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JD Rucker Show, October 18, 2023

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Who Can Patriots Trust in the Media?

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Who Can Patriots Trust in the Media?

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the Janie Rucker show I am your host J D wrecker and they were going to be talking about ourselves and not actively ourselves as in me or you but ourselves as in conservative media you know it's been very challenging for the last really you could say it's been at least three years for conservative media it's it's really make an impact and because there was a time not too long ago and conservative media a basic Affair Fair shake when it came to attention when it came to Google searches when it came to what the what the people were allowed to see and I've laid for again progressively for over the last three or four years we've seen a lot of censorship a lot of a lot more censorship then we're even seen before
and this was a correction this is what what they did the powers-that-be to say the Deep State the multipolar world order or you want to blame they decided you know what 2016 we will let the conservative media do their thing and all of a sudden we have Donald Trump as president so we're going to do better this time we're going to make sure that we stifle those voices that might might be saying mag our those those people that might be wearing a red hats or whatever and this been its mission accomplished okay there was way back when okay then I guess she's saving 2017 2018 2017 when I would say the my my old websites that I used to run a good chunk probably maybe a third or fourth of the traffic actually came from Google of all places we we did very well we were in Google news we got we got a lot of stores we were able to get them out there very quickly ahead of New York
find your CNN or Fox News or any of those guys so we got a lot of attention and it was those nice okay but it wasn't it was short-lived at some point we started seeing it diminish and then all of a sudden shortly after ironically shortly after I posted an article about Bill Gates and we've gotten even a a cease-and-desist letter from the gate so it wasn't maybe three days later then all of a sudden our Google traffic went to nil I'm things like pretty much zero in this fine look I I could couldn't care less about Google today because you guys are still still finding me and hopefully you're not using Google very much if at all have a big fan of using I guess you could say the alternative search engines I know that. Go have some challenges I know that brave search has some challenges I know there's other searches out there that are trying to do well and sometimes you know if you want to know when the Sun Sun is setting you got to got to
Google because he has two guys don't tell you which I like to check that so you do occasionally have to use it but maybe you don't maybe you guys are out there are doing the right thing and avoiding Google and all the big Tech big Tech oligarchs altogether good on you if you can I do I do the best that I can do they show is brought to you by Genesis Gold group Genesis is a Christian precious metals company they help people to get into self-directed IRAs letting you have an old 401k and I are a different Ira a retirement account of any sort you can go to JDR that's JDR and find out what these guys can do they can help you the chances are they can help you you also call them at 800-200-8800 200-4653
blessed to be on with wwcr shortwave radio you can find us whether it's because you want to listen to some shortwave or because you have to listen to us because the apocalypse start the news no internet and nothing no other way to find that she'll be able to find us at 707-7490 khz and 13845 khz on shortwave radio that 7490 and 13845 5 a.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday were very so happy to be with wwcr those guys are phenomenal if you want to call him today to talk about conservative Media or to talk about anything you can call us at 888-627-6008 that is 888-627-6008 and Rumble Rumble of course and live chat with the Sasquatch
actions give your input over at Rumble at to get there you can go to JD live JD I will take you to the page and then once you're on the page you'll be able to find today's live broadcast on any of the older broadcast that we are doing over at IGT Rucker. Subs this article was about today's topic and I don't and I'm hoping that we can get it all done in 2 hours but I think it's one of the most important topics because we are having those challenges as I mentioned it's hard to find conservative media if you're using search engines even if you using social media a lot of times these these conservative or alternatively I like to cost Fringe news outlets do not get the algorithmic attention that they deserve that we deserved and I run
obviously this turn a news aggregator that also has unique content I'm also the editor over at the Liberty News aggregator very much drugs like looks a whole lot like drugs except it's actually I don't know conservative you know like like Drive supposedly used to be while we try to do a very good job over there and getting rewarded we are getting about 10 million visitors a month so that's that's been greatly appreciate that and we know that we get a lot of attention that way so between those two sites I'm stuck every day 365 days a year reading through news feeds I would argue that I probably read more headlines than ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent of the population I'm getting my feet my feet over 300 conservative an alternative media sources and I read through every single headlight out and about 90% there's times when I'll be going through and I
looking for hours back I know that I haven't checked in 6 hours is like oh crap. I really want to go that far I figured you know what 4 hours is enough so there's going to be some occasional occasional sore but otherwise you're literally thousands of headlines every day I'm standing at the very least scanning at least a hundred 150 Mi actually someone that will say 250 articles per day or or video sometimes it's videos that I'm I'm kind of getting the gist determining if it's something that's that's worth sharing to those 10 million people a month or two the people that are going to disturb report
and I have to go through with and determine this is good and then some of them are obviously good enough to where I have to read them all the way through one of the things we don't ever want to do is to post something that turns out to be false or Dean I got called out in the rightly so I was called out for an article that I scanned it looks good and as it turned out the article was very very but there were it was about the the Dakota Jazz right and it was talking about sea of the some adverse reactions and all this stuff and I got a comment about it saying oh you know you you never trumper's never trumper's what are you talking about I went through and I thoroughly read the article and then there he kept mentioning that that the whole reason that we're having this this challenge with the adverse reactions is because of operation warp speed and they kept calling him the code of the the trunk Jazz the trunk Jazz and you know what
I'm critical of President Trump for operation warp speed for the lockdown for 2 weeks to slow the spread but I don't necessarily blame him I think that he he made a huge mistake he was to the wrong people he was the people like like Mike Pence instead of listening to dr. Peter Navarro he was obviously Anthony fauci and Deborah birx instead of listen to Scott Atlas listen to the wrong people gay and that was a mistake and we're suffering as a result and I would argue that also that even though he was President of United States maybe you didn't have a choice you know another words may be the way that everything was laid out and couldn't have done anything different I don't I'm not trying to make excuses for the guy like I said I've been critical of him and I really really wish you would stop promoting them my goodness but he does at least be slowed down a bit on it I would love
for him or any Republican candidate just come out and say guys that dangerous they're going to effective don't get them that be ideal but hey not living in an Ideal World or anywhere close to this result we do have to pay very close attention to what is happening in the media
who do we trust that's the real question who can We Trust in Media to deliver the truth to deliver the information that we need to hear just yesterday we had conflicting stories and I still as of this morning they are still conflicting hey there was a hospital in Gaza that was was bombed and the initial reports the initial response was that it was Israel Hospital in Gaza and killed five hundred people or eight hundred people are more mostly patients and doctors in and stuff like that and and then there were reports that I'll maybe there was a Hamas hamashia base there or something and then it's like well you know there was all this discussion will all of a sudden you start getting word from other media sources you start seeing videos popping up on social media you start seeing that was actually it wasn't it wasn't Tomas either
spending it was it was Islamic Jihad the the secondary terrorist organization in Gaza I guess you consider the the JV team as as Barack Obama would probably call them apparently and this is again this comes from Israeli media this comes from some and conservative media and a whole lot of people on social media that was saying you a video evidence that of the rocket goes up and then come straight back down and they were showing us and them trying to spread this around well then I started looking into it and I started realizing some of the videos not all of them but some of the videos can be traced back to before another words they were old videos that were being used as evidence that a this was this was from Gaza this wasn't from Israel
the piece of evidence that and I'm not going to be definitive in one way or the other if I if I were forced to it it's okay record me to pick one of the other I would say I yeah it probably was the pair of state that seems to be something that they do fairly regularly approximately 40% of the the missiles and the rockets and they fire off never actually make it to their destination that's something that a lot of lot of people don't realize but the end of the evidence I guess you could say that maybe it was about it was the fact that the damage was so extensive so I'm still on speaking the truth the piece of evidence that King close to I would say I'm about 80% sure can close to convincing me that it was actually the the terrorists who inadvertently or maybe intentionally but I would say most likely inadvertently blew up their own hospital was it was the telegram telegram message through that
I want to hear they post videos and and the statements every time they they fire rockets and there was there was like literally a 40 seconds or so before the the hospitals Bond there was a mess of those sent David said that you know hey you know we're launching 22 rockets at such-and-such place so that got posted
but then the Rockets ever made it to the their target to the place where they they claimed they were going and most importantly shortly after that the they attempted to delete the delete that post but your thing anybody familiar with telegram delete it for everybody but if you have your settings on telegram right then you get to the to retain what was posted even if the source deletes it and that's where that's where this information came from that's okay so so between that and the video evidence and statements from the Israeli government I'm at about 80% sure
what is the thing you look through a corporate meeting at they're all saying conflicting reports conflicting reports you know they giving both sides equal equal footing on this God Israel says this we don't know what's up
what is important because now overnight there have been attacks at embassies that Israeli embassies US embassies across the board across the globe and it's not just the embassies there been other attacks of which may or may not be able to be attributed to this bombing this horrible incident at the hospital so we do as a people I just as a conservative movement but also just as a people we need to get a handle on what's real and what's not what's with the news that people need to be watching and what's the news that they actually are watching or reading or sharing even something in this is where we get into the slippery slope
I am not a proponent at all of censoring quote on quote fake news I don't care how thick it is okay it could be an outright lie. It could be an intentional why it should not be censured as long as it's legal as long as we're talking you know that if they're going to post post some fake news in and call for murder or terrorism or whatever that's a different story but again that's that's doesn't matter whether is fake news a real news they can and will sometimes do that that's a different that's a different level of censorship you know
even then I would argue that that even calls for violence shouldn't necessarily be censured for sale at least not by government a platform wants to do it so be it can't be as long as you're not protected platforming and hiding behind the US government or any other government that should be fine when I'm trying to make is this
there's a battle in both directions on one hand we have to fight fake news we have to try to get the real news out there on the other hand we have to fight the the sensors the powers-that-be who wants anything they can screw is fake news to be censured these are not mutually exclusive we can Lord willing we will be able to accomplish both goals one of the things that I strive to do on a daily basis and if you want to try I'm in 8 8 8 6 2 7 6 0 0 8 8 8 8 6 2 7 6 0 0 8 take calls I expect we might actually have a surprise guest today there's somebody I called in and see if he wants to come on the show he's he's going to try and he is actually an expert in this information of all things did it for the military has he's an expert on psyops we'll we'll leave it at that I don't want to
too much just in case he doesn't doesn't come on the show today will see Lord will pray for that and give me a call if that's in the chat room. Do whatever you want to talk with you so let's get to this article and this is again you can find this at JD Rucker. So who can we trust in the media
any intention of this is not to make a list of Trustees guys don't be like that it's more along the lines of here are some strengths and weaknesses these guys I would I go to because they cover cultural Marxism very well these guys have a handle on on radical Islamic terrorism these guys will talk about the Jazz while these guys won't talk about Jess I want to give you an understanding of the landscape so that maybe some of these sources are sources that you're not using maybe it's these are sources that you're all using maybe I'm not going to be enlightening anybody but again I read through over 300 sources every single day so I would say that perhaps I have a bit of an Insight so glad as editor of the Liberty daily and owner of the server Port I spend more time sifting through headlines than 99.999% of the population I'm sure there has to be somebody out there
who does absolutely nothing other than read and or watch various news sources I will take my son to breakfast pretty much every morning and I will occasionally hang out with my wife I don't just do this but I don't watch Netflix I don't watch anything else we catch an OU game but I don't watch the NFL even though I used to because I don't support what Miss whatever long story. Really that's not lime store it's I don't like the NFL anyway so I'm sure there's somebody out there who may be watches and and stays more in tune with all the stuff that I do but I put in pretty much 16 18 hours a day minimum just reading through stories ring for headlines watching videos deciding what I want to put up over at the Liberty daily when I'm managing and I'm not managing its Day praise God Matthews back from vacation we are at to man show he's the owner on the editor he runs the site most that I was in
334 days a week and I run the side the other three or four days a week can you find what week it is sometimes I'll be running it for 3 weeks like I have been but I'm off duty today that's why it's the certiport I am a one-man show everything that goes up there is stuff that I selected so if you go to discern you see something you don't like that was me I did that you see something you like that also was me
my feet carries over 300 conservative news sites blogs and video channels that updates in near real-time and I read the headlines of about 90% of a daily that's literally thousands of headlines that I read with hundreds of the story scan at the very least and doesn't fully read or videos fully watched I have a unique understanding of the buy sees the Styles and the nuances of these Alex and as a result I know who to trust the pendant on the topic again yeah I use a perfect example daily wire is as a news organization when they're talking about for example transgender bathroom talk or when they're when they're talking about things that pertain to direct cultural Marxism they're pretty darn good when they start talking about Republican politics I usually turn them off when they start talking about Hollywood I definitely turn them off there I would say probably eighty or ninety percent of the
stories I don't even look at I just skip right past them read the headline and move on but they are very good very good when it comes to again tackling for example I'm lgbtqia plus Supremacy they do a good job with that so on those topics I generally pay attention but they I do believe they are part of will say that the right-leaning side of the unit party swamp as it pertains to Republican politics and they are they are not out there promoting Mega okay they're not out there promoting America first when it comes to Republican politics and yes if you're on their email list you're going to get emails probably from the RNC who loves to buy those those types of email list and then wires right there to get get into that until those inboxes so I mean does that make them good or bad or indifferent I would say that that as far as conservative media goes
doing that in my book
but there are certain stories that I will read if there's an even post of theirs based upon again the there their expertise when it comes to Matt Walsh and what is a woman that was brilliant I don't watch all think but the person I watch we're okay so
it is important to a new awesome is important to keep an open mind I don't Blacklist pretty much any site out there even if I disagree with them you know 80% of the time I'm talking about conservative size I do black list for example the the corporate media sites such as CNN or Fox News if that's the only place where I put the news I just read the article I'll rewrite it before I send any traffic to or to or anything like that so those Dental not blacklisted unless they're just blatantly wrong all the time and most of them are not some of them have some really good stuff at the Right Scoop so they get a lot of Scoops that's what they're good at okay they do a great job with getting getting some of the some of breaking news that's out there so I do like the pay attention to them but they're also
the never trumper's okay they are so so vehement Lee Pro Ron DeSantis that they've actually but I don't want to spread gossip so don't want to to say anything that's not publicly known but I do know that there was at least one one employee there when journalists that had to quit or didn't have to quit but chose to quit over that bias
and it looks whenever the Liberty daily at my side of the surname I will admit I'm Pro Trump okay I'm a bachelor pro-trump for for many reasons. Because I think Trump's perfect I'm not I'm not sitting there old Trump or nothing no it's not like that it's just number one he's the one that's going to win unless the Deep say stop saying so you know if you think I can't wait for Glenn in the hop in the razor or whatever you whatever your motivation is if you if you are still opposing it Trump nomination then you are rooting for the Deep State because that's the only way and the only way the Trump loses the GOP nomination is if he's thrown in jail or something worse happens to an otherwise it is me and I can't believe we're still talking about I can't believe that even though he's up by 45 points of his nearest competitor in most polls that they're still acting like this is a race it's not a race at all
and there's there's nothing outside of the deep State taking him out the only way that anybody else has a chance of winning so me and you can say all but yeah it's still early if you was up by 20 points I might be able to buy okay so there's still a chance right but I mean it reminds me of that scene in Dumb and Dumber where where Jim Carrey's asking out Lauren Holly you know what are my chances like one of the hundreds like I actually it's more like one in a million and he's like
so you're telling me there's a chance 9% it's it's happening guys Nikki Haley moved into third place in New Hampshire oh my gosh she's going to she's going to do it I don't know know know a lot of guys out there I just answer I would I like the Santa's I did I did like him I think he made a mistake I think that he was a shoe-in and absolute shoe and he comes out in this year and he says I'm not running I'm backing Donald Trump then they bringing young and whoever else to be there if they're not on truck Messiah they try to do that but Trump still ends up winning and two Santas guaranteed 2028 I mean he's done he's just says that then but anyway
can use that if you really want to break down in your why I don't really care about any of that stuff I don't think of the presidential race has nearly as much of an impact as everybody else does apparently does K whoever's in the White House they're not really running at you when Trump was there you say oh my gosh you have trouble as was doing this doing that Trump is doing a lot more than Biden but I mean
it wasn't like I do the other things were glorious because of Trumps attitude things were good with the economy because of because of what Trump portrayed as far as internationally speaking they can say oh you know that the other world leaders were against this okay great but they also were concerned about they also feared us there also were no Wars so but I mean I don't want it look I'm not going to get into the presidential politics today and I won't be talking about it very much at all ever really because at least not until it gets closer to the election because again I don't think is really even a race to be happy when is that the Right Scoop they do a great job as far as getting certain piece of information out there very very quickly sometimes they are a little bit inaccurate but it's the trailer yes but sometimes some people are fast some people are accurate it's hard to be both
and it's what I found in my travels through conservative media 888-627-6008 if you would like to call in and tell me I'm an idiot for thinking that that the Sanderson Haley and ramaswamy none of them have a chance or even blend Younkin or anybody else they threw out their tents I imagine we'll be gone within the next two weeks Pence's is hemorrhaging money he is he is hurting is already throwing his own his own wealth into it and I granted he is wealthy but at some point they have to decide huh you know I'm at 1% do I really want to spend another million dollars hopefully he will eventually come to the conclusion that no he should not insane with Chris Christie and pretty much everybody else Tim Scott Tim Scott just had 40 million dollar man by by Super PAC pulled cuz they don't they don't want to throw away their money
it is things are going to change your vacation but I went back to the article I'll be going through and I'll be going through as many of these Alex as possible with my assessment of The Good The Bad and The Ugly
I'll also be taking calls out what you guys call 888 I always have to look at have a membership at 888-627-6008 or in the chat over to rumble wherever I'm getting calls in a little while see what you guys think are there any any new ones that I have to add to the list that you should get an email to the sad part which is fine if you if you don't want to come on the air that's fine you can just send me an email I'm in Santa I already got it, Dover at over at the sac that highlighted one that I didn't mention a month for 12 and I'm about to talk about today and it's going to be more than 12 but you get the idea
I did not think of that one and that was that was a good one that I missed but I will get emails and you can always email me at JD talk JD talk and I'll be able to to get that information and people send me an email saying that I either had forgotten about or maybe I didn't know about it all when the ones on the list today by the way is and that was that I didn't know about it all really a year ago and all of a sudden they are like one of the top ones on my radar
so I just want some you learn more about other outlets yeah here's a sampling in no particular order that's important because I don't write these these aren't these aren't the ones that are like oh my gosh you know this is number 1 number 2 number 3 these are all good ones they are all they'll have their strength they all have their weaknesses and we're going to highlight some of that today I'm sure most of these at least some of them you currently already visit and my audience is very consistent you guys are brilliant and very consistent with trying to stay within say aligned with the real news so a lot of the stuff will hopefully be be pleased that you're already going to put some of the well will be brand-new Lord willing and if not then I apologize Upfront for wasting your time but let's start
summer one drink before we start the screen cuz I'm about to going to start screaming soon
number one
the Gateway pundit Gateway pundit you're there was a time when I didn't like them admit it okay I did not like their style of reporting it grew on me and it grew on me fast and it went from being a I can't really trust what they're saying that oh my gosh with the Gateway pundit say about this that I like and when they were basically a drudge darling and now they're not none of us are you know unless you're washing the post or something like that you're not at a drudge darling and I I thought maybe they are Jim hoft is a patriot really has been trying and continues to try and his team continues to try to spread the truth I may be extremely impressed with their ongoing coverage of the January 6th political prisoners
they've done a great job of highlighting each individual one that's two that they actually literally the top to on here are amongst the only ones there's not very many of them out there unfortunately spite this the horrendous treatment these people are getting the overtime is overkill okay let's call it what it is January 6th are being having allies apart
over nothing
they are getting worse worse than dances than literal child molesters how is that possible in the United States of America
found the Gateway pundit is among those on the best ones at keeping the focus on that because let's face it Congress they're not talking about it yes I'm sure you had Matt gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene were talking about it for a bit visiting trying to visit you in a little bit of attention but for the most part now that's wrong again we're talkin about people patriotic people went didn't do really anything wrong
and yet they're being jailed for it and the Gateway pundit keep their focus on that as I noted in the article when it comes to speed of getting out breaking stories few can compete with Jim Haas Outlet there on the ball with the headlines and they have no problem getting a little friend from time to time sometimes they're reporting is very short that's the trade-off okay I will if I have one complaint about the Gateway okay here's an article and Swensons 273 Simmons done that's it later for the update did you have have updates quite often
so yeah so so the Gateway pundit I would put up there as a daily visit you I was on with Wayne Allyn root on his show and one of the reasons that he brings me on relatively often is because love is a lie and I only go to two sites every single day and I go to the multiple times a day and it's the Gateway pundit and the Liberty daily but I love I know that's where I get all my information on zerohedge. You got to go there greatly appreciate that he's right I mean you can get if you just go to the Liberty daily in the Gateway pundit every day you're going to get your fill okay you really will if you can you read the news you have for for 30 minutes an hour 2 hours a day you know combine throughout the day
those two sites done you got everything you need seriously that's all you need to know if you're one of those people that's more of a more of a newshound okay you want to get your check in your news feeds or seen what's happening every hour 2 hours or 3 hours should have you covered Lux Lux in tenebris
Anthony presiding that it will just call you a lot lots of Life had overrun with a good question you know a day ago dr. Jane Ruby the night she was Jewish after she made a video criticizing is real or at least that's the way it seems now all of a sudden she's lying about not being Jewish I honestly have lost trust in a lot of media personalities she even blocked me I also don't trust Alex Jones dealing with fringe media okay and I am French media okay how do we how do I Define French media if you saying those things that you can't stand YouTube such as don't get jammed or the 2020 election was stolen between 22 election was stolen or you know whatever if you're saying those things if you think that the that the what they used to call her that summer still calling the New World Order and then he started calling of the liberal World Order and that's technically the multipolar world order if you think they really are trying to engage in a depopulation again
call Jenna that's Fringe media
so with that said and now we do have to go to a break but I will address what locks says in there as far as dr. Jane Ruby Alex Jones and other people in Fringe media that we should go to get to real quick so because I don't think it'll take too long do I trust Alex Jones sometimes I trust dr. Jane Ruby sometimes that's the challenge of Leading Edge you're going to be right sometimes you got to be wrong sometimes this is an Australian matter of trust now if you don't trust their motives that's a different story I do think that a lot of the people in French media are Drifters but I think hopefully Lord willing most of us are not and if I had to choose which bucket to put dr. Jane Ruby and Alex Jones and I would say they're not that I would say they really do truly care but we'll talk about more of that
after the break so stay tuned
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yeah I just came right during the break because
I think it's important to you to know where I stand on other French media people
Alex Jones 4 years I didn't like him I thought he was just an Entertainer I really did think he's like Howard Stern he's more like a like a conspiracy theory shock-jock right
then I started paying closer attention and it's like okay so he was right about that and he was right about that and he was right about that then then then will he was really wrong about that one very wrong about that one and that's when I started thinking maybe this really is a matter of somebody who is trying to do the right thing yes they're trying to build a news and entertainment company yes or trying to build their audience yes they're trying to be shocking with the sake of being shocking but if we can discern
some truth from other saying then those bleeding edge host such as Alex Jones such as dr. Jane Ruby they have a place now they're neither of them are on my list
but I would argue that if their hearts are in the right place and I have spoken of it to dr. Jane Ruby cash 2 or 3 weeks ago that's funny I never actually listen to a show for any other reason is just that just a Time issue I've never listened to a show but talking to her I can tell you that her heart is in the right place
now that mean that she's right or wrong I can't say definitively I don't have her on my list one way or the other because I haven't listened to her and if I'm being completely transparent which I always try to be completely transparent I've never actually watched an episode of Infowars I know somebody loyal my gosh how can we tell me while I go by other people like how we trust you if you don't watch uncle Alex every single day that I've literally never never watch I get you know I could I get a plenty of information about it from that what he says from Clips I do watch Clips I watched you know thanks for 3 minutes your phone is there that's how I can come to the conclusion I don't have time to sit and listen to a two hour show or 3 hours can I do not have any one person now I will watch on a certain subject so like for example I watch documentaries a lot because if I need to go in-depth about one particular subject
then that's that's great but it's just hard for me to listen to Fulshear shows of other show host again not because I have anything against them or not because I don't like it it's just because I have to I have to get get the gist and move on that's just part of my job I would sometimes I wish it wasn't like that I would love to just sit back and hop on the treadmill and then play whoever some other hoes I'm just losing them for an hour 2 hours 3 hours I just don't have the time so someday Lord willing if things ever do go back to normal things get get to that point where I feel comfortable with being able to do that
then the Lord willing I will be able to do that but this is not in the cards today so again just to finalize that point for four locks I don't I think of Jane Ruby I think her heart is in the right place which is extremely important I don't know if her information is accurate or inaccurate and as far as this whole thing out I will listen I will take our hear what you're saying as far as her criticizing Israel and claiming to be Jewish and all that stuff I'll see what I see and that will make a determination from there but as far as Alex Jones I do like him I'll admit it I like him I don't agree with him all the time not by any means I don't know we was really any of this post all the time Gregory's sometimes he's growing and sometimes it's like to what the heck are you thinking yeah that's way off and I'm not saying he's on his way out there all the time it's like what in the world
but usually I like him so anyway course the first one that's the first question that comes in his about dr. Jane Ruby and Alex Jones I should have should have known thank you thank you for the question by the way it is important formation so next on my list as far as conservative news sites Fringe news sites if you will or whatever that I liked you to read that I buy check out on a daily basis and I often post over at the Liberty daily that, as well as the server Port. Cam is revolver. News I think because technically they're competitor revolver news does exactly what we do over at the server port and Liberty daily some unique content some content WE Post ourselves and mostly aggregated content curated content from other sources to call my gosh their competitor why would you why would you like them look we're fighting the same fight okay
I've interviewed Aaron PD before okay I chat with with Amy over there semi-regularly I mean we're we're on the same team here I don't care about that I know there's a lot of that I'm not going to name names or spill but there are aggregators out there that won't post for example my story because I'm affiliated with Liberty daily your competitor competitor what do our competitors are the globalists our competitors are our enemies are the Democrats the radical leftists or as I like to call them today leftist because let's face it they all seem to be radical but
I don't look at other conservative news sites are even conservative news aggregators as competitors of the Liberty daily Ardis airport I look at them and say oh we're never going to post anything they do because because we don't want to lose our audience to them folks I'll go head-to-head okay I'll go head-to-head with anybody if somebody somebody out there some other news aggregator they post stories and maybe they're writing up stories I'll take my assessment and up against theirs and maybe they're better than me but maybe they're right maybe they can post a better head like maybe they do do whatever but as long as they're reaching
Patriots as long as they're reaching people with the right message I don't consider them competitors that all I consider them fellow Patriots fellow journalists trying to fight the good fight and do the right thing which is why I have a personal problem linking to revolver. News pretty much every day they do fantastic work over there the granite some of their stuff you can you send me read what I posted if the Gateway pundit is fast and thin with they are so right so is there if the Gateway pundit fast and send them damn bees revolver news is often slow and thick with their original content but here's the thing to have the luxury of going in death and with older but important story such as means they're still posting stories about
the scaffold commander on January 6th about Rahab cent stores that sometimes you'll see a story on there that's that's over a year old that's good that's fine they had the luxury of being able to go in-depth because they also share breaking news in the form of their aggregation you can always tell when you're going to click on the link if you go to revolver. News you'll know if it's a link that's going to their site internally and they wrote War if it's going somewhere else that wasn't based on whether or not it has the little comment button on it okay or little number that shows how many comments there are if there's comments that's on their site it doesn't show any comment that sells where can they link out to be so they have that beautiful luxury be able to continue to write articles about the January 6th because they need to be written but then they also
can they post breaking news as it's happening link with other people they have the best of both worlds we do the exact same thing at discerner portal we do the exact same thing at the Liberty daily this to me is how you were able to really get the news out there sometimes it's better for me to just linked to PJ Media or Breitbart or whoever Daily Mail or somebody else cuz they got the story and there's no need for me to chime in other times
it's important to take story in to put in what I believe to be the right perspective especially if I can't find that right perspective elsewhere it's always a judgment call every story really is a judgment call and revolver exact same thing and are they competitor their Patriots just like us I went to them then went to us we're all happy we're all fighting the good fight see what time for my timer at least one more maybe two more buckle up now this is one I'm sure everybody who's listen today or watching the day has has heard of the Gateway pundit I would say most of you have know about revolver news Donald Trump used to tweet about it when he was on Twitter so they are there their they're getting their there they're getting bigger every month paid millions of visitors a month
but you might have heard of this one it's a liberty Sentinel and it's at Liberty Sentinel. Org
you may have heard of the owner of the site though if you watch oan I think sometimes on Newsmax other sites he has his own shows he's on like one dell TV and he's on variety on he's he's he's everywhere he's trying to get everywhere and he should be everywhere name is Alex Newman and as I say in my opening statement about him on the article Alex Newman is the most underrated journalists in America today when you repeat that Alex Newman is the most underrated journals in America today
is a sharp mind and a Clear Vision of the geopolitical threat to Americans faced today and into the future if I had 100 million dollars which by the way if anybody wants to give me a hundred million dollars just contact me at J D wrecker, talk I'll go directly to me and we'll figure out how to spend a hundred million dollars but if I had 100 million dollars laying around I would build a news Outlet around him around Alex Newman
because the only thing he lacks is reached out he he is controversial
he talks about
mRNA Jabs
he talks about
food shortages and the liberal world order or the New World Order or whatever you want to call it
he talks about those things but he doesn't so intelligently and so accurately he was talking about this is what when one of them things got me really really interested in learning more about him I saw a video where he's talking about he's talking about them inserting mRNA technology into the food supply
into meats and possibly in the vegetables and utilizing food to control people they might say how I see lots of videos about like that this was a video from 2014
9 years ago
when he was already giving a speech about exactly what we're seeing today
so don't tell me how do you know he's the dude as they would say in a Good Will Hunting he's wicked smart he really is I'm going to get his manufacturing buddy I need to don don producer Don over BBS radio my wonderful amazing incredible producer please remind me get let me get Alex Newman on the show as quickly as possible cuz we've got to get him exposed other now I'm in it will do awesome so yeah so so Liberty Sentinel. Or now granted this Heights dental again only needs is it supposed to rain in needs to get them ever having on Fox News I assure you but we need to get them onto on the other shows I think he needs to get it I don't know if he's ever been on Bannen I don't know if he's all I know he's been on
I'm with Brandon house I think he's he's probably been out with Lyndell I mean there's so few of us how I need to need to see if he's been on with that Mike Adams you should go on my calendar is it getting guy knows what he's talking about and talk to use a polymath he talks about variety of things all of them pertain to listen to the destruction of humanity you know I've spoken to him before he has he's really sounds very short conversation that we had he seems to be a devout Christians about family man and so he was truly America First in trying to fight for this nation try to fight for the world against the globalist people say well if you're fighting for the world does that make you a little smoke if you fight for America you're fighting for the world because America is the only thing that stands in their way okay you can be you can be Pro Humanity by fighting specifically for America is my 22 cents there
number for this is when I'm sure everybody is very well aware of and again I want because in no particular order I don't know if I said that in the beginning this is an absolutely positively no particular order this is just off the top of my head I'm going through some of the the the sites that I visit on a daily basis that I pay the closest attention to when I'm going through my feet I'll read the headline first I see the headline and see what it says there is something of Interest then I'll look over to see what the source is right that's on my feet works and that will help me determine okay so like I said if it's a Republican party does this I'll read it that's an hour so this one everybody's heard of it's called of the epoch times now is it the epoch times is the epoch times
they don't know did you know that in other ways I spoken to that three people over there I've asked them all the same question is an Epoch times is an Epoch times all three of them said yes they don't know they don't know how to pronounce their name
but don't hold that against them because I had it for years I had noq K the name was supposed to be knock report knrq knock I would do interviews where the interviewer would pronounce the name differently multiple times in the same interview the number for from knock report from from those who didn't who maybe you you didn't remember it and people would always ask me what does it mean it's supposed to stand for news opinions and quotes but
I have never took off so we switch now we're over the stern and people know what that means there's no question about how to pronounce that or say that anyway as I posted of all the times is generally the most trustworthy they are not afraid to call out covid vaccines voter fraud or any of the other taboo topics the vast majority of corporate media sites avoid
an added bonus is that their economic news coverage is Loki Steller's Jay it's good it really is good they they will talk about they will break news about the economy they will talk about things and then you'll see it hours later sometimes the next day over Bloomberg or CNN or Fox News or whatever they're good okay and nobody ever talks about them from an economic perspective I get my bestie Konami news from them so I would argue that they have a better grasp of financial realities inside like Bluebird that's supposed to specialize in money talk now a lot of times people say yeah but the epoch times you have to you have to be to pay wall there is no pay while per se mean there can be you can let me subscribe but you used to have a basement email while I know that gets annoying it does
and I don't disagree with you but we do use a code over at the Liberty daily so if you get to the epoch times through the Liberty then you don't have to put in your email address so you can just close the little box and then you can read the stuff and then I also mean I work with him directly there premium news partner so I will ask you just publish their stories with no no wallet all over at the CERN so you guys check it out there. Son of a gun I can't believe I forgot to turn off my ringer and now it's around the time when I start getting texts so let's get that off called you for being so unprofessional we have time we do we're going to we're going to make time we're coming up on station identification but I do want to get to at least one more real quick see rohach this is one of those big huge size 50 million visitors a month people generally either love them or hate them I love them I think they're great
I will there's a lot of stories they post that I completely disagree with okay like some people have a problem with the allegiances of the guys that are running the Zero Hedge I get that but I tend to look at stories again you just because I disagree with with a lot of of the daily wire says or does doesn't mean that I don't wholeheartedly agree with lot of their discussions about cultural Marxism we have to look at it things kind of in that perspective at least in my humble opinion maybe you will Blacklist the site or Blacklist a host of blacklist somebody because they say one thing or do one thing or two things whatever that you don't like I can look at it as okay so I trust these guys 90% the time I trust these guys 20% of time but I need to be checking on both because number one and I it's my job number 2 because sometimes that's one in that 20% might be something brilliant and I was in a Zero Hedge is up there closer to 70 70 80%
of the time I don't have a problem with their allegiances Hell by the the guys who runs your head but I found that it's pretty easy to distinguish between any self-serving propaganda and the real stories they deliver and if the times of Stellar at delivering financial news that's on Point Zero Hedge does the Deep Dives some people need to get the full Financial picture when I asked way above my head I would let it but it's still it's still important stuff it's funny you know one of the one of the companies that does use their head to pay the closest attention to what they published is my sponsor Genesis Gold group they use your head as they use Bloomberg venues kitko on the epoch times and daily hodl I think it's called but it's spelled daily hodl and all these various Financial psyche they have to keep their finger on the pulse of what's Happening across the globe what's happening when it pertains to the
silver market because here's the thing though every company always comes to do self try cuz I erased the vast majority of them when I said I was the only one I know of that doesn't the right way the vast majority of them will just put whatever coins or whatever whatever they can into yourself Drake Theory based on what they can make from what their profit margins will be on what they recommend Genesis does not do that Genesis does the opposite Genesis looks at okay so based on what we're seeing happens you politically here geopolitically they're here in the United States there in the gold market here in Switzerland there in Canada here in Cleveland right now the best thing are our sources are telling us that we need to put these particular silver coins and you know a mix of these types of gold coins into your self-directed IRA this month or whatever you know these have the the best opportunity for appreciation these are the ones that are going to benefit you
what's this again this is a Christian company so check them out jtr JDR or call him at 802-802-4653 contact them today and see hey let's see what can you guys do to help me and they will answer your question let's go ahead and go to state identification and then we will be back in like 15 seconds
this next one is actually the next 2 and technically I think it's like the next five because Michael Snyder takes the same approach that I do he has his content spread across multiple sites the two most important as the two sites that he spends I get to get to the most time on and put the best content on our end of the American dream. Cam and of the American dream, and the economic collapse economic collapse blog, we also published probably two-thirds of his articles we publish with permission of course over at the surf report in America First reporting all of my sides because a lot of times I would say is devil polarizing
some loving others can't stand him he's on the warmest at times he is but he puts in the time to do the research and draw conclusions based on an appropriate combination of faxes for the Halifax so when you pick the topic okay when you pick the topic he will not just just fine okay so here's an article in the NBC News and let me just regurgitate what they say and in my conservative spin that's what I would say 8 out of 10 conserve journals to do today you know they take a story they may find one story they put us pinned to it maybe they'll find to because they're editor says they have have two sources Michael Snyder will go through eight okay tell take it from every angle else and it won't just be like like CNN or Fox News or something sometimes he'll find like like if he's talking about be for example he'll beat you to it we pulling for my Wyoming ranchers Association blog
he finds the information and he tries to he presents it in a way that I believe is Extreme digestible that's the important part for me when it is it Princeton to Michael Sanders work like I said I whatever I post this article I get a flurry of why are you moving to why they don't like it cuz they don't like a style I love that aspect of his style because he takes she walks you through from the beginning he hasn't he is a format a very clear format and it's the same for me every single article so maybe it's because you've gotten used to maybe familiarity has endeared me to him but I know what to expect those post one long paragraph that kind of lays out the premise and then he goes in Rapid Fire every paragraph is a sentence K every paragraph one sentence new paragraph new paragraph and then they'll
the link to a source and then he'll do a pull quote a block quote I should say a block quote of an excerpt from NBC News and then assassino another send another send another sentence asked and then he'll do another link this will be too again in Wyoming ranchers Association blog and here's the information about that day and then he'll start talking about the economic effects of star talk to you though he goes into the style
is extremely digestible he walks you through and then he comes to a conclusion of the conclusions that's where I think sometimes people will get a little bit
they are concerned I guess because he is an alarmist and to be fair almost everything leads to hey I talked about this in my book he does want people to buy his book that doesn't mean that he's wrong and while some people might say that he gets too alarmist about it is his projections Folks at today if I have to choose between somebody Ring the Alarm bell too loud or not ringing at all I'll take the too loud and I'll use my own discernment to determine how much how much credibility do I want to put into this particular store I can I will publish about two-thirds of them the others I don't cuz I don't believe in him I'll only publish what I truly enjoy are truly believe in that doesn't mean I have to read every single article that was published or Regional article that we we link to you know I just don't have that time to get were talking about over a hundred a day that have to be linked to it's not like you know I'm looking to
back in the good old days when I was like 245 articles a day when I wasn't running news aggregators oh yeah I can read every article and I can determine well you know I didn't agree with this but everything else was spot-on I can't do that I just don't have the time by just try to scan everything is Michael Snyder at end of the American dream. Calm and Vee, collapse blog, both of them a very very long as the the the names go easiest way to do it just again go to discern you'll find this article there and you'll have those legs so
let's go to something more I could say mainstream and this is a source that I've been using for a long time at well that they haven't actually been around for a long time I should say long I've been using for about two years ever since they launched it's funny because I remember I mentioned earlier and earlier there was a time when I would get a lot of traffic from Google and back when just the John Solomon side when just the launched I wrote an article about just the and I would get a lot of traffic to like them for a while and then I realized that if you did a search in Google for just the news he would get Justin John Solomon sight end of the second listing was my site walking about Justin that doesn't happen today now you can do a search for a title the exact title of an article and it won't pop up on Google because they hate me and praise God for that I wouldn't want to be like
buy Google if you're like my Google you're doing it wrong okay just saying not saying
so just the news that, I get an email from John Solomon literally every single day he highlights what his the stories that he thinks are important enough to go up cuz he do they do post a lot of articles but he he sends us an email saying you have this is good for the Liberty daily yeah this is good for the Liberty daily and he kind of breaks down some of the highlights for us so we can makes our job easier but it takes great care and being accurate that's part of their namesake which means they will sometimes be a bit slow on delivering a news on the other hand they often gets scooped so they do get this so they did some of the slow but sometimes they will get Scoops they do have a solemn and his team have access to people that I don't have access to and they are able to get some information out there very very quickly and they will interview Donald Trump from time to time they they have their they've got the connections so they do they do very well with that
what is the news is hot off the press or a reiteration of was being reported the day before you can trust whatever they publish is going to be real and verified they rarely Mystic Everybody Makes Mistakes by the everybody makes mistakes John Solomon makes mistakes sometimes but is very very rare and where has let's say you go to Gateway pundit free sample I would say that there's about a a 1 in say 1 + 12 + 12 chance someone out of every 12 articles will have something it's either I'm verified or incorrect it happens if you try to be fast with they try to be fast we try to be fast we try to be fast there's going to be you're going to have include information sometimes you stop a report on it
so sometimes you you have to be wrong and as long as you can correct I don't see anything wrong with that they're articles out there you got like seeing you girls knew how to pronounce his name you've got that guy out there yesterday instantaneously the clearing that is real is real head had bombed and murdered hundreds of patients and doctors and nurses with their with their attack on the hospital and Gaza you know he was wrong again I was I'll see you in about probably a decent chance You Is Wrong is there still a chance we don't have it definitively that it was was Islamic Jihad the launch the rocket where but I would say where I'm at about 80% sure maybe even 85% sure that's the case which leaves only about a 10 to 15 20% chance that it was his real
but he's out there declaring instantaneously that it was definitely them verify confirmed a hundred percent certain it was them and they killed killed murdered
as long as you're not being like like sink that's not even how you pronounce his name then I don't I don't have a problem with going out there and saying hey this seems to be the case or we could be wrong but this is what's currently being reported this is what it seems like nothing wrong with that just the news will always try to verify something before they reported at all and if it is something that's even remotely speculative they'll say we had this is not confirmed we don't know for sure but rumors are this that or the other so you can if you want of those and I'm very much life if I wasn't in this business I probably would be just the news would be my my main source because I I can trust what they're saying it's usually just knew I was supposed commentary B whole other topic
but I'm not in that business I have to be in the business of being fast I have to be information as quickly as possible to get it published so I still go to just the news for verification the next one is David Speck in the vault Dash Market minutes all Dash Market. Us don't go to that, or. Org anything like that alt alt markets. US dollar Rand Smith Smith is a genius
I disagree with him from time to time I asked his assessments can be I think they can occasionally be nihilistic but the most part he Nails it
Elite Comics stallion who adores Freedom as willing to recommend actions that the vast majority of journalists would think our to Fringe for this reason I read everything he has he ever publishes if when he published stories of those who published two or three in the day sometimes he won't publish anything for like for like 2 weeks he publishes when he wants to publish man I wish I had that luxury that be great but I agree with most of what he says he had an article the other day I was very controversial it's actually been two or three weeks maybe even more than that but he had an article which is basically for State state-based militia he wasn't wrong Muse absolutely right
everything ready I'm going in but as I'm reading through it he wasn't calling for you know oh my gosh it's Civil War time he wasn't necessarily saying that but he was saying that basically as a precursor to a would technically not be a civil war but really Revolutionary War that it would behoove us to start taking care of our own security it would behoove us to start working with our state representatives in obviously if you're in a blue State and then you're going to have to move if you want to do this cuz if you're not going to get it done and it's going to be hard to get it done in a red state but it's possible for us to start truly forming State militia state-sanctioned was I think they State militias state-sanctioned malicious
emotions that are designed to protect the Homeland to protect the local area to protect theirselves not just from oppression abroad but also possible Tierney here in the United States of America you have to be very very mainstream is probably the best way to put your dad to be very Main Street in order to ignore the tearing hearing United States from within our own government is on the rise and that if should be talked about it should be acted upon the idea that maybe we do need more than to just have 911 and the National Guard
maybe we need to start and I should say maybe we do we as a nation need to start protecting yourselves as much as we can this not just with the Second Amendment that's a great start but still important start but if we are disjoint it even with the Second Amendment there's not much we could do that we said oh you know what are you going to do go against f-18s unrealistic what is realistic is what are you going to do if you have a battalion rolling through town
Second Amendment or no Second Amendment we're in trouble
so again I'm not calling you don't take me out of context as a Rutgers calling for evolution I'm not I'm calling for us to be ready for the potential need for Revolution and that does in my humble opinion require working with I want legal militia okay I'm not calling for underground militia Lotto 3 clear it's not because all we need to get permission it's not about that states sanctioned state-based militia to me is just a way to make sure we don't have to deal with the hassles of we don't want to give them any more excuse to come after us at the end of the day that's really neat it's really what it's about it's not because I want to go to to Greg Abbott in Texas and say hey do you mind if we form a militia that's not I'm not looking for permission I wanted to be snakes sanction so that that's one less thing we have to worry about
we can focus on on protection we can focus on not just protecting yourself protecting your communities I always say the government is inverted from the way that the way that people are taught today the way that they would say the vast majority of Americans seeing everybody says oh yeah the federal government of the top it's reversed the way that it should be the way that our constitutional republic was designed is that right there at the top is God okay. Is the type of government and then rifle oh God I mean the next level would be the individual lash family you and I self-governance that's what we're supposed to be doing
we should be engaged in a degree of self-governance within for ourselves and for our households and their families then below that choke you up and then you got the community and blow the community you got the city below the city got the county the county or the state and then of the very very very bottom of government the catch all the Call of the safety net for anything that all the previous levels of government could not accomplish then you got the federal government and that's it okay that's the only got the federal government should be diminished by 95% or more
and it's not safe diminish that my 95% then move it over the state the states most States people do you know who got a reason that the states have a few or too few rights is because the federal government has too many right if you diminish the federal government with the size of the needs to be at then you can diminish the state governments to the size they need to be and you can diminish the County Government Center government the need to expand upon will be the governments of ourselves as individuals self-governance and of course the governors of God and I'm not calling for don't think he's out there is that they're calling for for religious government know there will be there will be a theocracy that will be when Jesus returns okay till then no I don't trust anybody any human any man to engage in any Theocratic rule I'm not suggesting that I'm saying that that we as individuals should be turning to God for all of our decisions for all of our our
needs and 4 to pay back so to speak. That's why I wouldn't wait so long as that's for all the US check it out they do have some really good stuff they they don't heed to Brandon Smith does not post nearly as much as I would like but it does post enough to give you some reading once twice three times a week sometimes not but it's usually at least once or twice a week we'll see next one and this one is biased it's funny that in an article about news bias if I myself am invoking my own bias about Todd Starnes Fox News Refugee has really shined as an independent news out of his own and I am biased because I consider him to be a friend
I don't I tried and tested on my show with Chad probably even your two or three times a week is the dude is smart but the dude is also you know he is first and foremost a patriot but just below that he is a he is a journalist and he told journalists that I can remember we were was the debate we were chatting about I think it's a News Guard one of those windows fact-checker do you know this is how you determine if if so Google and the and Bill Gates and all those guys determine whether or not you can trust a cytus 2 News Guard you know what love does not trust you anyway he got a bad rating from this current he fought it he fought hard he demonstrated we are not biosphere not you know we report the news we were accurate get our our blacklisting off there and they did you know your stuff looks like you're fine you know that works
I got I had a interviews set up a verb that you they try to set it up with news guy on Mike tell you what you guys can go do with yourselves as it doesn't matter what I say I'm not going to be able to convince them that that I shouldn't be blacklisted just to slap it on there I'll wear the badge Von anyway so that it starts pastimes., is website right you Todd very similar to Justin they are extraordinary accurate if I would I would say though that if if I had to highlight a a true benefit of going to is it either gets to breaking news a lot okay he and his people are on the ball something happens to a post about it very quickly with the shooting especially if there's a shooting at mass shooting a you know a train derailments or any any of those natural disasters
are any of those supposed natural disasters there on top of it big time they do a great job of that and especially was love like he's out of Memphis radio station in Memphis and if they they put a lot of emphasis on Memphis in Tennessee in general but they also the Covenant national news extraordinary well and they post something everybody puts up breaking breaking. Starnes puts up Bulletin
it's different all right we do have time I don't want to I don't want to blow my whole time on just this list cuz all I did was try to get information from you guys you guys tell you tell me which sites you think should be on the list you have something that I don't have I'd love to know down in chat tell me and I will give us a call at 888-627-6008 and so I don't want to I'm going to try to get through this list so we can get to everybody else but but I think it was important here is a site
that I would say is
best way to put it
if Alex Newman is the most underrated journalists in America than headline USA is the most underrated corporate news Outlet in America by corporate I mean that they have they have a an office building and they have you know who I am and editor and they have a publisher and they have journalist they are a full-blown news Outlet like some you know what I I look at the first a which was the American dream I could be wrong but I don't think Michael Snyder has has like the end of the American dream building where he and a bunch of riders get him sis Michael Snyder it's kind of a block they are we speaking smoke or purpose still corporate media and they don't get nearly
deserves to be bigger than they are it is headlined by the way, they do a fantastic job of getting nearly the attention they deserve I like to think I think I know the reason and if if the guys over at have on USA happen we listening today I've actually have one of them one or two of them over on the show before if they having me listen today I would say that it's all comes down to site design I would say that your logo is terrible
it's it's it's bad it looks amateur and I would say this site is designed in a way that makes it look like it's a Blog
you're not a Blog you are a news outlet and you should look like a news Outlet
the stories are there there there in the contents there that the analyses are there that gets Scoops they get exclusives they do a fantastic job of getting the news and getting strong opinions and getting getting breaking information
I just don't think it's presented right I just could beam you know my two cents is that you just don't have a good enough looking website that's sad that it has come to that but I believe that's the case I could be wrong and we can check it out I'll leave a comment tell me what you think this headline does it appear to be a new site which it is or does it appear to be a block which is not
next we got rair Foundation it's r a i r r a i r this is one of
arguably the most controversial site on my list because they are unabashedly opposed to radical Islamic terrorism they're out of Ashley opposed to the the Islamic Invasion that's happening across the borders in Europe they do a very good job of exposing these things and as a result there called islamophobic
now I'm not going to 2 because I haven't read every single articles I'm not going to sit here and say they are definitively not islamophobic maybe they are maybe there is there are hinted at this stuff that I seen I seen there just exposing the news they're just exposing the truth you're not out there using racial slurs or or going against Muhammad or whatever they're not out there making it making it personal purse a there just reporting on the news
that's what it's like its people to be against that is it because they they didn't shy away from mentioning that this particular rapist in Sweden was was Islamic is the fact they mentioned that he was a Muslim migrant
does that make them anti islamophobic I don't think so I think that you have to give all the information that's part of delivering the news and if you start hiding information because it doesn't get your narrative then that's fake news in other words I would say that the that while they're reporting on this whatever that whatever other news outlets you don't mention I do you know who this is there was a there was a murder in Stockholm you know and and the the murderer is still at large and you know will get you more information later you know if that is fake news they don't say you know hey is it say I say migrants or whatever you want to call him a migrant from Syria and there's three of them and they they all were here and they've been here for. Of time and one has been to Porta I don't know like if you try to avoid
pieces of information as a journalist because those piece of information do against the narrative that you're you are Outlet is trying to promote that's not journalism look at look I am obviously obviously I think I made it pretty clear my show that I am a bible-believing Christian
but if a fellow bible-believing Christian or alleged bible-believing Christian if a pastor goes out and I think will win the resources we posted there's a pastor who had was molesting one of his relatives for like six hundred times including including having or getting abortion when she was like 10 Mi away from that okay that's news
a old book but it goes against your Christian faith now it doesn't cuz I don't consider that guy to be an expression of my Christian Faith Outreach because he has a pastor in front of names that make it through it all he's he's he's a he's a representative of the Christian faith and you shouldn't be you mentioned him cuz that's going to make us look bad no he's not a representative of my faith
any monster that can do that does not represent me
and I will call him out for doing that just as I would call out a Jew for doing things or a Muslim or Hindu or an atheist or anybody the news is the news I'm not saying oh you must insert religion and everything cuz a lot of times you know something will happen it has nothing to do with that person's religion okay it's like three guys go and they rob a bank and one of them happens to be be Muslim and he's been here for twenty-five years and he was because I don't think that has anything to do with him robbing the bank I think he probably just wanted to soak in that particular scenario the the faith or the religion whatever you wanna call it didn't make any difference
rope ferret mansions in the chat if info from all sides aren't provided it's more than likely steering people into a narrative Direction absolutely absolutely that's what I like to do you know it would be very easy for me and I lot of these conservative and allow these conservative and alternative Fringe media sites out there the reporting of the bombing in Israel of the Horizon in Gaza City the hospital it was a Baptist Hospital in Gaza City those Bond okay depending on which news Outlet or listen to specially if they were conservative all of them said definitively definitively then it was Islamic Jihad that committed the most were saying it was they actually fired a rocket and accidentally hit this hospital and everybody was trying to blame Israel but Israel has proven that it wasn't them but here's the thing
everything that I've seen
nothing's been proven
it's about eighty 85% proven but nothing has been to Finn of I have not seen a rocket launched by Islamic Jihad and follow the path and watch it hit that hospital that's what it would take and even then I would have to question is it real
is it real okay we are coming up on the final commercial break and I want to I'll get back Rogue ferret I will get back to you cuz there's more to what you're saying you're actually right there's a lot of steering that's going on here in the United States a lot of steering is going on in Media
and sometimes that's not a bad thing
it depends upon the scenario and I'll go over the Spinners where that's a good thing and then I'll go to the scenarios where it's a bad thing the first let's go ahead and and go on a break
whether it's bugs or lab grown meat or whatever they're pushing for the sake of climate change to replace good old-fashioned pasture-raised beef they're pushing it they're pushing too hard and it's time for us to wake up it's time for us to realize that that we need to start stocking up on long-term storage beef you can do that by going to Freedom First it's free to First and using promo code JDR you'll get freeze-dried ribeye freeze-dried New York strip Tender Loin and of course their original steak product and with 15% off its time is there is a sous vide it so it's already cooked it's freeze-dried it's got 10 the 25-year shelf life without Refrigeration course so go check it out Freedom First and start stocking up on long-term storage beef today promo code JDR don't forget that part
back to Road ferrets statement before the break if in from if info from all sides aren't provided it's more likely more than likely
that is so true
we have to
discern what direction do you were heading I'm not I would argue that there are times when you do need people to be steered in their Direction and as long as you're transparent about that as long as you up in other words there's opinion pieces K commentaries and then there's news stories I think what I'm almost certain that what you're saying is that if there is a new story is presented in a way that only gives one side then it is trying to stand in their Direction and that's why I was saying before as far as like the bombing is it much do I consider most likely very much most likely that it was Islamic Jihad that had launched the rocket that hit the hit the hospital yet I do I think it's most likely scenario but I can't say definitively so therefore as part of my news reporting
I have to say that there are conflicting reports that both Hamas is and others within the Muslim Community they are saying that it was an Israel bombing Israeli bombing of the hospital Israel Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter and and Israel has declared very very much show and they showed videos demonstrating that it wasn't them
I would be closer to hundred percent if I saw a better video I'll be very much close to a hundred percent if I didn't think that it's at least possible because let's look at the scenario if Israel did bomb Hospital ER in the Burnley and if there was an opportunity for them to be able to play in the mosque they would let's face it was called when it is okay if you try all the information comes out from the US government are all the information comes up from the Israeli government or the British government or the Australian government just because they're on me the right side the good guys side there a line then you're at your foolish I think I'm pretty sure that that has Julian massage demonstrated that we're not always getting the accurate picture even from our own government even from our own media and I would argue that in many cases were definitely not getting we're getting the exact opposite of accurate we're getting flat at Weis so we have to be with Alicia question everything
they could be narrative-driven
can we see definitive information to finitive evidence and it was absolutely positively Israel we absolutely positively Islamic Jihad or anybody affiliated with mozz we have to assume that it's just like we can't say definitively one way or the other okay still those out there that are saying that Israel denies bombing but the evidence seems to point to I've I've read articles about that even this morning supposedly responsible corporate media sites here in United States that is irresponsible they are driving in there and they want to be driven and that is wrong
that is wrong. Now you might sell cable what are the scenarios where it's okay to drive in there it's okay to drive in there and if you are offering a commentary so for example its day I will be after the show I'll be riding a commentary explaining why even though I'm not a fan of Jim Jordan I think Jim Jordan is is above-average amongst his conference you know I think Izzy Izzy conservative at heart and yes is he potentially corrupted I would say yes
but is he Head and Shoulders above Kevin McCarthy or Steve scalise or any of the other options yes he is and that's what I'm going to explain in my commentary ahead of today's I scheduled a second vote where I'm hoping that he will win I do hope that is he my ideal choice no would he be in the top 20 choices probably I would say you would probably be in about 20 he might even be the top 10 I have to look at the list and when I say talk to I'm not saying top 10 or top 20s far as everybody who's ever lived or everybody is currently living and saying top 20 as far as viable options k y a belage Donald Trump is he a viable option yes I think you could and should have been
but he decided the back Jordan so be it but I put him above Jordan yes I would
is is Matt gaetz a viable option no he's not just as if he were to run has zero chance okay they would put it his his opposition in Congress House Republicans would put in Hakeem Jeffries before they would allow Matt gaetz to be speaker of the house he is not viable nor is Marjorie Taylor Greene nor is you know Lauren boebert any of the the controversial ones the more controversial ones aren't aren't viable Thomas Massie more of a Libertarian okay is he viable I think you would be and I will put him above Jim Jordan even though he is funny because people say I like how everybody turn on Thomas Massie because he's started backing with him and ship Roy both started back DeSantis over Trump
and eyes are all my gosh you know they're there rhinos rhinos okay I would say both of them are more conservative than Jim Jordan even but they decided that they wanted the back to Santa's people have the reasons for that do I disagree with them absolutely but I wouldn't call them rhinos because they're not to say that they would rather have Ron DeSantis is President than Donald Trump and if Donald Trump does win the election they will support him they will back him they might complain about some of the stuff that he does I complain about some of the stuff that he did
but they will support him and backing so I'm not worried about all they've their back into sanded so they're they're excommunicated from from the conservative movement of the mega movement now they're just they just have a different opinion on that but yes I would say that that the Thomas Massie from Kentucky would be viable and he would be a very good at the job Andy Biggs would be viable I think he would be good at the job and yes I would rather have him over Jim Jordan but none of those guys have put their name in there none of those guys have fought for it I've tried both is vote McCarthy got votes of course because he's got his die-hard you know party swamp fans I think scalise got votes by the isleys Eldon got votes which I would say leave Zelda will be will be pretty decent I don't know if I put them over Jordan but I think it would be any better then or McCarthy
I'm going to be publishing an op-ed in the malisis 8in commentary about why I think Jim Jordan deserves the kids are probably the wrong why
those who are post them yes he was twenty people today going to be fewer than 20 but most likely I should say defensively cuz I don't know that for sure but I think that it will be if you wrote when I don't think that he'll lose anybody of the Republicans it's 4 to pick up 3 5 8 10 I don't know if we'll be able to pick up the 15 or 16 and neat and that's means we're going to have to vote again and that could mean that you're going to start hearing Rumblings from from the unit party swamp by how McCarthy needs to it's a rerun McCarthy wants to rerun this is scheming to try to get back into the speaker's position Kevin McCarthy is the most self-serving man in Washington DC
okay I was in McConnell is that self-serving he's he's China serving he's big Pharma serving he's he's he doesn't mind taking some hints as long as he's blowing a fuse that serving his master's Kevin McCarthy serves himself he does for the unibody swap because they're bidding but only because of what they can do for him but Kevin McCarthy is a narcissist Kevin McCarthy is a he is like I said he's the most self-serving guy out there and yes he is currently conniving scheming doing everything Camp Lodi pretending to say I was working against Jim Jordan same as the squeeze by the way actually working guest in Jordan point of trying to get out of this I will be writing an op-ed about this today to try to
I would say threaten threaten those who are opposed to Jordan and legitimately like we will we will do everything in our power to all of them in the asses that I have any of the fundraising ass is going to have to find primary opponents for all those who oppose Jim Jordan
let's find the poet's but but how the fun them give them full backing help them get them as much exposure as possible
that's the thread that I'm going to make and that will be clearly defined as not bad not as a new story because I am trying to drive a narrative as Road Ferris said when you trying to drive a narrative if it's with a new story then you just you just being at a propagandist you just being a shill if it's a commentary or an analysis as long as you're making it clear there's nothing wrong with that I've got nothing no no no qualms without beds where I get very upset is when people try to pass off op-eds as news when they take news they manipulated in a way it's supposed to to draw something some other conclusion
has a long way to get to the last one on the list which is natural news now I would say very similar to Infowars very similar to to as as Lux said earlier very similar to eye doctor Jean Ruby or or stew Peters or any of these these more controversial folks out there natural news is controversial I know people that added or natural I know people and that's what you despise it and these are good people on both ends it's not like I do you know because there's always going to be leftist or whoever that is why do people that are devout Christians and I remember one conversation to have with with a friend of Tim at the time at least a potential colleague that and she said look I I used to love Action News but I got to the point where I could no longer sit there and think oh okay so corny this
what is the week when China invades California got it I thought that was last week or the week before or the week before that yeah I'm a big fan of you you again if they're on the bleeding edge like the Infowars is of the world like like natural news okay like Gateway pundit sometimes you know zero head sometimes Market sometimes a lot of places that I look at they are on the bleeding edge beans that they're going to put out information they're going to have news that is speculative I will put out news from time to time that is speculative
Jane and so you have to be Discerning is this speculation correct is this accurate or is it false on sometimes a lot of times it's a matter of I don't think that's true but in case it is I'm going to book Market or I'm going to put it off to the side or keep it in the back of my brain or whatever and we'll we'll pay attention we'll see if any of this starts to pane ke Nana what the nanoparticles that was one of those ones when they were saying a lot of people were saying in the early days there was a lipid nanoparticles in the vaccines first thing I thought it was all that's crazy now that that that couldn't be real
but it seems pretty we parked out in the back of my head let me know book market for later let me see if that actually pans out of his more information about it and within about two months those initial reports I've lived in an apartment cuz we're centrally confirmed with banana particles within the the coverage as that was confirmed so I'm glad that I'm I'm glad that I didn't just jump on it in the beginning but I'm also glad that I remembered enough to jump on it later that's where the term comes in sometimes you know is there snake venom in the jobs I don't think so
but some people are certain of it so I keep that off on them in the back of my head still waiting for that one be confronted with you as far as I know you guys tell me maybe it has been I haven't seen anything that's confirmed that they're they're sticking they use snake venom to to generate I know I understand the science behind the use of snake venom for for certain vaccines are but but the claims that were made was that snake venom playing in the water they're putting in a natural news is on the bleeding edge
and a lot of other stuff is seems crazy a lot of it is true
I would say more often than not their stuff turns out to be true and I'm not talking about the news reporting reporting the news reporting generally is true especially when a lot of their stuff in the old I mean is they they do reiterate stories they can be a month a week or even a month old sometimes it's fine there's nothing wrong with that sometimes you just because the stories we gold doesn't mean that we shouldn't still be paying attention to it so I do value that aspect natural is day you're actually probably the best out there when it comes to taking a story that probably fell off the radar two weeks ago even talking about it again gay very few people for example are talking about what's-his-name Jamaal Bowman gay the guy that pulled the alarm right at least it went from he's got me locked up to where he's out there he's out there calling for calling for other things that they like everybody's moved on from that story every seems to have moved on from Maui guess what happens when
people move on the stories get buried they die okay we still allegedly technically we don't have anywhere near the full story about the shooting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas the largest quote mass shooting in American history we know nothing we know more about grandmas who walk through the walk to the Capitol Building in January 6th do we know about a guy that murdered dozens of people
or more than one guy maybe our guy and a girl who knows what the stories we don't know why
because even as big of a stories that was eventually it got dropped eventually got taken down people stop talking about it I remember I started talking more about the bump stock ban that's distracting me about it I was big why was really why do you know this is why they're going to try to bury this I got to stay on top of it and overtime even as I'm trying to do that my focus shifted to oh my gosh wait Trump's ATF is going to try to impose a bump stock ban over or Mandalay Bay we've got to fight this
we got to fight it somebody else will eventually figure out what actually happened at Mandalay Bay and nobody did Jose my good friend Mindy Robinson out of Vegas is probably the closest to through having discovered I mean she did a little in that little was great 45-minute documentary about it needs a link to a later later it's it's a great documentary and if it if you watch it you'll be like wow there really is some crazy stuff that happened that continues to happen they're still covering up what's happening and swung that I mention this to it and intend for this but if it's at least a little odd that the guy who's in charge of the investigation locally in Vegas happens to transferred and yes we ended up in Maui
she ends up running running the show there what are the chances of that mean if I were if I were a city or county I would keep that guy away from the mill way whatever I ever hire that guy cuz it seems to be following him or maybe he's being put
birthday want him to be on the internet they've been cancelled more than other quote-unquote friends sites like Infowars to the point that their links aren't even allowed on Facebook at all you can post Infowars links to Facebook you can post the Gateway pundit you can post any of my size to Facebook you can't post in for a long time and you you can do it a Twitter either until you I must buy them and now that apparently is open up in for a while you would try to post to to the Twitter they wouldn't let you at all
and yet you can post Infowars people all the way forward is so controversial so Fringe natural news hasn't beat
sorry but that's what loses it was the original rabble-rouser media site anyway and that others won't touch a my only complaint is that some of their stores are age this isn't necessarily a bad thing just because the story broke last week doesn't mean we shouldn't be talking about it today as I reiterate again this is this list is far from comprehensive it's a starting point from which I launch do they show what we talked about this will be taking calls with the sorts of stuff yada yada yada that was my article over at JD Rucker. So upset. Cam I do want feedback from you guys real quick because this is a perfect example of how I line up stories that I want to talk about
and call me to verbose call me too I think the talk fast enough my Ben Shapiro fast but I think I don't think I I linger too too long as far as the way that I talk but it seems that two hours may not be enough you guys tell me is it is it do I need to shorten the show do I need to lengthen the show or the idea that was proposed to me yesterday as a matter of fact show on top of this show
I don't know I don't know if I could be I know I could if I had the time so I got a question of whether I could talk for 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours may be hard for you to believe but I can talk Non-Stop about a bathroom break for like 8 hours just give me a give me a diaper and I'm set I'm still wearing a diaper but I will say a bathroom break at some point that I would be able to do it I could do I could talk Non-Stop about a bunch of topics and this particular case this is literally one article that I've spent the last two hours on but I think it's important so the question for you guys is number one should I be shortening the topics a lot of people say you know I've had this probably the most common complaint is that if your videos if you could do three to five minute videos on an individual topics that would be better cuz some of us can't sit there and listen to you for an hour or two hours I get that I've wanted to do that I do do want to do that but if I do that wouldn't make sense to do to a
say 325 minutes videos on individual topics piece them together into one hour to hour afternoon show that's the question because if it's in it with this open format we do a wwcr that we do here I'm on Rumble live I can take one topping I can run with it for 3 hours if I need to then since it's only to our show I guess technically I couldn't run with it for 3 hours but I can obviously run with it for 2 hours I'm looking at my screen right now got one two three four five six seven I got eight store at Nine Nine Stories we know who the one we're talking about nine stories that I wanted to cover today and I was able to make it through one got less than 10 minutes to go so there's no reason for me to even pull up the other stories so I returned the question to you
would it behoove us use my audience me as the host to have a secondary show in the afternoon when it's maybe an hour long maybe 2 hours long one that covers a wide array of topics instead of just going in freestyling like I do for 2 hours at 5 a.m. Monday through Friday on wwcr as well as on Rumble live as well as on the replays on Apple podcast Brady on B shooting everywhere else all the place did that the BBS radio puts us they put in the world
do anymore that's the question
hello parents ask people these days do have very short memories whether it's by choice or if it'll overload reminders of significant older topic should be touched on and it's only to be clear I would let's let's that would be one of the biggest goals of doing the secondary show or even converting this with me it's a matter of me ye Rucker you don't need to do a separate show just change this one you know this when I get on there I have I might have my notes but then I just talked for two hours and I said you don't see I mean sometimes I'll get i'll get gas in sometimes I won't lot of times I hope that I don't because again I have a hard time getting everything squeezed in the two hours by myself but if I have to talk to other people my God that would be hard
so maybe I'm doing it wrong
I want my mission with all of this do I have sponsors absolutely that's great cuz they're not my mission my mission is to try to save America to try to fight the good fight to spread the gospel bit by bit because I'm not I'm not a pastor or not a preacher so just expressing my faith is what I can do bit by bit little by little everyday as far as fighting that aspect of the good fight where my strengths are at work but my knowledge base is realizing and culture relies on in politics and geopolitics lies in the conspiracies that are that are amongst is not talk about conspiracy theories you I mean I am talking about conspiracy theories that I want people to know conspiracy theories to me or not necessarily bad some of them are
I would say as of today most of them are not there are conspiracies there are people conspiring against us and all we have right now or theories about those so yes Theory to me is not a pejorative that's not something was like oh you know you're a conspiracy theorist I'm more like oh that's great so am I and here's why
do I think that Paul McCartney died in the car wreck in the 1960s and was replaced by a doppelganger so that they could continue to make music as the Beatles no I do not do I think
that the Earth is flat no I do not
but here's the funny thing people always made fun of Alex Jones because he would say you know they're putting chemicals in the water to make the frogs gay but it's like I think Junior came out and said okay so they're doing they're putting this in there and it's actually it's making the male frogs act like the females in their putting chemicals in the water to make the frogs gay I think he did
yes it's conspiracy theories are today's facts today's conspiracy theories are tomorrow's demise if we don't correct the the path that were on another was there trying to sense in trying to destroy us the trying to destroy Alex Jones are trying to destroy my cat if they're trying to destroy j.d. Rucker
so when I say that my mission is to try to make things better I am wide open when it comes to how do we do that do we need shorter short Eclipse cuz clearly I can talk about one thing for 2 hours what if I just because I can this mean that I should would you all rather me talk about 15 topics over 2 hours would you rather me take one topic and Diving to 15 stories about that topic for 30 minutes and then move on to other topics
I'm wide open to it
but we'll ask was 9/11 an inside job 9/11 was definitely not what we think or what we've been told it was especially Building 7 was an inside job I don't know who The Insider would be
do I think the Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney and probably George W bush. I think if they were aware of it happening absolutely do I think they made it happen possibly do I think that they were the ones that that made the call now I don't I think what we're seeing today from 9:11 and even if it's earlier than that we're all manufactured by the powers and principalities a global Sicily cabal whatever you want to call it if you're just a secular conspiracy theorist will call it the global Elite cabal the multipolar world order Henry Kissinger's in Klaus Schwab the Bill Gates's and the George soros's of the world Barack Obama and they're like
that would be the global sleet cabal if you're a bible-believing Christian who also happens to to pay attention to conspiracy theories then it was the powers and principalities from season 6 12 these are not mutually exclusive everyone in the same okay so that was in my book
so was 9/11 Inside Job
well Bow Wow
I think I think we have a topic where next show
I will talk about that tomorrow Lord willing I will be back tomorrow with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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