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with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Nimira

Hourglass Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Nimira

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Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

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Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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hi it's Nicole Brandon and welcomed hourglass Brides I am so excited and so elated for today's guests today we're talking with doctor in the mirror
when you talk about conscious health and consciously creating family and what does that look like it's a whole different way of thinking we are actually choosing together as a couple and as an individual Optimus health and healing and family and future Amir became a chiropractor as they were designed that they would function well throughout her entire lifetime
and so really from this very scientific place she still talks about how beautifully organized about the contradiction
so when you see that person for them to launch you into healthier and a half your life and she's become very successful and also the differences between the North logical confidence verses actually getting adjusted and really the healing capacity of our body and she's a female patients with reproductive issues and his successes have just think she was preparing her body and getting it ready to have a child and it's really to talk to them about a teenager into the bigger vision of serving her life's purpose and what are my favorite things that she said she wants a new generation of naturally healthy kids
I think it's so incredibly beautiful and all of this really begins with working with a couples who want to consciously create a better lifestyle for themselves and for their families are working with her she is amazing she's gifted she's talented she's while she's knowledgeable and we're so lucky that she's taking time out of her date to see how you create a conscious Family Soul on the welcome to the show
thank you thank you so much I'm so excited to be here more important than our bodies in our lives because it doesn't really matter what's happening in the world around us if we don't have her help and we don't have our energy and vitality we can't even stand up before the world around us or to be able to love our partners or our families were made and so I just think it's such a beautiful Vision in a field and I love what you said in your life to
thank you I always kind of like to think back to you yeah you absolutely nothing else matters if you don't wake up in the morning I guess we've been breathing all night and her body's been doing what he needs to do and it works that way because our bodies were designed to do that and so we don't have that I have a little dog she is 2 lb 3 oz of venison comes up she gets up and she is unbelievable I travel a lot
they said it's amazing that it's almost like I survive tonight and I'm here that that's what other people have gotten that message and so what you're saying is as an opportunity for this glorious do they what do we do with it and how do we keep our bodies and that's in the house so each one of those days
I just need a came back in but everything else was cut out I'm so glad that you're here
when you were little when you were six or seven or eight did you know that that you would be a Healer knowing I wanted to help people I didn't know what that was I didn't know that I wanted to not go into the medical field in terms of becoming an empty it was just one of those things where were certain times and points they're absolutely and finally useful and beneficial to our health and our lives but at the same time I just texting my mom on more and more medications and they weren't working for her. Something I didn't want to do and so I've always grown up being very very accustomed to using my hands and loving my hands and I have no problem stopping the toilets are cleaning the floors and I love using my hands and I really wanted to be a massage therapist
okay. Almost threw me out of the house because he was the first person in our family to go to college and there was no way that his first born child was going to go and become a massage therapist because I got a 4.3 GPA and I was a little girl who was supposed to go to college to make my Daddy happy because I am daddy's little girl and I thought I would be a physical therapist because I didn't work like I didn't want
that were designed to work and so I kept learning more and more and researching more and I thought that I was going to go into osteopathic school because I believed in and it's something we could still make my Daddy happy and I would still be a doctor and you know I was in a huge car accident my car was hit by another driver and it was twice and it was right after I graduated high school been the one you no idea but it just so happened that a gentleman who was working with my mom at the time I just finished the hospital in an ambulance and I never took any X-rays of her spotting can you just bring them and I really want to take care of them don't worry about the money we'll figure it out later
so my mom is like my like that's okay we'll see what happens to like mix Mohawk Casino High School teenager okay yeah and that's when he told me about the whole purpose you know the brain in the nervous system control absolutely everything in our body in our bodies are still feeling and stuff and I was like oh my God that makes sense
that's amazing I mean it's incredible deposit or put in front of us and my car is loaded and back in 2001 I was Miss dance of America in the United States that I could even walk I was not even able to sit up I was like a rag doll and I went to a chiropractor that really allowed me to create one that's in the wholeness of my body so it's something I understand that alignment and what that looks like to reconnect the dots in your body and I love you doing and then you took it to a whole new level of consciousness
I got to where I am at school and made it into my first and second quarters we just kept talking about you know getting adjusted for maintenance you want to get adjusted fragile earlier you know just has to function well on its own why would you need renal why would we require them you just any doctor whether it's an MD or a chiropractor to keep us healthy. I think that's where a lot of the public usually gets confused her you know a little overwhelmed by carpet
what's wrong
and so it wasn't until somebody took me into a seminar about upper cervical care which is what I practice now or they talk to me about the bodies Neurology in the brainstem and how that area right at the top of our head the top of our neck is so vital to our house and how it can affect so many pieces of our house in about how it's really about checking that neurology to see if my body is stuck or adapting and as long as it's something you shouldn't need an adjustment because otherwise we're getting their own way
I actually end up teaching my patients about how we should go to the chiropractor to get checked to see if our nervous system is working properly and then if we need it so give us an adjustment but if we don't need it yearly mammogram or physical or prostate exam or whatever you're doing and hoping that nothing's wrong for maintenance or Wellness care just be going in just to get back to make sure everything's working okay and if it's not because when you're holding your adjustments on your body's healing if you keep needing to be adjusted then that means something is still wrong
and then from that point but I ended up transitioning to just kind of taking a step back you know I actually I'm fairly young here and I had my daughter I was pregnant when I was in chiropractic school is it sturdy when you're like well I've been married seven years I had a kid who's not for where does my life go like I just did so much before I turn 30 I just had to take a step back I love running my practice so it's amazing to meet my patients in and you know what I'm having a bad day I feel like what do I want to do with this like I'm really good at upper cervical care and I can help
and that's my sister took a step back and realized what was going on with my friends who are trying to get pregnant and experienced by myself when I was looking to have my daughter and I was like this is what I want to do like I stand for having a world of kids who are not on drugs and I stand for that because I literally spent a year taking care of my body and getting it ready to conceive so that I could have a healthy child in my child is for and never taken a serious I mean we never took any medication and my friends know that like they're all shocked when I like she's not out of school
I want to hear something like a must but for creating a world of kids and I like working with those parents that want to be able to create that for their family
not with my transmission
kids will be able to experience life in a body that was created to last from the very get-go which I loved and then you said something that we spend so much time thinking about the nursery colors frivolous things that really won't matter in a few years imagine how we could affect the health of our children for their entire life if we spent that seemed out of time and energy first home
which is
is Mommy beautiful
yeah it was actually I get my brilliant moments when I'm in my car driving and I was just like man we spent a lot of time thinking about you know what car seat to get in the phone together and I was like thank God I did as well as friends you know they just accidentally got pregnant and she wasn't like your body ready you know who didn't like their first pregnancy and it's really when I look at the brain and nervous system it's about are you adoptable or are you stuck are you
like rocket like everything is connected properly and everything's good and you're taking care of yourself the way you need to everyone in the middle was slightly adaptable and they managed to get pregnant but they're not adaptable enough to enjoy the experience they're just kind of needs to create new life in the body cuz it wasn't really ready to
I love that really steer the pregnancy can you make it a different experience I mean some people are so sick and so it is so it probably would be a surrogate if I wasn't being pregnant with the time I took prepping my body to get ready for pregnancy you know for some people it might be way too long a time I did a full year of cleansing I stopped alcohol before food for a whole year before that would like to think really got me. Just stop everything
I was like this is what I want to be able to create like I'm creating a new space for a new life to grow in and I want to give it the best face possible cuz it's going to be there for 9 months I want to be able to nurture that child from the moment that they are created and to take it a step further because many times you know men get left out of the picture
you know Mommy gets the baby in her belly and you know in the womb and we grow for nine and a half months and we're the ones going through everything but we trying to clean up from both Mommy and Daddy and so wouldn't it be amazing if
that would be amazing and so when you talk about consciously creating a better lifestyle and a future family what does that look like
really it goes into looking at like 5 that's part of it for sure I mean we need to look at our water and how much were drinking what we're drinking our food and traditionally you know what are we eating are we eating at McDonald's and Taco Bell are we eating good whole fruits and vegetables and such a huge thing many people don't really think about we need that rest especially at night and sometimes during the day to let our bodies healing process also any other people and so I spent a lot of time talking with my patients about breast because that's a really big ones
and then we look at an emotional health in relationships and you know are we freely communicating with our spouse and being able to get through that part because I have a lot to do with relationship with each other and then how it turns missions to the relationship as you go through pregnancy and then transition through with it
and then The Logical bounce for me that's the biggest one I mean they're so many people who who have amazing lifestyle habits and then at the same time they're still just kind of stir something was keeping them stuck
I'm moving forward a little bit further and it's just that people do have a tendency to be a little bit weary is chiropractors and I think it's because they're afraid of having to go get there but just the idea of knowing what neurological balance can look like is being able to keep our bodies adaptable I'm looking at that all those pieces of a possible to be able to create a better lifestyle for ourselves because we don't do it before you know when we're getting married and treating you how this as a couple it's going to be a lot harder to do it when you're switching it to your children to create life
absolutely and so what is neurological balance look like you know when you talk about people that had reproductive success just from having your illogical balance so or when you're saying somebody that you're not moving forward and they're like how do you know that there's an aura logical problem and how do you create an or logical balance so they can go out me to happy and healthy life right so this is really kind of grounding use motion politician to see where bonus might be misaligned and causing a problem I actually used something called infrared thermography the surface of the skin in the base of the neck and that's actually controlled by our sympathetic nervous system are fight or flight
and the reason is important is we want the brain to be sending balance messages too funny and so one we're looking at those scams if the Skins are changing and adapting and they look fairly even that's how we know that a person is working okay you know there's nervous system is working fine since Allen it's adapting is changing but many times what happens if there's a lot of people there and they don't know why they come in and they get scanned over the course of a couple of different days and you'll see the same scan pop up over and over and over again then that is what we call a six pattern and that becomes you know our fingerprint for what are body looks like when it's stuck
because it's literally suck the skin hasn't changed and that's how we know the body is literally just stuck in the same repetitive pattern is being cycling training is just going on my gosh that's not happening and so then I use x-rays to see exactly is a very safe and very specific adjustment for adults with proper cracker neck and I can help a person get that phone back in the right position and then we can post can them 45 minutes after an adjustment to make sure we know we're actually making a change in the neurology Chris is just moving about around
that's a great one can you tell if someone has you know a virus or bacteria or fungi or parasites whatever also going on in their body if their body is just off internally
no those are I mean I really just look at the neurological aspect of the body and so what what happens is is many times as a patient is holding an adjustment will see that the Neurology of the bodies connected properly and so the body will go through its self-healing self-maintaining self-regulating process and so it'll do what it needs to do with the immune system to take care of the infection or whatever else might be going on
second so I would like to look at that first
all disease comes from the gut and I'm like and what do you think your gut is connected to your brain when you're nervous system first if it's working well that's absolutely start taking care of and looking at your nutrition and you know do you have a bacterial or viral something going on since the first always look to the source because if you take care of a problem from its source Journal eliminating potential future recurrence it goes away and then it comes back again and it's because my brain doesn't know what's going on down in the ER has no idea what to take care of
so that it's gone forever. So it's gone for 20 days or whatever
that's incredible I know when people are working with you today finally also have an easier birthing process as well as an easier pregnancy
I am noticing that when people are neurologically found in the body when the body starts to shift so many times and everything up and get good posture my goal is never good posture good posture and look at posture when I have a patient come in for a first visit and I look at it exam just to show patience has changed but my goal is always to call people have that proper function through the brainstem and then because the bone is letting itself up from the top everything kind of dominoes down and everything kind of opens up in lines up all the way down through the hips and down the rest of the spine
what's the top bone in her neck and then I'm ready to do what it was designed to do and we are designed to make ins and create an able to do it it's it's how well our bodies adapted well to being able to make it happen and easy and joyful way to defrost me when I was reading your bio and everything you're talking about cuz it's so true it was just something that just sort of Hit the pause button and you know as I was reading it was that so many women do not talk about the prayers are free to tell people that they're pregnant because they're afraid they're going to have a miscarriage or lose the baby
is this incredible social sphere around creating a family can you talk about that we are currently didn't want to tell anyone we told our parents pretty early on cuz we were in Atlanta and our parents were both here in California and honestly we are so excited to share that we told our parents and then we waited till the end of the first trimester and told our friend and I signed that it falls into three categories really the fear can come from the couple themselves not wanting to share because they're afraid of what people might think about where their relationship becomes one of those things where it's like you know there's a relationship with each other not good enough anymore that you need somebody else to keep a relationship going in lots of potential fear even
in a great relationship or is it one of those things where you know we're adding
to create an even better relationship what if we say we're going to start trying and it takes forever
2 Ford actually happen so for me if everybody is doing what it was designed to do and it's functioning and not going to be here anymore you know if everything's working properly then it should be easy cuz we're to buy into you know
suppose you together and it happens because that's all it needs to happen to make a baby that's why teenagers can do it in the carriage is where women are not when they're closer to that stuff ready to nourish and sustain the life and so then we should be able to feel fear surrounding its I know what I've done to prep myself you know there's there's so many things when you're able to kind of own their own body I feel sometimes we don't own our bodies
on my body and I love love being able to bring new life into this world and so I think it's amazing that I really think it's our gift to this world was how can you get the help that you need right if you don't know everything about somebody but you still want to be able to have that experience you have to be able to tell somebody and that's really a lot because otherwise you don't hear about it until they're already pregnant that's what you kind of missed the chance to be able to help people if they need that help
just incredible information absolutely incredible information and I love how I was looking you that you have the baby making Guru
yes how you prepare baby's first I have to tell you I love the baby is wonderful how did you come up with it first and then tell me what the baby making love it I'm so glad I get to explain it cuz I'm a little bit. Like I said I still have a hard time saying it I'm just going to be any events for anybody to other home based business people are no longer pay attention to what you're saying
all the tension and baby-making just is so easy to feel like I help people make it was okay I'm kind of an expert but I guess it has a lot to do with ego and I wasn't ready to take it on yet but for me it made myself but so is every other person that is going to have the baby because we really need to do is bodies are our teachers until every woman is their own group because it had you have to go back and learn and listen to your body it will tell you what's going on
we don't spend the nice enough time looking inward to trust and appreciate that our body knows to wake up in the morning but everybody knows how to breathe while we're sleeping but her body is able to do all that killing everybody knows how to make a baby and knows how to create a nervous system in the cardiovascular system and creating a beautiful life
and I really love the baby making sure shows in Spanish and guests and she's a filmmaker and did a lot of documentary filmmaking for years and then like you found the joy of life and now she don't
and she also films for families during the first two years where periodically she'll come by their house or wherever they're going on vacation or the zoo and she journals the first two years of life and so it would be great to connect you because you go from the conception
and really nice beautiful magnificent and I love watching phenomenal and I look when you were saying that you threw those approaches from the scientific place that when you look at the collection of the Oregon and the atoms in our bodies or whatever that is and just how fabulous it is until I love the fact that even our atoms or even ourselves that you see the wholeness the Oneness of the beingness the entirety not just a specific problem or a glitch that somebody's coming in to fix her switch to be turned back on
say I love it's it's kind of a beautiful mix for me cuz I'm totally and totally ignored I love you I love that I get to practice Chiropractic from this beautiful blend looking at the neurology and seeing the X-ray and I'm literally have protractors at my patience has to get the exact you know alignment of how I want to make a correction. It's super specific and still very safe and you know I love I love is kind of like when you wake up in the morning when you got to take that stuff back and realize that you know as the saint of the same stuff but the bedside table is made out of floor is made up of if we are all just a bunch of atoms and we just happened to be beautifully organized
beautifully scientific and at the same time you know it's how we put together and it and what organizes everything that makes it very spiritual and very holistic for me I'm you know our brain and nervous system controls everything in the body and and as long as that's functioning well all the other parts and pieces should be able to function well too and if they're not functioning well with mediately you know they take time and people reading help from that source and and they're usually ready to take that time to get their body on the right track so that I can stay well for a lifetime
just left the work that you're doing and the commitment that you have and I love what you say that the oh doctor I've never heard that expression that people take her orgasm is orgasmic life a life of bliss and Euphoria and happiness and unbridled question for you that I truly am just asking and I have no idea what the answer is I require Chiropractic Care
so this is actually part of my bigger purpose thought that creating you know fostering a new generation of you know
my daughter was shocked when she was 14 hours I think 14 hours old is very traumatic I mean it can be used at the same time you know sometimes you're in a hospital setting and the doctor if I have to pull over their sports stuff used or vacuum extraction like Rachel Maddox and what can happen potentially is that little Atlas bone in those tiny little kitties can be misplaced before their head even comes out of their mother and they take their first breath
so now you have these kids that are not neurologically competent from the very first moment they take their breath
into this new life and so my question is really checking kids like I told you all the time I hate when people say you know get your kids adjusted why do I love Talking Heads especially infant once they start squirming I like to potentially refer them out to somebody who is perfectly honest but there's some great pictures out there as well and then they're learning to call and then walk and then run and then I'll send them playing sports and so all these things that kind of compounds through we do all. Plus we then go to school and sit at a desk for God knows how many hours a day and then we go to college he's bitten more de L'Amour book and then we sit at a desk job
adding onto the disastrous posture that we've created for ourselves from that potential misalignment and when you have that long. There's just diminished neurological messaging from the brain to the kidneys and then all of a sudden you have
issues there you know the brain in the pancreas and now you have diabetes there the brain and the heart and now you have high blood pressure a long-term miscommunication with somebody just can't do it anymore and they're balanced and functioning well in his ousting then you have a less likely chance of them having those chronic health concerns when they're older
definitely. You know I always take her back to care for a lifetime but it's not Chiropractic adjustments for Lifetime creating a new lifestyle it's about knowing how important your brain and nervous system are so that you check them every now and then and it's not like you have to get checked once a week for the rest of your life you know my patients are getting checked my maintenance patients usually end up getting checked once a month but I have some patients that folder adjustments for a year on the Carfax going to the chiropractor doesn't have to be about going there so regularly that you know they know what happened what you have for dinner last week
because you're going to be doing things in your lifestyle that can potentially cause it's all get messed up again and get stuck but as your body will no longer get you because our body was designed to it and so a young age
we're able to continue to get checked throughout a lifetime but we're able to stay healthy for a lifetime
that's perfect and then what happens for people that are liquor in a car accident you always hear people they get Whiplash and then they go to the chiropractor but it's more that they got scared or frightened or something shifted like a people a lot of times after I sent her free to drive now or they won't get on the freeway or their state so they have this as well as
yeah I actually am and that's part of what happens when we always say that it can happen from multiple things in their physical chemical and emotional sense that the eating crafts in your body is chemically toxic and your body is not able to adopt or you can have gotten to the Carsons or slip and fall and physically your body is totally out of whack and I have the emotional aspect so we can get everything clear but if you're still trapped in that same fear it's not going to allow you to hold your adjustment you are going to keep getting stuck again so many times do I notice with my patience is I will help them clear out and then they keep getting stuck in the mud because there's a lot of fear in there or if there's a lot of stress or anxiety or depression those are all things that can limit the body's ability to stay adoptable and it just keeps getting stuck
and that's when I really I love referring patients for hypnotherapy hypnotherapy is one of those things that most people don't really know too much about what it does it works wonders and so that's kind of where I'm able to help with her patients onto the right path would be able to address all aspects of neurological
cuz he can't do one with the Chiropractic and you know not eat healthy or or take care of yourself and you know people to manage all three things you have to be emotionally balanced and you know know how to manage your stress whether it's meditation or long walks or taking out your anger on a punching bag you have to go to balance your emotions and your stress you also make sure that you know logically sound good we should also exercise to make sure that the muscular system is able to support that could Foster and put alignment and then you also want to eat good food and nourish yourself well and drink water and plenty of it to hydrate yourself when all the toxins can be flushed out of your body do all of those things to maintain a balance
Amazon habits you want to teach to your kids so they can go up and have grandbabies for you
I love that it's just so perfect and it would happen for someone that had surgery that had a rotator cuff for hip replacement or bypass surgery or something after the surgery are they now ignore logically stuckers their body off
I always tell people you know anything is possible when you start there's always if you're missing parts or if your parts have been altered then you may not be able to get to 100% from Shannon but I've still been able to help patients get too much better function even post Fusion post-surgery post you know sometimes there's a limitation on on what I'm able to help because then you're eliminating the body from doing what it might want to do to be able to correct it who was having trouble and she said orthodontia and all sorts of other things and with one of those men she came back 2 or 3 days later just for a follow-up to see how well it was holding it 2 or 3 days
go back pain isn't going all the way that you're not going to believe what happened what happened and all this is because I also spent like $3,000 on braces but they were never able to line up my teeth perfectly
I'm still happy I was able to make you smile and be happy at the
but you never know like I mean we can go through all that orc cidoncha even have people sometimes that you know come in and they have glasses and once they get their eyeballs a little bit better their prescription will change on their classes or we use Orthotics early wear glasses and all these other things to make whatever is not working better instead of looking inward first
so many times you know if we look for brain and nervous system first and get that connected properly division might change the feet might level out better you know all these different things could potentially get better before we have to do the outside and things and so I definitely had people have those things changed for somebody will tell me something you know two or three weeks and six into care with other people to tell me everything that's happening
so many things can change
and limits I don't let surgeries limit somebody's ability to be under care I mean if it's completely fused then I can't do anything about it but it doesn't stop us from giving you the best potential function that you could actually have
that's great that also do things get glitch neurologically when someone loses a job or they've a bankruptcy or divorce or a loss of spouse
yeah that comes back to that emotional emotional balance you know sometimes I look at a patient's history and you know it looks like they've been having trouble since like March of 2007 and they didn't have a slip for fall or a car accident in March of 2007 but you know what maybe their mom passed away in March of 2007 and their body hasn't been right since. So let's talk and clear that out first and be able to support them through getting to that emotional process it may not be with myself and maybe me referring them to somebody who can help them and being able to help them with the Care at the same time so their body can start better adapting and then they were able to hold that better and then they can process through all of it easier
and then their body can go back to state of health
this is just so gifted you really are and you're so wise and you're so knowledgeable and that's the goal to really to bring our audience the very best tools and techniques and Keys secrets to have him at happily ever after that they strive for that they long where that they yearn for that they know is possible to be able to live and so how does somebody find you and work with you
somebody find me by simply I have so I have two websites I have the baby making. Gru which is the one that is all about how to get your body ready for baby and it has the information for my seven keys to successfully preparing baby's first home program and all of that information but the other way to get to me is really just by going to my main website which is doctor in the mirror cam such as my name. Calm and that has information about upper cervical Chiropractic in general and then there's also a link to the baby-making Grove page and the reason I like to start with that is you know even if you don't want to have children I wouldn't you want to have the healthiest life possible with yourself for the rest of your life happily ever after who is thinking about the fact that their spouse might passed away in the next ten years or Twenty Years from a heart attack
a lot of times we get to the wedding we just assume that we're going to live forever Heather but we have to make sure that we're taking care of each other in our lives with each other so that we can have a long happily-ever-after even if it's without children
so when you hear the word help what does Health mean to you
help for me is being able to wake up every morning and know that my body is working the way that it was designed to so even if I have some aches and pains from laying on my shoulder all night for being exhausted because I didn't get to sleep at night or you know I might have a little bit of waking up knowing having and having that piece of mind and I do get I personally go get checked once a month or once every two months just cuz I'm more regularly much going and getting sucked in knowing that my body is being adaptable for me that's peace of mind cuz I know you know what I mean I'll be feeling amazing today
and I trust.
So consciously creating a better lifestyle and a better family in a better future is really possible
absolutely that's what it is starts with us I mean if we're going to wait around for the government to figure out how to help us get healthy. Just so you know what I want I want my life to be better and you know I am always upfront and honest like I know I didn't start my life that way I wasn't healthy from day one but I decided this is what I wanted for my family this is what I wanted for my husband and myself until we need that conscious decision to change our lifestyle and not those of the couple's I love working with the most people know that this is what they want to do for themselves
because you have to make that mental forget to take up mental action steps of this is something that I'm ready to do and ready to commit to and then I can totally help you get there
I know that you can and I want to thank you so much for taking your time out of your day to be with us to teach us to guide us to Enlighten us to really a better way of living and individual life your life a happier life and a life with our partners are spouses are made our children and a life that we can really look forward to a future that we look can look forward to buy having a happy and healthy life so it's just such a privilege to have you here and I look forward to having you back and just the most incredible information and I'm so glad I'm not glad you were in the car accident but that's 8 LED you to a doorway and which you would learn new technique to be able to really change Lifestyles and change people's lives to really be the kind of Life they knew they were meant to live
thank you I am so appreciative and so excited to be honest be able to share this information with everybody we're creating a movement
absolutely love you Elizabeth for new and healthy lifestyle look forward to having you back
just incredible information doctor namira had a consciously truly consciously have a healthier and a happier life a better life and I love that she is the baby making Guru I just had one of the best things that I have ever heard and I'm really interested to go to the website and hearing this ever successfully really preparing your body for a baby because I think it's information that people that are looking to start a family wouldn't that be valuable information to have an infection in your leash and she prepared her body before the pregnancy before the baby was born and what a beautiful glorious enchanting marvelous experience and how much he loved being pregnant and you can as well and I love the fact that she's opening doors for our can't have a happy and a healthy future and a happy and a healthy life and soak
together all these elements of a truly having that happily ever after that we know we were all men to live so just sent half sticks of thank you to doctor in the mirror next week we have an astonishing show we are learning and talking with a doctor that is a psychologist and a therapist but she works with people through Tango dancing she actually works with people where they physically moved out their emotions and where they're at by stepping forward stepping back turning changing direction and it's through movement and dance that she's able to change people's lives give people better life give people their Consciousness and heal relationships that for years have been stuck for years that have been advised for years that have been full of anger and volatility and open the doorways and a Pathways to really a blissful life she's incredible
watch to work it it's amazing and so I'm excited for that show and today I just thought this is the most fascinating beautiful information I'm ready myself to go see Titan Ymir and make sure that they are logically I am aligned and I am not stuck anywhere and I think that the way that she works is exactly the way that a doctor should be working chest opening the doors and just like saying just to check in to make sure that you're healthy that you're alive that your vitals everything it said every day you were launching to a life of fulfillment and dreams realized and come true so this is Nicole Brandon Banks are stuck in the mirror and wishing you all a happily ever after