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LetterZ From the Pen, 09/04/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Holly K. Brooks

LetterZ From the Pen with guest Holly K. Brooks

Letterz from the pen interviews Intuitive Psychic Holly K Brooks to speak about love and other problems.

Guest, Holly K Brooks

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Holly K Brooks
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Intuitive Psychic & spiritual life counselor
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Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the psychic arena! Strong business development professional skilled as an Intuitive life coach, finding answers to issues that you want answers for. Support & validation! Life coach, team building, negotiations,& motivational speaker. Teacher of Life Skills, Podcast & Tv personality. Contributing writer for Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global Blog. Monthly contributor to Luminous Wisdom-Sophia Women's digital magazine, as well as my advice column, "The Naked Truth" in The Trient Press magazine, digital & print.

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welcome to letters from the pain I'm your host R&B singer Nakia and I'm here call hosty
and today we have a special guest that is helping us host the show
psychic intuitive Miss Holly Kay Brooks
I am so thrilled to be here
we're thrilled to have you there going to be a very very exciting show so everyone is listening get your questions ready
and just getting ready to call in right so we're here we're going to answer the questions and stuff but I was in before we get into all of that we're going to shut off some sponsor letter for tonight and then we will start the great questions so sponsors the area photography got next for all of your photography jrc cleanup and of course all of these things you can get on our website ww.w. Letters from the pain. Com Royal eyes TV and of course we have to shout out whom agonizing TV which you can catch the show where sleep in every Sunday night again on when I got my fame
so with that being said thank you to all of our sponsors that help make this your possible and we're going to get off entire letter so we had a lot of letters left we always get a lot of letters you know what is going to go to different tonight so I just randomly picked the letter a couple of letters will do one now and if we have time later on in the show somewhere we will do another water but here we go
dear letters from the pain I am a 35 year old single mother with four children
I recently been divorced
and I started dating
I've been seeing three different guys and I think I'm starting to catch feelings for all three of them that you have a different quality that they bring to the table I'm super confused and my children have not met any of these men yet because I'm afraid so that my children
I am however
starting to catch feelings for one more than the other
however the one that I'm catching feelings for is already married to another woman it started off as casual we're friends talking dating now I'm starting to catch feelings but I don't think he has the same feelings for me do you think I should let this go because he's a married man and I'm so let me down again or should I continue to pursue this and see where it goes as he tells me that he's not happy with his wife and he made divorce her mind I'm so confused
okay and they each have quality she likes and I think we've all been there like I wish we could have him and him and him and mix them up together and when that be great I feel that the Merry Gentlemen is the first one that you can eliminate I just know way too much about that kind of situation the chances of him divorcing his wife psychically are not euge so if you can let him go now
before you get more feelings and therefore probably get your heartbroken do the other two the first guy you went out with as opposed to the second I'm getting very good feelings about him very good feelings I'm also that you haven't had a crime to see what he's about you know when you got three nobody gets the greatest amount of your attention and I always say follow your heart but take your brain with you and this is one of those situations so the first guy is what I'm feeling so Jason two of them and you will discover on your own he's more reliable the first one he's stronger
and I'm getting that he understands you better it may not seem that way to you right now but she batted keep putting yourself out there let your heart open and they all settling self by the way you feel
so I hope that helps you and I think that that's the way to go
bye-bye married man the very messy in Turkey Time
the one part of the letter that I want to touch base on with her is she newly divorced and she has kids and your kind of jumped into all of you situation to Cass County Don I think she didn't give herself a proper amount of time to heal and to kind of go through what she needs to go through because there's going to be an adjustment. Because we don't know how long you know she's married she didn't say but it's going to be. Because I kind of feel like just looking for validation anywhere so she's like dating all these guys if I do you have what I want here not yet that void of not having a husband it's it's understandable it's valid at your feelings are valid but release your grip on the steering wheel a little bit
take a deep breath step back and look at it with clean sight read your intuitive voice
listen to do a lot of people don't know how to listen to their intuitive voice though or it gets there and they said can guess their selves yes it's easy I mean it's not easy but there's three steps real quick you know
quiet your head so that you can hear that voice usually our heads are very noisy so quiet your head and listen number to trust it don't say oh that's ridiculous I'm hoping I'm Dreaming I'm wishing none of your intuitive voice is always correct and that's why you need to trust it it's like a wife Matt that we all have and then third step is to act upon it which is the hardest
do something that your head tells you to do and usually the further out in left field you're hearing what you're hearing the more correct your dad's so the harder it is to trust cuz it seems a wacko but it's not trust me
deep but you can't but I just feel like I feel like she's not working with the stable mind she just got out of a relationship she got a divorce and mentally she's working with her emotions and she's in she's rushing into things to completely too fast so she would never see the Quality Inn in each of those first of all the married man. The picture she should have that should never even happened but she's not going to be able to see the quality and the other man because it's like she's just looking for a rebound instead of working on herself and getting herself together and then just letting it happen she's not letting that happen she's just okay I'm talking to three man I'm going to date three men I'm not going to introduce him to my kids but this is mentally getting me over my husband so she's not giving it a chance to see the other
qualities are men have or what they're offering because she's working with her emotions cuz right now she just wants to get her husband who she was with for however long out of her mom and her sister. That's how I feel personally didn't she say she had four kids for kids a while and instead of letting things happen letting it flow she's trying to create something and when we force or try to create something that isn't meant to be at never works out does all four of those kids have the same parent
how do you say
but she isn't she did that she's thirty-five so if you think about it all so that means that she lived her twenties out being a mom and dad and having kids and being you know being a mom know she miss those those dirty and they were just all a year apart they are but I can't imagine you pregnant every year like being pregnant pregnant missed out on those years too kind of like partying Jade and figure things out
and that will come to her but if we don't work on ourselves she needs to love herself first and then love will come to her it is there someone out there that she hasn't dated or met yet and he will come to her but she's got to work through her stuff she needs to work on her self-esteem she needs to know that she's a really solid wonderful mother and that whatever her choices are in the future they're hers and they're good but you're right if you it's again it's follow your heart but take that brain with you so you know what you're doing
so if anybody wants to call and comment on the letter that you can call in and it is 627-6008 call so get your questions ready and get ready to call him so right now we're going to play
Take My Heart by G Tara right here on Lexington
turn out to be everything
would you do anything for me
gazelle give you the moment and then to 6% in his heart and Mickey Mouse me of her movement in that sexy dress where her blue Vision I was thinking about sex in that Coupe came with the score I realized it was more than done or we kept in touch actually text messages increase gradually I text you right back to me we smoking popes and casually when I hit it she felt it happen then that's what she said
if you want them on cuz I got to ride the way you looking around me like a bandana anywhere yellow come see what I got for you
would you do anything for me
what would you do
come take your fans come take your act like it's made of glass on break cuz I'm so to infinity beyond virginity apoquel high-level my bezel Franklin silly Rodney I'm on top of my karma sutra Mickey that I'm a film producer and my rooster don't need no booty stuff
BounceU wife-to-be is different I know we ain't trippin maybe you would have been missing and we hear your problems
all right welcome back to let us entertain radio on your house are missing Ikea we are here with a very special day and we are getting ready to start taking some calls so
you guys have questions or anything get ready to call it but in the meantime we're waiting on some calls to come in Holly
let's talk a little bit about your career and some of you know you're
goals that you have a head and what you've accomplished so far
okay well I was a dancer classically trained in ballet and Jazz and I had to dance companies for children and they were amazing and I still dance by a zoom from New York City you know all the studios are closed and I just was always that person that people went to when they had a problem I mean even in college and I just started Moonlighting on those hotline now I'm going to be 67 and two weeks so my first job was with Dionne Warwick Psychic Friends Network that's like so far back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth but I work for several line Psychic Source and one called Crystal Clear that only had calls in your
which was hard cuz of all the different accent and then I won't wait a minute and my working for them so I opened my own business and out of that came spiritual counseling because in school they teach us the 3 R's or whatever but they don't teach us how to deal with our difficult emotions they don't teach us that our perception is our reality and they don't teach us how to have Grace and gratitude how to spread kindness and love because it's a collective Consciousness we're all in the same Collective Consciousness and I've been writing for some women's magazines
and I have a column in one called The Naked Truth where you can write in and I answer and not all of a sudden I'm a writer I don't know how that happened but I am and I'm with a. Org situation in Chicago where were I really want some how to implement life skills into school I mean preschool to senior in high school it would make the world such a better place you know I have three granddaughters in there for 6 and 9 and I watch how they handle certain situations had they have the life skills training they would handle things differently you know they're all different
when is super strong the young one is the boss and the older one is very creative and emotional so I watch them and I hear especially Colvin I hear parents I might wasn't meant to be a teacher I'm all with my kids all the time and my kids are starting to freak out that I want to wear masks they can't go to their friends as much it's really affecting everyone children massively and also I've done some Arianna Huffington has a company called Thrive Global and I submitted five articles for her blog and she picked up four and one of them was about the effects of covid-19
alligator does one of two things either you are so much closer are you love each other everything's wonderful your best friends or you cannot stand that person anymore you can't stand the air that I breathe or chew and you feel like you want to rip your hair out and and one of the problems with coated is you know when you're in a relationship that's going to last you have years to discover about each other and learn about each other however with coat bed those years are you know squeeze in the 6 to 12 months that's too fast
to learn in a clear way about the other person their needs their wants their likes their just likes their boundaries so a lot of people are blowing apart during this time but it doesn't have to happen that way it just doesn't to be aware of what's going on and how it force people together I haven't you said I loved him so much and now if I hear him breathe I'm going to go out the window it's just not a
normal which I hate that word but it's not a regular situation so if you find yourself in that situation remember that it is forced I need it is normal to have these feelings any feelings you have about anyting are valid and it's important that we are feeling and not judge yourself about our feelings so I thought I would like to maybe in the tent and I'd like to do a tedx talk about that very thing including life skills for children and teenagers I mean 12 to 16 is it it's a
it yeah you know hormone City and all of a sudden you're not a tween you're a teenager but you're on the fence but you're not you're living at home but you want to do what you want if it gets a little bit complicated so if they had skills that taught them how to handle difficult emotions or realize that you don't Define Yourself by what other people say which everybody does and to not overthink things that is so important because everybody overthinks it was okay. Just came in on the website from someone in Joyce she's my husband died 2 years ago and I'm still grieving
I just want to move on but I feel like I can't can you please tell me what I'm going to get over there
I hate questions like that no it's a valid question it's what she wants to know Joyce everybody Grieves differently
so I think if you let go of your head a little bit and and don't go when am I going to get over this I should be over this I want to start new when it is supposed to happen it will and I think you need at least six more months I'm looking at 6 months for you to come to terms with this incredible loss
to me death is not an ending it is a beginning and he is in a place where he's happy I do some medium work and I know he's happy and actually he was watching over you I don't know if you are aware of that but he's watching over you and he would like you to move forward he wants you to be happy so give yourself another 6 months
8 months from now you're definitely going to meet somebody and 8 months I would count it out but you counted nothing terrible with math but certainly in 8 months a man's coming into your life that's going to shift your focus
and as your focus shifts and you get interested in something else
The Grieving will lift he'll always be in your heart always hold him in your heart and remember the good times and be happy about that don't cry about it it's a positive thing so we're looking at 8 months I'm going to do it for you April May June July August November right around the third week in November which is holiday time so I feel that you may run into him at a holiday function or be introduced to him by somebody you know it's not like you're going to go to the grocery store and bump into him you are going to be introduced to this man in real quick
he's tall
and he's got like light brown hair hazel eyes he's wearing a white man tailored shirt and he's got a green v-neck sweater on his legs are long I said he was tall and he's suffered loss to I'm saying which is actually good because you're both understand each other's feelings Joyce hang in there I know how hard it is sometimes maybe right before you go to sleep or whenever the mood strikes you talk to your husband that has transpired transformed and he may not answer you right then
but he will answer you and he's listening
oh and please when people say to you I know how you feel
they don't have I always advise everyone never to say that because you do not know how they feel or how you feel open up your heart and six months you will experience a shift in in your thoughts and 8 months I knew this guy walking in introduced by someone else that you know to you you don't know this other person super well but you do know them so that when they introduce you you don't feel comfortable
okay we got a couple of colors coming in okdal to Shana Line shoes from California
Hi how are you guys do you have a question for Holly
yes I want to see what you see first I look like as a situation
that's called the cold reading and I will help you but I do when I read somebody I asked them to write down things they want to know and then I say okay where do you want to start so I right away I see the situation you're in now is not the best for you and my correct right okay so there is I always say you have to clean up the runway so other planes can land and you need to attend to what's going on now because it's it's draining you isn't it
a little yeah yeah it's it's pulling on your energy in a negative way and I know how hard it is to make a change like that but we don't learn a whole lot from the happy day at the beach and nobody calls me cuz they're happy but when you have to face a challenge that's difficult and you stand up you face it you go through it the Universe goes well she got it she did something about it now we're going to throw down more wisdom and that's how you learn there will be someone else but first clean up your own bag because he
he thinks more about himself than he does about you and people say our relationship should be 50/50 know a relationship should be 100% And 100% And that's not what you have right now so
do you think it all over you know don't just make moves like that it's that's not the way to do it plan it in your head
feel what's going on in your heart and listen to your intuitive voice take care of that if you can take you a couple of weeks at least 3 weeks
to decide how to proceed once you do give it for 5 months and there will be someone else but not until you take care of what's going on right now okay
alright okay thank you thank you for calling you so much thank you lady love you guys and thank you bye
all right we have more jet from Long Island on the line
Palomar jet
yes I'm here okay what's your question
my question
I've been a widow for 3 years
my husband I know he has transition
but he walks my house everyday all day all night sometimes I can't even sleep
now I have four different men that are pursuing me to I've known since childhood to her new that I just recently met a few months 8 months ago now
other than that
I have known since childhood was married I don't have nothing to do with him but he keeps pursuing me I just want to leave it on a friendship level like we've always been friends
one of the guys that
that is new that I'm at 8 months ago I think he's gay he says he's not but I think that it
my question is this
do you see any one of them in my life
and when will my husband stop interrupting my sleep and wandering through my home
okay we were frozen when you started to tell me could you just expand are you saying that your husband spirit is through the house
yes okay some Spirits are friendly and some Spirits have attitude your husband Spirit has attitude he is sort of stuck but he's in limbo and he needs to let go and move on to heaven or the great beyond whatever you want to call it how long is he been visiting how long is he been gone from this dimension
August 18th
2018 he passed
okay and how long were you married
25 years oh wow no wonder he's hanging around you and he were you know for a long time he looking for closure and the closure is got to come from you in order to get his Spirit to move on
so when you feel him wandering through the house you need to tell him to get out move on it's over you've transformed I'm here still and you're interrupting my physical life also do you can you get some stage it's a it's an herb if you burn it and it burns like a smudge pot it just releases smoke take it through your house especially the windows and the doors and just run around this will clear Spirits for you which is important now these other guys did did I hear you say there were four until you've known since you were a kid
yes the guy you think is gay is gay trust your intuition if you're getting that he's gay the other one is married to set
you don't want to start up with someone that's married it's a downhill turn what you're looking for now is something new and different you've been through a lot and pain helps us grow so when you look for someone now they're looking for different things than maybe when you married your husband you're more mature emotionally and you know what you like and what you don't like you have boundaries the to the guy that's married boundary City by now and the guy that's gay if you can just be friends with him I love gay men they're the best the other two
is one older than the other
yes okay I think that he's your guy
I can see him and he's going to treat you more like a let me put my arm around you I'm a soft place to fall but in order to do that again you need to decide to make a choice and then be authentic about your choice own it so you have to clean up the other three gentlemen that the two no problem it's that other guy the older gentleman first
he's the one he's the one that the other the two that are viable
he's okay but it's not going to have your back I'm getting as much as the one that's a little bit older and being married 25 years it's nice to have a Dependable reliable guy that's going to say hey you don't feel happy let me talk to you about it he's the one and he's funny isn't he
yeah he is okay so I'm saying to you
clear your husband's Spirit out get some stage you can get it almost anywhere burn it make sure you run it through your bedroom and the windows and the doors are super important are you religious
Geary okay I want you to put a little cross in the door jamb to your bedroom because he floated in and out of there.
well that'll help the cross in the sage and the older gentleman is yours
I would do for it
okay okay
all right you are so welcome have a great night
so that was a lie
we just go ahead I like when it's me D when there's stuff to really eat a look at
so do we have a lot of questions coming in because they're scared nervous whatever, I'm so I'm going to do one question when and where I'm going to get to all your questions we're running two hours tonight so I have an extra hour or so don't have anybody's questions but it gets everything just some people in the inbox jumping off being crazy like you're not answering my question you ask him a question we're going to get to your question because I was a lot so again 867-6008 call him with your questions and Holly or one of us will be at the house
did you ever
thank you I love you
all right welcome back letters from the pain that was Johnny well with his song his new single love you he just dropped that February 14th on Valentine's Day so you guys can go out and get that stream that is on All Digital platforms but now that we're back we're going to get into some questions that are being sent because there is a lot of them and again you guys
I can't hear you
call in 888-627-6008 all right so
first question on the Raiders from Jay from the Bronx because he keeps harassing me Jay from the Bronx
okay so Jay from the Bronx is question is
his brother's been dating a girl for a year she always visit the house they're him him him and the brother's girlfriend is very playful she feels like she likes him he's starting to catch feelings for her but he doesn't want to have problems with his brother he wants to know if this woman likes him and if he should say something to his brother there you go Jay there's a question okay J she get I'm getting she has feelings for you but it's the Bermuda Triangle with your brother and you and her I feel like if you say something to your brother that's a ticket
don't don't say anything if she really is into you let her make the move she'll make a move she'll talk to you so talk to your brother and you can take yourself out of the mix so that you and your brother don't destroy what you have
but anyway make sure that you steer clear because it's a it's like a trap so let her make the move and please don't say anything to your brother going on with my computer don't say anything to your brother it's pointless it'll only hurt his feelings and I'll make you feel strange if she's not into you let her take care of business and that lets you off the hook
Tiffany Tiffany's New Jersey jersey she's pregnant right now 5 months pregnant by a married man she wants to know if she should go to his house and tell his wife because he won't tell the wife
what is your name if any Tiffany Tiffany absolutely no. Do not go to the wife you will be starting up a big
storm you don't need that you're pregnant I don't know what's going on with everybody in married men there is such a thing as this destroyed code we really shouldn't be going after our sisters men but whatever you're in the position you're in now and if he doesn't want to tell her he's got his reasons he doesn't want to blow up his marriage so you're in a bad situation but if you go there and tell her it'll be a nightmare and he probably I see he want to talk to you he'll be so angry and then your ear in the same position you are now only you went through a lot of painful situations
be where you are now so I say pull yourself up get it together you are on your own right now but you're going to be fine you'll be fine but not if you go tell his wife then the wife will be angry he'll be angry and you'll be hurt and sad so next time this comes around control so that you are going to have a girl and she's going to be the light of your life
and I raised my daughter alone and it's not easy but it's doable and there's not another person another man telling you don't do that do this do you want you're not in such a bad scene but absolutely if you want to be in a horrible storm
tell her about it no no no no no no no I got to jump in on this girl situation so when you and this is for all the women out there when you go out and you see, man that's already taken especially married you're going to get exactly the results that you're going to get your going to get with the handcuffs for that man is not going to be in your life 24/7 in your child's life 24/7 it might even be a situation when the wife finds out he's going to cut you all the way off and not child and just yourself because you probably nine times out of 10 if he cheated on his wife that means he doesn't really want to leave that situation
if you wanted to leave that situation you would divorce his wife was born and then start something with you
so you can't really
you can't play the game and then cry when you don't win so you got a girl you got to find a man that's not taken that's emotionally available and I mean listen there's plenty of men out there that will be in a relationship with you with women with kids and he will raise your kid and love your kid has has his own and he'll love you and treat you with the respect that you're demanding and wanting and by the way women men only treat us the way we allow them to so you have to defend what you want and if yes what if there was a man that doesn't come that's not at your level or doesn't want to come up to your standard that's not the man for you cuz you should not have to drop your standard just like to have a man
I mean I know I know we outnumber the men out here but but come on now like married man is not going to work for you value yourself
you know love yourself value yourself to find yourself by how you feel your insides should match your outsides
right now you've got a little issue with that but I'm telling you this daughter that you're going to have is going to be the light of your life and just in general like Mickey said stay away from Married Men there emotionally unavailable they're going to break your heart eventually and it's very very rare that they leave their wives absolutely so I'm kind of shuffling because the person is riding in this question I kind of know this person so Riley from Florida
so you're so funny
I'm sorry this person is funny so he wants to know if all of his women I got to find out about each other or if he can still keep playing the field oh my goodness Raleigh pull yourself together there is one thing that women do not like and that's called a player and that's what you want and if you don't think you're going to find out about each other think again they are actually
it's going to ruin your whole thing because once one finds out then another one finds out etcetera. That's like dominoes
I think that it's time for you to clean up your act and decide what you really want in a woman you're really not getting your emotional needs met with all these different women we know what needs are getting that and I don't have to spell that out for shoe that's not even psychic that's basic reality in Psychology but
clean up your room decide what you want and then go get it manifest what you want think about it and make it happen we do have the ability to do that and yeah they're all going to find out so Dak ready angry women are a force to be reckoned with so watch yourself even Florida so you know he's kind of like down south some of those women are pretty aggressive yes
and you know what he would deserve it that's horrible Behavior grow up
grow up Riley I'm on your side but I'm just giving it to you straight
so real quick before we getting some more questions if you are listening to us live from bbsradio and the second hour meet us over on YouTube live at BBS radio live where we are going to continue and stay on for the 2nd hour because we have lots of questions and again if you want to call in and talk to Holly at 867-6008 no question ridiculous on my last little bit but
all right so we'll if you know it's funny to Round of Applause to the men because a lot of times we have more women writing in and asking question but tonight hey hey hey there's a lot of memory
which is better Uber or taking over all over again don't have time for this guy
probably rightfully so okay will
will from Yonkers
oh okay we'll some Yonkers plans on telling his wife tonight that he wants a divorce and that he's been sleeping with her sister wants to know how that's going to go I don't think you need to call in a write-in to ask that will really I could tell you how that's going to go Lisa Left-Eye have you seen a thin line between love and hate have you seen driving with traction I don't like you should answer it or anybody to get chopped off or anything let him know that tonight tonight I don't feel that good move if you want out of your marriage separated
file for divorce or separate yourself from her for a while so you can think I think you feel like you really know what you want and you need to tell her
don't don't say a word until you to you and your wife figure out how to separate and give each other room to breathe and think it is not important that you tell her tonight if the other woman is pressuring you to do so then there's a problem there is well well the other woman is his wife sister oh my goodness I think that you need to step back and look because your wife's sister and your wife are going to go ham on each other hair-pulling screaming crying and it may it might end up that they both turn on you and the sister that you want to be with is going to have a shift in her attitude towards you
and then you're going to end up alone
so I feel it's important for you and your wife is separated for a while not live in the same place be apart and try to remember what attracted you to her in the first place because we have a tendency to forget that and the sister is not your answer she's not I can see it clear as day she is not your answer so why don't you hold off on that night
just go get the cousin why did you have to mess with your sister
just find somebody that's not related don't even go for the best friend like you should have and not only that if you if you're going through something in your marriage you should have sat down and talked about it maybe it was something that could have been fixed and if you couldn't be fixed then you guys go your separate way Kumbaya goodbye but now you're breaking two sisters apart for what
for your own
how to spell Noni at that's not cool what what is behind your motivation when you do things needs to be pure and I'm getting a lot of snow on a television screen here so swiss cheese there's holes all over the place and I agree that's what I said separate from your wife don't divorce her don't Jam her head up about her sister not necessary honestly I mean this from the bottom of my heart take it slow and leave the sister out of it and settle your home life however that is divorce separation whatever and then go to someone else
the sister is an easy way out and guess what it's not you think it is but it's not alright Harry from Port Jeff
two months ago I stole my Mom's money to get high she kicked me out of the house and won't let me come back do you think my mom will ever forgive me and let me move home
obviously there's a substance problem here and as long as you had this difficulty you're going to always be looking for money and your mother is a smart woman I can see her and it's breaking her heart but she's not letting you come home you need to clean up your act
stop whatever you're doing and if you can get help because the lying and the stealing is absolutely what happens when you have difficulties and you need money for drugs of whatever kind you you're not saying but I can tell you this it's not something you smoke marijuana it's not that there's something else involved here and it's dangerous and you've been lucky so far I would rather see you get how talk to a therapist go to an addiction counselor but stop breaking Mom's heart and then expecting her to open her arms and got all my goodness my son come home now because you'll do it again
that's the pattern no she's not letting you home so quick fix things then she'll know actions always speak louder than words so do something about this and stop stealing her money
so how ya when you go for help don't steal her stuff either write a bad thing
whether it's morning or whatever just borrow and give it back don't take that advice neither don't do that just don't touch nothing right on and off
Fran from Medford
my boyfriend just came home from jail he was in jail for 7 years I stood by his side the whole 7 years now that he came home he's been home for three months and he already left me for another woman I feel like he knew this woman when he was away because how could he go on to another woman so fast do you think that he will come back to me and should I wait for him
a do not wait for him he's already shown you that he's not worthy of your dedication your trust your love and yes he knew this woman before he got out he was communicating with her and she's me you were amazing to love him and support him and stick by his side however it's one-sided and I think you have a lot more to give in a relationship with him and appreciates you this gentleman does not and I don't want him to lie to you anymore you don't deserve that so he's he's not the guy for you the man for you is on his way he just hasn't gotten to you yet in the universe nothing happens one second before it is
Post Oak so be patient and kick him to the curb seriously he's done you dirty I don't like it you know
the thing about it is so he was locked up for 7 years and you basically waited for him and I'm sure you were sending him packages and visiting and sending money and pay for phone calls so he's three months later after he gets out he leaves you for another woman so one day like Ali said yeah you know the other woman and two he basically just used you to get what he needed to get until he came home and went on to this other woman and probably just Other Woman wasn't supplying everything you were supplying when he was away
so he can I use you as just like. So why would you want something like that to come back to you or why would you wait for something like that
you have a good heart and what we put out is what we get back in this case what you need back is not from him it's going to come from somewhere else so pull it together and tell him you're done and don't feel guilty about it I can hear you saying but but but everything you say before the word but is negated so get it get yourself together again all these questions have to start with you loving yourself
and then you wouldn't allow these things to happen if you value yourself loved yourself know about yourself had boundaries
you need that or people will walk all over you
exactly alright Alyssa from Riverhead wants to know she's been single for 3 years now is another man coming soon
yes wow really soon in July
I feel like in July you're going to meet a man that you are going to have a serious relationship with and you said three years did she say three years she hasn't dated there's a reason everything happens for a reason even the horrible things you just can't see why at that point but during those three years you went through things that made you grow that made you transform emotionally and physically and now it you're ready you were ready during those three years in the universe knew that
and so they went well she's on hold until she gains more wisdom and loves herself more and when you said when boom July come right into my head and when things come in that quick they're always right somehow I hope you can find me and let me know because I just had a woman write to me that I predicted all these very specific things for her daughter two years ago and they all happened and she ended up marrying the guy I was speaking about and said she would so trust yourself trust that inner voice and listen to your heart and your brain
do I meet this guy on Main Street now know he from
actually he's in a circle of people she knows but he's like on the outside of the circle he is going to make sure he gets however that is he's coming to and when he approaches you and me to something inside of you is going to go this is the guy Holly was talking about that we confirm how we can we confirm that he's not a married man he's not married he's really we don't need any more of that we have kids and if he does is a lot of them
one kid from early marriage when he was very young and it's not like heavy baggage not as I know so you don't so Melissa you don't have to give the baby mama TKO everything's going to be alright it'll be smooth you waited three years you know welcome to the Karma Cafe you are served what you deserve and you deserve a good thing and it's coming
and you're not going to meet him on Main Street stay off of Main Street
what is your thing with Main Street Riverhead has a main street and that's like the street with everybody that you bump into everyone's so it's okay we're going to do one more question real quick and then we're going to take a break and then we'll come back and keep going with the question so they just keep coming and non-stop so this question Kenny from Alabama my girlfriend is currently pregnant is the baby mine
I know you were what were you going to say during the girlfriend 403 or the baby's yours and yes she's giving you let says several reasons to wonder but this is your baby and if you can work out in your own head
that she will be faithful to you and she loves you and that she's not going to be playing around that's great if you cannot that's also a red flag that you should not keep going just because it's your baby you can see this child without being in a relationship with her
but decides Search Your Heart search your mind and talk to her don't condemn her just yet you need more information it is your baby it definitely is and it's a boy that Jenny didn't you know now
it'll be fine Kenny you just do what you need to do and what makes you feel confident and valued
okay so we're going to take a quick break this is a lot of information a lot of questions coming in this blunt so we are going to take a break spell guest Holly K Brooks which we love so much
how old is Becky G
come let me take a selfie
and got to take purses Vera Bradley
only thing on my mind is pleasing you making music with your buddy you know I love you.
can you show me
when I see you
Brad Paisley
Odell images
all right welcome back to let us in the pain that was Jay holiday ride that's his new single that's out now streaming everyone off platform I'm your host R&B singer Nakia
I'm your co-host Dee and we're here with our special guest psychic intuitive Holly K Brooks on our second hour so we're going to get back to some of these questions because they just keep coming in and I'm getting a little crazier and crazier but it's okay
Hugh calling it 867-6008 if you want to talk to Holly why don't you guys don't like it but I'm asking a question being discreet on giving first names and not last name so that's the best that I can do so
we have a question
from Scott and South Carolina
Scott Styles
that he raises chickens and his chickens keep coming up missing he wants to know if his neighbors are stealing them and cooking them
who is AFC and Chow Chow Chow the plucking them feathers up synonyms for 11 a.m. and turn them down yes they have fried chicken one night baked chicken another they had chicken cutlets at one point and they even had it with the special Chick Fil-A sauce okay your neighbor has a real issue with you and I do not see exactly why it'll come to me but he's taking your chickens to punish you do you guys have a problem other than the chickens are a symptom of the issues between the two of you and yeah
don't think of that but yes he's using them for nutrition maybe someones o clock in and plucking somebody's wife maybe that's on there besides stealing in cooking chickens wants to hurt you even though he's like stealing chickens it's still passive-aggressive right face you and say this this this is why I'm upset and why I can't stand you so instead I'm going to steal your chicken to be just take coffee for no reason yeah well know there are you feeling lucky there's a reason he's got a real problem with you maybe play music too loud or his house is too loud he's sick of it he wants some quiet so he steals clucky in the chick
he's going to keep doing this until you confront him and ask him what the real issue is it's not chicken stealing for no reason there's a deep reason
if he has a wife
I think he feels bad
you're taking attention away from him and he's weak that's why he can't leave his power that's why he can't confront you and talk to you about it instead I will passively aggressive steal your chicken cheese and and get you where you live I would walk and talk to him if you want to keep the rest of your chicken and Chick-fil-A really good we have a caller on line one Margaret from Minnesota
hi Margaret
hi what's your question I want to know if my husband's mistress had anything to do with his death
not no not directly like if you're asking me did she murder him or poison him or set him up to his demise no but she's one angry person and I would steer as far from her as I could she's off balance is a nice way to say it she's got some serious mental issues and I could totally understand why you would think that she pushed him mentally and messed with his head a lot so she contributed to that but personally like can we accuse her and send her to jail now
but steer clear because
I feel like she wants to come to you
so make sure you're safe make sure you're protected and it's possible that you might even want to relocate I know that's you judge but she's dangerous
she really is I get really icky feeling from her
what did his sister do it
his sister no no no no no she said him up for this and made things happen but she didn't get her hands dirty
so why she was the leader of the orchestra but she didn't play any particular instrument if you know what I mean
okay okay thank you sure
thank you for calling in
bye-bye bye-bye
get real love and I'll let us in the pain I think I'm sweating
all right so again you guys want to call in at 867-6008 to speak to Holly
she'll give you her her psychic vision and perception you want to speak to me or D we can you were just going to give you what you know the real what we think is what it is so back-to-back cities questions that are flooding my inbox and by the way when I see my inbox I got questions do everyone is just has a perspective of what I'm talkin about you got questions coming in on our letters from the pin website and we also have questions coming out Facebook I have we have questions coming in directly email so I'm kind of bouncing back and forth and I'm trying to get everybody's questions and hopefully I do I don't think I will there's a lot of questions coming in and we
so we have like 30 more minutes so I'll try to get as many questions answer as possible and of course we are going to have Holly back on that episode so we don't get the answer your question tonight
we will answer them on another episode and you guys can also reach out the holly if you kind of went like a private you don't like reading and how we working to beat you at my website is or just give me a buzz 717-618-8217 and if I don't answer leave your name and number I will get right back to you and that you should also know that I am not one of these psychics that charges $500 an hour that's crazy my prices are low because I've like to reach as many people as I can so give me a buzz bee I have 45 minutes and an hour
so what that are chill counseling about anything anyting the go to my site and check it out
okay so okay so we're going to get this interesting cuz you have questions coming in from from I'm going to start taking some of the questions from the other countries that are coming and forgive me if I bought your names up for some of these games are really very unfamiliar to me
my seed I think it is from Mexico
all right he thinks that his wife is sneaking off to sleep with someone at the bar
can you tell him if his wife cheating
sorry it's another one of those things that when I feel it like that it's usually right but she's doing this because she's missing something at home and I'm not talking about sex usually when people cheat everyone goes oh it's about sex but it's not a statistic show that it's usually because they need someone to appreciate them more or to listen to their problems they're doing the wrong behavior for what they need I would check in with her before you condemn her for what she's doing she's needy and I don't think she's getting as much attention and support as she needs and that's not you know your fault you don't know
you guys need to communicate much more and you can save a marriage when there's infidelity you just have to work at it marriage is hard 51% and up in divorce with those kind of numbers it says I got to work on this you know six months of the year I can't get enough of you and 6 months of the year I can't stand you make it through those six months where you can stand each other you have a good thing
I would take inventory of what you two have together because there's more there than you're allowing yourself to remember you're totally colored by what you think she's doing and that's changing your whole reality your perception of things how you see things colors are really it becomes your reality so right now your your reality is a doubt and anger and betrayal and all the things that we don't want to feel talk to her open with an open mind and open heart you married her for a reason she's struggling
I get that she's really struggling I'm wondering if there was a loss in her life somebody that passed
or a child that's involved that is draining her and she just feels she needs to get out and have some fun she's struggling why don't you find out why and support her what she is doing is nothing it's not a big deal it really isn't a big deal I know to you it is but look at the big picture not a snapshot
McKay Luisa from the Dominican Republic
I said her name right
she was supposed to come over to United States with her boyfriend Brian before the pandemic hit
and now all of a sudden he's changed his mind about the K-1 Visa does he still love me does he really want me to come over here
he's operating from a base of fear and when we operate fear is a liar it sneaks in our head it colors are our perception and we make all our judgments are answers our questions based on fear and it's always wrong he does want you but he's scared and that's okay because you're entitled to be scared that the climate with the pandemic is freaking everyone out my thoughts are that you need to go slow and give him the space he needs to come to terms with this and yes he still loves you he is not loving himself so much and that's where the problem is it's not you it's his issue
the sooner you understand that the better you'll feel and things will work out
okay Patty in London
wants to know if her husband is sneaking out of the house at night to cheat with the neighbor
maybe just going to the bar yeah and no
he's made some remarks
you know in your your combos about the neighbor which would lead you to think that that's what he's doing but he's not
you may be leaving the house but it's not to be with the neighbor in fact she's uncomfortable with the whole situation she does not want him around again I hate to repeat myself but you need to sit down with him here how he feels what he needs what isn't he getting and then decide if you guys are going to work things out constantly doubting your partner is a red flag there shouldn't be down and you are asking me this question so obviously there's doubt he is confused
and he's looking for answers in the wrong place but I don't think he's sleeping with your next door neighbor is he gone a long time I mean if he's gone for 10 minutes but if he's gone for half hour 45 minutes he's not with your neighbor he's going somewhere else
so time for him to fess up ask him just straight-out have a powwow and ask him you know if he's lying it might be the woman across the street not the one next door okay so here's someone from China
I'm probably going to really mess this name I'm really bad go for it but I told Joe I think that's what it's 50 frittata that I told you
okay sorry if I missed your name it but her question is
she wants to know okay so she's falling out of love with her husband
and she kind of likes his friend that's always around she wants to know if the friend likes her too and if she should make a move
no. I mean yeah he likes her but don't make a move if you're falling out of love with your husband that's what you need to address why what aren't you getting is there something you can do to talk to him about it and fixed in every single one of these questions the issue is communication and you're all wondering wondering is he is she what's going on
sit down and ask them yeah you're probably afraid of the answer but when we make things big in our head and we finally get to the truth it's never as used as we make it out to be if you are falling out of love with him for real then you need to think about ending your marriage or separating first and as far as his friend that's always around I'm sorry but that's a convenience and and he's the answer you think but no it's not if you went with the friend it wouldn't be what you would want it to be
so things with your husband either way but leave the friend out of it at least for now
okay so we're going to do one more question that's not a friend Angela from Puerto Rico wants to know if she's going to lose weight anytime soon
you know I get this question a lot and I'm just going to be straight with you Angela it's up to you I mean like I don't do gambling in horse racing and lottery numbers I also know that the only way you're going to lose weight as if you make up your mind to commit to losing weight two things you can do stop eating sugar if you give up something for 12 days you lose your craving and if you're really want to lose weight stop eating dairy dairy is not good for you mucus and it makes you fat start by cutting out one thing cut out milk or cut out cheese what kind of cheese don't go cold turkey
and take walks it's getting nice and you can walk around it'll clear your head you'll be able to focus better on what you want to accomplish are you going to lose weight you tell me
sorry that's water
we had tons of water
it'll flush your system
all right that you don't Angela water water water so what is it a little bit of a break here and then we're going to come back and get you some more questions the right now we're going to play Love Song by Nakia mean featuring Johnny we'll be right back
even though
okay that was Love Song by Me featuring Johnny will streaming on all platforms you guys can go out and get that just released this year
thank you gorgeous voice you let me ask you a question okay
how big is my career going to be something you just going to happen in August do you are you dropping the disc or is something new coming
August dropping a new single
in August that's what I'm saying and yes your career is some getting to level up your ear at this point but there's no glass ceiling so you're just going to keep making music and getting better and better at it how do you distribute your music how does it get distributed throughout I have a label and I have distribution with Sony Orchard so oh okay yeah August is going to be very that song is going to be very successful and be like a stepping stone to the next level of your career absolutely Saudi what's your psychic question for Holly
I don't know yet I've been thinking about it
if you don't think of it in ice go to my site and and call me I should have it in the next five minutes but I've been thinking since the show, what can I ask an okay so here's a question from a guy from Africa I'm probably in the Box this name up
tafadzwa nykole by
sounds right okay
he says that he's been doing music for three years he's trying to Branch out to other countries he says that he's pretty well known in Africa and he wants to know if he's going to I guess be able to Branch out the other countries and be successful yes absolutely the time and you know that one thing I say that nothing happens one second before it is supposed to that's just what you're dealing with the time is not today but you will definitely Branch out and create a wider sound and it'll be very appealing to other people so just be patient and keep working on your Creative Energy because that's what's pushing you and you can't use up your Creative Energy
so you have a whole storage of stuff that you're still going to create and as you do so your music will spread to other countries I'm looking at next October of 2021 as a time when you're going to first see things expand to other countries and I don't believe in locked so I'm not going to say good luck I'm just going to say congratulations it's going to be great keep give up ever and be consistent
you'll get there
okay Nicole Hensley
will I get promoted this year
you certainly will as well deserved you will end and you're going to have more work at the promotion doesn't come with less to do so they'll be more responsibility but you're ready for it I get the feeling that possibly you're getting a little restless and you have more to contribute so when they move you upstairs a little bit you'll be able to share your ideas and the things that you wanted also create but you need to be in that position to do it so yeah and it will be in this year it may be towards the end of 2021 but it's absolute
get ready you can call me anytime I'll talk to you about
Nicole from Queens wants to know if her best friend
is talking about her behind her back yes when people schedule it's called the hot reading like I know things before we do our real reading and while you're reading me these things I'm going home yes before you even finish she is and she's a jealous person and she covets what you have and the fact that she needs to talk about you behind your back is not make her your best friend I wouldn't do anything to expose her I wouldn't give her a hard time I wouldn't talk about her you just stay true to yourself
what you doing will come to the Forefront and it will definitely show expose yourself you're going to hear about it so hang in there and look for other friends that really want the best for you she's a friend that I call an energy vampire we all have friends like that and as we get older we have to let go of toxic people in our life and it's hard but it's for the best and she is one of those people you're giving more than you're getting in that friendship
okay Niko from Atlanta Georgia wants to know if her boyfriend is on the down low
he's what you call a homo Thug girl you know sometimes you know he might dress up in your clothes but maybe he's just not ready to come out but I think this is a question for how we I'm not a psychic and he is so like Dee said he's so not ready to share that with you if he was comfortable with who he is
you would know he is on the DL and I think that it would be important again communicate with him ask him you're asking me and I think yes you're correct and I think the next step is absolutely for you to ask him what's up bud what why do I get these feelings those feelings are correct they are your intuition your intuition is never wrong and the more strain your intuition seems the more correct it is
I don't I don't think he's going to tell her the truth well he's going to dance around pretty heavily because if you wanted to tell her the truth he would have done it already but you will be able to decide for yourself whether he's doing the things we think he's doing you don't know my boy. He brings to the house that he said that's his best friend like his brother that's and boyfriend has friend
Jim quotes the special friend to come out for anybody but you don't need to be involved with that you are my solid die so just ask him and when he starts dancing around you'll know you'll know just like you know now
believe yourself
it's very heavy very heavy show
we are going to take one more question because we are kind of getting down a winding down to the hour we're going to take one more question if we did not answer your question
we are going to do this again with Ollie she will be back you can hit us up on medicine the panda ww.w. Let us send your questions there and we will make sure when she comes back on that your questions will be answered first or if you prefer to have, like a woman when was Holly 45 minutes or an hour
hit her up on her website
Solutions and the my Nestle's HK. Com I have a great sight even just for Giggles go there and read through it read the testimonials look at the things I offer and I am to Career Family Matters relationships anything you want to talk about I'm open to
I saved this question kind of like for Less
this is jeon Alberta right Gian from Hempstead
this question Okay so
he's deaf right he says he can he can lie partially here but he's considered us so he has a girlfriend he said that sometimes she does not like to be intimate with him but when they aren't intimate he cannot hear if she's enjoying it or not so he wants to know if she is doing that or she's not
my first thought is when somebody is enjoying making love you can feel their body how their body moves if she's moving towards you if she's pushing with her hips if she sweating if she's
I know you can't hear her breathing but you can steal her breathing but your hand on her chest
I feel like
he enjoys it but there's someone else out there for you that will give you more she is put it this way she's not your woman you're going to spend the rest of your life Jesus on the road to where you really want to be and there's a reason for that you will learn from this so pay attention and steel
there you go you heard it here on last in the bed so
again if we didn't get to your question we apologize there's a lot of question happening but we will do this again
go to website you drop your questions and you can go to intuitive Solutions HK. Calm and she'll be more than happy to give you a reading which a lot of people probably want to do that because some people don't like to publicly ask questions and no judgement I do not judge if you want to marry a tree stump I support you so whatever your situation is I'm Jiggy with that it's okay it's a safe place
okay so thank you for joining us tonight on letters from the pain you can get us out here I'll be there as radio and of course I heart radio and see what other stations are 36 countries and so I P 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and every other Monday 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and of course Friday 6 p.m. at a time is 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and on Monday 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time that is 5 p.m. Pacific Standard time we have a lot of people from the West Coast so make sure you come back and join us on Friday if you did not get the whole show you can get it on playback on PBS radio on YouTube on iHeart Apple music everywhere
so thank you for joining us and we will see you guys soon again