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LetterZ From the Pen, 18/06/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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with Nikia Hughes-Cousins and Dominique Roberts

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes-Cousins and Dominique Roberts

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hello hello hello welcome to let us know and we haven't gone anywhere we're here we're here but of course you guys know the machine before we get started
we was better so we have some lovely giveaways because we know this weekend there's a lot going on Juneteenth new holiday that they signed onto the books will get into that a little bit later and of course to even bigger holiday that's more special that everybody really knows about his father's day so we will be giving you some tips later in the show lots of last minute Father's Day gifts quick easy meal tips for Father's Day and we'll get into a whole bunch of other stuff
but as I was saying we have some giveaways to so make sure you stay tuned in you may be able if you don't have a gift for Dad whether you like him or not we have some giveaways and you might be able to get you might be able to win a giveaway and that you don't have to spend any money on you know that's kind of messed up but anyway to buy Kryptonite station at the 420 clothing line you can look that link up and go shopping for some amazing Brandon close to click on that link and it'll take you to all the clothing and all the the hottest Fashions and Trends in all the types of things that are of course Royal life
photography got next for all of your photography need jrc clean up no job is too big or too small LHS on care for all of your home care needs in the tri-state New York in tri-state area also don't forget to catch up on who nag and I think TV every Sunday on Roku if you don't have that you can go down and you will see in the future on lorelei's TV so
before we get into our letter today
let's talk about Father's Day gifts right so
what's the name of a team so following days in 2 days right so
if you haven't gotten a gift off your last minute person just like I am because I haven't because I'm still last minute just a lot going on right and then you know what all of this stuff that's going on with Coleman and stuff like that I'm sure people haven't really been focused on holidays and things but now that some of the restrictions are lifting we can kind of move about a little bit better but you know I have more access to more stores and things like that so one of my favorite stores to shop in even not for Father's Day I love Spencer's okay so I don't know if you know what the answer is but
anyways as much as has all types of gadgets and things in it from like 420 stuff so I stopped to like sex toys I'm going to go right from like I want to stay all the socks and Ty are gone okay they're all gone get him a manicure kit
so really who buys anyway right and I think a lot of dads don't want a manicure kit so we're just going to go there because anything about a pedicure even though they like that too but I'm talkin about a manicure and I get my data manager kit he likes it he uses the Clippers
okay anyway let's get into the letter when we come back we cannot find out why he likes to take care of her own dad's toes okay let's get into the water
and then we'll be back okay then we'll see but anyway we have a really great letter tonight so if you're listening
listen closely good letter right we usually do like you know people women are pissed off someone doing something but I guess it's pretty good letter
my name is Angie I'm 16 years old and I live in Georgia my mother and my father recently divorced my mother now has a new husband two years later I'm still very upset because I miss my day
which one of these things happen all the time is that okay and then he's attempting to take the place of my dad
I like my mom's new husband but I don't want him to take my dad's place and I would like my dad to come around more my dad has distanced itself because my mom has a new husband how can I explain to my dad and my mom without hurting anyone's feelings that I might want to go live with my dad because I want to spend more time with my dad
please help
it's always you know when we get letters from children
it's always you know it's hard but you know you want to we want to you know guide teams in the right direction so they're not damaged later on in life not that it's our responsibility but we try to give our input on that without you know stepping on any pair of shows but what I will say is
Angela what I will say is you know it's a very hard transition losing one parent whether it's by separation or any other way it's it's a hard time fishing and things are going I don't think your mom would be mad that you wanted to spend time with your dad I think it's a matter of having a conversation not to say anything you know bad about your mom's new husband your stepdad but if you feel like you want to spend time with your dad is really not his place to tell you that you can't and I don't really think that he would feel some type of way about it
so I would say to have a conversation with your mom what do you think because I know that a lot of people have like Blended families these days and different things going on I mean how do you think that she would handle that not I mean I'm asking for I know that you have a blended family so
how would you handle that
first of all no one can ever take your father's place you understand your father is your father that's one but two if your stepfather isn't that bad you don't have to be you know so push back you can try to get to know know him as you know individual maybe you know he just doesn't want you to dislike him so he's trying hard to show you that okay even if your father is not here I'm I'm here as well even though I'm not your father you know it doesn't
now let me put it like this as far as your father goes maybe you need to reach out to your father and let him know like you'll be nice and try to have a conversation telling your father like you know I would like to see you more have you around more you know just because my mom is with someone else doesn't mean that you have to stop being my father
so I'm actually wondering what the Dynamics is between the mother and the new husband because I can play a big part in a big role and how your child receive you've received the parents like when I say that I mean what's the dynamic between you know the step father and the father so is a father not coming around because he feels like he's getting into it with the step dad or or is it step dad but he's not in front of the child to the child here because you know Kansas to have conversations behind closed doors but you know
we really don't actually know but you know just from what you wrote I will say is that you know it's not bad and you're not doing the best thing by getting to know you know your stepfather but also you need to be able to communicate with your father and let him know how you feel
and you need to have that conversation with your mother as well
I mean it's true I think sometimes parents when when their children or when our children turned a certain age before we still forget I mean six team is a teenager but we have to remember they're still children so it's not a situation where OK this this is an adult
and mistreat the child has such because they're still at at 16 yes they can communicate yes they can make decisions and say I like this I don't like that but they still don't have all the tools to communicate effectively in the way that they should and you don't want to create a situation parent you don't want to create a situation where your daughter is looking you're done your daughter your son your child they're looking elsewhere for answers and they get answers that lead them down the wrong path
so if anybody wants to call in comments think about the letter or give any advice 888-627-6008 we are going to take a break when we come back
we are going to get all off into I don't know like what you got going on over there quick easy snacks as a matter of fact so you can make for Father's Day or June 18th new holiday that is now on the books and we'll talk about all that good stuff so we're going to pay some bills so we're going to play
Fly With You by the four Cindy's right here on Butterfield
all the fathers that are
there Comes A Time in your life
I will go to the
spirit will fly to Italy
down in Valley View Mall in the world
you don't even know where to go
the ways to die
don't feel good.
The Weeknd
open up the Clown
set alarm for 6 a.m.
alright welcome back that was Fly With Me by the force MD's right so that song is dedicated to all the fathers that cannot be here with us today because they have moved on to a different realm right
on a happier note let's think about some quick food ideas that you could do
Father's day without breaking the bank right without breaking a sweat but I'll break a nail right and that you can cook without you know real quick without having a little put the kids to bed so
do you know Dad's a very simple so you can make a simple nice fast and easy taco salad with ground beef shred it Lettuce shredded monterey Jack cheddar for Cheese's whatever kind of cheese you desire tomato sauce quick and simple 10-minute Seafood fried rice so you can get a bag of shrimp from Walmart for $5.89 or $0.49 something like that you know you can get that and then you can easy 10 minute rice and you know some soy sauce and some eggs you know you can go to what is it Aldi if you guys have Aldi in there you and get some green onions for $0.59
simple the egg there fifty cents you know if you want to put out here no I said a quick trip fried rice okay you can make a nice some short ribs
bake bacon in the oven you can do that that's quick and simple you can make them some Greek meatballs anybody ever have Greek meatballs it stood their ground beef that if she needs no role in one season 8 course you put all the great the great season and then all of them or feta cheese on the side make the Greek Greek dressing
my sister's right without noodles and noodles
put them in the hot dogs take it around
messing with you
I'm not messing with you today.
Listen you got a few people eggs and onions so this way you can get the Walmart for $5.49
you can go what is the line at Walmart to 100
you want me to answer that
just put the food back you don't go somewhere else
so one of my sponsors Kryptonite station the 420 clothing line that again you can get the link on our website ww.w. Let us know, cuz I can go straight to her store and you will see all types of different clothing there since you might be able to get some good discounts and stuff like that right so when you do hit that link and you buy something makes you take a picture you sent it to us so we can post it on that website right I'm sure everybody your fly okay but I do as promised we can talk about forever stamp
so let me show you what I got I feel like I'm like downtown somewhere like in LA or like New York you know about the hustle for my trunk but anyway let me show you this
okay now we can see it being black is different from the right because I'm a shopper and I buy clothes right so I looked for the quality in the clothes and this is very stretchy right it's good material so far all my big girls out there and I like the big chest y'all can get a business I'm just saying you know cuz I'm in the double-digits in the Tulsa area and I can get up and then I'm just saying it's cute it's summertime and short sleeves we got the little you know that the little Jamaican African colors going on I'm just saying
are you happy
I need to go ahead and jump on it and it's not that expensive either right so
I'm just saying right so you know I got the connect with the owner and stuff like that so I'm just telling y'all that right so we going to see if we can get a couple of y'all a coupon or a discount code right cuz we know some of yall PPE money ran out okay but you know you ain't got no money I'm just saying
so boom
this is a one piece this is the one piece write me get up enhancer Yahtzee this the right way
this is a sleeveless one piece okay now again right
it runs big so I'm in the back of the leg I mean if it doesn't mess up like that right cuz you know if you ain't got no pancake. I'm just saying it on a minute
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right is that the hood it's a crop top
so you know all the girls want to wear you know that you little crop tops and stuff like that is. You know the little boy right now I'm just saying I got some cute colors
stay dangerous this is something that I would wear because I'm a dangerous person I'm just saying I'm dangerous
Thomas day off the road for Father's day cuz I might hit somebody I'm dangerous
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I'm just saying the colors are vibrant and bright
this is cute if you loan me on Father's Day
the little lady have Nickelodeon is coming up so
make sure
make sure
you go to the website and check out all the sales that are on there as long as coming up for July 4th and stuff like that and you know you can just do forget you giving away some clothing Father's Day gifts and stuff like that so again it 867-6008 if you want to try to win a gift right you got to call in call and I got to pull in right all right so boom we're going to take a quick break we're going to pay some bills and we'll be back with you give away so check out my new single damage right here on PBS radio
how did we get here
gummy tragedy
all right y'all welcome back so let us in the pan we are going to get into some giveaways of that but we got some people on the line waiting I'm sure there
overly happy and eager to win something so line one what's your name and where you calling from
my name is Shannon, California
how's it going
it's going good good you have any plans for Father's Day
really I was just going to take my son out
I'm going to do you know that it's on some mothers out there that the mother and the father so happy Father's Day to you so tell us why you think we should give you a piece of clothing from Kryptonite station 420 clothing
I'm cuz I'm the mother and the father I do it all by myself and I need to look sexy talk about yourself
listen to be sexy you got to be the mom in the day got to work hard
so you got that in your sexy voice I had to be sexy clothing do you wear
on my wear medium
alright so
and a size 9/10
okay well listen we're not about to help you with your pants okay but we are going to send you a top we got a cute little crop top sweater got to be really really cute for you you don't have to worry about the ginger so if you want you could just wear the top and run around the house I'm just saying
before you can win this case are Reese's Pieces or Snickers
Reese's Pieces try not to have a war today here on BBS radio about snickers or Reese's Pieces we are not the same
Reese's Pieces
yes I am.
Yeah I don't like chunky peanut butter a year just feel like eating rock you something you don't like the peanut butter
no I don't have a fabulous Father's Day give your son a big hug and kiss cuz I'm sure he appreciates appreciates that go on our website
she just want to talk now because I said Reese's Pieces anyway you will definitely get this out to you thank you you're welcome thank you you're welcome to what's your name and where you calling from
Philadelphia Phillies pretty love to show the kids you're good you good at what you do and then you can wear the same thing I appreciate what you do
you're welcome you're welcome any plans for Father's Day
so far you know you probably don't really be making plans for Father's Day and Mother's Day type thing but pretty much just chilling
so maybe you should change that custom in your household and you know do something celebrate being a father I mean do you take care of your kids are you in the house or with your kids
yes yes now so that's something to celebrate right because of being raised by mom or dad or if they're being raised by the uncles and celebrate every day and a beautiful thing
that's good so why do you think we should give you one of the Father's Day prizes today
tell us something good
well when I'll be rocking with y'all show from the beginning finish I really like stuff like that I am though I'm just saying you know like you know
okay that's a vacuum service okay okay
so why you deserve it
black phone and I'm here with my wife and my children
okay that deserves a round of applause
do you a ride
all right so we will hit the spot Tuesday in the June 13th at 1 right I thought I put that in there but it's cool so go to our website drop your information that we will get you over your guests
I think D things you can have like a manicure kit so we're going to take your medicine
and then you know you can have a wife about you know doing doing and how things like that but
nah. I got the money I got the button
all right so you got like the straight to your nails
you got that straight like nice leaked clean
so we can send you a cheese grater for the back of your see how about that I appreciate your day but seriously you want a prize and we will send it to you so go to our website drop your information we will get that Father's Day gift out to you
I appreciate it I appreciate you said that you do you know what make sure you drop the information when you drop your number and all that maybe we'll talk to you about you know coming onto the show do you have any special skills definitely what kind of skills do you have
you know don't make stuff up
can you sing can you rap can you dance to juggle can you rap
don't mind running off some debts Niger stop playing with 591 to get burnt with Richard and when it comes to the dope game when he's talking to you with work at 8 I go hard he goes off and I'll slap your face off give me a call
what you say I'm a slap your face off you just want a Birkin
she gave me the clown a day thank you for being loyal listener thank you for calling in and we will get your prize out nice nice Russell phone number
I was told you were daytime taking sorry believe your phone number thank you have a good night
that was very interesting
slap you in your face and he said something about worms I don't know
all right I read for healing for your father yet for Father's Day or your husband or your significant other what right do Marshalls have some pretty cool gift that's you can go there for a quick you know Big Lots of Hands-On
what type of person you're trying to get
Ray-Ban Outlet I mean men aren't like women where you can just give us some flowers and a card you know what some cash in it in her life who I think men are a little different they want you know things they can use like fools if you know maybe some weight
a wallet if they ain't got no money give him a wallet and my avocado salad disgusting out here
play The Dramatics
did you ever
alright welcome back to leadership and the song you just heard was Love You by Johnny will since stores everywhere you can stream it everywhere you can get everywhere so he's always got to eat since she's always has to eat just always
so let's get into real quick Juneteenth right so this is a holiday that was just signed on to the books we know that like some employers know he's going to bring this up is because a lot of people talking about it today and ask him questions some employers are recognizing it as a national holidays.
So I guess you just have to figure out and find out if your establishment is actually recognizing the holiday I know in New York federal employees the holidays recognized for so today I was you know driving through you know New York City and thank you sir everybody that you know was off today and making my drive a living hell just saying right
so do you want us to give a little bit of History by Juneteenth what it is before we get into that
if you are working for an establishment that
you're not getting a holiday for today or anything in that sort it's because sometimes your holidays are already written and your policy and that's when they pay you no different holiday sometimes people have Good Friday in there as a national holiday for them sometimes there's hospitals or employment or retailers that don't you know it's knowledge Good Friday you know it's all they always go down a list and see
what actually what actual holidays they're going to recognize so just because you hear them say you know Jen T June 19th is now on a holiday
that doesn't mean that you're going to your job is going to recognize that holiday
when you have holidays already established and you're working environment or your employer where you work
sometimes you have to give up a different holiday to take that holiday so I don't want people out there like thinking that they're going to automatically get drunk because they
put it as a national holiday now you might not it's all up to your employer whether they're going to put June 19th as a holiday and then you end up giving up a holiday or either they're just going to keep it as an extra holiday so I just want to put that out there
Juneteenth is an annual holiday that was the end of slavery in the United States so it hasn't celebrated by all African American
so Juneteenth is basically that when slavery ended
and on Thursday that's when our president signed off as making June 18th a national national federal holiday
okay so on another interesting note did anybody else hear or am I tripping that Black Friday is going to now be named Amazon day or something like that I did
it's going to be Amazon Prime day of prime primary call it now instead of Black Friday
I mean I guess it really doesn't matter what it's called and I don't know what the big deal is because I still going to shop or do what they do
right right as long as you keep those discount coming
I don't know I don't know I don't like him to Black Friday job because you know all that people acting crazy and mad about Electronics nisenson
cuz I did not push you down with cold TV the whole box in your hand and said to take it
I'm just saying it's too much
is it stresses me out right now thinking about it because it's almost here I so let me say we are very short and there are so getting ready to end before where are we were all of our New York listener you know election day is June 22nd and we are encouraging you to go out and vote for mayor
okay girl I'll be saying we and right I mean I like my and all and everything girl but don't be saying we're encouraging you let's just say this would encourage you to go out and vote whatever you vote for that your business but at least go and vote so you can have a voice these are the votes that counts right when we're when we're voting at county-level and you know for the school board these are the things that count so make sure you get up and go out and vote okay and I know a lot of you guys took a shower so don't act like you scared to come outside right
so get up go vote
there are a lot of hospitals that are out there that are actually enforcing the the the backstage and
you know we don't feel like it should be a mandation but I mean I have time for right now but cuz there's so many things like that but anyway so thank you for being here with us remembered as soon and every Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time to Let Her Send The Pain we will see you here every Friday was so happy to be back. Don't be acting up a little bit today right
cuz we were you know we were recouping and refreshment so no name these dances are name a song to the dance I get so when I go like this right by the rabbit a rabbit but anyway thank you we will see you right back here on Friday same time same place
and don't forget the two and a few missing here you can catch us on Sunday on who Megan iPhone TV over on Roku but if you missing you can still go to and click on those shows in and watch so make sure you do that right
so we will see you guys next week thank you for joining in by