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Lets Find Out, May 2, 2021

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Lets Find Out
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Guest, Gary Chen, Tarot card readings

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce

Guest, Gary Chen, Tarot card readings

1) Where are you originally from?

2) How did your spiritual journey begin?

3) How did you get into Tarot?

4) What were you doing before Tarot?

5) How did your spiritual journey begin?

6) What do you represent, and how does it help people?

7) How do you prepare for your readings?

8) Tell me about your YouTube Channel? Why did you start it? What sort of content do you post on there?

9) What have you learned on your spiritual journey that significantly impacted your life?

10) What do you like to do in your free time?

Guest, Gary Chen

Guest Name
Gary Chen
Guest Occupation
Spiritual Intuitive and Tarot Reader
Guest Biography
Gary Chen is an excellent and gifted Spiritual Intuitive and Tarot Reader out of Brooklyn, NY. He began his work in the summer of 2020 after being laid off from his job because of the pandemic. Sometimes we have to pick the flower to enjoy its full essence. Gary began by studying the Tarot intensely and practicing with his family and friends, Even he was surprised with his clarity and accuracy. His Chakras opened up quickly and that’s when he knew he had found A new profession. Becoming a “Light Worker” has been rewarding because he found he could positively impact and guide many people with his gifts. As a student of the Vedic Principles, Gary realizes that he is simply a messenger from the Universe to help others through their challenges. 

Lets Find Out

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