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JD Rucker Show, October 17, 2023

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Conservative Splitting over the Israel-Hamas War

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Conservative Splitting over the Israel-Hamas War

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show on your host JD Rucker and I am very blessed pleased and honored to be with you today with a basically a brand new show format for those who've been listening lately you know that we are now on wwcr shortwave radio on top of rumble on top of Apple podcast and variety on a bit shoot in all the places we've been on so I was forced forced I was just it was basically by gunpoint I was forced to take on a production company and man am I glad that I did because these guys are phenomenal so I'm going to give a shout out to PBS radio TV these guys have blown my mind I don't have to do anything I mean I practically could just walk on here and just start talking to you guys and they take care of the rest it's it's insane that I'm sure those who listen for a while now that I've had
will call them production issues in the past maybe I'm just hard to work with maybe maybe I'm just a jerk but for some reason producers haven't haven't been able to work very well with me These Guys these guys are my people okay there there they're the right the right company so I'm very blessed to be with them as well as with wwcr if you ever do want to listen to me through shortwave and or if let's say the apocalypse hits in shortwave is all that's left you can listen to me and 7490 khz or 13845 khz that's 5 a.m. Pacific Monday through Friday 5 days a week and sometimes I'll even try to go on during the week because that's just how how crazy I am shout out to my my just amazing sponsors the guys that actually make this possible the guys that are bankrolling the show that is Genesis Gold group you know in these tumultuous times these tumultuous Economic Times
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at JD are gold, can Genesis go group they pay for that they're the ones that allow this magic to happen so we've been obviously for the last Almost 2 weeks has been I think eleven days since the start of the most since the invasion of the century people keep calling it a terrorist attack it was an invasion May 29th, has entered into is real they went into these cabooses and the kibbutzim is actually that the proper word these kibbutz Ein they they they raped they pillage they kidnapped and of course they murdered many many Israelis and then they they bailed A lot of them bailed some of them a lot of them got killed in the process but a lot of them bailed went back to Gaza now they're holding like two hundred hostages and then of course that started the entire the entire War where Israel declared war and now it appears they're on the verge of going in I'm not going to talk about
that much today not at least the the the event or the subsequent I guess you'd call it whatever you want to call it is a war but I guess it's really more of a effects of the moth problem not going to be talking as much about that today I really want to talk about what this is doing here in America what this is doing specifically the Patriots conservative Libertarians populist whatever you want to call the people that are generally on the right the people that are usually relatively unified when it comes to to purpose
which one is a part is making it to where you know you've got people that at one point we were allies and now they're not I mean they're going after each other whether it's on social media whether it's wherever and I'm going to be not just talking about it but I'm also going to be asking you guys to talk to me about it thanks to PBS radio TV we now have a 1-800 Watson 888 number do we have a number where you guys will be able to call him and and talk to me let's have a conversation about this or pretty much whatever you want to do whatever you want to talk about call me at 888-627-6008 is the number that's 6008 and we will talk over the weekend I think there's actually Monday morning technically so Monday morning I wrote an article put it over at America first to send out TV and of course on my sub stack or you can follow me for free at JD Rucker. Sub side of the is Israel hummus war is splitting conservative apart and that's not a bad thing I just caught a lot of attention I'm actually going on this evening on one America news to discuss this because a lot of people to talk to me you got you got pretty pretty big names in the conservative movement and conservative media that are out there right now fighting each other day there's a battle between a Candace Owens and Megyn Kelly and Vikram Swami's in there and you got some some lesser-known conservatives also chimed in the end on going in both directions and you've got Ben domenech I think is how you pronounce his name I don't watch Fox News publisher or the the editor of the co-founder over at the Federalist he's going after Charlie Kirk over anti-semitism
talk about that course there's the whole Ben Shapiro vs. pretty much everybody else okay Ben Shapiro Adam Levy Emily very much Jewish and very much in favor of Israel and he's going after or people coming at 10 so just like Andrew Tate by the way is not a conservative I don't care if you like Andrew Tate or not doesn't matter don't say oh he's a conservative he's not he's he's a he's a freedom guys a populist these anti deep stay but otherwise I would not count him as a conservative not by any means anyway so yeah so we'll be going on one America news talk about that and I wanted to get your all's perspective on this as well I will also be monitoring chat if you are in Rumble I'm going to do my best and I've tried in the past it's hard I'll get the chats in America and people will be like oh hey you know such and such and then the last question I won't notice for 20 minutes or 30 minutes or whatever we're going to give it a shot we're going to see if we can take calls or going to see
if we can we can take chats and in the meantime card by the stories so sorry to bug you need to find this over at JD Rucker. So sick. Cam says we've been so accustomed to trying to operate as a cohesive unit that we aren't putting in the work necessary as individuals in this is so true again with the title be in this is the part that was so controversial the title is the Israel Hamas Wars splitting in service apart and that's not a bad thing I am all sorts of in favor of splitting us apart in certain ways and not for the sake of disunity per se but I want to break the uniformity okay we start getting into uniformity we start getting into into you know just going along with the team no matter what even if you disagree that's when we start acting like leftist okay that's what we started acting like the progressive their strength is also their weakness on the left is that they are collectivist they work as a unit often
this is why even an organization as small as antifa or a group of organizations as
as corrupt as BLM why they're able to be successful for extended periods of time never Forever by the way they always eventually collapse under their own false ideology but they are able to eat to maintain themselves for an extended. Of time in the reason is because of collectivism they're able to take a small number of voices than amplify them now you might as well if that works and why do we do it we can't do strength is sustaining our strength is through the individuals as individuals with conservatives are Patriots or libertarian or whatever you want to call yourself populist a strength is that we operate individually now that doesn't mean we can't work together but we were together based upon ideological and philosophical likeness not because we all get the the marching orders we all start repeating the same thing over and over again that's not our style and it never should be
if we were to abide by the uniformity the left us then lets you just as an example Kevin McCarthy would still be Speaker of the House
there were eight Republicans in the house who said enough is enough and there's actually more than that by the way let's be clear I was eight the voted against McCarthy but there were more that were opposed to McCarthy they just didn't want to for various reasons for political reasons they did not want to be on that list they weren't bold and maybe they had an agenda whatever point being is because we don't work uniformly are we shouldn't at least that's why they were able to get rid of Kevin McCarthy things were different if there was if the caucus of the conference was completely uniform and unify them Kevin McCarthy would have been there forever or at least until the Republicans lost the majority which I think sometimes they want to lose unfortunately hey white people fighting from behind they like being the opposition they don't necessarily like being controlled special people like Mitch McConnell but that's a discussion for another day went being is that we can't
as a as a movement we have to assume that our strength is with you with me it's with individuals fighting the good fight working together when necessary when appropriate but coming to her own decisions when you listen to me when you watch me I hope you don't say you're not just sitting here and saying oh my gosh JD is right about everything because I'm not nobody is nobody's right about everything we all get something wrong I believe it or not I actually out of frustration that can 2011 game that Granny as I know it's been a dozen years but this is like an albatross that I hang about my neck because it's like oh how how I was so wrong about the Electoral College I wrote an op-ed about being somebody that's out here in California commiefornia yeah I wrote an op-ed saying it's it bugs me that I can do all these things I could fight fight fight against Barack Obama
but it's not going to help because out here there's zero chance that Barack Obama will lose California so I wrote out of frustration a little silly little I bet it wasn't very good it was just like a little quick op-ed about how you know the Electoral College isn't right and I was wrong and I quickly retracted I mean by retracting me I went through and basically call myself an idiot in a moment of weakness we all have them we're all wrong from time to time the difference between I think those who who are proper good leaders those who should be moving this moving forward and those who are not is that those who acknowledge that they can and often do make mistakes are the ones that can actually be corrected they're the ones that don't let pride get in their way and they're the ones I can say you know what let's let's go ahead and fix this let's go ahead and correct it if we don't we can know where and then we might as well be
leftist so corny article for transparency I've never been a fan of Rodney King's Immortal words can we all get along no we can't and no we shouldn't whether it's bipartisanship for Unity within an ideological group such a manufactured consensus rarely revealed a positive result they only move forward in the case of bipartisan legislation you could say that there's there's been maybe you can count on one hand the number of times in the last two decades there has been bipartisan legislation that wasn't crap if it's bipartisan is probably going to be crap it just is this is the nature of the Beast you know it's I would almost rather work with somebody on the far left and some of the in the in the Mercury metal the center because there's is at least a
the more sincere on the radical left I would argue that those on the far right in those on the far left our clothes are ideologically speaking is going to be areas where they're very different when it comes to certain certain ideas they're actually closer to each other than they are to the center and so bipartisanship not a big fan hey my my stance is if if the rights and control do right things at the lesson control they do left things let's not try to meet in the middle because the middle is murky and ugly and wrong back to the article in the case of unity within and ideological proof they create false compromises that invariably bubble up later as bigger problems more importantly Unity creates complacency and one thing that I have one mistake I'll go ahead and start admitting to my mistakes mistake that I made in here was I didn't differentiate I used to because it's easy to understand but again as I noted earlier this really isn't about you know being
unified there is there is a need for us to unify behind a certain philosophy behind ideologies for example we should all be unified when it comes to the southern border ask conservatives as Patriots is populist we should be unified behind the idea that we need to stop The Invasion at our Southern border and all her borders for that matter I guess I just the southern border there is there are bad people coming across through the northern borders well they're bad people coming on the coasts VSC so and then via are as well so we can't just say it's the southern border but that's where the bulk of the problem is as conservatives we should be United in the quest to bring that to an end to essentially close the borders at least from a legal aliens now where we should not be necessarily uniform is the plan what is it going to take
for some of us it comes to a matter of the you know what we need that we've got such a big problem already we need to Halt all non-emergency immigration legal or illegal until we can get this sorted out for others it's a matter of okay let's reform what legal immigration is like and then let's figure out what are we going to do with the people here for some it's about a missing for others it's about deportation I tend to fall into the latter I do want to to get take the illegal aliens and Deport them that's my stance on the topic but I don't hold it against somebody necessarily if their stance is you know what we need to we need to deport the criminals are we need to support the gang members we need to go to the port of human Smugglers the drug dealers and then we need to figure out a way YouTube to deal with the people who are here because they truly want to engage in America they want to adopt culturally they want to contribute financially
I disagree but that doesn't mean that I'm going to to hold somebody at fault for thinking that I would rather have a discussion with them I'd rather discourse again just comes down to we need to be unit unified but we don't need to be uniform uniformity is where we get bad ideas because the ideas that can I guess you can say fall under a uniform concept or the ones that aren't necessarily look the best approaches you know amnesty would be easier to promote uniformly across the Republican party then Mass deportation it just is so there's going to be times when we need to Buck the system when we need to to win not just compromise and I would say those times are are the majority of the best example
of the difference and then hopefully pay attention to this because this is important the best example of you know when uniformity didn't work but Unity dies would be the last two presidential elections think back to 2016
there was no uniformity there was very little Unity at least throughout the the election cycle Donald Trump had so many detractors on the right they didn't like him a lot of them turn into the Lincoln project or whatever they want to call themselves okay a lot of them became we're never trumper's forever never means never and and yada yada yada but there are still even those such as Glenn Beck Mark Levin people that were adamantly opposed Donald Trump
in 2016
there was no uniformity but there was Unity not a silly behind Donald Trump but there was Unity within the conservative movement and within the Republican party for the most part as well as within many dependents Unity behind the idea that we can't have Hillary Clinton as president and that Unity without uniformity propelled Donald Trump to the White House a fast forward 4 years many many many I would say the vast majority of those who had opposed Donald Trump or at least weren't weren't excited about Donald Trump will say during the 2016 election by the 2020 election they were pumped they were all on the Trump train the Trump train was more full by far more. In 2016
we had uniformity as a nation or at least as a party and we thought you know what we're going to get more votes in 2020 than we got in 2016 and we did Donald Trump got more votes in 2020 than it did in 2016 but that uniformity that made us complacent that uniformity made us not look and do what was necessary to actually prevent Joe Biden from becoming President we weren't looking at voter fraud we weren't looking at at mail-in ballot we weren't looking at that ballast harvesting we weren't really doing what was necessary to get the word out about the hundred my laptop or the idea that Joe Biden was not only loaded with all sorts of dementia but it was also compromised from multiple angles by multiple foreign Nations and groups
we were complacent we thought would work if we won back then and I when we we didn't have uniformity today we should win by a lot because we are uniform as a party and we all know how that turned out uniformity betrayed us and this as a result we have Joe Biden as our
some sort of present at least the placeholder for the University swamp in the globals leak evolve to do their thing give me a call when 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and let me know how you think but let's get back to the article here we go again this is reiterating the plan trying to make as far as unity vs uniformity twice we shouldn't make a rock that has bipartisan folks both George h.w. Bush and George W bush operated with the backing of of the majority of Americans the majority of those on Capitol Hill they backed him we backed him I didn't but but I was one of the rare ones
we back in twice there was manufactured Unity among conservatives that John McCain and Mitt Romney were the best Republican Warriors to take on Barack Obama and let's not dismiss that nearly three out of four Americans are fully vaccinated
well over 80% have taken at least one Jab
how's that possible considering what we know now
considering how little we have Unity there is around the vaccines currently there's what the last booster had about 2%. Shane right so clearly you're the the uniformity that got 3/4 of the nation fully vaccinated that Unity the uniformity was wrong
the majority rule their failed people
Bill Millions tonight we're going to see in the coming weeks months and years what that's going to actually translate into back to the article of this is why I am I'm not opposed to the various battles taking place among conservatives over the Israel Jamacha warm most of them are Petty such as to eat if between Candace Owens and Megyn Kelly over whether or not for my students should be blacklisted by Corporate America it all started with a tweet by Vivek ramaswamy claiming kids are stupid and should not be permanently banned or harmed by their stupidity Kelly had a problem with that no one signed in to remind her that she was once a pro-abortion left is as a stupid kid I'm not going to supposed the threads at least not in that article because it really is silly but then I started seeing how far this is being taken I start realizing maybe we should talk about it
maybe it is worth a conversation to see did you know why why is there such a discrepancy why is it wouldn't let me get some background first so these Harvard groups is Harvard student groups they put out these letters basically condemning Israel again shortly after the attacks showing in solidarity with code of a Palestine right they were they were saying how you know it's basically basic blaming Israel that this is this is proper retribution or I don't remember the exact wording but these were hideous ladders for anybody who just witnessed what would have happened on television where we saw you know the people being literally kidnapped raped murdered
being live-streamed
people that lies being being ripped apart babies being killed family is being killed civilians mean it was obviously being done any of these Harvard groups throughout their saying oh no you know that's not even mentioning what was being done just coming around saying that Palestinians have been suffering for 75 years and Palestinians are this and and Israel deserves this that and the other they were really bad when they were stupid okay they didn't even make sense that this is supposed to be the Premier Premier Center of higher education in the United States of America and it was like these guys are idiots I mean legitimately intelligent people they can make their place they can make their argument that's fine again it's like okay well this must've been written by you know an 8th grade essay writer or something like that would already been indoctrinated when is that
so there's this push a lot of companies are jumping in on it a lot of companies are saying you know what we're never going to hire anybody who's part of this group anybody any students in higher this time silent letter they're out we're Blacklist and we need a list of all the all the names and we're going to spread it around the various corporations that were judges who are out there saying I'm never going to hire clerk from Harvard ever again especially if they've ever participated in this case it was a lot of lot of backlash now what vikrum ramaswamy launch this whole tip what he was saying was with their kids they're stupid and most of them are going to come to their senses at some point
and yet this was controversial you know I don't know I'm not going to have this point I'm not going to to pick a side on that I'm going to have to save that one for tonight's interview on one America news but I will say that both sides have their Heather points a lot of people are going against Vivek ramaswamy we're saying look let's say that there was a group out there this is probably the best one I've heard of this from Jason rantz over in Seattle decent friend I've talked to him a couple time smart guy he said they see look if if a if a college group were to write a letter denouncing black people okay and sing the black people this black people that then and students sign on to that there would be no question that the blacklisting those people those students would would make sense you can't fix that that's you know an inn here in Tracy
is basic what do you say and like I said it's probably the best argument but it's not even even as I say it out loud it's not a great argument because there is a false equivalence here there is a
if this wasn't a racist statement made by this Harvard group it wasn't pure racism in other words it was a hatred that's geared around the the biggest gets up called the geopolitics of the region
that is very different that's not the same thing as racism or is if we hatred towards a given race so I'll I'll take back see I'm I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong I'll take back saying that was probably the best argument because there's a repeated no I think it's it's a decent argument but it's not it's not a good direct our Kelly's argument was basically look they are there lost there's no way you know if you want to hire them that says a lot about you or Candace Owens cops in and she says look you know if I had been judged based upon you know what I was thinking what I was doing in college then I wouldn't be here she said look in college when I was a college student. She was 18 19 20 21 20 was an adult but you was in college she was vehement Lee pro-abortion not just
she was very much in favor of every leftist ideology out there was until she got out of college that she started realizing the basically she was lied to she's lied to through college she was indoctrinated she was brainwashed and what you got into the real world she quickly realized hey I was lied to I was indoctrinated I was brainwashed and she started adopting conservative philosophy since she became I would say she's she's about she's about 26 on the conservative scale probably more conservative than most Republicans but not quite in a full-blown right-winger but she and she pointed out that Thomas Soul who I would consider to be one of the greatest maybe the greatest living conservative thinker in the world today
that when he was in college he was a radical Marxist a radical socialist
this guy was Hardcore left
today he's the exact opposite I would say that I'm the one to tell skints one to ten scale he's probably in 9 even eight eight or nine as far as being further to the right he does not take any of this left us drama especially as it pertains to raise and for those who don't know Thomas all this black
but if we were to judge him when he was in college and that would have been we would never if we had black list of him or Candace Owens then they would have never reform that would have never changed that's the point of a promise when in Kansas only trying to say look in Spanish just condemning them for the rest of their lives why do we educate them why don't we try to get them to change their minds and press more poorly why don't we give him a couple years and probably going to change their minds on their own that seems to be you know the direction that I disagree a little bit there because this indoctrination this isn't like the indoctrination it was attempted five ten fifteen years ago the inoculation today is Hardcore it is full-blown brainwashing these kids that are going through these very systems they are being put through a there's no longer any subtlety involved just an example to bring up Candace Owens again if she had noted
that during her for her final exam she's going to go to law school or something like that or for her final exam she had to make the argument against project Veritas using the stance of the New York Times which was obviously you're that case is is a very contentious one right James O'Keefe is involved in those projects is he still involved with the case but this wasn't pick a side and then make the argument this was make the argument for why the New York Times is right and project Veritas is wrong
that's not that's what I mean that's that's not uncommon that's what they are going through today these these college students these empty one high school they're going through with this is why I'm always say look old school your kids if it's at all possible if you can make it possible to do whatever you can to get the kids out of system if you positively cannot then
have a very least private school and then if that's if you can't afford that then find a good charter school there are some good ones out there my family we've gone through all four we've had for short bursts of time between my four children we've had temporary instances of them in public school and those were horrible by the way for my kids we've had them in private school with weave homeschooled all of them to certain a certain extent all the way up to where it where I'm not smart enough to homeschool my kids are high school because I don't know the answers but but finding a good private school and we were able to do that on that we have a good charter school where you lysing so quit being is to do whatever you can't get out of there Island Public School System
all the way through and then when you get them into college make sure they're prepared I've got a daughter in college right now she tells me all the time I know she's prepared because she warned she likes me all the time he left isn't that she's exposed to and she says she's like you know what I just keep my mouth shut I would have a hard time when I was in college I was extraordinaire I wore my Politics on my sleeve I was proud of it I was like do you know who this fresh when I'm going to I'm going to be running young Republicans here on campus and you had any idea I didn't care for her these are different times since she's my daughter and I'm all in favor of her keeping her mouth shut at least while she's on campus at least while she's doing that stuff after the fact she can get more bold when she's protected she can get more bulbs today you know is it can be dangerous let's let's call it what it is they can be dangerous to be to be a Republican and can be dangerous to be concerned it could be dangerous to be a Jew
has to be white again be dangerous to be whatever show me reasons that people will decide you know what I just want to go go beat up or murder an Asian guy on the streets of New York today why because that's just what they want to do can they be whoever it is that's is perpetrating it
these random acts of violence that concerned me the most which way I'm okay with my daughter not in this hell getting out there what do you think give me a call 888-627-6008 chime in my time in the chat time and wherever and I will I'll be happy to get you on the air and talk through a lot of stuff so I'm not even close to being down the first time somebody go ahead and bust through this real quick
with that said I'm glad it's happening I'm glad that all of this contention is happening I'm glad that Ben domenech co-founder of the Federalist is that they're choosing Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk of being an anti-semite even if I completely disagree with the assessment I don't let me know there's no way she could say the Charlie Kirk is an anti-semite he's not not by any stretch of the imagination if anything people can make the argument and they have maybe are you at all he's a he's an Israel shall he's a Jewish Shelly's not Jewish but it is what it is that's what that's his that's his his his passion and he's passionate about protecting juice and then empowering that he has holds events that are specifically for raising young Jewish leaders okay for him to be called anti-semitic a tall is idiotic but
exactly what Ben domenech did and said I don't have that we too friendly but they see you sing look if if Charlie Kirk is still in charge of Turning Point USA next year then the Republican party has an anti-semite problem it made no sense it's almost as if he doesn't know and all stems from something that was funny because I don't usually mr. agree with Charlie Kirk but in this case I did he went on was its name Patrick bet-david Show and he said lucky I've been Israel multiple times I know what securities like you cannot live been to the to the border of Gaza you can't walk five feet without running into somebody with an AR-15 with an AR with a the automatic weapon
at a soldier like there's no way that you can get away with me or letting hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border 29 different points in a country the size of New Jersey with a military presence in the intelligence apparatus like they have and for there not to be a response for six or seven hours he asked the question Charlie Kirk asked the question was there a stand down order
it's a valid question
it is not anti-semitic to question the Israeli government what is really deep State or the you know whatever Israeli leadership with a military or civilian whatever happened it didn't make sense to garlic Charlie Kirk who has experienced Security in Israel on multiple occasions he knows what it's like and for them to not be able to respond he had that question and it's a valid question you might need to call me and I'll give you the like for asking the same question I have asked multiple times before how could Israel
when the most sophisticated
and many ways Draconian military units out there and intelligence apparatus he's out there
how could they have allowed the most secure Border in the world to be so easily breached and press more importantly how are they not able to respond
how could they not respond almost instantaneously it should have been minutes it could have been maybe an hour 6 hours 7 hours no know what were they were they writing riding donkeys
it doesn't make sense so for Charlie Card ask the question doesn't make him and I submitted for me to ask a question that doesn't make me anti-semitic not saying that you deserve this now they didn't deserve it those civilians did not deserve to have what happened to them happen I don't care if you're pro-palestine Pro him off or whatever it's hideous
why is there why is the the very intelligent Fox News contributor and co-founder of the Federalist then Dominic why is he saying Double Down why is he going after Charlie Kirk for this and I think it's a good thing this is a good thing we need this type of contention we got into cozy going to have another 2020 election next year if we all assumed oh my gosh Joe Biden he's nothing first of all we should assume that Joe Biden's going to even be the nominee I don't think it will be will be Michelle Obama will it be Gavin Newsom will be somebody else I don't know I just don't think it'll be Joe Biden but even if it is if we scan so do you know everybody hates Joe nobody trusts JoJo is too old Joe's has dementia Joe camposano be like, either it's not going to happen you know we got this one in the bag
if if we go down the road like that we're going to lose just like we did in 2020 when I got to lose because we didn't get enough votes we will lose because we can get enough balance is the difference
hey B. I'm glad I'm glad that there are those on the right who are siding Palestinians even if I'm not among them over a war that's on the other side of the globe is because the larger conservative movement is in desperate need of a revamp it has become about a spec list as Republican lawmakers they helped elect big words little action sadly about the leftist movement their words are idiotic put their actions are effective
those actions may be devious misguided intimidating destructive above their effective at accomplishing their goals
and if it's there really is some point understand
we have the right ideas we just suck at getting them out there we know the right things to do we're just in effective at getting enough people to do them the left even with a tiny minority of people that are within these radical leftist groups they're able to get the word out there able to get attention they're able to accomplish things are able to get to get certain pieces of legislation passed, we had looked at 8 go back to McCarthy we had all the cards okay we have all the cards are potential government shutdown we had all the cars that we needed to be able to say no to this note of the snow the snow the snow this yes it is yes to this okay
we didn't use play those cards we are so scared of letting the government shut down temporarily that we gave Joe Biden we funded Joe Biden's agenda
if you don't believe me look at the vote in the house
one Democrat one Democrat voted against it
that's not a win when you have a republican speaker of the house that's not a victory when you have a republican majority in the house if you can't get me a barely half of your caucus your own conference to vote for a continuing resolution with every single Democrat voted for it that means that we lost
even with the minority the Democrats were able to win in the House of Representatives when is it pertains to the continuing resolution
back to the article the the collectivist are beating the individualists because the individual switches us are being told we need to operate collectively and it sounds weird but that's what we're being told we need to be uniform and our ideas we need to be uniform interactions we're trying to be it's just not our style we need to be we should we can and should be individualist which means that every individual concept every every bill that supposed to be addressed individual is where Matt gaetz is absolutely right just one of the one of the many ways he's right but he's actually right when he says you know what
we should vote on every individual portion of a spending the why we have to throw it all into an Omnibus A continuing resolution why do we have to say if we're going to have to vote for any of it we got to go through all of it or none of it that's that's stupid it's a legal case we made for the idea that it's actually illegal to do to pass resolutions like we've been passing the past budgets are on the bus that we've been doing since the 90s it should not be done that way it should be done individually that's where individualism comes in me and what you got Republicans McConnell and and the McCarthy and and McHenry all these guys out there Rogers there are there saying oh you know what the total is no big deal is a way that things are done yeah that's the way things are done collectively should not be done that way we are individuals we should address each individual incidents
of what its legislation or action we should judge it as an individual piece of legislation raccoon that collectively it's dumb anyway so I could go on about that all day but I won't the modern conservative movement's claims we need to unify behind bad ideas and bad people so we can counter the worst idea isn't worth people leaving the left as a result our critical victories or often insanely stupid and they really are case and point Bud Light the takedown of a beer brands at put a dude pretending to be a woman on the can on the cans has not have the desired effect sure and eyes are bush is bleeding but the overall push for corporate will just barely skip to beat other beer companies engage with lgbtqia plus marketing and they didn't get hit
bigger companies double down on trans Supremacy and didn't even get a story printed about them in Breitbart or daily wire conservatives had one lung Victory with Bud Light which we talk one company a lesson that other companies generally ignored
we talked about that a lot but lately I have been seeing as the insult Jim Jordan thing is unfolding today
I've been seeing a lot of people saying all you know if you guys don't get on board which enjoying the way you're going to get Bud lighted Bud Light to me is a joke long time in the company of course is a joke I'm talking about the fact that this is all we talked about this is what we we hang our hat on Bud Light
oh really big absolutely was it a major move absolutely
but there are companies that do far worse than put dudes dressed as women on cans
we still support them when they get canceled
these there's companies that are donating tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood to the climate change hoax to various leftist causes
they're not getting canceled they're not getting the Bud Light treatment there are companies out there similar to Bud Light that are actively and aggressively attempting to indoctrinate our children they are grooming children they want to take away your right as a parent
but they didn't put out a dude dressed as a girl on on any of their products so they didn't get the the death penalty it which is essentially what Bud Light has gotten
why is that why are we so as a movement as a as an ideology is a group why are we so obsessed with old wood light book light because it was a victory it really was a tangible Victory we can demonstrate that it was we they they mess with us she was waving at least in some way they mess with us they've been against us and now we made that we punish them for it makes us feel good but you know what it doesn't do anything that's not the type of battle that we need to win the last doesn't care they're not like sitting there oh my gosh oh my gosh look what they did the Bud Light what are we what are we going to do now we need to have a Bud Light recovery party good job winners
embarrassing yourselves we need to start working smarter going after better targets and working most importantly as individuals the backyard meanwhile drag queens are still holding parades and literally tossing condoms at children popular shows and movies continue indoctrinating Americans into woke ideologies billions of dollars are being funneled to help women get abortions on demand so many question it is really good yes it really is billions if we look at all the monies and I'm not saying that buildings have been spent I'm saying the buildings have been funneled into it and so I just United States our money is going elsewhere
to help them get abortions it is pure evil but hey we got Bud Light so we at least those women as they're getting their abortions aren't going to be drinking Bud Light anymore right
climate change cultists back the article are seeing their ranks grow not diminish the climate change hoax should be crystal clear at this point that is false the climate change man-made am not saying that that we shouldn't be environmental something we need to be realistic approximately I would say between 50 and 200 years we should be able to have a technology where it would become cost effective for us to take advantage of solar or hydrogen or whatever okay today we can it's not cost-effective it harmed it puts people at risk and hums economies it makes it to where where people can't eat so no I'm not going to support this this pushed for the green agenda today I would love to see it to where we have this whole big huge star out there that's got all this power can't we harness it can we figure out a way to do it with your power nuclear power
Mexican very green why are we pushing for that when I'm trying to get at is that
we have the Science Now backing us we always have we just they were better at pretending to have it we have the science we have the logic we have everything we need to fight the climate change called we can't because their Collective us were individualists and we're not acting uniformly or in unity bad to act uniformly about it we should come up with their own individual Solutions we're not even acting in unity you have people out there on the right supposedly on the right there out there promoting this ideology there so we know what maybe we should be green we should be getting rid of fossil fuels we should be figuring out there is no uniformity are there is no there's no there's no Unity we need to get that squared away as soon as possible because again right we're very plainly right
not sure how that that didn't didn't sink in
intro back to the article and short the false Unity within the conservative movement has barely been a speed bump as American barrels Down The Highway to Hell
when are you out of the dust settles from the Israel how much war and Americans get back to hopefully focusing on our own problems here the the anger that's splitting conservative part will dissipate on the cell phones but it will force us to use our individual strengths to fight the good fight rather than relying on the group think that's permeating across conservatives Patriots Libertarians and populists today
is this the shake-up that we need Maybe
at this point only shake-up is better than the Cozi complacent in action we've seen for the last three years we do not need to get along in order to fight side by side against open borders voter fraud medical term your witness we must not rely on groupthink to drive us into supporting bad ideas or bad people for the sake of unity
we're Patriots we are conservatives we are individualist we shouldn't be following the movement we should be forming our own perspectives and acting accordingly
last time there was then this is when I get in the whole 2016 think I'm going to skip that cuz I don't want to repeat myself
conclude this article we need to be uncomfortable we don't need a false a unified conservative movement in order to reverse this nation's Direction when you Patriots who are angry about whatever makes them angry and to act accordingly I don't care who's on team Shapiro or who's on team Tate
all I want is for you to understand the issues that are important to you and take a stand based on your individual perspectives if he is real how much War tears that can started moving apart and there's an opportunity to rebuild it as a disjointed group of pissed off Patriots going to pay attention to the group think it's being sold to us today
when were fighting were thinking when were thinking we're ready to act when we ask things get done Unity might be able to take down Bud Light but individualism that's what's needed to take down the bigger Frozen again are we talking about this one America news this evening Tuesday evening at 6 or call letting it it's okay I don't remember I don't even know what showing his butt but I'll be speaking briefly about this particular article so what do you think I mean am I wrong is is is it crazy to think that that we we shouldn't necessarily be Unified
not if it's going to require uniformity Am I Wrong to think that that there's a certain degree of like I should say
I don't want to call A+ but there's it's constructive for conservatives to be fighting amongst each other at times like this we always say all we know the left they don't fight too much I don't think it's there to make some good will that doesn't that might be part of their strength but shouldn't be part of hours we should be willing to have constructive conversations with each other about whatever issues or whatever issues driving driving you to think the way that you think of me to think the way that I think if we are aligned great and let's fight together cuz it didn't come up with Solutions if we're not aligned and let's discuss it let's figure out why we're not lined I think you're concerned are you think I'm a conservative how could we be so disconnected and the answer is because again we're individualist
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yes I am good morning good morning Ruben for New York which part of New York
well I live in New Jersey
are you sleeping
yeah I know Jerry I mean in Bergen County New Jersey a contract at work I drive into the city every day so we sucks but that's another story which one.
You have a question
I know I just wanted to chime in so I'm talking about this whole thing and got a republican-conservative I have a lot of friends who are Republican. The problem is I think a lot of people don't realize that you know are like that. I like like you know they create like a problem we got a solution
Britain go to war in like you know like a problem with the a lot of people that know what they're there with the Palestinians I think they're really going to be a big suffering and loss of life what the hours for the creation of Israel about the fact that you don't even yeah that's just my opinion that's all
Batman and again this is why we should be having these discussions tonight I thank you for your call on me I appreciate your opinion this is dialectic is for those who are familiar with it it is in play in multiple directions Manchester United States not just in his real not just in Ukraine not just in trying to not just in Taiwan but literally everywhere everywhere in the world is different degrees of forming these these false I guess you could say probably taken a problem with the where the problem didn't exist create the problem and then come up with a solution to the problem and solution invariably is going to be a clinical Global solution this is what we're seeing is over and over and over and over again
is that what happened in Israel
Ruben it obviously thinks it is I would not miss are discreet I'm I'm not going to sit here and say that that there was any justification on either side and otherwise I'm not going to sit here and say the Palestinians should definitely totally have have gone in and and murdered and kidnap and rape kids and or hey you know what the the Israeli should definitely go in and bomb bomb people and kill people I got this argument by the way and I'll get to that in a second we do need to go to we got to go to station identification okay so let's go to that and then I'll explain to you the the the flak that I was getting the forms so stay tuned
the only bad thing about doing radio in our actions has bad at all because but for those who watch my show for a while you know that I could go and just talk for like 8 hours as long as I got one of the got a coffee have a break it's awesome or it's terrible depending on your perspective so so anyway so I'm not going to sit there and say that all the Palestinians are just fine for this but I'm also not going to sit there and say oh you know the Israelis are Justified for all of their actions are they just I'm sure they'd be able to defend themselves absolutely should they be able to take out a moth absolutely
but with that said
it's very possible you in the lot we're going to see a lot in the in the coming days I do believe we're going to have a clearer idea of what it's going to turn into
and how much death is going to actually come from this
and if it is as much as a lot of people think it's going to be then his real number one they're going to have a lot of sentiment turned back against them and I think that might be part of the plan B whole other discussion for all of the day they'll see people like the whole biden-harris regime versing something sale where do you know you guys are gone too far you guys already gotten your revenge so not sure if that's the case you guys are already already killed too many people so it's time to stop it's it's really weird I think we're going to see that sentiment but here's the thing in the support I want to get to I want Twitter I said look near the bombing I understand the need there I would much rather see them go in with the military with special forces and isolate Hamas try to try to minimize civilian casualties in the responses that I got look if you want to say that's too dangerous I can I can almost buy that okay I mean I probably could buy that
but the response that I was getting was you know they voted for Hamas they all support him as we've heard a lot of this lately they all support how much they're all anti-semites they're all terrorists even if they're not just cuz they don't have a gun doesn't mean they're not terrorist number one so the vote for him has on two decades the vote for a woman has always been questionable number to it was geared around what they would they were the options that they had were some say not very good in the options were basically is real or mocha MATA bus or Hamas and Hamas made a better pitch I wasn't there so I can do when I wasn't monitoring back and was it at 4:05 I was monitoring the situation back then not nearly as close as I should have been but they were
let me meet
I want to make sure I say this the exact proper way before because I don't want to be accused of
they were conned into Hamas a lot of them are not all of them
there are many I'm sure a lot maybe even a majority
of cortical civilians in Gaza who would induce support Hamas I don't want to say there's not
but does that mean that they should be killed a lot of people lot more people than I had expected or saying yes and I disagree
people should be killed for committing actions not for support okay if somebody's going to sit there and say and cheer for something bad happen that might suck but it's not a crime they're going to help them make that happen then that is a crime and they should be dealt with accordingly
even now I can feel I can I can I can sense many of you out there saying no that's wrong for saying yes that's right this is what this whole mess is doing to the conservative movement in can't I don't think it's a bad thing I'm glad that Ruben called I'm glad that Ruben is for Hamas I'm glad that we could have a a good conversation a cordial conversation about it on the air but I'm sure there are others out there who will call and who will tell me call me all sorts of names
in the chat over Rumble
salty says he doesn't like either group that could be she I don't want to assume your gender identity I'm going to call you I'm going to say you're a dude okay if you're if you're not a dude salty than let me know says conservatives are not split a conservative pose as War at all costs are bloodthirsty and are showing their butts right now the best thing about this war is that it's separating the line glob Glo arriving is going to say Global Asylum now that one I'll wholeheartedly agree okay amen Billy Lee we haven't talked about that aspect of it the American aspect of it yet and I wasn't going to actually today but let's go ahead and talk about that you know I do I think that Israel has the right to defend itself absolutely do I want to send a single Dollar in eight is real nope
don't want to send a single troop into the middle of fighting man into the Middle East nope not one not one that's already there's one aircraft group there there's another aircraft carrier group, that's two too many you might say okay so you might can make an argument you know what is the presents as long as they're as long as there's not going to be any fighting whatsoever you can say the presents there is is acceptable that we can offer you no intelligence support or radar whatever get our sensors and help Israel that was fine and even that I might crazy about I don't want to be involved in there at all this is not our fight if Israel wants to buy weapons for my scrape yeah yeah we can sell it I don't mind otherwise the best thing we can do is just get out of the way
okay let them do what they need to do and then hopefully you know where the chastising them if they do too much and I think it's very possible by the way to be clear even though I support their rights to do what's necessary I think it's very possible that they could go too far there's a lot of people either they're calling for that they want them to level Gaza completely to kill everybody there
I would not mind by the way you know if I were if if if I had true power what I would like to see is knowing that there's like literally was it two thousand times more land controlled by Muslims or Arabs are Persians than there is controlled by Jews
I would love to see them given hey you know what you get your own Homeland over here why does it have to be there to help that there was their homeland of there that is really sore or colonizer
the Jews the Hebrews
were there in the land before Islam existed
I want to hear about colonizers I don't want to hear about this that or the other I do go by the Bible the Bible says says that's their land I'm sticking with that okay I don't know I'm going to get into geopolitics about that I'm just going to leave that okay and then you got billions in square miles available Greatland lots of money lots of potential but it just give them give them their own make Palestine you know a little sliver of of Saudi Arabia reject or something I know it's a lot more complicated than that I know I'm offering you a stupid simple solution
but maybe I'm not wrong you always try me in call 888-627-6008 on the chat and I will try to get to as many people as I can here in the final hour so when is that yes there's going to be a lot of back-and-forth it's not going to end anytime soon hopefully hopefully Lord willing all of you at least the vast majority of my audience agrees with Billy Lee that whatever they do we don't need to get involved we don't need more war
we don't need to be following Lindsey Graham to the brink of Oblivion you know it was gray Babylon bee headline the other day said Senator Lindsey Graham wants to bomb every nation in the world wrong but I don't think Lindsey Graham is ever met has ever been to a country that I didn't want the bomb he's never seen a conflict that he didn't want to get involved with her at least get other people involved with could you imagine Louis G on the battlefield I mean it would be to be a joke the only thing that we don't need to be following in the Yukon send a but I will just prove they are there conservative split about this
in the real ER I would not say that you are some of the people that are that are battling that are fighting are fighting not over whether or not we should get in or get out of of Israel or not where we should be sending a tour troops or weapons or anything over to Ukraine they're fighting over the geopolitics of it they're fighting over who's right and who's wrong they're fighting over whether or not here in the United States which me blacklisting students who who have the support Hamas
you're fighting over things that have nothing to do with whether whether or not we're going to war that's where the split is happening so yeah so even though I agree that we don't need to do anything we do need to oppose War at all costs we definitely don't aren't being unified by this not by any means people picking sides and again that's not necessarily a bad thing later today here in about was 33 hours or so I think that's when I forgot who said they're going to be voting for speaker of the house and join us pushed to vote for speaking to us today a lot of the other has a lot of specially Kevin McCarthy fans out there and on Capitol Hill who are trying to delay the trying to Define alternative they try to throw out this guy that guy you know they don't lie really don't want Jim Jordan really what it comes down to by the way it's not about Jim Jordan
they know that they're still so mad that Matt gaetz got rid of their Buena party swamp buddy Kevin McCarthy still so mad of the that they do not want the guy that Matt gaetz wants
they don't want him to be speaker of the house it's not about that they don't necessarily like or trust Jim Jordan he's obviously qualified it's been there long enough you he's done enough been involved in leadership for long enough that he can do the job we know that the keep my iPad I only clear I am not the biggest fan of Jim Jordan I would say he is no yes he's one of the co-founders of the freedom caucus in the freedom caucus been very well I get that I would say over the years he's become more milk toast more lukewarm more more water down I don't agree with him I would say a third of the time maybe not that much but I would say he's above average
he's he's not as he's not a moderate but I would definitely say that he's not he's not necessarily A a constitutional conservative Patriot either is about average
but compared to
the other ones out there
the other options and we won that I've seen his name I mean I would love to see Paul gosar okay I love see even Andy Biggs is so there's a few that I would like to see I love to see Donald Trump okay there's a few names that I've seen floated but none of them have gotten any traction so of the ones that I've gotten traction Jim Jordan's best one sorry you guys can disagree all you want but if given the choice between Jim Jordan and Patrick McHenry for example or I don't even know some of the others or Steve scalise okay these are full-blown Yuna party shells Jim Jordan is again
marginally better than those guys so so I would like to see it but we're not we might not whether it's it's now as of last night they were still eight people hate Republicans who were holding out they are Don Bacon from Nevada Mario diaz-balart from Florida Carlos gimenez from Florida Frank Lucas from Oklahoma John Rutherford from Florida Mike Simpson from Idaho Steve Womack from Arizona and Ken Buck from Colorado they are all at least as of last night late Monday evening there were still a no on Jordan
he was able to win over my garage is in a few other people but he wasn't able to win over a lot right now for the Speaker of the House of the boats there 221 Republicans with me means that we can afford to lose for 8 so it is very possible that Jim Jordan does not win is very possible that these these Republicans that are against him that they could try to cut a deal with Hakeem Jeffries really they be cutting a deal with Nancy Pelosi the cut a deal with the Democrats to share power another one put Hakeem Jeffries in a speaker of the house with the understanding that you certain things would happen it is possible for these eight
to make that bill and if they did make that deal folks they would win ok
they don't even need all 8 of them you know if only five of them if 5 of them voted for Hakeem Jeffries and Hakeem Jeffries is not Speaker of the House
so when again I'm not a fan of Jim Jordan's but I do want to see a resolution he seems to be the best choice right now being then throw down there so let's let's push for that contact your representative representative contact the people that are out there a billy Lisa's Gotti 2.0 yeah it's a very a very accurate assessment Trey Gowdy the very very much of neocon very much you know a good speaker you know legal minds and graded it's better. Your moments during hearings
but I would say much of a do or so like I said I'm supporting him because he's the best option that's it. Because I like him not because I think he's going to do a great job will it be better to McCarthy absolutely not even close baby better than Lexi scalise could have been or any of the others yes he will be can be he has more the thing I like about Ginger ones that he has a reputation at least I'm being conservative therefore in order to maintain that he's going to have to do certain things that align with what we want will see you know none of this really matters very little this actually matters except when it comes to the budget and when it comes to if and when Republicans can also take control the Senate as well as the White House so this is all set up for the future is all set up for us we still have to to block certain things that Kevin McCarthy would not have blocked
as I mentioned earlier with the continuing resolution we need to get more out of it than what we got which is barely anything
but will will Jordan be able to do to do that I do hope so see I really really wish I was wrong
oh huh looks like Ruben's back is Ruben still there guys I just go ahead and do I wanted to clarify I think I don't know I am not like we are a terrorist organization and they decide with the Palestinian people knowing that a lot of
innocent human life is going to be lured by this one that's all I wanted to say absolutely absolutely absolutely come out you said that you supported you your your side of the Palestinians and I when people say that I always have absolutely totally people ask Mike when I click it I will I love I love you I hope you like what I like
nope absolutely remember I did not take it any other way so I'm glad but I'm glad that you called back in have a great day 2008 call an Indian you people ask me for example I support this really people I support their right to defend himself
do I support the Israeli government know I don't I don't trust these Ray League of my daily Israeli government is about as trustworthy as our government because of the individual personalities okay it really does come down to the deeps I think the people think all we know we've got the Deep State and then that's what we have to face United States the Deep state is everywhere and there really is a deep States in pretty much all of Ellie's the Western Nations there's either like this there's either a deep state in these nations there's a totalitarian state is a Chinese deep steak know I don't think they need one I think that the Chinese Communist party has control already they don't have to have a deep State also you know trying to pull the pull strings behind the scenes and they will probably be found out and killed I would say that that in Russia there probably isn't deep State I know there's one in Ukraine there is nothing but the most corrupt government out there
started but is there a British deep State absolutely does the British deep State talk to the American deep state which stocks the Israeli do you say which talks the Australian deep State you betcha hundred percent folks 100%
so when I say that you Charlie Kirk wonder who gave the the stand-down order right what why was it that that it took six hours for Israel to respond to the incursions multiple incursions at the Gaza border why is it that 80s 90 per-cent of their military was pulled off because they thought that something was going to happen on the Westbank k
why was it that you know even though he was out it was a holiday folks holiday old are they going to be short hand on The Hollies absolute which means that they're going to watch him more closely it's not like you don't forget I think sometimes that exactly 50 years and one day before on a holiday
was the last time that Israel suffer this type of invasion
it's like saying you from for frost to say oh you know what they didn't see it coming that's kind of like saying you know what and Benghazi they had Noah they they didn't think they're all night 11 they should have heightened security they did they just got overwhelmed
they didn't have enough
they may request they were seeing the writing on the wall before days before
so if you think that the Benghazi happened on 9/11 and it was you know it was because of your stupidity on on their part that least at the ground level know this is Kim from the government folks idiocy from the government and some would argue the Deep State and if you think the 9/11 was a coincidence and you probably believe Hillary Clinton when she said there was YouTube video
Bobo says about wow I think it's deep States equals the military-industrial complex complex has a huge stake in the deep sleep I wouldn't say that because of the military in the Deep state in many ways if we are going to go based upon the Bible state of many ways is a religious entity
we assume that an infusion 612 when they're talking about powers and principalities if we assume that that you know we sell will the people in charge are really he not working for their there they're working for your demons and Satan then we have to assume that because the people in charge are working for for demons and Satan and then the Deep state is in charge for the Deep state is not working for them in the same are they is the military-industrial complex a tremendous part of it absolutely is Big Pharma a tremendous part of it absolutely
big agriculture yep
is Henry Kissinger allegedly Poinsett who controls the food supply controls the People Big who controls energy can control entire continent it's already happening we just have no pipeline though he's talking about the most recent pipeline sabotage that took place in Europe it's normal for pipelines Supply natural gas to the various people in Europe and across the world have page 3 News Now
who controls the energy in control entire continents and who controls the money controls the world is Henry Kissinger we're seeing it on all three fronts and more
it's crazy
don't tell me don't tell me that that the would you be called the military-industrial complex is completely in charge their big part of a huge part they're not everything
Billy Billy he also do not wrestle with flesh and blood infusion 612 our enemy is the Deep state is religion a religion worships in cells Bill Gates quotes about the bad guys all day I don't actually have a story story about Bill Gates and the the shift that he's making Bill Gates and Bill Gates licking your thumb and sticking it in the air because you can actually feel the Winds of the global squeaky ball shifting by keeping your eyes focused on Bill Gates he's more of a a litmus test he's more of a of a compass will say for the the the machinations of the of the global Sleek ball then pretty much anybody Rock Obama is still very fixated
do you know his his tentacles do stretch out to the world more so than George Soros George Soros and how you say Alex Soros has his evil son yeah they're they're really very political and their machinations a tremendous Focus their more so than even the world economic Forum in class Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari you can you can watch them and yes they're going to give you the ideological ideas but they're not necessarily going to declare the action the way the Bill Gates us watch Bill Gates and you'll see basically what's was being pointed to him I was being appointed to him I should say by the by the council for inclusive capitalism which is the Rothschilds the the parts of the Vatican Vatican the Rockefellers that's all you know we always talked about all of the world economic forum is the is the evil live it to the spirit world economic forum
they're basically a recruiting arm of the global silly cabal it is the council for inclusive capitalism look it up okay if you're not familiar with there's a reason why normies everybody else is allowed to talk about the world economic forum wef and the you are in the World Health Organization nobody ever talks about the council for inclusive capitalism formed in 2017 which is the tip of the Spear of globalism
I seen so few people even in the alternative media ever talking about the counts of Reckless of capitalism there's a reason for that
we're not going to talk about that today we are going to talk about this is good
oh my gosh the time flies I might not even be able to get through this article but we're going to try before we do I do want to remind people
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I don't get you can call in here +886-276-646-0008 radio and I am using a pen and paper to write down a phone number 888-627-6008 give me a call so I'm just next door he is from dr. Joseph Mercola one of my favorite thinkers out there I don't know if he's one of my favorite writers cuz he writes long I don't even know if he's doing the writing but his name is on it so we're going to attributed to him he does go into great detail and sometimes it makes it to where I can't read all the Articles this one I did read because this was an important when it was titled the rise of the global police state that shirt caught my attention by golly and I'm just going to read the 5 bullet points because even though his articles are very long
he does has an honor and a privilege by giving us bullet points usually five almost always five and these five are or will tell you pretty much everything you need to know and then you can determine if you want and if you do want to read more you can find this article over at the CERN you guys usually I'll try to send people to the source but dr. Mercola gets rid of these articles after a certain. Of time I think today's things after 48 Hours the article disappear so long but why we have permission to publish them so we do and I am over at the CERN against titled the rise of the global police state and here are his 5 bullet points number one United Nations sustainable development goals are not about sustainability you guys already knew that there are tools to facilitate the implementation of a One World Government funny that Billy Liam and valo how are you pronounce it or if that's what we were talking about
number to the term the globalist alliance uses to describe its network is and pay close attention to this because it's something I've been talking about for 3 years longer than that I first started talking a public-private Partnerships back when Donald Trump was talking about for the infrastructure Bill okay the infrastructure ability injection or work on in the early days of his administration cake that they start talking about this in this when I like old guys guys be worn this is how it's going to this is how they're going to get us this is what the globalist are going to use these public-private Partnerships for the government's go to use they want to come after us well here it is so pay attention to turn the Global Alliance uses to describe its network is a public-private partnership or g3pta g3p if it's three letters is probably bad and FL
the g3p is composed of mostly most of the world's governments intergovernmental organizations Global corporations major philanthropic foundations non-government organizations are in Geo's and Civil Society groups collectively they are the stakeholders that are implementing the SD Jesus sustainable development goals you've heard of an agenda 2021 agenda 2030 boom that's what all this is about
so number three while sdg 16 claims to advance peaceful and inclusive societies and justice for all by the way whenever you hear the word justice if it's not pertaining to somebody having just committed a crime than its is bad whatever just as they are there there's Justice where oh my gosh this guy just murdered somebody needs to be brought to Justice try the convicted and thrown in jail that's Justice where the fuse is just as some of the globals use Justice is as an excuse to tilt the the wheels in their direction to make it to where you know how to get to get proper social justice we have to become racist now they don't say they're going to become racist but that's kind of what kind of exactly what they do you know in the name of equity we have to be racist and again they don't say they're being racist they just say the name of equity we have to elevate
this race that gender this whatever
but it's never about that
it's never about that it really is truly about racism it's just us guys anyway
Max number three while sdg 16 claims to advance peaceful inclusive societies and justice for all this girl is really about consolidating Authority exploding threats to advance regime hegemony and implementing a centrally controlled global system of digital identity there was an article I believe it was in reclaim the net. Org reclaim the net. Or great publication if you want to check it out if you're not familiar with him and I forgot what I think it might have been Nigeria I don't remember now but the United Nations is now starting to implement full-blown digital identities
I wouldn't be clear that you heard what I said
and I'm just pushing for digital IDs as far as my visual identification they're pushing for control over digital identities the difference they're being with a digital ID digital identity sorry with visual identification it's like okay so here's my smartphone is my vax passport or here's my a regular passport of this proves who I am
with a digital identity
that means poof here's all your information is your banking information is your medical information your social credit score here's your your vaccine status here's your everything accessible to whoever
and necessary and require for you to go about your day today business in this Brave New World they're trying to form around us folks this is a huge step step towards the dystopian future their plan Forest this is step towards cuz I always like to say the population in control
but we'll get there
hopefully you won't but since I don't think we can stop it
a digital identity is not merely a form of identification your identity is who you are and a digital identity will keep a permanent record of your choices and behaviors 24/7 Universal adoption of digital identity will enable the g3p global governance regime to establish a behavioral base system of reward and Punishment so he has Mercola spelling it out and just this morning you're my little yesterday but but within the last 24 hours we're seeing the United Nations pushing for this like an honest I'm pushing as in oh you know I will consider this as in like laying I need the I should have pulled up the article would have been perfect perfect companion to this one
they're making it happen folks
when people say you know what's the difference between Republicans and Democrats they're all corrupt I don't disagree okay I don't disagree but I will say that it will just for the same reason that ice core support Jim Jordan a lukewarm support Republicans Or democrats because at least they have to put up in certain situations such as this they either have to pretend it to do our bidding or expose themselves for for doing the opposite for for going against what we want either way it's okay with Democrats Tillamook are there guess it's just like hey this is bad we're going to pretend it's good we're going to feed it to you you're going to like it you know and you're going to hang up and we're going to tell you you like it so you can like it they try to play the same Playbook they use against minorities for decades they're going to try to use that on everybody everybody
and that's that is how we're going to keep you down we're going to tell you that we can lift you up whenever I ask you to let you know where she's going to keep you down that's how we're going to work with everybody the population control that's what they want and that's what this is all about number five again back to dr. Mercola the covid pandemic was used to read the fine he would write and to get people used to the idea that the rights of individuals are conditional and can be ignored or suspended for the greater good to hear that a lot more but we're all in this together okay we're all in this together for the greater good
cake together
with with with equity and diversity and inclusion will be able to get Justice all the bad Mega people or something like that
don't get me started and a mechanic out of the United Nations Charter establishes a global governance regime that stands against freedom justice and peace and all the un's sdgs need to be understood within that context
before we get into the meat of the article I do want to now would be a great time to point out this is just a quick spot but I had to break into it before so I didn't get the full one out
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so yeah okay I'll go ahead and say what Billy said he was catering to the lowest common denominator it really in the one and that's what I was trying to say is thank you when I say you're they claim they're going to lift people up if they don't this is not lifting anybody out it's about bringing people down just like when we were talking about you know they're there they say they want a multi a multipolar world order the new world order is temporarily started with the multipolar world order they want pain Regional powers
the only thing is stopping them from getting a 10 Regional Powers is the United States the only thing otherwise they could achieve their goals so are they going to try to lift up the other nine they envision
I know they're going to try to take us down that's how they get Equity they don't let Chief Equity by lifting up the week the poor the the feeble they get Equity by bringing down the strong which is what they're trying to do with the United States right now and you can take it at every level okay Avril single-level we've already seen it in the Harvard Harvard
Harvard has it we all know about what they were doing from a race perspective right as far as I know we can't have too many Asians okay if we just go by and we go by strictly by you no test scores and and whether somebody is good enough then entire school is just going to be like like 60% Asian and 30% Caucasian in the people of color only represent like 10% of the base one just to equity right that was a good idea I still think it's a good idea it's not about Meredith strictly about if you get in Phase 2 put on the color of your skin which is exact mean that is racism that is exactly what people like Martin Luther King opposed and that's supposed to be went whatever but it's not just about that even once you get in
Kate did you know that 80% of grades given to students that go to Harvard are in the a range
if you can in the Harvard no matter how you got in you have to try really really hard to fail they don't want you to fail they don't want to get smart and it's clear that you don't want to fail they don't want on paper they don't want you to flunk
so don't let you smack her badge or you'd be really really bad you don't really try to fail okay I mean like
that's what higher education is all about but I don't even go there we don't have enough time to bring that one up later I still have an AI show to go over I still have another state show to do what will go ahead and add higher education is a show that we need to do the near future I'll mark that down you guys Don if you're there but make sure to remind me remind me about that
another shout-out to PBS radio TV the plan to implement a one world government where the entire world will be run by unelected bureaucrats beholding to technocratic ideals and a two-part unlimited hangout investigation series investigative series independent journalist Lane in Whitney Webb expose how sustainable development goals number 16 which claims to advance peaceful inclusive societies and justice for all is really about consolidating Authority sporting threats to advance regime has Germany and forcing a certain centrally-controlled global system of digital identity upon Humanity
and I'm going to read this is from part one I wish I could again you guys could follow along and go to probably go to the server port, and look for the article titled the rise of global police of the global police state this is from part one says
g3p is toiling tirelessly to create the conditions necessary to justify the imposition of local governments with teeth and it's prerequisite a digital ID system in doing so that is g3p is inverting the nature of our rights and manufacturers and exploit crises in order to claim legitimacy for its offer Solutions remember what Ruben said okay remember we was sitting there their they're creating these problems and then offering Solutions has been a galleon dialectic has been in play in multiple forms across the globe for years for decades but here's the difference today they're not pretending today they're just doing it and then relying on their puppets in corporate media the puppets evening conservative and yes unfortunately even some of those in alternative media that allowing their puppets to promote
the wrong idea is to allow the worst thing to happen in this one one of the reasons that I say and I'll say this when we get when I go now and later today one of the reasons that I'm certain that a lot of this division is good within the conservative movement because it does expose those who are not legitimately on our side did I like Ben domenech before I mean I've written for the federals before so it's like I can't really just rip on them and they always bad person is because he's married to Meghan McCain
well I guess I could say that but I'm not going to but with that said now I know I mean for him to be going like he is that means we got at least watch him we can't start trusting the funny part is on the other side of that Charlie Kirk I would put in the same boat that it's a little bit ironic. He came out and started questioning the legitimacy of the official narrative coming out of Israel and he started wondering why why there was no response for 6 hours and if there was a standout order from the government or the military
for him to question that on the show is popular with Patrick been there but David's that if anything has his kind of raised Charlie up a notch. A lot of the point where maybe maybe he's not so bad maybe he's a useful idiot because we are maybe maybe he is just trying to fool people like me and you I don't I don't know the answer is all I know is that you know it's kind of like you turn the light on you watch the Cockroaches scary that's what's happened with this Hamas is real war lights to come on now when does look around and start away then if i k Global is global she'll show me a propagandist state media bad guy good guy straight to try to figure out who's who
good opportunity was thinking the engine running out of time 2 hours I need I need I need to just do a three-hour show I need to talk to wwcr and let's go ahead and go to 3 hours but again this is from directly from part one of the the multi-part unlimited hangout investigative series by in Davis and Whitney where is probably I would say
top 20 smartest media people maybe top 10 out there today and I talked and talked to my folks are tens of thousands of me if he was as editor of both the Liberty daily. Cam and the surf I have to read just a crap ton of different authors out there and being top 20 is like being in the top 20 in the manse that's a big if you want to put it on top 20 I know this probably at least 8 maybe 7 that I can confirm and I never talk to her either she wants to talk to me and convince me that she's she's number one she's smarter than some of these people out there so but yeah I'd love to talk to you as matter fact I love to have her on my show Whitney Webb you are invited to come on DJ d-wrek your show back to the article g3p compromises virtually all over the world's intergovernmental organizations government's Global corporations major philanthropic foundations non-government
stations in civil groups collectively these form these stakeholders in other words phrase you're going to hear more of implementing sustainable developments including sdg 16 and there's a part which is very complicated I tried to understand it and it's funny because even they even in this wonderful chart of me and made by brilliant people even they did not include the council for inclusive capitalism I was very disappointed in that include the Rockefellers okay they didn't do the Rockefellers that's fine but yeah they have space in policy makers have the bis bank for international settlements for those who are familiar day they also May control the money supply in the world you are all her all the things control the money in the banks just in case you didn't know then you got the I got the ew-4 relations Club of Rome
I think so because their name to get a lot of flak as an old it's conspiracy theories of real of rum Israel number one number two was a predecessor and they were helping to very famous Global Klaus Schwab and in the Henry Kissinger they were the ones that were talking to them I was talking to them in the early 70s pop for me and economic Forum they can help to guide the world towards 10 Regional Powers control through one centralized government
if you read your Bible especially prophecy you familiar with the idea that there will be 10 kingdoms gay controlled by one central government
they were talking about pain Regional powers in the 70s
I don't know if they were being ironic or stupid or just trying to to take advantage of Prophecy and Inns in pretending to fulfill it or if they are just like lotenz a good number you know and they hadn't read their I don't know it's just it can't be coincidence right big ones against policy Distributors they got the United Nations IMF ipcc World Bank who philanthropists that's where Bill Gates comes in cuz he's a philanthropist
go to court and ngos it's very interesting that it's kind of it's a good depth chart or are you at work sorry I've got football on the 9th it's kind of an org chart and the of the bad guy Global's I would definitely check it out you can find a discerner all right so what is a g16 is really about the subjective of sdg 16 is to strengthen the UN letter Jean and of all the sub goals included in this sdg the establishment of a legal identity for all identity again different form identifications funny cuz they say digital ID and everybody's got this in their Heaven did you like these did you like I got the vacation
but here they are they're talkin about the July these as in digital identities
like that coming to America you know did you like that these digital identification it's like McDowell's versus McDonald's you know we've got the golden arcs they got the golden arches you have errors are two all-beef patties Special Sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun or is that our Burgers don't have sesame seeds on the Buns
it's what I was doing it it's I got pick a switch-a-roo like all you should get your digital ID I was at like my vaccine passport so could you get me you need to go get your digital ID
if we accept the plan backyard if we accept the plan model of this lady will ultimately enslave Us in the name of sustainable development
sdg 16.9 a sustainable development me in a sustainable development means we must use the July the otherwise we will not be protected in law service access will be denied our rights to transact in the modern economy will be removed Bible
we will be barred from participating in citizens and excluded from so-called democracy yeah
but that was that was says mark of the beast could be I'm not one of those guys like I've been hearing about everything being the mark of the beast I remember when I remember when did you know that the barcode on your products that means that it was created by Satan it is if it's a product's got a barcode then the devil made it
but so does it sure sounds like it yes absolutely absolutely does it actually does sound like the it's the best candidate that I've seen ever my wife to be the equivalent of the the end of the actual mark of the beast or the predecessor to the mark of the beast I don't know
but it sure but that seems lineup hey alright next section understanding if we do like it last part was for years promoted forecast for you from Over the implementation of digital identity the problem with calling it visual ID is that people misunderstood it to be something it's not as use difference between identity and identification identification of first two documents that prove who you are that you are who you say you are a digital identity is not merely a form of identification your identity is who you actually are in a digital identity will keep a permanent record of your choices and behaviors 24/7
your identity encompasses everything that makes you unique and that's what the globalist cabal is really after step out of line and every social media interaction every penny spent and every move you've ever made can be used against you let's not forget the trucker's can't before there was digital identities before there was control over the money control the food and for all three weeks are trying to to Compass today for all of that
Justin Trudeau's regime was still able to take a century full control legally and financially, Clee fight will physically over the truckers that were protesting over lockdown there were mandates everything like that right part White
true. What's wrong
has Trudeau apologized
how much of their money has been returned what are the donations that were made
they try to go through GoFundMe then they tried to go through through gifts and go which started work but then leave the government was able to get that shut down and try to go through to the governor was able to get that shut down
I want to start spitting in this is again this is before before everything that I'm talking to you about is implemented this is already happening
in Western Society this isn't China were talking about here this was Canada we can point to things that are happening in the United States
January 6th was basically it's set the trend people say what it was January 6th about was about silencing those people knows about making those an example those people about silencing us so I'm making a scared
don't get me started
Carry Carry Your Candle
I get it I get it carry you can't say this in charge of the top the Freemasons people Jesuit sign this Muslim extremist causing all plandemix to bring their new world order Satan's Sunday lawn USA in the mark of the beast
yeah this article is going to be way too long I'm not going to have time so we're going to we're going to leave it at that and again I would recommend you read it talks very much more in-depth about the July identity talks in depth about what they can do with it and why you should be concerned it's a relatively long article but definitely worth the read and you can find it at the CERN
everything is happening with Israel and Hamas everything is happening with Ukraine and Russia Irene it's about to happen with China and Taiwan even having was happening between us giving you and states or whatever country you're in it all seems to be pointing in the exact same direction that directions one of essential evil
we're at a very bad time
here in America we need to know that we need understand that we need to address it
that's why I'm very happy you guys are here check it out more often because Jenny or you can see me at 5 a.m. listen to me at wwcr talk radio and I'll be taking your calls or willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe
God bless

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