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LetterZ From the Pen, 12/02/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Johnny Will

LetterZ From the Pen with RnB Singer Johnny Will

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hello hello hello and welcome to let it shine again I am your host R&B singer Nakia and I'm your call Jose
so we have a really really good show for you guys tonight tonight we have Johnny will in the building so we're going to shout out some sponsors we're going to read the letter for you to get all up into the letter and then we're going to get into interviewing Johnny will
our sponsors that make this possible before we start I would like to give a special shout-out to my best friend Nina today's her birthday so happy birthday Nina 48 happened to the Saunders impossible LHS home care for all of your needs Amor Dior designs for all of your Kryptonite station apparel which is 420 apparel that link is up on you can go there click on that link and get some dope 420 apparel I'm at a 420 fan I don't do that kind of stuff but if you are you might want to go get some of that peril
every Sunday so check check us out there I think TV Royal eyes TV I think she is playing around over here
did the damage any of our sponsors can you threw me off
LHS home care I got them first
okay because that Dad throws me off
not those that I have on my gosh ridiculous
we are not on the same side of the world today like we usually are when we host a show she thinks she's cool right now because she's in Las Vegas in the Sun and I'm in New York freezing because this cold and she's going to rub it in and then on top of that she wants to show us this disgusting nachos at you needing but okay let's it's a juicy juicy there was so many letters and
I want to see the mall but sometimes we have to pick and shoot and job tonight is really good I have to read it twice myself while I was like what but okay so you guys and then we'll give you our take on it and then Johnny will you give us your take from a man's perspective and be careful what you say cuz we bite over here for the pain
dear letters from the PIN
okay well I have been secretly seeing my sister's boyfriend behind her back this is been going on now for about 6 months I'm starting to catch feelings for him I don't want to hurt my sister however I feel like I'm in love with her boyfriend he tells me all the time that we can continue to keep doing this as long as we keep it on the low I feel like because Valentine's Day is 2 days away it would be the perfect time to tell my sister and my current boyfriend that me and my sisters boyfriend are having an affair
I don't want to ruin things because all of the family will be there but at the same time I can't hold it anymore please give me some advice because I don't know what to do sign in love with my sister's boyfriend
first of all first of all that's your system
no sister should be my boyfriend and not only that there's no reason there's line so
what but we don't condone violence here on letters from A pen
this is just about situation like are you going to really like I think you should just leave them alone she never started it you guys need to leave each other alone sooner or later you're going to have to come out in like what's your sister you know I don't know how that's going to work or if that's just you know the sister bond that you guys had forever to the point you know
the sister needs to know
okay you being too nice I think
I don't know what I think because
I mean there's a cold I mean I would never do any of that any of my sisters and besides me and and and my sisters we all have different taste in men so it would be kind of just like like no like you know like my sisters friend since you know one of them like midgets in trolls are there's no sir I really don't have like a face in life what kind of guy that I'd just like you and she likes them young so you know I don't do those cuz you know you can't I can't I don't got time to train you so long and they look like a giraffe
Jurassic you girl but okay anyway yeah I got I just I don't even have any words because I feel like in a sense I feel like she shouldn't say anything and she just break it off and keep it moving because it's going to tear that Bondo but then on the other side of things it's like you need to
girl just throw the whole system the trash in the Manchu where is where's Grandma at what is the premise that just come out with a switch and start whooping kids cuz like that's what she need like an old fashioned whooping but anyway
from a man's perspective out of the way I look at it is I agree with y'all like that you should have just never happened and
she's got an end it and I think the best thing to do is just to come clean and deal with the consequences probably going to lose a sister Delfino losing whatever he is to what I mean that's what I'm confused about like you have a man so why are you is that like not enough man for you like why are you messing with your sisters man
because she was cheating on a man to mess with her man I didn't catch that part
I mean honey like this sound like some some Backwoods stuff like you know like some cousin sleeping with cousin stuff like I mean shout honey I just I can't even do this girl but anyway those are there listening you can call in at 888-627-6008 let us know what you think about this letter letter
let us know if this happened to you what you would do and I mean just wanted to know because I'm sorry this is hurting my heart honey I couldn't even imagine honey I would have to throw one of my sisters in front of a car or something but I don't condone violence but okay Fix It Jesus anyway
we going to get off into this interview with Johnny will now because that just messed my head up and I I just can't cuz that's just know that just broke Girl Code just to code Family Code all types of code I do know what the therapist do honey if you need one cuz it sounds like you guys need some therapy happening okay cuz this is just not okay it's just not okay honey anyway I don't even know what country
that letters from letters from all over the unit all over the world but I mean I know like different families in different cultures handle handle things different ways so depending on what the culture is she just might get whooped it might be a knife or not you never know
you never know and for all the women out there that just messy like don't do that cuz that's messy cuz I'm asking if she ends up getting pregnant by this dude and then the sister like a sister have kids by the Star Gratiot and say that in the letter I don't know but it's just messy OK Google nobody wants to be a sister or uncle brother fuck sister and Logan's real awkward real fast whatever girls girl you got to knock that off because these women that clean out here these days you might mess with the wrong woman man and she might you know turn into Fatal Attraction
it sounded like you cuz she said she's in love with him so it sounded like she wanted to them to break it off so they could be together and there's a big happy you know there are some people that do that like this used to be my sister's boyfriend but it didn't work out for them so now we are together and we're married yeah but you want to know something else like some females are okay literally being like the subject and that she is literally crazy cuz I'm sorry I'm not being nobody's number to like we did not we not doing that like I'm sorry I'm not we not doing those Swiffer stuff because if you swing that meet the wrong way is going to get dropped off and you only swing it this way I don't play that
but anyway I'm going on topic let me get back on topic
all right
Johnny will you have a new single coming out on February 14th in 2 days to get over the idea how is Purdue's stealth everything love you what I've been working on this
this project for a while this it's like been going for forever feels like you know just slowly
Belen and
dopeboyzmuzic they actually produce the the beat the beat so I usually produce my own stuff but I just felt like lately it's just with the schedule and everything I feel so much more productive for me to just work with other producers instead of listening to the you know I'm hearing the same beat over and over again as I'm making it then I got to come up with something you know like producing one second then I got to turn it to the right of that I have to turn it to the artist it's just easier to Just Vibe with something anyway
dopeboyzmuzic produced it and love you just about it's about a guy that just
he's on outside well you know speaking of relationships and you getting off
Tangled and stuff so it's about a guy that kind of that really likes this girl she's in a messy relationship
he knows it's no good for her they got this Bond going on but I guess she's too invested in the relationship so she doesn't want to break it but he's telling her that this is so much more for her you know she just goes with him and you just trying to break it down and let him know how much better would be with him so it's called love you. Don't hide the girl from the letter you should know you don't know cuz that's what it sound like
but anyway we're going to get off into this song really quick of the songs really really dope so go ahead and introduce your song and when I get into that my name is Johnny well this is my new track love you
play a game.
they can never love you
thank you Mom I love you
I love that song
thank you so that song will be in stores February 14th
Valentine's Day on all the platforms so you guys can go and download that and stream it I mean
song really for the ladies like I know that there's a few guys out there in Beverly Hill chips
afraid to let go and there's probably a good man out there that want you but you can't let go or what you got So Dope song if they have a budget over there too
I'm trying to post by Jay will check them out
I'm what I got the lean going on all right
alright so let's get into let's get into it like your your journey and your career and some things that you've accomplished and done so when did you first start doing music
well I mean music's always been a part of my life I I started like playing around and just find The Melodies when I was like I mean I don't even my mom tells me when I was like three years old we go to church and come home and I just whatever was playing and cherish I would just mimic the melody and I'd find it on a on the piano and then I guess seriously I've been taking it seriously since I was 15 but you pretended like he was good and then when do parents are watching you was bad but I think I started off good
Yeah Yeah Yeahs ended up being Problem Child
well soon learn you know it just takes others
no stop
well we're glad I have to say my mother my mother was
she sang Blues Jazz and she used to go around and
you know like singing bars and restaurants and then she used to have like parties and stuff the way we have musicians come come over and I had a drum set at the house so we have full-on jams in the house and sometimes you know like you just have Jen and everybody everybody she played with it was these are the real deal musicians you know so was like really having like you know adult show in your living room
I do I got a brother I have a brother older brother a caller on the line guys so where is it that call real quick and then we'll get back to the questions I'll call her what you need Marie calling from
Jonathan from Pennsylvania
how you doing Jonathan
how you doing yeah I love to show how you doing very very good thank you letter
honestly I did not get it
okay so let me ask you a question
you got siblings
would you ever sleep with one of your siblings significant other
hell no C is this cold it's cold I'm telling you that I'm telling you they had to be from the backboard someplace I'm telling you
and now and now now see I'm telling you
thank you for calling and Jonathan make sure you stay locked right here with us we're going to we're going to continue interviewing Johnny will and stay watching this Live on YouTube because we have another surprise after the show coming up thank you for calling in thank you for supporting us
so does your brother do music as well or is just you know he raps every once in awhile every once in a while he'll come up with some fire it was spit like a boss and then I'll just stop and I'll be like Mike like that was hot like maybe you don't but he just doesn't really know things serious but he's don't do wrapping the keys is really you know
I got to set it up
I just set it up we'll wait what weight and as you play can you hit a little note here and there
she got you going to the full-blown concert mode
okay can you sing Happy Birthday to my best friend and I was going to tell him to sing something you know sexy for Valentine's Day if you know for all the lonely women but okay that works.
are you setting up are you just staring at us I can't tell started setting up and then the audio just cut off will take that to all right
I request a bow
what do you want to hear leave the man alone
okay thank you sing your favorite song
My Favorite Song
all right
can you think yeah
Billy Joel Billy Joel she's got a song called Just the Way You Are
Don't Go Changing to try to please me
never let me down.
I don't see you in May
I forgot the words
okay you know you can sing just a little bit okay just a little
you're fine just the way you are
oh no no no don't do that again. That was a nice that was disrespectful to the song
case you didn't know it's disrespectful freestyle about that don't Embrace okay anyway so what artist would you like to work with that's out right now currently
it's out currently like today
you know like the artist that like we can understand what they're saying the better better better But yeah one of those
my son's a big fan of little Lil Uzi vert he's got a couple of dope tracks so I'm I'm forced to listen to him for me and talk and you know he's got some fire you got some fire temple tracks of fire okay okay if I had to do a song with anybody lb with somebody that does it
no I don't know nothing anything but that he whistles do I get it
you make soil types of side effects that's his thing on every other track you got a different sound effect he does and it works at it works right I can't even hate that you know me well I think I guess he sings and raps
he said wrapped in the new year and then every now and then you go in the marketing you know I mean I know you used to be in a minute in a group right so I mean do you like your career or part of a group we have we had a lot of fun as a group but I definitely I just like to you know do my own thing I've always been like that always been like the loaner like these kind of do my own thing and you know I enjoy the creative process
I create the best when I when I'm when I'm in a quiet space distractions so we had a lot of fun and you know there was a lot of growing a lot of experiences so I didn't
dislike it or say it was
you guys Spanish I don't like being in a group everyone has their differences and everybody has their own attitudes and it's like you have one person that's like okay let's get this done come on guys you have the other one that's like two worried about your boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever can't focus and then this one like what what time is over because I need you know and it's like if you want something you can't be the only one wanting it bad if your group needs the one that as bad as you do and no matter what anyone going through your personal stuff you needed out the door when we come in here rehearse let's focus on let's get this job done that's the only way we're going to succeed but then you have people worried about all this one thinks they're too
and then you have those that
what people do to realize certain songs
what this person you can't always be that one person singing lead all the time certain songs it's like okay let this one read this song and then you guys can get back here everybody wants to stay but not everyone the Beyonce you understand you just come in at a few times and just try not to fall when you doing to your the Michelle yeah I mean is like
can you fall down while you're performing like Michelle but you get right back up and keep moving
but yeah it is true you got to it's hard to get everybody on the same page and unigroup that's another thing you know you you know what have you learned through your time in the industry like what are some of the things that you've learned that you kind of had to have to learn the hard way was it a hard lesson
bet on yourself you know
like they were saying you have to really want it you have to really
you got to work overtime you know all the time even when you're tired and you feel like taking a day off you if and in this industry it's just there's no stopping there's no sleep you know it's it's off and on you know
so that's one thing I learned
a couple things I learned and
I don't know it's so much so much
I mean have you ever had like any music or anything like that stolen from you for so long so you know that having an issue when I was when we were in Trilogy we were working with some produces
that had you know they had pulled a new certain people and we had a certain look
and we're working with them and we had a song I'm not going to name the song cuz I need to try to put it together but we had a song
and you know we recorded it there in the studio with them and then not too much later somebody else came out same image same getup same idea and the same name song
like I don't know maybe you should just tell us how you who it is I just don't want to tell you I tell you off there but yeah but
yeah it was crazy
it was crazy and pretty much the concept of the song Everything was the you know everything was the same crazy because they don't really pay attention and know like certain things in the business and they get so excited and it's like okay I'm working here and you never think in your mind like all this person going to steal my song or this is going to happen if that's going to happen I mean look what's going on right now with cardi B and that song up but I mean who knows what fashion was not doing
either way it goes there aren't even here so I guess.
Her song came out up and there's a New Jersey artist that has a song that says when you're up and you're stalking you're up and you're saying you know chorus and
cardi B actually has the same music playing lyrics Staind chords and it's just too familiar with one another similar and the artist is like no she stole my song and cardi B said you know I didn't know anybody got a song that you know the record me and told me this thing and that's what I did so I didn't know what somebody else's song but if you want to take me to court then take me to court. That's exactly what I was going to say to like she probably had no idea that it was someone else's song cuz they got people you know submitting tracks and you know songwriters and producers so
did I think this is like cardi B second time being an in an entanglement like this I think so I mean honestly if it's really not her she needs to try to get some different producers on think of that style
a major artist like cardi B
if if she did know I'm so I'm speaking purely hypothetical cuz I don't know
if she did know what's the harm in saying
I want to buy this crap from you and dropping that independent artist some money let him live too because you already know you're going to take this to make millions of dollars off of it so what's what's 50 Grand a hundred grand in the midst of a million dollars but it alone on a cardi B album is going to bring you work you know exactly but I mean
illegal Logistics Center sometimes it is the artist and I mean you just don't know but I just I feel like Independent Artists have it very hard there's a struggle it's a struggle to get your music heard because of course you can give me the outlets at Major artists have the man but guess what major artists that are with major labels they have something that Independent Artists don't have which is money money do in an independent artist can't come out and make that same impact and unfortunately pee-pee radio stations a million dollars to spend your song every 30 seconds do the different type of grown you hear it like you know a million times a day and it's like
you know what I'm trying to do like this after you after you hear something like a thousand times and you're hearing on every station you see it on every television station every radio station you can't get away from me you listen you're trying to listen to something in there to here and then after awhile it just started getting in your head and like a song that sounds like two cans of bounce that ass so
okay maybe my analogy wasn't a good one but
did you catch the smell of bounce that ass when I said it you wiping your nose and stuff
so where where is your career points
so I'm in the middle of working on a whole project
where is started off as an EP and now it's looking like an album I really don't know what it's called
don't tell us that yet
well yeah but yeah just been recording and it's just been just been coming out crazy like you know back at the track is like when you get in that zone and you record a song and you like all this is the one and then that's the one they just you know I really love that's that's my favorite part of the whole process for you to face
it depends some songs Take Me days and some songs will take me minutes in OC
what's up do you write for other people obviously they
wait so you going to be okay so you can write you can write about any topic right
pretty much yeah I would think so I'mma put you on a spot I need you I need you right now
so bright song about cockroaches
let me make it better for you I need you to write a song about cockroaches crawling up something in the apartment
a cockroaches climb scenario
roaches Santa Rosa
he's going to come in right after I said that he's going to come see what we have in the Bible. The roaches two times in the second time you come in ready that's the hook right there
stop right there you ain't say nothing about coming in and grocery in and out the door ready to fight you going to hit it with that if I see you first I'll stomp on it and make them all the Spurs
Rick Ross get the Ajax when I grew up when I was growing up I used to go to my grandmother's house and you're speaking of roaches and it's just roach-infested like it was I used to hate going over there I'm surprised I never got I'm surprised I never brought roaches back to my house you know like when I was in oh yeah and they bomb the house they did everything they Detroit you can't get rid of them
I went to a friend's house before and like right when you walked in here like roaches so right when you walked in the groceries by standing on a beach looking at you like this like what's up and I'm like well maybe I don't belong here maybe I should just get my stuff my kids and I don't want no peace
yeah roaches like what are you know somebody roaches in your house let us entertain an exterminator okay so we know what kind of exterminators that cuz if they're a baby roaches I'll come stop them out if your big giant roaches like those giant roaches in Florida then he's going to come cuz I don't play roaches hiss at you is so bad that my daughter really look like Mom like I have to use the bathroom and I can't use it here we need to go like we need to go now and use the bathroom and she even likes. Changed inside the car like this not happen and I'm not bringing my stuff in there
if you see one
it's not alone there is a thousands more intelligent roaches is crazy so anyway I have a song coming out on Valentine's Day as well and Johnny will is on the phone with me so we're going to play that and get off into that because we're dropping our songs at the same time for Valentine's Day so the songs called Love Song and it's Nakia featuring Johnny will we're going to get off until now and then we'll come back and let us know what you think. Challenge
even though
yes love song I like that'll be available on all platforms as well on Valentine's Day in two days so yeah people call in at 867-6008 let us know what you think both songs now let us know what you doing for Valentine's Day
I feel like giving something away somebody call and let me know what you doing for Valentine's
we're going to give away a gift card
for dinner and a movie for someone that needs to take the girl out so at 867-6008 phone lines open calling
you will get that to you yeah
can't help you with the flowers and chocolates and stuff like that for you okay cuz that's just tacky if you don't get your woman a Valentine's Day present but we will send you to dinner and a movie cuz movie theaters are back open there just at a certain capacity
so it 867-6008 call at Roosevelt Field Mall Ashley open
do that are open I mean if you're if you're in New York right now
I'll bring you your gift card so you can have it for you know that today's okay no excuse and don't try to use it for yourself or your side chick the next day okay cuz I want pictures
we got a call on line one caller what is your name and where you calling from
call Natalia garibotto
oh well I'm going to take a boat ride to go see the Eiffel Tower
so you going to take a boat ride in Pennsylvania what what are you hoping for the snow to melt for you to screw yourself on it I mean I'm just asking the Eiffel Tower
okay so you're going on a boat ride in a Cell in Ms paint this picture for us he won't let a boat ride
Eden palace in Paris
okay so you're in Paris and going to go on a boat ride
can you swim
can you swim
yeah I can swim I can swim swim swim like a dog
so you talked about like Eiffel Tower Paris are we talkin about Perris California
okay right okay okay yeah is it hot over there right now wondering is 60 years of Jonathan cuz I can't bring that to you because that's like a 5-hour flight and I'm not doing that so you know how about you you're going to get it after Valentine's Day cuz you know my name is President's Day and then you can take your girl you know to dinner and a movie and make sure you really take her and go on the website pictures of you and your girl weight do you have a girlfriend
do you have a girlfriend are you going out with a friend unlock day I love you so and it's a friend it ain't no friend when you said I love you. I thought you was trying to shoot your shot so okay you got to be on
I want to see I guess he was checking me oh okay okay well Jonathan thank you for calling and go to dropping information and we will get a gift card for your thank you so much make sure you stay tuned on your on YouTube live because you have another interview with Soulja Boy from 90 Day Fiance, thank you thank you so much
alright so we have another caller on the line caller what is your name
this is Sean I'm calling from California
Hi how are you
I'm good how are you good so what are you doing for Valentine's Day
that's why I'm not I'm already doing anything for Valentine's Day actually
I'll be your Valentine Girl
so are you single or are you taking
it's complicated I don't know I think I'm taking I think so I think you're taking
we like to hook the ladies up all the time and then it's complicated you probably have a man that's not letting you know what it is so go to our website dropping information I wanted to send you something for a spot you got bunions on your feet
no okay okay I just have to ask you that bunion cuz I needed to know if we needed to get you the regular pedicure or like the super spa pedicure do you have a good night too
what's 29 and 1/2 does it have a corn no is the biggest which I was missing the big toe cuz you know the big do you need a walk
thank you so so you're it's okay girl they don't care at the nail salon they'll still polish on my toes it's okay and then tell you what happened
I'm just saying all right anyway so go to the question for Jay will though they played earlier the very first one I was just curious
I just come up with stuff sometimes it wasn't about anybody in particular
okay I was a really nice song thank you I appreciate it
well it comes out on Valentine's Day so you can go streaming all the platforms and download it and then you can play that song for your boo that it's complicated with because you know if he's not going to let you know get some ackrite that you can play Love Song for him to she can get on you ain't got time for this
okay okay so thank you for calling in don't forget go to ww.w. Let us from the pain. Com drop information we will get that gift card out to you he block the right here because after this interview on you 5 we will be interviewing Soulja Boy from 90 Day Fiance and we got some juice so thank you so much thank you guys Juicy Juice I thought when she said can she ask you a question if you wish I thought you was going to ask you if you had nachos to
if you got more stability then
are you going to Dragon at 11 if I see if I see your extra toe I'm stepping on it I just want you to know now I have a don't worry I wouldn't mind an extra ones that I get up and Toes down
and once we got to tell you to show his lips I really I really like this show
I couldn't even come up with nundi just came in and just let it up, follow up with that money and now watching the show and making a rope changa telling you tell me where love is an appendix want to take a moment to recognize all of those African Americans in history that have made certain things possible that never get the recognition that they deserve for creating certain things and you know helping
you know what the movement of ending slavery and segregation so we just want to take a moment to pay on it for that also next month is Woman Wonder Woman's mom woman's man yeah so we're going to have on some pretty dope women on the show today so I'm simply do artists and we're also going to have a couple of doctors on. Going to talk about some amazing things and just so you know amazing advice to men and women
the month of March fruit 4 letters from the pain at least is going to be women's empowerment month all month and we're going to be showing I love so a lot of women out there and we're going to be recognizing a lot of women that are you know in the communities really you know doing and creating positive things you do for the community you know people that never get recognized for anything so we probably going to be doing some pop ups on people so on that note I would like to give a shout out to an organization that I'm a part of call clue
what is the Coalition labor union women so. I'll see you guys for next month
so thank you everyone for joining letters from the pen tonight to watch his live interview with Johnny will we are so glad that you came on we're happy that you that you're here with us we had so much fun with you and of course obviously when your album drop want you to come back on on YouTube live for our next show with Soulja Boy and we will see you guys next Friday with the force MD's
write thank you so much for having me on this