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KickAss Radio, August 27, 2020

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KickAss Radio
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Authenticity – Byou – Ways to be Authentic

KickAss Radio with Jo Sainsbury

Episode #6      

Topic: Authenticity – Learning to be completely Authentic

Every woman and every situation is different, if you don’t stay authentic and try to fit in and please others, keeping up the façade will be the cost to you.

Authenticity – it’s a very popular and aspirational buzzword. Anything that is deemed to be authentic is the most desired. As individual beings, who wouldn’t want to be seen as being authentic? Ah, how to be authentic.

Authenticity is less about identifying a singular purpose and voice that should define your entire life. It’s about finding and trusting your voice today.  So how can we possibly learn to become more authentic? We have to start by understanding why authenticity is so important.

Today we deep dive into our authentic selves - It’s not that we’re learning how to be authentic, but that we’re un-learning 'un-authenticity'.


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