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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 16 May 2021

Healing Energy for Everyone with Vivian Schapera

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Crystal Surgery - The Amazing 21st Century Method of Crystal Healing

Learn how to do Energy Healing and Psychic Surgery using crystal tools. Vivien Schapera, Teacher and Healer with over 33 years of experience, shares her expertise with you in these unique crystal healing courses.

Explore a wide range of topics, including: the healing powers of crystals; the chakras, energy field and energy body; and healing states of consciousness. 

Crystal Surgery is a new style of crystal healing, founded in the 1990’s by Vivien Schapera.

In Crystal Surgery, the crystals are used in very specific ways as tools for “operating” on both the energy field and the energy body. The energy field is the electromagnetic force field, which emanates from the physical body and the energy body, and surrounds the physical body. The energy body is the energetic duplicate of the physical body and is made up of etheric tissue. Etheric tissue consists of “materials” from the etheric dimension, in contrast to the physical body, which is made up of materials from the earthly dimension.

Originally, the Crystal Surgery techniques were comprised mostly of procedures for “operating.” The Healer holds and uses the crystals like scalpels and other surgical instruments, and applies the crystals to skills such as scraping, cutting, cleaning, suctioning and stitching.

Crystals are an ideal instrument for such activities: Imagine that you are a chef and you have a magical knife. This magical knife can sense the food properties as it cuts, and as it senses, it can also deliver the precise ingredients that will balance and harmonize the flavors of the entire dish you are creating. And that is not all! Additionally the knife can develop a bond with you, and begin to communicate telepathically, giving you all manner of salient information. Well, that is what crystals can do in Crystal Surgery! Crystals can be used as tools for specific “surgical”actions, whilst they simultaneously adjust wavelength and chemistry.

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Vivien Schapera
Professional Healer, Alexander Technique Teacher, Psychologist, Author and founder of FourWinds Academy

Vivien Schapera has worked in private practice, as an Alexander Teacher and Energy Healer, since 1983. Vivien is the founder and current chair of FourWinds Academy, a school for training healers, that teachers four main subjects: Energy Healing, Intuition, Crystal Healing and Shamanism. In addition to these unusual qualifications, Vivien holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Cape Town and a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.  Vivien has authored several books, manuals, and published articles, including Everyday Magic (2002), How to Lose Weight and Gain Money (2004), Guided Lessons for Students of the Alexander Technique (2010) and the groundbreaking textbook The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020). 

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Vivien moved to the USA in 1991. She obtained her degrees in Psychology at the University of Cape Town (M.A. 1984) and completed her training in the Alexander Technique at the Constructive Teaching Center in London (Certified 1983.) In addition to these academic pursuits, A perennial student, Vivien has made a point of studying with leaders in the field, namely past lives author, Brian Weiss, crystal author, Melody and shamanism author Michael Harner.

As an accomplished practitioner, Vivien is also a teacher of teachers: In 1993, Vivien and her husband, Neil, founded Alexander Technique of Cincinnati, a school for training Alexander Teachers, and in 1999, Vivien founded FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts & Sciences, a school for training Healers. FourWinds Academy incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2000.

Crystals and stones populate every corner of Viven’s work and home life, but Vivien is not only in tune with crystals and minerals. Vivien and Neil live in close harmony with the animal and plant kingdoms too – they have 2 rescue cats, Birdy and Wolfie, and from spring to fall they are avid gardeners.

To add dimension, in an annual cycle, Vivien and Neil immerse themselves in each of the kingdoms: At the end of January they go to Tucson for the gigantic gem and mineral trade show; then, they return to South Africa and go on safari, and over Christmas, when the Midwest is blanketed in winter, they visit an island in Florida to enjoy their love of Nature  Each of the kingdoms is a major resource to them – providing a special way to rejuvenate the spirit and recharge the soul.