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Junk Refund Show, July 20, 2023

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Junk Refund Show
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Work Hard, Like Timmy

Junk Refund Show with Alan Cook

Guest, Timmy

Title: Work Hard, Like Timmy

Description: Meet Timmy, one of the hardest workers I know. He is 62 years old. Five times a day he rides his riding lawnmower pulling his small trailer over to the local scrap metal yard. That’s after he pays $20 to fill the tractor up with gas!
Timmy does this work seven days a week. He also has trouble walking. It’s a hard thing for him to even step up onto the tractor. Timmy is one of my heroes. His work ethic is amazing!
In this episode you can also meet another Tim: Tim Allen. He does 450 strenuous repetitions in 90° heat on asphalt during his lunch hour. He’s done it for seven years.
Learn about these and others who have an incredible work ethics. Enjoy this show, dedicated to the concept of hard work!

Junk Refund Show

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1-800-Junk-Refund helps people declutter their homes and businesses with the unique option of getting some cash back! Our radio show, Junk Refund Show, takes it one step further by helping you get the clutter and junk out of your life as well! 

Listen each week as we help you not only declutter your garage, but we help you declutter your relationships as well! Not only can we help you clean out your dresser drawers, we can help you clean out that extra baggage you’re carrying around your waistline too! Not only can we help you find that extra change that’s fallen down into the cracks of your couch, but we can also give you some tips on how to make some extra money in your life! 

Join us as we explore that fascinating world of junk removal both inside and outside of your home, using interesting guests, 20 years of junk removal experience, and an upbeat and optimistic outlook on life!

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