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LetterZ From the Pen, 12/02/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Singer Sojaboy

LetterZ From the Pen with Singer Sojaboy

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thank you for turning into letter from the pain I am your host R&B singer Nakia and I'm your co-host
we have a great show for you guys tonight so make sure you keep it locked
so before we kind of get into the show with the gas and everything we're going to get inside letter tonight and if so
letters from the pain 21 years old I've been denied that is 25 the only problem is I'm Chinese and continued so there's obviously it's very hard for us to date either of us to be in this relationship together because
I'm not allowed to his house he's not allowed at mine so even though we are of age we have to sneak around to see each other
I keep asking him to move out and find a place together but he's afraid to leave his mother's house with some advice I've been dealing with this for 2 years what do you think I should find computers
you want to give your opinion party
okay so I understand the different cultures and how things are ran like an Indian culture opposed to she's Korean
Japanese Chinese sorry don't want any misunderstanding
but when two people are in love and they love each other and you can't it and the love that you have for one another is
so strong to point maybe it's time for both of you guys to move out and move forward with the relationship where I'm confused is like why doesn't he want to move out his mother's house you understand what I'm saying like does he take care of his mother and his mother sick what his actual backgrounds for saying like he he doesn't want to move out his mother's house is he afraid like if you moved out of his mother's house and they find out that he's with her then they'll disown him like you know it's a lot of questions to be asked before I actually like getting deep into a response
I mean personally I think the whole thing is just cultural I mean because it's obviously that mean and
I wonder if they go on vacations together like you know when they're like all I'm going on a vacation like cuz the parents act like you know
I mean I have no idea in general like Indian culture in Chinese culture culturally are the Pocono Meadow weather
I think every everyone's parents names of them being with someone that is you know their own race their own cold sore different so I think that they have some thinking to do I mean they've been sneaking around at 21 and 25 which is which sounds ridiculous but there's going to be some differences and things to decide whether they're in love or not enough you say you know what we're going to find someplace and we're going to move out
when they met they may run the risk of losing a family they have to figure out if that's going to be something that they're going to do for their self
so I mean if it's a tough situation I think you guys have a lot of thinking to do and you just have to figure out for the if in the long run if you if you don't feel like it's going to work and it's kind of intense but if this is
slept either and you know I don't know what this man ate someone figure out of that person
put up with
also I mean culturally if you got married in it
we're going to do is just have a plan for the plan in place
but yeah but I mean
I know this is a tough spot to be in
war soldier I have a few questions to ask him
due to the fact that he was here and where was it Nigeria and Africa
I was married he went over
and yes I have the TLC but when Soulja Boy was on there and then Lisa they were actually one of my favorite couples in the reason why I would always watch 90 Day Fiance season was on because I just wanted to see if it was hilarious watching
but it was actually pretty hilarious
see why I'm just watch the the the cultural differences in how with all the along and having to take me up at same time is that when he's Couples from different countries come together they already know there's going to be there sculptural differences they were raised different everything but nobody wants this life
I want everything to be so there has to be like some given T Flex tape
I mean
even I mean it's just hard. Anyway been married
even if you would someone that's your own race that has the same view it's so hard being married is not is not an easy cuz you could be married to someone who's who's your brother doesn't matter whether it's like it's a struggle is very hard and marriage is not a joke and it it's like you have to you have to work on it and
keep it together.
You said text I ain't know if I had her
tick tock tick tock tick tock
Hannah was stick talking before the text I can't text. You feel me
yeah shout out to Tik Tok for all the funny little videos and giving people a platform to
MC Hammer tick tock tick tick tick tick tock camera
okay see him if you if you are looking and watching this right now
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shout out to Michael for the
Chris Brown does a better though Does It Better Than Me dance better than James Brown
I'm like James Brown daughter that he ain't never had will never have me but I'm like James Brown daughter she taught me my
is Grandma still alive or Princeton listen everything
no but I would I would I would challenge Prince
because he's so pretty why mankind is my friend
how do I get different kinds of people that dance right so I must like if I was to go if I were to go to a club I'm the kind of person, like I'm addicted to the wall dance on the more we watch I'm one of those people
you wanted them people that's going to get in the club and think cardi B A Megan the stallion
Lil Kim and Mary J tell me how to kick in
see I mess around and do that dance Mary we doing and kick somebody
you going to fail
Lil Kim be doing that busting it down all know we're not going to do that got us a little Kim love you
you know you love little do you know
but anyway so we're going to shut out our sponsors and then we're going to play a song by Soulja Boy and then we'll be back so is brought to you by Amore do art designs for all your pressing needs or just want to take us home care taken care of your loved ones in the New York in Tri-State clean up no job is too big or too and are new
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so yeah we're going to play this song by Soulja Boy and we will be right back
message is this song had to pay some bills we will be right back
put your boy you got me
I see fire in your eyes
Filipino channels for Emma Forever
he was also welcome to attend I'm your host R&B singer Nakia
hello what's up my name is Soulja Boy and I'm sitting right here with
Nicki and we'll have the interview with out and see what good is coming up but goodies. Come out of it a lot of amazing things we have a lot of fans and they just like crazy they can't wait to see your interview and to hear from you and to see what you're doing now and what's going on with your music so you basically obviously you are 90 Day Fiance I watch that show on the fan and I shall so I saw you the whole time on that show and I I thought you know you are very amazing on the Shelf so you blew up everywhere with your song baby girl Lisa appreciate that you're welcome so what was it like when that song came out and all of a sudden when you realize how big the song was like what was like what was your first Steel
so yeah honestly you know
in anybody's guess you know if you don't feel good enough for like somebody who you're trying to be to get out weed and then trying to meet up with the demands you know how to replace can you do your wrong anything you do you put the blame on you and everything looks like you know that she's tied you know the saying something that you know she tells me she do this time I'm in it for the name of America America
like you already made it to your Paradise I don't know
she was leaving that without my family nobody wants you to know I just do it for her you know because I don't want you to feel like I only use on the show because I'm the person that anybody would be so you know that I was just trying to feel like deeply and me I'm doing the right thing by calling me us, with no evidence with no prove which I was the person that was even given her money and she don't call me anymore. I know it's late was taking off from the TV and then they're putting me that since I'll content I went to see Monday she was fired because of that and I also have to go by
you know I have three new lady from somewhere I can talk to them like me have that I just
I just forget about everything now continued what I was doing and then
agree know I got somewhere or some of my money from can you get the money from me because it is not in their terms and condition to do a wire transfer you have to attach your application with your account number which I should eat a YouTube account number of America account number and I have known I just bought that we are still fighting but at least there's nobody I can assign outros to get my money too and you send it to me about for my own wife told me that they don't feed somebody through someone was like you had the money I got to give her the money Fiesta money now who is this I have the check
she didn't give you the money okay if you want to see how you do with them
I'd like to go on and I start filing for the divorce all right now it was so I'm stealing all recognized because I have my currently divorced right now so do you have a new lady friend in your life or no
so honestly my DMs like Foo
yeah I have more than 50 thousand damn right now
my DM is full on the sleep but like I am still consider myself as somebody who is in the silence want to get back one day we basically no on our culture and tradition you have to get money so I was just setting up my channel in your culture right so you said your country has to give me to have a child so I mean we saw bits and pieces on 90 Day Fiance like your family some of them agree with some of them didn't so would you say that like you being a black man or a Nigerian man and her being a white woman that that caused a lot of problems because there was differences
I think this is JoJo she is now I think it's not anybody that can take that to my family.
Dick. Leone I was trying to do all that just to make her happy I was thinking about how you let me just make a happy birthday before we left or right
what does that mean there is one thing that is not America doesn't understand my teeth even when you don't want to get money to someone we do for sacrifice
she does not have any money to help me out as a young person who's trying to do this Empire or trying to do this area or whatever
now would you say that being in that marriage for the time time that you were in that marriage was she buried
very possessive
are very like jealous of oh yeah I have those people that are in a relationship and you can have a your other half be like jealous but it's like that
possessive jealous to the point where like that purple bang their head on the wall
if you watch the show she was crazy it like when I was watching the show I used to feel bad for you I would like oh my God why is it why is he with this lady she's crazy I seen apartment like she got very upset because of how the bed was and it's like okay you got to understand and different country you know people live different ways so I don't understand like if you're not willing to add then why did you even bother going over there right so now I have you
have you visited America but did you come here around every or maybe I'm just you know thinking about you hold on because of this crazy bandana can order and then even if you come over there now you're not going to do anything much because though because of that stupid. Time on I understand that death Corona is so much you know in relation with colds when they have I just called Diamond in the PlayStore I think from Mount like maybe a premium in April April May June maybe this will start changing you know so then I will come over but
yeah I would definitely visit New York Los Angeles Miami Florida may make sure you don't go to Miami 99 Jamz
99 Jamz okay yes yes yes so she's my friend and I have to I want to be in Miami honestly like I want to have my phone so so I can
I have to plan Oakland by summer time I have to be be careful you know they might kidnap you
I have to let a woman everywhere I go to I just came back from Ghana like I have I have a lot of women that love me and I believe woman would love you and then also you do you love me
do you have to do about the when Lisa went on social media making allegations about you being with the same sex
yeah I had a body but honestly I wasn't paying that much attention and I don't care about that because like let me tell you what I Hate You Lie they'll come out from an innocent person is dangerous what are light out come out of the mouths of lions is normal to know what do you know like if any woman is a woman. She's worried about me being sent me a letter come on Friday
I just wish you didn't just to make me look bad because she said it is either have you damaged you been just to make me look bad and I know I'm not so she can say whatever you want to do you feel like she was doing that to make herself
feel better or try to destroy your career or anything in that store
letting you know understand what I was saying she said that is either she have me or you just wrote me she wasn't trying to make it was true life story you just play display my step so if I'm good I'm good if you have if you have a bad robot
looks like your camera went off
I'm sorry you know what ladies Soulja Boy's here he's divorce so you know you want to see him up on a date is that what it is yes
OK Google I'm going to need you guys to write in his inbox make sure you're on financial statements are set up because he's not here to give you all his money and you know go ahead and shut up shut them out
or you can drop your pictures in your information on our website ww.w. Let her sleep a lot, and I will forward everything to him and will let him see if he thinks you know you're qualified or not to be his girl are we going to help you out please have all your teeth
Edwin is a nice one but like I only go to break now so you guys went because I need to hear you know
yes of course you do would you see no cost a lot of money and I'll make you so much for a tattoo
maybe later after I get what I want
do you know how to cook
how to cook
not really I don't know okay well when you come to visit you know but
world will get food out if you know how to cook I was going to tell you cook me some of your dishes but you know I'll pass since you don't know how to cook
I don't know it's a Google I like food so
if my baby know how to confirm yet she got me
hey that's the girl who has everybody
I like to eat if my babe you know how to cook
then she got no problem
yes so now let's talk a little bit about your music so right now at this point like are you actually making money off of your music that you have released your last release what was is a king of Africa or was called it just like you always speak pidgin you know like I'm not trying to say I'm trying to say chinga I think of Africa but I do want to say that we want to say King Africa you know because you just brought you just sound like Africa like some supermarket flyer you see how I dressed as how my country playlist
2018 Chevy Caprice
now does it snow over there or is it so
does it snow over there or is it just always hot we have known you guys would like we like to be here because we always have we know the temperature is always hot like it is winter time right now but I'm very sure it is it is not up to Summertime of a day it is winter in here but it's cold and we have snow so over this time we don't have snow again
how many degrees is the weather right now
I have to check presently because I am not too much calling about. You know I I don't go to just one second I can get that to you cuz I have the
but like the we don't have snow yet at all we don't we don't see snow any
cuz I don't know maybe easy because of Africa doesn't have it doesn't get cool yo Celsius right you guys go Celsius it's pretty warm over there that's pretty warm like are you putting out any music any new videos coming out
I have a new video that is coming out very soon I just got you today it just get ready to date today to get through this night in and then I'll be sure. Video I thought that you should know is that he pee diarrhea song called kg I think that's the last track and the first one on the truck I mean on the EPA just call Zara I want to see the video in the next two weeks
okay nice nice nice so do you have any sold out over there so what is coded like over there do you guys have like covet are you on lockdown
so they got me on this Bridget Bardot Street and then we go to program go to my school go to school go to churches believe it exists to watch people are dying from but we don't have it like we have it 1% like maybe 1% just 1% out of 100 over there you have any shows coming up or anyting
yeah I'm so I just came back from Ghana and I think I should be about like right now I don't have any show book because I'm about I told you on the trouble I don't know going to shoot. Zara and devices
okay cool cool so how do people find your music like where can I go to get it
it is on or digital platforms Spotify iTunes and apple music won't play Amazon YouTube audio Mac Everywhere just type this for GTA V O Y and all songs you come out
okay so you know who I know you're soldier boy but you know Soldier Boy is
I don't know you be busy and I don't talk to you but I know he knows about me and even talked about it on The Breakfast Club why was it so
does he have like an issue that your names are so close like how does that affect you because
I am not Soulja Boy I am Soulja Boy I need a Sims 2 we have the baby will have baby we have the baby
I don't think is I don't think you even worry about that because he already explained that my spelling is different from the spelling and if one alphabet is not there then is Madison
yeah I know we are all recognized worldwide you know I know that you but then
I believe I'm digging my own way so
I'm super big Madam but like I think about you I mean I will show up before the 90 days season 4 I think it's one of the biggest you know you know Season that I've ever had a lockdown in Wood was at home you are boring so you have to watch and when you watch don't do you think interest is Lisa Rosemont so if you can be you know they should become become the I think I'm not the whole America Stars by Chris Brown and Soulja Boy you know the Steve Harvey D montero's John Legend Chrissy Teigen
if I can be a big deal that you should understand that I'm bigger truth but I'm not trying to brag I'm not trying to be proud I have to get the funds because without them I'm nobody that's what I believe
right okay good good I mean it was really nice to meet you I think that you have some really amazing music I really really like you music so we're going to play some of that we're going to put it in rotation and we're going to let the fans you know let us know you know what they saying and I'm sure you're going to get some great feedback because I actually I really like the songs I appreciate that and God bless you I really appreciate that you do what you do so it will give you joy and happiness depleting you so I feel that I am ready very grateful to God bless you all
you going to sting a little something for us
yeah if you want what I gave you last time I asked her if you saw that before remember who is there anything you want I go to for you baby I go pray for you me and you go all the way from TLC
podcasts that is what I enjoy
thank you thank you so much for being with us and we are we would like to have you back and when you coming to the states make sure you hit us up when you come to New York will give you a call I promise that
cool thank you thank you you're welcome
so thank you for joining us here on lettuce in the pan that was Soulja Boy from 90 Day Fiance
dope dope interview he's got the new things coming and hopefully we may see him back on 90 Day Fiance in the future depending on if he finds a new love interest from across the world who knows but again you can hit us up on ww.w. Let It Shine drop your information drop your pictures and he'll we think you cute we going to send it to him if you knock you down and said to call back a job interview I need your hair done cuz I'm getting my hair done
they get their hair done
that's right. That address 2400 Garden City Plaza polished Beauty studio
and Garden City New York if you're out here visiting make sure you come down and get your hair done front laces knotless braids bundle boom so this is the first time we ever did an interview with somebody was getting their hair done but you know she look until it right now but you know when she does she going to be laid and slayed or the Gorilla Glue
we're not doing nothing and still instead of getting stuff
go ahead and get on up out of here for tonight thank you for joining us make sure you meet us back here on Friday the 19th or the force MD's will be in the building okay so meet us right back here on the pan ww.w. Letters from the pain. Com are we going to take you guys out with a song by Soulja Boy it's available on all platforms make sure you go and get it piece
looking for a job.
I see fire in your eyes
Chase ATM
Mayflower menu
so did you know Dylan Forever