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LetterZ From the Pen, 16/04/2021

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LetterZ From the Pen
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Guest, Nina Shorter

LetterZ From the Pen with guest Nina Shorter

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welcome to let us when the pain I'm your host our meeting on here and I'm your co-host
and today we have a very special guest for you guys and you guys how to fix your credit know how to do that but before we get into that we're going to read a letter of the day pretty interesting letter and it's a good thing that we have you here Nina so you can help this person that wrote in okay read the letter a shout-out I sponsors
Louisiana me pricing aerial photography got next payment Kryptonite station 420 clothing would you can get all these links on our website at ww.w jrc cleanup no job is too big or too small and of course you can catch a letter from the pan every Sunday night on whom agonizing TV over on Roku
but okay. Over done with that sponsors okay so we're going to get into this letter
what are is Tyler happy and sad at the same time but we'll get will she get off into it
I've been married to my wife for 5 years will soon-to-be ex-wife
she filed for divorce because she caught me cheating I came home she cleared the house out took everything and took the kids
at this point I can't find her or the kids I don't think they're coming back however we do have a lot of things in common like credit cards house
and some other things that I don't wish it it to disclose I don't think she's going to pay her part of the bills anymore and I can't afford to pay all the bills
I think my credits going to go bad I think that I'll probably end up in jail who knows can you guys give me some advice on what to do
first of all ain't no kid Left Behind that's right she coming for that house them cars just what baby that's what them cards are you going to jail
I'm sorry honey I'm sorry to tell you like that what you going to do that is if she doesn't pay because if they have those in common it's all right right right
and I think he might do it out of spite my thinking but she will also hurt herself but but then she going to call you make a book for me I got so I'll give him a special you listen instead of running credit cards are the special they got high limits even though it's going to fall on you cuz you can always file for bankruptcy or get your credit fixed but yeah I was screwing him over
shoe that's crazy
I don't know I didn't say but at least you took her kids with her who knows where she's staying friends Hotel so she might run them credit cards up anyway and Rite Aid but either he doesn't know where she is smart are the kids going to school or are they like half going to school half remote like what's going on like did you check the schools did you unpair his cards you know emergency car out he cheated what's wrong with your wife you cheated on his kids too
kids to the kids if they want to hate him let them hate him on his own great I agree yeah but you also got to give you got to act like it's probably still know she's probably still upset right around cuz nobody wants not to have the phone with your children in their kids life so I just got to give her a minute to calm down she's probably just running cuz she's hurt or upset we don't know the full circumstances I need to know like okay you took the kids you left but why you ain't take like all the left shoes or cut all the wood a big toe
anyway is there anybody wants to come on, on the letter questions you can call us at 867-6008 if you have questions for Nina call Lynn but don't be calling my can talk about your credit score is at 2:30 and you won't have to get you to a 800 yeah so pretty much you know a lot of people reach out to me when they're looking to purchase something big like a house a car something like that were you know preparing to do so and with my company were able to delete anything or any inaccurate absolutely items anything like late payments we can we can delete bankruptcies sometimes we're successful with sorry deleting student loan
the private student loans we have a lot of success getting those removed completely and with a lot of people don't know is that once you delete the day once we have it deleted from your credit report you no longer do that so I'm I tell everybody who reaches out to me you know continue doing what you've been doing don't start paying on old debt that you haven't been paying and crying and don't stop him one that's if you have we don't want to change anything there but we're able to really boost your credit score most people see results within like 3 to 6 months if we dispute anything that's negative on your credit report we just do everything all at once not really sure how familiar you guys are or the you know the audience is what credit repair programs but most of them just like one or two things at a time because they want to draw the process and you know you continue to pay them longer but we just do everything all at once to speed up the process another way that we speed up the process for you is we
have the dispute letter sent to you and we have you mail them off to the credit bureaus because if they come from you the credit bureaus only have 45 days to respond but they come from us as a company they have 90 days to respond so that's just another way that receiving up that process for you so you can you know reach your ultimate goal
so okay let's let's go back and write this down a little bit so let's talk about student loans because a lot of people have a lot of student loan debt so when you guys were you're saying that you're talking about the ones that have hit your credit or you talkin about ones that they currently have that they have to pay on Sono if they're in good standing there's nothing we could do about it and I'm not telling you to stop playing if you been playing at IMAX don't do that so if they're already in default and you know it's elections in all of that then that's when were able to go after it and try to get it removed like I said the federal ones are more difficult but there has been circumstances but we were able to get those removed we have one client where she would have to get over $150,000 worth of credit student loans removed from your credit report in her report now says zero balance at so you know it like I said it's more easier with the car
Ryan's with the federal one it's still easy to get the late payments removed so it's still increases your score but a lot of people just don't want to have to pay that back
so what does the process look like for someone who wants to come to you too it's to clean up their credit
so if you were looking to come to me you just reach out to me her number is 678-373-5902 you can reach out to me directly and I'll give her a consultation to see if it's something that I feel we can help you with us because I would also let you know if he got something going on that you know we're just not able to do so I would just give you a free consultation maybe about 15 minutes and then I would sign you up right then and there and like I said the process you'll start to see results within 30 to 45 days but the process for optimal results I guess that will be about three to six months typically but a lot of people actually stay in my program longer because we offer a lot more than just a credit repair rear axle like a fool financial services company we give you credit Builder which teaches you about the credit scoring system and just educate you on Friday because they don't do it in school at least not where I went. So they didn't teach us about credit so what actually teach you about credit
so that you don't end up in the same position to get credit monitoring at no additional cars identity monitoring we also give you a free will trust and power of attorney at no additional cost for children grade teachers dumb the importance of credit for jeans in style and also every time somebody make the payment so as far as the payments for the first payment is $188 and that's a $99 registration fee and then the $89 card cancellation fees or anything like that so yeah you would just reach out to me I will get you set up and you know we would try to get you good as soon as possible
okay so I have a question coming in
from someone named Shay okay I can't say her last name but hey, that she use the car repair service before it clean up your credit and then a few years later the same creditors came back on to her credit I have that a lot so a lot of companies aren't doing things legally and so we do everything legally so you wouldn't have to worry about it coming back a lot of people aren't aware the only times that you can legally do credit actually is if you are nonprofit and so we are nonprofit that is how we operate and like I said we do everything through the credit bureaus are a lot of people they pay to have stuff removed and then it comes back or you know some people have to go to like people on the side I hear so many different stories
tell you is anytime somebody is charging you a flat rate I would say stay away from them because they can't guarantee you anything anything worse and they just going to charge you a flat rate like if I just run the opposite direction because you there pretty much charging you for services that weren't even rendered and what happens a lot as those people run away with the money and then you know they're changing the numbers and stuff you can't hear from them again
so y'all are bigger than running away like sis Ram with the kids
I would say to that when you guys are going to get in bed with any business check the Better Business Bureau check like your hair like that he'll go to Google and check the the remarks that that's all anyone wants to check out my website ww.w restored and rescored. Com restored and restored and we'll put that up on the site later so if you if you guys forgot it you can go on to the website and click on that link to go directly to Nina shirom help you clean up your credit
okay so we have another question
okay so Elizabeth from Far Rockaway and says
how high should someone's credit score be and how what's the highest that you can help a credit score go in six months argue like I said I can't get any fees as far as I can't make any promises I had two people who signed up literally within the same weed within the first 30 days one of them their score went up I want to say it was fourteen points the other one that her score went up 64 points so it just really everybody's part of profile is different I can't sit here and tell you all within three months I can guarantee that he'll go up 100 points I I just can't do that because everybody's circumstances are they for me what the highest score that you can have is 850 as far as a FICO score
yes he I was I was just about to say since you asked him his blanket question
we are able to get bankruptcy removed but different ones off you do a one month and it might take 4 months to get someone else is off it just really depends so talk to us a little bit about the difference between somebody filing bankruptcy because it's really bad opposed to fixing the credit
you will file bankruptcy if you just absolutely can't afford it and I would say also if if you have no plans of purchasing a house or a car anytime soon like in the next late I was a 5207 years really because of bankruptcy stays on your record for 7 years so if you absolutely know that you're not planning to purchase anything like that in the next seven years than you know bankruptcy might be the route for you but if you know you have plans to purchase a new car of a new home you know if you're throwing your family or something you know you're going to need a bigger space you know down I'm not going outside your house or whatever and you're looking to purchase then I would not suggest a bankruptcy you know I was suggested to reach out to someone like myself help you get things removed from the credit report and then you like I said you still wouldn't do that that and you know you just need a better position you're helping your score tonight
can your score still come to me to have that bankruptcy removed
and I do want to say that cuz I know a lot of people say like oh you can still buy a house with a bankruptcy on you or you could buy there she go by that you can but your score is going to be astronomical like your interest rate is going to be going to be a fuel is ridiculous and you know a lot of people don't think about it too as far as having a credit some people that doesn't matter. Whatever it really does and if you are going to buy a house like he has said you can get it with a bankruptcy but just Courtyard crazy and you're going to be wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars really like over the course of your 30 year loan where if you close with a lower interest rate you're saving so much money and I'm a big picture of a type of girl I don't like to throw money away so I don't want to give the bank my money and interest I rather take that money and invested
and how to make more money you know
I agree
we going to get off into a song and all that good stuff and they're going to come back and we're going to continue talking about this because there's lots of parts to credit besides just fixing your credit so
right now we're going to play real one by Scrappy Groove and then we will be back in a minute
what you heard about me
do you want to play
stop hating.
I'm real mother fukin imma get it to the kilm off of Warwick and we got bitches looking like on a real nigga I have some with me I had to get it back
real real
start a Run to the Hills with my niggaa bring it back, keep it going I'm going to get it for my niggaa getting green we going to get it right you don't meet the new lady
West Coast made a statement.
welcome back to letters in pain
I'm your host has to be back in a minute we're here with
so if you're just tuning in we're talking about credit repair
and why you should fix your credit versus filing bankruptcy so
where we left off at when it's talking about rates interest rates and stuff like that on houses and things like that and
so just from my perspective was things that I've learned to schooling and through just life we all know everyone have seven streams of income so we all know this right so
if you are having thoughts about not fixing your credit no it's okay my credits bad
you have to change your thought process because
if you if if you're not a person that has liquid money cash and you're not just going to say okay I'm going to go out and I have the cash if you want to start a business you can start a business with bad credit if you want to buy a house it'll be very difficult to buy a house with bad credit right even if even if you're not looking to buy a house if you just want to rent an apartment if your credit is bad you can end up paying tell Devin to tell you deposit means a downpayment on a house
so another thing not to touch you but you know when you said that the whole Seven Springs streams of income and you know most people working nine-to-five you know there's a lot of people working a nine-to-five and a lot of people aren't aware that even into in some Industries to get a job your credit have to be at a certain level because they have to feel that they can trust you with money or you know trust you as an individual or that you're responsible and there is actually a cord that employers look at in a lot of people don't realize that so when you said the seven streams of income it made me think of that it is it's just really important all together and you can leverage your credit you know if you have a good score instead of using your cash for you no funding certain things that you might want to do with in your life you can use the credit to
instead of using your personal cash you know you can use your credit and pay yourself back play it just really make sense now tell people the difference from because I like a lot of people talking all the time call Michael Miss on Credit Karma and they said my score was Vince but then when I went to Experian it was this is not the same Andrei Credit Karma is not your FICO score so the square that matters when you're going to get a loan whether it's an auto loan and mortgage of personal loans what is important is your FICO score and that's not with Credit Karma gets you do you know someone and she went to go get a car and when she went to go get her car she have all the credit from Credit Karma and it said she had I think she said she thought she had a dime he went there like okay I know it's not the greatest but I'll be able to get what I need and when she got there they tonight and she's like I don't understand
she's like what are you talking about they were like that's not your FICO score so when they told her she was actually in the 500 so it's a big difference is usually about a hundred Point difference
call also some people have to read like the fine print Credit Karma does a soft credit pull
they don't do a hard credit pull so there's a difference between the two the two criticals and there's also about the different FICO scores
so yeah so Credit Karma that's your vantagescore and now the FICO score is from from Experian Equifax and why did I just drop you
so that's what I look for some from and pretty much how your score is determined his each of Bureau is going to have a different store for you and also you know sometimes even with the credit using a credit repair program we can control with the credit bureaus do nails sometimes we'll have what's the one I can't stand I can't stand TransUnion I just personally I can't if you don't even like I have great success getting stuff off of Experian and Equifax and Transunion just want to be difficult like I don't understand but the way that your score is calculated is off your orbit
so if you have one for that day 601s 6:55 and one at 6:50 your FICO score is going to stay at 6:25 your true FICO score is Ambi whatever that middle number is
so what is the minimum score that someone needs to have the purchase house or to make a large purchase so typically they say I've heard of some people getting in the 500 but again we going to that interest rate your interest rate is going to be in stand so if you want to throw your money away like look at it like this you listen even if you have to be in my program for 6-month great you rather pay about $500 and get your score up and then when you get your house you have a low interest rate in your saving a lot of money in the long run or do you rather get your house now with the astronomical interest rate and then you're literally throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars that you're just giving away to the bank so you have to decide what's more important a lot of people want that instant gratification and they're like oh it doesn't matter but you know you're throwing away money and again also something
the instant gratification a lot of people sign up to 90 days but we recommend to stay in the program for like 3 to 6 months and you didn't mess up your credit overnight please please please don't come to me expecting for your score to jump up to 300 points overnight it's not going to happen it's it's a process you have to trust the process okay so I just want to take the time out to tell TransUnion to kiss my I don't like you and I wish I was just go away and I just want to take the time out to say that because I received a letter from TransUnion today telling me that we not bring investigating your situation
so now they got me hot so you know and you know it just so happens that letter had to come today and you on the show today and you can suck it and I don't know where my husband is that how you met your husband he was your client and then you married I had to get them together cuz we were married
but yeah with his birth mother is a dispute he had 34 negative items on his arm between all three credit bureaus he has 34 negative items and we were able to get 17 of those removed without TransUnion getting rid of anything so with his first-round alone we got 17 things removed and honestly I think the last time I looked there still might remove nothing Experian and Equifax They removed everything TransUnion is trying to hold on I don't know why yeah I got like maybe two things left on my Equifax then and what's the other one right now and I'm ready to go see where they at in fight them cuz I ain't got time to talk about a certain type of collection cuz I know everybody wants to know about the emails about it right now
medical collections medical bills those are pain in the butt
was that actually really easy to get removed because they are technically not supposed to be deported because they are violating HIPAA laws
so those are typically really easy to get removed
so now when those get removed do they stay off or is it a situation where another company buys it out picks it up and they come at you again no it would stay or when the company when when your account goes into collection someone paid for that but you just that race so that there that day they purchased that that that's there is no longer yours and no it is not coming back and they would have to so another thing people don't really realize it when somebody buys that that you know really depending on how old it is they don't cheat the promissory note like the original company doesn't keep that promise every note on file forever and they would need to provide that promissory note and give it to that new company and nine times out of 10 it doesn't happen
so know once we get that died and like I said again we're doing things legally where we're going by the Credit Reporting Act and we are a 501 c 3 company so when we have it removed it is removed permanently I have not had any client of mine come to me and said that anything come back I have had people who were with other companies who said that has happened to them and you know they were they were crying when they came to me I haven't had any issues with anything coming back
okay so what about removing some people who are not many people okay I don't care
I thought somebody was just talking to me about this like a week ago and how her score like Drop because she has like late payments but he's late payments were from what I 2005 and it's still kind of like different 2005 vn2000 only thing I could think of off the top of my head is she must have been making is it still an active account
I don't think so I'm not sure I didn't get all up in my business like that and it was an active account I can make sense why is still showing on a report or if it was a collections account or an account in default and she made a payment you are renewing like when you make a payment on something so you didn't tell him for three years and then they send you something in the mail and you is a okay let's do a payment arrangement or whatever and you and you make that payment you are reacted in that debt
so it sounds like that maybe what happened. She reactivated her that at some point and that's why it's still being reported
so basically what you're saying is if somebody has an old debt don't start paying on it because you are reacting as if like it's starting again from zero and like stole stuff for years so if you have six and a half years six years and you make a payment guess what you back at your there oh really
you do you
yeah, John stimulus check number you don't be using your checks to pay for old deck
that's why I said don't start anything you ain't been paying on and don't stop peeing on stuff that you have to keep doing what you're doing come to us man will get you right
so just four people information with me and I'm sure you know this to you are entitled to a free credit report from all the bureau's every year are sitting here listening to the show and you're thinking yourself like what is my what is my credit look like
you can you can get your credit report free credit
right absolutely you know I don't think they even make you put a credit card and I don't think for something yeah so I would suggest that do that I don't suggest that you do all three girls at the same time I typically tell people to spread it apart you know maybe every 3-4 months just so you have an idea of what's going on at all times cuz if you do all three initially then you're going to have to pay you know the rest of the time and if you were to contact me a lot of people think they can contact me and I'm able to pull up the report and see what's going on I am not I am only able to pull your report once you are applying so it's best for you to have an idea what's going on so then I can like I said give you feedback and let you know if it's something that I feel that we will be successful without when you with and I I tell people is even though Credit Karma isn't giving you your accurate score of the stuff that's being reported on Credit Karma.
Equifax and Transunion so the stuff is getting reported is still the same so you can still look on something like Credit Karma to let me know what you got going on and then I can you know take it from there but I am not able to pull your report until your actual customer of mine
so what's up with my balance is a little bit right and Anna and I'm trying to give everybody like a full picture of everything so they understand how these things work together so my balance is only credit cards and stuff and how they affect your score like when your credit cards are like over 30% of your at your max so your credit score is going to be compiled the certainty of different things sold the balance is like he has bad the mix of credit that's another thing that's going to affect your score so it's a lot of people and you know me being one initially my mother my mom doesn't believe in Friday cuz she messed herself up when she was in her early twenties and got herself in a lot of gas so when she got out and so that's how she raised me but it was until I got older and it is important you should have
credit card used to have I would say at least two credit cards you have to be responsible with how you're using it you know because it can mess you up and I'm not even going to lie I might be your credit specialist but when I started when I got my card and I started fight this life is my bouncing CA got me you know you don't really do have to be mindful me personally I pay my credit card every two weeks or whatever the balance is every two weeks I just pay the whole thing off and you know that whatever and that's another tip that you have a well if you can take make payments instead of waiting until the due date once a month if you can make multiple payments throughout the month because you don't know exactly when your score is going to be recorded so let's say your score is reported on the 20th but your due date isn't until the 30th you wouldn't see the impact of your payment until the following month if you wait till
make a payment so it's wise to make a payment every two weeks even if you're not able to be able to pay the whole balance so I can understand that but whatever it is you can do even if you say okay I'm going to pay $100 a month to pay 50 and fifty and you will see your score jump up but you want to have like an installment loan so like a car that's considered installment loan the credit card that's revolving credit so you can have a mix of credit mortgages you know stuff like that also and I'm thinking about it
and what we can do is usually your rent is not reported to your credit unless you get an evicted so what we can do is have your positive rental history put onto your credit report and that will help your credit jump up as well you want to keep your balance is below 30% you I'm trying to think I'm just going to hear I apologize people
but yeah you want to stay on top of day and yeah you're one of those that goes say okay I'm going to pay cash and get gas or get food or something you might as well put that on your credit card to use your credit card for the gas and for the food and then yeah just pay with what you use for gas and food on your credit card pay back the credit card and he's doing that and your score will bounce and also again and you know you not going to make no bunch of money but like you know I have my rewards credit card so I have like an Expedia card so when I travel I booked through Expedia I get points I get free hotels and stuff like that so I'm using my credit card for stuff that you know you would only use cash for lucky he said the guy's grocery stuff like that but now you're paying yourself back because now you're getting reward
are using that card you just have to use it responsibly
well I will say this
if you don't have a credit card you going to be looking stupid when you get off the plane at the airport and you try to go pick that rental up and they laughing to the section where it says Uber pickup
if you're one of those trying to build your credit you can get to try to go through try to get a secured credit card absolutely because that is imported but if we are and then you choose what you want your limit today so you can start out with if you can only set up with $250 to $500 and then and I thought you have my husband had to start out that his credit
so yeah he had to start out with a little secured credit card and then he did like $500 and I'll get up and within a few months he started getting those offers in the mail like you know you're eligible for this credit card so yes that definitely makes a difference
alright so we going to take a little break and then we come back we're going to talk about how running your credit affect your credit so love you by Johnny Gill
play The Dramatics.
fruit punch bowl
what is pushing you down
all right welcome back to letters from the pen
the song you just heard was Love You by Johnny we'll string on all platforms
I'm your host Army paronychia
we're here with Mila shorter who is talking about the great topic so we're talking about effects of how running your credit affect your credit one time I went someplace and I asked him I said so you know why you are you running the credit with them they were like all we just want to say one thing and then all of a sudden like the next month I saw my credit report and they ran it's like 20 Banks and I was like I was livid right yeah that actually happened to me as well and what's funny is I didn't even know that they were running my credit through multiple Banks because I told them that I wanted to get it through and we had agreed on you know using I told her I want to go through JSO
it was supposed to just run in 3 days and I didn't know that they were never multiple lenders until my company actually because being my I like I don't use the credit services because I'm fine but I'm still involved because of all the other benefits that I mentioned earlier and one day I just randomly got dispute letters in the mail and I automatically generated these letters because of these enquiries so yeah those countries definitely affect your credit and that's how far is generally make up about like 10% of what your credit score would be and hard pool would be something like a Kia mention as far as like going to get a loan on a car if you say you know you guys get those pre-approved credit card things in the mail if you get that in the mail and you respond they're going to do a hard pull
if you were to call your credit company in your credit card company and say you wanted to increase your limit that's going to be a hard pull on your credit as well and so that is a hard pull on your credit but if one year when you start building your credit up asking if they can increase your score is something that is wise to do because now you're what's the word I'm looking for the amount of credit that your utilization is going to be lower so let's say you started out with $1,000 limit and then you call him you say hey can I get a extension on my lemon and they say Okay station because you're still going to be using it for like the earlier $300 a month $500 a month
and now your limit is more that is going to help boost your score up now smoke and grease with the other mention sometimes employers for your credit if you pull your credit yourself a lot of time because you know that is not affecting your score or so you know a lot of the credit card companies now they provide your credit score fast eater when they're doing that like you know of Cyberchase then whatever it's not affecting your score
so I mean that's that's good information for people to know and yeah like going to like buy a car make sure you're very clear that you don't want them running running you through multiple Banks write your score drops like about 2 points for like each bank they run you through it really varies it depends on what's going on with your credit profile
the less credit accounts you have the more anything is going to impact it so let's say you only have that you have one credit card you have just one credit card or anything like that is going to impact your credit for more than someone who has 10 things of credit you know your credit is compiled of different things so is your 30% is going to be on the amount that you owe 15% is going to be on your dilemma credit that you have 35% is going to be on your history of 10% is going to be on the types of credit like I said earlier so you want to have the revolver all the time so it's just going to really depend on what you have going on
and also I just so you guys know if you have you know I want for paying off a debt early because like I said I don't like to throw away money for no reason so if I can pay it off early and I have to pay interest and that's what I'm going to do some people get concerned because your score will actually drop a little bit when you pay off a debt because now that's what's being reported for x amount of time and that you know a part of your length of History so if you pay off your car note early or something I'm not saying don't do it I did it I will continue to do it if I'm in a position to let you know but if your score drops than you know don't don't be afraid it will start to go back up again but one thing I will say is never cancel a credit card do not cancel your credit card if you're not going to use it anymore cut it up and throw it away but when you cancel your card you are especially if this was like stay with your first credit card or one of the first one
you're now store that start running the length of your history so never ever cancel your card
great so we're coming to the end of our our which I'm so sad cuz we can talk about this so if you guys want to fix your credit meaning to tell them where I can reach you out some my website is and then you can give me a call I gave you my number by my can I get a better number is 678-250-3147 again 678-250-3147 so now what are your hours though cuz you know I'm one of those people that like I wake up in the middle of the night at like I think of something and it's 3 in the morning and I'll call
if I'm up or answer
I'm usually in bed before 3 ff12 why but yeah I honestly I don't have any hours I have had people for me all times and times and made you know if it's fine if I don't answer just leave a message
all right now some people are never going to websites and dialing number so happy like we do on social media but sometimes it's easier for me because they're always on social media absolutely anything Instagram restored and report and you can also look up restored and we scored on Facebook
restored scored correct so y'all we're almost halfway through 2021 messed up messed up credit got to be working at McDonald's and that's the only job you can get cuz if you could only flip Burgers cuz your credit is trying to say that I'm starting July Biden's trying to give people $360 a month who have children and so on and so forth you know it's a whole big thing so when you get that similar you know get that credit done make a better for you and your kids don't run it out don't run out and have it for kids to get the extra change
life together for those who didn't understand credit and how work makes you guys hit her up rescored and restored
refund for your credit stuff on restored and rescore yes so you guys can go to the website and click on it and I will be making a short commercial for it so you're beautiful