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JD Rucker Show, January 11, 2024

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Mike Pence, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the Failing Deep State

Title: Mike Pence, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the Failing Deep State


Mike Pence has classified documents at his home. Volodymyr Zelensky is trying to clean house. And the Deep State is making its moves. All of this and more on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

Recorded: January 24, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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JD Rucker

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hello my friends in welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show I'm your host JD Rock her and that we've got actually spend because I actually had like about a dozen videos that I was going to play today because I am I was called into on a semi emergency situation to run the Liberty daily calm today so I thought don't take this the wrong way but I thought you know what if I can if I can post some videos you don't get some videos out there during the show like 5 minute video here 5 minute video there then while the videos are playing I can go and do my thing and end on the site we open those who don't know the Liberty is a news aggregator it's the alternative of the conservative alternative to The Drudge Report and I'm the editor over there there's also the owner usually run the show around the site on a on a Tuesday but he had emergency nothing bad to work
what's a check some things out so he asked me to run it so I did all right and but it's either you have to keep up with the news like it's a 18 hours you know have your have your wife bring you food kind of thing especially on having Tuesdays which today just to have it be a heavy news they were going to be talking about some the news but I've been covering over there and of course the same thing I do over at the server one of the reasons that the CERN report I can run it on regular days even though it's hard and I can still keep up with my shows is because over there not my post 30 40 50 articles a day
where is a delivery today and we post probably minimum of 100 yesterday was Sunday I post like 150 so it really you got to keep up with the line it's it's an ongoing thing I mean as the news breaks as the news breaks we had one story which I'm going to talk about hear about Mike Pence my pants having classified documents found in this home we made that story up within four minutes after it was reported initially so that's kind of what we got to do the dudes that's just what we're supposed to do you guys want the usual to quickly will you try to get to quickly which means keeping your eye on the newsfeeds at pretty much all times K sleeping you know it's it's a constant in my eyes start to get really you're bummed out because I'm just reading the screen non-stop feed atrophy 250-plus feeds that I'm reading through some various new sites mostly conservative alternative course but also
skip track some of the corporate media sites just to get stories like the the pets story anyway point is is that green for all those headlines you know it does take towels I thought but a video and then I'll be playing here soon or later in the show will be on Ivory Hecker who's actually going to be having her as a guest on I've got you on my calendar for next Thursday might be tomorrow but I think it's actually Thursday one of the other I will have her on soon but she didn't she today I guess you could say she dissected the
the Damar Hamlin controversy conspiracy theory that maybe he's not really out there you know it is pretty conspicuous I'm not jumping on that one quite yet I love a good conspiracy theory but we'll see that was a little bit we'll see I'll and ivory Hecker take care of that one so we got that coming up I want to talk about Vladimir zelensky and sort of the crazy things he's been doing those who would watch my show before you know I'm not a fan of not a fan of Vladimir Putin either so that's all you must be an apologist look I am a fan of the Ukrainian people who are suffering I want to support them anyway I can not necessarily with foreign aid but especially going to the curb crust nation of Ukraine where they're not seeing any of ye to sexually
Belle Delphine only fan of the crop government of Ukraine or my fan of the corrupt government of Russia so you know it is what it is so I'm going to be talking about all that stuff I'm I want to start kind of sad that the mood with a video a video of this one by by Gregory so I got to get on the show here sometime soon hears Greg with some some crazy discussion as many of his discussions are
2003 the CIA released a classified document with the subject analysis and assessment of Gateway process a process that utilizes audio frequencies to achieve brain hemisphere synchronization in order to provide a thorough evaluation the document covers the techniques of hypnosis biofeedback and Transcendental Meditation thereby providing a modern scientific account of an ancient guarded knowledge of Mankind's spiritual potential a potential that could save Humanity from the Mind Control tactics being used to divide and enslave us verbal and opponent is categorises and assigns meaning to incoming stimuli and passes this resulting information to the right brain which is
non-critical that accepts whatever information it is given without question the left brain is the ego mind operates on autopilot and can be easily swayed by external stimuli most of us are unaware of this because we naturally tend to identify ourselves with the ego we think that the ego is who we are but in fact it is just a part of our mental processing the right brain is our subconscious mind and hypnosis is a technique of directly accessing the subconscious by disengaging the ego giving us self-awareness and control over the subconscious mind Transcendental Meditation achieves this by practicing single-minded concentration of drawing energy up from the base of the spinal cord and into the brain with practice this visual concentration eventually polarized
the cortext bringing both hemispheres into balance allowing the individual to transcend the ego mind with biofeedback rather than suppressing the left brain as done with hypnosis or ignoring it as done with meditation the practitioner programs the ego mind with visualization while monitoring the physiological response there by programming the subconscious mind by observing the results with real-time biological feedback the Gateway process also known as hemi-sync achieves this same goal by simply listening to specific audio frequencies that bring both hemispheres of the brain into synchronicity with one another
all of these practices some of which have been taught for Millennia have been proven effective with modern scientific tools the Gateway process has been shown to bring the entire body into a coherent vibration of approximately 7 to 7.5 cycles per second which then creates a resonance with the electrostatic field of the earth It is believed that this resonance is what allows the practitioner to transcend time and space or in other words allow their Consciousness to leave the body without limitation week all physical matter is not solid at all it is more like a highly Advanced holographic image made up of different frequencies what we experience as solid matter is actually the electromagnetic repulsion of certain frequencies and this includes our own physical body and soul just believe
that's the reason these practices work is because our Consciousness is not being generated by our bodies but rather our bodies are being generated by our Consciousness physicists have proven that the physical world is energy and defined time as a measurement of change within this energy in order for energy to take for it needs to be limited to a specific vibration energy at rest is uniformly extended without limit it is everywhere at once this is why humans are able to remote view which is a term used by the military for their psychic training protocol wherein they teach an individual to transcend space and time in order to gather information remotely in this is how Mr guy savelli was able to drop a goat from 100 ft away with his thoughts but most importantly the suppression of
knowledge is how the government is able to program your subconscious mind for you without you even knowing it and control you perceive to be reality reporting for Infowars this is Greg Reese
like I said his stuff is crazy of the funny part is like I said before I intend that the goal here when the goals was to play some videos today of other people audios and videos and other people doing the things that I just been seeing Kay and and watching myself things I find interesting this isn't about ego okay that it's not like I have to hear myself talk for 4 hours a day before she guys listen to me I don't mind sharing my sake with other people like people agree to the funny part is another reason that I want to do so many videos and I know it before is it I wanted to take a break in between in and check my feed see what's happening the last five 10 minutes to get a couple stories up at the liberty or disturb for that, or both and then take it from there right next to Gregory's and keep mine. Are you hurt
this one obviously listening and listening and looking as a result of these stories up during his his five minutes so how do I know what so so I blew that one hopefully hopefully the future than the next video I'll play will be less interesting so I can actually do some work let me know that's probably not going to happen I'm probably not going to get a whole lot of work done on these these two hours today quick update for those who either maybe you knew the show if you are welcome and put be sure to push the that button the Subscribe button make sure that you when you're doing a show that you turn your phone off that is a best practice
and also also the polite thing to do you do on your phone ringing in the middle of a show so let me do that now a point is is that those who subscribe button yes thank you smash it I think it was a smash that subscribe button for those who if you aren't aware we are shifting to two shows a week it looks like finally Lord willing we will be able to do that starting next week. My wife just got me some new suit jackets great Star Blazers I guess they're called good stuff we're getting the new office all situated and it's going to be amazing so you'll be able to hear us or watch us on video or listen to us an audio first show will be airing at 2 p.m. Pacific Time Eastern Time 11 a.m. Pacific that's Monday through Friday no be two hours will be live on Rumble
iRig voice media Freedom First of course the turning point that Colin McAfee support all those good good places then we will be doing a separate show that would start at 9 p.m. Eastern also to our show 6 p.m. Pacific and that one will Air as well at America out loud talk radio and that show starts at 8 p.m. Pacific Eastern I know a lot of shows lots of times we're trying to get the word out and as I said many times I know many if not most of you have been tracking the the Steven Crowder versus daily wire debacle Shenanigans whatever in it I'm not going to weigh in on that one yet I will eventually
but I think and if you been watching the show for a while you already know that I've been very critical of daily wire in the way they've been handling the news for a long time and my main complaint is very similar to crowded. They offered me fifty million dollars you know they could
if they wanted to but not saying I would take it necessarily I'm just saying that that was my complaint has always been this that they are too careful with the news they are beholden to Big Tech they are cuz they said that I don't think they would tonight I've interviewed Jeremy boreing before okay Jenna Lee speaking I like the guys over there but I do know that they are milquetoast lukewarm I guess they're careful because they're trying to play the corporate game do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career in an important and in-demand skills from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career
can make it happen classes are enrolling now visit arclabs. Edu to get started today in the big Tech corporate games the way I should put it they get so much traffic from Facebook just Facebook alone we can talk on Google we can talk about Twitter Instagram all those other places such as Facebook alone and because they rely so heavily on Facebook to drive the traffic Drive the Revenant they cannot talk about Sir they cannot come out for example and say the Jazz are killing people
the King Kong save the 2020 elections stolen many of the 2022 elections were stolen they can't say those things because if they do they will be yanked right off the big tech tech teeth that they are sucking on and I don't like that
I'm sorry you know I got to be clear I'm not a huge fan of Steven Crowder either not not nothing gives in person it came to be glad I know any very much about he's fine he's entertaining I like those things that he does with the you know ask me or prove me wrong then okay that's that's clevis great day and some of the dialogue there are good and some of the discussions they have on the show are pretty good but for the most part they are it seems to be more about entertainment than anything else and I know there's a place for that it's just not my taste okay that's it it's not getting nothing personal it's just not my cup of tea right I know a lot of people like horror movies I don't like horror movies they not my cup of tea I'm not saying that or movies and it's really bad not ripping on horror movies or Steven Crowder nor my comparing Steven Crowder to a horror movie in case that rumor get started or not
this is that is that it's just you know when is this is that
with all of these changes that are happening in the world with all the challenges we're faced with as conservatives asked Christians as both many of us
we if we have to make a choice to either tell the truth or we tell the truth and stay in the mainstream and I have chosen to do the first I want a nice one tell the truth which means that I have to get on rumbled riding on bitchute which means that I have to put a handful of shows that are safe with their very few of the men usually portions of Ashok actually I haven't even posted. A once-over YouTube you have to work you know we have a YouTube channel repost some stuff they all I do there is to give them back to you one of these channels attracts you listening to me on right now but America out loud talk radio we're talking to trust you do radio stations I just got off the phone with a nice gentleman in Tennessee and we're probably going to be getting on their the point I'm trying to make is this
is that because we won't bow to Big Tech Google Facebook anybody else we need to do what we can to spread the word otherwise that's why I rely on you please hit the Subscribe button please share the video with friends unfortunately shows going to be a lot of other videos not me so and sleeping when we get back we're going to talk about Mike answer stay stay tuned
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62038 to Amoco jtr help out to America's companies
Spring Break somebody left a comment saying you know if you're so against daily wire and all these other lukewarm milk toast news outlets why do you link to them at the server why do you leave them at at the Liberty daily lot, and the reason being is because look at these these corporate concerned sites of the easiest way to put it. I know a lot of people say they're controlled opposition that may be true I have a I guess maybe start your definition of controlled opposition I think they're just opportunistic you know conservative media mean to do a great job for example with the cultural Marxism pay your mouthwash over there with his stuff like when you know what is a woman and all that stuff they do a fantastic job that talk about the economy they do a very good job so we I link two stories it's not about the sources per se like to go over the Liberty we will link to local news sources and like a local CBS affiliate or Fox
Affiliates or whatever will leave the Fox News which is definitely obviously a controlled opposition of Sword you got Washington examiner controlled opposition Washington Times controlled opposition will link sometimes these places because it's the store that's important look just because a place isn't ideologically hopefully line doesn't mean we won't link to the man willing to the Daily wire fairly regularly because sometimes they get the story less important part I can still be against their philosophy when it comes to dealing with big Tech when it comes to not telling the truth about the vaccines about climate change about any of the controversial topics about groomers anything like that voter fraud the things that people are supposed to talk about Klaus Schwab George Soros Bill Gates Barack Obama the Rothschilds anyone associated with the liberal World Order look if they don't want to talk about that that's their prerogative we can still linked to them and talk about the stories
even if it's not exactly what we want needed it so so that's the answer that question
yeah and occasionally a sort of William come from someplace and evil NewsHour like CNN and that's where today story or one of these stories came from a matter fact that the they were the ones that broke the Mike Pence Mike Pence talking story if you haven't heard I'm going to go ahead and go there so it's pull that up
firstonscene Anna classified documents fan of Mike Pence's Indiana home dumping the article a lawyer for former vice president Mike Pence discovered about a dozen documents marked as classified Apprentice Indiana home that last week and he has turned those over those classified records over to the FBI multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN the FBI and the Justice Department's National Security division have launched a review of the documents and how they ended up in Pence's house in Indiana and let's just stop right there real quick
this apparently I guess is is an ongoing thing I know it's just been so far it's just been Joe Biden and in my pants but a lot of the things that were found from violence on the Family Feud God when he was a Senator so we're talking about like like over a decade ago okay when he was a Senator in 2008 so he's had documents from 2008 at the very latest probably earlier than that in his home give me a break
and it does tell us maybe there maybe we have a huge problem with this how do these documents get into the homes of a vice president how do these documents get into the homes of of a sitting president but they got their allegedly before he became sitting president and for those of you were going to say well but okay Trump was President of the United States of those documents were taken Trump as president of the United States has unilateral power to declassify any documents and he did
so their attempt to go after Trump for this the Department of Justice is seems that there's a lot of possibility it seems perhaps they got they got trumped by the Deep state which I know you will say no parts of the Department of many of the Department of Justice or probably thinks they absolutely I agree but apparently there might be some wires crossed or maybe this is all just one big plan but it seems as if maybe just maybe if the Deep state would Play Along came here maybe they prompted the FBI to go after a trunk and to get all the Democrats and go to class by Dawkins bad bad and then all the sudden he's in all by the way we found some over over Joe's house to grab matter fact was bouncing over Jose library car I think Hunter Biden's been you've been sharing with everybody maybe they need the whole Trump right now I'm not trying to get into start a new conspiracy theory to maybe they'll was designed by the Deep state to go after Joe Biden
and then with this new thing with Mike Pence what is this telling us we are going to post it over at the liberty and other places was insinuating are stating I guess I didn't send you a text David that this is the the unit party Swamp Thing taken down and what is it the Deep state is it just the idiots is both probably both that's what I surmise but this is all above my paygrade okay I do get it's funny then and this is funny and sad I was alerted to this last week I couldn't corroborated I have a a source of Foreign Affairs expert who said hey you know it sounds like they they got some some documents over at pensas house in like what I looked around like I checked around call Tim other sources come corroborated
and this particular Source by the way that it had leaked this information to me has proven to be fairly unreliable in the past not this characterization hopefully that's Source isn't this Source has been wrong before but with a story like that I couldn't run with it so I couldn't talk about it because I couldn't corroborated anywhere from anybody in this case turned out to be true
in the game of of Journalism especially in 2023 I know that most sources go with the whole idea of you no first as best no matter what my perspective is I want to be right okay without corroboration at all again I tried from anybody I give get a hold up and nobody nobody would even know what he heard of it so I thought is another one of those ones that are that are incorrect I've got some great sources I've got some some decent sources this source is decent and I couldn't run with a decent Source I'll do it one source source story if I'm sure that source is super super super reliable in this case I didn't I didn't take a shot so I didn't get to break the story and that's unfortunate but hey I would rather be right and second then first and raw let's get back to this article about me who cares about me let's go to Mike Pence
Governor Pence's new home in Carmel Indiana by Warrior for pets in their wake of the revelations about classified material discovered in Joe Biden's private office and residence or said sources Discovery comes after Pence has repeatedly said he did not have any classified documents in his possession hope you guys caught the important part of their discover that my expenses new home in Carmel Indiana
and I wonder
what were these documents about where they protected was he trying to go after somebody was it just the Hoops you know when to come home to go study them for for a briefing and forgot to turn it back in you no revoke is is national security clearance library card or whatever I don't know the fact that it's a new home. I think it's conspicuous because it's not like chances are depending on whether to considering to be new chances are this isn't something from like 2017 okay that you just need to call him and whatever we'll see more more to come from this I am sure it is not yet clear if the article is not yet clear what the documents are related to or their level of sensitivity or classification Pence's team plans to notify Congress on Tuesday
it's Tuesday pants ask his lawyer to conduct a search of those pants that did it oh has asked for you to conduct a search of his home out of an abundance of caution the attorney began going through four boxes store to pensas house last week finding smaller number is smaller number of documents with class red markings The Source said do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and an important and in-demand Feel Complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now is it Mark lab. Edu to get started today cuz his lawyer immediately alerted the National Archives the store set enter in the archives informed department or the justice department a lawyer for pen salts
some of the FBI requested it to pick up the documents with class red marking markings dad evening and Pence agreed Agents from the FBI field office in Indianapolis pick up the documents from Pence's home the lawyer said Monday pencil legal team throw the boxes back to the Washington DC and have them over the archives to review the rest of material for compliance with the presidential records act in a letter to the National Archives obtained by CNN Pence's representative to the archives Jake Gregg Jacob wrote that a small number is a quote small number of documents during class by the markings or inadvertently box and transported to the vice president's own you know an inn before but let me stop right there before it was all this isn't like Joe look it doesn't matter it could have been a nuclear codes okay it could have been they could have been you know the Hall of the missing CIA documents showing they killed JFK
anything and no matter what it was they would have said the quote of what is it a small number of documents been in class with markings were inadvertently box and transported the vice president's home that would be the case no matter what the documents were so take that with a grain of salt that is standard down Play Down Play Down play got enough controversies in DC they might say but he's a republican when they go active if it were true. Maybe we're really just depends on who they're going after at that particular moment who's in charge of that thick of things who knows about it that determines how they handle it
now all of this is mighty suspicious
all of this is very concerning I'm not worried about the classified nature of the documents I'm worried about why is this all coming out right now I'm worried about is this part of a greater plan and like I said I would not I'm not suggesting this is the case I'm saying it's definitely possible that Donald Trump is there the whole raid and all the drama surrounding Mar-A-Lago with going through through melania's drawers and and going through Barons room and all this other stuff it could have been that was just to get the university swamp trap I don't know I don't think that's the case
but until we know the truth and we probably will never know the truth definitively but until we have a better idea what the truth is we have to look at every possible option
and maybe just maybe Nina party swamp has has
I don't know maybe they're no longer useful to the powers-that-be the global silly cabal may be taking down the United States of America which is the one of their ultimate goals includes taking down everybody including the their allies within the unit party Swan such as Joe Biden Mike Pence two of the biggest allies of of the unit parties of the the powers that b the powers and principalities will say
could they be getting thrown under the bus it's possible also possible that this is a nothingburger but oh my gosh you know that he was just taking one class my documents about about you know why the news doing research about about something from the 1800 I don't know something I don't know why that would be classified do you get the idea maybe it wasn't that big of a deal maybe it had nothing to do with National Security maybe it had nothing to do with anything that would be of importance maybe this really is just a nothingburger
the fact is all coming up now still Rings my alarm bill so it doesn't ring I'm real loud and I like sitting all my gosh you know call everybody let's let's get a deep investigation of this somebody gets lucky I'm not going to make that show
got to keep it classy. Got to make that you're okay so let me save myself let me get back to the article real quick that's that's probably the safest bet at this point I have a vice president Pence was unaware of the existence of sensitive or classified documents at his personal residence let me stop right there one more time I know I keep interrupting myself on the article but listen pure I don't care who you are I don't need you to be president vice president you could be middle manager at a Taco Bell doesn't matter when you're sending it's this damned important documents that are considered to be that important class fight if they're in your possession you keep track of them took them home you make sure they go back I don't see how I seriously I'm not kidding you I get I get like obviously not anymore but for those you old enough to remember the days of going to Blockbuster and renting movies I was that guy I could tell you what movies we had in any given moment I know that sounds
like not that big of a deal to check understand we just watch watch the movie young parents raising kids not a lot of money I mean Blockbuster was was like our life okay if we did so much and I will always and I'll get it. We got to get this one back to the 2-day rental is a three-day rental we're going to Tennessee I mean I don't want to get any late fees that it was it wasn't like super important that you know oh my gosh you make sure you get that back in the case as soon as possible okay we don't want that loose you know what if what if there's like an earthquake but but that we're in Oklahoma you never know again I'm trying to make is it seems that
my hair and knowledge of Blockbuster Video VHS tapes was greater than what these morons allegedly had as far as the care they were giving to classified documents that may be there more on their mind the Free World maybe it's like I do you know I can see how that slipped your mind because you were dealing with with Afghanistan because you were dealing with with antifa because you were whatever you had you you're about to return the the the documents but then you got a call from GG and pinion Seagal what's up Jane don't know I don't know what's what's going to the head to the plant is the one they say that these people were unaware I always unaware
that scares me because either we have Liars or we have idiots we have both witches cuz I can't be neither that's not an option document in your home any non idiot would know to get classified documents back where they're supposed to be because they're classified
running out of time so has Joe Biden might say something to go to finish the article importance of protecting sensitive information is ready and willing to cooperate fully with National Archives and any appropriate inquiries I like how they didn't say investigation or mention the FBI or anything like that if I first went to the temporary home Virginia okay so answer my question first went to Pence's Temporary Home in Virginia before they were moved to Indiana corn the source of the boxes were not in a secure area was fast. I can't wear discover the sources said they were placed inside a safe location in the house there's a lot more to it and it you guys get the idea of idiots Liars or both probably both and it does seem like a deep state is going after a after break so I'm talking about Vladimir zelensky so stay tuned
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okay so we're going to get to volodymyr zelensky a little bit later I do want to play this video part of the video by by Ivory Hecker talking about the Damar Hamlin situation and then I'll be back to probably won't have time to get my thoughts but I'll be back to get us the next segments of State team
all right see if you notice anything strange about Damar Hamlin first public appearance attending the Buffalo Bill game yesterday to build it yes if they show him in the stadium capacity it will blow the doors off of this play Damar Hamlin just showed up and it looks like his mom and his little brother is there all we would love to see it straight to the bank Bill coming up for CVS
return to stability that's based on McDermott telling us who have him around
every day at school
talk to the Family Medicine pricing out of the hospital and still at the White Sea recovery to your Tire Doctor dead and you have a talk with monitor
pick it up right now you do. This is it right here
what a beautiful triumphant story of a galvanized who compiled every clip of dumb Damar Hamlin appearance at the Buffalo Bills game yesterday what was noteworthy is that you could not see his face in a single shot why is he wearing sunglasses a mask and a hood you can barely even see the skin on his face the entire game
in a winter coat he can hand be burning up why was he disguised in every single clip why didn't he turn to the camera I'm going to go over some key questions a lot of people think this is an imposter we're going to look at any evidence as to whether that is true so before we dive into that shot at the sponsor my covered households can expect a massive increase in their internet build a new report reveals the largest internet service providers in the country plan to increase costs to offset new business fees and expenses that means customers like you and me end up with the bill for example the price of modern of a modem rental and internet package are both anticipated to rise these are the same kind of companies that routinely increase their price 18 to 31 per cent A Year Without ever notifying the customer that's why tens of thousands of Savvy households have this amazing portable device to help save them money every month
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but that was not him at the Buffalo Bills game yesterday which by the way the Bills lost they are out of the playoffs and here's an interesting thing it was against the Bangles is Bills vs Bengals when it all went down for tomorrow when he dropped back with that cardiac arrest in a field in January 2nd they're playing The Bangles that game was canceled so you're getting back together with my boom there was tomorrow but we couldn't see his face he keeps his face turned away from the camera on social media he's all the fans now I feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and in a cordon and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you. Thinking about a new career and make it happen
classes are enrolling now visit arclabs. Edu to get started today at 10 posting it's really him what condition is eerily and is he still alive because that footage seem to show off yesterday my friend stew Peters is asking a lot of questions today he says quote I'm a real conspiracy theorists now sorry for questioning how a man having to use oxygen is now carrying oxygen wearing a mask with a happiness step after dying suddenly and being brought back with rib breaking CPR before skin lightening procedure nobody was beaming with excitement or happiness after the prayer answered Miracle we were told about the rest of family was shown why not tomorrow why does everyone look so nervous why was he in a heated Sue wearing clothes that would have kept him warm on the Arctic Shelf
he wearing sunglasses in a blizzard something is not right here. Laura if you're just tuning in I want to show you again some of the clips
Jamar yesterday at the Buffalo Bills game ESPN showing this left you guys bring this up now that's the red suit coming in right there why is he so bundled up some glasses mashood and darting away very quickly into a separate room with security guarding it if that's truly Jamar and he's doing so well why can we barely see him all right let's look at the Buffalo Bills in collaboration with the NFL highlighting Damar themselves a couple of times here here it is so looks like Jamar Hamlin is in the building yes if they show him in the stadium in any capacity it will blow the doors off of this place Damar Hamlin just showed up and it looks like his mom and his little brother is there or we love to see it
it's the bank bill on CBS times on their Instagram. Again back to Ted wearing that big old snow series of Rights right is this is it right here
what is Sean
totally tell you that it
of course the questions on here you cannot convince that that Demar is at the game or still alive
so there he felt a lot of questions about whether this is really someone created a collage of Jamar
and you'll notice right here
says quote and he can't turn around and wave at the camera to his fans exactly not a single time that he wave at the camera it's all the back of his head and when it's the front of his head through a snowstorm so you can't see his face someone else tweeted this this is from his Instagram which we're going to take a look at quote this is his IG there is no room for an oxygen mask exactly how the Associated Press reported that he is still needs to be on an oxygen mask in a or is it
I don't know is that why he's wearing a mask to hide like some sort of oxygen used but people are saying there's no room for an oxygen mask there is that really him why and every image is he so messed up and we can't really tell whether that is him okay so the conspiracy theories are Raging Raging I'll show you one thing people are seeing other talking all about this heart heart that he keeps flashing and someone said oh no that's not a heart that's the Illuminati sign and they put the triangle for the Illuminati that this guy is flashing when you're naughty sign someone responded yeah he throws up that pyramid and then the devil horn 666 sign three in each hand and it's a big club and you ain't in it crazy but my brothers in Christ we have been sent from God to Vanquish his evil who's with me so people are just
question do you smother images because Demars. Has been shown since his cardiac arrest on January 2nd let's take a look tomorrow are actually shortly after just days after is cardiac arrest pea apparently space-time the rapper Meek Mill and he put it on his Instagram the sports reporter screenshotted and showcased it so here's Meek Mill and this is a big March guy I guess I forget his name that's Damar Hamlin tiny image in the lower corner this is obviously a screenshot from the mar Hamlin's Instagram where he writes back working back smiling so the reporters Zooms in his face. This is allegedly our first visual of Damar Hamlin from January 7th 5 days after
accident where he died and was resuscitated interesting Lee that his his relative said that he actually was just a twice once at the hospital once on a field but then a spokesperson for the family backtracked and said no that's not true he's only been resuscitated wants that was after the relative went on TV saying on CNN saying no he was resuscitated twice so there is conflicting stories and then the doctors press conference doctors do this big press conference which is I highlighted on my YouTube and a lot of my view was asked to hold on like isn't it against HIPAA that these doctors just want a day or two after tomorrow. And was resuscitated these doctors are giving every intricate detail of him isn't it against HIPAA for the two doctors during the press conference
selecting stories one said that he was resuscitated twice once in the field once in the hospital just like the Mars relative said on CNN and then later towards the end of the press conference the other doctor said no no he was only resuscitated once now when I played those two clips I had doctor's reach out to me who said what could beat you know I I guess resuscitation is a term that doesn't just mean restarting someone's heart it can me and other other things to bring someone and make someone do better so I don't know people have a lot of questions about the conflicting stories here let's look at the Mars Twitter because he's been really posting a lot now that he's doing better and you see this this this implies that you know this video at your post January 15th which is 13 days after his cardiac arrest you know it's like oh he's back in the field
clearly something from a file photo from before because he has not suited up since his near-death experience but he tweeted this song my heart is with my guys as they compete today supporting from home as I focus on my recovery nothing I want more than to be out there with them lfg Bill's Mafia millions of dollars donated to his charity when when it's accidents happened and now he's also selling T-shirts which he says these proceeds from these why I should go to the UC trauma center but he's also check this out you guys
he just posted this clone
I think he's responding to all the rumors
you can just show your face if people are people are responding saying after every what everyone's done for you you can just show your face I think it's pretty shameful that he won't show his face why do people think he's dead Damar a lot of chatter that it wasn't really you at the game never saw your face how about posting a picture of yourself now we want to make sure you're okay make a video of yourself responding to a tweet so they're begging for clarity from them are as to whether this is really handy instead he post another extremely obscure picture of himself allegedly himself where he's his his face is completely cloaked in Shadow
but she has been posting a lot of the coats he's selling as well so he's kind of rolling in the in the do with merch which look who wouldn't capitalize on going to viral and make some money off of it I mean he's medical bills are probably pretty big after this right I'm not going to hate on him selling merch but if he is actually not doing good and someone is selling merch on his behalf that is pretty dirty and I wouldn't put the put it past the NFL to figure out a way to make that Buffalo Bills game get more of you is right if he's at the game it's going to be a lot more
viral in in talked about so if they can't get them are out there in person would they stoop so low as to bring a look-alike out there we all hope not right but a lot of people are questioning whether the NFL Buffalo Bills did this for hyper ratings for TV viewers you know maybe for ticket sales I want me to say for the record of front this is extremely interesting stuff I still think I'll put it at about a 90% chance that the more Hamlin is still alive okay but 10% a lot especially if that's the case then this is a huge story when the was going on that's why I wanted to cover his now ask I'll ask Ivory Hecker more about it when I get her on the show again I forget it's Wednesday or Thursday but that should be should be on the show here very soon and I'll see if she's got any updates see what's going on there it's interesting enough because
we work anything since 2020 since early 2019 but but really it all started going crazy in 2020 if you want anyting is that no matter how crazy something might sound doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong okay and if if they're not if the Mark Hamill's not going to come out and say hey guys you know I'm here means not to be fake is not some body double wearing sunglasses and a mask and a hoodie I don't know all sorts of just crazy
I hope that he is still alive that would be great story if this is a cover-up of some kind of conspiracy then that's just another horrible story and look I hate will destroy you had too many of them too many of them after the break so stay tuned
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting the masses across the world those who have either been jab or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely as being the case more times you jabbed wears off you are in the more you're likely to shut on others even if you never been jabbed not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one both of them will help your immune system has been demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by dr. Zev zelenko so go to the Sea stack
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try the comments during the break I want to be very very very very clear the video earlier at the segment one with Greg Reese I get it and it's all sorts of transcendental anti-christian Buddhist stop I think it's kind of Buddhist kind of Hindu kind of crazy stuff the point where I was hopefully sometimes I take for granted that everybody understands that I'm a bible-believing Christian and sometimes I take for granted that everybody listening is firm and secure in their faith I know that's not necessarily always the case so I don't want anybody using we often look to the secular world to get understanding into me when I'm I'm watching a video I'm taking I'm like wow okay so that that makes sense as far as how how God created not just have not how he created but in this world that he has created how things interact and sometimes I forget you know you can't
there's certain I guess you could say forbidden knowledge
and what's with Greg Reese was talking about with vibrations and frequencies and how are he's basically just a very very sophisticated hologram all of his jibes with from a Biblical understanding if you are securing your faith if not this could take you down the wrong path so I guess in retrospect I probably should have played it okay at least not without better context without explaining before and after what the real takeaways were from that and again to me to take away is really had more to do with with seeing the the marriage is just an example of how I feel when it comes to that sort of stuff
or get anything when we were talking with eggs and chickens the other day I was talking to him how we're talking about the house you should we raise chickens in the Mexico team playing a video that I may be telling people to raise chickens that'll be next segment but but the question came down too well is it was it was a question I was being I'll try to explain how it's amazing that chickens are able to produce these eggs me a mini most chickens I think I think most babies not many I order produce like a good day so you know family of a Ford with a half a dozen to a dozen chickens they should have all the eggs they need everyday right makes sense that's got God's creation and then I'm going to have somebody explain one know the truth her husband during grooming in a crummy husbandry and that
reading them properly and only only use the right chickens I'm like guys that still don't don't say all just because man participated in something doesn't mean that this wasn't part of God's plan a matter fact I'm certain that it was today we have access As Americans as people across the world have access to these amazing animal they can essentially turn turn grass and worms and stuff into into eggs and that we can get them such a frequency that almost seems a natural or as I like to call the supernatural point being is that weather through through husbandry weather through they were created like that or they were involved like that or whatever you want to think about it still comes down to it it's amazing that as of today right now in 2024 and for 4 years decades centuries Millennia chickens have been a great source
ongoing protein without much effort I mean it's just it's not as hard to raise chickens as it is to raise cows or goats you need a lot more space and you get any in the long run if you get a lot more protein out of the chickens then get out of the cows rare or the ghost I granted you got milk she get from the type of protein that should blows my mind and as a bible-believing Christian you can throw whatever science you want at me I'm not going to be dissuaded from my perspective that God created chickens so that we can have eggs and a lot of them for being is that with Gregory I should have put more context to it in the unfortunate I don't have I'm not going to go do that now it's after the fact just if you didn't watch it if you watch it later there is a risk that you can get into a a really crazy place if you just take it at face value is he was describing it versus applying a Biblical worldview to
that's really what was required anyway you get the idea. He just dumped a bunch of people out of his government and I get the story I want to explain how crushing work first and foremost let's call The Way It Is Vladimir zelensky might be a fan I don't care okay blah Demers Alinsky and the Ukrainian government in general for years but Vladimir zelensky specifically today is one of if not the most corrupt politician in the world
and this wasn't just wasn't based on the rise of the his Fame as a result of the Russian invasion is crop long for that he's a puppet he was placed there
and he was supposed to or not just by by greedy people just placed there by powers and principalities the powers-that-be he's always been a favorite of the world economic Forum the council for a quizz capitalism United Nations they've all adored him since before he was elected and he doesn't for anybody who doesn't remember he did participate in the first impeachment of Donald Trump I've always said she could have very easily come out and I was saying is years ago long before we be getting everybody was Moses knows his name and knows his face I was talking about him saying why isn't he coming out and saying hey guys know I wasn't pressure why are you repeating Trump is a perfect phone call like you said yeah it kind of sucks because he was asking for this asking for that and but hey nothing it's just he's trying to get what he wants we're trying to get what we want to tell work now he didn't you say silent
you stayed silent that should tell you everything you need to know about the guy then you go back even before he was an officer talking about a government a nation national government that is one of if not the most corrupt in the world
why do you think everybody wants to operate their why do you think Russia's there why do you think the bidens have always been there the entire Biden fighting crime families been involved with Ukraine since Joe Biden was a senator
why do you think China has such an interest their wedding Black Rock has such an interest and again I won't be clear this interest is not new the Pines where Ukraine Russia and Ukraine in Ukraine the Chinese kind of party was in Ukraine everybody had their hands in Ukraine long before Russia invaded the reason for this the country is corrupt do not talk about other people okay let's be clear I'm not talking about the Ukrainian people by the government to be praying for since their Inception was between 99 and 2004 I forgot exactly when the corruption really started but even when they were part of the Soviet Union they were known as one of the most corrupt satellite countries of the Soviet Union okay this is just what Ukraine is again not working on the Ukrainian people talking about there for governor in the way they've they've been basically infiltrate
bike Russian by the oligarchs by the globalist since their Inception as a as an independent nation and then once the color Evolution put forth by Barack Obama in 2014 that only took it to a whole new level and then you got Joe Biden going in a gun you know if the prosecutor was going out to his son at the time amongst others brisma and everybody else so crushing is there always has been which is funny because today's new shows that as long as he's going after corruption but is he really or is this a cover-up I would so argue but this is much more of a cover-up then it is him trying to do what's right
over the Daily Caller is Alinsky purchased top Ukraine leaders and ruptured allegations by Makayla Borough several high-level Ukrainian officials resigned Tuesday amid corruption allegations including a deputy defense minister accused of over pricing something over paying on a contract for military food rations give said its largest leadership shakeup since Russia's Invasion exactly 11 months ago demonstrated President Vladimir zelensky desire to root out government corruption according to Reuters General a deputy head of the president's office and a deputy defense minister left their posts Tuesday after as long as he hinted at a personal shifts Monday and several Regional Governors also resign New York Times reported
I'm is a quote from a senior adviser to the two selenski McKayla had a light and I think that he too could be a girl but I think it's selenski Personnel decisions testify to the key priorities of the state now it's stopping and clarify what that means the key priority to the state is to keep the money the arms the 8th of All Sorts including from companies not just from the United States and other European nations is all this coming from everywhere from individuals from rich people from from non-government organizations they have all their all pouring money into their or whatever for whatever they can sometimes ours why are they doing that because Ukraine is the ultimate filter K Ukraine
Ukraine is a nation
is where a lot of people go if they want this money to go to that person without anybody knowing that they want this money laundered in a way that it can be distributed to say less than honorable people were organizations or even other nations Ukraine's a filter like a black hole of corruption
knowing this you could always look to the top and I'm not saying that it's impossible for president or any leaders of Ukraine to ever be honorable but chances are very strong then if they are turned on when they're not going to be installed in the office unless they can be controlled corrupted and do the bidding of the powers to be those who are pulling the strings in Ukraine as a nation
so standard operating procedure when the hounds are closing in when corruption is about to be exposed what do you do you get rid of your lackeys with you you create scapegoats and I would argue that these people that are selling resigning today that they are all scapegoats I'm not saying they didn't do anything wrong but I'm saying this is how how do you cover for the president to get people under him to fall on their swords or you force people to fall on their swords one way or the other here's another quote from the article another quote from podolec the presidencies in here society and he directly respond to a key public demand Justice for All I am laughing so hard inside right now that is just a Larry but I'll continue Deputy defense minister
b r a y y a vowel
I got to stop trying to pronounce names the deputy defense minister was among those booted Tuesday following a local news report alleging he was involved in a defense Ministry contract paying inflated Prices for Military catering services
I thought they were in the midst of a war beginning catering
the defense minister allegedly paid two to three times the retail rate for supplies like eggs now let's stop right there if you think two or three times the rate of eggs that must mean that they are painting gold because it's no way you can afford to pay two or three times the supply on eggs for that might be here in America who knows I like eggs and potatoes in a 360 million dollar contract on December 23rd Ukrainian newspaper to Sania reported on January 21st Wednesday local Outlet the new voice of Ukraine you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career in an important and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you. Thanks
start a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit our class. Edu to get started today that newspaper said if one way through the document they will see that catering services Services specifically separated from the cost of the UAH 30820000 of that is about 0.2% of the total contract value 92% thanks so yeah it sounds like okay so they they cater they brought in some some steaks instead of burgers our rations or whatever I get I am not defending them but it sounds kind of sounds kind of mild trust corruption goes unless there was other crap yeah how do you cover up a corruption you cover of the Big Crush by showing people little corruption then we got on that little corruption stuff yeah
shapovalov shapovalov and the defense Ministry denied the report that said his removal could help restore trust in the country's military which is waging a brutal war with Russia that is extracting a heavy toll on Ukrainian citizens civilians Reuters reported Ukrainian people and the country's International Partners have raised concerns about the government's history of graft and Corruption has gripped the New York Times although that has not prevented billion in military aid from flowing into Ukraine in there what more I don't know how to explain it but there's an article can find it over at the Liberties an article where even Tucker Carlson not even the Tucker Carlson's calling out the Republicans we're not pushing to continue to push a. Republicans control the house that's the good news the bad news is dude still sending Aid
to Ukraine early someone wants his ridiculous don't even get me started
hobby lobb's departure will ensure the military remain stable and ensure objectivity during additional clarification and possible investigation that's going to the new voice of Ukraine Ukraine accepted the resignation of President Office Deputy leader whatever Tuesday but did not specify the reason for his ouster I think I have an idea of what that could be but you know we're just speculating in this point from a traveling abroad for purposes other than official government business possibly referring to Deputy prosecutor General something or another 10-day holiday in Spain of the New Year's weekend when the Reuters ukrainians widely criticized the trip while fighting with Russia did not let up
and that's like we're upon our politicians Joe Biden goes on vacation every week we open our politicians were invading put at least one on the midst of our for invading 40 and slip we are politicians for vacationing because there's turmoil here in the United States but at least we're not at War Ukraine is a warn you got these guys going to Spain to Dance Kiss eating good food is Alaskan out I already left his post as they going to do his own wish allegedly hahaha hahaha I have to break the eggs should you buy and something I do I pre recorded so be ready for that should you raise chickens
I say yes
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should you buy chickens it's one of the most common questions that I received not far behind question such as are we in the biblical end times and is Anthony fauci ever going to go to jail should you buy chickens yes
that's it that's the whole show thank you guys God bless you you want me to to elaborate well I will but the short answer is absolutely positively yes you should raise chickens if you have the means if you have the the the rule the land and it's not too much but if you have a big enough backyard basically and if you have the physical ability to do so to to raise chickens and it's not a ton can you for them to put them and can you handle that end of course there's also the the other item of you know is it is it legal Kenya where where you are dude are you going to be breaking breaking some regulation from some city state or local local government body those are all questions that you need to answer for yourself now obviously if you're living in an apartment it could be challenging if you're living in like like where I am in Southern California where my backyard is Tiny and the grass isn't real
not practical for me someday I was just talking to my wife you're talkin about house someday I'm going to be able to to build my chicken coop and get me give me five ten chickens or however many I can get and I will have eggs always when I'm always willing will have eggs indefinitely for it for a long. Of time will say depending on how things go maybe you might be good to literally raised to not just have that have them on on hand to lay eggs but also tip to get into the process of raising chicks and getting them into the chickens and all that stuff roosters and the more challenging part of the very least in my humble opinion you should be if you have the means and all the all the prerequisites you should be raising chickens I've got three reasons why and let me go ahead and just show the screen here
see three reasons why the so I have this article over to certiport should you raise chickens and just like I did with the show that's it that's the whole article if you have the means to that if you have the space in the view of course have the the capability and of course last but not least if you are going to be breaking some stupid regulations saying that you're not allowed to raise chickens for some reason why you laughing that's the case I would strongly recommend moving and if you're living in a city like an apartment or anything like that I was still strongly recommend moving what do you want to raise chickens or not you don't want to have another like Atlanta like over the weekend or pick a city any City there's just this is where they're going to come after us when they do come after us so I put the other three reasons why and there's I'm sure those are more reasons out there and I'm sure there's a lot of a lot of reasons not to raise chickens I'm not a chicken expert okay but I did a little bit of research and I had some experience with chickens and
personal experience where I was doing the raising but I have known people are we have one relative on each side of the family that raises chickens and so we have a we have had our tastes are intended to speaking of taste that is the number one reason her and then these are in Reverse when I say it's the number one reason technically is the least important reason but hey we're going in reverse order so the least important reason is that they do taste better for a long time I didn't really buy into the notion that fresh eggs were any better than the store-bought eggs then I tried some my aunt raises chickens as does my wife sister both of us had separate opportunities trying to actually farm fresh eggs that that were laid within 24 hours of us eating them by chickens who race in backyards don't let anyone tell you there are no differences between grocery store eggs and ends in farm fresh eggs or backyard fresh eggs if you well it's not even really comparison then there are the health benefits which I'll I'll let you guys do your research on that but from what I've heard farm fresh eggs are just sent
more nutritious
true they are the it is cheaper than launching I didn't this wasn't the case just a couple years ago you know I did the math I was even talking to me and I'm like okay so so if eggs are cost me to call sweat like like $0.02 dime whatever you're not much of a couple of 20 senses that you know how could you possibly save money with all that chicken feed and all that stuff. I just didn't see it because that was their reason for that now I look like an idiot then they look like they were prescient because as the price of eggs continues to Skyrocket those who do have chickens are sitting pretty chickens are actually pretty cheap to buy building or buying a chicken coop can cost anywhere from a couple hundred blocks all the way up to thousands and I've seen on average around five or six hundred bucks place that I've I've inquired and that's where a small Kuba Kuba it's big enough for a few chickens must eat and other regular expenses are rising though they're not terribly expensive just yet
compare that to the price of eggs in sunland's clear how around one egg per chicken per day can add up in a long time to tremendous savings but of course the most important reason why today I've been recommending eggs by the way chickens for about a year and that was before the worst thing today it was because I anticipated essentially what we seen today and I'm not alone in that a lot of people have nothing special about me and I was right almost all the time so indefinite Supply let's let's call it how we see it the powers-that-be are in the process of eliminating and eventually outline natural forms of protein that aren't insects they want us eventually to eating lab-grown meat turkey burgers as our primary sources of protein and I eventually I hope everybody understands they were talking about months or years not decades
chickens probably raised and cared for can produce anywhere from three or four eggs per week to an egg per day each that's like a grams of protein not to mention other crucial nutrients produced per chicken per day when you combine that with a freeze dry protein bucket what you can get at Lake prepper. Comley scroll all the way down till you see that the protein but can you get chicken fries fried chicken you freeze dried beef and you can freeze dried egg powder I'll come by in the last for like 10 15 20 25 years if you if you do go there go and use promo code prep 2023 that are 10% off prep 2023 or if your bitch better than you spending more than $777 use a code prep 2030 new get 15% off so there's Insanity by a couple of buckets combine that with with your your eggs that you're going to be producing from your chickens in Oz
have a long-term Supply a real protein from real animals instead of relying on the government's mealworm lines and that is going to happen but my folks must be cleared up that big government through public-private Partnerships when the the crunch for food and in particular protein does happen and it's going to happen I'll put a 95% certainty of that it happened sometime the next three to four years possibly this year more likely next year but but I would say buy 2025 or 2026 it's almost certainly going to happen when it does we are literally going to be waiting and I we you and me but other people most Americans are literally going to be waiting in lines at least be called bread lines and he's going to be crooked lines mealworm lines lab-grown meat lines to get your your voucher have to show proof of that you got in your 37th booster shot but but you get your voucher you be able to go down and get all your fake
meet you there trying to force things from any way you can see idea and if you're thinking about buying raising chickens you're not alone going to the this article below this article about to reach you at least in part by Tyler Durden over to your head people are becoming more and more interested in the idea of raising chickens the article's title a crisis Sparks showing interest in backyard Farms ye K by chance know I'm going to read through this really quick because I want to get to the the kicker here, despite chains chain snarls turn to millions of Americans into quote Preppers overnight the run on toilet paper food guns and ammunition another set of eyes for survival which Millions to consider preparedness for crisis remember all those old school school Preppers the media are used to refer to them as extreme and even called them tinfoil hat conspiracy folks but during the shutdown supposed folks were right in the mainstream media
that shortage underway is eggs readers have seen our notes on supermarkets Nationwide running out of eggs the insurance is so severe the last week the US Customs and Border Protection reported that a smuggling do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career in an important and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit our class. Edu to get started today from Mexico has erupted why is that well a dozen grade A eggs in the US have topped $4.25 at supermarket in Mexico 830 count of eggs about $3.40 so you get almost 3 to get two and a half.
it is much for 4 Less so we're going to go down there is a price of top the national average gasoline per gallon price at the pump as a result for the egg prices internet as a result of the crisis internet search Trends on Google show Americans are Panic searching where to find egg laying hens for their backyard the search Trend where to buy chickens near me to a near multi-decade High
I buy chickens near me searches exploded across do you ask besides the covid spike how to raise chickens has spiked to levels not seen in a decade unless every year food insecurity is push mini markets to create little backyard Farms something their parents or grandparents did more than half a century ago living off the land was standard decades ago but as Metropolis has sprung up people were like more on a corporation in the government to provide food
sorry just trust in government corporations had transformed many of the proper following the pentam shut down when some supplies were impossible to find you don't want to be left empty-handed when the next Crisis arises has led to a new generation of Preppers in the normalization of being prepared and if there's one silver lining to all of this at all the craziness of the lockdowns theme the mandates are even to the tablet with the supply chains chickens getting cold by the tens of millions cows dropping dead fertilizers Skyrock in food costs and general skyrocketing a governess is oh it's like 6% Wednesday like 20 or 30% in reality we're seeing people finally starting to wake up a tablet and prepping I guess you could say back in 2011 in my dad when I got a couple of bug out bags and a couple of buckets of food right got a free stride on a freeze dryer AF dehydrator well now over the last year and a half or so I've dedicated so much more of my time
researching learning experiencing dying preparing storing way packing everything I can as I mentioned I don't have my own chicken coop in the backyard but we have talked about it if and when we do finally Lord willing move out of Southern California into a a nicer better safer cheaper place
cheaper stayed we joined the Exodus from this horrible socialist Marxist State of California then yes I'm going to make sure that wherever we go we're getting into a home where we can raise chicken is that important folks I mean it's coming it is coming they are already in the process it might not be as apocalyptic is I think it's going to be but they're already in the process of slowly but surely will await your ability to to purchase to have proteins this is why I've been so bullish about about two long-term storage food because for many of us that's the best choice it's not the best choice for those who have the means and look if you can if you can just go out live off the grid by a homestead don't move out to Idaho and live completely off the grid and have your own chickens may be your own goats maybe even got enough room for a four cows you know
your own garden or even bigger than the garden that little mini farmer homesteading to whatever degree you can't to wear if and when the crap hits the fan you're in good shape your way from cities cities that are going to be collapsing where they're going to but these will be the epicenter of Controlled Chaos martial law if and when these societal collapse that I anticipate does come here in the next few years
so not all of us have the means that's why I guess I that I mean I'm I prep I've I've got him. Not a full-blown prepper this point I don't know if I'm ever going to get to that stage when somebody wants to donate out of Ocala on $2,000 because if you really want to see if you really want to do it and you got a big family that's kind of what it takes so I just about getting food you need to get water for long-term water storage units have the ability to generate your own energy can I handle your own sewage to truly live off the grid means being able to survive no matter what governments horses upon you can have any attachments whatsoever
and we're not there but we do prepare as best we can especially with like I said long-term storage for food and Munitions precious metals physical precious metals trying to do everything we can and I just wanted because I was thinking I was starting to do a show or produced show prep for show in the near future that delve into basically all the stuff that you need to go through if you want to go from haenyeo today I've decided to become a pepper and I want to be fully prepared by axe I was going to go through that plan
I realized that was no way I could put that into a show I mean I'm talking I couldn't fit that into a two-hour show because everything is really truly required to get there it is it is very detailed number one it's not complicated and snot complex but it is detailed it it does require a lot of a lot of action quite a bit of a resource has money and in certain situations and trying to make it fit in everybody's situation I decided you know what that's a longer project then just trying to do you know show notes for a day this is something I'm going to have to spend some time doing and then they say something worth doing is worth doing right so that's what we're going to do in speaking of doing things right we are also in the process of purchasing cows are cows are are getting ready to be there they're going to go to slaughter next month when they do we will be selling beef roast beef out of
box but it's not just Frozen be going to fall were taking both sides of the the better coin eat real meat today with our frozen steak with ground beef roast whatever place to be able to eat it great tomorrow if and when the crap hits the fan. We're also going to be selling freeze dried beef chunks freeze dried field in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers for they can maintain maintain their their nutrients stay good for 4 years for decades
so be I believe will be the first-of-its-kind the combination of both frozen frozen food fresh movie fresh and frozen again work when I just going out and buying a bunch of smoke meat from Costco or whatever we're actually we bought cows were slaughtering cows and we're having them cut the way we want them put them into boxes and freezer they I was a shipping boxes where you can put in dry ice all that good stuff is that this is coming and it is first come first serve which is somebody told me that's woefully to we have access to tens of thousands of cows in the long term we should we were trying it out and see what the demand is pretend cows and then we might go to 2030 we'll see if you're actually to be first-come-first-serve get out there right as soon as we launch then go to JD record cam beef Jenny beef and just let me know let me know so I know and it's my sign up
just give me your email address that I can send you hay ready to go here and check it out and in order your be freeze-dried Frozen we're both so that's good that's good stuff I could break we will be here talking about
I don't know but we'll see.
So let's be honest the vast majority of long-term storage in survival food prepping food it's just off I mean it just taste taste really really bad and that's why they expect us to to eat during the the apocalypse well if the crap hits the fan I'm going to actually be eating good food I go to Lake prepper., blessed that I built based on the two companies that produce really good food no need to set up a book discount this matter with you by 1 or 10 there's no no hidden fees here as a matter of fact we charge the same price of these The Source companies charge the difference is we actually have exclusive discounts use promo code rap 2023 for 10% off or for The Big Spenders use code prep 2034 15% off on orders of $777 or more go to Lake pepper.
how many 12 for the Apocalypse
all the stuff that's happening with my pants with Ukraine it all comes down to deep state right and I know that's the easy cop out that's the thing that anybody is in the conspiracy theory World it say deep State Global is deep stay but here's the thing you know I vividly recall the conversation that I had gosh I guess I was about I'd like to say 2019 if my 2019 but he's retired now but works work for pessimism and Border Protection and he worked it for 4 years and he was trying to explain the Deep state to and he just wouldn't buy until he wouldn't believe it he didn't believe it could even exist you thought that I was crazy he just said but there's no way there's a this cabal of people within our government Shadow government so to speak that's that's me
it up of of intelligent Former Intelligence Officers and current Intelligence Officers former generals former colonel in the military people that were part of the or are part of the military-industrial complex as well as bureaucrats government officials in general even elected officials how could they all be working together nobody else knows about I said it's because other people do know about the problem is they've been do they have so much control over media because they have so much control over big back cuz I have so much control over pretty much every aspect of an American life that they they can get away with stuff for years decades or even indefinitely and we are not going to know about it and he just wouldn't buy into it was funny because I had to send them an article he was always a a big Allen West Van as matter fact he called for Allen West to run for president he wanted a little less it wasn't it wasn't a never Trumper you like a lot of things Trump did but he would have preferred somebody else and now unless was the guy that he
I have cinnamon article on day today here's Allen West talk about the Deep State tell me what you think about this and he's like now you know I'll look into any finally we stop talking we actually had a little bit of a falling-out about a year later I was reading one of the articles in the post on some of the website and he was talking about the Deep State and you know it is what it is people come around sometime they do Tucker Carlson has recently been talking a lot about the Deep State and there was a it's been a few days now that he ran the segment but it wasn't very important segment talking about the documents documents gate with Joe Biden now cuz she got Mike Pence involved with his own document problems and according to the cross and he drew parallels between what's happening did you apply then what did happen before the Richard Nixon I thought that this particular segment it didn't get nearly as much attention as I thought it should but it's was so interesting I did want to
play it for you guys because it just in case you missed it because it really is compelling are they are is the Deep State trying to get rid of Joe Biden
live arguing in both directions there was a time before the election I said you know what soon as he likes his over there going to get rid of field by then I relayed a baseball at a couple source's information that said you know what they're going to keep your B and after much debate they decide to hey Joe's not not so bad after all especially if he can just get us through the 2024 is being the powers and principalities the the global Sleek ball if you can just get get us through to 2024 maybe maybe they'll be a good thing and I think a lot of it has to do with with Justin one Kamala Harris in there they couldn't trust her so Point beans and now it seems as if I'm back to in a lot of people are back to hate they're trying to get rid of of Joe Biden Tucker makes a great case here for how this might all tied together those play that
just don't understand if you really want to understand how the American government actually works at the highest levels and if you want to know why they don't teach history anymore one thing you should know it's the most popular president in American history was Richard Nixon Richard Nixon yet somehow without a single vote being cast by a single American voter Richard Nixon was kicked out of office and replaced by the elected president in American history to a president nobody voted for
wait a minute you may ask why didn't I know that wasn't Richard Nixon a criminal was he despised by all decent people complain to be the People's Choice it was Richard Nixon Richard Nixon was re-elected in 1972 by the largest margin of the popular vote ever recorded before or since Nixon got 17 million more votes in his opponent less than two years later he was gone he was forced to resign and in his place and obedient servant of the federal agencies called Gerald Ford took over the White House how did that happen
what's a long story but here are the highlights and they tell you a lot Richard Nixon believed that elements in the federal bureaucracy were working to undermine the American system of government and had been doing that for a long time he often said that he was absolutely right on June 23rd 1972 Nixon met with a been CIA director Richard Helms at the White House during the conversation was thankful he was tape recorded Nixon suggested he knew quote who shot John meaning President John F Kennedy Nixon further implied that the CIA was directly involved in Kennedy's assassination which we now know it was I was just telling response total silence
but it didn't matter because it was already over four days before on June 19th The Washington Post published the first of many stories about a break-in at the Watergate office building unbeknownst to Nixon and unreported by the Washington Post four of the five burglars work for the CIA the first of many dishonest Watergate story was written by a twenty-nine-year-old Metro reporter called Bob Woodward who's actually was Bob Woodward we wasn't a journalist Bob Woodward had no background whatsoever in the news business instead Bob Woodward came directly from the classified areas of the federal government shortly before Watergate when were was a naval officer at the Pentagon hit a top secret clearance you worked regularly with the Intel agencies
what times would work with you in detail to the Nixon White House where he interacted with Richard Nixon's top aides soon after leaving the Navy for reasons that have never been clear Woodward was hired by the most powerful news that wedding Washington and assign the biggest story in the country and just to make it Crystal Clear what was actually happening Woodward's main source was Watergate series was the deputy director of the FBI Mark felt and Mark Beltran we're not making this up the FBI's cointelpro program which was designed to secretly discredit political actors the federal agency's wanted to destroy people like Richard Nixon and at the same time the same agencies were also working to take down Nixon elected vice president Spiro Agnew in the fall of 1973 actor was indicted for tax evasion and forced to resign his replacement was a colorless congressman from Grand Rapids called Gerald Ford
what was Ford's qualifications for the job well he has served on the Warren Commission which involve the CIA of responsibility for President Kennedy's murder
Nixon was strong-armed into accepting Gerald Ford by democrats in Congress quote we gave Nixon no choice but Ford Speaker of the House Carl Albert later boasted eight months later Gerald Ford of the Warren Commission was the president of the United States see how that works so those are the facts not speculation all of that actually happened but no mainstream news organization has ever told that story it's so obvious yet it's intentionally ignored and as a result from their Washington remains in charge of our political system in the federal agencies make the biggest decisions in American government and Crush anyone who tries to rein them in and in the process our democracy becomes a joke
now you may have noticed that the very first person in the Trump Administration the agency's went after was General Michael Flynn Flynn because Mike Flynn was a career army officer who ran the defense intelligence agency another words Mike Flynn knew exactly how the system worked and as a result he was capable of fighting back
4 days after Donald Trump's inauguration the FBI Lorde my twin into a meeting without his lawyer can talk to the series of fake crimes and forced him to resign
so that's how things actually work in Washington let's stop lying about it in so there is we have to say a certain perverse Justice in watching something very similar happened to Joe Biden himself six years later Joe Biden does not deserve our sympathy he's being shafted but don't weep for him and get the rest of you deserve a better system an actual democracy when people nobody voted for run everything you are not living
assure you that was not intentional I did I don't know how I cut off right there where he says if you are not living I'm sure the ends with you are not living in a democracy but
I cut off if you are not living another was World dead and that might not have been a the right place to to stop that you know
it does speak go to the the idea there was so much of the seems out of control I always I always have to remind myself again make sure the people understand it don't lose hope you don't lose Faith just because things do seem so bad it seems as if we're outgunned and I mean it's not even close seems like we're taking a rowboat up against an aircraft carrier sometimes we look at the the powers and principalities all they've gotten another time like I was saying before with the my pain situation it seems like maybe the unit party swamp is crumbling maybe the powers and principalities are backing down I did see a lot of stories that's probably maybe you can talk about some of those on the next episode lot of stories where you know but basically we've reached Peak globalism and maybe that the world we can talk Forum in and all their their minions and cronies maybe they don't have any overplayed their hand maybe they haven't they don't have as much control over everything that's happening is
do you like me give him credit for and why credit I'm not giving good credit and since ugly credit but it is you know I think they do have a lot of say in what goes on in the world
I always said like this and for those who are new to the show me a maybe pay pay close attention we may or may not in a I'm a bible-believing Christian so this comes from that perspective we may be in the end times we may not be in the end times it sure seems like we are then again there's been people in the past was thought for sure they were living in the biblical end-times I would say at this point I'll put it about 70% chance 70/30 70% chance we're living in the end times 30% chance that and when I say living in the end times what I mean is that the the end the D the events that are detailed in the Book of Revelation and other books at those events are going to start on folding or are in the process of inputting as we speak I put about 70% chance there are certain signs we have to see before we know for sure and we haven't seen all of them yet or even mostly at the same time and it really depends upon your interpretation of what those signs
that's why I always tell people it doesn't matter as far as we're concerned our mission doesn't change if we're in the end times we spread the truth we try to wake as many people as we can we live our lives we stayed we try to be protected
recite for things that are good we fight for a nation we fight for our families were fucked by their community's most importantly we fight for men that fights the wrong word we we obey Our God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we read their Bibles we pray we spread the gospel we do all the things were supposed to do if we're in the end times and it for Navien times then we spread the gospel we pray we could do the exact same things we prepare we try to fight through this we spread the truth we fight the good fight our mission going forward doesn't matter it doesn't matter whether we're in the end times are not as far as our mission is concerned we still pursue the truth we still pursue righteousness we are people we are humans therefore we can never be truly righteous
literally we should never strive for it we cannot live a proper biblical life but that doesn't mean we need to abandon all of it
we do the best we can in all things
whether we're in the end times you're not if we are in the end times then hallelujah we're going home soon and we still were going to go through some suffering may be a whole lot of suffering maybe it'll seem really really bad but know in your heart and it's
it is great for us forever
and if we're not being X Hallelujah we can fight this we can win we can defeat the globalist we can feed the need to feed the New York Marxist we can eventually defeat the Deep State military industrial complex all the bad guys the world economic Forum the counts for inclusive capitalism the Democrat Party many of the Republican party they are so few in Washington DC that we can actually trust let alone believe in
womensafe you I mean really just hate it seems to be fewer and fewer every time we want some yeah we got we got this person in that person in office yay well we need a lot more than that
how many do we need more it's always going to be more until we have a hundred percent control with America verse Patriots in control of government until we have our freedom specialty of freedom to practice our religion freely do we have all those freedoms completely intact we it'll never be enough so the point in will we ever get there no we won't when we get to the point where we even have a majority control and I'm not talking about Republican majority control and talking about America First Patriots controlling the destiny of the United States of America was from a from an Earthly perspective obviously our destiny is being controlled by by God on high but as far as if we might have will never have in my humble opinion at least not in my lifetime I don't expect we will be able to achieve complete control over the happenings and government
what people that are truly fighting on our side and I think that's going to happen but we still strive for it
do I think we can overcome the Wilkins yes everything is going to be easy absolutely not do I think there's a chance they could win absolutely but we still fight
don't let me get you down that's what I'm trying to get at a lot about a lot of Doom and Gloom stuff
but I can do that because again I'm I'm very top and I'm very firm in my belief system I'm very firm in the realities the truths of the Bible so I have I would say an above-average tolerance for the bad news because I also like I said I know how the story ends and know what the Bible tells me so nothing makes me fearful nothing makes me truly truly I don't get depressed
no matter how bad things are I don't get depressed because you can't I know this is all temporal you have a much greater things ahead so the point is no matter how bad I get no matter how Doom and Gloom the stories are it's too hopefully to wake you up to wake as many people as possible and Truth
that's really what we're fighting for and everything we do Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong as they say you God bless

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