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LetterZ From the Pen, 19/02/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guests, Khalil Lundy and Stevie D. Lundy of Force M.D.'s

LetterZ From the Pen with Rodney “Khalil” Lundy and Stevie D. Lundy of Force M.D.'s

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hello hello hello and welcome to letters from the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia and I'm your co-host tonight we have an amazing amazing show for you guys we have the course and he's with us tonight so this is going to be a really good show okay like no other
so before and then we will find out what the force MD's think about this letter if it's very juicy letter tonight
but before we get into the letter let me try to our sponsors so I do not forget about them are lovely sponsors that make letters from the Pinterest
David Moore Dior designs for all of your pressing needs for clothing photography. Next clean up no job too big or too small
so now say I am sporting native Breathe Right
made-in-britain reservation with the fortune do you put them on the hot seat and I got a few tricks up my sleeve
hang out some pop ups but you guys have to answer all the questions
you guys are the answer all the questions and won't hesitate and you can't plead the fifth and you can do rock paper scissors and say you don't want to answer
so now I have the pleasure of being on their show on Tuesday and could you guys believe they told me that I wasn't allowed to smile or lacks that was my brother had been broken up
no they sent a messenger and it was
We Are Young we are now
let me get a new sweater really quick
me and my husband have been married for 10 years we have an open relationship I am currently pregnant 5 months although I'm not quite sure who's my baby daddy because we do have an open relationship my husband has a twin brother and I did sleep with his twin brother I'm afraid that I don't know if the baby is mine or his twin brothers I feel like I have crossed boundaries and once he finds out he'll probably leave what do you think I should do since they are twins and seem to have the same DNA should I just act like I don't know since the baby going to look like both of them anyway or should I be on side I'm confused
what time does twin brother anyway it's like you sleeping with the with your husband anywhere you or your other half because you know they let that she didn't say his brother she didn't say if they were identical or fraternal so we don't know but if they're identical maybe they're not identical in all the areas I'm just saying that's true that's so me personally I think they both open that door when you decided money
you want to have open relationship and everybody can be sleeping around like it's a Studio 54 fast that's what happened that's what you get a mama's baby Papa's maybe so she was only get that DNA test and tell that boy that when it's all said and done mama's baby Papa's maybe hypothetically or your brother are you asking me
oh oh wow that's a tough one. They said they have an open marriage so they just just running around to sleeping with everybody that's pushing it a little too far too close to home you know he could have you could have picked anyone else but the brother is a whole lot of money she didn't have to pick the brother
you're saying because she know once he stepped in that mud the possibilities that could happen if something happened that she going to have to deal with those consequences when it all happens it's all said and done so she did. So now she's going to have that conscious on the head is it or is it not going to bother her for the rest of my life unless you just let them know to tell the truth and get that monkey off her back the monkey in the back seat
I think she should just tell him I mean if it was me and Mike was the other way around I was still want to go but I'm going to punch a few people from letters in the pan but I'm just saying me it's okay it's okay that they have a substation so okay I have to pick a letter from your brother your cousin your uncle if there's plenty of other man but you know it goes both ways the brother should have did it either he shouldn't have went he should have slept with her they shouldn't cross those boundaries and it's going to be something that my guess is going to be something that's going to constantly bother them
what time he sees his brother is going to be up it's not going to be understand real going to be a little fakeness in there knowing what he did it because no wonder that I keep that Wonder in the head like I wonder if it isn't
you know what I'm not trying to be tonight
I didn't write the letters letters a week and a letter but
that's right you know if you just say the brother had a baby with her and he in the end of the other twin brother had a baby with a big is it a is it a chance that those two double first cousins and All Right Step Brothers is it a possibility they can look alike just fine
what's I can try to figure out what a real dick went away because if the okay so if the twins are identical and it's the same mom but the two twin brothers have kids with this lady and they're identical they look like the same DNA but just slightly different and I'm either going to look they're going to look the same when it came out looking like a mother they can probably come out
anyway enough to Shenanigans let's just keep it in the cage lock it up and then write us back and let us know who the baby daddy is
but imma give you one more piece if I said I was going to move along honey when you do decide when you find out who the daddy is and you do decide or to tell the other one of your husband who ever do it over the phone don't do it in front of him cuz he might swing on I'm just saying I don't know that's true that's deep that's that's deep deep that's deep
wanting to get at locked in the house because of cold is it going to be ready
but anyway
coming back to the force MD's one of my favorite favorite groups so introduce yourself because I know that you know exactly the force MD's are
are you at your house like that what's up everybody what's up y'all my name is Stevie D or the force MD's
and diaries that is anxiety signs birthday so he's no use the family eating dinner and all that so happy birthday when I talk to me when I tell you to show all the people like about Star singing the song Tender Love
where can I get a different house party because that I would like to start a fight with me I'm part of that younger crew honey and I know
that's also good for the cameras are shaking right now
take me or cheek everybody on a journey of one for Sandy's first got together back in the day till the transitions that were paid so now we are we are we all are, Staten Island New York we actually one of the first acts R&B and hip-hop to make it and you know to make it in the business Staten Island neighborhood or mayonnaise Harbor Inn Staten Island we still a lot of talent show at least we submit the Jackson 5 doesn't mean he's younger if you want to do squeaky voice like Michael and we still win a lot of talent shows and next thing you know we we we going to Staten Island Ferry and we see this gentleman on that singing country songs with bass guitar case out
yeah that's fucking idea my head so I go if we went in all these talent shows and you got this guy on here singing country songs why can't we give it a try and see Cindy's Jackson 5 song Stevie Wonder Sam Cooke like Elvis Presley if you did give it a shot we saw the same in the boat and we put the hat out at money just started coming every from everywhere so we found out Niche that I was being out there being in the streets doing this and that we we we figured that singing on the Staten Island Ferry was a great hustle to make money doing something that you really love doing that that that that really trained us to be great entertainers on stage to this day does a training ground for African-American and Hispanic but on a boat
the old racist people saw that try to sing in front of all Races people in. That was definitely a big big opportunity for so that that was out if you're broke both that's it that's how we getting snow today
we was on stage doing shows was you really hot with that Jerry curl
I just before Jheri curls Jheri curl part yet we just wait because I was looking through one of my life I have to ask him some poor Cindy stuff likes my old collection and I was looking and I was cracking up I was like
a picture of yourself from the nineties and eighties people are you getting money you know. That was a getting money shot so you don't just love their everybody has a name on there because I am the birthday boy just don't join us right now we should I was the weather I was looking at getting out the shower thank you so much happy birthday
for you I hit that high note but I'm not going to do it again later
yeah we on the way to the spot now I'm trying to speed in 20 minutes from now but up Jenna Van Damme Mister Magic from the radio from WBLS Discovery Center Staten Island Ferry and that's pretty much how we got this covered by Tom Silva me to tell me boy records and that's when we started recording songs and while I was doing that I was also rapping with a group called The Force MCS I'll be just like when the first rap acts to come out of Staten Island in the Bronx Brooklyn and Queens do nothing but wait what we got to record deal we Blended both groups together and that's how we came up the name instead of Applebee's at does not name it when you say in the book with the name came Force MD's just put both names together and that's how I became Force MD's and MD stands for musical diversity was a very versatile kissing we can sing kitchen for ask
passing coming to Tender Elvis Presley wraps thing you want to do it all and I do have a song that you guys are corded in 2017 but it was a song from back in the day is one of my favorite song play that song because I don't think a lot of people know that you guys covered a lot of songs navigate when I heard the song I went crazy I said they covered my song get one of them tonight
are they sound all the joint Halo backgrounds on it
you know something
I don't think
if I ever
Sonic Boom game
in my arms
we'll see
no no no no no no
jealous I love you
vocal lessons the DJ vocal lessons DJ Bobo
don't do it d
no the dog picture
No No Nanette nails green screen background going on screen background of there cuz you're kind of cute you was that we would just have to know it's going to be up there thank God
I'm legally blind I've done with you
anyway so let's let's let's talk about some of the current project that you guys have going on and that you're doing I know you just recently released a new song Copland songs right fly with you that's basically a lot of people that we lost. Lost in the cold remedies for fly with you my nephew's I am the one that's on him and he got a project with iced tea out right now it's called but a smooth right now it's getting a lot of consent in all the magazines and stuff he doesn't listen to all the throwback Classics and you know before they break break before to be that out and make you happy don't rush these costly putting out what you gonna get her another song we just came back from Miami doing shot a video it's a collaboration with us in New York rappers pop the ground hornets called it's a remake of daydreaming Kurtis Blow
you're the DJ's is like in that right now we got another project a Spanish gentleman did a remake at end of love so I can pop thing and it looks like it's going to be pretty big because he got a got all the things lined up real singing the song
a little bit of a sniff as proof
nycha projects we knew all this and stuff like that and we just we just navigating right now and it's like that stuff we just stay and moving and shaking and bacon doing what we got to do you know when's the last time you guys have actually been on the stage before me was wow by Lil that means it's been a whole year
I was actually on stage last night somebody to be on the stage of the blue I'm in Atlanta but that was my first time back on its own stuff like what it's a $1 wasn't that kind of thing it was it was it was old 47
Caillou throws up hey girl what are you doing yeah what are you doing what you doing now
that's what happens behind in the car
green screen going
time okay so you guys have to answer these questions honestly you cannot plead the fifth and you can't laugh herbicide on it okay if my people which I know you guys are performing on stage like a lot of people who was like the worst person ever got on stage
they say they named as if they are friends we're not their friends
good answer good answer to the years they improve so we don't have to say anything that brings them back to that moment when they probably was just so you know coming together it's hard to say somebody's name cuz it's like in this business is real funny cuz you know you know what you say they name you know you not just a picture ID this is d right now to get the tape recorder other than the zoom recorder he's ready to go psycho Michael with the name so I know
if a mice is Makia know it's serious know it's serious with the cameras you guys I swear to God like I just like the other day in the supermarket and then forgot her phone so she's going to get there I just look over and say baby what would Jesus do so
never been on stage with with Nakia
really now I'm just playing it was
excuse me I don't have the stage okay it's me Victoria Canada right there was another artist in Canada she fell off the face because what happened was I was trying to move to the other side and then I accidentally bought then she fell off the stage but it was a that's my story and I'm sticking to plan for anybody she fell
okay I did you know like a Beyonce Move when you know when Michelle fell and it looked all right
I mean
oh man that was okay so are there any artist that you want to work with that you have not worked with yet
Steve Lane
Macy Gray I say Macy Gray style I was about to do a hair
just be quiet a school bus is in a little red box coming to pick you up Khalil
take me to the bus
so when can we expect the reason the fans expect to see like a school album coming out from you guys probably by June
resume and a special producers on are anything but we will have a few records on it that we produced and wrote as well so we will be always going out music so you know we give our condolences to Prince boys
just text me two weeks ago about coming on his radio show on Rock The Bells FM in it's unbelievable that this happened as a big shout-out and prayers go out to you because he's going through colon cancer singing We have to cherish the moments that were here and cherish the people that we love our friends are family that surround us and you know we know we joke about Stephen and you know all that stuff but really it's all love and and we have to make our Mark while we're here because it's not about you know it's about you know our Legacy that would be behind
eBay personals posted up
hello. Lil just straight-up said okay go get if you got the call the big letters
prayers go to that brother music speeding the soul and certain songs for certain purposes and everything I feel like the song that you guys have fly with you I feel like that song is just for him
yeah exactly. A lot of people use that song like
is it a lot of people man and we just
we just seen me lately become a chance of doing that song because he was straight through R&B songs but yeah yeah yeah so they put that together we just took a chance and did it and so we just really grateful other responsibly got through song and if we just got that on our resume song when it comes to something like that like you know it's other songs like the song Fly with you I don't know Steve you know I owe you is a no-go close friend of mine and ours is to become a Italian Frankie and
his wife been battling cancer for a while you know the hospital blah blah about and he had called me and say yo such-and-such ain't got that many days to live blah blah blah so he hits me up and he says your man and wife pass I was like oh shoot so you'd be like oh wow he told me to go to Facebook and when I go to Facebook next year he has a whole collage his wife saying the song Fly with you is my favorite song I want y'all remember me but this song and she's playing the song and he's showing pictures of whether you know any new pictures of her her hand in her and the kids and he's playing fly with you. That was really touching man that was very very very touching you know
how many people need certain songs for a certain time for a certain reason and Vietnam considered so I know right direction so other people can hear it so you know exactly what we're talking about and I want to say I know what you got song so I don't want to let you know dedicate yourself to other people with your song I would think collectively we would all say that the song is for anybody who lost somebody was going through something who needs prayers this song to you is a beautiful song so this is Fly With You by the force MD's
there Comes A Time in your life
how long you will go to the other side
steerable fly guy across the mall in the world
you don't even know where to go
the weather today
weekend open up
yes that's a beautiful song
you coming over by Bebe
still ten cents to get on
funny questions for the West Indies I want to comment on the song you can call him now it'll 867-6008 don't answer your question some of them they might not answer the question so should I should I use my other cell phone and call in to ask my question
no we we got we all we got we got we got some dates coming up you know we got some dates in York Pennsylvania South Jersey and we working on some things in South and North Carolina right now in Vegas that's just me. Come on then just let me know if things are starting to like you know you know you know the venue size is a little smaller but same thing as you know if it's the starter you know starting to slowly but you know that herd immunity takes facts with with as a CNA on this device mean to covet up the virus is kind of like dropping you mean like in the spreading you know I think everything start to pick up and go get you no clothes clothes back to normal but like I said right now that's that's what happen if you know all right we have a caller from it looks like there's a media caller what's your name and where you calling from
Jackson from Pennsylvania
how you doing what's your name Jackson Pennsylvania Jackson
yes yes yes what's your name sir
okay boom
I have a question I have a question for the artist
sure go ahead go for it can you buy Steep and Earl of something
citizen love the old man will give you the Cameo personal message
if your birthday is on a personal message will do a personal message for your wife of singer named you know and they give a big shout-out and stuff you know what is this for some days
all right all right
call Pennsylvania from
I live in Pennsylvania
Osho you are
all right Jackson thank you for calling and I will also add the link on the letters for the pain radio station for you for their Cameo so you for the
smack that you go yo thanks a lot Jackson for reaching out bro
and I all day all day at you with the good work so thanks man thank you brother
okay thank you Jasmine
I thought you said he was from Jackson Pennsylvania
it sounded like a real town I don't know know why don't we make a good team I where the hell that you were singing like cat scratching post
girl bye
Barbara Luna
no she too ugly
play it ain't but let me get on. Real quick for a moment because when I asked you if there's any of the artist you would like to work with y'all just completely skipped over me okay do a song together the record what what's wrong what happened I'm in love I'm in love with Macy Gray when she picked their hair out I was in love with every state
single cigarette voice
I don't know if you got a long way to go party because you know we get drunk together and turn on anyway it's about time for us to get up out of here or I know rhyme with having so much fun it's on call
R&B release party oh yeah oh yeah song
still got some money I need to spend over there from Hong Kong money but quiet
go out and get all four 7s everywhere everywhere
at the concert cuz you know we
Sabres jersey New York neighbors neighbors Lord Jesus wants to go out yesterday daydreaming okay Daydream this what y'all know that so daydreaming 8 p.m. we will be in interviewing Gene poo poo man understand from Parliament and the Funkadelics
all right coz enjoy your birthday
all right guys thank you thank you all alright