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JD Rucker Show, December 12, 2023

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Will 2023 Be a Year of Revulsion, Revolution, or Revival?

Title: Will 2023 Be a Year of Revulsion, Revolution, or Revival?


America is at the crossroads of history in 2023. Never has our nation faced so many simultaneous existential threats. Nearly every country on the planet is plagued with similar situations in which cascading crises are tearing the fabric of our existence. Yet far too many, especially in America, have refused to see, recognize, or acknowledge these massive challenges, choosing instead to shelter in place rather than work to address these issues. We're waiting for someone to solve our problems, and unfortunately that means most are hoping government will step in and do something about it all.As a nation we were built on the concepts of freedom and self-reliance. The Constitution was designed to limit government and allow the people to flourish as a result. But for two-and-a-half centuries those freedoms have been steadily eroding. Government has grown. Self-reliance has diminished. Today's younger generations are made up of people who no longer want government to stay out of their way. They want solutions to problems that were largely created by the people who are supposed to offer the solutions. We're stuck in a feedback loop that has created a self-perpetuating Hegelian Dialectic.2023 is certain to bring conflicts both internal and external. We must make a personal choice about whether we're going to let the world deteriorate around us or if we're going to fight for it. We must also choose whether to fight the good fight for our nation or if we should abandon that dream and focus on ourselves, our families, and our communities. Will 2023 be a year of revulsion, revolution, or revival? Thankfully, these things are not mutually exclusive.On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I explained why revulsion will continue and get worse in 2023. I also explained why we are desperately in need of a revolution of truth, one that gets patriots back out their to protest, file lawsuits, and prepare for real battle should the powers-that-be really dig into our freedoms. Then, I described why it's necessary to have a different kind of Christian revival than we've seen in the past. We don't need to focus on getting higher numbers in churches on Sunday. We need to engage in hand-to-hand spiritual combat, changing hearts and minds one at a time if necessary.

Recording: January 02, 2022

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show on your host J D wrecker and we are in the New Year's 2023 officially that's a great thing because 2022 was absolutely abysmal for the United States of America on multiple fronts just when we thought the 2020 was bad and then twin twin one was was worse 2022 was was even worse are we going to continue this trend I think in many ways we are and it's time that we have to have to make a decision at this point right now today preferably or at least you're very soon we all have to make certain decisions in our lives what are we going to do are we going to fight or are we not are we going to to let our country continue to a road let the powers-that-be have their way with well everything or are we going to stand up and be counted stand up and fight for for this nation
and there's anything at any other time in history I would have said the answer was obvious but at this stage I'm not so sure that we can just say oh for sure we've got it we got to fight for a country now. Don't don't turn turn it off now if you hear me all the way through before you just assume that I'm giving up on the United States of America I am not the question is whether or not we should fight from a national perspective or if we should strengthen ourselves prepare for for battle after the fact in other words what if we can't stop the steak rotations deterioration of our freedoms what if we can't prevent the powers-that-be from fulfilling their dreams of the great reset the fourth Industrial Revolution a little World Order build back better the green New Deal or any of the various names and labels and categories they put for their evil machinations what is our best course of action is to retreat
I'm not making that the statement up front I'm just saying that that don't assume that just because I am an American first Patriot then that means that I'm going to go with the very obvious course of action the same we got to fight fight bite bite bite I do know we've got a fight that's I don't want to make it sound as if I'm suggesting we roll over and let it happen the question is how do we buy strategically how do we make sure that we don't we don't use up all of our ammunition now and get obliterated there's a lot more strategizing needs to take place instead of just saying all right everybody me a me to the capital imagine just imagine if we have been smart if we've been organized or January 6th 2021 we had made certain that all the measures were in place so that there would not be a cortical Insurrection so that we could overcome the Deep state in their FBI plants their Shields there there
games we could see through various antifa and other domestic terrorist organizations that an infiltrated the organization's the groups that were forming on January 6th in Washington DC imagine if we had planned it out better
maybe it wouldn't have been as as as loud or more meaningful then again maybe we could have prevented people from entering the capitol maybe we could have stopped Ashley Babbitt from being murdered it would could have stopped all of the second impeachment this whole the repercussions of January 6th that go they go beyond just the poor souls that are riding in Gulag as political prisoners as we speak it has had a chilling effect on American Patriots to the point that the vast majority of us are just not willing to risk joining the next January 6th event the next possible false flag fake instigation of me wants to be on an FBI list and fortunately many of us already are so you guys have that showing affected also has given the left and corporate media
but I repeat myself is given them all the thought of a need to try to attack us as Maga Republicans whenever everything else fails you know you used to be they just called as bigots and that would would work for some strange reason so many people to shut them up but we certainly wife's that now all they call us Mega Republicans they say they call us call us Altra Republicans are Ultra Mag out or whatever it is you know America First instigators insurrectionists J Sixers they've got all these labels for us and they throw out whenever they can't just address us on an ideological or philosophical level when they can't win their debates they just call us big as they call us whatever
unfortunately that too has had a chilling effect on the discourse that we should be very clearly and easily winning because we're right from is that we might be right or being label was wrong so just a point of trying to make is this is dead before we just go rush in and say alright everybody grab your flags grab your shotguns grab your AR-15 and let's go do this or let's go to that or maybe don't even bring your weapons just bring your bull horns and don't worry we're not going to get arrested or if we are we're not going to get thrown in the DC Gulag for months or years
at a time without access to basic needs without access to our families our attorneys or Justice
he wants that America in 2023
so that's where we stand
got a little monologue over at the server that hopefully will lay out what I'm wanting to talk about today on today's episode of the J D wrecker show America is at the crossroads of history in 2023 never as our nation faced so many simultaneous existential threats nearly every country on the planet is plagued with similar situations in which cascading crises are tearing the fabric of our existence in far too many especially in America I refuse to see recognize org knowledge these massive challenges choosing instead to shelter-in-place rather than work to address these issues we're waiting for someone to solve our problems and unfortunately that means most of us are hoping the government will step in and do something about it all
as a nation we were built on the concept of freedom in self-reliance the Constitution was designed to limit government and allow the people of flourish as a result of a two and a half centuries those screens have been steadily eroding government has grown self-reliance has diminished today's younger Generations are made up of people who no longer want government to stay out of their way they want solutions to problems that were largely created by the people who are supposed to offer the solutions
we're stuck in a feedback loop that has created a self-perpetuating to galean dialectic
2023 certain to bring conflicts both internal and external we must make it personal choice about whether we're going to let the world deteriorate around us or if we're going to fight for it we must also choose whether to fight the good fight for our nation or if we should have been that dream and focus on ourselves our families and our communities will 2023 be a year of Revolt Revolution Revival
thankfully these things are not mutually exclusive of the funny part is I actually almost didn't include that last line because that's the punch point so if you get if you're watching early you can't hear you can you can turn the the show off altogether you have to listen all the way through because that's how we end the show today the show we're going to conclude that this is we we we are going to have a year that is his full of revulsion there are bad things happening that things will continue to happen we will hopefully I also have a year of Revolution and I'm not just talking about like and a t f o r b l m style Revolution will work bring down buildings talking about a philosophical Revolution talking about a revolution of Truth where we are able to bring the American people as many of them as possible
bring them together to an understanding of exactly what is the were facing and how to fight it and how to fight it in a way that's hopefully doesn't end up with a whole lot of his dad I want that not looking for a civil war or bleeding people keep saying it's civil war in Syria civil war this would be a revolutionary war if we are being honest it does come to that this isn't a matter of us fighting in a North vs South this what happened to Revolution in which we are trying to remove the illegal anti-constitutional anti-American government that is currently at the head of the United States of America and I'm not just talking about Democrats folks there are plenty plenty plenty of Republicans who are involved
at least we do have to have a Revival now the Revival that we're talking about that we will be talked about today that's traditional revived with had revivals in this nation little mini revivals in the 70s again in the 80s and the 90s who had some that have crept up especially after 9:11 but they have been mostly not successful reason being is that they were always focused on the numbers they were always folks in the bulk
we can't have that it won't work proven over and over again to not work Focus needs to be on finding the remnant finding those that we know and love them. About packing a megachurch with tens of thousands of people about packing 10 people in your living room
I'm getting somebody to lead the maybe it's you maybe it's a a pastor maybe it's a somebody who doesn't even realize that they could or should be a pastor and I'm not suggesting that it must be small I was got to be in your living room there's nothing wrong with small churches or even large churches as long as Revival is centered around the word of God and not around some some false woke doctrines of of modern America when is the look from their very few times where I'll ever say we need to to look to Offshore it and see what what other people are doing good but when it comes to Christian do we do when it comes to our faith but you can't push your face here in the United States we are milked us we are lukewarm
we are busy thinking that all you know the best thing we can do is to to say Merry Christmas and that that qualifies us as Christians you're not as of today fighting for our lives the way that other people other Christians across the world are that day will come in the process of coming it's on its way here in the United States and we need to be prepared that's not going to happen through a fake Revival of all look we were able to get a prickly 12:00 member Mark for our church and it's wonderful and then there you know they're tides are up and it's great we're going to be adding a new Auditorium and all it's so what no no that's not the type of Revival we need we need to True spiritual biblically-based Revival in the United States I think we can get it just wondering if we can stay if it was one major Silver Lining to all the adversity they were facing today in American across the globe is the one
desperate when I get truly concerned there is a greater opportunity for many that not all of them but for many of them to turn to their battle to turn to God to seek Supernatural help or at least have an understanding
what we face in this world today as they say in Ephesians aren't they all sit in the fusion 612 we are facing power some Prince. Is these are Beyond us as June said even the Archangel Michael that's calling God when facing Satan can do it alone what do we think we can do against these massive demonic powers that are arrayed against us we need God's help we need God's direct intervention
will we get it I don't know but I do now we must pray for that when was try we must play our part we must fight the good fight and continue to spread the truth which is why I do this show those of you who want to help we do we are going to be launching discern that TV this year was hoping to launch it last year and I got excited after the the failed red tsunami and I thought maybe we could march to Nova Launcher in November or December that didn't happen we were able to launch I just turned which is the news aggregator the will be attached to the discern media Network so you can check that out today at the we are also going to be launching discern. TV very very soon if you want to go looking for a fun way to win a 25 times your money this basketball season test your skills on prizepicks the most exciting way to play daily fantasy sports selection or more players pick more or less
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go to give send go. Cam JT Rucker that's Gibson slash J D wrecker and you will be able to help us get everything launched enough time that we do have time to get lease to the first story for the first break and let's just start with revulsion and let's start with arguably the most molting story that I've seen come across in this this this New Year story comes from Michael Snyder over at end of the American dream title they want to turn us into beautiful rich dark chocolate you looking so oil when we die for the the good of the environment this is It's a gross story but hey in it's actually pretty important from the article says did you know that there are six states where it is now legal to turn your dead body in the compost so when your family is ready to plant a garden the following spring they can actually use your remains to get it off to a great start I realize realize this sounds incredibly twist
apparently turn your dead loved ones in the dirt is becoming extremely popular and is being touted as a great way to help the environment in fact you can reportedly reduce the size of your fart carbon footprint by 1 metric ton by choosing human composting instead of other traditional burial methods sadly many people that will read this article actually think of this sounds like a great idea that is because they simply don't understand the value of human life now is actually multifaceted mean there are there are there killing like 8 birds with one stone on this one yes of course they're they're promoting climate change hysteria pushing the the climate change hoax right that's that's obvious and they're also promoting the idea that hey you know you can you can participate getting ready in your own carbon footprint by reducing yet in this is of course getting ready for the the climate change whatever the carbon social credit
or whatever it is they're going to be rolling out here very soon that address is your personal carbon footprint and whether or not you are entitled to this out of the other than normal I think the concept but is Michael Schneider alluded to this is actually far worse than that this is about demonstrating the near altimate sacrifice obviously the ultimate sacrifice is giving your life and there are those who will be asked and I are already being asked to give their life for the cult the religion of climate change but the AAA near near bigger not bigger but in the high degree of sacrifices to sacrifice your body your your your body might just be a vessel in its you know could we can debate that all day whether or not your body and how it's buried all the stuff is important but there are those who do believe it is important and so by pushing this idea of pushing this concept of turning your body in the compost weather ask you to do
is to accept that climate change is so very important that you would be willing to desecrate your own remains or your family might be willing to just creature remains on your behalf against the sacrifices on the altar
of this this new world religion climate change
it is disgusting but it's also I do admit it pretty damned ingenious if you look at it from a strategic level we have to think strategically they are there already think every every move they make a strategic we need to start thinking along those lines at the break will get some more revolting stuff Revolution and hopefully survivals as they do
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting the masses across the world those who have either been Jack or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely in this being the case more times would you have to wear socks you are in the more you're likely to shut another's even if you never been Jabs not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one both of them will help your immune system has been demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doc dr. Zev zelenko so go to the Sea stack Freedom FZ stack Freda McKenzie detoxes you stack like protocol today
I think I'm done at least at least two shows are mentioned in at least two shows that this perception that a lot of people have that even when the truth ever really does come out in wholesale regarding the covid-19 vaccine if it's revealed just how dangerous they are and there's a reversal in government and the reversal even corporate media they're just perception I think amongst several ads out of that many acts of anti-vaxxers that's we're going to be heralded that's going to look okay hey you guys are right we were wrong you know how did you guys know our friends in our family that may be panned us for the last two-and-a-half years maybe they'll come around say Hey you know good job buddy how did you know maybe you were right about everything else to tell me more about the stolen 2020 and 2022 elections going to play out like that against human nature if anything people will lash out at those who were right if they were wrong that's just the childish nature that we as humans seem to have but the truth is going to come out
we do know that we we can expect that I should say I don't know if it's ever going to truly come out that I don't know the plans the machinations of the global suleka ball or how far they're willing to go to try to make their plans happened we do know this that as of today at the beginning of 2023 a lot of Truth a lot more troops coming out now than it was before social media sites such as Twitter or allowing more discussion are you allowing people like the computer McCullough and other other truth-telling doctors to to come back in to continue to spread the truth are not sniffling me whenever I post stuff about it on Twitter and of course still trying to get around being able to post on true social which for whatever reason won't let me but that's all of the discussion we still get it out and get her and gorse gab. Let me post whatever I want parlor to some extent yeah that's the truth is getting out there
more at least than it was before
what does it mean how are people going to react and more importantly how are the globalist Elite cab all the people who were behind the whole scam demick plandemic whatever you want to call it people have been pushing and the mechanic theater for so long are they going to just do You Know The Jig Is up let's let's head for the hills you know before we get arrested now they are going to to continue to fight and they're going to fight in various ways there was a study that came out of those were his study document dump really files that showed that essentially that everybody knew the CDC big Pharma they all knew the bad things were happening so they were going to happen they knew this long ago and we're finally starting to get that information on becoming a little bit of that but first I want to talk about there's three of the story at 3 a.m.
three ways that the global sleca bother going to react or they're in the process of reacting to the truth coming out completely understand something they don't have to protect their narrative permanently as matter fact I don't think they expect to be able to I think they know that eventually the truth is going to come out they just can't hide it forever because as more people die more people are going to start asking questions in this more people start asking questions more journalists who aren't completely controlled are going to start asking questions and maybe even some politicians who are completely controlling and start asking questions and maybe even some some employees who are in the know and big Pharma or wherever they're going to start asking questions so they know the powers-that-be they realize they can't keep this going indefinitely but they don't care because they don't have to do this isn't one of those things where they have to protect with the lion definitely because they know that as long as I can get as many people jab is made
how is it possible that they did their winning
they know that even after the truth comes out it's only people be like oh wow okay well this sucks let me go ahead and get unjammed that's how it works people don't get on Jay.
Everything I would say they probably have plans to have jobs that come out to to counteract the negative effects of the original Jazz and people be like okay well sign me up for that one might as well you know got nothing to lose already had seven booster shots and and now I can't feel my nose butt butt hey let's go to the same people to give us a treatment for what they harness was in the first place it sounds like I'm sure to too many of you in my audience because my audience is the most intelligent audience in the world but believe it or not there are many many many many people in the world who will think like that because they'll be mad about you guys I can't believe you did this to us you evil evil men you better fix this you better come up with a new job that that makes it better
give me all the boosters I need to keep that one going I know evidence that's going to take place I just actually have a ride up on me and partially Rider by Max Lavo over at shtf plan. Calm the title it has backs week and Immunity explode expect three things from government to cover it up at the two years of completely controlling the covid quote-unquote vaccine narrative in gas line in the people into thinking they were safe and effective and Avalanche has been coming out lately that is prompting more people to ask questions While most normies are still in the dark because they're getting a news from corporate media a small but growing number of them are waking up to the fact that they've been taught
well they're still a large or huge leap to be made between getting people to ask questions and making them believe that this is a worldwide depopulation in control agenda the interim goal of getting them to stop getting Jetmore jazz is a worthy accomplishment this is why we post articles and do videos on a constant basis to give people the ammunition they need to stir more of the masses to Enlightenment we need to hand out as many quart of vaccine red pills as we can and so I have to say just briefly it one of the one when I get off in this why should we care if they made a choice there free people that they did what they did you know let them suffer let them let them suffer the consequences of their decisions we warn them they didn't listen you know what do we care about them now and the reason we care brother now is because as I said at least a dozen times we need allies
we needed to be we need to be able to fight against this Global Elite cab all these various public-private Partnerships that are forming between our government as well as other governments and the large corporations as well as non-government organizations that are going to be handed more and more power over our lives these unelected officials collection seem to matter anymore in America but these unelected officials are going to be dictating a lot of what's happening to us we need to be able to push back this is why I even if you know we we you feel like you've done your part 2 to alert them and now now they're suffering they got Jad to keep getting Jabba didn't listen to you so screw them we can't have that attitude when this slow them down you need to keep them from getting jabbed number five or six or seven or eight it seems as if the jobs are cumulative in their effect
we need these allies and even if we're not able to fight this if the if the quote-unquote revolution fails
we're stuck in the Allies to help rebuild after everything collapses
plus it's just it's just a good Janelle Christian mentality to want to help your neighbors even if they have spotted you even if they have ridiculed you laugh at you maybe and insulted you maybe they didn't invite you last Thanksgiving because you refuse to wear masks are you refuse to to show your vax card
this is not the time to hold grudges is not the time to say I'll let you know what they they had their chance you let them die like you like Captain Kirk said in that in losses Star Trek 6 I think it was the Undiscovered Country Star Trek 6 you know who comes in and says you know we got to help the Klingons and he says basically says no and he says but Jim the dying process let them die out to get accused of selling like Captain Kirk when is it would you need allies so let's get back to the article itself unfortunately the powers-that-be are where they're losing bits of control over there and so we fully expect in the fight back to the mail and 2023 I will continue to use propaganda and censorship to corporate media in big Tech but they realize even in those controlled venues they have challenges therefore they are in the process of engaging in three variations
of their current strategy to keep the con going as long as possible
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the first step is already happening again there's three of these the first step is already happened rather than deny that people's immune systems are weakening and many are dying suddenly with no viable explanation their knowledge in the desk but offering alternative recent example American Heart Association released a study last August that claimed increased cases of myocarditis in children is due to covid-19 itself not the vaccines to extremely dishonest report from the HOA for multiple reasons not the least of which is that if somebody is jab and had covid those margaritas cases are county is caused by covid not caused by the Jazz then there's the fact that they do not count myocarditis cases that were discovered more than 28 days after killing Jad that seems to be an important Mission so somebody gets jammed and gets myocarditis but did not get diagnosed until a month or more later they aren't attributed to the Jazz those Market I just cases
counting these studies these cornhole studies I don't count as being caused by the job if they aren't diagnosed
within the first 28 days of the the most recent Jab
and as we know a lot of times these adverse reactions are not manifesting for 4 weeks even months and we don't know yet because there hasn't been enough time but they may be manifesting over a. Of years
people will just feel like I'm being damaged by the constant Spike proteins in their body
why the constant need a little particles in their body that they can't get rid of after they've been jabbed
I would contend I'm not saying this as a doctor or scientist I just based on other people other doctors an actual scientist who told me that despite proteins in the Jazz are more damaging than Spike proteins that are that are part of covid-19 South so again this study I'm I'm calling direct BS on it
that's just one of many examples of how they're trying to muddy the factual Waters to make a jazz seem not as bad as they really are the second step is rolling out now I'm like the pre jab days when everything was attributed to govind you guys remember the flu or magically disappearing in the in 20 20 20 20 20 21 CR flu season
well there now throwing out all sorts of diseases to keep people off-balance whole there's suddenly I need plenty of diseases out there tons of pestilence it's rampant everywhere one might argue that this would hurt their car was because it's a clear indicator that the immune system's of tens of millions of Americans have been weakened but powers-that-be are counting on the people not putting two and two together this will be aided by corporate media who will continue to intentionally ignore them root causes and keep everyone focused on the spikes in cases of RS be strep throat measles flu and new variants of covid-19 what is the part where I get to I'm going to go ahead and say up front I already know the comments that I'll receive for the step 3 of their do you plan to subvert the truth
when I reveal it people will jump to the conclusion that I'm attacking Donald Trump and that's not the case that I'm not the one who made up these plans just reporting them just telling you what they're going to do don't get mad at me just because they say they're going to do it
the last step back yard the last step when all other measures start to break down in the people start demanding answers to why the vaccines seem to be killing people that last step is to blame Donald Trump and operation warp speed the groundwork for this phase of the plan has already been laid with news reports circulating for weeks that any shortcomings of the vaccines were due to being rushed to get them out before the 2020 election those a big farm at Pfizer return Alyssa hey we wanted to do more tests with Donald Trump gets in and no you got to get it done before like not like November 6th and November 8th preferably you can get it done in October 2020 that be great okay let's move warp speed ahead and get this let's get the vaccines out before the election so that I can win that's what they're going to claim I assure you I guarantee you that's what they're going to say that if we had been allowed to do the science that we wouldn't have foreseen any of these problems with since since Trump trump did it and for those of the others like I don't know but
yeah I'll get the cops watch here's why that's not true in here talking about Lexus corporate media okay you really think that CNN or Fox News going to report the truth not to mention not to mention that it's not like Donald Trump is out there saying oh you know what the Jazz are bad don't get jammed now he's he's he's toned down on pushing the Jazz but he's something else that he's not taking the opportunity to say hey I was lied to
so we we will see you in a backyard at this point transportable Rush with that will be tell what's happened today and I don't have a lot of time at an Irving through some of this confidential Pfizer and government Doc's confirm a t e v a e d and AIDS from covid Shots documents that the ruling class try to keep confidential are coming that a t e which is antibody-dependent enhancement vaed which is vaccine-associated the hands disease and AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome are coming out comes after covid-19 injections these diseases can often come on often months after taking the shots AIDS in particular as long as it appeared is it appearing in a disturbing number of recipients just five months after their initial injections in the corn to the Daily expose
Adverse Events that can occur after vaccination a d e n v a e d can occur when an individual is exposed to a pathogen such as the alleged covid-19 vaccine after receiving a vaccine that does not provide full immunity in these cases the vaccine-induced antibodies may actually enhance the ability of the pathogen to infect cells leading it leading to more severe illness and that the individual had not received the vaccine vaccine causes a t e or vaed it can have significant Public Health implications for most individuals who receive the vaccine and develop a d or vaed answers what they meant may suffer from severe illness in some cases even death example of a bacterial infection that can potentially be worsened by a t e r v a e is Strep imagine that streptococcus
where are you seeing if you're paying attention the news where he seen children dying in the UK children dying in many places as result of strep a it's it's hitting folks and say so I'll leave the show notes you can find the article over at to get the rest of it after the break and we'll switch to from never bowls when you're done Revolution now let's go to Revival station
anyone who's familiar with my show or Alyssa Michelle before knows that I am a a very huge proponent of preparedness I've always been I didn't become a prepper until really 2021 but since then I've been working diligently to find companies that offer the things that we need and if the crap hits the fan I want to be ready for it and I will you to be ready for it to I picked up some sponsors for long-term storage for precious metals for for solar power I got a candle sponsor we got antibiotics for storage just in case the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down got medkits nutraceuticals natural survival got guns and ammo you can buy and buy by going to JD prepare JD Rucker, prepare bug out bags that were so-so stock up now while you still can
we as a nation desperately need Revival Revival of the faith and that's something that I know many of my listeners are Jewish or atheist or whatever and you might be like oh you know we don't really need this it doesn't matter if you believe in the words of the Bible that the New Testament and the Old Testament combined even if you don't believe them you still have to acknowledge if you are a patriotic and faithful American you have to acknowledge that America is stronger as a result of our judeo Christian history our foundation as a Christian Nation it's by the the spelling of that Foundation the the removal of the Traditions the the concepts that have given us a a moral the moral High Ground as a country as well as the moral strength as individuals within this country that has contributed greatly to our six
even if you're an atheist even if you're Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or whatever it is Christianity that has contributed so greatly to this nation success to a prosperity and therefore to your success and your prosperity and you might say if we can debate that but
I win that debate because it's it's Crystal Clear it's empirical this isn't something where you can say you know it's America would be just the same it wasn't for that that Christian Foundation that's just not true but for those who are bible-believing Christians it is imperative that we have this revival and it's I'm not talking about is a noted for not talking about a Revival that is akin to pass attempts at Revival in the United States there there's always been this push I believe for your Revival is based on the numbers and I'll talk to you in the Book of Numbers I'm talking about you know we demonstrate the quality or the success of Revival based on how many people we can get into a church we've seen the pockets of Revival in various cities where I'll start groups come together and they're able to to go door-to-door and get to get lots and lots of people to come to the church and I'm not I'm not saying that
bad thing that's not going to work. In 2023 when faced against forces that have a militant against us it would be almost no one's a counterproductive but it could be futile to attempt the same strategies that we've done in the past this is why I firmly believe that this survival the we have to experience here in the United States in order for us to survive 2023 and Beyond if that is what we're supposed to do the only way that we can do that is essentially hand-to-hand spiritual combat talking to her friends talking to her neighbors talking to two of our family members becoming strengthen ourselves
within our own faith it's not just about going to church it's not just about spending a Sunday in a church building in and seeing songs and listening to the sermon for an hour and then that's our a reliable ye know we need to start as Americans more and more of us must start living biblically we must start addressing every issue now there's one silver lining to this turmoil that we're seeing around that it's that I think I Believe In My Heart the more people are going to be open to that but maybe maybe they'll do latch onto something from the past and remember you know before they were so distracted by this world but maybe there was a time when they were told and maybe they even lived in a way that was more biblical maybe they prayed more maybe they think they try to do what they could to be pleasing as pleased as possible
to God but those days are behind us for a lot of people are most of us we need to return to that before others could be brand-new this could be there maybe I've never read the Bible maybe they've never never had a reason if they just always felt that hey this world is this world is what we got in this is what we would do and so be it
those people we definitely need to reach out it is our responsibility as faithful bible-believing Christians
to try to spread the word and let you might say but that's just not my thing we'll figure out how to make it your thing even if it's just one person even if it's just that just your your best friend or acquaintance somebody to meet at the coffee shop or co-worker is Ryan here and have a question for you what do you do when you win like are you a fist pump ER I can't like I buy but if you want to hone in on those winning moves check out chumba casino at chumba Casino. Calm to some hundreds of social casino-style game places weekly plus free daily bonuses so don't we start having the most fun ever at Chum buckets the weirdest place you've got in line at the office more than once actually see you I have to say
really yes excuse me what's the weirdest place you've gotten lucky I never went into hell because very soon here in the United States of America I'm nearly certain that our ability to even do that it's going to be curtailed we are no longer going to be able to do what we're told to do which is to spread the gospel without putting ourselves at Great risk
what's the video the other day that I have to play a part of this from the good Patriot good Patriot Channel a run YouTube she does she's always done the videos by guns and prepping and stuff like that this is a very biblical message and and I I don't want to come say that I don't recall every words I don't want to say I endorse every single thing that she says it's pretty darn close I mean she really spoke in a way that that well really I feel the exact same way and she's making changes to our channel for 2023 very similar to what we've been trying to do for her for a while here on this channel which is to to be more bills reminded not just look at things through the lens of politics or culture and I'm not just it's not about owning the lives it's about trying to save this nation and in my very humble but very likely correct
opinion it's going to take massive Revival again I'm not talk about numbers I'm talking about about the strength of the heart I would rather find ten people and really get them to beat to beat your Warriors for the faith then I would to get a hundred people who become part of the lukewarm church here in the United States give me more Warriors in fewer fewer one hour a week casual Christians that's what we need earring out of state so me to turn it over to the good Patriot and buy ultimately I want this channel to be a place where you, and you feel like iron sharpens iron and I want you to imagine what I earn being moulded into something weapon looks like it's hot it's burning red it's in another art piece of iron a striking it and there's Sparks and there's heat and there's pressure you know and it's messy and dirty and that's what these channels going to be
like we are going to create friction in order for us to grow and there will be times when you do not like what I have to say and vice versa and there will be times where I am going to push you along with myself to change and get uncomfortable cuz we need to train and become strong for what's coming in our standard is going to be the word of God what does God have to say about this and that is how we move forward and do things we may think that we're doing pretty good in our walk of Faith but I want to challenge you on that and I'm going to say something right away that you may not want to hear but here it is American Christianity has set the bar so low that it's really easy to think that you're doing good for example this season's drama is the people that are definitely going to church on Christmas morning versus the people that aren't going to church on Christmas morning you know it's been this whole social media Battle of people putting themselves on pedestals because they're definitely going to church on Christmas morning
and it's like do I think that churches should be having services on Christmas yes do I care if your family has some beautiful tradition of making homemade cinnamon rolls while wearing matching pajamas and singing worship songs around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning so you don't want to go to church that day no I don't care do I care whether or not you have a so-called Pagan Christmas tree in your living room or whether or not you're celebrating Christmas at all because it's not Jesus's actual birthday know why because we had Brothers and Sisters in Christ and other countries around the world literally being jailed and killed for their faith each and every day before people would give anything to have the argument of whether or not someone is going to church or not on a certain day and please don't tell me that the argument for having to go to church on Christmas morning caring cuz you know you missed her three weeks ago for a light headache all right he's a truly persecuted Christians aren't just imagine this okay cuz this is what actually happens another play
is around the world in terms of space shuttles in a dark room 18 people in one guy's got a page he smuggled in his boot from the Bible and they're all like weeping worshiping God and they're probably trying to memorize that one page from the Bible because they can't have Bibles because if they get caught with a Bible a Bible they're going to be jailed or killed
so no I don't give a rat's behind about your American Christian virtue signaling about Christmas trees or this and that all these little instances of like knit Peak taking and taking knowledge and just making it everything is like it's not iron sharpening iron and for most people is making them think that they're doing really good in their face when really what they're doing is just dividing the family of God and doing nothing to advance the kingdom we need to be better and kinder to our Christian family God commands it I'm working on it we are fighting over things that do not bring people to Christ and we are fighting over very silly things instead of fighting against a very serious onslaught of evil there are things in our theology they're absolutely worth arguing over and fighting for 90% of what American Christians bicker about doesn't even matter just a distraction and that is what I'm talking about when I say American Christianity the bar is so low that we think we're doing pretty good and
you don't even know the level of our own lameness our prosperity here has been a blessing and a curse but we are going to have a chance to prove our faith like the Believers have to do in China and like the Believers have to do in Iran that war is approaching quickly and we are grossly unprepared for what's coming so our goal here is to become strong and sharpens iron for God and one another we're going to raise the bar of what it looks like to be a good and faithful servant and we're going to prepare here
for what's coming and please don't ever misunderstand me or think that I'm coming from from a place of all I got this all figured out and I'm going to be teaching you I am along for this ride that's okay God is teaching me and humbling me daily or I'm going to wrap this up with a verse I read the other day that I think summarizes with his family is going to look like going forward it's from Hebrews 10 verses 23 through 25 let us seize and hold tightly the confession of Our Hope without wavering for he who promised is faithful and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and Good Deeds not forsaking her own assembling together as in the habit of thumb but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the day of Christ's return Drawing Near
she is coming again the idea that possibly that might be happening in our generation should be breathtaking to us when you think about all the incredibly Godly men and women who longed to see that day and they didn't get to see it but we may actually be the one participating in that
I'm not worthy but I'm going to do everything I can to stand firm until that day comes and I very much hope that you feel the same way and I hope that you will be along for our adventure together here on this channel and I realize that some of you are not Christian but I hope you stick around you may have already left and that's okay but I think that even if you aren't a Believer you're going to be hearing and seeing things here that may come in handy in the future
and I too hope that's we will be able to put out some things that you will find useful here on on my channel as well you know people sometimes say you should probably be more secular no don't don't want to push away your audience that's not Christian and to those people I I say look as a Christian I believe that the only path to Salvation is through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and because I care about my eyes because I care about you all I'm going to mention that I'm going to talk about that I'm not the best when it comes to trying to convince people okay I've tried you know I don't think I could ever be be a pastor or or a apologist proper apologist I should say I can debate the Bible all day with whoever but when it comes to try and take can change hearts and Minds that's on my thing but I do want to make sure that everybody knows that I'm number one
this is my belief and therefore because I care about you if you are not a believer of course I'm going to tell you that I believe that your path is Through the Bible true belief in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by didn't say that if I didn't didn't Express that because I don't want to make it people upset then what kind of Christian does that make me so I can do you know what I would rather keep them around and not do anything to to maybe help to save them for eternity no but again and I don't want to drive anybody away based on that look it's just it is what it is okay to I am you take the good with the bad I think it's very good you might think that part's very bad that's your prerogative
we are I believe in a time when there's more opportunity than ever before not just because of hardship but also because of a frappe Supernatural weight in its current you know my wife she has her best friend and they are there States apart miles apart but they were best friends from like literally grade school okay they've been best friends for decades Wii off and on there's movement in the other bites or whatever but but they're at their friends again but despite them sharing so much over the Decades of their lives it wasn't until the last few months they started sharing faithful discussion and they start doing Bible study together via Zoom of all places but that's what you have to do when you're stuck hundreds or thousands of miles apart
forget it it's very encouraging to me that this is even happening at all that's not it I wouldn't I wouldn't have put that on my bingo card okay I would not have expected it not for any other read my wife is is the most faithful person I know but her friend I never I never pictured it now all the sudden you know here it is and she has questions my wife has questioned and the working through those questions to a beautiful thing and I believe that this can happen more and more not just because things are looking crazy out there not just because people may be there they're waking up through the news or through listen to shows or hearing whatever I think it may be a call that another way to put up a kind of Supernatural spiritual enlightenment Supernatural that is that is spreading across I don't like you but I don't know for sure
I should know that it seems as if people are becoming more not only aware but curious people are asking question people are more concerned about their souls and that's something that should always be your number one concern as a as a creative creature you should want to do whatever it takes to make sure that your your eternity has not spent in hell because that
that would suck I'm not going to like that would suck really bad but on the other hand
spending eternity in heaven I almost get. I think I
so let's go to break before I start crying saying bye
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so we briefly covered some revulsion we talked a little bit about Revolution and we had a segment about Revival that we get back to the original question what is going to be it will 2023 be a year of Revolution or Revival in as I said in my opening the spoiler alert is that we can and should expect all three We should strive for 403 b that's that was actually meant to say that we shouldn't strive for avulsion of course we should strive to fight the things that are revolting to us things that are repulsive the things that we don't want
well here's the thing it's going to happen either way so the more accurate way to to answer the question of the day is that there will be some really bad stuff that continues to happen through 2023 are we going to have a revolution or we going to have Revival or are we going to have both my God I hope that it is both we need Revolution and I can I'm talking about an ideological Revolution I'm not talking about burning down cities Isla antifa I'm talking about a proper revolution revolution of Truth as I've said if you haven't heard my video over at discern. TV it's was essentially the ideal launch video I title it revolution of Truth and there's a reason for that that is what we need we need the truth in order for us to be able to to fight the forces of evil but we also need more so even if we if we don't have the truth we can and must have you
I'm a truth which is God we need divine intervention this is beyond us this is bigger the various problems were face facing are bigger than what we as just regular human beings could handle even if we do unite let's say we are able to to start this revolution we are able to really get the mass is aware of what's Happening as we are even able to organize them to be able to organise protests if I lost you to do to do all the various things that we can do to peacefully revolt against the powers that be that are trying to destroy us even if we do all that we still get nowhere we are still overmatched without God's intervention are there are those and I'm one of them who believe that we seem to be in the end times
this could be what is referred to in Revelation and other books of the Bible as a zit this is it where we're going to close OK Google close is going to be Antichrist is going to be all sorts of crazy things happening in a lot of people the majority of people are going to buy into this stuff whether it's a One World Currency Sing Sing via the Shadows of the Shadows are quickly turning into manifestations that our internal reality here with the digital dollar with Central Bank digital currencies and that's why I have predicted and not based on Prophecy just baseball and extrapolation of the facts I believe it will we will see is there will be all these all these countries will create a central bank digital currencies there will be some sort of crashed or hack or whatever and then the possibly the world economic Forum possibly the United Nations with most most likely the council for inclusive capitalism will come in and say hey let's form a public-private partnership with it with the World Bank
and the various various a central banks across the world what's unified them under a single digital currency I'll be very easy to transfer everything over and that way we no longer have this disparity this disparity of outcomes that are that they make it to where your poor African or South American nations are the people are struggling while the the rich Russians and the rich Americans in the rich Germans and the richest Australians there are just living large late and we need to bring Woody to the world and the only way we can do that is to centralize
under-11 single
currency one single digital currency that's controlled by the powers to be so they will be able to Lord Over Us in ways that that's in ways that we we don't like to talk about me and we should we must give this 10 reasons why I think I was listening to the ads in between but I'm pretty sure I probably did want about gold and silver this is the reason Central Bank digital currencies being able to to have physical precious metals weather in a self-directed IRA where it's stored for us or physically just haven't sent to your home having those and being able to participate in what I believe to be the alternative alternative economies economic structures marketplaces that are not beholden to these Central Bank digital currencies that's why I do it just because the stock market sucks cuz I just because real estate is is supposed to be on another bubbles because
your other standard Investments aren't aren't safe so I should because of the the in Africa see of the fiat currency system that the world isn't gulfton it's just because if and when the crap hits the fan precious metals you want food you're going to want a munition you don't want a lot of things so yeah that's why I say got guys seriously go to JD is gold contact 12 or all three of those companies that I've done and out there and figure out what to do with your portfolio what to do with your retirement what to do with your cash what to do with whatever money or investment you have
because the crap is very seriously likely going to hit the van so so we know that we we need Revolution we know that we need Revival and we know that there are going to bad things that are happening that's that dude who perspective needs to be tempered with good news there is good news and I'm not just talking about the biblical good news which is the ultimate good news I'm talking about good news in the way that we can and As Americans fight back he's as we can fight back and he should be fighting back in this is something that I know many of you are already doing and I know a lot of you maybe you say that you're doing and you're not in some of you don't care enough to do we need to do it and that is to fight back against those who are fighting us ideologically speaking talk about what corporations what companies work Services woke everything it's low and needs to go broke
we have that power we don't have a whole lot of power of a whole lot of things outside of our own individual lives and even those powers are being stripped from us on a regular basis for the very least we can we can start push back against drag queen Story Hour so we can push back against these push pushes for a DUI or ESG or any of the other other acronyms and come up with it to say hey werewolves Werewolves Corporation where woke woke government where I woke up that stopped being woke and the only way they will is if we make them broke an article over break Barn before anybody jumps on me because I've been ripping on Breitbart. Look at the store yet it's okay that I like better than others but this story came from Breitbart and we're going to stick with it Disney disaster major Banks major Bank makes the 2023 prediction that woke bbmf Behemoth p.m.
the heat will dump ESPN ABC Bank in giant Wells Fargo has made a 2023 predictions the Walt Disney Company which abruptly brought back former CEO Bob Iger to reverse the company's rapid downward spiral late this year last year and its ownership of TV networks ABC and ESPN Bank analysts are predicting at some of the big changes are your promises to initiate will include shedding the TV network and the cable Sports Network both of which have been losing viewers Fox Business Network reported is a quote from fbn spinning off the two networks is the best path forward and a probable late 2023 event leaving the Walt Disney Company and attractive here play intellectual property company
if I ge makes move it will not be a big surprise the industry because Disney has been contemplating the idea for a while already he is peeing in particular is in a tough spot in Spanish for the future as axios recently noted ESPN and a 2021 with 76 million cable subscribers which has was down another 10% from 84 million and had in 2020 and it's your previous to that the network has lost a similar number of you one summer brand of spot for the sports network is did ESPN plus 42% over 2021 but it may not be enough to keep it in Disney's portfolio and here's the thing that's when I make it a rule for myself
if a company goes woke I canceled it okay I don't care I don't care how much it is sucks okay I have not watched for example the last two seasons of stranger things because I had to cancel Netflix when they put out that stupid that's a sick child what was a cuties I think it was called okay I was done, should be done before that okay but but I did I did finally cancel them sending with Disney plus I would love to watch the Mandalorian Dad let's watch other shows but I won't I won't support them with five ten hundred fifteen bucks a month whatever it cost not going to give them my money
and what people need to make that decision it's a small price to pay okay there's so much entertainment be clear
when it comes to entertainment we are spoiled as a nation we have so many options we've so many free options with somebody low-cost options don't don't make it to your captive and supporting wokeness supporting the people that want to destroy you if you are a very conservative or you participate in the judeo Christian favs at all they hate you they want to destroy you they want your voice and what your money but they want your voice to be to be quashed completely with your ideology to be shifted completely and that's what they try to do with the vast majority of our program and anyway
to stop participating in this that's easy I mean if you want to just do one thing okay. The one thing that I would hope that you do I hope you do a lot more than that but I mean if you want to push the easy button and just yeah okay so I'm I'm fighting fighting the good fight a little bit that's the little bit that you can do cancel every every company that you work with in any way that is expressing woke woke ideologies I my family adores Chipotle food can I know that's what I'm not one of them by the part of the family but I'm I'm the black sheep in the family that's not crazy about Chipotle and maybe that made it easier for me to Outlaw Chipotle in my house because we received an email one time and space we was talking about how Chipotle was doing this fundraiser for these various woke transgender groups and into do that they had like renamed
part of the sum of their burritos to be named after these these drag queen dancers are some of that on that was really weird it's kind of like last year but I mean is literally can give your money to Chipotle in they will take that money some of it a portion of it and use it to Advance lgbtqia Plus Supremacy what you want to do that when you can eat at me no more I'm not saying you have to go find a bunch of conservative places and that's the only place you too busy I'm probably fine with with neutral pay neutral that's great okay that's fine by me and I'm not saying like straight to a Republican or Democrat or anybody I'm saying they just think it's kind of try to stay as apolitical as possible he liked it like Wendy's for example in and out burger in those places they they don't get to they don't get woke but they don't get too political in the other direction either you know how many Chick-fil-A people say all but they're they're such a Christian company in there okay
Tumblr Christian Christian perspective
you know I would love to I love you in the food and I don't feel bad when I do and if I ever stop and you know I'm stuck out in that in a one restaurant has Chipotle and I have to eat it all out but I won't feel good about giving them my money because I know that money is going to causes that hate me and wants to destroy me that hate America I want to turn them into the transform America to stop doing business with those companies and has a great example I know that they are they are there probably okay with losing billions of dollars because because they have plenty to make or play me to do but it stops do some rearranging now they're feeling some pain I need Fillmore
everything you do now everything they do now is about wokeness it's about advancing the again the lgbtqia plus Supremacy agenda they are groomers I need to be stopped if you still subscribe to Disney plus if you still go to see Disney movies if you still go to Disneyland you still do any of these things or you're contributing to to Disney's bottom line and you were literally you are participating in the destruction of America you are helping to destroy America with your dollar or $2 or $10 or $50 or $20 you spend with that there's no excuse I mean seriously there's no excuse it's not like I hope you know it's just a little bit every Everything counts might not everybody there's bad I know they're not the most of them are
stop supporting groomers stop supporting those who hate America stop supporting those who want us suppressed or crushed or censored or somehow removed from their view where all we are is somebody to give them more money and then we shut up that's not acceptable. Sorry I know that'll piss a lot of you off you know but maybe we need to piss more people off and that's what it comes down to maybe the only way that we're really going to be able to fight this is how we express ourselves even want something minor as a Netflix Netflix subscription or something major as in you now getting out there and canvassing and fighting filing a lawsuit participating in lawsuits supporting those who are filing lawsuit against with her some government will corporations anybody who got to find ways
got to find ways to to participate in the revolution cuz if we can't get in the people to participate in the revolution there won't be one
20 speed one it's might not be as important as Revival we need Revival no matter what man sure seems like there's a better chance for us surviving this if we do also have an ideological a philosophical Revolution here in the United States of America like I said before people say you know are we in the end times I tend to believe we are but whether we are or not it does not change our path forward if we are in the end times I must say we're not to be in touch with not in the end times we fight the good fight we spread the truth and we do this because we want to stop the evil that's happening around us and you do everything we can because it's mounting it's getting worse on a daily basis
we find it and based on what we understand from Bible prophecy if that is the case we are not in the end times it is just an echo of future events right we got a good chance we can win let's say we are Alien X nothing changes we do we win in the end we're going to go through a hardship we still have to fight the good fight we do not know our role in God's plan and we know that God has a plan he has D plan so when you got those people are saying trust the plan we should meet there's one thing we should trust that's God's trust in God's plan but that doesn't mean oh well as God's plan as soon as he does he's going to take care of everything I just got to sit back and watch Netflix and and eat Doritos and I'll be good now that's not how it works it's not how it works
You Don't Know Your Role you don't know if you have a roll I mean you have a role for your life but you don't know if you ever role in the revolution or not I for one would rather have a role in a revolution for the United States of America Most Holy for my Lord and Savior for my gut by
we're back
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okay now we can do this was to have three segments left we've got about eight stories to go we'll just and then I like all week
who got two seconds left
wasting too much time I have a tendency to to talk a lot I get it people tell me that all the time I'm I apologize but I got a lot to say maybe not all of it is important such as what I'm doing now. That was just go straight to a story by my good buddy been seller this will help to to catch his back up on time because it's understanding what these conspiracy theories are that he believes will will come through in 2023 I think this will help us to see what it is that we're facing its title top 10 conspiracy theories that will be validated and 2023 some type of hey bro you were right about everything I'm sorry if need put that in quotes that's funny because like I said before that's not what's going to happen and he knows that he's being facetious but you they're not going to be like oh my gosh you were right the whole time looking at the more Alex Jones is right it's proven right the more vilified he is by the powers-that-be
because they know these right he's been right the whole time on many issues. Everything okay I mean nobody's riding. Everything and I'm not right about everything I'll readily admit it but we do tend to be right about a lot more things that were wrong in this is coming here there's an opportunity for a lot more the truth to come out so let's just cut straight down to his list got so much as a good long are cleared up alright
okay so the roles of the Intel community in the justice justice department played in fomenting violence through psyops on January 6th 2021 will be exposed and sadly in their expected counter investigation responding to the policy Run January 6th committee even House Republicans May withhold State secrets from us but the FBI's damaging parties and conduct has generated a multitude of whistleblowing defectors who should be willing to shed light on the dubious allegations of right-wing extremism and violence at the US Capitol and in the 2017 Charlottesville Riot that was it's dress rehearsal so what is your friend to obviously and I'm sure you all know this but what he's referring to the Twitter files are coming out of Republicans control the house we should see committee hearings talk about holding you to try to hold the FBI accountable such as the FBI know that's they give the focus but it is really every agency in the part was in the Deep state has participant I mean we're talkin IRS
we're talkin CIA entirety of the justice department and most of the Intel Community is not all of the Intel Community has participated in some way with subverting our rights and and advancing the globalist agenda the only question when it comes to the Deep State the only question is whether or not the Deep state is a subordinate of the global Stanley curve ball that the powers and principalities or if they are direct like they say they are the powers and principalities they are beagles Bleak ball you know those Posh Wash you know and then whoever is in charge of the deep State and knows not Christopher Reynoso it's is no Santa director of any of these agencies if people are probably aren't even in the agencies that actually technically direct the agency can you do for me, I would not be shocked if he is essentially running in whole or in part the Deep State just as an example through his proxies like Susan Rice change
Clapper people like that whisper a course when is that in a we don't know what their involvement is but he's actually right then sellers is when he says that you know even many in the House Republicans will withhold State secrets from us and they will okay they will
you have to remember that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats in most issues when it comes to the Deep State when it comes to neoconservatives when it comes to the advancing of the war in Ukraine for example or the vast majority of these things there is a unit party Swap and then there's not there are very very very few members in the Senate and there's a handful but not a ton and I'd say maybe 10-15 maybe 20 maybe maybe she or maybe it's 5 I don't know but there aren't a whole lot of members of the House who aren't part of this unit party swamp and it's like I said in the Senate you might work for five maybe I don't even know if there's that many when is that you're going to get a whole lot of
full truth you might get part of the truth because that's the role that the Republicans have to play they have to be after the kind of tease out some of the information but they do with hold a lot of it and that's I think will be become more apparent in 2023 now that the Republicans have control the house number to the deadly impact on the colored vaccines will become undeniable and I believe that I've already covered that one in a previous previous segment earlier saying today so so when I going to get a dive too deep into that one time at 3 the scope of control over you will become clearer and I had I've had several Gaston actually in the past who have talked about Chinese Communist party's control over pretty much every facet of our allies and I shouldn't say control of our lives but control they have influence over every every industry that has an impact on their lives shipping energy
food supply there's a reason why it did buying up Farms there's a reason why their technology is used in so much of our our infrastructure so much of a grid the reason why you you can't get LeBron James or George Clooney or anybody in entertainment to speak out against the Chinese Communist party's because they have control over these people in over these industries and yes they have Direct Control within our own government and I'm not just talking about Joe Biden Hunter Biden talking about everybody okay again save a few there are some that they don't control but we're talkin and out who do I have on I had a on and he had a list of like 30 Senators who were controlled by the Chinese Communist Party wrote a book about it two blocks as matter fact
so will that be exposed I think there's a chance okay this is not one of the predictions that I'm most bullish about just because the people that can do the exposing are also controlled by the Chinese Communist party you know if you got me and and a handful of other Conspiracy Theory show hosts out there talking about it that's not going to get the masses to wake up and see all my gosh you mean Beijing has a direct line to so are universities to Arab newspapers and everything well how's that even possible why didn't I know about this
number for true nature of David de papel this is a great one the true nature of David the toppings the paint I don't know how to make his relationship with Pablo's who will be revealed, I sure hope it is and I will let me read this first tight lid on the evidence in the pot plus the assault case including body cam footage it will be harder for Nancy Pelosi the flexor Authority after stepping down as house speaker is very clearly the assailant David the poppy is no right-wing extremists and there is more going on than than meets the eye what he's referring to as the wood seems to be almost certain at this point to those of us who were paying attention that David the poppy was Paul Pelosi's lover of some sort. I'm not making that as an accusation if anybody wants to sue me I'm just saying that seems to be where all the evidence seems to point the fact there's a cover-up and present wasn't with the fact that Nancy Pelosi is retiring there
tells us I mean it's it's not just because she lost the election for the play the obvious he's a major role in it but it is also because they need to they've got to have its word for they have resources to go far beyond just for political reach to be out having to use those resources to try to salvage her her Legacy is when the truth comes out and I do believe that Vince hours is correct that it will come out luckyland Casino asking people what's the weirdest place you've gotten lucky lucky I my dentist office more than once actually see you I have to say never win and tell me where are playing at luckyland slots play for free right now are you feeling lucky
is Ryan and we can all use an extra bright spot in our day could we just to make up for things like sitting in traffic doing the dishes counting your steps you know all the mundane stuff that is why I'm such a big fan of chumba Casino chumba casino is all your favorite social casino-style game that you can play for free anytime anywhere with daily bonuses that's crazy stuff
crazy stuff we will number five we will find out that trumps have purloined at Mar-A-Lago files really contain punting have the DNA probes that resulted in the unprecedented radon Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort to crab special counsel Jack Smith was a good way to keep them out of the reach of GOP oversight in the US house but eventually the clock will run out and then will be necessary to explain why exactly is normal violating measure was taken odds are it was a cya operation by the FBI to prevent from from exposing the Russia hoax documents that are already that she already had publicly declared to be Declassified
we don't know and then I look I might defend Trump 99% of what he does I don't know what was in these files
but I would say that there's a very very good chance that he did nothing wrong and they are trying to paint it as in doing something wrong to like them Seller said just to cover their butts are you know this is because it's gone radio silent on the issue they're doing everything they can to keep it hush-hush in that one in the beginning all that's all I would talk about now all the sudden you bring that one. Why because the truth appears to be coming out or 6 we will learn what they did or Kratts intended to do with Joe Biden and who will be tapped to replace it will be Michelle Obama as I know this has long predicted at War could they pull out at get another another yet unknown figure who has been carefully vetted and groomed in secret like her husband her Rock
did I say he wasn't saying you were going to pull up Rockabye but they are saying that that he was grown from the beginning yeah I remember when I first saw Rock Obama my first impression was wow this guy has a future I believe is a two thousand four when I first noticed them before it was announced his candidate when I spoke at the Democratic National Convention you know ahead of John Kerry I thought to myself Good Golly this guy is potential Superstar mean nobody reads teleprompters was Barack Obama let's face it definite Joe Biden the article once I finally decide that Biden has at last as useful as their reasons for installing him in the first place may become clear when Barack Obama was overheard telling the Democrat donor don't underestimate Jose ability to blank things up there's a good chance it was a sales pitch more than a warning to Wilson I have been there I've said in the past I stick by the assessment that they will keep Joe Biden in for
what is possible because he is kind of their ideal guy they being not the Democrats they being the powers-that-be the globals the week ball they like a guy like like him who can basically take attention away from all the evils things they're doing so I don't know that prediction is going to turn out to be true next to mine just a few weeks ago I said I think that he'll be gone within a couple of months after the midterm elections and then I reverse them that after I heard some some Insider information will say I'll leave it at that number 7 we will discover the truth about the US Ukrainian partnership to research and develop by 11. I hope that's true I'll just wave of all the ones that come true I have this is the one has allocated in excess of 100 billion dollars to defend something in Ukraine but it's the train democracy while the personal investments in Brea or in weapons and Manufacturing like Raytheon maybe Prime motivators all indicators are at the country is a Rat's Nest of CIA operate operations
very very true, let's plan to normalize and mainstream pedophilia will come to fruition the initial push to sexualizing group children in school and on kid-friendly mediums like Disney may have fallen flat the leftist will only redouble their efforts to foist this on to the population because the ability to control and manipulate young minds is pivotal pivotal to their long-term plans for control how many children does sex at an early age that can add it as another weapon in there quicker which also includes cultivating ignorance and racial grievances so that the Plenty in class is a as pliable as possible and of course there is the fact that they can get the kids to to transition to to mutilate their their sexual organs than there any that goes towards the whole depopulation agenda
number nine at 1:00 before I'm will lead the way and trying to turn humans into glorified Matrix all batteries it's interesting the convergence of artificial intelligence technology the metaverse the decline of the office culture growing clamour about digital passport and currencies guaranteed income in an ever increasing scarcity of resources suggest that the global plans to collectivized All Nations under one world government are being gamed out as we speak and I will be talking a whole lot more about that later in the show and probably have been most of the shows going forward because that is the big one and the number 10 that has a relationship between big Tech and the Spy agency's becomes clear we will learn that our personal devices are tracking our every move of the ones that I hope don't come true this is the one knowing what we know about the interest of the FBI and the CIA have in manipulating technology companies to perform extra legal operations at what we know about the reprehensible virtue signalling of Apple and Google is there really any doubt they have empowered hour and telling Rental Community to conduct warrantless
domestic surveillance from any device at any time and that our phones are being used to monitor us and true Big Brother fashion Around the Clock
yes yes unfortunately I I think that is probably true
I think that they have everything
everything if you if you are if you have the internet if you have any device that that can record or not record if you're not completely off the grid and they have all the information they ever need to use against you now they don't just busted out and show you hey we recorded you on your smart TV and we got this may find other ways to prove it they find you they find that near your plans a fine with you you are going to do or what you have done
and they determine if you are worth trying to take out and then take those people out and you never hear about it because they get them before you might say isn't that like future crime kind of stuff yes that's exactly what it is but here's the thing is that it's not you're not crying I'm trying to stop murders and I'm trying to stop terrorists trying to stop those who will fight them
okay I've look I sometimes wonder about doing my show I really do about doing certain topics that I realized look they already know if this is true they've already got me okay they've already got probably most of you
as Churchill said when you going through hell keep going why do we are in the midst of a technological help I don't know what the extent of it is because of the rise of artificial intelligence and that combined with the rise of quantum computers it's not inconceivable they can collect all the data
everything we do everything we are everything we say within proximity of a recording device of any type of theirs in our house outside of our house wherever we seen that in microcosm with the with the Ya-Ya the ring ring cams K always always Ring videos come out that show all we need to look at this from happening look at this crazy thing happening you know the Ring videos of Anna when she was driving through the neighborhood with no breaks in about to crash your car and and explode in a fiery ball of flame and have her body Ali left in there for an extended. Of time before they would take her out and then watching her see when we rise from the crazy stuff not going to go down that road when is there they probably do have all of us all this stuff
and I know that's probably depressing
I don't think we're going to find out about it because that would be crazy crazy stuff I have one more second I'll be right back
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call me 12 for the Apocalypse
it's funny that we made it through nearly two hours of a show and I really didn't get to cover all of that I wanted to cover I wanted to go through and show you all the of the revolting things that are going to be happening here in the United States of America in across the globe in 2023 but either way I don't have to start scratch the surface but it's okay because hopefully Lord willing we will have more shows tomorrow morsels the day after trying to make it to where this show is is broadcast as much as possible with both on terrestrial radio which were finalizing that as well as through Digital radio on red State talk radio as well as on the Merrick out loud talk radio where Malcolm has graciously allowed me to flowers they're so I consider that a blessing quotes rumbled riding on bitchute all the various places when we broadcast we do have a YouTube channel and so far I have not been able to publish anything to it
give me the old one YouTube channel that I had years ago that converted to a channel for the show like a week and a half ago and so far I haven't been able to do a single show that I thought would pass muster through you to censor so it remains
in a bar but I'm not going to change my show for them that's that's for sure we haven't been able to talk about the Border crisis the food price the energy crisis we haven't talked about one of the most important issues that I think is going to catch a lot of people by surprise that issue being the pharmaceutical shortest it's coming or many many reasons to believe this pharmaceutical Shorty's to where are experiencing some degree now is going to get much worse than understand people are getting sicker every day that's happening for sure but perhaps more importantly the Chinese are getting sicker every day and here's the problem with that 90% of the ingredients to go to the Pharmaceuticals we have here in the United States come from communist China and its they are experiencing this massive covid surge over there I suspect that in 2023 they are going to go back on their exports of the ingredients are going to hoard them they're going to to the say hey we just don't have enough everybody else so we're going to have to hold on to what we got
it's going to cause massive pharmaceutical shortages here is one reason why by the way just a side note I wasn't intending to bring up a sponsor but this is the reason why we took on a sponsor that ships Pharmaceuticals to you you can go to JD meds JD Rucker, meds sign up for Telehealth that you did you sign up for the doctor calls you you tell him all about you and then they sent you like five different antibiotics beauty store and that's you can always use them where I could use some recently from our case but but the phone I got them order more but you can store them for a long. Of time you just in case you need antibiotics and the pharmaceutical supply chain does breakdown as I anticipated will here in 2023 but either way where we are seeing so much is happening with pandemic Panic theater again to talk about more schools that are going back to face mask talking about new booster shots different types of booster shots other vaccines that
not related to covid-19 that are going to be a and a base and a lot of weird stuff going on that's why I want to turn this one store real quick and we will be talking about all these things in future episodes can I plan on doing the show Lord willing I'll be able to continue to do this show as we did today starting at 7 a.m. Pacific Time 10 a.m. eastern star doing the show at a set time because that's one of the things that he has been hard to do everything that I do and have a consistent time to show so we're trying it was trying to my wife's taking the kids to school so so God bless her for that so here we are this story and I'm hoping this can be evidence for that part to talk about the revulsion what about Revolution to wake people up we need them desperately need that to understand but there is a gigantic on having special reason pertains to covid-19
which everything the government does day covid-19 and seems to be the one that I think has the greatest chance of waking people up so there's a story over at the Epic kinds of the weekend with luckyland slots you can get lucky just about anywhere
we were getting lucky in the limo we lost track of time
lucky Lantern daily bonuses are waiting no purchase necessary boy prohibited by law terms and conditions apply for details you started off in an apartment when y'all first got together and then maybe you'll attract home and in time you wanted to build your dream home and now it's time to build the last home you ever want to build a live-in that's when you go to dth Design Tech homes virtual reality to walk through the home before they ever pour the concrete before you ever start before they ever start the process you going to walk through your home using virtual reality in a lot more calm Naveen after pulley is one of my favorite writers are there great great great affection fatality rate of covid-19 was 0.0003 percent at 0 through 19 years to study
0 of the folks that means 99.9999 7%
of those who were infected in the teenagers or younger children who are infected with covid-19 survived
why in the world are they injected us with injecting them with these jams and that I'm hoping maybe you can wear a better than me when you're talking to you nor any friends this to me is perfect evidence the agenda has nothing to do with Healthcare and everything to do with the population in control as to nobody in their right mind would recommend would force kids to get injected with an experimental drug that has known adverse reactions that is known to kill kids to try to protect them against the disease that
really doesn't kill kids is just ludicrous in there again hopefully this wakes people up most of you but I'm sure I can already known about this for a long time but this is a reputable organization reputable news Outlet the the study of cells come from a peer-reviewed scientific journal and so hate you look here it is share this one with the notes in the in the show notes study to look into the a stratified infection fatality rate the IFR of covid-19 among the elderly population has found that the rate was extremely young people said he says the median IFR was 0.0003 percent at 0 19 years 0.002 percent at 20 to 29 years your 101 1% at 30 to 39 years so basely worst case scenario if you're under 4 years old worst case scenario is it to have a 99.989 /
chance of survival if you were to get covid-19
99.98 9% recovery rate if you get covid-19 if you're under the age of 40 so what about the older people I forwarded 49 years is 0.123 percent of 1559 is 0.506 per cent to 0.035 per cent to 59 and 0.1 to 3% + 0 + 69 is 0.506 per cent so that's place when you got 99.5% recovery rate it still means that that one out of 200 people at age 62 69 or going to die from it that's not good okay it's not as horrible as what they were saying on the beginning when they were telling us it was going to have like a 3% death rate but
but still what you start get older okay maybe there's some justification I don't think there is I would have wanted to check my my hundred-year-old great-grandmother if I have one but you know it's yeah it is what is the studying to accurately estimate the IFR covid-19 among the elderly populations in the absence of vaccination or prior affections yada yada yada you get the idea again I'll put this goes into the vaccine dangers are amongst the youth vaccinating children is a very good article I wish I had more time to read it but I don't so I will again I will put this in the show notes you guys can check it out but you're still think so what does this all mean when what's the end game here and for that you know we have to assume that weather is covid-19 Crisis energy crisis all the various crises these cascading crises that are happening all around us they are all driving as towards where the the powers-that-be the powers and principalities the global School Iqbal where they want us they want us
I want us to know it sounds like double pocket it's not and where they want us is confined and who they want they want basically those who can who can and are willing to fight back they want us eliminated with a jailed or dead they want everybody else The Remnant to be compliant and docile and obedient
that's the direction they want the world to go
so let's talk about 15 minutes cities in for that I'm going to turn to Gregory's to discuss that then I'll be back to close out so standby
the 15 minutes cities that everyone is talking about now is the great resets trendy new name for open-air prison camps the idea is to Corral everyone in the neighborhood small enough to walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes everything you need within a half-mile radius so that you'll never ever have to leave the heat that cities are Banning petrol and Diesel delivery vehicles to tackle air pollution and climate change from 2025 all deliveries must be made in electric vehicles in 14 cities across the Netherlands it will prevent the cars off the road businesses will get the help make the switch with Grant a 5,000 Euros towards an electric fan or Lori the city's implementing a zero-emission
answered answered am out of work other areas around the world are all do Banning exhaust fumes in the US Santa Monica has set up a commission delivery don't the UK's First zero-emission Street as open in central London Wheat Street will be closed for 18 months and the London's Financial District in 2022 to encourage cleaner climate-resilient transport to keep you in a 15-minute prison City the world economic forum
while the post editor Annika list voice over is satire it still reflects the truth the great reset is pure fascism hiding behind and effeminate homosexual veneer perhaps this is because some people see it as harmless and others are rendered silent out of fear of being called homophobic or maybe fascism is just queer whatever there is nothing harmless about the great reset the perpetrators of this outrageous plan are marketing it with a gentle tone tell that you eat healthy stay active get around and enjoy the outdoors in your tiny little open-air prison camp
these organizations are telling you that there isn't enough room for you because you are the reason that Mother Earth is stick this is the subject convincing people to not have children in persuading them to castrate the ones they have comfortable lies for the fearful and those with the courage to see the truth can see that this is just an accounting tissue we the people are singing as livestock look down upon as useless eaters by Godless Psychopaths who wants a more manageable heard to exploit it for their own selfish desires who want us to own nothing and be happy and eats the bugs this plan was officially announced in 2015 and made actionable in 2017 with the goal of accomplishing most of it by 20-30 Paris is being celebrated for leading the charge on the trendy new 15 minutes City
but they are not alone Melbourne Australia is building theirs and in America New York City Los Angeles and Cleveland are doing the same the right to travel is not in the Bill of Rights in the past the courts have ruled that this presumed right is firmly established in US law but things have changed today we are at risk of losing it all and if we don't stand up for our own Freedom then who will reporting for Infowars this is Greg Reese that's what we're facing going for that is what they want our future to be and when I say the future will not talk about the distant future it's already in the works happening cities across the globe they're making this happen they want us imprisoned they want us compliant
they want to control the one that's all they want is obedience then consider us to be useless eaters in those who will not be they want us either jailed or dad hats recognizes folks this is why when I talk about you are we facing more avulsions this year absolutely it's only going to get worse do we need to have a revolution absolutely most importantly we do have to have Revival Emily can and should strive have all three of them that we should strive to have ocean that's going to happen either way so how are we going to address it are we going to curl up into a ball we're going to go full-blown prepper and hide out in our home state of Montana leaving for somebody that's the right way to go okay but I want people who are going to fight I want you to fight your fight this happening violent of course I'm not calling for violence were saying fight back for the truth by this Revelation revolution of Truth
by making people aware by engaging once again okay I know that's scared a lot of people but we still need protest or the FBI that be there to infiltrate it sure won't even try to antagonize absolutely we still need them I know that's hard I know that the people of risk
but we need protest all the various things are happening food prices energy crisis all these various crises border crisis like just cascading all around us
no way we can come out of this alive is if we start acting like there are extensive press because guess what we are surrounded by existential threats multiple existential threats need lawsuits we need boldness in expressing the truth
and unfortunately it's far too many people especially in media are still beholden to Big Tech in order to pay their bills in order to make their profits in order to do whatever they need to do to to get more pageviews the reason why I don't care about getting you getting a Google check cuz I won't get a Google check. The reason why I don't care about Mike Facebook page hitting popular because Facebook is saying if they kick me off great okay I barely go there as it is
we have to
get the word out
do you need Revival desperately I know they will turn many of you off you will say oh I don't want to listen this guy preaching on the time but I understand it is from the heart understand that as I believe the only path to Salvation is through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ it would be evil of me if I were to express that to you if you are a nonbeliever you if you abide by other phase I'm not trying to force anything upon you just telling you cuz I want you to survive in this world survive to to avoid the second death which nobody wants to go through
I know
do they show could have been for 5 hours long
I keep it under 2 hours because that's the the accepted amount of time but I assure you if I were given a platform to go longer I want to Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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