come on now
I mean let's be serious
what are maybe or maybe
maybe he just
is it satisfying her and that she's just not saying that and then I'm having a conversation I don't know or maybe something is happening she's already out the door but she staying cuz they have little kids
it depends but what I would say sorry if it was a name you should probably sit down and have a conversation with your wife and say listen like what's going on I mean cuz I can't believe you stayed silent as a man for a year-and-a-half having those kind of needs and not staying anyting
or have you been stepping out and that's why you didn't say anything
you probably been stepping out
but he said he didn't want to step out he said he hasn't yet but but it's the thought crossed his mind I'm sorry I know you just got to fight the Temptation that's why I mean you got to be patient but I don't even think about it okay I'm definitely leave I just want to phone
but listen I don't know the where I mean I mean there's so much going on that's what I'm saying like I wish like this do do call in her give us you know some more information cuz it's hard to kind of give them advice without all the information but the best thing to do was probably have a station parking on some common ground because it was going to be
she's not giving you what you need or maybe you're not giving her what she needs is there there's really not a point to be there you guys are just wasting you know time and that doesn't make sense
yeah but I wouldn't advise you stepping out on her though you know the kind of woman you have if you don't want to like me I'm attacking sorry not that I condone violence but if it was me and you try to step out on me I'm attacking.
but anyway if anybody wants to comment on the letter have any questions call an idiot 867-6008 call and give your opinion and you can call and talk shit we don't care we're here for it I'm ready tonight I'm revved up so
let's get with it we here will make him he sounds like he's ready for some shit talking to since you like so you know I got my
I can't battle rap with you cuz I can't rap but
the stuff like you did a battle rap with
the last time I said I don't need to know cuz I still do it randomly you know what I mean but not it's not anything like that I mean the last Familia battle I had a random guy like that makes me feel a lot without nothing letting them know my history I'll call them out and I'm just battle so the last time I did that was actually at work you know what I mean cuz I do not see through so yeah that that's about it but as far as a familiar.
got it so real quick just introduce yourself to those who don't know who you are some of the younger cats might not know who you are the original Mikey D cuz there's a thousand of them out there now I used to be with a group called main source after large professor pursued his solo career and I was down with the group called the LA Posse not from Los Angeles with from Queen
also won the 1988 new music seminar battle World Supremacy so you know you got a Google app you'll see Jay you know I'm going to Queens I'm like Queens logic I could say that little do you know
so that's that's about it and I'm still here you know
so speaking of LL Cool J right so you know some particles floating around saying that he stole your style and it's a match so what's up with that where did that come from now you going to hear it from the horse's mouth when I first met LOL which is Ben was Jayski I met him is Jayski
broadcast we were supposed to battle and stuff like that but I mean Long Island is right next to you so it was right there it was one of the places we used to frequent on on the weekends and stuff like that but so we were supposed to battle but we just compared notes you know what I mean just robbed me while I'm out round now I was one of the youngest dude that was getting popular at the time cuz I was out in the parks in the group that I was but if it's time to call the clientele Brothers already established and I was going to come up I was young do now when I met Todd he had the same exact growling me already so I can and I'll smoke was already similar when I met him so there was no way
from me you know what I mean so that. You're the reason I started coming out is because we were together so much that you know when he came out first people expected us to be together and they heard him on the radio first and everybody thought it was me so they assumed that he stole my style which is not a d i o so the drama because that was my Mo I was a battle rapper you know this that me up and so you know because like I said when I first met him he was already Dopey already had that cage and hanging on to him because that's when you are right partner you have to wrap the compliment your part you know what I mean so that's what that was all about it was no
so so you guys are like you guys are like good friends
real good friend absolutely you guys still good friends today or is that like a couple years ago you know be a man and apologize for all the drama that I was eating you know I was I was like you know and everybody loves a little bit of the end of the day I was only hurting myself by doing that you know but yeah we cool now we back to like we were when we were younger you know we both grown both mature and I understand that it's just got done LOL already know what he wanted like he was about his business and I was about to streets so that's where the past let you know what I mean and I'm satisfying Street by feeding this negative energy about this dude while he's taking care of his business
alarm clock that
all right cool so what projects are you working on now cuz I know you have you know some things in the works
I'm about to be released the album that I dropped a couple of years ago called day of Destruction I did some touch-ups on it musically and sonically you know I just felt that that I released it and I didn't have the proper promotion behind it because I expected the Distribution Company that I was dealing with at the time to take care of everything still not fully under stand in the business you know so it was kind of a wasted project but now that Rob Schwartz from whom I put me in a position to where as I can be my own boss so you know basic we take control of my own music I understand how goes it with his to let you know I'm about to re-release that cuz it was a great album I mean you know we have peaches from can a pregnancy picking up things like that
besides that I also have a project
with our last one from chicken.
Call Cool J. So we have a project together and we're going to Jackson by beat which is Hot G from the UMC we're going to let him produce said that we just go get busy cuz we felt you know he's from today's battle rap and I'm from a few Generations before
so we figured you don't have enough for the name of my labels Pastor Troy so it's right you know so yeah we got some good things in the world and then after that I'll probably work on a book and a soundtrack to the book you know Mikey D the man the myth the legend
okay sounds sounds like a winner sounds like a winner so we're actually going to get off into one of your songs and then we come back we're going to chop it up some more so we tell me we going to play talking back
be able to talk tonight because
I was the type of person that moves in silence so people really never know what I'm up to so I choke that I'm quiet about it but at the same time you can take it is stalking at that do do you know something that crap but that's what I'm doing I'm talkin that I'm moving in silence at the same time so what does particular record this is one of the first releases under our passports distribution and Rob Schwartz was like man listen I can put it out for you but you should put it out on your own
old school boom-bap up-to-date lyrics and I had an element of the DJ so
alright so here it is Mikey D talkin that are like the safety
headed back to talk to MyQ
let's go
I'm at the door like a Jehovah Witness so focused and still on that sobers they asked me why I didn't go and get it it wasn't my time now please get over me. Tell me 101 is my dick in the paddocks it's me and I'm keeping that matter questions you can sit me down with you will never be a celebrity cuz I'm a man of integrity everything that I'm old and I ain't right
the number one man you understand my story of how I asked me to find good story to me.
OT don't mean that an elderly I could never be so don't forget me cuz if it's necessary do you want to do it if a cup of cherries
computer won't people in my ear at me feeling kind of weird wasn't equal to my peers
so what did some real plan and every time I came through they was in the field scrambling and now some of panhandling and after 30 years I'm still standing but I keep coming Wednesday stop acting like I'm the one who did it and I'm not a part of it is what it is and it
a leopard never City that's my TV
I welcome back to lessen the pain I'm your host Nakia and we got Mikey be here with us I would be all right. Nobody's going back just get the baby person do I mean you know it it's
it just like that real classic you know hip-hop that you know was real hip hop
yeah that's what I thought you know I tried to take it you know cuz I you know I can't talk about I think I can't express myself to you before like I really can't talk about what I'm not like as far as
talk about talk about how much money I got for something you know you know what I mean
at least you're getting covid-19 Corporation so you know we good so you need to send me some because I like Cherry Pepsi okay
that's what I be using the function with cherry Pepsi
make it happen we will I'm just playing a big case of Pepsi at my front door right now.
I'll give you my address off air because I don't want people showing up on my doorstep to beat me up with these letters not. So
what are the big accomplishments have you had in your throughout your career
well I just sold train which is which is pretty dope Don Cornelius. Cornelius I just began getting sick so I just finished tequila time is when he had different host every week so the week that we were on the host with John Witherspoon rest in peace that was pretty big
price of death prior to that we hosted BET's Rap City and I was like one of the first rapper to Freestyle live or you no curses and all of that you know I was one of the first before the basement before 106 & Park I was you know I got it oh well it's been robbed I have a triple platinum plaque because Madonna
sampled a song what you need is the source and she gave us writers credits for that
signature looks better on my ASCAP you know 1988 new music seminar with the big belt you know that was a that was one of the greatest accomplishments as far as being a battle rapper that was dope I mean there's a lot of other things that went down but I just forgot it everyday
but I do you know being on Soul Train that's that's a great accomplishment because a lot of artists don't have that chance anymore and they will never know what it you know what it was like to be on Soul Train dancers on soul train line
I just never know you know
I want to seem so bad but they wouldn't let me cuz I couldn't
we're going a lot of people going to dance going down the soul train line
like it was I don't know like there was a I think she was Chinese like long hair to the floor
evil is doing the robot stanky leg
I mean it's a shame that that show is gone rest in peace. Cornelius that was a lot of doors for a lot of African American entertainers so that dope
rapper to Freestyle on letters from the PIN
hey it's up to you I mean we can all right imma give you a topic
I don't freestyle like that no more about it. Imma give you imma give you a copy and then you freestyle about
okay let's see
shouldn't duty but I am okay freestyle about roaches
and not the kind you smoke with me let me let me
let me break down freestyle cuz a lot of people get free styling and off of the top of the head Ramen confused now would you want me to do is call. You give me a topical you show me a object in and I just rap about it off the top of the head a freestyle can be anything from off of the top of the head to a written rhyme that hasn't been used private me I'm a writer the only time I used to off the top of the head was when I drink those 40 I don't drink anymore so right now it's going to snow
I want to see Courtney on yourself
imma Let You Freestyle right now but you got to write me a song about some roaches okay and then I will do that with you turn around pretty quick something about some roaches
I will definitely be right by both roaches just get one free no I don't want to hang out I got roped into my house so I don't want one and one for free okay
good deal. Don't ask me for a beat cuz usually pretty cool White
killer on the loose I'm looking for my next victim should I wait for you to point them out of should I pick them or should I act like rock in and Let The Rhythm Hit Cinema in the getaway car
messing with the flamethrower who is it the struction games or when I'm in the present cuz I got eliminated because I'm the future resident who back design with a large got a bunch of Granny stop us with the glass go to Chapel Malakoff is this is not cops and robbers New York Knicks Globetrotters Brooklyn Nets my brother couldn't fall back
I got $10 smile when I started to go to and I'm blessed with giving you don't call me old school just call me living out nice nice next time next time will battle rap
to do that with
but I got you next time
so I was good that lives so at what point in your career did you feel like you are at your hiatus
probably probably right now
I'm not a quitter
a rap for my heart and not for my pocket
like I have my old like I'm in charge of my own destiny now I run the company I'm the artist on my company you know what I mean so it's like right now I'm happy I'm sober and I understand business you know what I mean so now is the time now I never let people get me off
what do you call it a discovery
because when they try to put the AIDS on the hip hop song I don't deal with it
well I think the industry of Gyro tried to put an expiration date on everything and not even just a hip hop and R&B M illusion of what an artist should look like and what they should be and to be honest in my opinion those artists that are made and when I say maid artist I'm talking about artists that have no control you sign a deal with seeing what they want you going to go where they want you to go give him your poor son is going to be what they wanted to be and I think when that happens the label actually the artist themselves and
create this Arena where it's it's like okay if you're not 18 to 26 and you don't if you're not half naked and you're not doing that like you're done and that's just not the case you know the ways into industry is now you don't really need a label to put stuff out anymore
exactly especially like when you doing it from the heart and you're not worried about a check it comes so much more naturally in this you enjoy doing with you you're doing it's not like you have to really a man I got to get this money so I have a deadline and I have to make sure everybody like it when you know what I mean the type of music that I like and what I record is the type of music that I want to hear in my car when I'm driving. I'm saying what people my age and some people older that still appreciate the music that I listen to you know what I'm saying so weak what we going to do just because the industry wants to put a cap on the supposed to leave this audience out now somebody has to suffer so why not beat me Busta Rhymes it's still doing it as one of the greatest rappers
at least you know he doesn't get the credit for it but you know he's one of my kids
that's that's true but I mean like the way the industry is now nobody can be changed people can put out what they want what they want with it so I mean I wouldn't
I mean look at artist that that are like The O'Jays and you know from that era the debarges
wait and see what see what's up with the other genres unfortunately hip-hop isn't like that it's tries to erase the legend and stead of embrace the less you know what I'm saying they don't want to like the other genres they respect their elders and genres like I like forget about Melly Mel How Could You Forget about Grandma what that is though right
that's because no no I don't I don't even think his I don't even think it's it's the corporate world that's attempting to forget I think it's these new up-and-coming rappers that come out with a certain Persona that have a chip on their shoulders and they think their shit doesn't think and I think who they are and they just create that whole you know I don't need nobody drug money hoes this sad and and and that's what they create so I don't know if it's the it's the genre itself up and coming artists that are in the genre I mean not all of them there's still so much of that show respect but there's a lot of money
that's right but you also got to think but they got to taste like this and say you know you got somewhere before. And then the person that influenced you got influence before that you didn't just wake up and create it so you got the right when you when you see when you take into account right let's just say any Joe Shmoe you take a young knucklehead that's in the street selling drugs and I'm not talking about that they're moving and running around with pockets full of money in cash and they just throwing money away is paying people spend their stuff there's nothing because they in the same goes to the Head not realizing that just because you have instant Fame doesn't mean you're going to have longevity doesn't say that again
because you have Instagram doesn't mean you're going to have longevity
what Lotto you know I'm not trying to take anything away from them cuz I'm not one of the bitter but a lot of the younger artists aren't in it for a career move temporary died in what that died once I stash money and that's it they don't care about tomorrow or as far as long as I get that bad right now that good you know what I'm saying something about that bad to
you you got to understand you got to be smart right financial advisor if you don't understand numbers because you can you can go and get back right but who cares if you got a bad for $10 when you just running around spending money frivolously on stupid and building that money so it's not always about and now I'm the shit cuz I'm running around and I got to know you.
an adverb
exactly exactly C&S that's what they got to understand exactly what they got nobody nobody stinks and numbers people are art talk to the media to be what the media is but guess what you're watching these commercials and you're seeing people drive around and Lamborghinis and they have a beautiful model X woman on her arm and and it's so it's La La Land in a big house in Malibu but guess what you're striving to be something that is probably not impossible to reach but very hard to reach because these are things that are made up and created you see women walking around like they're so picture perfect and and young girls are striving to be like that but then killing theirselves in starving yourself and guess what that woman was not Picture Perfect like that she wouldn't buy some money and so you're striving to get to a place that is
possible because she wouldn't have surgery to look like that jewelry is rented or sometimes even say sometimes the money is fake or if the labels money that they have to pay back and these guys are so hard-headed like like myself that are older that want to give a helping hand to the younger cat but they don't want to listen life I wanted those people like don't make the same mistake I made man can't do it like this I'm not telling you how to write or what to do I'm just I don't want to see you make the mistake that I made you know I'm saying but they just don't want to listen to me like all just want to tell us what to do when you're not trying to look out for your interests you know
call me sometimes do you know when you only learn on their own and whoever I always say for any artists like looking to get in the game you need to know you might need to know the business side of things is not you're not going to wake up going to steal your record a song and and then you going to blow up overnight and let me just give it to this radio said it doesn't work like that there's a work recordings easy part
but that's why they call it show business so you got to make sure you show business when you dealing with this you know it's not all over you know what I mean
a lot of these artists will just sign contracts without looking them over without having lawyers look them over then you end up in a bad deal because you saw some number of some numbers on the paper and said they're going to give me a hundred thousand dollars upfront about to sign this deal exactly do your homework you got to know because then later on when when you think you did your job and you think you are you about to go do something that label not you not doing nothing yet that hundred thousand Advance you what you owed you had all this 5 on albums you only put out one on that album didn't do too well I kind of flop so we're going to show you and you not going to be able to move unless you buy yourself out of your contract and I don't know where you get your dollars to buy yourself out at so you better go get a 95
that's a fact yeah that's a fact
understand the business side of things
so what was the greatest lesson you learned throughout your career
the greatest lesson that I learned
it's basically just pay attention you know cuz I'd like
I was jumping you know what I mean so I couldn't be controlled I wanted to do everything my way I didn't want to take advice I wish I was one of those guys that you're into contracts not paying employee I don't need a lawyer cuz I'm from the street I got a crew that's just work but you know that was the most valuable lesson
you know yourself and all of my mistakes I would never do that you do whatever asked me out before I left for you to look at that house again so learn from your mistakes and then that's that body grow
absolutely absolutely so we're going to get off until another song by Mikey C and then we'll come back and we'll drop it off somewhere so we're going to play Talking a little a little do you know little background of myself
so you guys going to hear right here on lettuce turnip and talk to him by Mikey d
I come in peace but let me know Let it go
in between
welcome back to let us in a pan I'm your host R&B singer Nakia I am Manning the ship today because my clothes D is out running around seeing some do so we are here with Mikey D and if you're just tuning in your car before the end of the show so shame on you you can go get it on Replay Everywhere You know I already owe Apple music you know Apple podcast all that good stuff but you should have told me from the beginning but anyway so great song Praise on it it kind of has like that Busta Rhymes a little bit of damage than they are a little bit of Wu-Tang found in there but it's also you know that are a butt
right right that's a good thing that's a good thing
I can't wait to see what you and Lush and hosta together and number to be wait to see I can't wait I'm going to schedule a single Russian me already did that Phantom reduce imma send it. I can't wait to hear it I can't wait
we will even this one up to rossport so I'm going to let him you know when Uber this one cuz so I'm a trust him with this one cuz it's special, and put some pressure on him and see what he got
yeah yeah yeah definitely you know Rob always has something going on so we got you know.
that's right so check it out
well I'm only 5 feet I don't. I have to get a chair to get up there to do that
so if anybody wants to buy stream like download any of your music where do they find it
everyone you know just typing the real Mighty B or Mikey G's the original and all of that should come up you know YouTube wherever you wherever Street Banks to Rob Schwartz so don't be acting like y'all y'all can't find it cuz y'all know y'all got my phone so you can get it on that Apple music if I get it on on Spotify go to title Amazon MP3 everybody. Okay if I go to buy you a club outfit going and just slide that in there too but all the same time okay let me know you got a lot of kids do we know y'all got a fat check so don't be scared to spend
set alarm for 1.
Disrespect at all
so y'all make sure y'all go out and look for my key did streaming stop if somebody wants to reach out to you to get in to get in contact with you to kind of do a project with you or you know work with something and work on something with you how do they reach you
holla at me hit me on my email Mikey destruction am i k e y d e s t r u c t i o n at me on Instagram the real underscore Mikey D that's the same thing on Twitter Facebook you can hit me by my government name which is Michael Nehring Deering even on like you did a real underscore Mikey D and
Uub you be out there doing a video clips of videos that are real videos I don't I don't do that I can't dance but there was one look at this late cuz she heard you say Tik Tok are following you already
okay so do you want to come but they know you was out running around Spanish for lettuce in the pan so you know it's okay you know you're you're punished so you and Mikey D got to do a Tik Tok together cuz I need to see this
whatever whatever you want to do I'm quick okay I'm going to send you send it I don't think it's easy and simple like that
but anyway yeah I know his kind of like running all the time so make sure you guys have you Friday 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time every other Monday 8 p.m. Eastern Standard time we going to have my key back on we might be going to get you lunch one and Phantom of the beat up here at the same time as to do our music review with us
this whole entire interview so you got to come back when I can start it from the beginning then once I get pretty don't you do that anyway but like I said every Friday 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time right here on lettuce in the pan on BBS radio every other Monday 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time right here check out all of our sponsors you can go to our website ww.w Dollar Store checkout Kryptonite station 420 clothing line clothing line I don't smoke I don't care if y'all do go buy the clothes okay that's all we got to say
so we're out until the next time we style and everything
you messed up
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