LetterZ From the Pen, January 8, 2021

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Glenn Jost, drummer and vocalist

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes & Radiah Johnson and guest drummer and vocalist Glenn Jost

LetterZ From the Pen

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

Letterz from the pen is a variety show touching base on new up and coming arts, entertainment, music, fashion, give relationship advice and analyze your letterz from the pen.

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I'm looking in the mirror I'm so afraid
I can have the world
hello everybody Welcome to letters from the point I am your host R&B singer Nakia
we have a spectacular show for you guys tonight we have a wonderful guest that is on with us now little unconventional usually has here we will start off with our guest and we will have our guest on live over
tell Glen yes thank you for having me you're welcome thank you thank you so much for the Glen please tell our listeners out in radioland a little bit about yourself a little bit about your pantry love for those out there listening that don't know who you are
thank you Nick yeah yeah my name is Glenn Jost I'm originally from New York and I've been out here in California for Josh good 20 plus years and we love is been a concept dating back from my Years in New York City I worked for a mastering house in Midtown Manhattan at the time and Bob Ludwig with my mentor and event that was a dear friend of mine as well that got me involved in the music business and got a chance to really learn about audio Fidelity and at the time it seems
premature if you will I wasn't writing songs necessarily I was a drummer passionately trying to get into the music business from that angle but I ended up writing songs and taking that to the next level and and getting them at the songs mastered at Master disc and moving on with my life I went to Florida played in classic rock bands down there and out to the Midwest and ultimately settle out here in Los Angeles and brought back to life real love with that are released last year 2019 called music on a mission and you can see that on Spotify and you know it's pretty much out there everywhere you want to look r e l o v e music.com and then of course you can look it up real elves in the in the Spotify and all the internet
so that was nice we put that out and I I really built the bands around
oh my gosh do the concepts of of unity in bringing the unity together with a multi multi cultural ethnic bands of of of amazing musicians including my partner-in-crime Victor Bender from Columbia he's my producer dear friends and multi-instrumentalist c r i Canna hang out in the studio as much as possible and we can get our sounds together and so we worked very hard on stablished in the sound and brought in some tremendous challenge how to change your free is from Sri Lanka and an amazing amazing world class bass player and he brought an incredible element we went on to to bring on Sonia Harley who is the well-known singer out here in the west coast in Los Angeles and she really just blew the socks off the bus
future energy and brought the tracks to life and she could see it Icona did some Duets on this EP that turned out I think well and it's it's kind of a cross pollination of of sorts you got some reggae music you got to World music I'm a classic rock guy but I'm also deep into artists that have a little bit more gaps and spiritual understanding so I'm trying to bring all those elements Bob Marley of course you know I'm not from Buffalo New York we didn't really get much reggae but hey
I just love his his spirit so I want to carry that on in the so we're working on a new EP now actually it's a seven song record that were just tracked all the drums and it's going to be spectacular we're really excited about the next release when can we expect sore when can you know the people expect to get a new release from you so I think we should be done by Spring late spring we're still a few months off and complete tracking and then mixing butts out the it's just it's spectacular with Victor Van Der my producer we have such a
search synchronicity of of of of understanding and respect for each other two to really look at each note every hole in the music and we look for spaces we look for texture and it's it's so fun to to to really take that energy and just in a In A Gadda most truest form find the best hole in the best island in the best texture for the song to growing and developing to a place that hopefully can touch people
so now what genre I mean I've listened to your stuff
like Nikita released in what genre
well as you say it's it's eclectic so you know these days I'm learning like everyone else though
how to how to produce how to not produce Rami we got the production down we weave dial dad and it's it's how do you release it and that's a good point you need to to have a Natalie stations to play it but all of that comes with specific demographics and what is it what what chat aghori is it is it adult contemporary is it reggae and we do we've tried both even the country charts we were able to get a shining through on some of the country charts so you never know country alternative believe it or not they they like to have reggae as an alternative to mainstream country so it's great cross pollination of of different genres London genres together that's particularly appealing for us as creators and producers to
do to really Bland these different styles so the next record we've got songs that are flat-out reggae you know Bob Marley Get Out drop D 4 in and get out and and that's easy enough to identify but then you throw in a violin on it or you know you'll do like sax solos and and against Cantina in different types of textures and and instrumentation and orchestration that were with layering I mean I'm a big Carpenters fan you know I love I love all that cheesy 70s bubblegum pop which out in the UK coins love is, we definitely did inspiration in the music
I agree it was you know there was there wasn't the
the expectation that the creativeness was more fluid back then and you know you could really develop and now everything's quantized and yeah I'll drive to this level of perfection but it's also very sterile my opinion so we try to keep the life in it and keep the human touch and and also with the vocals needs to expressiveness of of singing in the live Human characters that I think are so important to 22 transcending music to people sell
and then we will be right back
events in July
is possible
lying in my bed
The Lion King
is possible
so that way by real of Yoda first year
thanks thank you you're welcome you playing that song it's a great song it's it so it's refreshing to hear something different that's not today because the music today it's almost like everyone has the same town and you know the live instrumentation I mean it's a great just great to hear something you know different and good it's really about taking your time
out there you know like you've got this this this kind of spirit that awaits you know when you wake up in the morning you're like what am I doing here what am I doing should I get up or stay in bed and you don't really like the lyrics a half awake half asleep but you can dream and you can dream about anything and that's kind of my my little safe zone is waking up in the middle of the night next to my beautiful wife and I really like this is my only time I can think and I got like alright well
what am I going to do right now so I think and I'll get most of my a lot of my Inspirations with songs in the in pitch dark at three 4 in the morning and and it's great to know this Production Tool you can get a lot of ideas and kind of timing it you know with with your day and end its I believe you know God inspires me to to create and I don't really have a drummer you know, being potatoes rock and roll drummer
that's it and I've been able to kind of play a little guitar play a little bass learn how to sing and play drums and you know work my way through you know it's not easy to do its work and I'll buy some work I enjoy and the journey of life so
now I lay me down to sleep it's kind of a take off to you know stacking thanking God that you know here we are wake up each day it's a new day and you know God only knows we all we all need help trying to process this life we just show up no one can explain it you know how ya like came out of my mother's stomach right you know know your first creation going on here and you know we've got that one time to be able to say something and be of of essential purpose whatever that is could be driving a truck
could be anything but you got to make something of yourself and somehow I don't know thank you so much for joining us tonight and tell her audience where they can look you up where they can find the stuff where they can reach out to you sure again it's a real of music.com so r e l o v e Glover right the first time you got another chance reloveit of music.com again all Spotify and you know everything on the internet you can just Google search real of and my name is Glenn Jost g l e n n j o s t the founder and you know singer writer and I just love I'd love to hear from you in any way you can get in touch with me or accessible and I just thank you for for having me Nikia
and for sharing by the way a big shout-out to my my dear Gigi Tara in Jamaica who amazing artist reggae artist who we've become friends and I really appreciate you Tara for helping me and helping my message to be here for you and your audience so God bless you all
thank you your diversity on letter Send The Pain thank you for joining us
all right
so we're going to get off into reading this letter my lovely co-host are
is going to drop our letter on us
star you ready hi my name is Audrey and my boyfriend with a part of the right in DC last night we have been together for 4 years and have recently had talks of marriage and starting a family when he came home I asked what he been and he lied to me and said he was at his mom's although I had already known because I saw him on the news the look on his face when I showed him the screenshots of the news video made me sick he was proud of this and work as a badge of honor I knew he was Republican and just didn't matter much that the time it didn't matter much until the moment I realize this was more than just politics for him this was who he is and I don't like it so my question to you is do I should I dare I marry a man with no heart no sense no moral compass
call Acceptance Now Chastain 18886 to 76008 Audrey you left your name so give us a call honey
imma be nosy and get my opinion cuz I like to get in people's business
I think
there's probably signs way before DC and you just chose to ignore them
I think that I don't I don't think that I mean I don't know him personally but I don't think because some of the Republican or Democrat or they were at the rally that means that they have no heart sometimes people get crazy and they they they go they believe so hard and something and they try to go for what they know whether it be right or wrong to us to them in my it may seem right I think only you can make a decision which is asking if she should marry him
yeah I think only you should you can make the decision whether you're going to marry this person or not
and the signs were there so if he's a bad person you knew way before DC so you got to figure that one out honey. If you might be laying up with a serial killer you don't know what years I've been dating
or year 4 years is not enough time to me to know somebody full of it takes a lifetime so people could people constantly change so like I said if he's a bad person the signs were already there you just shows ignore them
yeah I think if it's if you have to question honestly the republican-democrat doesn't really matter apparently I think the fact that he was there maybe he was just in DC I don't know the circumstances but if he was on the news that's going towards his character so you have had this seen something before DC to show his character most of the people that were out there have very little or no character so if he was there by choice then maybe you should rethink but you can't help who you love either so I'm not going to tell you not to marry your man but I will say to rethink his you know his
in a heartbeat in a whole nother place and give her the number for the mental health and for the domestic violence just in case he has a snap and he started whooping her the way they was whooping Washington well the domestic violence hotline is 1 800 799 safe one 800-799-7233
so what have you been doing all day I saw when we came on what you was eating it look good. Been on a lot of calls today I had to go off the camera because it was so hot my eyes are watering so I had cut my camera off and clean
like spicy hot buffalo
made it are you Bugatti from somewhere yeah I got it from somewhere else
okay I thought maybe you made it and you was getting ready you know for your your cook-off know but I'm super excited cuz I'm going to call her out again today right now a little from the pain cuz she is apparently waiting and and when is trash talk about my macaroni and cheese so this one's for you miss latocha Scott when I get finished with your vegan macaroni and cheese you are going to want to escape
now starts maybe you can make to bring it
are you hard to hear first when we get ready to do this cook-off guys you know why I'm talking so much junk as she is come for me like big time
because I'm coming after her belt but if you had my macaroni and cheese call me up right now 888-627-6008 I know one person that has had it and loved it and called me to see if I made it. My homie just genuine is possible that she can smell some stories about herself in the younger days I could not believe that she was like a fight so much I guess over the years you meet people in their thirties and forties and you're like you would like that so shout out to her for evolution fighter and now she's like I would have never thought she's a saint
I would never thought that she was living that life
I hope you all are having a happy New Year we are weekend now anybody got anything accomplished call me up tell me what you done so far 18886 to 76008 my team partner lady out there some new business ventures coming up so you guys be looking out for some new stuff
so have you set a New Year's resolution or you kind of just letting it,
no resolutions for me and I wouldn't say that I'm letting it flow as it comes cuz I'm normally the one that lets it flow as it comes and imma just take it by the reins and let it do what I wanted to do for a change I think I'm just rolling with the flow people are rolled right over you so imma just try to stay focused and keep my head in the game and and keep my eyes on the prize which is that island and heels my helicopter Halo no human
so you trying to buy Island yes I've actually looked at 1 to cheapest one I saw was 700000 and hopefully my team so far are we doing pretty good hopefully they listen and they can help me get this island and I'm ready to go from the US
Let It Go I'm one I'm wondering with all of this
covid talkin all that how people on the islands are doing cuz he don't really hear too much about anybody over in the island Contracting covid-19 like the US did UK
yeah I don't know if they just trying to keep it quiet on that and but from what I've been looking at I don't think they got hit as hard as we have nothing to say this is just like the pin from the bowling ball so we have done the worst when it comes to everything
I can't even get there are financed is correct and even get their checks out right now Australia gave me $9,000 if I don't want don't poke me you guys but I know it was close to each citizen not today supposed to give everybody money and nobody deserved it and all that Foolery just to show how to far back do United States is crying over $6 because I'm wondering like what their population is and pretty much what are overhead is that they could give $9,000 in the US can only give 600 I'm really serious about that but you know what's funny I don't even think that is is just that the US can is just that they just wants and that's understandable you know you if you work for you as you get what you learned I get that but when they start making mistakes like sending checks to dead people and you know some people haven't even gotten their money so now that you're talkin about if you went to H&R
I don't know she's a mess today is that TurboTax supposedly if anybody if you did your taxes with TurboTax they supposedly accidentally put people's last four of their socials on the back of their account numbers so all the checks are being bounced back and supposedly it's going to be straightened out it was supposed to say that with me today and tomorrow and Monday Tuesday those people should start to see those $600 us in our account
yeah I did read that so that's some good information for people that live out there listening cuz I had a lot of people ask about it and there's a lot of missing from Alfred disinformation out there but they are revamping and trying to you know we do if you got a paper check last time you are more than likely going to get a paper check this time but they started mailing them after the direct deposit went in so that's why I love that are looking for the paper checks have not received paper check that for you guys out there that was wondering and want to punch out president in the nose
even though I don't really know what that's going to accomplish
I mean I mean only thing I was watching and I was a little concerned because they allow them to coming to the White House and do all these things for so long and tear stuff up and so they called to the National Guard and anything when the Black lives matter movement was going on they already had troops out there waiting so what is it I mean we know the difference the different skin color but what is the difference in angry mob is an angry mob it doesn't matter because it was kind of comical I'm literally was looking at a helicopter and I'm assuming was zooming in on the side of the building and I was like okay just looks like the people running a marathon from a distance as the camera gets closer I'll see these fools coming up the side of the building like I could not believe what I was seeing I literally
walk up to my TV and then you see my TV you know it's going to be so I got to walk all the way over there I literally walked all the way up to the screen to make sure I was seeing what I was saying and it was about six people literally turning up the side of the building like Spider-Man but you call us animals and you tell us we care enough stuff. I was done when they stole the statue now what were y'all go against like somebody calling and tell me please what was y'all going to do with this statue from the White House
please tell me what's the capital of the capital building let's clear that up the Capitol building it was it was it wasn't the White House security but in my opinion vice president and his wife and his daughter was in that building so we was Secret Service and if you were watching like as they first started to you know I accumulate themselves in front of this building the police were behind them so at the mass. It's a huger they couldn't get in so that's when they came from the other side and came to the building there was no way for that the right here already started the police for ass out and I feel like y'all look is so stupid when they do that
had was they had the security guards from Mall Cops that's what happened
you would think I told them to stand down
I almost do security guards didn't have any kind of weapons I don't understand it but I'm amazed for something they have nothing
but when I mean I don't know if you know anything about what this security is normally like at the Capitol building on the White House is really really secured but it was people on the roof of that building I believe just like heroin Cumberland County head that Riot downtown and they were trying to tear up the market house Cumberland County police were told to stand down they were told not to go in there and I believe that's exactly what they did I believe that that may or out way before he told them people to meet him on the on the steps of the Capitol Hill and told him he was going to go walk with them in the pump let him go by there self get shot by people died in that building yesterday five people made no sense but if that hadn't been us we would have made it up the first step it would have been picking us off piece-by-piece live in 1/5 of us black people been accumulating on no stick conjugating having a conversation able to shut it down. They let them grow into a man
that they could not control because this man had a hissy fit in a tantrum I mean in my personal opinion we are just seeing the infrastructure of America basically crumble right now and it's always it's always been like this so it doesn't matter that you know that Jim Crow the Jim Crow segregation civil rights doesn't matter that we took all those Milestones like I feel like we're still in the same place the only difference is they can't separate
minorities from white people anymore because I'll certain laws that are in place but it still it doesn't matter what the Law changes it doesn't change the mentality by what the person and that's really what counts because regardless of what size we make we're always going to get knocked down for the same thing if people don't change their mentality
I think those same people that were out there throwing stuff in and they had Molotov cocktails they were prepared for war when they went there so I would I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at some of the conversations they were having people with rioting about George George Floyd and Brianna Taylor they probably were calling us all kind of monkeys and animals but you on the side of a building climbing up the like Caesar and his posse but you want to call us animals in tongues and that was all because of one man this one man told you to go to the he had that much power to call the whole mass of people to act a fool like that you know you got to take as far as I mean they're there has been many many great men that's that's had that much power Martin Luther King Malcolm X
and Trump's and Trump is no different he has that kind of power it's just
some people use their power for 4 for justice and good things and some people use their power for for their own game yeah I mean I'm not but I do believe in Jesus Christ and I do believe in the Bible holy on you guys tonight but if you know the Bible and you read Revelation you know that this was written and I believe I have never in my life met somebody so coldhearted I've never met him but just his energy by KISS. Just come to the TV very cold-hearted evil man you know so she can I believe she really did her thing turning Georgia Blue so good job Atlanta you guys did that that's why they was so mad because y'all won that race kudos to Tamika Mallory and everybody that was out fighting the good fight yeah I really would like to be enough for everybody at least do their part I don't care if it's just writing a letter of making a phone call do your part are you part of the problem
I've made calls I've done petitions IBM then talk to on Tamika Mallory trying to get involved and trying to do stuff in the black lives matter Community because it does matter I'm not sure I try to bury my son I got two boys too hard headed boy that's not getting ready to listen to No Cops
so I'm always on the phone or telling them that your mouth you know just make it home put your hands up do what they tell you to do will work it out later
some young boys out there don't be RoboCop you not going to win get home to fix it later
so let's talk a little bit really quick before we play the second song by re loving and shut off some of my sponsors let's talk about what's going on about the conversation we were having about finances and and financial stuff in some ways that you discovered that you know get help with like getting life insurance I'm getting legal representation
well because of some of the laws that I'm that I'm not really familiar with I can't talk too much about it in-depth but I would love to start doing some presentations for all people in the reason. I stay out of people's cuz we are in the most trouble we are at the poverty line we are in the prison's the most we are the ones at what they were called the bottom of the totem pole I'm in a lot of black people will say I need $75 to buy this week but I'm not going to give you $75 to start a business me being used to be one of them it's money out there you guys it's money out there but you got to know how to go get it and I have been having some conversations with some amazing people different conversations with people that got money and know how to get it it feels different so I got really really know what time cuz he got me on 10 just really really motivated to get this done a lot of opportunities your legal stuff everybody needs life insurance and I guarantee you that you're paying more than what we can offer
soda prices are really really good stuff you want to talk about that you can DM me go to Stars can hit me up at MSY p73 at gmail.com and I can give you some information but we'll do some classes and stuff yes a bags are going to get filled up so the hell with my Island really excited and I think we need more financial literacy in a community not to tell anybody what to do with a low 600 a 1200 but if you got it cuz most of us didn't and I'm saying us so if you listen if you was out there on Nancy Pelosi death go get my check with your feet up on that lady death money at the more people did not know they have not received the check yet but financial literacy is really important I just want to be able to show some of my people that I know would say no I don't want to do that
how to do it and how to kill it because it's starting to think it might not be very I've tried a lot you might not like you might not ever do that but with this company I found a way to be able to reach out to our community and show them something different and I think that's where I was more intrigued by this company
so big deal play some jewelry on Andy Devine who closes down do your thing but for me it was easy for him to get me involved because I saw how I can tell my homegirl listen you need this you are here with no job you got $100 I can show you how to turn your hundred dollars until 3 and they showed me how to do it and I'm not easy you know I'm not really easy to believe people when it comes to money and stuff like that especially when it comes to what they were called direct marketing but this is not that this is not even life insurance it's a whole financial you know Expedition that I'm about to take you guys on so you going to get some more about that soon
babe I want to sign up join my team can just hit me up right now one 888-627-6008 and get you signed up and get you ready to go get your back and I was just looking at like they had like three black million-dollar earners really really got me Stokes so just a matter of how to explain to people what actually the service is about so they don't feel like they just getting you know taken for their money or whatever because it's a really really good service and I know a lot of people that I know personally that do not have any kind of legal seals that do not have any anything like that you know and your kids ain't got no money to bury you
yep pictures of Life Insurance
yep and that's one of the biggest things I like to use you know you think about a family of 5 with one income especially now during hope it somebody passes away that one income passes away
I'm not saying that is your fault but because there is an option for you to spend $83 a month on a decent policy because the ones that you have are probably crappy cuz that's what a lot insurance company do these days I found a company that trying to cater to our community and caters to the financial aspect and how to flip it how to change it how to make it your own and that's what I needed I promised myself I would not go back to work for anybody else
I did that wasn't a revolution that was a promise I made to myself that I would not do the nine-to-five cuz it was killing me
so now I got like five different streams of income that I'm working on I got to make it work
yes I'm Audrey that wrote the letter if you hear this and you going to call him honey I need to know if your boyfriend is the one who stole that statue from the Capitol Building cuz if he is we want it back take it back
it's time to go get my check while he in there right so I can matter of fact
we had we had to be some people if you didn't get your $600 stimulus check and you are ready to look at hungry calling to let us in let us know what you were going to do with your check and we just might give you some food. Don't call and talkin about you was about to give it to your boyfriend a flip cuz that you're not getting nothing and don't be lying either hungry for real right 627 6008 the lines are open we don't pay some bills right now that makes letters for possible and makes it happen Stars pin or do to entertain mint LHS home care for all your home care needs photography got next Royal photography needs jrc clean up no job is too big or too small and a more do you know our designs for all your
so check this out we're going to get into the second song by real of or going to play this play the song think about it get your stories together why you need this this lunch cuz you didn't get you or you didn't get your stimulus check and will be back so right now we're going to play shining through by Rilo
you're my angel
your life
all right that was real of shining through just made me feel like that's all made me feel like I should be I was at a Broadway play
a shout out to the people on Broadway because I know they're suffering cuz they haven't been doing any plays in a minute since cook Spencer covid-19
but we have a caller on the line
call or what is your name and where you calling from
are you doing this might be celebrant asking the bills and chip
okay so we're doing good
also let me ask you something who did you file with
who do you file your taxes with last year
TurboTax that's that's that's what happened
did you get direct deposit or did they or did you get like a mail do they mail you like your first stimulus check
oh no no no I don't direct deposit right there
also okay so what was you going to do with your stimulus check when you got it
Walmart pay my light bill
so you was going to pay your light bill and buy some condoms
damn well right so I can see what I'm doing you know you can still use the condoms and do what you doing in the dark right
yeah but I would have paid attention
oh how many kids you got Michael
right now I got no
oh yeah
yeah you need some condoms Michael so you know what
we thought we don't give you a gift card cuz you need you need we need we need to help you out okay
okay so and I'm damn for girl that you can't seem to stop acting like they damn mama don't disrespect baby I love you
okay where's the mom sitting next to you
no but I know she left me already on Station 2 is she at work so she might hear that shit
all right Michael well we are going to get a gift card out to you go to our website ww.w. Let us independent.com and dropping information that we will get that gift card out to you
it good luck man another day I wanted to ask you about that damn. Y'all talked about Central Park
the statue you talking about that they saw a park and go to the dollar store. Com missionary and we will get a gift card out to you thank you for calling in
well okay
you are here on this map and some people are not getting still did not get it
did not get their simulus check for those of you who still didn't get it you know depending on what's going on with the situation you will eventually get it
you guys make sure y'all go check out my baby I woke up this morning and he sent me some money and that is a big deal from my baby cuz he has been really really going through some stuff and he said his mommy some birthday money this morning so I sent him a message back and I said Happy Birthday to me and he's like it's not your birthday yet so I felt really special shot the great the Pharaoh on Spotify some really very good things getting ready to get them in the studio so you guys look out for that I love your life and my babies are there Simone Cosmetics out to her that middle No Limit Soldier that defies oh just your mother loves you
go check out Stars game and I think that's about it for us today you guys got to Don & Doug for making it all possible. Them Capricorns you bout to come through
right and make sure you get my latest album for your eyes only streaming on all platforms make sure you go out and get that book wet by star but it says right there Johnson right it's a store I'm halfway through it
cuz my mom already first and she wouldn't take her hands off the book so so you going to get that book especially for Valentine's Day if you going to be alone you might well just read the book you'll be fine
set timer for 20 21 but thank you guys for joining us tonight on letters from the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia and I am your host co-host co-hosting star
we will actually see you guys back right here on BBS radio this Monday night at 8 p.m. and we have a very interesting guests in the belt that's going to be in the building R&B singer rapper dick James I know you did John and Doug you got to make sure you tune in to the police show don't keep you updated on that and I'd love for you guys to chime in with everybody who just made it through the New Year you guys and stay safe out there because there's there's a lot of people out here that didn't make it twenty 21 a lot of famous people people with money people without money so it's real out here so you got to protect yourself and stay healthy especially with this covid-19 around now it's getting everybody
love hard guys love hard you wake up every morning you are blessed to do just that though night right here on letters for the pin on CBS Radio Monday night 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time