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LetterZ From the Pen, 19/03/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Robert Schwartz, CEO of WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC

LetterZ From the Pen with Robert Schwartz, CEO of WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC

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welcome to the letters from the pain I'm your host arms here in a few
and I'm your co-host
we have a really great show for you guys tonight so make sure you stay tuned because we're going to be talking to Rob Schwartz from who Mad TV
and everything else and he's going to be dropping some good jewels for you guys but before we get into all of that
chat our sponsors who makes letters from the pain possible LHS home care for all of your home care needs a New York in tri-state area on more do your designs for all of your pressing needs photography got next for all of your photography needs
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OG snort Amon
thought I told you so
also we cannot go without shouting out for my TV and I think TV what you can catch water spin the pain there every Sunday night but anyway
how was your week
very busy busy busy busy busy busy busy
I want to see I was doing a lot of things I was a part of a lot of events this week
like what
call Mike a little special campaign at Mercy Hospital
you was over there bothering them people
no I was helping out with the camping
busy wait
if you say so there was so many good letters to choose from
it's a sad cuz I'm going to want to read them all in one night and one sitting but unfortunately our so we cannot read them all but it was a very hard choices me the pic what letter was going to be red because I think that
the letter that I am going to read is very near and dear to a lot of women on a lot of women experiences and they go through this and
you know
some people just don't listen.
let me get all off up into this letter
do letters from the pen
I've been seeing this guy on and off for about 10 years
sometimes are on sometimes Ross we don't have a serious relationship it's pretty open so I see who I see when I see them and he sees who he wants to see when he sees them I've caught feelings for this guy I don't think he had the same feelings
we never established that we were in a committed relationship I do want to establish that with him being in a serious committed relationship however I don't think that's something that he wants so should I just accept the relationship as it is and continue and keep going because I guess having a piece of him is better than having none of him or do I tell him how I feel wait to see what happened and give him an ultimatum to either be serious with me or some move on what should I do please help
Lee MoveOn find me somebody nice and leave but at the end of the day so you put yourself in that situation by having on and off relationship on and off relationship
give him light
a chance to say you know what I'm going to I'm going to be in a serious committed relationship with you conversation I mean this is crazy this is crazy anyway for being or allowing herself to be an open relationship and I think a lot of men that's a lot of men get over what having their cake and eating it too and sometimes women have low self-esteem and they're so desperate that it's like okay I'm he's over there sleeping with this woman but I'm going to take any piece of him that I can get
and women need to I need to get it together I mean men do the same thing so many of the same day too but women always get played the most in that area and they insist needs to get it together I would say if you really feel like you're in love with this person
have that conversation and see where the conversation takes you if he's not receptive to giving you what you want I would suggest moving on because you should think of yourself to be more valuable nap and I'm sorry I don't know about anybody else but I ain't sharing the same way we just not doing that that's just a note for me
everybody else that's a no for me but we're not doing that
the disrespect Fix It Jesus
what advice you got this
maybe since they didn't have the conversation that down and have that conversation once he says he likes it the way that he is you have to do what you have to do for yourself
if it's not going to work not Everything That Glitters Is Gold so it might work at might not work
you won't know until you have that conversation
I mean what I'm going to say is out the gate if he didn't think enough of you
to make you a priority and stop messing with other females is probably is probably not I mean you've been messing with him on and off for 10 years at some point in 10 years somebody can figure out if they going to be in a in a relationship with somebody or not why didn't he never approached it or make the move or have the conversation you got you can have your cake and eat it too then why change it and then why look at her and think why are you complaining now it's been 10 years why are you complaining now
I don't know but I don't know if something else think that they doing coochie rentals or what cuz baby you ain't get none easier goodies for free and we just paying puff puff playing puff puff give when I'm going to do that
no talking on them something they acting like they had if you just don't give away your real estate for free to a pacifier bro by what he looks like what he has going on for his self
what just I just want to know what his work like what his set up a situation and dynamic is because what are you getting out of
running back and forth with this girl have an open relationship in today I'm out like what the hell you think you're playing double dutch
you know it's just crazy
anyway you should have played that Latisha Scott and was named Jay Sean song One Night Stand
where can I go but every time he goes back it feels like another one night stand
I know when I said it you listen you can't sleep with somebody for 10 years and that was rude play every time he goes back at the one-night stand for him he's hitting it. 193 he's coming back
I know what to do. Here in a Feeling
about what I'm saying but if you're in your feelings about what I'm saying that means is validity behind what I'm saying and if you don't like the outcome in the story then change your story stop running around dropping your salon the other we're thinking it's you
cuz when you end up making a baby that you don't want you going to have bigger problems than jumping in and out of somebody's Hot Pocket
and there's also women that are that way as well as everybody happy women's month once again we're not done March is still here one and fun
if a man does not feel like
you are worth wiping up then guess what it's not worth giving you a Hot Pocket to his little Tic Tac Ding-A-Ling let's just be real about it
and I don't care how good the sex is or it isn't at some you have to have some moment of sanity and your mom doesn't have what if he has a Slim Jim I just said that brain drain slim jim of Sanity that you have for yourself to say you know what okay this dude has been sleeping with me on and off for 10 years right first of all people are dumb so he obviously knows that this female is in love with him I want you going to just keep stringing her along so you can just be all up and everybody soup kitchen
spell by anyway
you have to call and live it 867-6008 you got something to say calling you want to challenge me to call Lynn let's talk about this okay we got to get this together let's talk about it but anyway Play the song she's tearing by Nakia by maitre the perfect song for this letter right here so we going to play truth serum on we going to be right back
wait a minute let me get this straight
baby on the way
if that was something else feel like I need to know
in the series when I'm lonely and nausea
me and tell me how did we get here when you said would be fun, but when you whispered in my ear and now you act like I ain't shit and you act like you don't care about the black curly hair
I'm going to look at the hurt look at the pain look at the tests are you prepared to throw away the year old woman scorned I truthfully tried to hide the pain deep inside I still pinch myself just to see if this is real I used to love you now I really do despise a good thing that go scuba diving in the ocean for your ring I thought that shit nigga
baby baby can't you see
I'll be the one
I'll be the one
yes welcome back to letters from the pain so I guess is having little bit of technical difficulties getting up on here but
I'm getting a whole bunch of messages in my inbox from dudes that are out here and they feelings
so I don't understand why you messaging me you all in your feelings call in
got me hot all up in my inbox talking about what is the female do in this initial at North or listen to her don't be all in my inbox okay call 888-867-6007 call into the show and then end it go ahead and have to express yourself stop being all Angry in my inbox
cuz it is what it is and my opinion won't change and it still going to be the same
okay babe that I'm their favorite
listen you could be anybody say what you want I keep it real okay how you going to be mad because you want to ride with somebody that want a girl catch feelings
you want to get mad like like why she why she trying to be my girl why did okay because he'll be in his feelings too if she goes out and she sleeps with someone else then why are you giving my away that belongs to me no other dude needs to be in your Castle
I'm just saying
it's when you do that here
that will gladly
wife of a female
that is doing her own thing God stuff together
not needing you any states that like oh I don't need a man I can handle this for myself then men get mad about that you're too strong you think you want to be in charge but guess what
who made it to where women have to step up and play that role
we have a lot to do with that they play a big part in that
your metal go out here have kids with with a woman and I'm not saying all of them but a lot of people have kids and then run off and leave the kids cuz they don't want to deal with the woman no more
then if another brother moves into raise your kids that you're not choosing to take care of that as a problem
why is it a problem check yourself
makes no sense does it make sense to you does it make who does it make sense to
does that make sense to you
it is what it is
designer on him and they need to go put a face mask on how about that end of the day did he tell her what it was from the beginning does she know what it is from the beginning
even if even if they stay for the beginning what it was I don't care how strong you are like you could be the lights you sleeping with somebody for 10 years you cannot tell me that somebody's not catching feelings.
Nobody's built like that it's not happening
I'm building I realized well done is your clothes get up out of here I don't think about that because I have a fiance
I need I need somebody to call in live now and tell me what they do with their stimulus check and how much they got
okay cuz if another person to act like they Ballin cuz I got a stimulus check cuz they have like 10 kids
I didn't get no stimulus check I can qualify
potato chips I can't afford no food
did you get a simulation
we don't do those but if other people want to give it a stimulus check
I'm willing to take that call and live if you want to give me your stimulus check you can cash out the to me at dollar sign GE GE 1280 somebody to give you their stimulus check ya cash at me or I will show you what to do with it you might not be over somebody might not be able to cash app you
did they still do I have do I have PayPal I have Facebook I have Snapchat
I have all of that oh hell yeah because you know I'll tell you how to send them phone
call and live it 867-6008 my bad I said something before it 600-800 that's what somebody made me mad coming to my inbox trying to tell me off about what I said I don't know where the guy has to be and I am getting all mad in your ceiling
trying to get mad because somebody saying that you know you shouldn't be smashing nobody for 10 years
and I'm not solidifying what it is
I mean you have an open relationship that's fine whatever that's your thing but don't just be sleeping with a girl and not explaining what it is like come on now come on Sir okay everybody I want you guys to hashtag gives you better than that hashtag give me your stimulus hashtag
I just took it out we're going to go ahead and we're playing the song and then hopefully by the time we come back or guess we'll be up in here because it's his phone but okay so we're not playing that song because you robbed
on the keychain login to be nuts but yes yes yes so we have our special guests Rob Schwartz in the building I'm so glad I don't know who you are I'm Rob Swartz Timberland for 11 years thousand Title Company
puppy. 3000 people wear program so. Now let me give Rob his own introduction
go Bob that's a boy
catfish right I'm your girl, so I don't care what people sent me a lot of questions to ask you going to be on here so I want to get into some of those artists that's a lot of questions came from Perry in Jacksonville Florida he says how would you get started in the music industry if you've never been in it before
that's a loaded question the broccoli a million things you have to do with number one make sure you're probably do is just a test yourself try to get some free tracks record stuff on yourself once you start doing it and feel comfortable then I will go ahead and get the music is only like 10 to 50% of what you have to do with the promotion all you had to do was being honest but now you have to do everything so if you're you have to be 100% passionate live love Polish music industry because it's the greatest business in the world is the greatest greatest
you got to be prepared because people allow your face playlist good ones not going to say it's not what it is so it's just you have to want it so if you get into a kind of late don't be discouraged to get into it but just get ready to go to be a rocky road but if you are powerful enough of a person you can make it happen if you got to push through it all
so what's the best advice you can give an independent artist who lets say they're good neighbor courtesan music they're out there and they're obviously competing was like bigger artist think is their best approach
I always say you think Inside the Box in outside the box the inside the Box meme so you have a great song get to focus on your your social media and it sucks that you shouldn't have to worry about that but you do you have to build that following and they got different strategies outside the box has figured out how to bring people to the goodnight you have a social media YouTube so what no the other people do to at least now you off the car now you think of unique strategies to bring people over to see who you are so different things and stuff if everyone's going left you have to go right is everyone going to go around the job is trying to figure out strategies but if you can do it it's the greatest thing in the world got to figure out
who are some of the artists I know this is a lot of questions because he works with everybody but her answer my question to you what I didn't with whom a group interview 3,000 people in somebody else's bigger music sexy Katy Perry to George Clinton Run DMC Public Enemy Gamble and huff wallpaper that interviewed but maybe a sports fan is still showing Alexander or Rasheed Wallace or something or Hopkins could be bigger than some EDM somebody in Fantasy Defense are you speaking Stones first distribution
like I said he was released as we have a Grammy award winning record a couple number one billboard records so but there's needs may not be recognized so it's kind of like Alabama so I don't have any preferences over which ones bigger as long as you're so sorry that's it. That's good so it's like everybody says
people with a lot of people to hit me up to in New York I went up there and it was for another magazine shoot and we're doing our interview video and they had all this food set out for him he pulled me aside and said listen this is my food fridge or take whatever you want
give me a great interview but it was that was the other guy
what can you tell me to send me some food cuz I like probably stale green nasty by then but you know how they left over
the who has been the most difficult artist that you work with just a few of them not going into names and that either and I don't I don't I don't know. It out there I can't a situation without saying names with one performance wear
guy Carswell were filming and he was upset that we caught him cursing so he pulled me aside and he has made a public display about me some of them after that you know we got this Mission any appointments on later and explain to me why you did it well. Since we had one situation I was at an interview and he said yeah the rest are you enemies are going off on us about how Media Take Out hip hop artists and disrespecting totally not what we do it all so then he stormed off and he came back and said ready for interview
okay then he got in like I don't do it you wasn't at that point and then ship in Mountain View so that he didn't need it at the third time he went up on stage with all these people and you like them and just see how all these media is trying to come after us and asked us so he started his car going off and when she took them out on stage came back to me again
Pittsburgh Yo-Yo Man
what to tell you a story to is my fault I first started going to New York to interview some it well just showing out dinner at a private party Seattle Seahawks and beauty and a cell and Ed's private party so we go to New York and Mary J Blige in a Phillip Cory party so we go with camera free drinks
not in his car.
Now the New York Dolls in your club and I'm kind of bored was called us one was the DJ know who's the guy who was the guy it was the guy who said if you did that when I'm
Anjali Anjali uses name on SiriusXM The Morning Show on Sirius XM phone number his name is there some situations so what new projects do you have coming out on Hulu.
oh my God is so many things I know today we actually dropped our who made distribution Essentials vol 3 volume 1 the top one is what it's all backed by all the hip hop artist from sinus Ice-T Mikey d DJ Caesar from SiriusXM sign it electric
cure. Job by 2 with she know somebody else could be Neon
Force MD's traffic towards leads Mia from the voice so did a wooden CD and it was from around the world and some of her favorite essential will attract we have some from Dubai Qatar Australia and all over the US and Canada physical to come in but they usually a job today so nice. Everyone who made distribution Essentials Spa in 1 2 and 3
who sings I stream my song and I'm dying to know where did they go
so what can we expect from you in 2021 I mean you're always doing big things so I'm hoping to announce it soon that's been pretty much shut me down the last 2 weeks consumed in this thing is for Combee hopefully something is communist Hit or Miss I always been big things biggest possible number call contracts
yeah I was going to have a gospel version going to have a rock version in EDM version as well and then a
who probably going to switch it up from essential oils with different name is making all hip hop beats loud hip hop record maybe monthly compilation of why I think we have grown weary heart for example like the way I look at my company right now I was running like a random fraternity house like a house where where the hell we do parties to do Advanced we do playlist in we work with radio stations we make it a fun experience where are the distribution system distribution
play in all trying to figure out ways to compete with each other but no one's making it an experience so we try to do a little extra stuff but you CDs in the next ride is my car so I can the music industry so so have the industry I cuz I mean like I know you for a long time and you've been everywhere and work like lots of artists
do you think the industry is harder now than it was then
it's different I mean if you are an artist back then it was so hard to get a deal so now that ever get the deal is so much harder to blow because it's too many you can make a song about making music is more about promoting yourself I think one of the problems now is the reason why I was so great packing days cuz the label says working probably ran back in the day it was all about cheap apartments like you could be an artist and you have your A&R which then goes to a company that tells you how to talk in interviews we have emotional be up the radio Dept this is so me the business now it's working by yourself
which is in you watch these blogs they tell you to do it yourself but I did so to me it's all a propaganda cuz it's hard to make artist feel good about yourself as far as being honest but the other people and that's what helps people get bigger pecs easier than others and it's going to keep changing technology and I seen the changes from CDs to iTunes to now the screaming and who knows what's next
what do you think about all the talk about like you know the streaming companies
they all pay you know like different rates which I think some artists still don't understand why can you give us any insight on that
so what people to understand is that that price they paid fluctuates every much it's never the same price because it's really at the number based off of how many subscribers does it how many artists versus how many some place you definitely get the number
Spotify pair two different ways one is the fuel Pizza scriber when a few the Freak Out
I mean was YouTube now they have YouTube paid version to read they pay a little more if you go that way but mostly we don't have YouTube music they use the free YouTube just all off of ads so when you shouldn't have asked the Run for the have these ones that couldn't fall off a building system that's why YouTube pays out the least you can work so hard to get so many streams just made a couple dollars that's all you work and
lose weight you were trying to figure out how to go to like onlyfans your own nothing but end of the day the audience is so trained to get stuff for free right now that's hard to convince him to send text to support a friend just so used to get in for free and it's everywhere you go to Spotify and play it like why would you need to pay for it is what people think so you have to be creative with your way through strategies and value of people understand about you and your friends and it sucks but again
people just expect free stuff so I always pay for my artist music and give you some of them by telling the support that for these three men put on my playlist or something but I wish I wish I wish I was there to wait until we have streaming in March so in that was merch on the digital merch makobi first hit I saw a lot of artists like bump the prices up cuz they're scared enough to make the cut in half by inch I mean
speaking of whom an artist to the song by Lady Dane and then we'll come back and get your love by Lady Dane did that's right make sure you go out and buy the album make sure you give her those streams she needs all that so that's nice
is Google a the Killer
talking bird
do I have a choice
did you even meme
in transit home.
talking about
Dragon Ball
bubble map that was leaving your love member album drop today
Limitless everybody go out for a support Independent Artists women's History Month support women
Rod Stewart
who made distribution artists
Technically she's under the force MD's distribution
hey guys
yes they are so let's talk a little bit about some of the TV stuff that you have TV shows that you have
so I have four shows 3 music 1 comedy so music wise hoomantv and launched in 2007 started it is them for me
this is the devious started at all this was 2005 Walmart Target in Netflix on Netflix this was 2000
and then we were making Vine 2 I got a call from Europe and its network will she be like hey my camera guy decided to move to Vegas on me so I can teach myself how to tell me how to edit so I made
I made my first six episodes from HEB 2740 Moye households throughout Sky TV for the back to the US the first US network to air it was color TV on dish and that's what I thought it was Quinta in the day after I was done with finances if I left that world October 9th 2009 and before the TV and distribution so who wants to then 2012 I lost a TV network, I think TV is the very first urban Channel ever on that we lost our spin-off show called emtv which is the EDM dance music show can you show called before they were
I could make you make sure Debbie weeks will start doing this video show and it got huge we got really big so that's your third and then I do a comedy show on Saturday Morning Show with thunder who was the creator of HBO Def Comedy Jam with Bridget Curtis so we've been doing that for about two years before Kobe's head shut us down because it's a lot, show so sweet about bringing it back program networks Apple Roku Google Play firestick calm everywhere
so make sure you guys check that out when Mad TV. Com you can also see letters when been there
it was a pretty big show back in the eighties and nineties called Dance on their dance party USA actually brought it back yeah so she just picked up I was a director for the show edited by yourself UCP Network
and it was me bring it back dance on there so I chew shows on Tuesday. How do you how do you choose the artist that you work with
I know like you're not doesn't work with any artist so for those are listening how do you pick and choose who you work with the idea where you can try to get in to see the club unless you so it brings you in this kind of like all day but if I don't know you were so I can vouch for you I don't want you rent and you can be the greatest in the world is that about that because if you think you look for is music your thing as a person because we work together we work together and if we don't get along I will be stuck with somebody and have negative energy around me when I do things nobody responds to get Pepsi sponsored it to Japanese whiskey Brewery blue. It was insane I had 17
can you play some attorney yesterday
robot 1749 secret performers perform hours I never tell anybody because everything, but that's the case before a nucleus by DCTC Valley Grand Master P from Houdini DJ full force was Air Force MD's were there then Cody from the years of the new school was there Jermaine Jones American Idol is a lot of people always come by
but you come everyone to me it's a family so there's no VIP talking to each other that was having the greatest time and it's like top shelf liquor is this a private party if you want to do I have to be a cool thing full ride bring it before game in special schools a little Bottle Pop Rocks pop rock before it came out and started throwing turn Halloween party raz-b B2K stand out from Atlanta
it was never the same party come out to my party before I bought a disposable covers for the microphones everybody was safe broadcast live on 90.5 FM it was pretty cool send me running the party to the maternity house and I know how to do it like everyone's thinking me all the artists because it's the first time they got you before and he's a pussy Arts has been performed since January February the March so it was like
I was trying to figure out what artist need and try to help provide a quitter
so now if somebody wanted to submit something to you like how would they do that where should they go
distribution. Com but very careful with the cup so you know you got to be careful what you give us what we want will call and have to call first without look at this poor kid to course you could easily just submit something and he goes out so
a lot of people hit me up on social media like you all want distribution because that's not how I wanted to talk to you like you have a few people that I treat everybody with respect you know he know that so so you reach out to me just make sure it's nice email you know like we're always looking for new artists long as we will see you at first she was good we were together like together
so you guys heard it here on lessen the pain you'll be sending on nasty emails talking about what's up distribution gee thank you for joining us we're just going to have you back again when we do our live music with you so we can get some of your feedback on some of this tracks that artist you're sending it
can people hit you up on social media to find you or everything
everything's cool bag, pose like my picture
what song is this
get out of here someday want to rock with me who everyone has been down all the time and energy off the fans who support us and watch their TV shows over the last 20 years in 20 years child to all the people in the future and I'll be back with us too young I know we have a lot of big labels we decide and recently I'm keeping quiet so we actually announced it but make sure you get the humax distribution Essentials by munsingwear free today women of the World customer credible women from all over the world on that one and two weeks will coffee by they will give it to make a sticking out
I'm really excited about this I began
eyeglass Emoji side is Padre lost I say probably 2012 about to do something pretty cool if it goes right but we don't have the cell phone from Tyler app but if you do, come back TVD MTV video Vision we have some incredible podcast TV shows hip hop music based movies programs music videos there's nobody on OG cheese is nobody on Roku Apple Google Play touching my shadow nobody
on that if you can join us every Friday 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and every other Monday at 8 p.m. Standard time tonight here till next week