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LetterZ From the Pen, April 2, 2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guests, SUPA EMCEE the IMMORTAL and BabyPaul BpZy

LetterZ From the Pen with guests SUPA EMCEE the IMMORTAL and BabyPaul BpZy

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welcome to letters when the pain I am your host are becoming a Kia and I'm your co-host D we have a really good show for you guys tonight so without further Ado we're going to get into the first of course we're going to shout out our sponsors we're going to read our letters and then we are going to give our guests Crossroads a chance to respond to the letter give their advice ever get get oil off into their business anyway so no job is too big or too small LHS home care for all of your home care needs a New York in tri-state area photography got next he's World War I
Kryptonite station 420 clothing would you can get all of these Blanks on our website ww.w. Letters in the pen. Calm and you can connect to all those resources Amor Dior designs for all of your pressing needs we have to check them out and all their artists over there only have a couple of new sponsors new school and of course who helps out a lot of promoting and promotion so shut out to Doterra over in Jamaica and of course which will be coming to your Roku box and Netflix and Hulu to a TV near you would you guys like to get that in every Sunday night so if you don't have to see her of course you can always get the playback and you can always get it firsthand on home and I think TV on Sunday so I know I said a mouthful
so we are going to get off into our letter for the night and it's pretty juicy and is pretty sad at the same time so get your Kleenex be taken with the letter okay
imma try not to cry like a very touching letter okay so it says I am a 17 year old female who is a sing I am a 70 year old female who is in my senior year of high school I never been the type to express myself I would always close myself out from the world and cry wishing I would die I am a mixed kid 5 4 and I weigh 250 4 lb I eat a lot of salad and fruit and even try to walk but I cannot lose the weight however I do have thyroid problems moving forward I've been teased
has food thrown at me if I walk home from school I get picked on and called very mean a I'm sorry about the car
and even get jumped on I tried cutting myself plenty of times because I feel I don't have a purpose on this Earth I get so angry I will take it out on my mom sometimes by yelling screaming slamming my door and saying I wish I would die already but in my mom defends she's a single mom raising four kids with me being the second born child my mother works a lot and my older sister goes to a community college and takes care of my two brothers because they're still young and can't be home alone I do help out as well my older sister is beautiful and skinny I always say why couldn't I be her I don't know what to do anymore I don't want to go to school I was happy when the pandemic first started but now having to go back to school I just want to kill myself I feel like I have nobody to speak to and I have no friends I feel alone and worthless when my
father was alive I used to feel Untouchable like there was a meaningful life now I feel lifeless please give me advice sign a cry for help in St Louis Minnesota okay so first thing before we even address the letter I'm going to drop the number to the suicide hotline because people needed and sometimes I don't know where to find it eight hundred two seven three eight two five five that's the National Suicide Hotline number so if you are feeling like you want to take that route or if you know somebody that is please pass the number along because there's nothing on this Earth that is worse you committing suicide or taking your own life
I agree
so we're going to give if you don't have a big mouth and I'm always like talking so we're going to let our gas give him give his opinion and you don't give his advice on this letter first
but I absolutely our first of all thank you ladies for having me a shout out to my partnership MCI to Detroit I represent Queens New York has the concept to be called Crossroads you know I'm saying you made it but what I say is it's definitely disheartening to hear letters like that me personally I grew up in Queens and in my teenage years I was very very introverted I found solace and being creative know I was into comic books and science fiction movies and music and that was my form of escapism you know what I mean like I understand especially I mean I grew up in a different time like in the nineties here. I mean 80s and 90s because I'm a little older of course but like today's age you got the age of social media the digital age so much influence on younger people in terms of being cool being attractive may be having money getting along with you know that
Sears big like that is so much pure pressure so I definitely definitely definitely empathize and what I want to say to that young lady is fine the things that you're passionate about you know whatever that may be and use that as a way to find Solace and peace and be proactive you know being involved in that with its art music you know film television you know just try to find if not if you're very likes if you don't like to keep a large circular people cuz I asked you what I understand in the letter she doesn't want to hang out with anyone she doesn't like to get school but I would assume their groups even in school of people that may feel the way she steals that she could probably connect with if she's willing to open yourself to the like other people in school to connect with him and and and share her story not necessarily about doing something to yourself but just the way she feels about herself and the way she
feels about you know the things that bring her down whatever that may be at and try to like find like-minded individuals that can share an appetizer or her and and find like way that you support system to one another and definitely I would hope that was in the family structure this conversation but it's the mother the sister that she referred to you know the siblings because communication is everything if a parent doesn't know what that child is going through that is a big part in the disconnect you know what I mean and especially being a teenager this is the time to really be able to talk to your kids and see what's going on with them manage what they're watching management they doing on the internet because a lot of that place apart in the influence and the depression and the uncertainty of feeling like you're worthy of anything and I absolutely Foster actually worthy of everything in life and all you have to do is fine to think that you're passionate about and you know experience and explore those things you know if if you
if you meet people that share the same interest you know use that as a as a way to you do share your Pursuits and see how you could bounce off each other you never know you can learn from each other not since you know sad I would definitely say you that Suicide Hotline if you need to talk to someone but if you're watching this or you see the playback of this between myself and he's lady syed's please take advice don't do anything to yourself just think about the bigger picture that everybody has a purpose you're as young you're still finding your purpose in life but you'll be surprised as you get older looking back on all your blessing the things that you could be able to do to not only support the community that you're in but also be a force for change for the younger generation
I know and the letter it says that she closes herself out and her mom works a lot so she doesn't talk to anybody she just closes herself out in the world will cry and her sisters in a community college and I guess I'm assuming her sister worked as well sometimes days until I now I'm lifeless so I'm sure she sounds like someone who
I am going to stay that maybe instead of I know here so she take her anger out on her mom sometimes maybe instead of taking your anger out on your mom yelling and slamming doors maybe you need to talk to her make her aware of what's going on maybe it is a dead man tell her dad everything but you know what let let your mom know what's going on or try to talk to your older sister
kids can be very cool and nasty nowadays you know jumping her showing food on her what else she say she hurt me names if I'm call for Western I can imagine like it like she's a public school right she's like 16 17 she 17 in this is her senior year of high school people on social media crazy
I know she probably doesn't want to talk to somebody in school being a senior you feel like old if you're caught talking to somebody or pulling up person the office so look after your snitch so then she felt like it might get worse but I do feel like she needs to talk to somebody stop cutting your wrists stop wanting to kill yourself because let me tell you something everybody is unique in their own way and everyone is good at something or something out there that you're very good at and you can express yourself there some people get so angry that if you put them in a boot and they put those headphones on that story going to come out and that's all I'm going to be number one you understand if you put that pen and paper in front of them juicy that you going to have your face in that book out that was just like when you watch certain things on Netflix or something and that it's so good like you have to wash it and wash it and watch it when I first start
watching Power I was like hold on wait they like Mom can you cook order something or something I'm watching Power in here here's the card or something you know cuz it was so good like I wanted to know what was next and what is that cuts off and I'm like you're not returning until when that was a problem from you I'm like what you doing. You're really good at that you could see what I was going to keep your mind off hurting yourself but I do believe that you need someone to talk to you need express yourself because no matter what size color has short tall or whatever you are everyone's unique in their own way and you are beautiful and I would say that that letter sending it to here to this platform is example of her opening up you don't even know where complete strangers all of us here United in
space appetizer her story and hopefully if she sees this or 200 on the archive episode and here is her letter being read back of our response she takes him to it that's her first step wanting that help so how do you believe that she wants to hurt herself I just think she wants to be guided and a different direction, because I've been listening to y'all but y'all missing a whole bunch of points are okay first of all right all right so she's going through a whole different type of struggle then let's say a completely white child they're completely black child okay that's a different ball game
who knows if if she can talk to her mom and her mom might not understand if her mom's white her father is black how many biracial children do we know
myself being one of them that one parent sometimes does not understand right and not that it's that parents fault but
I don't think that if she doesn't feel like she can talk to her mother it's not her job as a child
your mother should know I don't care if you're working or what you're doing her mother should be able to look at her child and say you know what she's she's acting a little bit different today something's going on let me let me talk to my child because the children are not always come to you you got to understand she's at a pivotal moment in her life she's 17 so she's right in between like okay I'm about to be in adults I'm a child right so how many seventeen-year-olds do we all know that are still open and come out and talk and say hey Mom I'm smoking weed her I'm not a virgin anymore I just happen or that happened you don't know very many so I think that maybe her mother needs to needs to slow down a little bit and I understand she might be a single parent when she's paying all the bills but you do have to take that moment to slow down and raise your children because if not going to raise our kids and I got to go out there and learn something and then the wrong what
as far as as being picked on a bullied about her weight
I mean I don't even understand you know
I didn't understand that anymore to be honest because there's no more okay you have to look this way you have to look this way to to feel like this or be like there's nobody here is honey okay it's big girls out here you know come out what it is and I don't condone violence but honey they keep throwing food at you at at some point she's going to snap and when she comes out of that shell she's probably going to hurt somebody so I think that at this point her mother needs to step in and do a little bit more mothering than anything else get hurt her body you know when she's around in the household that's that's crazy
he doesn't make it or break neither because you have all these people that come on and get all these fake butt brass with all this lipo and they make they try to install these things in children's head like this is the way you need to look this is the body you need to have so Society doesn't help with that neither but guess what it's still comes back to the parent right it's a parent's job to fill in a child from the time that they're little you are a beautiful your hair is beautiful you are who you are you are beautiful I mean it it doesn't matter in it and I'm not even I'm not even just talking about racial standpoint I'm just talkin about from from from religion to sexual orientation I mean things are what they are and societies moving forward and there's nothing we can do about it so we have to kind of teach our children around what's happening in society and make sure that we give them the tools that when they go out into the world that they know how to handle these certain things because if
Panhandle now she's going to turn into an adult that gets bullied whether it's at work or whether she hooks up with a man that's going to be beating on her she's going to think it's okay because that's what you used to her mama need to do her job literally because
Wheaten rescue super chance to see if you want a job where you able to hear the letter letter but you know I let the ladies tell you a little bit about what that lawyer about you know what I'm saying I could I could kind of Pete what was going on I ain't know all the details I just know she can get bullied and you know that Dad and and what Nikki was saying you know it's like if you don't stop that at a early age is going to is going to manifest in manifest manifest into all these different weird things that's is going to come back and
Empire internet in like she was saying that that comes from you know the parent or the or the or the mother or the father is still in this this championship in inside of there their children you know what I'm saying like cuz you know when you when you were a kid you looking at you looking at these adults for this reinforcement right deal with other kids that made you don't have more or no because certain way or have a certain social you know status of whatever when you go home to your to your parents go
those things or
what am I trying to say there was those little issues that you you missing the checks from you can get those at home and that's what that's what builds up your self-esteem your Consular a good support system or go home like but y'all know that I'm kids don't have a good home life as well the fact that she she decided to write the letter to you guys in the reach out to you Wednesday and then and it's like you know she she doesn't really want to hurt herself but she's going through something
you don't think she's still not over the death of her father neither you know that you know the death of her father and then the bullying at school in the make being made fun of it's all just building and and when she finally explode I feel bad for that person I'm going to tell you this D I ain't over the deaths of so many people right now you know it's that is not not not to be funny in any kind of way or to offend anybody anywhere this is just me calculating well not even calculating but it's best that I got
I have been through so many deaths from 2010 to now that I was I was feeling a certain kind of way right you go threatening deaths cousins aunts little cousins older cousin uncles aren't you just didn't stop and then these past years I see people losing their people and and filling and then a couple people was like yo man I know exactly how you been feeling suit
I know exactly how you been feeling in these last two years you know that's been hacked this been going on my dog one of my dude was like you're mad I get how you been feeling
for all this you know what I'm saying and knows things weighing with the gravity's of school life and trying to fit in and trying to be a part of just knowing and realizing things you know friends change and stuff get different and people that you wasn't cool with you we now know that the whole time is is is ever changing it always different so you always I'm just thinking
from my experience of being a kid and being in those type of situations because we all have been through it that's why you can speak from me that's why you speak so fast that's why that's why I can say what I'm saying about it is the fact that these these things agitates us as children and they push us to certain levels but the fact that she reached out is the fact that she knows something ain't right and she know she would get help for it and I are not in any kind of way you know I'm saying I will be down to help her I know Paul will you would for any person anywhere you know that's going through something like this cuz this is trying that that that that has the life is is really trying very trying
you know what I mean
cuz they been locked down and doing school for the computer and there's they don't have that interaction after used to have it so I just think on so many levels there's a lot going on but let me go to the letter and submit your information and we will try to find you some help your hometown like a therapist or counselor we will pay for your first few sessions if your mom can afford it or if you're in if it's not covered by insurance
to make sure that you know you get the help that you need and you know the other thing really the joke's on everybody else because you know their parents are kind of dumb because it cost like all about $0.89 for a pair of Jordans and then they're out siding you know on the line for hours you know the paper notarized repair Jordans okay the things that people do for the thing that people are crazy that's crazy
I think that
with everything that's gone on in society for the for the last few years right just with all the the controversy with the presidential election in the covid-19 the shot down like everything that's happening and all of the police brutality and black people trying to come together and stand up I think that where people drop the ball at and what they have to understand is that we're at a point right now where there's no such thing as old white man held me down or I can't get ahead there's no such thing right the only person who can hold you back is yourself and the problem is so funny I say that all the time
right sole
uncertain other races
they the way they approach things right there mindset is Macy for children as their minds that is okay grow up start a business you're going to be the president CEO of a Fortune 500 company you're going to buy a bunch of real estate you're going to be a mogul you're going to flip this you're going to do that right black people teach their children you got to be the flyest on the Block so make sure you get them fresh Jordans when they first come out right then I teaching about stocks bonds real estate how to balance a checkbook right so the mindset is so crazy that but we want to blame other people
for I miss you and yes not taking anything away because you all know a bunch of stuff happened slavery list that we know this but it's time to have forward-thinking right because we have the tools now so let's stop saying I can't do this because of XYZ we have the tools
yes we do but I really think about that and the kids like that is the truth that is like what you just said is like the god honest truth right that's not that's not the trophies that are upheld in the hood that is not trophies that upheld at the backyard party doesn't like that I have held that took at the barbecue or even or even at Easter Sunday meals that those are not the trophies held up on nobody's metal into many black people's house is bi flag is get this is get that is more of a or b a a whale consumer more salt in a well that's right there is modern-day slavery it's the mentality right how do you say
so for example right let's say we have two children ones black ones white they're both 18 right you give the white child $1,000 he's going to figure out let me go buy some stocks and bond to figure out how to multiply this right you give a blacked-out $1,000 the first thing he's going to do is like I'm about to go buy a pound of weed or ounce whatever I'm about to go put some music on my ride like how is that helping you how was that what was that Cam'ron what means the world to you get a Scantron exactly what the world to you and everybody's understand in the what you just said we all want a better life even the Flyers and even the flyest person in the party whose body really broken person in the party cuz they spent every single day outfit they still want money
sew-in in everybody mine is like what really means the world to you some people in it it entails a bunch of thing some people in until one thing some people in the sales five things some people in jail so when you when you say that like like you know like this like some people whole world is just Plumbing that's it only talked about all they want to know that's just it that be just that's it for but your world maybe you're well maybe Plumbing auto mechanic Carpenter taxidermist you know I'm saying like pilot you know what I mean you might want to hold or or or when I'm saying is you you probably able to see the whole Spectrum when they just see one shade you know what I'm saying and that's what that's what we've been taught
what we pray like why is it why is it why is it more niggas will be at a Niger going to jail party versus than your kid going to College Park you haven't plowed going to college to be a psychiatrist when you come out but you saying you know who keep I could go to jail cuz you know he shot them people house of Hill House
the Willy Wonka and what we support and I'm saying and it's like a Run DMC said not bad meaning bad but I mean it good it's crazy to not yet to Jack was super saiyan I want to just reinforce it there is a song and this is a Segway but it applies to the part of the conversation that we did on our last EP called Road Less Traveled is called need more the whole subject matter of that record see he's making a face he agrees with me the whole subject matter of that records exactly what we're talkin about like everyone needs more no matter if they don't look at that blessing and what they have in front of them whatever it is car house jewelry whatever it is you're always fighting at Needmore not look yet but you have to appreciate your blessings and focusing on how to be a better person you know is that wrong with wanting things in life but have a purpose behind it in Ohio
some sense of understanding of what the value of things and be responsible with your finances that's I can't I can't commend you so much even more for mentioning Stock Investing because that's part of the agenda that I've had for some years now you know I have a silly attitude America account and all I do is save at least a third of my income to reinforce my my my my my you know account you know you got to do that on the Cotton Fields while we was in the cotton field they were still conducting in
literally like the whole layout like you go somewhere you say I'm going to buy this the man stamps it and give you a little receipt thing you know you take the little receipt this receipt tells you that you own this item and they were doing that while we were still picking cotton like do you know how how many eons they was being away from us dealing with business that's why that's why that Gap is so big you know what I'm saying because come on man we we first had to learn how to speak Chicken George before we keep grass with owning a lot was and going to stamp getting that stamps so then we had to be able to go get the staff to go by the book How far
look how far we are away from their business like we know people that got business successful like businesses that made Investments but look how far that if one of their sons and daughters did Abby is how much how much more greater it would be the extent that they would have the thing that they would not have to worry about we worried about Bare Necessities like that when I'm at 6 today when I meet today with these kids going to eat today or we don't go today. Put gas in car on Roblox but what if you didn't have to think about none of that none of that like okay well we don't do this money coming in to do this by this back by the by the by that but look how far you would have to be as as a race in as understanding and as people we would have to trust each
how to do business with each other all over he's cuz that's what that's what it is if everybody you know if we almost everybody is on what's another business if you know that you'll be like man
selling chicken even if they sell a shirt for trying to play me you know that's why that's why I know but listen know but that's why I asked an African American race we have to clean our own backyard before was trying to tell somebody else how to treat us because we're pointing the finger at the white man saying this is what you did to me and I want I want equal rights as you wish we deserve and we should have what you do and you're going to dress me like this right you're going to dress me as ma'am Miss Mister sir but then another African Americans can come up to me and say yo what's up bitch fuck you Niger you understand what I'm saying so if we demand that respect for somebody else we have to give ourselves that respect as well
correct shooting until it was almost have to be like like we would have to really be on some like black bottom types you know what I'm saying like when it was the reason why black people was able to flourish in those situations because we are fuct with each other y'all was like okay you can't spend my money on you okay why would buy from D you going to buy from the kid she going to buy some car you own a section of the town I don't section of town he on the sex of the child Fiona sexy time and now we got other business supermarkets over here you got them all over
beep beep at Food Court over here you know what I'm saying you got stuff but then it was like all you see how they building a building y'all can buy from us
y'all ain't got to spend job money over there and plus we got better stuff but I don't care if I'm buying the white man the black man in Spanish man right
imma come over here and strike this deal with you and I'm and imma buy this in the white man but I'm going to come back into my community and spread the love so it's for me it's not so much about where you're getting it from but of course I would support black-owned businesses but but if they don't have what I need and I need that I have to get what I need I'm going to get it right where I need to get it from but I'm going to bring that back into home and help others you know for sure but the problem is we got racism going on and it was in our own race right I wish I was a light-skinned I don't like a cultural separatism
look at what Wesley Snipes did he built that his own little Community you say you see what Akon doing over there in Africa
at least he ain't Lonely no More a little braids we're going to play you guys a single time tell us what time is about and how it came about with the influence behind it was
Allison grammy-nominated but he made it sound like we took a little more time together than trying to beat the record come out on time for the one time. The roads featuring
Cactus and spoil in The Hourglass in my life every minute I'm giving up suspended in time, if you give me some
can control their hands on this supposed to show me I don't know if I have it but I
symbol precious thing to a giant mantis
I remember this one particular I was sitting in the corner facing some heavy pay your fees they was taking up all of my Elvis be reminiscent talkin about
can you count to rolly got a short amount of time when we were kids we thought we had a whole lot of nothing will happen before this moment there only 50 Western trying to live forever and gold assistance with the consistent with us
depression test to be passing the class moving fast. Brown I got a lot of missing my son fighting baby mama bus service to Peyton Place to play Medallion in the balance hanging pictures on Instagram when do take his waist is still pulling Cajon
yo you ladies you can imagine the vibe the studio with this record I remember was super just riding the versus I do if he had his iPad or iPhone or whatever but he just kept quiet but yeah just add on what he said you know it was like a vocal sample that I was building the Beat Around this is the saddest word time but like what made it special was how suit translated in lyrically like stew vs. surrounded by the vocal sample and outro by the net Lachey who's singing the vocals at the outro and it's just as it's a Vibe it's Street Soul music it's introspective music it's for thinking music
it's inspirational music all the combined and I'm saying there's always a line you going to cash that you didn't catch the first time you listen to every time he was going to catch a different line what does metaphor it or just like directly in your ear like oh I just caught that I'm saying and that's a testament to soothe lyrical ability as a writer you're saying he's a beast
it's just you understand is the thing the people deal with no saying when they dealing with time in different states on separate sides of the world how did you guys come for being super MC and baby fall to Crossroads
I'm listen to tell a story with to Adam Petty friend or whatever that is and introduce them and the baby Paul told him about them plus I had already like um had a friend as well that was doing some business with baby Paul prior to me and baby Paul even me and so of course you know when when people her we was you know you know about to meet up know everybody was like yo in my phone while you're a good dude and I'm saying good nice producer blah blah blah plus like that you don't know that name sound familiar
yeah you know a lot of history man like what I love is that we that we both have the experience to Our Own Credit before you working together me with the beat my to shut off you could be mr. waldock down records from the 90s to do so like black moon smif-n-wessun Helter Skelter know that and then you know Sue coming out of the lineage of the greatest MCS come out of the city of Detroit you know I haven't worked with Eminem 8-mile you know his mentor was delayed proof of the 12 need I say more I can stop right there okay okay wait with the brief introduction to call okay so me and you know about to ride out here and holla at you know I'm saying
okay you know ready for you Manny cool chicken project I said I don't want to lose you be able to do you know I even if we now have work on the project or something I got coming to my going to be able to come to you now you're laughing with salad we chopped it up
couple of bees from you know I'm saying so from that point on you know we just know that the studio he is showing us the radio station the only area are die Musik the time when I was in the museum Detroit it was one of the greatest photographers Jenny Richards crazy shoe for Eminem everybody go back to the Elkridge Furnace Inn on Sam that's where I recorded like one of the first records the first records for the crossroads project in Crossroads
I know he got some more beats we got some more stuff come to the studio he was here for the summer
so easy already said some crazy crazy joints but me I'm going to be kind of sore D I know if you got the good Kool-Aid that you serving or you got some good as hell in the freezer like you know I got these because I got to get them do I like them older you got all these Daddy got folders from like this Imagine A through Z folders back all the way to Z folders and then each one of those folders is a to z folders in each one of the A to Z
another word subfolders of a folder
open up
you know what I'm saying so we just you know we started going through his stuff. I'm standing in the more you know we started to jail on these records and breakfast starting to come together you know I'm saying it manager was like yo man what if maybe PC was like What if and then I was like yeah and then happened right here you know so we can tighten when it happened and it was just it was like right from the start of Our Lives was their beefs was there the music was there you know what I'm saying and we put together soon some like 40 like over 40 records like it's just crazy like regular course of like two months and Stella still have catalogs no you can't cross roads do we did a world tour with MainSource you know I'm saying
popping it off and Records was getting highlight is crazy is crazy out like you just really surprised about to release a project what we have two projects out over the course of the last two years in a few singles as well time is one of them yeah we 512 some out yet that was with some original joints by BPZ and then some some joints with Office catalog and he have to do stuff like that may know they hear every one of them every one of them come out then after
we went with what was that The Road Less Traveled to some joints that we had already had done before that we didn't put on eczema eczema was the mixtape again now we getting so like the actual meant for the project that was on The Road Less Traveled and then we got out time and hard to dance dads time and hard to dance like I just played hard to dance with the record that was aimed at on the political side of things you know where we were actually last year
any of your any of your projects are albums to buy them stream them like where would I go to find Apple music streaming platforms and you. It's at the crossroads but like with an X instead of on a visual content videos we shot or last couple years either one of them to be shot while I was on tour in Europe with MainSource we shot it in Milan Italy was a lot of fun. Fun
the song You're All I Need To Survive
connect to remind you of that time to real Marvin Gaye to wear starts yeah go get the rock into it because of the beat but show no question you know if you if you got to whip not to touch you if you got to whip that should be seen a car like the bottom of that record I love the bottom stand mixer directly was so special to me cuz you hit everything record vocals the Baseline everything is knocking in the car please please do it just hit the repeat button so just lose a couple times has not wronged records you want to buy and then come on again before I come on again I don't know
how do you want to do like a feature with you guys or one of the brothers had to get out of the Kahala at Myesha injury that I was just got talent management when I see you can follow us Crossroads nyd on Instagram and it ain't like you know they can't be like your baby pees what's up man you know I'm saying is that slowly
I was born a holler raising brooklyn-queens but I helped him to make a snowflake
adult shop by BB Nocatee black special delivery
yeah but I'll Queens Jamaica Queens you know not far from where you know 50 Cent and Ja Rule and Nicki Minaj is from same Hood
and how about you I'm from Highland Park is in the middle of Detroit right in the middle of the first cars rolled off the first lot Henry Ford
hours so unfortunately I hate this but I want to thank you ladies for having us and I love the subject matter I'm hoping that the young lady that sent that letter gets some support as she needs it and hopefully if if if this whole episode reaches her eyes and ears you know it helps give her some peace and I'm praying for her mom you're saying you know whatever she's going through hopefully you know she can find a way to be a better parent to a child does not allow her to be in this space you know I'm saying better be infected by any type of trauma display slamming on all of us due to what we doing with present from the past
write thank you guys for being on letters from the pain you guys for the next two types of things Cassius playback on PBS radio iHeartRadio thank you guys so much for being with us and we will definitely have you back again you guys keep us in mind we're appreciate it in the Border where is Russell Simmons had to say no more words of Russell Simmons thank you God bless and good night
next Friday

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