How can a filmmaker help those in need?, August 20, 2014

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How can a filmmaker help those in need?
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with Guest, Dean Adams

How can a filmmaker help those in need? In the next hour, Dean Adams will explore life, suffering, abuse, gratitude, the void and where it all intersects. He has used a talent and passion in filmmaking to be a way to rise to his potential and help others rise to theirs. Dean Adams is an Emmy-nominated director and cinematographer whose work has been showcased in documentaries for the BBC, ABC News, France 24, Arte Reportage, PBS and the Discovery Channel. Dean has launched 10-HOPE FILMS; “Stories of Hope, Stories of Change.” Dean is a leader in a grassroots movement that intersects technology and social media in an effort to reduce suffering and effect world change.

Guest, Dean Adams

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Dean Adams
Dean Adams
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Documentary filmmaker
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Dean Adams is a Documentary filmmaker, with a committed interest in using film – the stories we tell- to heal the world. Trust me when I tell you that Dean Adams in unique; he is on a mission to facilitate this growth into heart consciousness. Dean is a cinematographer whose work has been showcased in documentaries for the BBC, ABC News, France 24, Arte Reportage, PBS and the Discovery Channel. In 2008, he was awarded a Media Excellence Award from the International Association of Broadcasters; his half-hour film was nominated for best documentary at the Bayeux-Calvados Prize for War Correspondence. In addition to making his own films, Dean has established himself as a master trainer, running video journalism intensives for the BBC, TV4 Stockholm and RTL Germany. But it was his filmmaking workshops with refugees and underground Burmese journalists, and his contributions to the 2010 Oscar nominated documentary, Burma VJ, that opened his eyes to the empowering nature of documentary filmmaking. In 2012, Dean was recruited as part of the management team tasked with creating the Documentary Unit at the new Qatar TV. He continues his duties to the channel as Deputy Editor-In-Chief and Senior Reporter, launching new series and directing half-hour documentaries. Dean has started a grass-roots movement where Social Media and Technology intersect – this is his initiation of “10-HOPE-FILMS”. Dean's future goal is to create character-driven stories from the trenches of human ingenuity, about visionaries who are leading the mantle for change in the environment, education, public health, politics, religion and science.

Illuminating Now!

Illuminating Now! Linzi's Life Secrets with Linzi Levinson
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Linzi Levinson

I am a visionary. I am a thought-leader whose ideas have yet to be heard, but someone who can help others change their life overnight. Many of my ideas and visions can be put into practical application immediately, and in some cases this results in individual lives and relationships being saved and inspired to reach potential. Relationships, wellness, parenting, divorce, depression, intimacy, sexuality, authenticity and mental health as a whole are all subjects that I can offer enlightenment on. I can provide seamless and invigorating solutions, as well as customizable strategies.

The brain is stimulating and has all the power to make us better or keep us well. Neuroscience is continuing to reveal the direct correlation between the mind, the body and the brain and the effects on the immune system when we are not living with congruency. I am a strong advocate to teach and evangelize the subliminal power, and the power of taking actions and making choices in total consciousness.