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Unlimited Life, October 20, 2021

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Hourglass Bride
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Karen Cobb

Hourglass Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Karen Cobb


Make up artist, Karen Cobb, has over 10 years of experience specializing in transformational beauty make up. __Having trained with MAC Cosmetics, her professionalism, skill and talent make her in high demand. Additionally, she brings with her a skill for camera-ready hair styling and character hair styles. __Her artistry has been utilized by such celebrities as Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, former President Bill Clinton, and Rhonda Byrne (author of “The Secret”). __She has worked for major networks such as ABC, NBC, TBS and PBS on a variety of shows in addition to photo shoots and private events including the Golden Globes. Her flexibility allows her to perform a variety of make up tasks from creating drama for television and film to traditional weddings.

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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quiet hi it's Nicole Brandon and Welcome to our glass bride we have such a special show for you today I am so excited and so thrilled when we started this two years ago we really wanted to talk about the happily-ever-after what are the keys what are the secrets what are the tools to living that unbridled life to having that happiness that you enjoy the view for a good list this Freedom the passion all of those things that you've always desired and at the top of my list when we were creating the show I actually wrote down This Woman's name today Karen table because Karen table is an expert in happiness she's an expert in Beauty inside and out she's an expert in the music of the soul and being a
go to create and fluid change how to take the essence of who you are and take it extraordinary and she was at the berry Tikki Tikki tippy-top of my guest list and as the years have gone by she is so busy and she's working with celebrities on shows and I ran into her the other day and we were talking about how loween she's even doing the makeup now for one of the grandest spectrums Halloween extravaganza in the planet and the gifts that she has and we were talking about makeup and I was really thinking about not just bridal makeup because that's this one the most important things on fries when they're getting married but also talked about when you're dating and you want to look beautiful for somebody or you just taking that casual walk on the beach and you want to look natural and Flawless or you just had a newborn baby and what's quick and easy
Beach for you to still be able to feel beautiful and is that even possible and then you have an event coming up like Halloween where you want to create at all other persona and character and you can do something with makeup you could do with your children with your self with your spouse and so I was so lucky and so gifted because she had a break in her schedule and she's able to join us today and talk about a subject I've been wanting to talk about forever we truly the Pinnacle when I bring you the experts and the very top people in the world and what they do certainly can Cobb is the top expert in the field of makeup and magic and so I'm thrilled to talk to her today and Karen welcome welcome to the show it is such a joy to have you here today thinking of coal on my that introduction I don't know what to say about that one
oh you're so talented I mean you truly are and we can talk and I have watched you work for years and there are certainly people that know how to do makeup and then there are magicians and people that are gifted and you have the ability to cuz you can make somebody look so natural that you would never know they were wearing makeup and then you do the Academy Awards Red Carpet Events or you're able to create these characters for shows and these celebrities are look at your celebrity photographs and nobody can do makeup like I mean and I know that you teach other makeup artists around the world and you teach makeup institutions and you are the Grandeur of the Grandeur and so I guess my first question is always left as-is question did you know like when you were little girl when you're 6 + 7 + 8 did you make up your friends are you always interested in Beauty and
you know honestly I when I was a little girl my thing was beside like every little girl playing with Barbie is Barbie was is gorgeous but also I left and so as an artist I love to draw beautiful women and Chef you know my interpretation of what beauty was at the age of 7 8 10 12 13 Wishes a beautiful lips and big doe eyes and contouring and it's amazing because now that I'm more skilled and in my field I'm surprised that I even though I didn't know the words for what it was I was still utilizing those techniques set or just basically the foundation for me to becoming a better makeup artist and an emphasis on the art word art
you know cuz I definitely took our classes to understand color more and shading and the whole illusion aspect of beauty by makeup and also makeup
riches to me I look at these pictures and I don't just scared just looking at the pictures of the Disney have an hour for lunch because I know that you know we've been recently looking at Disney characters on when I look at the little mermaid or I look at that other it Cinderella or the princesses always have these incredible features that you're drawn to well you know I guess maybe subconsciously I will give Disney a shout out on the exam but also I think it's actually just general rule of makeup as far as what your goal is to create a particular an illusion cuz makeup is an illusion and doors and another way of putting up and have seen what you already have taken it to another direction also making people focus on a different feature
that maybe you want to bring out for something you want to minimize
that's incredible I'm so won't you do know you talked about being a little girl and trying I guess I've always had to question is there a two young like you're only ten and you can't wear makeup or you yeah
is there too young to wear makeup either they're too young to wear lashes but I have put lashes on little beauty pageant girls so I can't even really say that I think it's it's depends on each individual so and also what their goal is now Foundation or powder and she has no reason to do that yeah I was too young I mean but then at the same time the makeup that they're creating now actually serve multiple purposes it's not just to minimize imperfections and maximize Perfection it's also used to protect the skin from the elements of free radicals assign you know dis is element in the air that actually becomes a benefit so I know I've dealt with a teenage girls who are having maybe at some acne problems
where they don't necessarily need to wear the full makeup you get you know the Coates & Coates of it but they actually can benefit from a tent that actually that also has a moisturizing factor to it as well as a sunscreen back into it so you know I answer your question is there two young what you're doing there so many little girls that are doing beauty pageants and are entertaining specially being that I'm based out of LA and as a makeup artist that's when they come calling on me is when they're doing something extraordinary or also if they had like an accident I had to Gone Girl the other day who's 12 or 11 and she has fallen and hurt her knee her cheek pretty bad and in our parents were really concerned on when that when I healed would it be a dark sky that you have to battle for you know for years and it actually you know I gave him some advice and told him what kind of products
go on it as well as encouraged to use like a tent to help protect it from the spine and now she's fine so again and I just tagged answer that question is too young it's up to the parents and the child on what end again with the child's doing
that's a great answer and then can anybody afford makeup is their beauty on a budget I like this couple is looking at this it really this day they sell makeup on all price points but you have to be careful because some makeup because you get it at a lower price point
doesn't mean it's a horrible makeup but also to our are good make up some of them though have made it overseas and they don't have the stringent s h a f t a f d a h e r is that make up that sold in the US normally has so for example they may have lead in it you know I meant again if you skin your skin is the biggest organ of your body so are you really have to be caused a cautious of what you're putting on it so just you know these things some of it has not been tested properly for on the eye area so it's a eyeshadow or you buy it on a budget on the Other Extreme they're totally fine with the testing and there's no LED face anything in it but the pigmentation is very light meaning that
when you put it off and I'm sure everyone type of problem where they put on their makeup and they thought this could be a really bright blue color to put on your eyelid and it turns out that it's a solid turns out we put on it's a soft blue and you can't give me color payout or the color it goes on and it doesn't stay on so there when you buy an expensive makeup a lot of times that might be the case now you can't fix that with things like primers things that you can put underneath that makeup I like to use my God I like mac I use a lot of my products but also to I do go to different stores like Macy's and and idles up in La which is more for the like professional makeup artist and so they have things like glycerin and the over-the-counter version of it would be the 6 Plus at Mac which has glycerin in it and that helps make the makeup stay on longer so you can always
the Marlow explain a less expensive makeup and mix it with more products that will help it stay on longer that will help but I would say don't skip skimp on your must-haves which is your skin care and your foundation because you can buy a real extent that expensive Foundation at RJ and it be the wrong color and you've been wearing it and wearing it wearing it and it doesn't help whatever you put on top of that the foundation is not correct so I wouldn't skin from the top of the skin care of the foundation and I'm depending on house is if your eyes are even your eyeliners so that will be my thing color lipsticks you can kind of find that different places but definitely those are the main items
okay that's fabulous as ice I really isn't so now I want to take the Journey of the falling in love Journey okay so that we talk about first dating because you know you want to look good to go out but then you also have times when you were going to the fair you're going to the beach bike riding or whatever but you still want to look beautiful so what are some suggestions for a day and for night for the woman looking for fall in love first leaving are always liked it a lot of makeup to sleep so that's where I would go again I'm you know I do enjoy my Mac and I think other lines piercings over some of this and it's a big Trend right now BB cream BB cream is wonderful because it has hydrating factors in it it also has a little bit of a color
also has a sunscreen as well as a primer and what I mean by primer and help smooth out the texture of the skin so that is a wonderful must have said any woman's like I don't wear makeup I'm naturally beautiful I wake up like this kind of a walk because you can put that all over and it's going to give you a touch of Good Help even you out very nicely and all fat all front so that when I would definitely recommend as well as for that very simple I just going to beach as well look we're not Flawless but beautiful and just like the sky all she wakes up like this every morning that I will also use a little bit of a light face powder just a basic help cut down the signs of your little oily that's a must have another must have is a perfect lip gloss that lip gloss
so that you do not need to even look in the mirror and you know it's going to be right so just need to be very highly pigmented but it just needs to get a hamster lip color your natural lip color and or if you're not a big fan cuz it's not women aren't a big fan of their natural lip color it needs to be a color that will minimize that so for example color theory if you have like a brown spot or brown you something pink that will that will basically minimize that brown and even it out if you have a red Nest to use yellow or green that canceled out so with that said some women might think of my lip to to Brown there too they blend in too much use a pink lip line of liquids that will actually help give you more but kissable lips another thing you can do is invest in some very soft
blush and I love I really love a blessed to have a little bit of Shimmer to it as almost like a highlight and the Highlight goes on the higher plane of the face, so I can see so follow your eyebrow right above your eyebrow along the side of your eyes up to the top plane of your cheekbone I just heard very little light not heavy it should be the sun catches it as he's looking at you gazing in your eyes and I was supposed to be something we just very romantic and then just some real great mascara if you're really having a problem with your last you like oh my gosh my lashes and never full enough instead of painting on so much mascara than having a flake off later which is never a good luck use a little bit of lash primer the last timer what it will do is it will it have fibers and It Coats the lashes and makes them thicker and
longer and prepare them so that when you put your mascara on it actually makes it so you have to build up the mascara just one coat and maybe a little bit extra coats on certain spots of the lashes if you want to make really pop that's when you hook the the primer so with that said I would sue a BB cream off on sorry let me stop I was first start with a great moisturizer do you have to have that you need to have that especially we going to be out at the beach or at the sun you need to hydrate your skin and moisturize your skin that was a bit more strizer then go to a something similar a BB cream or Tinted Moisturizer because again that's going to help to even everything out a little powder a beautiful blush a highlight and then a lip a lip gloss is a very simple lip gloss a lot of mascara and you can also take us to touch any of your highlight or your blush and it's just kind of brush your eyes on your eyelid
if you give yourself a really soft wash of color not a lot but that will is what I would recommend for just that I am a natural beauty no effort low-maintenance girl he look
this is beautiful advice and I'm not I am a mascara that I know that it was a question is being tight end so I'm asking and it's on the top or the bottom first or does it matter I love the way I love you apply the mascara is I am very aggressive I'll take it on the top on top of the lashes just like one coat on tops and then I will go underneath the top lash especially if the sizing on the outer corner and then and you use my hand and I wiggle it going back and forth like you're like you're brushing your teeth not going up and down with the brush your teeth but back and forth left and right in a quick motion all the way to the temp in focusing on the end of the lashes like the very Corner the last to the end of the lashes because what that's going to do is going to show a graduation of
intensity okay so you going to start with a little bit on the top of the last thing to go underneath the top lash with the mascara wand and go left and right quickly as but focusing on the very corner of the last of the eye at all the way into the very tip of the Lash then we're like to do is take them the last one you said very tip of it and brush the bottom lashes underneath the eye using the very tip of its just to get a lot of a definition and then I may just call me call me out so don't do the tip going straight towards your eye because that you might poke your eye out you're going to use the test going it's going to be going upwards towards the sky and then it's just going to just brush underneath your eye on that last step very bottom last and going to see a lot more definition that way
sounds easy and it sounds beautiful now I'm doing and when we talked about the I one of the other questions I have is the color because do you match the eyeshadow to your color of your eyes or to the Glamorous outfit that you're wearing you it's your choice what's great used to be a lot of rules to make up you know the summer and fall and left and right you know all those wonderful rules they've kind of threw them all out the window which is great and then Harbor her about the same time because now people are going left them to their own devices so with that said I like to first before I put my makeup on decide what to look I'm going for ultimately
what is it that I'm trying to present like what's the character I've in that moment so for example of Ayman power woman I'm at work I want you know I don't want to be folk people to focus on who I am and not how much makeup I have or but yet and still I need to subliminally be attractive to these people so they feel comfortable because that's another issue with some women have they think old people won't take me seriously if I put too much makeup on to send the other really thought about how much makeup you put on it's how the makeup is reading on you so with that said if I want to be power woman at work I'm still doing the same steps as I with you is if I'm going out to a glamorous evening red carpet style but it's just the color choices so maybe I will be more muted colors more Earth Tone colors with just a pop of color of the lip like a red lip for or a or I might decide to do more of a
Malachi as far as may be a darker eyeliner little bit more heavier on the eyeshadow just a little bit for work but then I will do I will balance it with a very soft nude lip cell with their minimal color so the answer your question on how do you know the supposed to match your eyes or your clothes it depends on what you're trying to show so with that said on the I end your eyes as a general rule for the eyes is that could really bring out a blue or a hazel-eyed you're going to want to go with a plum or greens
they are the Browns that will bring out the Hazel or the green eyes are disposed more lighter eyes from the ground and then off to work great with brown eyes also so that's your general rules use blue with the brown those will pop it if you want to be more hey look at me I'm more fabulous and you know I'm really trying to show off a little bit more which is I'm all about then definitely you can do more more more matching match each type of makeup where it's all your eyeshadow matches your outfit exactly and maybe a year on your lipstick color is in the same color family I would refer to a color wheel that is my best friend to help me see what colors complement each other with so I cannot do I have more choices so I'm not just either Brown and Plum
or whatever color Matthew to call them wearing I could actually then looks like okay while this color is going to be complementary to that color so I don't have to just be limited so I can ask the experiment with other colors
I love and I love your knowledge is just absolutely amazing I want to watch you I mean you were like a mad scientist when you put colors together and I and it it's whatever you see I mean it's incredible that you have a pallet in your head and that you can actually create that and just look at her face and now you're going to do and then I look at the work that you do is just unbelievable. It's remarkably perfect this is actress Rose you know from whatever went from men do you know the most handsome of men or whatever and then at the same time you can look at it face that you've created an envelope in the motion do you know some. A happiness or sadness to sexy you can fall into people's faces that you've done it it's just beautiful I mean your work is just absolutely beautiful
give a lot of brides listening to the show this is The Hourglass bride and its relationship show and so when people are getting married how far in advance should they think of that makeup and to you it isn't worth finding a makeup artist separate from your hair person and and what do you recommend for brides
well that's a few questions if you're asking so what type of all of them they're great advice cuz I mean if I could talk to the bride's you know personally which I'm so grateful for this opportunity just to take my my hair I'm really grateful that you invited me on the show to call me to give me an opportunity to express myself and my tablet so thank you thank you thank you so very much just so you know that part but to answer your question as far as with the bride's you know I've had Brides book means they've tried to book me a year in advance and less they really doing a very elaborate wedding where there's a destination involved and there are like I've done Indian weddings where there is a three-day event where it makes our there's a lot of Bridesmaids
a Year's worth that much I mean in a less packed but if it's unless it's really elaborate and involves a lot for the makeup artist then I would say yeah it's two year or more but if it's just a basic simple wedding depending on the popular your makeup artist I would give 8 6 to 8 months is standard and definitely do it to subdue a trial but for me as a makeup artist I'll take pictures I'll take note but I also very free for in and flexible knowing that that bride that's how she felt that day she might feel a little differently, they're for a wedding so I tried kind of keep what we discussed loose because again things change he might get a tantrum you know she might lose it and I don't know if so I am very flexible as far as getting having the hair and makeup included if you can find a makeup artist I can do both like I do both that's a great idea especially Italy
minimize the cost if you are having a small wedding and you don't really need of the staff that's great but normally if it's a large wedding party which I would say over for bridesmaids you going to want to separate the hair and makeup and and if you give me what the particular Salon or makeup artist and hairstylist see if they can do both again also I can I do recommend the trial before especially the makeup just to make sure you would ever make up product here Artisan using you don't have any negative experiences is only positive throughout the day so that's why you wanted to try out I suggest people to when I do it to do the trial on the same day that they're doing their engagement photos I charge a little bit extra to finish the look and the hair and everything but that way they really know how to make up where's because they're doing their makeup
and they're doing either engagement for the same way that actually makes it so much easier for the rides because she's now saved a little bit of money and also know has more confidence and makeup artists because now she can see how the makeup films a photograph because that's a big trip cuz sometimes especially of your bride or individual that does not wear a lot of makeup you thinking oh my gosh this is too much is too much but when you take a when the flash happens and the picture happens it's actually making you
you making features kind of washing out about 50% of what you're seeing in real life
so by me that's that's my feeling
now that I mean it it's just such great information and then is it proper to tip the makeup artist
you know what it's it's appreciated you know I I don't want to say it's proper or improper rude or not rude it's appreciate it but it's not mandatory because of tipping basis to ensure proper service that's what it means so it's it's up to you as our I ask the bride and also of your of your relationship with the makeup artist so for example of and makeup are really did a lot of lot for you and you really appreciated them yet so give it to that but it's not it's not mandatory but it's appreciate it more big questions along that line kissable lips gloss on and gooey or they put on elliptical and they kissed somebody and then it's mirrors all over their their lips are over the guy's face and whoever they're kissing can we talk about kissable lips
yes we can talk like a cigarette Okay so
there's a few ways to do it massimino's the simplest way of what you said the lip gloss and you you you can also shop around for just a couple of glasses some of them they're not so sticky some of them are a more creamy and that wants to do it but my biggest trick there is things in her pants Incorporated lip liner to take a darker lip liner around the outside of the lips when you're drawing it just may be just a little bit on the outside of lips emphasize it in the corners of lips then put your lipstick on because what that's going to make your lips lips look more Fuller because that a shading trick you know when they when you shave that pick up round circle on a piece of paper and you did just stayed mum had a part of the the circle along the edge halfway of it you've noticed it looks more like a round ball is the same kind of thinking another trick is eyeshadow
you know something weird but actually if you don't really want a sticky but you want to have that sense of a shine take a light frost it eyeshadow like a white or a gold put your lipstick on and then take that on the more Fuller parts of your lip and does. It and then blend in together until again that's going to give you the give the illusion of more Fuller lips so those those are definitely two tricks that we use all the time
Emma now that the bleeding because sometimes you have lipstick in it just leaves around you have the little ring around your lips or when you're kissing somebody all of a sudden they get it all over their face it Arthur lipstick that stays in the lipstick stains they stay on I mean and there are there's some great ones that I've run into you like honey or Mac has a few I think you can find some at Sephora there's no joke but the problem is there are there all have their on I mean they're really meant for the woman that's going to wear that table was sick for a few days because it's staying on you have to really that you have to like do a scrub sometimes to get them off also another way to do it is taking a lip liner
clean cut and dry your lips fully and make sure there are they are completely exfoliate it so that it's just nice and smooth OK pick your lip liner desire color you want still the whole entire lip in with that lip liner and just really take your finger at our lip gloss and just brush it back and forth and just pushed back to sleep at it in flat Lipizzan take a
tissue block between the two your two labs and then you can go to add your lipstick what that's going to do is that going to make that lipstick last so much longer so if you can't find your favorite color in a like a pro long wear lipstick and lip stain you can create it in that sense another way of doing it as far as the bleeding aspect because some people even bathe a smoked or email as you get older your lips become a live in my purse be there a finer you can take a lip primer and put it out on the outside where the lipstick can sub lead and feather just on that outside or take a face primer something that is designed to fill in the lines around the lips that where you not with the lipstick to go then go on and just do your lipstick the way you normally will because you'll find it that will help kind of clean like a damn
the fact and it will
I love these secrets and told it is so perfect I just died so appreciate your knowledge in your information and then I guess my last question why my line is mascara if you're crying on your wedding day or if you were dancing and you're sweating or you're having sex and you're sweating in the mascara run as you look like a baby raccoon key about your mascara number one number two translucent powder translucent powder is a powder that has very little pigment to it and it's almost and I'm not saying use this but it's like a cross between like corn store cornstarch and baby powder do not use either one but it's it's a cross between it what it does is it basically sitting atop of the skin it bonds with all liquids are that are on the skin like your foundation and will try to absorb all that and it just makes it stay
like anything that touches your skin after the transfer the powder if you let it the longer you let it set on your skin and then and then the more absorbed deducted off so anything that gets on top of it literally will just slide right off just slide right off so if you have a problem of raccoon eyes around the I get investors and translucent powder some good quality translucent powder take it and be very generous and paddle around the eye area wait about 5 minutes and you can go on and do your lips going to your eyes way about 5 minutes and then just get out from underneath and then nothing it's going to go underneath that I it's the mascara stay in place just it won't go anywhere
now do you give classes I mean I know that you do makeup for for brides and four huge awards ceremony then we're going to talk about Halloween and I know I would also love to talk about your corporate training for makeup as well but do you give personal lessons to people is as well that you know if you do a bride or you do and a van or somebody hired as you to do their makeup for some special occasion can you also teach them oh yeah I love to give a personal lessons 101 because again with makeup I'm just an extension of what they want to present to the world right and I'd really I love to work with people they're just going to Zen moment and their chests, so we can really engaged so it's even better when I teach them how to do their eyes and how do the lips and how did just maintain this look and evolve as an artist himself I love doing that the one I want and where we actually do
discuss in detail about skin care and then find the right skin for them and Care regiment to them as well as the right colors and explain to them in person this is why you this is what this color so do your eyes this is what this close to do to your eyes or are or this is going to make you look if you're tired this is how you fix that is how you get rid of dark circles until you get rid of any puffiness and so it's really a guy love to do stuff like that you know so whatever I bribed or client has asked me to come over and give her water one less than I'm all about heck yeah let's do it and I know you work all over the world as you're saying you fly everywhere for weddings and I know that you even teach makeup artist had to do their trade and you were at with makeup companies needed spas and resorts and teach them the makeup artist really had to be able to handle the high-end clientele as well as the people that
miniature for people that want to work with you what's the best way for people to book you into find you absolutely email me at Miss Ms Karen Cobb at I'm based out of Orange County you can also see some of my work it's at Karen Cobb k a r e n c o b b calm and just go backslash makeup or if you go to my main web page which is Karen Cobb. Calm there's a little button says makeup I can't even see my resume and the pictures you know why I slept until my wedding some December wedding is there's quite a bit on that website
that you know information about myself and I would mean I'd love to you no talk to anybody to have any issues I also do entertain doing online classes where they can just ask questions and we just do tutorial some things that nature just for them specifically for the what they're needing to train people how to use a makeup tube they have and the products that they have as well as for film and television and corporations and expertise is just incredible in and now this month you're getting to do one of the most fun Extravaganza event of the century and had the opportunity to look at some of these photographs and I could honestly say the pictures scared me I don't even have to go I'm already terrified and so I would love to
a little bit about Halloween makeup because I think that it's the one time of year that people let loose they let go they wouldn't be vampires zombies scary and also make up for your kids because it's the time with you know they made say no 12 year old girls should wear lipstick and then that little girl they're making her a zombie makeup all over that child so I would love your
thoughts and your pathway and your conscious flow on Halloween because it really is a day mean in Fright Night and the makeup that you've created is the most spectacular I've ever seen. Oh my gosh thank you so much Nicole I really appreciate the compliments cuz I definitely want to be able to scare people I had a client she was 17 and she's going to get her makeup done either before she went to class she's in high school and she's super fun and Chucky and at this time I've been working doing them harm a cup of peanuts are various because you know for various the Halloween events so it's very into my heart and so she could do her makeup for Chucky and as I was doing it I had to stop and she's like what's going on I'm like okay I got to find out first do you want to be so scary that people like old
are you going to be so scary that people will not sit next to you at lunch
I'm going to be a little scary I don't want the teachers to send me home because I'm just at frightened me so I had to slow it down a little bit and make it'll take take me to bed but I mean actually your picture on my website but with that said there's so many looks in levels you can do as far as makeup is concerned for Halloween and I mean there's enough for your kids just a cute little is it is there going to be a little bug or mouth I'm always a big fan of just a simple statement piece on the face so I give your appointment can I cure a mouse just a little mouse nose and some whiskers you know I think that's adorable I'm versus something more intricate some serious face painting action
it's all just depends on what they're looking for
and for adults I mean can you is there is there at the other thing is they're too frightening and where do you begin do you look at books you going line are there tutorials for a how does somebody do scary makeup for Halloween well you know what's great with the scary makeup if you want to do really great scary
it a lot of it is called is it shading is in-depth so with various colors so if you want to make yourself like a gash on your face you want to start with a basic outline of frown on your face because that looks like the bruised of the Skins begin began to be bruised painted red on the inside you know take a little bit of yellow and white and blue very interest rates throughout because that shows the muscle and then outline it very softly with some black so that already give you the job then you know there's always the best thing in the world which is scar blood which you can get it any Halloween shop or fake blood and that will make it look very Sinister if you really want to do a three dimensional and you don't even like look I'm not that artistic I just want to look like it's something and that's in a little bit of it in your like I'm not someone who's Miss make
I don't want to get laid text spirit gum or anything of that so I use a little bit of dual actually Duo lash glue take some cotton drench it with some Duo take that and press it on the face around where the scar would be let it dry and then put a little bit of a like a white or flushed home water-based makeup on that and then you can make make yourself your own scar which is a great way of doing it so now you have a three-dimensional scarf with just using a little bit of do on your TV using like a lot of caught just a little bit the strings of cotton so that makes your skin look like it's raised and it's texturized
that that's it will help it also what's scary is the dark circles under the eyes
in what about airbrushing do you and I were talking about airbrushing the other day I was saying that I wanted to be an avatar and you were saying you know yet her Pride
well you know what airbrushing is great I mean there is unfortunately not other people have airbrush you know there's a few people that do but that's a wonderful way it's very smooth and still heavyweight finished but you can also get the similar finish of an airbrush by taking a water-based makeup painted onto the face so it's and then taking of like a spray bottle of this an arms-length spraying the water or the 6 plus the glycerin stew sprained arm slings and let it missing all of your face take a flathead buffing brush and then just go in a circular motion all around the face to even out in streak so what ends up happening is now actually your makeup looks like it's airbrushed on and they can continue on with your details and I'm like for you for example for your avatar like the symbols that we are going you need it on top of it but I would definitely referring to like any to Tori
makeup tutorials or photos of references references to use to inspire you to for a costume cuz what's great about it now is it still show me Halloween shops around the actually have a lot of makeup that and then also you can create these makeup you not of your own makeup bag if you have blue eyeshadow and you're like oh man I want I don't want to go buy more makeup but I have blue eyes so I never used take a little the blue eyeshadows scrape it off take some of your foundation mix it together and now you've made a cream base Blue Foundation and you could just follow the same road that you would stoop to your own your own makeup you can use your eyeshadow is to help with depth than and highlighting so you're not you know I mean I have eye shadows that are maybe I got them as a you know just a passing guess who you go up there not something that so that would normally use I use those in my special effects
cat because I can I enter the more the more I use the merrier kind of thing where it's like I don't have to ration rational look this is when you do get that dollar I have it at the swap meet this is the perfect time to buy though
is Halloween
I love that and so I guess now that you're zombies or know that you were a creature of monster whatever that is or now that you are a bride and you've gone to a red carpet event what's the best way to have makeup removal how do you stop being a zombie or stop looking like you're walking down the red carpet or what's the best way to take makeup off it's just whatever is best for some people like for me I don't have real sensitive skin so I'm I use a wife like a Mac makeup wipes and the remove to make up really quickly and then I go in with a specialty soap that it's a will really remove any of the makeup it also tighten the skin kind of like you know Dove Noxzema that kind of idea idea and then but you want to really follow back up as soon as possible with moisturizing so because when she's at you strip the skin of all this moisture
you definitely need to replace that especially as we get a little older ladies and I'll do the Skins not as hot as it used to be helping out Esther you know did you some scrubs mean as I love myself I love and Ice facial scrub it's so rejuvenating and then following with him was tried or so to take your makeup off off use makeup remover off of some sort and then wash your face and then you saw the moisturizer so what about the oil does baby oil work as a makeup remover
yeah you know you can it's not really designed to be makeup remover it's something that I would use if you have makeup like for example here's a here's a tip that's actually pretty important Everyone likes glitter on their eyelids write those that's very fun trendy a club kid look what we do is we'll take a little bit of Duo lash glue and just get attacking the tip of your fingertips and knee pads on your lead wherever you want to go to the real good here too then you take a little bit of glitter with a clean singer and patted directly on what you just put the DeWalt and then it stays on and it will not go anywhere you do that with your lips like you put lip liner all over your lip then you take the 200 and you put it on top of your lip don't treat it like a lip gloss lady literally just a little tiny bit to grab the glitter
the glitter on in the glitter goes nowhere so with that said that's when I would use something like a oil-based makeup remover refuse the baby oil but two two because all the bond that the the deal was creating so like if you were a lot of false lashes all the time like I do you want to have invested a oil oil-based makeup remover I'm also if you are wearing waterproof anything you need an oil-based makeup remover because that's who I think is going to break down the Via properties of the eyeliner
I love this information and I mean and you do I know you do hair as well as makeup I know that you have worked with the Quincy Jones and Aretha Franklin did Bill Clinton I mean you you just are the celebrity starlighter whatever you are the dazzling shining makeup artist and I love it and some my next question is makeup on the go because we go to these red carpet event we have these tiny little handbags that don't even fit our phones anymore since we have these new big phone whatever that is and I remember that little containers that you put babysitter something good that you put I had went in and what do you recommend because the lip the base is so big and they're all that religion whatever that is that you have what are your suggestions for makeup on the go if you can afford to get the quality makeup and and your you have a time to apply it properly
using the foundation that just going to assume the washing your face to your foundation but actually putting moisturizer out of your primer and then your foundation and doing your primer for your eyelids and things of that nature you actually find that your makeup will last you a ridiculous amount of time you don't really need to touch it up for I mean I can make a house like an hour where time I know I push that envelope all the time and I was going to go and I'm shocked you had 10 hours after I put makeup on what are 12 hours even I'm like wow that looks good all I've had to do is put my lipstick on so with that said I always I am a big purple to do it right the first time so you have to deal with it again and that's what's funny to me when I do people's makeup there like I don't need a whole bunch of stuff to take with me and I know I do a good job with that said
it lasted the next day for pictures I took and the next day I still look beautiful with eyeshadow primer and and using the right tools to apply it to begin with but if you don't have that luxury in your life okay I am to have to touch up again or you maybe you want to change your look a little bit halfway through the day I would say. Powder powder with you I love those little tiny travel-size brushes that you can get it like CVS me I'm not a big fan of using those as your main brushes for the touch up stairs fine I'm I'm more like invest in the Mac brushes or invest in Sephora brushes invest in the real one the one to really cost to bid for the natural hair because they're just made a lot more sturdier than the ones you pick up there like oh my God 12 plushies for $5
now. Don't do that once but you'll be spending you know tons and lots and lots of $5 to keep replacing those brushes
but I would say on the go you just need a little like your lips your lips and little bit of powder that should be about it
it's just wonderful having you here it really is and I know we only have a couple minutes left and I just have a quick question on that Halloween makeup makeup on and the rest of your body make your hands if you're doing body paint or something any recommendations for that for those that are just getting ready for the Halloween adventure going to be for Halloween you don't want to have to be like oh my God I can't touch this can't touch that but if you're like look I need to have the top of my hand painted go on and do that but you know just feel it yet you know they can get some glycerin and like I said like Mac has to think I'll fix plaster have glycerin in it with water it's amazing it really will have to make up last longer and stay on his last go you know basically stay on longer so that helps a lot so that will help it not come off so easily
I love that wear glove my device is the gloves away your hands into luck you'll be fine I love it it's so perfect and I can people can find you at ww.w. Katherine with a k k a r e n k makeup and I just heard all of you that are listening out there to find turn to find who work because truly unite your talent and your skill and I can't imagine having a wedding or having a special occasion or event or even being able to create a dynamic look like the horrifying Halloween Luxor it's such a special spectacular look something that you want to be able to say this is a look I've always wished I could have eyes that look like they're so cheap phones that look like
and to have you be able to teach somebody how to create this your natural beauty look at another even people that are listen to shut it just can newborns or have little kids and people that you know I don't have time to put makeup on anymore and they do I mean look at the techniques you teach are so simple and so easy and so accessible for people to feel beautiful
thank you so much it's it's true and I mean it and makeup is for everybody don't let people don't let any insecurity say all I can't do that because whatever you can as long as you want to it all to mately your face is your calling card you know it is what the first thing people see of you is your face so you definitely if you spend if you still have time with your shoes and your hair your dress and close your face in that
wonderful advice and I so love that you're with us today and I wish you a very happy Halloween and I look forward to seeing the more frightening pictures even though they scare me I'm still holding intrigued to see the Mastery that you were creating as well as all the beautiful Brides & and glamorous celebrities along the way and it you just such a talented artist I love the fact that that's how you started but that your thing as a little girl you know they made true and that and you truly have become at the you know an artist of artistry so it's a grand gift and great gratitude to have you with us today and just we look forward to having you back again thank you Nicole thank everyone and you have a beautiful blessed day and again you know my friend on Facebook I appreciate you so much thank you for having me thank you what a beautiful show so Karen table and makeup mastering
set up a little bikes and I love the fact that she taught you how to travel with your makeup to look natural how you can have my technique I was writing as fast as I can and I'm sure I'm going to replay the show replay the show and if you didn't get to write everything down as quickly as you wanted to you can easily get a copy of the show simply send a text message from your phone to buy 5678 really easy to send a text message to 5 5 6 7 8 and the message is simply Nicole and you can download a copy of Today Show into your phone into your iPad into your computer into any mobile device you can get this shower any archives show but you can listen to it over and over and over again which I know I want to do because those itek even if she was talking about being able to make wreaths at Sea with a shimmer on the cheek bone in the eye and on the lips had to be able to use that primer in a lip liner and to be able to use it
still been in and took all of those secrets that I was just a longing to hear it so I'm so excited to go back and redo those and to try this on my own because I know they're going to be effective and they're going to work so they're your makeup tips for your beautiful beautiful wedding your dates you're falling in love your parenting and for the spectacular and special Halloween this is Nicole Brandon and Karen Cobb wishing you that happily ever after

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