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Healing Energy for Everyone, March 3, 2021

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Healing Energy for Everyone
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with Vivien Schapera

Healing Energy for Everyone with Vivien Schapera

Talking Points Radio Toni – Healing Energy for Everyone

  • Welcome and intro – new 6 show series; Listening live on FB, LI website, like subscribe and email

  • Incredibly lucky to have Vivien Schapera on the show with us for the next 6 weeks where we will delve into all things healing energy for everyone. But before I introduce you all to this wonderfully experienced and wise woman, here’s a bit about Vivien at Work and at Home

Vivien Schapera began her career by training first in clinical psychology, and then in the Alexander Technique, a hands-on method for retraining neuromuscular dynamics. Through this work, Vivien developed a refined sensitivity to energy, leading her to add healing to her skills.

Perceiving a need for healing to become a recognized profession, Vivien founded FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts & Sciences (1999), a school for training healers.

Vivien's books include Everyday Magic (2002 and 2020) a memoir, and How to Lose Weight and Gain Money (2004).

In 2020, Vivien published an award-winning, groundbreaking textbook, The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery, introducing the world to a new form of crystal healing. 

When not teaching, healing or writing, Vivien can be found gardening, cooking and spending time with her two granddaughters. Other interests include travel, photography and making YouTube videos. Vivien lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband and two cats.

Good evening Vivien and welcome to the show, we are so glad you are here!

  • The audience might notice Vivien’s beautiful accent. You haven’t always lived int the USA and originally came from SA. Can we talk about where you grew up and what that was like?

  • What was immigrating to the USA like for you and what prompted that decision to move? Was it a good decision and do you miss SA at all?

  • Vivien you trained in clinical psychology and then pivoted to the Alexander Technique – what was it the drew you to the technique and caused you to move away from psychology?

  • Can you tell the listeners a little about the history of the Alexander Technique and its connection to Australia?

  • I understand that this technique and actually paved the way for a number of other healing modalities. Alexander Technique has wonderful results for those with backpain, headache and neck pain. Do you still practice? What sorts of results can patients expect?

  • I wanted to talk about the founding of four winds Academy for the healing arts and sciences. Firstly what an amazing achievement and what a huge undertaking. Can you tell me about the sorts of training you did through the academy and how has that changed in recent years?

  • What your vision for the future of Four wings?

  • Let’s talk books, you have a number of amazing books but it all began with Everyday Magic didn’t it? What prompted you to write?

  • The book was first published in 2002, What made you republish in 2020? How much at things changed in those intervening years? Where can the audience get you book?

  • The biggest undertaking recently has been your text book The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery – some 25yrs of research has gone into the writing of this book. Can you tell the audience what prompted you in this direction?

  • This is a text book with researched and referenced information what can people who study from this text expect to learn?

  • The human experience has three layers to it – physical mental and spiritual or mind body and soul. How do the concepts in Crystal Surgery positively impact on this construct?

  • Where can people get the book?

Over the coming weeks we will be exploring many different healing modalities across the spectrum of what’s now available to us as humans, remembering that we need healing on many different levels. Intuitively we know what we need but many of us dismiss our intuition.

Join us next week when we further embark on the journey of Healing Energy for Everyone.

Same time next week.

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Healing Energy for Everyone

Show Host

Crystal Surgery - The Amazing 21st Century Method of Crystal Healing

Learn how to do Energy Healing and Psychic Surgery using crystal tools. Vivien Schapera, Teacher and Healer with over 33 years of experience, shares her expertise with you in these unique crystal healing courses.

Explore a wide range of topics, including: the healing powers of crystals; the chakras, energy field and energy body; and healing states of consciousness. 

Crystal Surgery is a new style of crystal healing, founded in the 1990’s by Vivien Schapera.

In Crystal Surgery, the crystals are used in very specific ways as tools for “operating” on both the energy field and the energy body. The energy field is the electromagnetic force field, which emanates from the physical body and the energy body, and surrounds the physical body. The energy body is the energetic duplicate of the physical body and is made up of etheric tissue. Etheric tissue consists of “materials” from the etheric dimension, in contrast to the physical body, which is made up of materials from the earthly dimension.

Originally, the Crystal Surgery techniques were comprised mostly of procedures for “operating.” The Healer holds and uses the crystals like scalpels and other surgical instruments, and applies the crystals to skills such as scraping, cutting, cleaning, suctioning and stitching.

Crystals are an ideal instrument for such activities: Imagine that you are a chef and you have a magical knife. This magical knife can sense the food properties as it cuts, and as it senses, it can also deliver the precise ingredients that will balance and harmonize the flavors of the entire dish you are creating. And that is not all! Additionally the knife can develop a bond with you, and begin to communicate telepathically, giving you all manner of salient information. Well, that is what crystals can do in Crystal Surgery! Crystals can be used as tools for specific “surgical”actions, whilst they simultaneously adjust wavelength and chemistry.

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