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Insight Intelligence, June 2, 2022

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Insight Intelligence
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with Mario Bekes

Insight Intelligence with Mario Bekes and Toni Lontis

All About the Co Host: Mario grew up in Communist Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia) and he witnessed a lot of social unrest – before finding himself in the middle of the Croatian War of Independence. Mario's world quickly turned upside down. One morning when he woke to a knock at the door. His family and his girlfriend were gone. His neighbors were packing, fleeing the city. And the military were at his door, saying, "Report at the army barracks in one hour."

Mario Bekes is a natural leader, public speaker, result-driven, best-selling published book author, relationship-builder, and facilitator with experience in investigative techniques and interviewing, interrogation methods, corporate human and competitive business intelligence.

Over the past 30 years Mario has conducted various types of investigations in government sectors, department of defense, department of foreign affairs, corporate and insurance sector in Australia and overseas applying my knowledge, expertise, academic research and training in investigative intelligence and investigative-interviewing techniques.

With proven investigative techniques and strategies from our analytical internal systems, you can stop worrying about the next investigation, insurance claim, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, and whistleblowers in your organization.

WELCOME back to the show Mario!

Questions for the Guest: these are a guide only and we will just have a conversation and go where it goes.

1 This week I wanted to focus on Mario Bekes the author – let’s begin with your suite of business-related books – there’s the importance of establishing identity in factual investigations – tell us about why your wrote this book and what it helps the reader discover?

2. The next is a government and private sector resource and plan called The Corporate Informant and Whistle-blower Management Plan and I believe there’s no other publication quite like it?

3. Corporate and workplace Investigations is not only a companion for the course that you teach but a resource Mario?

4. What is Competitive Business Intelligence about and why is it a resource book for business?

5. Proximus was designed to be easily read by people who have an interest in security and was written to advise people on how to protect their family assets and business. Why the name and why this book Mario?

6. The book Chaos Theory Road to Anarchy explores the theory of survival doesn’t if Mario – can you explain the scenario and the reason you wrote this title?

7. Blood Soaked Soil is part one of a ?trilogy? I love the raw vulnerability of this book and wanted you to explain to the audience why writing this book was so important to you Mario?

Final show and thankyous how to connect with Mario

Thank you Mario!

Insight Intelligence

Mario Bekes proactive and dynamic talks can bring insight in the following ways

  1. Learn how to plan, manage and execute investigations at your workplace
  2. How to manage informants and whistleblowers at the workplace
  3. Learn how to protect information while you analyze a person or competitor
  4. Psychological Profiling and Target Profile
  5. Methods and Techniques for Successful Surveillance Investigations

Tune into Mario Bekes, a natural leader, public speaker, result-driven, published book author, relationship-builder, and facilitator with experience in investigative techniques and interviewing interrogation methods, corporate human, and competitive business intelligence.

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