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LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Melvin Miller

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes & Radiah Johnson and guest Melvin Miller

LetterZ From the Pen

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

Letterz from the pen is a variety show touching base on new up and coming arts, entertainment, music, fashion, give relationship advice and analyze your letterz from the pen.

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hello hello hello and welcome to letters when the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia
and I'm grouchy
we've been away for a while even though we haven't so we have a really great show for you guys tonight it's going to be an oldie but goodie because we are going to have a classic mr. Melvin Miller
we are going to start the show off tonight pretty early with the letter because we want to spend a lot of time with mr. Miller to
talk about complish man's and different artists that he's worked with and he's worked with a lot over the decades so we want to get a chance to catch bass with him on a lot of things I also want to get his take on the new president
interested and sell us their take on the new president as well and what they thought about Donald Trump so graciously leaving without being at the inauguration
let's get into the letter
so I can I give letter from someone who's pretty young she's in high school so let me start off writing this letter so it says dear letters from the past
I am a senior in high school by the way she did not give us the name of the high school name is she didn't disclose it because she's technically a minor so
I'm 17 years old I'm in high school I've been having a lot of problems in school with my weight I was so happy when swollen out and we had to do online virtual learning it kind of gave me a break from the bullying
however we just got notice that soon classes will go back to normal at least half a week I'm really afraid to go back to school because I don't want to be bullies for my weight it's not my fault that I am overweight I have thyroid problems I have tried everything I could and I feel like I'm getting more weight because I'm getting depressed because I get picked on constantly do you guys have any advice for me on how to lose some weight and how to stop other girls from picking on me signed sad teenager
okay so do you want to talk to some surface or you or you want it you want me to get all of it
you're on mute
I need to make so there's different things out there that she can actually try there's Weight Watchers some people do Atkins diet some people just you know do different things to watch how they're eating they take out all like fried greasy food
low low low carbs there's different diets that she can try but also you have to realize she said that one line that she has thyroid
okay girl you give me into on politically correct right now okay so we know that she's got these issues like what's up with the bullies like how does she handle the bullies let's talk about that
Boolean is
something a lot of kids go through now they even back when I was in school so
when we say how do we take away the bullies
it's no way to Ashley stop a bully sometimes you know if that person gets tired of it and knocks out bully out maybe that for you know what back up a little bit at the same time not condone violence but however and even if she goes and she tells the principal or tells the teacher you know that's not going to stop the bully from being a bully
here's what I want to say
a person that's a bully I'm in a minute it's sad because they're still bullies out there now as adults so a person that's a bully
there is something wrong with him and when I say there's something wrong with them
I'm saying that along the line somewhere maybe they're being bullied whether it be at home or whether it be in the Monday know right so they're lashing out and it doesn't necessarily mean that that person
really is that much of a bull even though their actions are they might be you know lashing out for help but it's it's not right to take it out on somebody else I mean there are full grown adults that
are still beliefs I mean listen
if it makes you feel any better I'm an adult and just last week someone called me fat and ugly told me that I could not sing
I mean listen I'm old enough to know that that person is probably just deflecting because they feel certain way about themselves but the point you know the point being is that people don't grow out of being bullies they just learned different ways how to become bigger bullies
and I would say that number one you need to speak to someone gets on the ball maybe I know these days it's hard because apparent you know trying to talk to someone whose parent might cause a bigger problem but at the same time at some point you need to speak up for yourself and you need to stand up for yourself and the parents of the child that's a bully if you guys know about this you're not doing anything about it shame on you because you should not teach your child to bully other people's children and yes they're in high school there 17 they're almost adults but mentally they are they are not
full grown adults so
we need to to get a handle on this America we need to get a handle on on your on your children that bully people okay because it causes issues and it causes problems and you don't know what another child is going through they could be in a dark place they might you know contemplate suicide you don't know I mean honestly it's easier to just be nice to somebody that it is to believe somebody and
you know it's it's it's sad that we have to tell our children or teach them to have such tough skin for certain situations but I mean it is happening every day Across America it is happening
I mean it's happening with with brace people discriminating on each other no matter which way it's going people discriminating on on someone's sexual orientation or or who they what they identify with and I mean it's just something that needs to needs to be contained and it's not going to happen and it's not going to help unless everybody gets on board and realizes that people are people and they are who they are and everybody's different in their own unique way and just because someone's different than you does not make you any better than not make them any less so
I am going to drop number for the mental health hotline just in case we need to speak to somebody in your face with your parents then I'll sometimes children don't feel comfortable going to their parents that number is one 800-662-4357 or 1 866 to help and of course I obviously adults if you see something like this happening if it is it is you or an to make sure that something like this does not continue to happen and also if you have any adults that's going through bullying they can also go to the stop bullying. Gov website and there's hope out there that can help show you how to prevent bullying and get help
right I mean there's a lot of resources out there even right now you know homelessness is on the rise people don't have clothes you know we got grown people walking around holding a stop you know there's numbers that you can call for that for help so if you want to go to do so I got holes in your socks and you can't afford new socks and we can't help you with a pedicure with country toes but I'm headed up ww.w. Letters in the pan. Calm and we will make sure that you know we get some resources out to you we will send a care package for you if you need to listen if you even if you need to know what we're here okay we're here we're here for the community but okay so
our special guest in the building mr. Melvin Miller and we're going to get him in here and you're going to say hello
mr. Miller if you're there you can hear me come on Inn
a lot of people waiting waiting to hear from you play some of your good old music
so right now he's connecting his audio so we will see him pop in here in a second
did you watch the inauguration
I did I did not I did not have time for the food I kept seeing like features and clips that have
but yeah I'm just I'm just flabbergasted by everything that's going on in America right now everybody just needs to calm down it's just too much Miss Michelle Obama outfit baby she better watch her the letters from
can you read like Missy Miller
are you on mute
what does it say that
if you go to the bottom of your screen you should be able to click touch this bottom of the screen and look on the bottoms are you on mute
the little microphone if there's a red line going through your microphone you're on mute
can you hear as mr. Miller you with us
all right so while he is connecting to audio
I'm going to go ahead and tell you guys a little bit about mr. Miller's Journey
what is who has
in the game for over three decades
we still can't hear you mr. Miller
connect to audio
okay mr. Try to manually connect yourself so we can get you on here to talk to you but as I was saying so mr. Miller
there should be a way you can connect your audio
I think of you when I goes to audio connect
sound so he can hear us and we can text him
so like crack on the bottom of your screen the little microphone and then you go up to audio because that audio so you can hear
and then when you talk we should be able to hear you
you probably can hear us
yeah I think he can hear us
for one he was also the guitarist for The Supremes in the mid-1970s writing to songs off their last album I actually love The Supremes I really do
of course it was a prank right
oh you smiling smiling at me
alright we got in jail
I'm sorry I had to go to the phone okay
we're glad that you got connected and we do what we're glad that we have here tonight we are so thankful that such a musical Legend is in the building with us for those out there that does not know who you are that you're not know who you are please introduce yourself mr. Miller
my name is Melvin Miller Jr
I'm just a guitar player that loves playing and backing up people in and enjoy life
so now you played for you played for some of the the great I mean what was it like playing with Ray Goodman and Brown let's talk about that cuz I love them
oh that's what you do every gig was just it was just a gig you know you just go over your perform and try to make them sound good and all following and make a mistake you still got to make it look good you know but that's that's the job of a musician that you were actually start stuff like oh my God I'm really playing for this person
you know something every gigs is important to me doesn't matter little little big super big doesn't matter and every job is important
that is so true that is so true so how has how has covid-19 did you doing shows and stuff like that or what are you doing I like are you retired are you still playing
well I guess I'm just in my studio you know doing tracks for people get my material ready to be at the be out there sometimes people call me for Arrangements I write the Rave send it to all men things like that but I can't wait to get back on stage cuz I know that's why I Live to play
I feel the same I'm missing the stage
covid definitely took us to go for a Twist on that one I hear that you're a musical director for dr. K's Motown Revenue well I'm not with them anymore right now music director or Shadows of the 60s which is it's a big show sometime we have a cast of 22 people all depends on what the budget are we travel all over the country you know do motab
I lost you a little bit
so the new project that you're working when is that coming out and what like who's on it what kind of project is it
I'll just buy a original music and I have guest artist singing my friend sold all over the country in a while I'll send them some of the tracks and put some damn things on and then I'll compile it and put it out
okay so tell us some of the places you played like what some of the biggest Arenas are stages you been on
a whole lot of them
show me Nike I really can't name them all get off but I love them all and all
so you know of a whole life that's why I've been doing this stage I do very little Club dates very little at one time I was doing a lot of Club dates with can a wedding bar mitzvahs all that stuff but my main thing is like I've always been a show guy you know the backup shows so like I did it for not attending his money was good but it's not the same as playing a lot in the live reaction and the people making you do the best you have to do to make it work
right so what do you think has changed about music now versus when you when you like first started playing and stuff like that and it's no different
a lot of stuff is Medtronic in electronic music latest sounds are I mean audio has come a long way since I started before I used to be 24 tracks up to 48 tracks now did you like I can do a wreck it right here at my studio has a lot different now
have you worked with any like artists that from this era that you had you had to kind of adjust your musical style for them
awesome question some what I mean Baker singing I'll play it you know you can't over play you have to play you know what you got a compliment what's around you right yeah I never been a prisoner myself you know what instruments do you play
my man is from his guitar but I do play keyboards bass drums but I leave that to the to the guys you know my my man imma guitar player Ranger and I directed my main thing that I do you going to give us a sample of your guitar playing tonight
I didn't plan so but you know I never you know
I said never play for myself you know that I never thought a show-off nothing like that I don't do that kind of and I like to you know play in and just you know make it work you know the Delfonics and stuff like that you know I know you were just playing you can get in the buggy
well I tried to make sure the drummer's play the right beat so I have my head in. I just move around little bit I discovered the band has to follow me a lot of time so I can do that everybody's going to chew you know
all right so right now I want to get into one of the songs I won't say one songs that you did for the Supreme which I like very much
you just tell us a little bit how you came to be on that song well if you listen like a lot of the guitar stuff for that was my stuff that Brian listen to it in order to make the arrangements I think James Carmichael is the one who did Arrangements you know on The Supremes album and matter fact that was my first thing that I wrote with the Supremes and matter fact I had to do it in my grandfather's name because they wasn't sure what's going on I said what is my grandfather's name my grandfather's name was Hugh White so I use my grandfather's name in order to go to be a part of that that's all you know
and like all of the toilets and stuff. Those are my lips and I'm just took it and just blew all the stuff up you know and he said we got out of this and give it to the range and Brian Brian is Hazel Rock on the Supreme song him and Eddie and LaMont Dozier they really
they are very creative and on the money
nice all right so let's get off into the song right now we are going to play you keep me Moving On by The Supremes right now and let us know
picture of the goat
keep the Hat
I just love that song that just like this classic Supremes I mean what else can you say no practice for repaying Freda Payne sister that's a
that's amazing I mean I can adopt a great song it's Greg real music
you want to call it so we're going to take some callers
call Lynn
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Amore Dior designs for all your pressure and we have a new sponsor on board hey okay so I'm going to try not to mingle this name to 90 Shannon way
right crip kryp the number to Nike Haitian way the clothing store they have some amazing artwork on their clothing everything is pandas I nap and go check them out anyway
can custom.com that link will be up on our website so we can see how cute you look so mr. Miller what what what are your what are your plans going to do you plan on what's the plan what's your next plan
keep playing along as I can as long as I can I've been blessed to be able to play this long though really blessed
oh man wow since I was about like 11 years old no one knew I want to know how old I was I like at 12:30 I was playing at clubs backing up all the pro Box review Jewel box Revue and his group like I never talk my mother said I can do anything I want to do you know get into drug past women and everything like that so I was able to play in the club's fourth after I get finished I didn't hang out in a bar like that
they thought like a midget playing guitar so I just like I did what I had to do I didn't smile just played
so at what age really did you did you know that you were going to give me this chance to see what you want to do this do what I'm doing like when did you discover that
well I hate to tell you this but I was available I coming up music took me from all the stuff you just do things and I'll fight as a final one time just just do stuff or one day
about making sure we'll talk to the pastor one day it's a boy what you want to do you want to be able to talk to a lawyer. Think I want to be a musician and get yourself together and I don't you got to do to make it happen out here so the next day on Monday to be a music teacher
and he gave me a music test he's had great yeah yeah but we have no play sax and he didn't want to play it so I end up playing sax saxophone first and I want you to trucker player so I end up playing that I went to school playing piano I play saxophone when I play the Glockenspiel I play the baritone trumpet drums I end up playing out loud in there when I got the high school and I was in the sports so I will play football track I plan to do track I'll go I'll go with the football player but back then
I'll put it this way so even though you were good you still somebody else went ahead of you so also you know
call her what's your name and where you calling from
my name is Margie and I'm calling from Long Island New York
okay thank you for calling and do you have a question for mr. Melvin
you asked three questions if that's okay that's fine
okay the first thing I want to know is what would you say is your greatest accomplishment
well soon
I deal with my granddaughter she's something about 3 years old he keeps me a kiss from moving on to something else that's a good accomplishment that got that age there there there they have a lot of energy that was really a joy and a blessing for me though the coach these kids for 38 years I finally retired
and I've always played music I never told you Bout It Bout it so it like always very few people knew that I played in my history but I never talked about it I just did what I had to do you know sometime the kids about their days they will find out and it crushed me about it and I can talk about it then you know but
it was a great thing for me to be able to Mentor you know these student-athletes and took it to till this day they still friends of mine you know they they get in touch with me cuz I was told him my door's always open so I would hear from I hear from her here and there
alright what's your next question
okay if you could go back in time
what would you change musically
you know something that. That's a hard question because you know people's Journey when you take a journey you never know but trust the way I love jazz I want to be a jazz player but didn't make any money paying job so I became up I park the car player and and the studio worthy and that's what I did and it all right now charged for the group you know horn players whatever that was my job to write the charts out and make the performance good
it'll I've been lucky I put it that way I can change these I wouldn't change anything just that I I met the love of my life and I've been married for the last 6 years if I get the number on I get hit in the head later but that's all right
what's the next question
my last question is what advice do you have for any Young artist
coming up today
well to be true to yourself practice practice practice or real with people and
also I if you if you
if you're doing music and you plan to use music
to find girls whatever that's not the thing to do thing is like doing music do music and everything else be fine
okay thank you so much
thank you for calling in their website www.com
thank you have a good night you too
again guys we are here on letter from the pen tonight with Melvin Miller the number is 760 and the wine open
so I'm mr. Miller now looking to get into some tougher questions questions but you know I sure did
what did you think what are your thoughts on President and me tell you something really stuck in my mind that young poet she was something else. She's 22 years old she was killing it
she said that she started writing the phone and then she finished the poem after what happened on January 6th at the Capitol and that's how she got the closing of her bum
Michigan State 2 years old
she is she is not awesome
that might have been the best part of the United Eurasian I didn't watch it but I kept seeing everyone talked about that about her reading the poem in the Kooks everywhere and you know obviously the internet and social media going crazy over it
I watched it and I just love Michelle's outfit I'm still on this Obama that I showed up the play
without me
well where were you at when the police is getting beat up at the Capitol Building should have been up there too and then when I woke up I was like this is going down and then by the time I called to see if they needed my help they said they got everything under control
first of all I started seeing this is before I knew what was going on okay this is how it how silly everything was so someone posted a picture with a bunch of people climbing over a wall so when I saw it I was like all right there just cracking jokes about you know Trump building the wall so I was like whatever so the next thing you know breaking news breaking news breaking let me look at this a little bit closer song turn on the TV I said Lord help you people popping over the wall running acting like animals but I still want to know I'm still stuck on that I need to know who stole that damn Pechu out the Anderson like what you going to do with that
I need to know if you listening you need to call in and tell me what you do with that stand
I won't tell on you
okay I won't tell on you I mean my telling yourself show is syndicated this lot of people listening but I need to know what you did with that you and what your purpose was to steal in it somebody help me please no but I need to know why like what you doing with the Statue you know I still say you know what everything that happened that was an inside job that was something that was put together and
I don't think it was like an inside job from the capital I think what it what it was and it was modern-day KKK if it mean if you just saw everything that was going on I mean it was just
it was together by a bunch of thugs and obviously when I I say thugs because you know when the whole black lives matter movie was going on you know they was out there full source ready to help people with anything they had in the hand they allowed this group of people to just kind of wreck things for a while before anything happened which is kind of insane I'm Israel you really think about it it's really insane that you have a capitol building and you basically have like security guards look like no weapons or anything and there's only like five of them like you saw this Mob 100 200 anchor people comment did you really think five people was going to stop coming to the Capitol Building must be serious about it
I've been to the Capitol Building plenty of time when there's usually a lot of security there at the Capitol and for it to be so like little security there it was just like what is going on here like seriously I was like what is going on in here and then like I get it I understand like you take an old for certain job but I'm sorry that poor officer that died cuz he got crushed and trampled in the door trying to hold everybody at looky here let me tell y'all something Capitol Building y'all got more money than me okay
remind me up for rent in remind me of Walmart Black Friday before they stop doing certain things and people are just getting ran over and trampled and it was fighting a PlayStation 2 like a pack of wild boars
well I try not to talk politics but you know I just hope everything works out all right for right now we have opposition and the Republican party right now they need to to drop all this stuff about I mean they did attack the capital that this should be punished for it I'm sorry you know and tall
I know they're rounding up a whole bunch of people and I know somebody somebody just got arrested with him and if somebody just got arrested for I guess they're going to assassinate the president but if I come on people I mean I think that for there to be freedom of speech in America that people are way too angry that a Democrat when it's office or the bottom line is it puts back and forth all the time
you know I'm saying our main concern should be what is the president going to do to rectify and to bring America back together and bring it back on the street the way it should be no matter who it is so I'm not upset I mean I'm not a Biden saying I'm not saying I was at either way I wasn't upset if you don't want of them went in there
tell me what you're going to do even for even for you know the politicians on the local levels and the county levels tell me what you're going to do to lower our taxes to bring teachers back to CJ like tell me what we're going to do about the population why so many people are taking advantage of the system settings and collecting public assistance for 30 years like tell me what you're going to do about this tell me what we going to do about education tell me why an American citizen goes to college and when they're done by the time they're done they're up to their ears in debt but I need legal immigrants come over here and get all the free education in the world and start with a clean slate I mean explain I don't care if you're blue black white or brown I just want to know what you're going to do for the American people
stop say one thing you know they can't evict nobody until May pay the rent make sure you save me every dog every stimulus so when May comes you're able to get up out of there and that's bad because for people that are like homeowners like me I still got to pay my mortgage even if somebody that if they don't pay their rent in the living in my house I have to pay my mortgage so I think that the government needs to be doing something because if you're saying these people can live in your house rent-free so this time and then guess what when it when that time is up and they still have to go through an eviction process so it's three years without paying rent and they still got to pay that mortgage and taxes and that's not right either and I still buy 80 inch flat screen TV so they get
make it happen I didn't have to go to a McDonalds Wi-Fi or something I don't know I'm just saying people be smart be smart people because even the second round of simile text people were complaining they got $600 list and I didn't get nothing I got 200 I make too much money I got zero so I mean Outlook I should be complaining like like listen to her like everybody should be entitled to money
someone needs a 30 $70,000 in money
I know you didn't work that money was entitled to that money
so you don't share the love start you don't pass me somebody around don't go to the go to the website I'mma drop my cash app on there if you haven't got caught yet but you got thousands of dollars I'll be that girl you called Daddy call me Lord Jesus
I guess I'll let it all out now
DEA 12188b money and you didn't start a business or didn't invest in anything and all you did was invest in some wigs and some nails and some sneakers and Jordans your your priorities are messed up
like come on now
small black people will be doing invest your money invest in yourself I didn't get any EDD not enjoyed that's my money and my children
oh yeah girl. Invest in them two children are expensive
oh man mr. Miller where can people find you at so why let's say I was an artist and I'm like okay I want to work with Miss Mel Miller I want him to do some music for me how would I find you
I'm really easy to find I'm on Facebook you inbox me that I used to get back to people you know all the time
so if someone breaks down with you to get like help with the track or something from you how much do you usually charge it depends depends
you nosey
you nosey biography
I'm an alright so what is your so I guess if they go to Facebook to find you is it just melted Miller or the Melvin Miller Jr Miller Jr. Middle Junior probably come up or if you if you punch in Shadows of the 60s he might you might find me that you can hit me right there to sounds like background to sing it back up to no no no I just I just take care of the music you know the musicians and yellow right stuff out the musicians to read and follow
how to make the make it happen that was a good answer because I was about to tell you to hit that doo-wop note you got to get it out. Cuz we do it when you can just give Dave Rebels hit will have you laughing and all kinds of stuff get it out down on me
did you do that
when you die
no I don't think that was a dance moves right there I think they was doing like that
images of funny story one time I was wrapped up in the end guitar party during the show
MFM the mega trip so I made it look like a part of the part of the whole album
I know you got a new one shoulder
one shoulder
why you why you guys doing that shoulder Bop
I think you're a really quick what's your favorite type of guitar to play on
oh my goodness oh wow I endorse for Tom Anderson guitars but I do have every guitar that I would need to do a job you know Les Paul 335 you know acoustic guitar you know I mean I have so much stuff is Kratos already used it may be a baby if I keep it longer probably worth a lot of money from the stuff that I have but there's some guitars I wish I still had you know but you know by now but someday guitar
so you know we going to have you back on the show and the next time you come back on the show you don't have to play for me okay so don't be scared to say pray for you
where to buy clay Isabel
what you do I bother you I must you do footwork footwork guy you know what that what that might try to Chuck Berry that hurt I can do that Chuck Berry sing
so are there any I'm like virtual concerts or anything in the future for you probably can't wait to Play Pandemic Blues right now and I'm so used to people calling me then usually I work on my birthday New Year's Eve I'm so used to working I stayed home
tell my wife I know yeah I know I mean it is Capricorn season shout out to all the ones I know and shout out to all the Krusty wants to high school
Anais and I thank you so much
we will definitely have you back in the future
and again you guys can get him on Facebook at Melvin Melvin Miller Jr I must have tongue tie their thanks for joining us join us back here on this Monday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time music review I am your host R&B singer Nakia and of course we will see you next time