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Guest, RnB Singer J Holiday

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB Singer J Holiday

Letterz from The Pen interviews RnB Singer J Holiday on his new single, his career and future endeavors. J Holiday gives advice to independent artists and talks about what it takes to chart and get a Grammy. 

Guest, J Holiday

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J Holiday
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Rnb Soul Singer Entertainer
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Nahum Thorton Grymes, better known by his stage name J. Holiday, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper and actor. He came into prominence in 2007 with his breakthrough hit "Bed", peaking at number five on the US Billboard Hot 100. His debut album, Back of My Lac', was released in October 2007 and peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard 200. The album would also hit number 32 in the United Kingdom. Back of My Lac' has sold just over 700,000 copies worldwide.

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hello hello hello and welcome to letter Summit and I am your host R&B singer Nakia and I am your co-host e
do we have a really great job for you guys tonight we are going to have mr. Jay holiday in the building before he joins us the most time talking to mr. Jay holiday letter where you're going to drop some of our sponsors that make letters in the Kim Possible jerika clean up for all your cleanup needs no job is too small or too big home care for all your family's home care needs York in the tri-state area is a really awesome dope 420 clothing brand and
that link is on our website ww.w. you can go up on the website and you can click on that link and you can get to all those cool clothes Amor Dr designs for all pressing needs and of course and we have a new brake sponsor that came on board Royal eyes TV and of course we got a shout-out who maggtv where you can catch the show the replay the show on who Mac TV and I seen TV every Sunday night so you can head over to and check that out there so we're going to get that right into the letter and then we will obviously
get into our stuff with a holiday when she has joined us hello hello hello hello unless you like and what you like 12 you know cuz we're behind them so if we take camera click the latch all your old we don't say that anymore which is really crazy really really crazy thank you so much for joining us okay you don't know what's good to see all the auto
hey that's you going to call you what can you do
okay maybe not
I don't think that was a dance I just did she just do the wig that what that was but it's okay it's okay and thank you so much for taking your time out to meet us over here on this platform and you know we're going to get into talking about you know some of your new projects and what you got going on but of course before we do that we have to read our letter that was written two letters for the pin and I'm glad you're here with us early because it was hidden and give you advice as well
oh dear letter send a pin
write me and my husband have been married for 10 years I went away on a trip couple of weekends ago when I came back I found him in my house in the bed having sex with my best friend
I have packed up my things and I have left the house I don't want to see him again or my friend
I really feel like I'm going crazy I'm losing my mind I'm almost feeling suicidal
what do you think that I should do about the situation my husband has been calling asking me to take him back should I take him back or should I just keep moving and not look back
one more time one more time just so I make sure I got all the facts straight down a couple of weekends ago came home early husband was in the bed with the best friend she took all her stuff unless
she's basically feeling on the edge like suicidal he's been calling her wanting her to take him back and she wants to know if she should just keep going or try to work it out
okay I have a question first I was I guess you didn't put it in the letter so we won't know it was my first question was going to be was this the first time
okj look I know you with your cousin cuz I've been to I've been down that road I haven't been a husband but I've been down that road oh like I'm stealing this is what I would definitely say they have a marriage and that's your friend that's supposed to be your life partner and that's supposed to be your support system
your support system
kind of stabs you in the back so if you believe in the in the sanctity of marriage I feel like you should at least try to figure out what's going on with y'all you know I'm mouth Granite if it's a if this isn't the first time then you know Chuck and both talking about right but nobody's love should be taking nobody loves to hurt you like that and I've done it and it's just I feel so like oh my god this is my fortnite a passion for a night of passion you understand what I'm saying a husband should never do that to their wife I stay girlfriend can get cheated on all the time
girlfriend can't get cheated on wait wait wait wait wait wait look Okay so
first of all I ask for the person I want to know honestly if they have kids first boss before they do whatever they do my children said listen here looking for Jay that's why you keep getting it in an in situation when it when I was putting them to bed long before bed
right before bed because I think if it's a situation where
tuition is new and no guidelines have been established then find whatever however if you're dating someone for a couple of years I don't I don't I think you're at your is a little more serious in that okay showtimes
you always remember the saying reason season or lifetime Okay the reason don't necessarily become the girlfriend the season is the girlfriend the lifetime is the husband or wife
you understand like should you cheat on your girlfriend I'm not condoning cheating on your girlfriend but what I'm saying is if that does happen to you as a girlfriend or a boyfriend then you you have plenty of time to 2 to realize and and and write you notes down and figure out what's going on in that situation and decide if you want to proceed forward to the marriage status but when is marriage you made vows to God you made vows to each other and I feel like that that should take precedence over anyting the best friend obviously has never been your best friend
personally look like if it was me personally and I walked in she she's a better woman than me just pack her stuff and leave because the two of them going to leave in a naked no clothes nothing or nobody here by go know I put it like this I mean
there's so many ways that you can handle this situation you know and I hate that when divorce is happening usually the woman's like I'm going for the net
but that's the best friend though but you think it's almost like a sister
she's already fed up with so many things that that that person has done wrong in a relationship. Homie lover friends whatever just be real and honest with me because if you're tired of me and you feel like I'm not the person for you I'm cool with that but if you make me look stupid and you go do these things that I catch you got two different that's a different situation now you're going to get a different reaction I've done okay I will tell you one.
what time do cheetah J account but I'm just I'm 39 years old so I mean you know the times that matter the most to me was when I really saw the hurt and pain is somebody that I actually really cared about and it's just like sometimes you don't even realize how much that a person you see you until you like you know what I'm saying so somebody hurt me and I said I don't care I'm on a mission I don't I don't even care anymore and it takes meeting somebody that gets you out of that mindset of you know what maybe there are still good women out here cuz I mean there's does good guys are good women as you know I'm saying and that's bad guys that women never really know and I just hate
I hate the thought of divorce
I hate the thought of it and I'm saying my story is my dad died when I was 11 but my parents were married for 13 years up until the point where my dad died so all I really know is married in August and my mom my mom had two kids before she met my dad and he keeps up with them in Open Arms you know I'm saying and I've even seen myself repeating those same steps I also I also cheated on this woman you know I'm saying so
I just don't I don't condone divorce I feel like when you make that vile and you go in and you make that stuff and you put that ring on the finger or the tattoo or however y'all decide to commemorate that I feel like you owe it to each other to figure it out if you can't do the time she cheated on that woman right
you took those kids and did you ever think about that because when you say you took a man and make it seem like the gas
you open your expenditure arms like I'm going to beat these kids like their mind at what point
did you say men not only did I hurt her I probably hurt the kids too
I'm the arguments you know I'm saying it got it got a bit out of my comfort zone and relationship-wise I'm for the longest point I was very passive and relationships and I feel like it was because I didn't have those feelings so this easy for me to be passive but with this person is it drew me in so much I was just I involve myself in the arguments and I involved myself and all of the craziness and I'm just like what am I doing you know and I have seven kids right at 5 boys to girls and I don't get a chance to see three of my son's not bite by my choice
it's at you know whether I hurt their feelings. Whatever is just I don't I don't get a chance to do that and I feel like
sometimes that that hurts situation so when I met her it was just kind of like
I don't want them to go through that because I don't even get a chance to see my own spot so they kind of feels that they fill that void for my own son's at some point you know what I mean so when we got into the arguments and all that stuff it was It was kind of hard food to me because you never want kids to see you as a monster or scary or or be afraid of you because of you know you yelling or doing something crazy I mean so it's kind of hard to do
Hi how are y'all doing tonight good how are you
I'm fine I want to address your letter okay
personally me
I would never take him back I would drop her the same cuz she is
you have to look at yourself like this point in your life that you see with a close friend of yours he's going to do it again and you have to come to a point when you have to love yourself enough to let go you have to
next time you might be a cousin
okay or next time it might be somebody with that that thing that that can't nobody get rid of it
if you're not ready to know if you're going to cheat or not you know it and they all do it men cheat when I tell you something what is done to you and you know you know that you're there
if you can't put it back together and the more you look at that person's face never forget it and you have and everything yeah that's true you start getting angry disgusted so, can I ask you a question
I'm at have you personally experienced this situation or something similar to need to get rid of him and move on okay I definitely appreciate you for that though I definitely appreciate you for that
utiliquest anybody else wants to call and comments on the letter say something to get holiday cuz we're about to get into some of his music that you can call and live and it 867-6008 we are here tonight yes we are here for the riddle that's all it is
are you have that no I don't know that's Janet Jackson I was 5 4 3 2 1 she stuck in the 90s it's okay I can do the Rodger rabbit I could do The Running Man
what else can I do I can't Chinese jump rope which wiper you talkin about
I don't know one of them
that went over her head she missed it she missed
give me your belt
all right it's crazy that that that that that's the letter because I have experience with this from the man side not being a husband but before that particular situation that I spoke on
as a younger you know like late teens early twenties you know the saying I did that and it wasn't in a relationship you know I'm saying I've done the best friend I've done the sister
but I didn't cheat but I still knew that at the end of the day I should have been off-limits to that person even though it was after the relationship I still even after the relationship I still should have been off-limits and I think for me it was a bit of Revenge by how I got the best friend got your sister but you're still wrong you know what I mean but just think about it being inside of a relationship or marriage that I'm surprised they both still living and I have you ever been married no man
what are you waiting for what am I waiting for
I honestly I don't like that I've met that person and that's the situation that I was talking about you know but there are still things on both sides that we have to deal with personally
and like you do for ourselves before we can even kind of deal with what happened in our relationship cuz I feel like the things that happened in our relationship happen because we both were dealing with things separately and we never talked about it together so we just ended up just doing our own little you know I chaps basically I jobs at each other and you know the job don't do anything but leave open wounds you know so I don't know what the future holds for it to be something like my mom and my dad had my my my mama my dad met in October they were married in November and then they had me the next November
by that that that was their story you know like their anniversary is November 13th my birthday is November 29th a Sagittarius problem that's not what it is only tell you what it is what it is we have the brain of a man we have the bow and arrow of cupid and we have horsepower 4 days
you didn't ask if you didn't ask for that
she's a Sagittarius that's what you making ugly faces what they call us a centaur
so you did y'all just running around just taking people down leaving a trail of broken hearts way. There is time let me tell you there's times where I've been in a relationship
you know when it was done his friends would try to holler at me and stuff and I still won't give him the time of the day but
just because his friends were trying to talk to me even though I was knocking the way he turned around with my friend you're a good person though let me tell you let me tell you this you're a good person because I was not feeling none of that I was just at the Terrace light out it was over did you okay see you hurt by what happened it didn't want to really admit it so instead of just dealing with it you said okay I'm a deal with it this way I've always admitted it but it's like I've always been a personal things can be fixed and you know when a woman moves on her woman moves on you know and
I'm like for real from me
and not even a holiday but like from me seriously is that what we do it that's what we start right now okay okay and then you just take a note
and I'm not proud of a lot of my decisions when it comes to situations like what we talkin about tonight I am not proud of them and
there's a few I wish I could take back in that song that I'm just that was worth it but the best. But I also know that it's not it's not
it's not becoming to just blatantly hurt people I've hurt people so not intentionally
I was just being selfish and I wasn't thinking but not like imma do this to hurt you
but then I realize I hurt you was just what you want me to do Sagittarius I don't know horsepower out here tonight why is it for me
Jesus let me see that they can do something to him and then what
I'm taking and then you got mad not you but that men act like oh my God she cheated something to me so bad but it's like you understand like what you did for her to react that way it's happened to me and I reacted the same exact way and put this is the difference between me and probably most me because even before that situation happen it was like five did the same thing you wouldn't even take me back if I call me a hoe in this and I said but how do you know that
with a happy heart yes I will probably be hurt but if I'm sincere about how I feel about you I have to figure out how to swallow that I have to figure out how to get over it might not be easy but if that's how I feel about you then that's what it is
so it's a double-edged sword when it comes to me cuz I've been if I kick rocks and then I've been there no don't leave in the same situation so
I don't know what my other men do it I feel like it's a pride thing I feel like it's an ego thing you know what I mean like what I just said like for real to meet to me like a lot of men feel like that like at the end of the day just because Eve came from Adam I'm just not in a beer and world you don't understand because half of the world if it wasn't for women so
was all of the world wouldn't exist if it wasn't for women cuz we couldn't reproduce without a woman do you know but I just I just feel like a lot of things are deep-rooted and ancestry and a lot of people don't realize that even if you're black the shade of your skin matters of how you received and take things and it's been hard for me cuz everybody always gives me to hell you think you all that cuz you light skinned and I'm like no I think I'm all that cuz I think I'm all that I just so happen to be light skin is the thing the thing about it is and this is what this is what really irritates me what are Tate's me is that
just Black America just in general right we're already at war with America at war with each other first right like America come second to the war it's so hard out here that no matter what especially you know I'm not going to say sources women cuz black men get it too but we already have everything stacked against us like one I'm a woman okay I'm Black 3 now I have to compete with whether I have the education or not have to compete with this over here now I have to be another black woman because she feels like enough there's so many there so many deeper tissues are like he could go on and on and on about the conversation but there's so many deep-rooted issues that black people were African Americans have within their self as men as women growing up in single-parent home watching our mother struggle watching our fathers go to jail
and they're still throwing in there and and and now black men are being raised by a single mother who's never there the raising herself because she's got to work two jobs to hold the household down because the cost of living is so damn High anything like stacked against us that
if only black America would take a moment to like help each other up uplift each other nonsense and it's crazy going back to the letter I don't know dudes background I don't know her background but I also feel like
at one point in time they were in love
you're not a man and I just feel like what's really happening with our culture
that we don't see it or that we're not at least attempting to try to fix it you know like the damn silhouette challenge gone wrong right there
a couple I swipe a couple times and I'm just like I don't know how many pictures did you post on your ass today I don't I don't care and it's because you're doing this on a day when we're talkin about George Floyd you're doing this on the election day you're doing this when you should be watching the story of Kamala Harris fight
I what are you what are you thinking about maybe if it's working at the Capitol when it was right in it they would have stopped to watch the acid and it would have been reading the damn Capital I'm just saying but I just I feel like there's a breakdown in the system and and the system has like you said you just bought a prison and incarceration I feel like a lot of that
has to deal with even without ancestors came from like you seen you start Django right I don't care what I got to do to get some my wife cuz that's my one and that's my only I'll die about her
there's no more of that really nobody's traveling across America to find a wife that's missing or whatever you know what I mean in the arm pills so they
you know move right now we got a caller on line to you guys when are you guys going to take their color
Jason from New Jersey
jersey in the building what up
Lynyrd Skynyrd
hello I'll just a question for you real quick J I want like I'm just curious like what what happened bro by disappear so I can tell you what happened I was the artist that was too smart I was too smart for my label and the label wants you to be dumb you are. I've been the one I'm not going to say the only artist but I've been one of the few artists I never signed a 360 I always had an out of my contract and I always knew too much for the people that made the decisions and they didn't like when I told them how I felt so what did they start doing they started not supporting me and that's just basically what happened I just I just knew too much bro you know I mean I never stop never stop making music that's just what it is I mean
you know I don't I don't have no regrets but you know it is what it is
yeah that's crazy you know
Jason Jason Jason but you know the media just like those all types of stuff out there and it was like those little story floating around about oh you got you got shelf there whatever because you had like so you said something bad about Beyonce or something like that so I can clear that up that's not true correct and I have nothing to do
I didn't think so I left capital capital was tripping I said I'd let me go I never I've never gotten dropped from label every time I left a label I left the label give me my release papers not not you just drop me when I got to talk to you no more give me my release papers I need you to sign this release so we can make this legal or not I mean I did I did that with capital L A Reid signed to Def Jam whenever they re-sign me to Def Jam she did it as a favor to me she was like I don't want you to just be sitting idle so what I can do is I signed you to death chant little did I know that he was about to go do X-Factor you know he didn't really tell anybody has plans but he was on his way out of debt yet he said I'm assigned you I'm going to give you give you this check and and and and good luck and he wasn't doing it with like any kind of malice or anything like that he was just like I mean I see the time that you're going through I've always liked you as an artist so I'm going to sign you to Def Jam
but when he left I was his I was technically his artist
you know saying it's so juicy when you sign an artist it's your responsibility to make sure that that artist pops so now I'm crying against the Rihanna's I'm competing against any of those two dreams the Kanye West the commons that like I'm competing against everybody I Def Jam and I have no label father that's going to push me so I sat for two and a half years on Def Jam before any of that and then Def Jam started blocking All of My Mixtapez they started blocking out of my little singles that I was putting out cuz they was just like what he sign us he's not allowed to put that out
Celeste over album I have a app already a lot of artists don't know that when you sign a contract and you tell the label I have my album done let's put it out
you are allowed to ask where released if they are not ready to put your album on
ready to put my album out give me my release sedan I just got released from there so I could just kind of like move how I wanted to do it when all of that other stuff came out
it was just being fed up with the industry man and there's been in my mind of
and it goes back to the cultural what was talking about you know what I mean I get it we have men we have women now there's women that are just pro-women they don't care if they wipe by what does man. Adjustment they don't care of that Pro black or white or whatever but then you have to probe like you have to throw you know go back and on both side and I just feel like
we are very selective when we decide to be Pro black
but we are it's always anti-gender within our culture will always and always you know and
I want to see my black women went but I want to see us win the right way by I can't respect you knowing what I culture is and you know how bad people do black men and you're not doing anything but adding fumes to the fire with your music and then that's all I was trying to stay and what I said
but I thought you was talking about Beyonce I was talking about specific things that had nothing to do with Beyonce I think Beyonce is one of the best singers of all time are some of her lyrics questionable I felt that way because my fifteen-year-old daughter about to be 16 and not listen to her at a certain point in time because her lyrics changed and that's just what it was like I don't want my daughter learning about I don't I don't want my daughter to learn about that do you think you may let everybody know what you were talking about you know and it's just like I can't really control what you hear she looks up to you she loves you
get out of saying I or if we met Bashan like the stop the man bashing
don't worry about it
do you ever remember Damon a situation and everything
okay, come on at night but that had nothing to do with me I don't know them either one of them personally so I don't know what was going on in that situation but it's just fight
when I did guilty conscience I was beating up my step but I was picking up myself though
come on now Jay know you not let me tell you why I'm not going to say it cuz they took it off of iTunes and I was a bad business decision so I would not give them people anytime I want what about beds and some of that
go change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like okay like to having me your ass perfume Indigo. Put me right next to you and if I could care less. And let me repay you for the week that you
yeah I think I seen that song with you you still like my musically based it had nothing to do with the person Ryan everybody tasted like I talk about my four different women in that hole they don't like to hear the truth of something and they and they just go to the left with it and run with it
I mean I get it in and guess what everybody's entitled to their opinion I hate the fact that celebrities are supposed to put everything on their platform but they're not allowed to have an opinion unless it makes sense for everybody else so am I just supposed to be
I think we know I'm right here right
you can come to me okay not you calm down babe I know Jay holiday first one
congratulations brother a man ain't do it right cuz the lettuce to the pin that thing was that thing was a little crazy tonight and I know he going to tell her
Beyonce. Holiday friends and let me tell you something by Jason because at the end of the day he asks questions he let me answer and he didn't try to overdo anything he just was like I cool I mean I'm still on the line I'm going to stay here cuz I was about to say my baby come back to me that's what you supposed to do
thank you preciate it bro
yes why he was saying it was doing at your book
Bob and weave I don't listen to her man don't listen to her
make sure you put our website ww.w dollars picture of you and your fiance
damn W preciate it and see how they match up with the good work I appreciate you a check out the new single ride bro
yes I can do that right now go download that go by it just happened to see what the Ride game like man I'm pretty sure you already know but you know I'm saying go ahead and make her double down there we want to go into that you have to play that right now
okay who is let me see you walk walk walk my God are you serious bangers and I was like I was about to pull up and I was like oh I don't think that's what they talk about
turn off my goddamn holidays again
but yeah that's that's going to that ride ride by Jay holiday this is everybody make sure you go out and get that single
Valentine's Day is coming get that with some roses and you
how long to bake banana bread
jakob's pistol
Brad Pitt
only thing on my mind at peace and you making music with your buddy you know I love you.
show me a video how to grow
when I see you
how's it feel
and then flag
meaning got questions
Odell images
yes why you get off the camera you must be doing something other than what you doing
I want to know what anything that was ride by dancing to the song cuz I don't want anything else but this is like what was you doing
I was cool the rice to the wet challenge is on the way it's not going to be in the doorway it's going to be that didn't have to hold do a whole nother YouTube
wake me up at 6
you know you have all right is Mmm Yeah you wrote everything that's why I partnered up with this out on so but I did guilty conscience I partnered up with some
how do I want to put this with some bad business so
apartment with them to do guilty conscience so I've decided that from here on out of my career I'm not just going to go and search for this producer this right but this producer this Friday this producer this Friday I'm done with that part of my career United stand still when I when I partner with you I'm partnering with you and I believe in your talent you believed in my talent so they shout out to milk and says recall wrote everything and
and we just we were trying to make it a Timeless record pun intended you know because of the name of the album is time and we just we just trying to just bring R&B bad so we'll R&B is and I feel like everybody's always saying I'm bringing me back I'm not going to say that I'm bringing our me back but what I will tell you and show you is that R&B still exist and R&B is still alive you know so that's that's just my mission with this and that the whole time concept is is basically pay attention to every minute second hour that you spend living your life live pay attention to pay attention to your decisions
have fun you know because as we can see in 2028 would be over in a blink of an eye whether your mouth reaching vaihingen Scott down or if you can you know sick with the covid-19 mean like it can be it can be over so just live because time doesn't stop and wait for anybody so what are you looking for
just basically the same thing I just said just to let people know the R&B still here you know
I feel like my fan base is different now you know when I first came out I feel like people were in a person I was I was in Middle School when they came out but they're there now and they're like early twenties United mean so there since I'm not the people that were my age when I came out are my age now so my my fan base as change from 18 to 25 to buy 21 to 35 40 United me so I have a apple apple 10 days and I still like
a lot of the entities that can put out music isn't giving that to do stands in the Forefront it's like they have to get your fan should not have to get on the computer and be by Jay holiday new music I just feel like when it comes to R&B that's what we're that's what we're basically doing now and I feel like that's what we did to me oh so when I came out you know you have to India arie's in the music Soul Child saying and those type of artist that was killing the game with music but
they just didn't get the same love you know and I just feel like the overall R&B genre is not getting treated like the Neo-Soul genre got treated at the time what's the release date on the new album we don't know yet we don't know it's going to be basically the last month of spring or the first month of Summer have to make me a deal and you have the pinky promise we'll are pinky promises are not in the studio together that when you drop that album that you come back here so we can save you some things on there and you know
definitely I would love to to pick the album apart with y'all you know I have other half of a couple other you no obligations when it comes to like exclusive like first in a few types of but I would love to come just see how you guys feel about the songs and and just just give me your honest feedback you know I'm not ego-driven I feel like I believe in myself to the extent of I can take well I don't like that song either I feel like everybody felt like that about every album you know there's some people that like pimping me was better than bed tonight I didn't hurt my feelings
like you're supposed to like what you like it's okay to like what you like like I do whatever they can relate to of whatever they're going to have the time to write
making all these albums I was like right behind you following and you know listening to
like all your different albums in the songs you make
I couldn't actually choose self to something that I like her like that's what I like and then it was a time when my mom will come in the room with the bed cuz I thought it was funny
wake up
fall asleep but you know you know what's funny is like that's that's what I like I just want to
affect somebody in some type of way you know that's why I've always tried to put conscious records on my album even my mixtapes and I'm like I know that those records get overlooked because you know they're conscious records you know and I'm like even on my mixtape I did a song called yes we can that was basically I wrote that back when Obama was still president and I was just basically saying yes we can like y'all can't take
there's no way that you can tell me that we can't anymore you know I'm saying at the end on the flip side to that it's like all my street affiliation because I need y'all to understand where I come from and I think it's hard for people to
to understand how one person can be all of those things at one time you know it's like I'm an R&B singer so they expect me to just be R&B day and night
it's just like I mean yes I can sing I can sing my ass off
I'm light-skin okay I get it but I'm also from a certain place I also have a certain affiliations so that's when those records come in but I never put those records on my actual Studio albums because that's not what those Studio albums are for the studio albums are about making love and love and happiness and you do the mixtape stuff over there so and that's just how I try to keep it you know so now would you change anything looking looking back you know today knowing the things that you know cuz obviously when your industry you learn things as you go
if you could go back in time and change something would you change any of the outcomes about anything went
not at all I have my dignity I have my character I'm happy with my journey I mean I was there. Down times and then you know a couple months of depression and stuff like that I mean that happens I think I happens in life it doesn't matter what career you have I just feel like that that happened but
it took my team in my mom and and people around me to tell you I do what do you talk about quitting quitting what music something that you talked about all the time like dude talk about it too much to quit United mean and
it's just I have a lot of people looking up to me and depending on me to wear I I I just can't stop and I don't regret any decision that I made
I just don't I just don't I just feel like everybody's journey is different I feel like this is supposed to be my journey and I feel like my journey was just supposed to be slightly harder than others and that's just what it is you know
so where do you go for now like where you go from here I mean obviously we know the albums coming is there anything else in the works besides music anything you can tell us about I just had a movie that premiered last month on call conflicted presented to you by Griselda films Benny The Butcher and Westside Gunn I'll definitely a buffalo bass and
that will actually be hitting Prime video you know Prime Amazon I just got another movie offer I'm writing scripts about to do a cookbook with my mom they just I think people think monetary monetary monetary monetary and I just want to do my passion my passion is in her entertainment that's just what it is and I just feel like if you always put your best foot forward it'll come you know
I am I mean I'm I'm working a little bit of everything you know I'm working on my artist I'm working on holiday music group you know I'm very Hands-On with a lot of stuff so what everybody else is just moves fast and it just throw it out I just don't believe in that so I just got to make sure everything's done right
cool so we're getting ready in a few minutes to get up out of here but thank you for joining us on letter for the pain and just tell everybody where they can go get your music look for you find out if you're doing any shows information on you
you definitely follow me on Instagram at King J holiday I don't do Twitter so if you get hit up a CN post for me on Twitter it's not me you can go to they holiday we were also about to launch my holiday music group YouTube channel and that's that's really pretty much it is
if you have fingers and you and you have a web browser you can find me
no it's not it's not that I'm pretty sure they always bring the most recent but definitely Instagram if you got any questions or you spell aspiring artists or spiral producer-writer you know just hit me up I'm not going to say that I'm at work with you but I may or may not you never know I mean I cuz I'm not going to tell nobody a dream but it's just let me see if it's dope is talk if not I can give you some pointers on how to fix it but that's really it for the artists out there the up-and-coming artist if
you are looking for some pointers in tips or you want Jay holiday to hear yourself and let you know what he thinks go to where can I go to the theater opens all right see now like artists like that answer that DM DM on Instagram did you view were mentioned in the story like I don't check those because I could be anything but I can see the difference between mentions and personal messages you know I mean if you had if you really have something to say then just I'm just let me know just I heard you on letters from the pain and I know exactly what you're talking about
see that's don't that's the right there so again thank you for the pain thank you guys for listening you can meet us back here on Monday night we will have Dave Rebels from The Drifters the legendary Drifters he will be here Monday night some you guys might not know who he is but you know about to show you something about The Drifters Drifters
how old is Adele
Mohican old but you know he's still doing his music
do you know what's funny is is none no state I'm making it out before this year right they didn't see nothing they probably didn't even have passports they haven't left the country I've been around the world and it's just I can only imagine the stories that that he has that he's about to give you another chance that he's going to give you an interview but I'm six years old recipes
join us back here on Monday Night Guard website if there was any questions if you weren't able to get on and you have questions for your holiday drop them in our inbox for them to him or you can I really appreciate both of you for just a gay joke about this man and you know now it's all good cuz I gots to deal with two e's I got you
what's mine but it's all good
I got mucho que on Monday thank you