LetterZ From the Pen, January 29, 2021

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Raheem Devaughn, The Love King of Soul. Full R&B

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes & Dee with guest Raheem Devaughn, The Love King of Soul. Full R&B

Letterz from the pen will interview Raheem DeVaughn on his latest album release, “what a time to be in love” produced by the colleagues (released November 20, 2020). Raheem’s new album features 14 songs including hits like “Mr. Midnight” and “Twilight”. This album gives us classic Raheem in his best form rediscovering love and justice in these challenging times. We will also touch base on Raheem's philanthropy throughout America. Letterz from the pen January 29th 3pm PST, 6pm EST as we take this magical journey with Raheem DeVaughn. "What A Time To Be In Love" is in stores and available on all streaming platforms everywhere!

Headlined Show, LetterZ From the Pen January 29, 2021

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
Broadcast Date: 
January 29, 2021

Letterz from the pen will interview Raheem DeVaughn on his latest album release, “what a time to be in love” produced by the colleagues (released November 20, 2020). Raheem’s new album features 14 songs including hits like “Mr. Midnight” and “Twilight”. This album gives us classic Raheem in his best form rediscovering love and justice in these challenging times. We will also touch base on Raheem's philanthropy throughout America. Letterz from the pen January 29th 3pm PST, 6pm EST as we take this magical journey with Raheem DeVaughn. "What A Time To Be In Love" is in stores and available on all streaming platforms everywhere!

LetterZ From the Pen

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

Letterz from the pen is a variety show touching base on new up and coming arts, entertainment, music, fashion, give relationship advice and analyze your letterz from the pen.

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welcome to letters from the pain I am your host R&B singing again and I'm d
tonight we have a great show for you tonight here on letters from the pain you're very special guest thank you thank you thank you and we will see him in a minute right never going to get started on this letter tonight I letter comments from someone out of Los Angeles California obviously no name given a lot of times I don't give a name but will read it anyway
letters from the pain I've been with my husband for over 15 years and I still stay regardless to try and make it work now
my husband has been seeing someone else and he has gotten a third woman pregnant I love my husband I don't want to break up our family because we have children together and I don't want to devastate my children but I am unhappy and I want to please give me some advice on what you think I should do sign said housewife from California
do you want tacos on 1st
okay well for one said housewife from California a man is only going to do what you allow them to
so obviously this is a trend with him and he has a problem and he hasn't taken any steps to fix this problem and you are not holding the fire to him so he's going to continue to do what he's doing and you're going to continue to stay and the next thing you know he's going to have a whole football team
which don't be surprised him some extra ones probably gonna pop up somewhere so I would say girl
children are very agile and a and they bounced back quickly you need to take your children you need to run as far away as you can co-parent let him take care of help you take care of your children and go find yourself and happiness because with him it ain't it
okay go ahead girl you got you got the for you cannot love somebody without loving yourself first so in order to love you have to be able to love yourself first and without that being said like you just need to leave get your kids and go
you know some people get comfortable in a relationship to where you know they think like who will want me I have all these kids or don't say something like you know I'm comfortable this is what I'm used to I'm comfortable with this so I might as well just stay but for what because you don't want to start over again sometimes it's good to start over I mean I have some housewife I'm wondering like do you have any money of your own do you have any messages to save any money garlic honey you can get alimony and all that like sir. About to just be she's just want to know what you for 15 years if you want to hear popping out babies left and right you should be ashamed of yourself okay and you know this woman love you
and baby I'm sorry but you got a little bit of low self-esteem but you only love you when she she over there trying to work it out and stay with you and has and have kids with you and I mean there was no understanding I'm sure since she's writing this letter that when you got into this Union that Sally Becky Karen and Susie was all going to be involved okay now you need to stop that shit and stop your sister while shit because she didn't sign up for you sister is way past what is the third child I wouldn't be surprised if there's some other love children running around at that she's going to find out about later you need to you need to let that go and you need to find out what because you wanted around here dropping shoulder all these different women. What do you want to have time to take care of all these children and spend time with your father all these kids should be okay this is my Sister Wives episode of Sister Wives you don't need another one in real life
and baby you need to sweet sweetie the wife okay you got low self-esteem honey don't let nobody tell you down you don't need this man
you don't need this man okay pick yourself up pick it up pick it up and leave run and are you okay I'm sorry I hope you got a good job here dropping all these children down everywhere because I'm tired of seeing these men make these children and don't want to take care of kids when it's good and not what you were going to play a little game and you act like you not going to take care of somebody's child okay you better have a lot of money you take care of all these children stop making his children because you call these children have problems and what they grow up with these problems and an 850 problems on their children other women and suicide like weeds we need to break the cycle we need to stop this immediately okay you ain't never use them
maybe you don't you can afford it you got so many kids so dark condom some pink ones on purple one hell will send you some with some flavor just knock it off
and we know you don't need Magnum so we'll send you some Trojan or lifestyle like just knock it off
child's this man got me in my feelings all right let's drop the sponsors for the night we going to get off of him but we won't say what you're going to respond to this and you like like like 3 lb worth of condoms or something cuz you need a money you need to knock it off anyway let us send the pain is brought to you by LHS home care for all your home care in the New York and metropolitan area gr16 up no job is too big or too small
don't forget to hit on girl Vonnie up on Kryptonite station.com for those the new clothing styles which we will be wearing some in the near future so you guys can get a little look at the new do you know 420 friendly styles that you got going on there are more Dior designs for all your needs and of course OG two entertainment
stop having said we have a good show for you tonight
special tonight at R&B soul singer Raheem Devaughn
now I know y'all ladies I know y'all know who this man is he's been around for a while doing his thing he had some head he has a new head so you can talk to him about his new album about you know what he's doing some cilantro P work that he's been doing that he has done in the past and what's next for him and we're going to check out some of his head and yeah we going to get this party started so right now before we bring him on we're going to go ahead and play one of his classic hits that I love so much the amounts that hit
and night special song a customer
that's that if y'all don't know that song Let me see very well that's a gym okay but you don't have to answer the song by Raheem Divine customer right here on Let It Go
good morning good afternoon
take your order
Baby Alive strollers
kitchen counters
Google Chrome
Raheem DeVaughn Customer so we have a very very talented special special guest in the building when it's night and we're so happy that he could join us to talk about all his new Endeavors its current project mr. Raheem Devaughn
how you doing how you doing I'm doing good fight find out what's going on with some of your new projects and things going on we just saw this really sexy video that just came out a remake that you did The Secret Garden
that was that was a I mean it was a hot time when it originally came out and the way you guys took it out song it just read it I have to tell you I have it on like auto play in my car
so what was that light refraining that song and did you feel like there was any pressure to kind of live up to the original version it has to be organic that's why I never check on the pressure like I think
I think he's in any sort of You by anybody you know the man is just about how you executed which audience retargeting know me cuz you know if you have taken
Bill Withers Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
left it on some light jazz Street and egg cover
the audience and you know when I was supposed to do it
I know I was more concerned with you-know-who and that type of thing you know I wanted I just wanted to
I know what remix people are you ever going to love it or hate it so that gold is always have more people love it so when I saw that you guys were the first thing that popped into my mind with a short box and everyone's mind like somebody touch this classic song they better and Sisqo from Dru Hill and get it was simply some good some good Heavy Hitters on your company you know you had the most pressure on them to execute in anatomy
yeah a damn super excellent job like you know like you know it was his idea of his team's you know a shout a little you know that you wanted to make this happen and it involves like I was
nice night now you've been on the scene for a minute like a lot of you know I mean the the music world is so big and there's so many markets in touch so I know like I know some people that we were kind of listening to your new album what a time to be in love and they've never heard you before the guy who's this guy and I might listen how do you know who run into mine is like because this the same the same way that I do not like you know it would be it would be arrogant of me to assume that you're putting out my 8000 everybody knows who I am like I understand that I figured it out long time ago that you know everybody discovered some somebody on this planet discovered by music for the first time
yeah that's like that happens daily like for the first time that need to know whether it's do you know social media or satellite radio YouTube or any of those things that we have somebody somebody can discover my music for the first time so I think that's that's that's dope you know that keeps me working it keeps me ambitious keeps the hustle up and I feel like I mean I consider I consider you like a real R&B singer right like no auto-tune life is just real just it's a breath of fresh air do you find
with the change and how music is going that it's a little bit more difficult now because people are listening to a lot of like Studio stuff
I mean I think I just made great music I just tried to make great news and I think it's a lot of people making rap music out there while you Studios was it has effects on it while this live instrumentation regardless of the journey
Arnie door speaking like great artist to make rated music when they when they come across my catalog of Hoops that I hope that they walk away from it listening to it like out this is great. Like I didn't know but I know now you know or I've been waiting on this you know I've been riding to the first mixtape for the First Independent album or song
I think it's ready people hearing don't appreciate it like the whole pandemic and you know your fans and performing a challenge I told you that wasn't like you none of me
but we are resilient race of people when we are artists and you find innovative ways to do things and connect with fans and open up that without following are so is this your dog is rebuilding stage that's all the new era where are trained to notice a i technology.
no question a global pandemic in the middle of a global pandemic it makes it very challenging you know what I mean to perform so I'm taking a hits like everybody else but I mean one thing for sure two things for certain like
I'm still making some of the best music of my life I have probably given the world my best music yet still growing and developing through it all and you know I look forward to seeing how he can take to know this out now what it's going to be in love as well as my future future projects that I'm on the way we listen to it all the time one of my favorite songs mr. midnight what was the motivation behind the album and the video from mr. midnight I thought of a sexy video
man we can have to go to weeks maybe so I would like the second week of January so I mean the whole process of making the album wanted something I wanted to make something up that they had a style g into it speaks to Black love
SP so long to Consciousness and all all rolled up in one you know it was like spoken word piece of pecan Delight
bridge the gap. You know what I mean for those who don't want to overthink it you know I never went to another when I'm when I'm making when I'm in like a socially-conscious mode I never want to record auto body work until two quote-unquote preachy or no corny I think it's a thin line with with a
Rihanna work artist you know some people just don't get it so people don't want to hear it you know they understand that's the reality what's going on if you want listen to music for a sense of escapism you know there's different pockets of music lovers and listen to my music totally different reasons people love the perfect balance of people wanted for woman for the bathroom like you know I mean
Singapore apartments in an understanding my coat Uncle Market on my audience for my fans and being able to Long
Happy Tree Shake serve the month
you know what's funny is I learned something new today I didn't know you had a doubt albums
oh yeah I got an A Bang all of them I've been independent for 10 years old that cake Independence like
no contract us about the whole business of it you know what I mean you don't want business with different companies throughout the years because they commit so much you know how many I mean I was just I was just torn between just in the last 30 60 days I've been
deliberate you know
trying to decide
if I want to go back to a major
you do to me like four wheeler machine for PS1 a partnership
to accompany you know to one another you know Under the Umbrella you know what my knowledge
do not put energy into survival things there too
Stop Shop and do a party with that
not even made me had a DNR earlier this year
I recently stepped down knock knock knock
not anything against don't you know what I mean but I wanted to really focus on me and some other things I got shaken you know what I mean so I feel like you're at the end of a disservice to not be able to apply to jobs at full attention
I'm looking to do some things
OK Google what song is this passage is Raheem DeVaughn business so I mean movies movies or the movie The Holiday which is available on Amazon Prime do a Blackstone Network that has like a music available in that movie on the movie on Netflix Called Love. Com Jamal so when it came out in 2019 and I just accepted alone
last 24 hours for short sale
is butterbeer are important I can't talk too much about it but Foundation Foundation whenever I'm a gymnast is like domestic violence, and I know covid-19 messed up a lot of things to ask you to revamping and reboot and so we got some positive things that happen if you know you know we were out of service to the central worker First Responders you know I'm providing hot pot meals lunch stuff like that but you know be home with their families in the hotel room
Wright brothers like food bank turkey giveaways and all that good stuff you know when the holidays stations have air support them
that's great cuz I kind of tearing us up right now so
a guy
elderly facility
yeah man I know I got to hear New York where we are is getting kind of crazy in there's a lot of assisted living's that they can't leave they can't you know they can't do anything and then a lot of the older people are afraid they're afraid to come out station is very limited Academy
Kroger's grocery shopping is hard for them, date so that they're able to get into the stores and out before you know the bigger opponent so you know I know a lot of artists lately have been doing like burst battles all over the internet now would you consider doing a virgin if so with who
why do anybody at me
I got the coolest to 20 songs
do you want to smoke at least until we can do that too if you want before we can do that to let it go. I think somebody's ass and I think it's definitely some checks being cut a check for me I use a sump at some point I know like she says is attacked my name is come across swissing Timberlands
list of people that you said you know about social media like fans are like supporters they are ruthless because you know the lady the latest when I saw it was on myself and D'Angelo then I saw Myself & Maxwell seen myself Anthony Hamilton and myself and my Jennings myself and Musiq Soulchild thank you Bobby Valentino do you want to like Bobby in like maybe like Lloyd or
that would match only got 2 hours out in a few mixtape 30 hours out
ime yeah you're right but it's my first album came out in 2005
but the reason the reason is you able to mention me and roll in the same and in the same conversation is is that I've been consistent and that's enough that's the other thing you can say that about someone that's true that's true
call Jet Li industry to the changes to technology
conversation with her Jazmine Sullivan was also kind of crazy, 8060 thousand five
and I took three years I took three years just kind of like children know what I was doing trying to figure it out no 2010 through 2013 and I didn't put out out so but again like I mean
again I'm, I'm open to whoever whatever wherever you know we talked to me and palliative medicine from the competition you know making it making it fun okay so you got to do a versus with me and I'm just kidding I'm just kidding
you said how you say anybody I don't do my bidding in the back what artist inspired you to the point where you were like okay this is what I want to do this is what I want to be
reaction rates Marvin Gaye Michael Jackson
he said the Magic Artist Marvin Gaye
elk hunting gloves if you went for the full course around like two brothers to be 25
wow yeah yeah
you know it's pretty sad so like a lot of the Heavy Hitters are gone now
a lot of those artists that she really shaped music that made people say Okay I want to I want to be a singer cuz I want to be like I want to be like her and be like him a lot of those that they're gone
yeah and you know so is believes in these
it's great seeing a great opportunity to cycle of progression of culture in life and what happened to know behind psych psych Scrolls in the Bible and the Quran and then be inspired
we make the record generation to something
yeah so now are there any artists that you haven't done like a feature with or on or them on your stuff that you would want to
yeah me again I know you can get that I'm done with work with whoever
I come over
I just got a new artist I feel like you calling me out cuz you keep saying that we going to get a versus then
I'm a little nut sometimes but it's okay so do we have any new products are working on I know we have what a time to be in love but are you working on anything that's why I got a how much is wrapped up with a producer from Detroit I can't say who who just yet for the hip hop world and over-seasoned
I know you reached out to me years ago about us doing a project together real connected to a mutual friend skyzoo was a phenomenal hip-hop artists in Tokyo
yeah so we got that project that's coming to see your anticipate I just started working out on working on something with 9th Wonder is well sorry to bother you work that out
I got two projects I'm working on with Kenny Dope as well from Masters at work and tokens Alice deejay
in fact I go I do when I start tomorrow night
tomorrow through Saturday 8 hour intervals
something special not working on a Kent State with a case yet but no my next my next quote on quote
solo album is pretty much done some of the artist that you have featured on that album.
I got it
Westbrook E from Compton on it
navigate Westport
3D. 3D na'tee on phone from New Orleans on a crackhead
smile but yeah I mean
is it almost is on the way
I can't right now but
like I don't take the future I just got to try to make something happen organically
I mean that's cool I mean it's cool then artists of your stature is willing to work with like other artists and stuff like that and up-and-coming artists as well so I think that that's that's a great quality and you have such like a like this this genuine Soul it's like when you talk to you you know what I'm talking to you because it's just so I can tell him to work
I thank you you too,
so you're album that's out now what a time to be in love you did this album with the Collies correct so how did that come about and how was it like working with them
I'm at working with KP is always beautiful thing you know we can re-establish the musical relationship after 2015 you met through social media Instagram
and I know his leg to rock his like black ice cream and all I know I always took a pee in the car
so you know once I kind of like a landscaper what I'm looking for in the tent where I want to go creatively Sonic like he does a great job for like sending me know that feel like that
so it is so so so glad to just album like
probably 30% of the album was already recorded
maybe maybe even more than that yeah you know like Twilight
flight 2015 2016
wow so you just got a bunch of songs written like just chilling ready lot of songs played you like everything I could play you in a lot of music
so you going to take over to take over to the internet in the radio waves take them over
imma get those algorithms jumping no I'm going to definitely on like I said it's going to be a few things just dropping this year
but we definitely got to be sending us up here and let us know the pain so we going to help you with what those algorithms
we're here for two believe me right we love us some Raheem Devaughn
we have but
you know covid-19 right now there is no no one coming coming to like the station but sounds like you're opening the door for me to say this what's that
we can
come back another time and do what you know a live Zoom show I'm sure the ladies would appreciate she won't let us in doing that
I might I might you know I want this for PureFlow do
you trying to sing
I don't know let's see
give us give us one song Give it just give us one
I already like you
I expect you around the
felt like a Polaroid
what time is the alarm
Alex pick up money when you twist
she's smiling faces picnic chemistry I'm going to waste
up in love Kayla king forever
are baby I'll let you interpret that exponents are you being all the Border, Stockyard stroking
Winger Halloween little baby
you fill me up till grass you know me. Can you do that for me
all of your secrets when you can you send me when you when I'm down
meaning of Hallelujah
baby baby no W2 what's there an update is for the way you love me
Whip and Nae Nae
we're just joking baby
when I'm down
tell me.
W x is for x-ray lions tigers and bears
I felt like it was singing to me lions tigers and bears oh my God that was it right there don't worry I'm playing.
Best off the new albums car up for air
yeah it's ladies up for air wait for you know homeschool Valentine's Day I heard that Exclusive Hair Design up for are you guys need to go out to get that album what a time to be in love and don't forget he was singing to me not y'all but y'all can watch it but it was formed available everywhere
it's empty like a million streams be like that's that's though that's good and get that album stream it don't pretend like you can't get it cuz my every platform Spotify Apple music and get that that's so I'd like you don't got it
don't worry about it as well so I don't know right that's a good Green Day song playing you know your girl you might get lucky
okay so we don't go in there because I need another staring at you know I just got one but I need another one will you say no when you say my name so they know you directly singing to me kiss you
Devil's thank you black ice cream flavors I have a song called rose gold and black ice cream
okay for you to go to go and put my name in it so they know it's to me
and I'll be that girl you called t
you just got to say so
all serious and joking aside everybody go out and get that album it's an amazing album I have the album Sexual Chocolate down on the bottom. She got the album to so what about the album get the album you will not be disappointed you will not be disappointed you really want okay and I know like is it in stores on CDs to yeah you can't you can't like if you go to like my Instagram bio for example there's a link to click on in the bayou and it's like the entire menu is there stream the album options on where you can get a physical copy
but you are coming to older women some of the customers they don't they still want CDs so that's good
okay that's good we going to get some of your merchandise I'm going to get one of your Raheem DeVaughn shirts and I'm a sleeping at all week just cuz you serenaded me okay yes do that spray that never calls me
I got it was great having you here with us before we get up out of here obviously you know you have to come back and do this again or you have to come visit where can where can people find you we know where your music is or where can I find you to kind of connect with you I mean I know you do like a lot of I seen a few Instagram lives that you have done would like some furnaces and stuff so like where can I go to find out like when you're going to perform next if you're doing like anything online that they can pay buy a ticket to see you
again if you click on the link in my bio
let me get that Instagram and Twitter is at Rahim underscore jabon once again Instagram Twitter at Raheem Raheem underscore facebook.com Raheem DeVaughn youtube.com Raheem DeVaughn I'm also Home Depot
check out the new mr. midnight video there my YouTube channel as well as a secret garden under the artist name on my Cisco and you know it clap for me to go to there's a bio area click on the link and y la
so when you're ovulating. That go follow Raheem Divine by the album when you buy the album going to websites and it's a photo www.lyrics.com so we can send it to him so he can see you ladies don't know if no no sexually explicit CD we don't want to see that it hold up the CD up take a picture of it and send it so we know you bought the CD you can or you can slide what's it call it in your IG
are you supposed to know
put hashtag no video repost with somebody join the music though
cool thank you for being with us thank you for joining us tonight we had so much fun with you and of course obviously we want you to come back and take it with us again so we got to do this again real soon
we'll see you guys here on January 29th
what level Raheem DeVaughn make sure you guys soon in love you guys piece by piece