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LetterZ From the Pen, 27/08/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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with Nikia Hughes and Dee

LetterZ From the Pen with Nikia Hughes-Cousins and Dee

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hello hello hello hello hey everybody Welcome to others in the pan I am your host R&B singer to Kia and I am your soul hosty this is Apple say hi Styles a little minute since you been on of course we missed everybody out there and I'm sure you guys missed its 2 and you missed rgc letters but we have a very good show for you guys tonight we have a very good letter and hopefully you guys will enjoy the letter and I hope you're glad they were back but of course before we get off into the letter he has to shut our sponsors jrc clean up no job is too big or too small LHS home care for all of your home care needs and the New York in tri-state area Kryptonite station clothing
how much is the 420 brand clothing which you can find the link on our website ww.w. Let us in the pen. Calm letters with a z Royal ice tvog to entertainment and humax TV which you can catch up on every Sunday night
and here of course every Friday night at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on PBS radio so let's get off until I let her once again I mean you have so many letters coming in so obviously be sent a letter in and when I try to get tonight we'll get another another show another time dear letters from the pain I've been with my husband for 17 years I just recently found out that he fathered two other children with two other women and the children are 5 and 4
you guys are the right they've been married for 17 years and she just found out that he has two children five and sore so he was a busy with a busy man okay
so now that I found out about these children he's asking me to stay However
I have spoken to the two other women and he still had an ongoing relationship with them I want to leave however we have many businesses together and it would devastate our children if we divorced please give me some advice on how I should move forward should I stay or should I go what do I do
okay then you can take the first
well that's has been businesses together and go on about your business leave if you want to know something they always say it's cheaper to keep her so you got the upper hand you might just walk away with everything depends though she it depends it depends if she is I'll bring it or not because sometimes people are not smart and business like this is why I feel like you don't mix business and love because sometimes they can end up bad so I mean it depends on how the business or set up like I mean come on now everybody seen Wayne Excel how she helped him build his business from the bottom up and then
what happened to the fight in the divorce and come to find out her name wasn't on anything
so I would I would suggest getting a lawyer and I wonder how old your kids are like how devastated you know will they be a man you've been with this man for 17 years so I mean we need more information like how old are your kids your kids are teenagers I'm sure they'll they'll be a little angry but they'll bounce back quick if your children are small they obviously need their father no matter how much of a scumbag he is so there would still have to be coming even even though your children order so I have to be some type of co-parenting relationship there because when you do when you divorce a man or man divorces a woman they don't you don't divorce your kids so
kids are involved it makes it tricky and sticky but I think she I feel like she needs to be strategic and her moves don't be Hasty because you're upset gather the information that you need to gather first then strike that's what I was saying
right I mean I don't want to see you on First 48 says I'm not talking about that kind of strike but I'm just saying gather your information or go speak to a lawyer find out what your options are heading girl just start going to his bank account and you know taking coins out and put them to the side I mean that's what you should you should have a rainy day bank account because you never know what you're going to ask sup right so rainy day bank account you know if he thinks he's giving you some allowance or something or whatever you just you know just to transfer poop transfer that you go and then if he acts up and it's time you know time to make that move then you just make that move
right I'm just saying and I just want to know like Okay so this pandemic has been going on now for a couple of years so sure when did you have time to go out and be over here with this family in that family when you supposed to be someplace with a face mask on like till I mean do you work sir I mean is your full-time job sleeping with other women like when do you have time for this office is very hard to keep one woman happy still to juggle three
that's amazing like women are not you know like women want attention so how are you
I mean you must have some stamina Sarah because how would you handle in this your juggling three women
a shame on you for tearing up your family and this really anyway because all this is doing is hurting all the children is what it's doing
you never know maybe he told him to get an abortion and they just didn't they were one of those girls act like you don't know because that's the mess with like a hoodrat chick that you know is for the money he or you're going to do this or I'm going to tell your wife you're going to give me this or I'm going to tell your wife you find out when did you find out if houses you find out she said she just found out but she wasn't specific and how she found out what would I say something to her because she cut her off and just stopped coming around that kid because he said two kids by two different women so that kid or just stopped giving her money like know are either he just stopped dealing with her altogether and just giving her money for the kids. Trying to put him on child support if they have my child support cuz I could have did it when she found out that you got a letter in the mail
I mean who knows I mean we need you know you know
oh my God anyway so when we going to get on this is dedicated to the husband that's running around cheating during you know the pandemic put your face mask on Star and and and and put a mass on your other head by just let's just stop this anyway he's getting covid-19 right here and let us independence put your face mask on by Jeanne Cooper Matt Andersen.
turn down low.
right so welcome back welcome back
as Gene Anderson said there's nothing wrong with putting on a face mask
yeah and cover all your heads
anyway speaking of which
I was thinking I'm thinking in terms of how he had time but I thought about this right so like they're still like unemployment going on PPE loans and stuff
I wonder if he if he got a pee pee on it just said hey I'm going to take a vacation
that possibly happened I'm just having this conversation with you
I'm just saying but for real
if anybody has any comment anything on the letter
you can finish up in there we're on we're here we are waiting for the comments and the questions and concerns because we have questions and concerns too and we will get to the bottom of this letter
I'm just saying
is there any women out there or men that have been cheated on by their significant other and have experienced the same situation
this up gifts to some tips on on you know what she could do cuz I know everybody leave I started this side and said that you know I guess he got to get something out there but you know because at the end of the day enjoy you know what he can enjoy his baby that he know that he doesn't even see and the girl doesn't want to be bothered with him either
again just advice to everybody like you don't do anything but the child suffers more than anybody and everybody so let's stop being smart and think with the proper head people okay let's not
it's not think with our other had in our other hormones but anyway have you noticed have you been to any restaurants lately and noticed that like there's nobody working so it's like you need to just go and Serve Yourself
or either your food is just taking really really long because they're very short one cook one way or one person sitting people down and I don't even know if there's one manager I don't know what's going on let me know what's going on what's going on
if you're getting EDD
y'all got to get it together or y'all better come up with another concept baby cuz you not going to have no chat so you got to find a job hired because people are looking for work
they need workers people are looking for workers and you will get tired very quickly I'm just going to say y'all got to get a job before the people come over here and take all the jobs and jobs
they were dropped off in taxes and less Constance and you want to know something but I wonder if they are testing them and they have to be vaccinated call Mary hands out here but you know they're just a lot of controversy which we won't get into cuz he don't like politics but there's a lot of controversy around you know people want to take the shot people don't want to take the shot that is a shot effective is is it not there three different types of what's not approved to go check out the CDC and make the best decisions for yourself but just know if you're in health care and you don't take that shot then you can no longer working out here unless you have that shot so I think that that is just in my opinion I think that's a bad move I think they're going to lose a lot of workers and it's going to be difficult
but don't figure it out as we go correct so but at the end of the day I say that you know it's your body make the best decision for yourself and for your loved one so with that being said so this is for all the women I've ever been right here on BBS radio you heard the first year on this station for breaking a first-year damaged by Nakia
how did we get here
all right all right all right so we got some time it's coming in
1 comments that I find a little funny Roberta from Texas says go clean out all the accounts that your name is on and leave like you don't know what happened
I feel you on that Roberta I feel you on that
I feel you on that I agree to like I would go clean the cleaning accounts out I would take everything get a moving company take everything out of the house and just leave all his left shoes with strings cut up the middle
and I will probably leave him a couple of suit pants back up one whole Legos or maybe cut both legs are so he can look like you know he's Beyonce you know and and then you know I'm a little diaper she can wear
the saying that's what I would do
or you can call me and I'll show you what you can do all right so Alvin Alvin from Riverhead
hey Alvin Alvin from Riverhead says
she was married to a woman who he later found out she was just married him for her green card and she cleaned his account out and left but then when the money ran out she came back and he said that when she came back he changed the locks and lock the windows and didn't let her back in okay Alvin so I'm not sure I mean I understand that your story but will how is this if I tell him how are you are you telling how to change the lock and the windows cuz by the way she can't be legally lock him out of his name is on the house too
so I mean let's be Petty but you know let's be Petty and in the legal sense yeah cuz that's not going to hurt him cuz all he's going to do is just call the police and they don't let him back in so that's not so like we need to do you know we need to do stuff like put some pink hair dye in the shampoo I mean you know be extra page put some some blue dye in his body wash so you can turn into a Smurf
you know I'm just saying let's be extra Petty put some put some Bangla on his Jail at the holes out of the cross on the pocket of the pants and put ketchup and mustard
yeah that's Petty that's pretty Petty that's pretty Petty all right Sarah from California says just beat him in the face with a pop when he goes to sleep
I don't know if we want to beat someone in the face with a pot while they're sleeping that could land you in jail just took Griffin accidentally spill it oh no don't do that cuz then that's like skin grafts and stuff like that I mean I would say just take that back we do not condone violence right so you could actually just wait for me to go to sleep and drop a bunch of dicks on his face and not say anything and then just take the mirrors down in the house so he can see so you know when you get in the car but doing the permanent marker
don't take a minute to get it off I'm just saying that there's just a lot of things you can do
Shannon from Colorado said just blow your nose and all his drawers
do I have booger weenie
I'm sorry what was you going to have a what
do you want it like oh my God, just keep coming in so fast I'm sorry everybody I'm trying to see
Brian from Los Angeles says
maybe she deserve to be cheated on
okay Brian we obviously can tell that you're probably a male hore
and the next time next time I Brian
quick quick quick girlfriend, but your comment in the chat box or you can hit us up on letters from the pan on Instagram and drop your comments there
someone said why are we male bashing
sir we are
start with the with the fake name we're not male bashing we're giving advice and speaking upon what someone did to somebody's books not male bashing bad out here and I bet no one saying that we're just talking about this particular situation she just got a bad so far for you that wrote the letter
beat him in the face with a part when he goes to sleep we don't change the locks on the doors and the windows I kind of feel like the pettiness of them all of blowing your nose on the drawers I mean
who in their right mind now that that's like really evil and Petty that someone's got to think that like I'm just going to blow my boogers on your underwear
oh my God that's so crazy that's so crazy but anyway is it just me or is everyone having a heatwave everywhere
is definitely Heat Wave going down. He has some amazing tips on things that you can make weekly to stay cool things you can give to the kids
you know some way you can get them at Walmart you can even go to the Dollar Tree and get them and you put them in your freezer to give Colin any wrapping paper towels and with cold water and put them around your neck car over top of your head or your forehead staple snacks for the kids so you can you can take watermelon ice cube in freezer
right or you can take some Kool-Aid you're not too late to do back and say take some Kool-Aid important those ice cubes with little to thinking that you got your whole make yourself a little pops his ice cream too expensive
right we need to talk about that Frosty right if I bring the prices down but I'm sure they will I'm just saying Jello cost like $0.29 a box Kool-Aid you can buy the packs of Kool-Aid how much are packs of Kool-Aid
how much are Kool-Aid does anybody know
sometimes he says depending on where you go go to Walmart there around 39
okay well I mean that's that's a cheap quick tricks for the kids you know for the summer even though we're coming out of Summer we're going into fall I have a feeling that this summer is going to drag a little bit into fall because it is just so hot and humid he just doesn't even make sense
every time we had Henry Henry Henry Henry people in Tennessee to you and your family it was very disheartening to see that a mother that was a mother and father holding their twin babies in their hand that was seven months get wiped away and those two babies end up passing so we send our condolences to the family and to all the other family some people have to go on top of the roof and the one girl who lost her father than that and you know that hurricane
he opened the door to save them to get them out and he got washed away by the water and then they found him dead now that's a hurting thing but
so I would like to we want to send our condolences to the family and family friends and every one of us parents to see hold your head if you guys want to donate or anyting to Tennessee please by all means reach out to you no different organizations to help those families out there Tennessee
Apple I mean times like this is when everyone as As Americans regardless of race color creed religion should pull together at the end of the day we're all people and when something tragic like this happens it takes like a nation to pull it back together so
so weird song and then we will definitely I'm going to go find some underwear so I'm just going to go buy would you want to know someone's Crush
be she didn't she didn't specify like below your nose in like the dirty underwear or like the clean underwear are born before and I don't know I guess she's probably thinking your face probably was down there before but
what she probably said your crotch was in places that it wasn't supposed to be so he put your crotch some place is not supposed to be in some boogers just saying just saying anyway let's get off into the song Good Jamaican woman by Dave Rebels for my beautiful lady
going to own the world
I just want
find me a good to make a new one
got me going everywhere
got to find me a job
solar system
always lovely entry Remax swap.
a good Jamaican
Mega Swampert
find me a good
welcome back welcome back so that was good to make a Woman by Dave Revels I hope he and all of the all of the songs with streaming everywhere on every platform Spotify Apple music iTunes title
these are everywhere so any of these songs you guys can go out stream them support the artist
play the music sound and that's what we're all about here supporting the artist in the music believer else
she may have she may have
have you done anything fun for the summer so far I've been working so
you said let me see like he was about to just drop like in the Bahamas family
never mind no Philadelphia but it's still like you went away yeah I took the kids we had fun it was okay where else did I go on working
there are still some fun things to do for summer to end so if people are looking for something like cool to do with the kids there are some festivals and stops on you just have to find a search for them online Google them and adhere obviously to the policies is the social distancing The Mask rules not accepting you if you're not fascinated
some restaurants and stuff like that but however if you're in Long Island New York and Suffolk County and around again where all the food trucks around and you can just try different foods from all over so they only have that
the lyrics to so you guys might want to come out because we're going to beat you guys can sample food or you can say what's up
I don't I don't think it's coming to Riverhead this year and came last time but it only shows at Deer Park so far so they have the food so you can get your tickets on the Food Festival website for the you know or you can go on to Groupon
how does a member if you don't have money to spend there are still some Beach is open you can get that last bit of summer in with the kids at the beach and you can also do some stuff at your house like what is that what is that thing called that at the house with the kids cuz you know what kids are going to enjoy yourself no matter what so as long as they can get wet and play in the water
you as you going to have to buy the expensive slide you can always like this make your own little plastic like everybody can have fun with your money or not you can take some black garbage bags together we can say with some waterproof Dadeland out on the grass to put the water on it and going to just the one of the kids down it just shoving down they're going to have fun pushing pushing down there right
right she wants fresh kitchen
I'm saying it's a good form of punishment to just take about a foot and just drag them across the water
I'm just saying just saying
but you need and you have a child that's a size extra small or maybe a large or extra-large
I don't think we have too many medium things brand new still with tags Reach Out reach out so we can help you with some school items
yeah so speaking of children and school items and fight and everything make sure you guys are here to your school district's guidelines when the children are going back to school also school supplies are scarce as I'm sure a lot of people have heard so I may have not so started stacking up on the school supplies now to make sure your children have the school supplies they need and what is in the pan we want to help a few children get some school supplies and get what they need to go back to school so we are going to be giving away from school supply pack so make sure you go to our website ww.w. Letters in the pins out, I'm dropping information there I just dropped us a little note and let us know why we should help you get some school supplies for your children
why we want to make sure that your children show up on the first day of school with everything they need face mask hand sanitizer pencil pens notebook paper and all that good stuff glue all that good stuff right
so again dropping for me and tell us why you need help getting some school supplies and I just got like $50,000 from okay but I'm saying y'all know what I'm saying
so again you can catch up here every Friday 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
make sure you turn every Friday because we're going to have giveaways all year round all the rest of the year I'm going to have some amazing things so we are going to get into our last song
update of the evening and then we're going to get up out of here but again make sure you go to also get a zombie vs radio now so you can't remember letters for the pain. Cam go up on BTS Radio and you can drop us a little note on there as well and if you have any ideas or if you want to be a guest on the show dropping information you can go to BBS radio shop information to stay there or you can go to and you can and we'll check you so we're going to get into a classic
I love this song but it's redone by the force MD's so we are going to get into La La La Means I Love You right now.
You know something
I love you so much
you think you're going to change
why don't you know
I don't think
a girl
you in my arms
la la la la la la
yes that was a force Wendy's with that remake of La La Means I Love You. A classic song
and they did an amazing job and again that songs available on every platform that you can think of is well she can go out and scream at
and again you can catch us here on CBS Radio Friday 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
so we are getting down to the end of of hours I just want to just to reiterate some information and they're going to get on the bus so again if you want school supplies if you want to be eligible to win school supplies for your children go to ww.w. Let us in the pan. Calm dropping information in there to tell us why your children need some school supplies and we will see what we can do about getting that out to them
also remember to catch us here every Friday 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time every Sunday on TV over on Roku and soon to be on the Royal ice chibi
and everybody you know that's your EBT cards if you're running out of food because I heard today people got a 25% increase so some people read woke up today with $1,000 on their food stamp card son woke up with 400 and something dollars on their card it's all over the Internet so I bought some food stamps either use that money that stuff back up for school for the children let's let's do the rice
but anyway when I get up out of here and thank you for joining us and I don't let us in the pen we are happy to be back
happy to see some familiar people in the Inbox and we love you guys and we'll see you next Friday right here I'll be the interview