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Im Just Sayin 50, June 12, 2017

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Im Just Sayin 50
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Guests, Shawn Supers, Nilay Gandhi, Neyeswah Abiku, Tony Lee, Jeff Ramirez and Marcus Pratt

Im Just Sayin 50 with Juanita Dillard


- Shawn Supers, Mid Atlantic chapter director of zero cancer
- Dr Nilay Gandhi, Urologist
- Neyeswah Abiku
- Tony Lee
- Jeff Ramirez
- Marcus Pratt

Im Just Sayin 50

Show Host

Live from BBS radio, it's time for the Podcast that addresses issues for people 50 and older, it's time for I'm just Sayin 50 with Juanita. Juanita brings a new spin to the the statement, I'm older and I'm fabulous! Get ready for fun, information, and complete interaction with guests and listeners. Get ready for I'm just sayin 50! Because nothing's more important than living well and looking fabulous!

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