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Hypnotic Comic LIVE, November 5, 2018

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Hypnotic Comic LIVE
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Trista Haggerty - “Finding the Mystical Way in the Modern World”

Hypnotic Comic LIVE with Jenna Grayson, CHt, HTP

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Healing Touch Practitioner

Trista Haggerty - “Finding the Mystical Way in the Modern World”

Guest, Trista Haggerty

I began my journey of working in the field of personal growth and transformation 25 years ago when I began traveling to sacred sites and studying at ancient mystery schools in South America, Europe and the Middle East.  My husband and I are also the founders of The Earth Mentoring Institute, aka, Hawk Circle in Cherry Valley, NY where we offer transformational programs and retreats.

Over the past 10 years, I've been training adults in the art of inner alchemy, offering them tools and guidance to discovering their personal power and understanding the path of human evolution and personal growth.  This was the beginning of creating The Inner Alchemy Training Program, my online,

9-month training program.  I also offer retreats and classes at Hawk Circle where participants can experience the wonderful sacredness of our 200 acre landscape.

While my main work is based in initiation and shamanic practices, I'm certified in transcutaneous accupuncture by Dr. Norman Shealy as well as a certified aromatherapist and herbalist. I make many herbal products for Beakman 1802 and for Hawk Circle.

I've been blessed to be living in such a beautiful, remote area where I've raised my three children and cared for many pets.  Hawk Circle is in itself a sacred site.  It is a place where people can truly grow and discover their most authentic selves.  Year after year, I see people of all ages come here and discover so much about themselves. They most often return the following year or in some cases, many years later, and continue to discover endless opportunities to grow.

We have beautiful Icelandic sheep that I raise and tend to with the use of herbs and pasture as well as several community gardens.  I find having a relationship with animals to be so deeply rewarding.  Icelandic sheep are a primitive breed.  They've been roaming the countryside of Iceland for a thousand years or more.  Their quiet elegance offers much beauty to our place.

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Hypnotic Comic LIVE

Hypnotic Comic LIVE with Jenna Grayson
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Jenna Grayson

Live A Life Liberated From Anxiety - and laugh until it hurts!

Are you struggling with anxiety? I help people to reduce anxiety and its many expressions so that they can live with greater joy, success, and empowerment.  I utilize tools of hypnotherapy and energy medicine to help you get to where you want to be.  Now is your time. What would your life be like if you could live free of anxiety, in your authentic liberated empowerment...

Overcome Anxiety Related Conditions:

  • -performance anxiety
  • -insomnia
  • -medical procedures
  • -smoking 
  • -nail biting
  • -over-eating
  • -fear of flying
  • -public speaking
  • -relationship blocks
  • -creative/personal expression
  • -preparing for surgery
  • -medical conditions
  • -fear of failure / success

When you recognize that you're ready to live a more fulfilling life but fear is stopping you, using these proven methods will get you there quickly.  Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool. Combined with a specialized energy healing modality that can move you forward quickly with cumulative benefit is what is available. It's my joy to assist you in releasing the blocks so you can live your own personal fulfillment. 


"Jenna is an absolute gem and a most wonderful guiding resource in my life. Before meeting Jenna I was extremely apprehensive to begin such work and did not know if it was going to benefit me. Throughout physical and emotional struggles, Jenna has guided me to heal myself and discover my truth with her grace, wisdom and care. Jenna creates a safe space in which one can truly explore themselves and their limitations and transform them. Each session has provided me with valuable discoveries as well as newly created realities. I would recommend Jenna to anyone looking for guidance in navigating through life and its challenges."

 -Alexandra T., Los Angeles

"Jenna is a wonderful, compassionate soul that is so accepting and non-judgmental. She really creates a completely safe environment in which to be healed. I leave there not only feeling physically and mentally better, but also more focused. Her skill combination is truly unique and she is so easy, open and friendly to talk with. I really can't recommend her enough."

-Simone L., Santa Monica

"I was surprised by how comfortable the experience was, and interesting too. I always had a clear idea of where the session was going and what to expect. I left Jenna's office GLOWING.  She has had a major impact on helping me to get past my own mental walls and to a place now where I feel I am able to reflect on myself more honestly and respect my process of change more fluidly."

  -Kelly J., Los Angeles

"Jenna has an aura of love and kindness, acceptance and honesty.  She first helped me relax and move through a surgery with the use of hypnotherapy.  After that experience I went back and back to see her for regular therapy sessions.  She has a diverse and complete tool box of healing techniques and always leaves me feeling whole and loved.  I highly recommend Jenna."

  -Cara L., Venice, CA

"Jenna is a highly skilled, sensitive and compassionate healer.  As an Acupuncturist I have referred patients to her and they have all come back to say how pleased they were with her as a caring and sincere person and how effective her work is.  She is my 'go-to' Hypnotherapist!"

  -Jordan Hoffman, LAc, Los Angeles

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