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Title: Will 2023 Be a Year of Revulsion, Revolution, or Revival?

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael Brown, co-host Marilia Duffles and guest Joe Madison

Our guest is Human & Civil Rights Icon, JOE MADISON - The Black Eagle - on a Hunger Strike for Voting Rights!  Marília and I will speak with Joe about his hunger strike for voting rights and including DC statehood into his narrative. After 28 days, we'll ask Joe what motivates him to keep going and why he feels the issue of voting rights is so important to America. Please join us for this important conversation!

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael Brown and guest George Allen

Our guest is GOVERNOR & U.S. SENATOR, REPUBLICAN GEORGE ALLEN.  Maria and I will discuss with the former governor the 800-pound gorilla in the room: How do we bring bipartisanship back into American politics? How does George Allen feel about his party today, what does he see as the future for Republicans and America?

Eyes Can SEE with Empress Em' Sharon (Sharon Davis Hester)

Topic: America 2021

America was founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to quotes from several of the Founding Fathers and their thoughts on what the impact Christianity had on the foundation of the USA.

More muslim attacks during ramadan.


We'll be discussing how we can produce energy in America, taking care of our needs for power with realistic and practical solutions.

Rand Paul’s filibuster a few days ago was a symptomatic expression of something much larger and much more alarming than just a 13 hour rant.  It’s a message that’s bleeding, and no one is attending the wounds of the nation.  America is in a dire and confused state, because it has no leadership of the kind necessary to pull people together and harness the strength and resources of what we are as a force to rebuild our priorities.

STAR SAVOY, professional astrologer, Tarot reader, and Intuitive, joins Caroline to take a look at the Astrological chart for the United States of America. With our nation's Birthday coming up soon, let's see what is going on. She will draw on some fascinating information about Benjamin Franklin, and how he so carefully chose July 4th for the signing of the Declaration of Independence because of the grouping of five powerful planets in the sign of Cancer. It is interesting that on this upcoming birthday, many of the same planets will be in almost the same positions they were in 1776.