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The Kathy Lee Parker Show, 08/01/2020

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The Kathy Lee Parker Show
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Guest, Sheri Fawson your Medicare Specialist

The Kathy Lee Parker Show with Kathy Lee Parker

Guest, Sheri Fawson your Medicare Specialist 

Sheri Fawson is fiercely committed to guiding seniors on Medicare, or about to reach Medicare age, to achieve satisfaction, save money, and feel good about their choice of health insurance in retirement so they can have peace of mind and sleep well at night knowing they have taken the right steps to ensure the best healthcare in their golden years. If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address the high cost of healthcare in retirement, the complicated Medicare system, and the confusion about what to choose among so many options, you have come to the right place. With over 20 years working with amazing clients and nearly eight years of experience working with Medicare clients having similar worries and concerns, and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to make sure every person I help understands and chooses for themselves what to do with Medicare, free from the confusion that is so often what people with Medicare feel. 
My path to Medicare began when I became a mentor, and my path to becoming a mentor became clear to me at an early age. I have always known how people are feeling and what they need. I love working with adults so I chose Sociology as my major in college. Later I began a career as a Success Coach and Mentor. In every part of my life, whether at work or play, with family, friends, or strangers, I naturally use this ability to “coach” people.
Sheri Fawson your Medicare Specialist 
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The Kathy Lee Parker Show

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Kathy Lee Parker is talking about in Real Time meaning what happen Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

Kathy believes in a more positive outlook on the airwaves. People will listen outside the box when it comes to her Guests. They must think beyond issues of jobs, products, services, music, politics, business and so much more.

Kathy Lee Parker's success is in helping her guests bring the highest levels of business, entertainment & enlightenment to intrigue her listeners. Today's media advancements provide listeners and advertisers with more choices than ever before.

Kathy Lee and her Guests will turn Airwaves into a blend of Relationships Advice, Talented Artist, Music plus Health and Environment issues and so much more for your listening pleasure.