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Unlimited Life, October 13, 2021

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Hourglass Bride
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Aiden Chase

Hourglass Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Aiden Chase

Aiden Chase, known as “Hollywood’s Healer,” is an acclaimed, third generation, healer and intuitive. His psychic gifts also include clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Clients come to him from around the world seeking intuited and channelled energy healing, psychic life guidance and business strategy. His goal is to help you to clear the way and illuminate your path for you to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

Aiden is a real 21st century Harry Potter who lives in Los Angeles in the heart of the entertainment industry. He brings healing and guidance to Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, power players, newcomers and their projects. In addition, Aiden communicates with spirit guides, angels and passed on spirits including: Hollywood legendary actor and producer Gene Kelly, HSH Princess Grace of Monaco, NBC/Paramount executive Brandon Tartikoff, and famed Hollywood master architect Paul Williams.

Aiden has had a long history as a producing and creative consultant for Hollywood film and television projects and has consulted to award winning Hollywood producers, directors, studio executives, agents, and actors.

Aiden filmed a TV pilot called Ancient Tomorrow about ancient power technologies to power our future.

Aiden has been featured in People Magazine, on Access Hollywood and...

Just named “Hollywood’s A-List Psychic” by the Hollywood Reporter

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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what high school did Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life today I am so excited for the episode because as we talked about what it's like to lead a life that has no barriers no borders No Boundaries no wall no lines and how we able to change everything to a gate and simply open the on the other side and how do we launch into our life and into our visions and into our hopes and into our dreams and please Cash Express in the world a being able to read and live a life that we all know we desire and deserve to live and Aiden is known as a Hollywood dealer and I absolutely love that I remember that when I was in Europe
I saw beautiful commercial and I actually cried at the commercial it was a beautiful Montage of people's lives and people touching one another love and one other people hack the planet nature and at the very end there was a mother putting a Band-Aid on a child's me and they fit everybody in the world has the power to heal a Johnson & Johnson we make the Booboo feel better and it was the first time that ever cried watching the commercial but I remember thinking afterward what does healing actually means what does it mean to be a Healer and if we all have the power to heal what does that look like and if you are a master healer what could you teach the world in this case is known as the Hollywoods Helix he is a queen to out the world for his healing and his intuition Jesus third generation Heeler
I can imagine what it's like in trouble going to ask him today he said you could also include Clairvoyance clairaudience and so no matter where you are if you are Malta today if you want to be friends with you and you could drive you wherever you listening to the show he is able to help you and people reach out and see can get into it and has channeled energy he answers for you to fulfill all of your wishes and all of your dreams
he is with considered a real 21st century Harry Potter solutely loved it when you meet him you would know that's so true and he is right here in the heart of the entertainment industry is healing and guidance to English for libraries as well as the people around the world and so I think so much that I want to ask him today as I know that you do as well and so it is my honor my privilege to migrate cried to bring to you today somebody that actually has the ability to power the talent to give the Magic in the know how to help you lead an unlimited life welcome to the show
hi Nicole thank you so much for having me this is great and what a beautiful introduction will you just amazing I mean and I love the fact that this is your journey in your life and I think it's because I always love to ask people to come on the show when you were little 567 you know do you know we had the phone and I asked him did you know when you were a little boy you were going to be a fire fighter or you know Josh to end up in the fire chief and have a hundred and thirty-five thousand poisonous it not at all I wanted to be an architect and giving money to ride the truck
did you know when you were little that you had this talent and were you using it to help people even his child well I knew I absolutely have to tell him what I didn't necessarily understand the full scope of it but I know that you know I believe we Are Spiritual Beings who choose to come to Earth and incarnate here and I believe we pick our parents before were born and we picked these two people to come through what are there with you in their lifetime or not but we choose to come through that DNA pattern that combination and to experience life on this planet into experience through them their DNA their experiences or the experience of who we grew up with whether it's our town or country or neighborhood or School whatever those beliefs are and we choose to come through to learn through that so I believe I picked my parents before I was born and I believe that I came from a dimension in which I did this work and also I chose to incur
on the planet at this time where is the most dramatic changes the most amazing time to ever is incarnated on the planet is this time right now we have the bill has now become full so create art no way back when all those years ago when I was little kid it was a dill different energy field it was a little more dense a little more serious little more scientific and thankfully in the sixties we had two hippies come along and open the doors to more spirituality and although we can look at it now it's good or bad right it did open the door it started the conversation and now in 2014 might work Nicole your work this type of work is very mean to me very acceptable when I was 4 years old I didn't understand what it was acceptable or unacceptable or no cool or not cool to people but what I do know is I was able to know things that other people didn't know I would have adults always come to me with questions and somehow I would have the answer and I didn't really know
there was something different in me it was just I was just on how happy answer and ended with interesting about that is if you want to be normal to locate you want to fit in a little kid and you also see adults reaction to you having the knowledge of the information that we bring through a channel through and can it make a little discomfort it can make them uncomfortable it can it make you feel that you shouldn't get the information because they're the adult and so I had to work through that and intrastate only one I got two about first grade and putting to Road regular standard school I knew I need to keep my mouth shut about this stuff I'm not even though it's a little wizard kid that I have these abilities and skills and information my intuition might got said for survival is to keep my mouth shut about it and so I did that until about 25. 25 around that. Of time but as a little kid even teachers who come to ask questions in front
do you think we should do and it was always uncomfortable because I want to be like everybody else but lo and behold I would have the answers and so that became a for adults to connected to me because I know I'd have an answer I get to the heart of it to the center of it and it always seemed to resonate with them so I always felt good about the ants and I was new it came from a higher place of love and compassion and true that lose people to their better life or a better situation in the moment but as doing it's my occupation it wasn't until about 14 years ago that I began to is my occupation and really fully open and the scripture to everybody's exactly who I am and what I do
that's amazing so you saying that you held back and I understand because certainly I was in the same boat that you were and I could see and hear and know and I would write store at the child didn't have the background so what does that mean that you're a third-generation healer and do you have supported home for your gifts and talents thankfully I picked well as a spirit coming in my mom's lineage of still my maternal line are healers and they're very very intuitive 19 really run it wasn't doctors in the same way there a doctor's now Technologies medicine all those things or the town that had that extra bit of knowledge that wisdom that guy
people come to whether it was away with the herbs or that somebody just had the answers and that was really forgotten really from about 1915 19 20 on and tell the late 70s was opened by the hippie cuz I said wonderful thing it's more open than ever and so you know my grandmother and my mom my mom chose not to do this is occupation she didn't really think it was an opportunity to it never even considered it but she always uses in her work she decided to be the 80s woman and have an advertising company and all these things and creating not always amazing creative processes things in which she used her skills and abilities intuition and psychic ability in healing with in it but never did it as for occupations I'm to use it for her occupation but not as a way to heal people or transform situations that my grandmother same story and think of my grandma is more the 50s 60s for to use that you're us and talking to
spirituality other than religion was completely unacceptable and very Fringe and quiet and so she had amazing abilities in which she could fix anything instantaneously like if the car broke down she would look at it and try to figure out what to do and she has amazing MacGyver pictures like a stick and a little this and to make things work and always hear that he's mine I never understand how she knew it they would just accept that she could do it somehow she was able to fix things right and there was moving energy or a tuning in that she was able to be there or able to do and be to bring through that information so as a child I was completely supported and who I was my abilities my lineage at all times and but it was never encouraged being occupation cuz really knowing the early 80s late 70s that was just not a normal thing and it but it was always held at
he's a trainee boundaries with it how to feel safe with it how to protect myself with it how to protect myself from negative energy that might come there because when you have a bright light you can sometimes attract thing and and I was always support one example of that is having imaginary friends as a little kid most of the time imaginary friends are spirits or ghosts or interdimensional beings who little kids can see and all little kids can see these things they just start as they get older from birthday start to see them never see babies looking up at this at the ceiling in the crib they are seeing Angels guide spirits and cookies and when we get to school and start to forget it we start to mainstream ourselves and just like little kids if you ask a five-year-old who they were in their past life most likely they will tell you who they were with very specific details but when we get to school some reason I don't know if it's by Design or just buy a
culture we tried to forget those things and having access to them another way you can look at it as if you are a little baby you're closer to this has been being from the other side so it's not that far distance can you remember more and as the years go on you start to forget it and as we know we came here to learn about love but we also came here forgetting everything and all the wisdom we came to the universe from previous lifetimes future lifetimes and just kind of collective Consciousness up all information and data we tend to forget that when we come in and then what we know we know a little bit left over but as we get to about first grade it seems to be mostly disconnected and mostly forgotten and so that beautiful gift of my mom and my dad as well very accepting cuz she has he had a needle into twice though he was ready and prepared having that was such a beautiful blessing and gift that mean now in my work to know I have full acceptance
and sometimes people say you know Aiden what do you think about people who don't get it or they say oh this is fake. This is weirder this is witty or whatever it might be it never affects me because I know I have a deep acceptance within it for my family and also deep expect it's always Within Myself there were times I didn't talk about it there's always a deep acceptance about it bout it about my abilities skills and being able to just remember who you really are
beautiful yeah I remember reading on your bio that it says Aden is a real 21st century Harry Potter which I love and what was it like for you to see the movie or to read the book and to learn about a boy that has powers like this exactly well here's the thing is wonderful that in our Collective Consciousness through JK Rowling weather came from her soul or she channeled it through from a higher Dimension that we are preparing our planet for more understanding about energy is Harry Potter does spells or ritual or intentions are quantum physics states were in tension goes energy flows so you know whatever we set Our intention on we said energy in motion for that intention so whether it's me doing healing work with my hands or brings an energy field as let's face Archangel Raphael a green healing like
somebody I'm standing at attention and bring that through now Harry Potter and Hermione and the Gang are all doing the same thing they're doing with their energy and directing their intentions through you know sells it something I don't do I don't connect to spells anyway cuz I don't need to it's just not necessary for me but it's another way of connecting it just like breaking might be just like hypnosis might be it's another way of connecting into that information and moving it forward and energy is a thought pattern in motion and so it's really no difference it's just a different format or different style or technique
that's an absolutely brilliant and then I look at you and you know some people can hear and some people can see and some people can see you and and you know we each have individual threads and which we express our minds like or love or I'm going to try our gift for the actions led to share care for people or music or whatever that is has the ability to see and hear and feel
it's absolutely extraordinary so when you're working with a client or with a business just one naturally jump out at you or is it would ever needs to come forward to help a person in that moment in time exactly right and also what that person needs to happen and what's really interesting about everybody has the ability to do what I do now is my DNA may be a little Amplified or mutated in some way that I can tune in or be it a little more than the average person maybe we really don't know it's just like some people can just born to play the piano maybe sit down and they don't need to note that just happened to me and hear it it just flows through them some way where someone can play basketball just better than somebody else it's just natural abilities that has to do with not only your soul energy but also your DNA DNA energy combining and so I believe that everybody
exactly what I do it's about building the muscle and what I always say is there's a difference between psychic and intuition intuition for me is always about that now is that gut feeling about how do we move in this now moment with psychic for me it's about how we looking to the past and how do we reach out to the Future to receive information and so I believe it's about really building that muscle of practicing in the sense of trusting that got feelings logging when it works logging when you're doubting it and seeing how things don't work out she not listen to that little gut feelings and it's up now that being said is I do it all day long and I do let you know at least five days a week and so that muscles really strong I can have you lived with it and so the average person could do it as well but it's about building that and I was like to say it's like really no different to me you can work and connect and do the same thing and that's a big part of my work is about helping people that they can do it for themselves I don't believe in gurus and
pictures I believe it's not accessing it within yourself and finding the ways that your way of accessing it just like if you're a Healer or Harry Potter it really doesn't matter it's just how do you figure out how to access that know what that was when it comes to me it's about being in the moment and you know I might have one of their spirit-guide speak with me so they might come through an audio as my grandmother says a little birdie told me that's how she used to explain it so they may come away it's really about spirits from the other side figuring out how to communicate with me and I might communicate with selling grandfather differently than I would with a spirit guide it was an angel and every you know being out there have a different way to figure out how to communicate and personality and style as well as I have to turn into their style so we kind of find ways to work with each other and say the hearings workout working as well with that let's show me a picture of it and so they'll tell me a picture like a movie
another way that I work is in my prayers abilities and it's usually from the collective consciousness of the one that's kind of like cloud computing you know they talk about cloud computing now we plug into the cloud whatever that is and that's where all the data and information is again I was saying you know. Life always reflects into real life and somebody came up with calling computer Cloud the cloud and that's how I see it I see all the information of the universe is in this class and we just need to find ways to bring it through and so my Clairvoyant abilities is the most easy way for me to seek information is guys or show me clips of your movie like a movie trailer you know I'm here in Hollywood and I see all these movie people I always think it's funny that I chose I'm showing movie trailer
the first sample it could be okay Nicole I'm seeing you in Glendale and you're standing in front of Macy's and their silver car coming and outcome in the car is going to be the person that changes your life forever so in that silver car comes really look out for them and make sure you go talk to them and so I'm shown that like a movie and I watch it like a movie it's very spin Ematic and it's very glamorous good white quality to it in the camera moves and sweeps around when I need more details like what's the license plate with the face look like with the car brands with the model what's the street address what's the name and it kind of Suits around and giving me the information based on when I'm feeling what needs to come through to describe
it's amusing so if somebody such an appoint with you and they want to speak to you do you automatically in that moment start to see her life were like the night before 2 you said intention in England to a medication or is it the moment that you're talking to them all of a sudden is channel is opened and its information flows through all of the above but thankfully great mother showed me boundaries that's a lot of my Psychic Friends especially a little older that have some boundary issues with it meaning that there on 24/7 they can't sleep they get stressed out by a Happy Spirit are getting them and I have really good boundary set from a little kid that says know when I am on I can be on or when I need protection you can bring it but it is for somebody else I have the boundary of know this is my time my space that's their time at space so when somebody calls me for an appointment we have an appointment we made kind of the contract agreement and so. Do you know
Spirit guides angels and passing relatives and information chomping at the bit to come through but what I do to keep a good boundary sometimes I'll when I wake up in the morning I'll start getting information for that people for that day and that's great that's cool a lot of times in the shower we're all more psychic in the shower I will get lots of information I'll jot it down but really the core of it is when someone shows up or I'm doing Skype is when we start it just starts to flow and that's because of my boundaries with it otherwise it would be 24/7 and it would be very exhausting and stressful and so I like to have a nice peaceful Pleasant easy life and so I really could down she's a bit and that's something very few people I've ever met I set boundaries with energy and knowing when it can come and when it can't come on some people have had on this topic some people have also two techniques to do it might just natural and I get at night I'm grateful that my mom and my grandmother and on and on were able to give me that gift that boundary
and when you meet people because we were having this conversation at the top of the cell you know you were saying when somebody comes into your presents and that moment the same way the people can read auras
can you tell
about that person or who they are or what they're meant to be in your life do you have it but we need someone with shields and we feel something you know you could have been you like old people go I don't like those shoes or I don't really care outfit or I don't relate to some aspect of that personality their portrayals could be someone who's really sloppy this one is really polished up or someone who's Dirty is someone is clean so many Smiles as someone who doesn't smile until we start forming those judgments but really what they are they we are reading their energy more than we're judging them I think that we can characterize it as judgment in some way but really respect you more energy with stealing them out with stealing it out for compatibility also stealing it out for a warning danger concerns are there issues going to spill over to me that are unacceptable or is this the one I can help or is it someone sometimes people just don't mean I can read
and vice-versa is good cuz I think we all just need to heal ourselves but that's what we do and every moment is where is tensing. Animal like you know animals will sniff each other and we'll see you at out they don't know their personality characteristics of Darren Knight daughter I mean dogs they're feeling it out and I think we're all doing that sniffing people out energetically
that's so amazing that I mean I know information if it's so beautiful to me when people are coming to you are they saying I want to connect with my uncle Freddy silver the other side where my son-in-law died in Afghanistan and I want to connect with him not making any money or I don't know why you know my husband or wife left me or what's happening or why I never giving my dreams are stuck in this job and so the people come here because they hit the wall or the people come to you because they want to kids fails to the others try a little of everything interesting to show up who are leaders and want to make a difference in the world in some way and so they're compelled to be it or campello they already are in some way until I help him clear any limitation
energetically patterns belief structures that might be limiting their full expression of that and really everybody's a leader their own life so that other people are leaders and changing the world in some way so I can have everything but I don't get victims they just don't show up I get people who are ready to step into their full leadership even if it's an old family and really about figuring out how we can make life better more smooth more prosperous more joyful that's really what my Works about it's about finding that roadmap that guidance to the chess games of which is the next move that will be the most specific to most happy the most joyful that's a win-win all front how can I bring us joy and happiness and prosperity and peace and relaxation and all those things and really helping people to be the full expression of those Physicians wishes and dreams so they can move forward more easily without a bunch of Roblox or issues or people in the way that tell them otherwise Hoot about building
energy mind body and spirit so it's all functioning together as one so they can move move forward to either popular Destiny or just be the expression of their wishes and dreams in this lifetime
text beautiful I love that just looks old expression it to be the Fulfillment right it's not like we're living in 1700 or 1500 where there's a density on the planet where there was no oppression and slavery and no women with had no power and those may be a king and there was all these differences were people could not be the expression they were surviving we've all had lifetimes in which we've done this on this planet but this time is different if we are alive right now that means we came here for the transformation of its planet to a higher state of consciousness know the planet is recent vibrational frequency and we're having a run to catch up with that ever seen all the changes in the world both good and not-so-good the not-so-good things are still coming up for clearing their coming up to be shifted to come in to wake people up to the realtor full potential and therefore
fresh in this lifetime and I really say all the time but it'll be all the time but once you cross into 2013 it seems that we become more co-creators almost a complete co-creators of our teachers used to be a few came to me ten years ago Jose okay Nicole you're moving to Texas you going to live in a two-bedroom house you have for dog and that's really what it would have been took out a probable reality potentials that is one option that Texas Adventure but then there's this other one in this other one in one in Hawaii when Ireland or wherever it might be but then there's the one of your complete co-creations or any combination of all of it or the adjustment of that Texas one like I don't want to eat that your house I'd rather have a two bedroom house and that wouldn't have been 10 years ago the energy has so enlightened or become more Airy let's dance show is say you know there's interesting about Transcendental Meditation I'm at one of the high people that was involved in that they said Aiden
1970 used to take 45 minutes to get into the deepest state of meditation and now when I do it it takes one glass and she said she knows as nothing to do with her skills and abilities there's a difference and she can also see that another people who she trains that they can get it like in moments it's because the planet is less dense it's less heavy it's faster than the energy when is density it's hard to move and flow energy and so when we look today there's less than sometimes people called the spinning of the veil between Earth and the other side Tire dimensions and so does all this evidence of proof of that the meditators one of those that one breath can get them there is one version the shift in the planets of you know women in the 60s be Mabel to be more who they are and who they want to be and you'll go back to your the civil rights movement and a suffragist movement and all those things it up.
first time for us to be the full expression in a full co-creators of her wishes and dreams actually go along
chicken fascinating now I know you also work with businesses that successfully sought their problems and people that are interested in the business side it is so fun for me you know what I have several billion our clients and what they tell me is what they would I kind of tells people they all say it's about believing in your goal and past and knowing that energy is a really important factor if you ask any super super successful person more than just education more than working hard that's all important it's more than snow showing up doing the work it's way more than that it's more than luck there's an energy flow
it needs to be there for people to reach their ultimate Heights or their ultimate ultimate goals like a Richard Branson fully understand energies a part of it it's about showing up at the right time and it feels right and he really trusts his got in his intuition and now it doesn't feel right let's back it off and we'll come back to it when it feels right that's what makes the most successful people on the planet as we judges successful when it comes to money because that's a measuring stick shall we say the success this is also the other successful known forms of prosperity and thank you as well beans were Awards and also the other saying the great thing about money is such a great 20th century 21st century tool to measure things since you know where we are and where we're going sometimes energy can be very esoteric so it's hard to make judgments of success when it's thank yous are you feel good about it although that's wonderful we all want that the money is a really fascinating way to be able to measure that
so the most of the people on the planet I talk to I'm all say the same thing and I get to filter that energy that wisdom down to the average person and help them get to that next level that people who were super professional and corporations like CEOs or four world leaders or even World spiritual leaders they understand that they can't do it all themselves that in that the psychic sounds like me I can't necessarily get amazing information for myself I get some but I don't get the bigger scheme picture that is to do what I do they can't necessarily see everything is clearly put themselves well powerful people understand that they love to get the guidance you know if you think about the Ronald Reagan White House with Nancy Reagan they did make one move without talking to the astrologer about what day it should happen he they knew that there's more than just making a good choice it's about finding the flow of energy for that choice.
play me about intentions may be adjusting the intention adjusting the picture what they really want and that's what my work is is how can we see that picture how can we figure it out how can we find two minutes and then how can we shift the energy or add energy to the flow of their situation during knowledge and intelligence to their office their employees all those kinds of things to make it more successful and to make it more fun and to make it feel better and feel at peace with it and have a lot of fun and so that's really what my work is with business and it was really great story I have an international client will call him and he came and he said I left town to me I don't know how they found me they never answered how they found me but they found me and so he came to the Hollywood part
I want to see celebrities and such pains and the most powerful session affected by it so it's more than just a celebrity part I didn't realize that was going to and so we had a very very powerful session and so he called me about probably 5 months later we talked several times in between but he called me and he said I need to have you help me be okay with something I'm like okay great I might tell me what it is and goes well I'm part of this big company I have eight hundred million dollars invested in this company and I am about to lose it all because it's a shift in the company that take over and I just need to be okay with losing this $800 to lose that eight hundred million dollars you're not supposed to give it up you're not supposed to fight for it either and you guys but there's just no way it's just no way it's over I said it's not over I said if you were open to the idea
let's talk again with the energy boost and maybe I can come through cuz it felt so powerful to me that you supposed to receive this money a roadmap adjusting to get that my information to receive that money back or his fair share right and the bass on all his hard work and he has lessons know if he had done it in negative ways or had a lot of lessons to learn maybe he would have lost some money but all the psychological work all the school work and so it just felt to me for his Spirit guides that he supposed to receive that money so I tuned in I brought through the whole road map of progression talk to this person don't talk to this person avoid that person put let them know this information I asked for this all apical honest from the highest love from the highest self respect for himself
all for the highest energy so he put this time together was a three-month plan he put it into action and he went on and get it and he followed it to the T which was such an honor for me to see that because he has huge CEO he knew it felt right and he trusted it and so he put in the PIN to process so right on the third month I thought I could take a few months on the 3rd month he called me and said he did not want to let you know everything's working and I'm blown away that it's working and I'm going to let you know that I'm going to receive a wire transfer a 700 million dollars it work I got understand a lost a hundred million dollars because that's part of my lesson in my journey and there's more learning to do but I also trust that space and what you said I got my lessons I went in the most epic away evil shark bad guys people who are thieves and you do not so good people on the other side he's able to hold his frequency hold his Consciousness hold is self-love and do the right thing
put the plan into action and under the best circumstances from the highest state of Enlightenment possible for him at that period of time received the proof of who he was and is learning Iris eating at seven hundred million dollars
play Incredibles 2 on second grade scale and such a high-level it's such a fabulous because if he could be a piece and he can learn and be able to receive that 7 and it for you to be able to say it's not all lost and I think it's interesting when you said you're not losing because I remember somebody told me once that there are only winners and learn
and so I don't really believe that they're losing right now and there's no silly that's another lesson right so basic they have the same energy as that billionaire person it's just a different format of their life it's a less it's actually less stressful life and it's not once not better or one's not less it's just a different experience but you know anybody can follow their souls directed from a higher state of consciousness possible and accomplish the same thing or achieve that 700 million or body transformation out of illness or achieve those things if so possible we're just so programmed and a lot of our societies across the planet specially Western Society
that's not possible or somehow brainwashed in third world societies that there's no possible ability cuz you have no witness to it you have no experience of seeing it and it when we are blessed to have the opportunity here in America to give Lucy hat and be able to share that that's what's so amazing I call the entertainment heart chakra or the throat chakra of the planet in the sense that what is felt here or tuned in here and express to the throat chakra through movies television books in a music called that's across the planet and its shares that information with others are not good there's a lot of negative things going out there allows people to choose what they prefer and what they don't prefer both energetically both ethically closed from snow there what they're trained as a child to believe a religiously whatever it might be and so it's about really able to see those things and be exposed to different perspectives and different senses of energy of all different levels
that's how we really become my best. That's what's so wonderful about travel and I've seen thing that's a wonderful about even if you live in Africa and Savannah somewhere being able to see somebody else who doesn't experience helps you really be your best self and even someone from a you know last experience in somewhere more impoverished or more tragic experience helped them you know the good teaches us what we believe and the negative helps us thinks about an instant relief fortifying ourselves what we don't believe and what not okay with us and it's really important that we see both the sides and all the sides can move forward when you said he learned his lesson and when you're sharing that we all have intuition and the power to heal and it's something that you know we don't need this like you put something that we can practice within ourselves
work on within ourselves that are we also holding that trust in ourselves you know and when I say that he believed it he said it made sense it resonated all those words where it felt like yes put into action there was no blockage no data indicating to not do it
a lot of people in the world will have this data from the past that has nothing to do with the current situation they might bring those old beliefs structures old no information that occurred from a negative experience and I'll bring it in to the new experience thinking it has to be part of it and it really doesn't it's about being clean and clear as much as possible during a current situation that you're acting by who you are now and not by the previous negative situations dramas, or beliefs of the past there may be obsolete that make color or kind of mess up the current situation choices and so it's about feeling at peace in the moment that you have the right information the right guidance in the right information from yourself you know I would say this a difference between the soul and the personality you know we came as a spiritual being who chose to come to Earth to learn about love you know we are these
Spiritual Beings with nobody to know everything about the universe and that's the most amazing thing from what I understand about Earth is a Spiritual Beings choose to come through to his density that isn't on the other side and learn a physical expression about love and an emotional expression about love that really isn't on the other side in this way and so where the soul that has all this wasn't that we get acquainted energetically into that room and entry. Baby cheetahs and there were born and we prefer get 99% of it and we start developing a personality based on the scenarios it could be our parents believed it could be our neighborhood our country all those things I mentioned before we start developing a personality based on those beliefs then we start expanding at personality based on good and negative experiences that we experienced and then hopefully by about 18 ish that's the American perspective on it we start making her own choices of what we believe about love and hopefully we're tuning more to our soul
expression about love then that personality expression that picks up some naked habits negative Point Navy belief structures that may be incompatible with who we really are and hopefully we start witnessing other people's experiences like other kids parents and are experiencing what we see on TV and movies we can start our own perspective about love to move forward in her life and sometimes people get that at 4 years old like Oprah Winfrey tells the story of how she got that at 4 years old does a great story she tells that when she was four and living in Mississippi with her grandmother very impoverished conditions and her grandmother was hanging up clothes on the clothesline and she turned to Oprah at 4 years old and so dope right you're going to have to be doing this the rest of your life you need to come over here and learn it and Oprah in her heart silently do to stay quiet so no grandmother that isn't what my future looks like but she was all
smart not say it and also it was Brandon Aaron wedding in her that truth about her stuff but they could expand until she was able to really be who she really wanted to be
do the same thing goes with really everybody and anything it's a difference between the soul and personality when we do healing work we're really getting the souls expression our spirits and what it has to offer and share more than the dysfunctional parts of the personality or belief structures we picked up along the way that maybe get in the way of that flow that may not be optimal wonderful things we learned a lot of people pick up a lot of bad habits basically beliefs or self-doubt or you can't or that's not possible or someone like you can't or is your color or your religion or your belief or where you live it's just not a truce on the plan it's just a barrier to learning for us to move through to really be our full Celtics full health and soul expression
Aiden just information is just amazing I appreciate you I'm so happy for me and let me to life
I'm going through a lot of challenges in life and I I don't understand why all these things are happening to me
well we need to look at them as a gift when we get series of things at once a crane negative things or annoying or frustrating or limiting whatever they might be we go these are all coming at once to give me a story or a picture to move through so first of all the way to transform out of it is to really look at them all the to get everything from the huge worst thing to the crazy car accident to the little StubHub gift for us to stop breathe and look at the messages within them of where we need to transform within ourselves or what we need to let go love and also setting a more direct of course really specifically of where you'd like to go in the future a lot of times when things come up at once a lot of things is about forcing us into the new kind of shutting us into the new place and if we get paralyzed by them and actually we all get paralyzed by something stressed out and panic. But if we get to Paradise we don't move forward
and we need to look at what is the gift within it what is the message to move me forward is it closing one door to open another do I need to get rid of some fear of something that won't allow me through that door I would say if we don't take care of business to universe will milk rate scenarios for us to wake up and make ships and really rise in our Enlightenment and our Consciousness that's why we're all here to learn about how to give and receive love and receive love is also how it could be our very best selves and how we can have others assist us and how we can receive information for us to be our best Valves and it's not really looking at these negative experiences as always this amazing gift is gross and horrible as they may seem in the moment
How I Live my crate I am like that and everybody else would say oh you're so positive I think it's like
I don't know I just come to this place and it's like I don't know anymore what to do or how to be with me like I do the daily things and with it but I don't know I'm getting really tired and it's accepting it and we are always exactly we're supposed to be at all times as annoying as that maybe and I do that with myself if I would really like to be over here a little farther along with this and you want to push it but I guess I can't push any harder cuz if you push too hard then it starts making go sideways and we start blocking the flow of energy until it's about accepting really where you are it's bottom line of the state you were in really accepting that it's okay that I'm right here take all the stuff judgment out take all the Judgment of society are others out there being that place and usually if it's about being in that price of acceptance that where I am and where I need to be on my journey and then the new ideas come then
the Bromance come then people start showing up where to get you out of the hole through which align you to where you really want to go it's about accepting who you are where you been where you are now and where you want to go and just being okay with the right now and you know we're really moving into much more of a heart sent your place as many of us all know that it's not about really reaching out to the Future it's a great way to set intentions for the future so we can a man do directions but also kind of letting go and letting it to be organic and it's things come along we make choices that feel right to a peaceful that we have some data about that are positive data and we move forward for you right now it's about really accepting the now and knowing that you're going to have these amazing things start to open up but you're in a hurdle point of acceptance and knowing that by about holiday time about Christmastime that whether it really
feels like where things are really going to pick up for you and the negative things start to dissolve away and the better things you want being Amplified so I say hold on the fall and really rest and relax and be open to the new ideas but really get the acceptance of where you are is exactly where is supposed to be and through that acceptance the doors are really going to start to fly open really challenging to be with a positive person that is Siri
what your behaviors are positive but your interior is not operating from the same level of positive behaviors that here I think well am I doing the right things and I have no one to discuss it with so it's like all I need is five and two others that can help us Connect into that and I think till you're calling today is a wonderful example and a wonderful self-loving tools to move forward and to let go of those negative things and find me to wait for them to dissolve away
yeah I spend but it's not super fun
going to
you know changing something more peaceful aside money season and you know what a wonderful time at Thanksgiving to be thankful for I love you know that you're talking about Saul is the time of the sprinting position so credible things are coming your way and Coast back cuz I can't wait to hear I love him and I want.
as well you have these and even missing and even into the air and the open up a couple years I had my aromatherapy energy missed about five or six years now
call because they really help you tune into the energy energy and meditate on them I also use a kind of ancient techniques what is Egypt to North Ireland about mixing of herbs and mixing water and they also have semi-precious Stone energy and I have four different ones one is for love it's about no tuning into your own levantina be tracked love and rose quartz and Clyde about right now is my new product line then developing for home shopping and QVC about spreading out to the masses in the mainstream where they can feel energy know Pusheen is just about trying it feeling it and then maybe face you know they say it might and it's not taught it's caught like a virus so when we're supposed to all things that can kind of spark something with it within us
by 8th and Chase musically by definition means astonishingly remarkable and it's about that own inner wizard of her own transformation within us and so I have a wonderful line of products and more coming soon and what I have on my wizard website it's my new e-commerce site which I'm curious the best well-being products from around the world products and services to help lift your spirit help to take you to the next level and then bring inspiration and calm and peace and so the jewelry line at seven different races right now from tiger eye to Onyx for protection and sapphires for bringing the sovereignty and you and attracting sovereignty energy and wealth to you and once for love and so I have a display of them on that website and it's about I was caught like a little mini appointment with me it helps us to remember our energy and remember where we're going I will say whatever you're attracted to which bracelets mean something you're working on so if you're working on your creativity into some real
you're attracted to the Tiger Eyes that tiger I can help you because since the beginning of time or people have my precious stones as precious stones have been used for transformation for healing you know different shows the one in Japan may be an onyx was used also in Egypt for the same purpose of protection and so I use those ancient perspectives in the stones in the bracelets also I channel is healing energy well-being prosperity and Joe's blessings into them and as well as they have a beautiful 14-karat gold filled with our peed on it and it has a great Sparkle to it so easy for me human is about love with the live know if you ever talk to her mom but I know that they will love the problem away with your little kid you're feeling sick in your mom might buy break your bro your caregiver might wipe your brow and you start feeling better will that person is sending their heart energy their love energy down from the heart through their arm into their hand and into you and that's a virgin
intentions on quantum physics and tension goes energy flows so I believe love is healing and Love is alive it's that spark that makes her heartbeat that start that makes a baby conceived that really is what we're all about that's the energy that keeps us moving all that same energy can bring healing and so I see it as a sparkling gold and white light so I wanted to have that sparkling gold bead on there to remind us that love heals all conquers all Sawzall protect-all and helps us to move forward and put that product line and I'm so excited about it my New Jersey state that I'm just have a few products out his debut the soft way about 3 weeks ago and we're continuing to add a bunch of products that's about trusted curation right now and internetworld us the topic trusted Creation with someone that you know that you trust that has experience in that field or those product lines are able to bring them to you so you don't have to do all the research and all that happy with being so
if I thought about that we've done all the research we Scout it out we use our intuitions psychic abilities and I got feeling and try them myself to know that they actually work and they actually help you be your best self and so that's the goal of our new week early. Calm and the Wizardry chill resign in fragrance is coming as well
so there you go Jane why you are free and not have so much thanks would be so lovely to remind us we have that tactile feel the bracelet we see the Sparkles just keep helps keep us on track I wear mine everyday I wear a different one today I did that I'm wearing my amethyst bracelet today which is the intuition and healing wisdom so I could bring through the right words today for the interview
so if you're going you're going to some heavy place you might wear the protection bracelet for Onyx he knows about seeing it out that goes of anything any place you go to you know I do a lot of screenings of houses and buildings in the office hours in malls and all these things all around the world and it's about doing and feeling it out what's okay for you should I go in here should I not go in here do I need some protection do I need to wait till tomorrow cuz I don't feel strong enough and that everyone can do that in any situation there in about being about being self-loving first before you can go forward or even love others it's about really finding that space within yourself that keeps you solid on ground to move forward
that's awesome so I wanted to spend the night just a little bit because I mean to sound pods so what is it mean to clear the list now I can go in and you scream fire and everybody runs have no answer for that we can do for a person or an idea or a business it's about releasing me blocked in a space it could be a house it could be a business it could be a scraper it could be in a pave it could really be anything over time and space can hold a negative vibrations and positive vibrations of people who are in happening no spaces the princess if you are trying to sell a house and that house that had someone who had cancer and really suffered or maybe a couple of those fighting or maybe a child had died or something and
house where the house is holding a lot of heavy energy but a lot of energy and cycle just have everything this is a perfect house I don't understand why it won't self well people walking to the house and I just don't feel good or they have a reaction is that they don't want to buy the house because even in our walls are Furniture it can hold us vibrations of those negative experiences and a Speights the energy can actually be stored in the walls or that painting and stored in the walls so what I do is I go in the spaces night TuneIn I believe that there is any negative entities or energies or ghosts or no ghosts or just spirits that haven't gone to the light so I might encourage them to do that or it might be dull and it has not happy with where the houses so we might want to connect with the land or it might be those negative experiences they occur in the house that need to be cleared away and it's also the great Technique we can do crystal Matrix grid so I can adjust the end
we can burn cedar or Sage weekend and I might push energy with my hands out like to get out of the house and open the windows and your you do that with your balls and stores can do the same thing why doesn't somebody want to come in at to take you to the store that might be name brand store but I'll go in the other one it's about diagnosing and figuring out what that is and then making remedies an adjustment could be so I'm clearing it out could be adding shipping up the floor plan of it or where things are located or adding a plant or having the employees be happier transfer me damn and it's about really transform into spaces to match the intentions of the people who inhabit them so they could be the greater goals or miss or the goals in the family or the golden building or church or an office building whatever it might be
pass like well I'm just not moving forward like I want you in this house what's wrong no end up finding some old thing from some experience in that house that I need to clear out that will spring up and we can start to flow and so with his negativity within yourself your belief structures you notice that attitude think that need to shift into just it's just the same as a space and sometimes we can get a double whammy like maybe like with Jane where maybe her space that's a negative energy as well as some believe he might have that's not helping her go forward to some sensitivities with electromagnetic energy like in an office building or fluorescent lighting or if it's sometimes I go to an office and it might get have maybe a dozen officers and one person is not doing well and I'll go into the house
it's like well the score last stop biting your more sensitive to this and maybe you can get some table lamps. Okay. Job and then maybe it's an overall thing that everybody in the office needs a shift to something to happen because of the beliefs of maybe the boss and see about going and finding the solutions letting everybody know the truth so it can be cleared let go of and then move to the focus and negative experiences
what a great explanation when you're able to communicate with Spirit guides angels and people that are passed on and that you remember reading that film Legend screen Legends like teen Kelly you were right when you said around the other side are they who they were here or the voice will I think they're there. And they've let go of any negative personality traits that they were expansion here so they took all the wisdom they gained and all the does understand about where they love well and where they may be miss miss the boat a little bit and on the other side
I just can't lock that in as part of that experience so when you go to the other side after you pass you remember everything about the universe again and then look back like what I read about that life is no judgment what did you learn about love and where could you may be done better and so on the other side they're always so willing to help for me I don't necessarily turn into an exact Spirit or pastor but one that's one request it's like if they show up for me I can communicate with him so it's not something I can call for it's just who shows up and I have really good specific boundaries only beings of the highest light and love only being super nice peace and positivity to my clients and my own life as well and so I have many different
spiritually say who's shown up to help if it's me and the ones I like to work with the most of the ones that I tune into am I bringing all the time especially on Gene Kelly and Princess Grace of Monaco your Princess Grace of Monaco is a wonderful story my mom and I my dad had just passed and we wanted to get out of town and and to have a different experience so we decided to go to England and France and we ended up in the south of France and it nice and we stayed in a hotel just outside in a little town called kill the phone and one day without Excursion out until we got on a train and nice and we're like oh where do we go so we went to Monaco we had a most lovely day and it was just a really nice thing ahead of their James Bond Vibe and there was like an edge to it so it's a fascinating experience being there and then so we left and another day we said all that's going to can you know I have all these Hollywood clients had not been to Canada will help me get a perspective of can for my client and we got to the train station and we both stopped
I know my mom said into it as well and said we're not supposed to go to can and I looked at her and she looked at me and said we're supposed to go back to Monaco to Monte Carlo so we got on the train 15 minute ride we get there we get off the train in like why are we here we had no idea it was really quite as a Sunday I was like nothing going on until we just start walking and so we walked up a little Hill where the princess palace is up on the top and we're just wandering around and had a little lunch and we're like okay why are we here we booked over to the palace and we see this all before like I broke mine he has to wait in line like people could wait in that line and there's no one in the line we thought wow maybe we should go to that there's no line so we drove to the ticket booth and which way is open they said yes you're the only one here like wow how cool is that so we get our little audio tour we put it in her ear when you start heading through the palace so we get through several rooms and we ended up on the Duke of York from which is a beautiful very awesome and almost English Style
very dark blue and what it turned out later we found out was the room where Princess Grace enjoyed writing her letters the most and there's a whole story about the Duke Energy about that stupid lot to take in a lot of energy to experience and lots of feel something else and I get this message and I had this is an audio message audient message and it was looking for my home
am I glad and so she said it yet welcome from my home and then she says hello Hollywood and as you mentioned the opening I've been named by People magazine is Hollywood Theater cuz my worker Hollywood Hulk transforming Hollywood to be more enlightened right and helping people and so I got hello Hollywood hello Holly my mom turned around she was good to hear that hello Hollywood and I said yes I heard that it is a little bent on the side and we decide to sit on the bench and we started getting more messages since like hello Hollywood and then she goes welcome again from my whole home to my new home we got this overwhelming feeling of our bodies at tingles and the only way I can describe it was just overwhelming feeling of beauty and Grace and that was her way to give me the ceiling Christian healing up Grace to give me her name and logically we could say of course it could be Princess Grace but it could have been a princess from a hundred years ago as well so she gave me that indicator and then she began to speak of
Persona can I help her son and I'm like okay I'm sitting here in the palace with my audio to her and so I said to her I'm not going to go to the booth and say hi on 8th and I'm from Hollywood I'm a psychic I just spoke with Grace I need to help Prince Albert if you like to set something up I'd be happy to help help him in some way and we have his wonderful amazing what's the time again were the only people in the palace, who are there wasn't even a security guard which kind of blew my mind for the marinated on it felt it just kind of Bastion the whole most amazing experience I've ever had with a spear from the other side it was so beautiful it was just truly spectacular you know they say about after his innate qualities does a magic quality what makes sense it will be Superstars and she really have that she shared that with me so beautiful snow takes a big energy to be a movie star Academy Award winner or princess whether you're born into it or not and it takes a big vibration and a lot of support vibration
she could be that good or not so good it makes a huge energy and she showed that to me it was so powerful that moment we left the palace and we went out there with the oceanographic Institute is Jacque Cousteau Institute on the end of it and we just kind of looked at this beautiful architecture count in front of the casino in the upper house so we said okay let's get on this we just felt compelled and we will take this little like we pull up in front of the casinos right in front of us outside the trolley pulled a silver Rolls-Royce and bodyguards get out and there is Prince Albert
and I laughed really really hard and I said okay you got me close Princess Grace but you going to have to do more than that I'm not going to go up to him and be insulted by bodyguards or say no your dead mother and Spirit came to me in your house and telling me I need to help you but it's so I laughed so hard to see you're getting closer and since then over the last year or so at getting new experiences U connectors and if it needs to happen it will happen but from that standpoint she said William hear it when I got home by the way she came to me on one of my purse medications when I was starting back to work again and she goes I'm here feel unable to assist you in anything you like calling me whenever it would be my honor and my joy to provide energy and information for you and so I think trena said join the party I'd love to have
and ever since she's being given really wonderful information for all of the actors or Hollywood people for everybody and bring it through that wise perspectives from the other side was such a beautiful graciousness and a charm and equality in a few spectacular in the PPL Center presents they really feel how spectacular that feels
just amazing what a beautiful breathtaking scintillating story works fine and joyful and so I really relish and all the joy and I was saving joy for all the good stuff happens and you know that's all the good stuff happened and see your depression is no step on your side and it's about getting this upset Joy place and that's how Princess Grace can come through and when it said not Joy level and that's when the more joy I have been more access I have the information to bring through the people so I put that four people as well wear whatever you're hearing or down about something that blocks the ability for Cedar see the information you need to move forward so anything can do this brings Joy just watching a happy movie you're watching something not listening to the news and going on a fast but negativity whatever it might be
your light and finding that Joe even if you're faking it till you're making it signing that Joy it really guides us and opens the doors to you no Bean Xpression if I wishes and dreams
I love that it's interesting because last Sunday I have the opportunity to go to Agape and here I go backwards because I have some friends who happen to be in Los Angeles has a group and Michael was speaking about interrupting a dick and he was saying some people are addicted to social books and what are you addicted to II automatically that's my addiction is Joy because it's something I seek always every moment every second of every day
wonderful wonderful and you can see how it works and it feels really good while you're doing it and Spirits are passed on what's the difference between a spirit guide in an Angel Wonderful question to say that the 10th Dimension is where the master geneticist and energy Lida created or jeans some people think that you know the 7th amendments that were like fire
or you know where Jesus lives are Buddha lies or in a different dimension to where we came from and where we might go back to or go to another version of it so for me it was straight with the coast to coast to me is a human who decided to not go to the light to decide maybe they had an issue maybe they were afraid to go maybe they're religious programming said if you go you'll go to hell or you were bad and so you're going to be punished in some ways so that's what a ghost is that's an Earthbound human Spirit to decide to have not chosen because of light
a spirit to me is a energy field or a bean without a body and a higher Dimension a different dimension of us and they are usually bodiless and inhabits a political wisdom and part whatever their work is on the other side or whatever they maintain and energy on their dimension
an angel is another being from another dimension stairs never incarnate never usually have been if I had never met an angel that has incarnated so they can sometimes get confused with our Human Experience because I've not been in densities did not experience time so I would say when we talk to angels it's important after it's as well to give Louis specific requests with times and dates and location because they might not fully understand that and so they can do more good for us some more specific we are so different cultures around the world call the main the England's are all sorts of different things and they show themselves in all sorts with you spell fairies are gremlins or you know all sorts of the earth Spirits all sorts of different things are ways to categorize them or log them so for me there's two versions there are spirits who are upper dimensional beings that have not incarnated as a human who wish to bring you information or observe us
angels are different dimensional version that have been expressed in cultures on the planet as winged creatures are angels or beings of human form that can make Transformations over in guidance for healing and trim list and we've given them as humans think of thousands of years ago human form cuz we didn't quite understand energy or maybe they did not sure but how do we express that to others who might not understand we could some physical form of energy moving energy swirling colors of light is what I like to call it and they can express themselves with personality more masculine or feminine more gracious like Princess Grace most firm like Gene Kelly my whatever it might be a humor you know I had Michael Jackson come through and after the end of the session he said make that change anything everything is so funny and you really felt his personality now that is a human who's able to cross time and space and communicate with us
Spirit form onto this plane of the earth work with you Workshop do they call you if you were to be able to find her own to it own intuition and light and be able to take Mucinex take steps I took earlier quantum physics is the energy we're really experiencing right now on our planet and it's basically says we're in tension goes energy close so if you're sitting on right by Beverly Hills in the West LA area and what are you sitting right next to me or you're all the way across the world in Japan or in England or in the middle of Savannah of Africa it's all the same the information for me is the same because
no space and time on the other side there's no distance in quantum physics it shows that there's no distance in between energy is instantaneous welcome to come see me in person or they can tune in we can soon and bf telephone or Skype or workshops as well I do a little bit of everything sometimes you do Retreat sometimes I do work something different subject matter and it sometimes I travel to different parts of the world so I was let people know where I'm going to be so if we want to meet in person I had a free monthly newsletter if anybody would like to sign up for that you can go to my website Aiden and there's a tab on the left that says free newsletter and every month I bring my own into two messages I pick up for everybody everyone on the planet and if you knew wisdoms I might have picked up that I share with everybody and also tell about know where I'm going to be your what radio show I'm on or what Workshop or Retreat I might be doing so if you like to get that you're welcome it's free and it's super fun to do and I love getting
cremation looking response back with people I last one I wish I will be sending again a second time in a week is all about numbers and the ability to use numbers to change your life or use them as a heads up tools now like Angel's friends since we were talking about they'll find ways to communicate with us and sometimes we'll get time code for you just feel compelled to look at your iPhone clock or at the stove in the car you turn your head and you might see a Time code sequence of numbers I have for for 4 or 11:11 or whatever it might be for 4/4 is always Angels indicated that their present with you and the angels are with you and so there's all these great way to get information to share all those tools so people can do it themselves so I don't believe in gurus I don't believe in following somebody I believe in giving people the truth so they can do it themselves and that's why I left the kids in my new sweaters and so when my sessions I have a little short sessions fact do for people for quick question sometimes people try to make
to go left to right is it blue or green it's at this number that number so there's a lady so they could quick question and then I have a full healing appointments that has included psychic reading in the win it how that works is the first half of it all tuned into the into the psychic readings will bring through information guidance answer any questions you might have and then the second half a dozen guys to come through to bring through energy to boost up his intentions we made or clear what needs to be cleared as who said negative energy negative beliefs structures or programming all that kind of stuff I just have an intuitive psychic reading it's a full hour appointment or you might have psychic by humans are a little longer because there's a little more to do but my intuitive readings we can do anywhere on the planet any time and I'd love to tune in for those appointments where everybody died from Lebanon to Japan to South Africa to the middle of the savanna in Africa is Iceland
the Canada South America Australia all of the world I can in for people and I also get the perspective that I picked up from all those people of the world know I'll pick up a vibration or sense of what's going on the world that I can share with everybody or someone has a problem and it in Africa that might resonate and be the same as the person Australia I can hear something for me it's like you're not alone other people are experiencing night and so I look at Global part is so fun. I also left a local park kind of The Quiet into that thing that's changed space together and doing it that way it's super fun as well
I know it's wonderful that you open your doors and your heart and your wisdom your knowledge to people around the world and then I kind of made a boundary about 7 years ago like I want to really help people lead in their lives and that's really would have been showing up and it's been so far my feelings the rest of my life lollipops Roses Parade forever that you're doing tomorrow about this powerful technique and the power of our futures live
when does the house cuz I want to help the spirit I want to help it to crossover I want that people to understand that it's not bad in some way but it's actually a beautiful thing and but I don't want scary music on top of it right so a few years ago it's a wonderful project I don't know what's going to happen with it will let it up to the universe but it's a wonderful I was but I was the psychic guide on the show helping your team of investigators go across the world on a TV show series finding ancient power Technologies green healthy power Technologies to help our future and so if you were going you came looking for something I could use my guidance my Entwistle that's going out or let's not go there or as I say I point my nose to find my way somewhere and just feel out where to go use my guidance into
and all the team like all my energy team on the other side Talbots go through so the first episode of Peru and it's about finding the same solar disk and so we'll see where it goes you never know and we'll see what happens to the super fun and really exciting and great to use my gifts in a very mainstream way with a bunch of scientists and it was really cool and I complete acceptance and we a great flow with it was super fun. And I guess and I thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today thank you it's such a joy and and
since very best tools and keys and secrets except that they know is possible for themselves and is there and so having you come on today and should people be infinite possibilities
and I adore that you chose the parents that you chose me to wish that thing it says he talked about that integration and that partnership between energy and light and ourselves and the world it's just absolutely perfect so it has been an honor and a privilege and a pleasure and I still look forward to having you back in because we look at the holiday is just such a special time and what a perfect time for her life to unfold and to launch into this beautiful new magical guess waiting feverishly trying to take everything that Aiden has shared with us today you can also just pick up your phone and send a text message to 55678 you just sending it
the number is 55678 that you're sending a text to and the message is simply Nicole and you can get a free download of Today Show or any of the archived shows you can just download it into any mobile device into your computer into your iPad and sewed something you can listen to it over and over again and hold with energy and you can also go to Aiden's website which is Aiden a i d e n for those of you that requesting that day i d e n Shake, and all of these wonderful instruments and tools that are the bracelets for the Miss Incredibles used to be able to meet clean energy
all of this is available to you and so Aiden thank you for your thank you so much love and light and joy and gratitude always thank you
what a remarkable show what a beautiful guest what an incredible talent and intuitive healer guide psychic and channel forever getting somewhat because it all begins with love and so is he Nichole Brandon and 8 in case wishing you all that happily ever after and then unlimited life that is yours the one you trumped-up wish for one and one desired is right there inside of you just waiting to be launched
ready to open the gift is there for you today so we can run a limited life and we look forward to seeing you

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