LetterZ From the Pen, January 15, 2021

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Althea Heart

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes & Radiah Johnson and guest Althea Heart, A Beautiful Mess

LetterZ From the Pen

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee
RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB singer Nikia and Hip Hop artist Dee

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Krispy Kreme
welcome to letters in the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia and thank you for joining us tonight for this lovely lovely evening an affair of things we have something very special for you guys tonight a special guest Miss Althea heart
so she will be with us shortly to talk about her book our new music that she has released and what is next for her in the future but in the end is there a skin care line I like her skin is so beautiful she's going to give us the sum of the tips that she does to keep her her skin so healthy and glowing which I'm sure the ladies out there would appreciate that you're a little motivation from her too cuz I'm ready to get into this book and see what Ashley motivated her Amazing Project there is a topic I wanted to touch base on and we'll touch base on it now and we'll get into I'll see you later but what do you think about this covid-19 vaccine that everyone is talking about the nation's kind of divided some people want to take the majority of people don't want to take it I mean what you think about that
I think it's a hot mess in if I'm talkin personally I would have to say I'm a little skeptical about it myself I actually received a letter in the mail from some experimental company that wants to pay me $750 to take this vaccine and be there guinea pigs you the edited part out y'all my TV just popped on
can we do that yeah okay good
but yeah covid-19 thing I'm a little nervous I'm a little nervous I'm a little hopeful but nervous I want to see what's going to happen with only had I'm going to say they I think they said like one out of a million would make me have side effects so we going to see what you think
I mean I saw this song this post that's why I posted that I made a lot of sense they said and don't quote me but it's something something about HIV is now for a hundred years there's no cure I said something else I don't know what it was or whatever it was has been around for a first-year is no there's no there's no shot now all of a sudden so like I get I get it like making make sense so
conspiracy theory is definitely not taking a shot I don't care what they all you can offer me a million dollars I'm not taking it I want to see it I want to see a few people and government take the shot first and then they've been taking it so biting a schedule to take his next week CNN is really really I made a big deal about that and several other people have taken it on camera you know they're really really trying to make us feel comfortable I don't know if that helps a lot but I mean being that Biden to me is not the brightest tool in the shed it really wouldn't make me comfortable that someone who's already over the hill and kind of has health problems and taking a shot because if anything it'll just
he'll kill over faster like I mean what type of
I want to see like what type of research was really actually done what type of results you really actually got that wasn't done on what address so right now I feel like Americans freshly minorities are being used as Lab Rats we are sending out mail asking for you to come and be an experiment about it but if you think about it right if people take one moment in his really stop and think about this
they're testing on minorities because do you think that that an upper class most upper class and I hate to say this but most of the upper class is is Caucasian it's not but do you really think that they could send them something in the mail saying I'm going to give you some pain $50 take the shot they're not going to give a damn because they're well-off sure they sent that to a certain Community this particular Community urban communities are overpopulated Sophie to lose a few and it doesn't make a difference and then then someone of the copper class community so it won't be a big loss if we lose that that's how I feel that their angle is and and doing videos with with with the Nazca American woman taking a shot or
an African American woman made this shot I don't I don't care who made it yeah I agree it was an actual in game results will actually made it almost looks like they care what they want to hear they give us the medicine for what they want to give us the medicine for because I honestly believe everything you know I really do and I'm not a doctor's I'm having a protest that but I do know that social racial Injustice is a big deal and that's a big part of it as well as well as you know how the fossil fuels and stuff so I just want to say that album with her and Anthony Hamilton Mercy I love the peace they did her spoken word piece in the beginning album it really says a lot so all of that ties into a lot of things the vaccine what's going on in the government is it's a lot of mess
write an unfortunate situation
I was waiting for a lot of nose
a lighter note we are going to introduce without further Ado Our Guest singer author actress entrepreneur mother Althea heart
welcome Queen welcome
she's not in yet.
Do I just I sent it I resent you the link she liked it so often in here in a second they all of this is coming out
no I can't see your pages
hello my girlfriend edit that out and he is cheating on me right into it and has been for a year now I love her and I stayed because of our kids I'm trying to keep my family together but at this point I just don't know what to do anymore now she is pregnant and has told me that the baby may not be mine should I leave now or wait until the baby is tested I just don't know what to do anymore signed as this BS
okay if this BS
I mean I'm surprised that a letter is even being written about this romance perspective cuz usually men don't really ask for advice men or are funny creatures they just up and leave like they can't bear what women can bear this year she's wrapped up into another person you need to go and that baby may not be so when you get the DNA test if you stay now or go later but I do think that you should rethink this relationship because it doesn't seem like she's in it for the Long Haul
I mean I'm sorry ask this BS but 18886 to 76008
sorry for ssds
what have the weather up your way
yeah let it snow a lot of icy roads lot of accidents this just yeah Jack Frost wants to give it to his good yes let us from the pain is brought to you by Og 2 * * 10 * * jrc cleanup who's here for all of your cleaning needs no job is too small or too big
do I edit that pause out your password needs and caring for your loved ones IG subscribe to my YouTube channel 11 from the pain and we appreciate you going to be missing out on all of this free stuff we give away a juicy juicy letters cuz I know that the people actually write these letters were probably listening so
I'm going to go check really quick to see if she's having a problem getting in okay
hello hello crane hello how are you I'm doing good how are you guys we're good thank you for joining us and album music yes yes
5 * 10 to the questions I have your book of course
can I read I read I read your book
your book is very interesting, I actually I actually it took me like 10 hours from your book because I have to keep stopping but I don't want to put it down because it was getting it was getting really good
I definitely want you on Love & Hip Hop and
this your book made me change the perception of what I saw on Love & Hip Hop but I know at times he's kind of like give across like they want people to see what I know you a little bit better after reading this book and it's book yes yes yes yes yes yes yes what was your motivation behind the book
my motivation was I feel like I had to as I always feel like I have to explain myself
you know like being on the show is really took a lot of
like soul-searching
for myself and even though I feel like a lot of the stuff that was said about me wasn't true I feel like as a person you have to take accountability for maybe put in a perception out there
United saying like so
people take what they taste but I feel like a Time season you know
I'm only being true to myself so I'm only filming things moving forward that true to myself I'm not going to be thrown into the lions den and no matter what anybody said like my intentions were pure right at your whole baby like you're not a cloud and I'm not I would never chase a nothing but because I was able to switch you off you know the alley TV in my robe world and they're kind of like hand and hand like you have some reality stars that their whole storyline has to be fabricated fabricated Fabregas Decor like given to them and
you know it is what it is I never sugarcoat it anything
and I mean even now like you know sometimes I'll be home and I'll go on YouTube I notice like whatever I do even if it's like a small block it doesn't matter like it gets
it gets highlighted you know so with that being said like I have to watch what I say and watch what I do by myself so I do want to put this out there for for the listeners you never needed anybody at like to sometimes anybody to me like you had so much going for yourself you have a mother thank you for everybody TV and put my face with the name but people you know already kind of knew my face or not they didn't but then when I like people that we don't
Hollywood that follow me when I post like a throwback to like that was all stay up wait a minute like and I had to like
put that out there because only said in myself you know so I feel like I feel like because of who my son's father is because he was someone even before reality television I feel like his his present kind of overshadowed who I was and people automatically assume that whatever whatever she had already it must have been given to her at like it just erupted
oh she always had a job she always was responsible you know she's cheer they did because I wasn't that chick but someone to put me on blast like that person you know so it's all good I feel like at the end of the day I feel like because I'm able to have normalcy I know how to shut it off like I know how to you know I know how to be a reality star and I know how to be a real person am I real person over Shadows you know I can't talk about the name but you are going to see me on television again okay okay okay
so what prompted this skin care line
Stow on the skin care line is dear to my heart because I I was a kid I grew up with acne I remember my teacher her name is Miss best yes pink hair and she came and got me from from from from home and it was so embarrassed in touch with me back to school and everybody knew that my face is broke out and you know looking back it wasn't that bad I was washing my face constantly like it was like burnt and dried out so anyway my mother always use a mask and when I have a breakout or like problematic skin I just I just use a math is simple you know I used my favorite you know whatever your favorite washes you know like no chemicals that the basic you know whatever your washes and then you just use this name
a lot of time
you know I'm not having so much product on your skin to skin a Sarah yeah so the math is what is going to pull out all of their stuff too stuck in their correct and that one has like a single that's my favorite one attic acne skin and then there's also Grace saw which is for dry skin problematic you know if I have like a breakout I'll use like the sulfur and put it as a spot treatment OK Google can someone get your products that are they in stores or do we just left
so yes what the book A Beautiful Mess is on Amazon it actually had gotten five stars for codependency nice sexual abuse allow battery
what is a entrepreneur I'm very independent but I'm right like Coda codependency could be like always checking your phone and make sure you're not missing any phone calls or just always trying to like
feel validated you know like you know me I try when I'm home people be like oh she never answers her phone that's only because I'm trying to like get into enjoying what's in front of me and let go of what I can't control if somebody's not calling me with that but
the book you know is about codependent no being codependent on a man feeling like you can't do anything without one yeah and as the best as independent as I am like that's something that
I'm going to admit that maybe I'm still like dealing with you no like so
yeah and sexual abuse you know like sexual abuse could be you know a man wanting sex from you but not validating your emotions making you just be like crazy and then when you lash out at them then it's like you're the crazy one day you're sitting there wondering like what's wrong with you I think that in your book touch base on on a lot of that and that's something that is going to help women especially young girls because I feel like especially in the African American Community we all have some type of codependency and it started from some type of Trauma from childhood so
I think like African-American women we are beautiful we come in all shapes and sizes we all have to bring to the table and we have to kind of get in that mindset that you know what I am somebody and I'm not simply because I'm waiting for him to tell me that I'm somebody amazing job of expressing thank you thank you also something that was you know dear to my heart because it was something that another person couldn't say oh I did that for her you know and
people that I know that people could judge me you don't even like my girlfriend's was like oh my God I can't believe you talked about you no STDs and all this stuff and I'm like okay but
but it happened I mean it happens to everyone when and we have to get better as women of not letting other people tell our story and painting it how they wanted to look like when you buy the real story in the usual and turn it and make it into something totally different and have us out here looking like Monsters you and I'm going to go there for 1/4 to you Philadelphia trichomonas is a man's disease we get that nasty forces from y'all so now I said it yes yes yes it is what it is but y'all men are always so quick to talk about always it's this and it's that know it smell like this where you think it comes from don't come from a bright bouncing back and forth yes yes like I mean
in the book like no matter what I did I would go get pills and give it to him and then I'm still alive
yeah with other women that was awesome you are fucking other women yet
little bit about your about your music your single beautiful mess I love so beautiful how do I go about 2 years now that side in Trinidad
but I'm actually building a studio in my basement nice and I plan on tapping back into that seriously because I feel like when I got you know introduced with the whole music Ghetto Love and all that stuff it was always it's just I feel like it's always a challenge and it's kind of hard to you don't really have success when you know your management you're constantly like at odds with your management you know
right I mean you can really sing though like you can really sing like people on what they put stuff out in you listen to me like really I never got to say that I never did but I didn't know about the music until now so yes who do to that be a singer and I feel like
it just it got overshadowed but I just feel like in general like music is different you know what I'm saying so it's not really
selling breakfast like that I mean you are having your you know like Megan stallion right now doing her thing again but it's like to dedicate it so this time around I am going to take it more serious like I said I'm building my studio in my basement and you know I was told that I am the pretty thing that I'm not going to let nobody take my my real my child from me no don't I will break it up break it has he is 5 years old that's the only baby it is my only baby as
doing this thing on his own Instagram with his cooking stuff okay yes because I'm and his YouTube channel is Chef Vino you know the following YouTube channel but his season and sometimes I would just like cut him up like to eat pineapple my blood will that should then I like to eat apples
but I want kids to love vegetable just as much as he loves vegetables that you sprinkle it on the cooking show and come and get your season and out there cuz we getting ready to do that we love him to season chicken come on little fella what's next for you
and you don't my music
and you know just just really
focusing on my brand which is my book and my skincare also have a hair care line this is from Main accessories and lashes okay but I feel like you know as a mom is like I put it out I agreed to put my son first so sometimes you don't have to post you really have to put your all into being a influencer it's not easy you know yeah he's going to get you to you know two orders I mean so
I just want to be better at what I'm already doing and that's just focusing on my Brands which is my skin care my hair care and my book at my music right but I'm really cool
we have some music here yeah I have we're going to play Beautiful Mess and Ghetto Love very bright all right quick
Quizlet Bunji Garlin
and Ghetto Love which was produced by Chucky Thompson and what they get ready to listen to stream beautiful Method video but you shot that in Trinidad got all of the parade and everything it was really it was magical being out there like really being Hands-On and what day that we take it seriously as far as like nothing is like fighting with the paintball and all that stuff but
hello in my book the RICO Seco that River the waterfall such a big part of my book that's why I chose it for that portion but anyway enough about me
well thank you so much for joining us from the pin and allowing us this beautiful moment with you you are a beautiful soul a beautiful person inside and out and on what is lettuce from the pain
yes awesome is everybody have been awesome to have with you unless you share with us and then please thank you so much you're welcome
bye bye see you later, right you guys I was a sighting this out for your heart from every letter from the 10 with little Dino's the building he can bring us some seasoning for this food we don't pick up you guys
well you had a party here on letters from the pain the beautiful I'll see you at her book a beautiful messes and stores on Amazon go and get that and she's got a new music on the way and you will be seeing her shortly back on the big screen. Make sure you tune in every Monday every other Monday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time every Friday at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time have a good night
Bunji Garlin your heart
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