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Hard News on Friday, November 20, 2020

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Hard News on Friday
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with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

Hard News on Friday with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

Hard News on Friday

Tune in now to this fabulous program, a program with your hosts Tara & Rama, and friends. Explore the truth with an open mind, and be more than you are for having one and giving many! Join Us! To listen to this program on their regular conference dial 605-313-5166 listener code 353863#

We will discuss Hard News, Earth's Destiny, and the Truth about NESARA!

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Shadow dance
greetings all you commanders Eagles and Angels this is Rain Bird and I'm grateful to welcome you to Tar and Rama's hard news program on Friday nights
we're grateful you join us here tonight and we like to always start with Kali in the seven Galactic directions with The Keeney drum
let's take a few moments to settle ourselves and get into that quiet space
to take a few gentle breath for you to answer your nose out to your mouth
Ico that drops of the day
bring that energy into your heart space as you breathe in
and as you do so gather around with your guides and Guardians your totem
if we
as we come together in a virtual circle around the virtual Council fires in the center
We Gather this way
connecting that virtual way
and just put everybody in the circle of the support that needs to be in the circle support
clothing mother Gaia
welcome to the North Pole from the bin House of Chicken creations
can we make you stay right actions
Harmony to end all war
Galactic horse volume
volume up to call Gail the harmony
never stay where that drums with you
just take a few minutes to look at the record of days in this volcanes edition of mine way
for today and for the week ahead
I'm looking at today today so yellow lunar Warrior day
this day and then is a Tookie
and it stoned to is the lunar town it's stabilizing challenge polarize
entrust 16 is the warrior key
is questioned fearlessness intelligent
zodiac formation for today I called her eyes in order to question
stabilizing fearlessness
I feel them the output of intelligence with the lunar town of challenge
and I got it by the power of elegant
which is the star the Moc
I wondered what is the power of Elegance those the Stars the power Elegance
and at Fourth Watch for today is to Chong the Serpent's and it's so that's what we're in now is the fourth watch this is energy of the surface is with us is this evening as we come together on this key Warrior day let's look at keep a little bit closer Warrior aspect and it's working is trusting in our journey in and bringing awareness of right action
so let's embrace the gifts that the warrior brings us is that communication with the Divine that access to Cosmic consciousness
have you let go of any limitation
Nicole Henning hesitation
and let go of any restrictions every Embrace these energies this evening today
and then moving on to tomorrow on Saturday it'll be at 3 caban which is the red electric Earth
and caban is the earth and its healing aspect
as I working as keepers of the Earth
we stay wherever that energies and
they tuned in listen pay attention to the Earth
as we embrace the kiss that come with this energy that our access to planetary Harmony and and being that balancing point
and that gift of intuition
listen inside can tension let go or any separation any failure to read the signs
let go of any dissociation Griffith energy
on Saturday come on
the red Earth
red electric RC electric toners activation
the number three tone three is it on Sunday tone for with X knob in the air so it's the white self-existing mirror
on Sunday for Xbox it's a warrior aspect at snobby is and it's a it's about working on our groundedness and the wise use of honesty and working on our self understanding of the standings
Gracie Gifts of a snob that's crying of the unseeing that fluidity that Persistence of the mirror
and let go of any illusions of separateness look of fear of abandonment
with this energy on Sunday and then on Monday we have a portal day it's a 5K in so he's got that extra dimensionality power day going with the overtone tone is
yeah that top of that pyramid that that forward movement at harmonic movement of V
after 5 and so Wilco Arkansas is a Visionary aspect is the storm and it's about creating transformation for others with that storm energy lighting clear thought
embrace the gift the possibility of freedom in that power of catalyzing every let go of any addiction to crisis let go of fear let's go to spare any Illusions is Never As We Embrace these energies on Monday
and remember it is a power day and feel like tag Activation Portal
so you like that with your work that you do as we
create a vision of transformation
and then on Tuesday we have a 6 of how we finish up the funeral with a yellow rhythmic Sun the house the sun it's the it's the 19th cleft
in the when you count from 0 to 19th so it's the 19th or the 20th if you want to call it that way if it's a healing aspect in our work with the sun energy is to rise to Christ Consciousness and strive towards wholeness and
in transmitting energy to others is part of what we need to do with this energy so embrace the gift of that possibility thinking
don't live it don't limit your potential unconditional love that's another gift from the sun energy that love energy in the godself of course so I told any limitation of Separation as we Embrace these energies on Wednesday
I mean on Tuesday gives me and then on Wednesday it is another portal day as we begin the last yuniel
of this
disharmonic module so it'll be just 20 more days from then that we finish this entire 260 day cycle so we'll head into it on Wednesday and it'll be a portal de another portal de A7 emish
the red resonance dragon that magical 7 tongue
going on with that
that is between energy
that connection between source of matter and back to source
yeah with that magical 7 resonant tone it's at 1 minute Attunement
so very powerful day on Wednesday with a nice the dragons and that dragon is about those new beginnings and it's artist aspects
I work as creation we are the creators were and self-dependence and interesting in the universe and working with our Clarity of Mind as we
do that good creation work so embrace the gifts of being the source of creation the beginning
and with that beginner's mind and let go of the illusion of lack of support with this energy is really
work work with a flag do you know of the snow King that we started back in
Oh I thought it was July the maybe it was sooner than that I don't remember when we started that I guess it was more like around Easter is 260 days in 9 months ago
and so here we are completing it with these last 3 weeks 20 days that were in
so then looking forward to Thursday
well let's look at you make some more yeah we did what we already look at it some more so Thursday at 8 it's the right Galactic win and it's Thanksgiving Day and so we get to be with Spirit on this Thanksgiving day that wind energy and with that 8 Galactic tone
revisiting that octave higher harmonics that planetary Harmony so we're working with the Visionary aspects with the wind and our work is co-creation of Heaven on Earth
and truth and all matters and remembering
are unity with spirit
so what a great day for Thanksgiving Day to embrace these gifts of having that voice of spirit and in spirit working through us
as we celebrate with ourselves
considering the current conditions on Thanksgiving is in Friday when we come back it'll be a 9 aqua blue solar night in aqbal is a night the part of that fact that our participation
I believe in abundance are learning from Dreamtime
embrace the gifts of the protection of the night
in the gift of being The Mystery of Life
as we let go of any set self-judgment let go of any withdrawal
Adrian Bracy
night energies on next Friday and work with our abundance with that so we'll talk about it some more next Friday when we come back so that's the Mayan record of days ahead of us
and yeah let's enjoy the synchronicity that all brings
and was he forgot to say on Friday the 9th own is the solar town is 336 at spreading on our intentions into reality it's lots of activity the realization of our intentions is happening with this energy so lots of manifestation work on Friday I can come back so there you go that's the week ahead and
like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving day however you celebrate it and with that I'm going to change my hat and Ciara listener-supported radio program I need to do a little bit of housekeeping with that so each week we need $300 for our services with bbsradio and that's what we need this week
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was that the only other thing I want to give you the free market site so you know where you can go join it and look around and you can set up your own account from this account
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what's an elemental activity there's lots of Ray from the universe coming through and the Violet flame and the blue flame the Platinum planes and the Golden Flame and just everything else is going on all the razor they're all the rage of the rainbow a hundred and forty four colors I believe it looks like lots of different colors and some extra fireworks and Excalibur sword of truth is coming with it with all kinds of Mary who needs and known to self and undyne's hanging out all over it the greeting
one all here we are again and it's Friday TGIF the thing that's coming close to home President Trump is that his son Donald Junior now has covid-19
that's kind of hitting home I would think her her mama
I own my Pap me to pass this talking stick to you you got stuff to tell us
can you say that in this simulated reality were experiencing
the line that's pouring in
is shifting
drama that's unfolding yes a job
well I'll just say place to buy the fire cuz I'm trying to keep it clean the corruption and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap going on with
trying to throw the election
I spoke to Lady NADA and Rosa from Palestine
and they just said that the
Minnesota lawmakers are being bribed to the sky with piles of cash on cables concerning throwing the election to Trump and I will say this again
it is
about the higher office here
19.5 degrees in Lord Michael and we all know how that's going to turn out but I survived by her it says interesting dance because the distance and treason are being brought up every single day
the one that really got me in the middle of my third eye there is that for this whole year the military have been lying about what they're really doing and they've been hiding and they've been staying in pockets all over the Middle East and just telling him that they got brought home but that never happened. That's trippy everybody and it is about the next step.
the networks won't tell you which is about disclosure on all the various levels
I'll get simulated reality that started 13,000 years ago or even maybe even longer has
enki and enlil and all these other folks.
Play the round with the energy send
fishing is from 12 strands of DNA that are offering us the garden then ending up with two strands of DNA being lost in the garden
and somewhere along the way he go got in the way in
started to die
here we are at this moment than
DD news networks are saying your quarter of a million people have left to plan it yet it is more than that are
what you know how much it is yeah
4 billion people in site scams going on
boggles the mind so to speak got to do with killing for-profit everybody Randy Rhoads today called is second degree murder
and yet she wasn't referring to what we were just talking about the Trump has done
which watch not helping to virus basically abandoning folks and focusing on throwing the election
yeah well many networks are saying that yeah they are in their own way
the thing is that this is going to be done peacefully to get maybe I'll read what you said exactly huh
okay I received a call from Rosa from Palestine and Lady NADA who was in Lebanon early this afternoon it was 12:30 p.m.
they said to me Lord Rama Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today violated international law by going to visit to Jewish settlements in the Golan Heights for a photo op only to declare that these places were on Israeli land and thus belong to Israel Israel waiting on a continued this is a slap in the face to the Arab world and there will be having to pay
Lord Michaels regions are here there will be a peaceful and orderly transition transformation
President Trump's is bribing
Minnesota lawmakers as well along with
Michigan lawmakers Wisconsin lawmakers Pennsylvania. The dish out and charge up all the way
I am just Stitch all their votes to him yes
there are piles of cash on tables behind closed doors much laid out yes the lavender lad may just show up on an ovulation day and change this whole story it is about bringing closer to the old Kali Yuga timeline goddesses here she wants to dance with Lady Master ma her her very own future self Justice is served. Now I'm namaste
so how are things going on in the in and amongst at report you know that's a big old review We are watching TV
Lady Gaga's said the crisis has reached your proportions where
ascended Master Saint-Germain gets the show up and has a lot of blood
Bartered for trade is there
throwing the dice for
yeah right I got it just
What I'm being told to sit this there is a peaceful outcome to this and it is about a new timeline and the rainbow nation is here
I keep getting images of rainbow Bridges all over the planet leading up to a scarred and I just got to say something's up with the different dimensional Bridges and realities cuz they are blending into one another that's why I say this simulated reality that we're living in is
very much stimulated and it's shaking by the nanosecond so if you're tired of one moment the next moment things will change
it's not going to be focus on the real things that need to be focused on right round about the closure of studying war no more
there's so many different hands being played right now that it's
that side of the story it's not about anything else except who's going to live and who's going to die at the moment
right yeah
I am my mighty I am presence steps in because I mean George Galloway was done with Melissa sis I mean what's her name in question
what's your name Alani manila manila Chan
an advisor to a ranch
supreme leader and also possible presidential candidates
warned of a full-fledged War as the United States attacks then Rescuers from countries including Russia help refugees return to Nagano karabakh and rebuild their homes yet many of them find out they have nothing to return to then the drums
legal team continues its fight against the election results comparing the select the election to that of Venezuela's and then blaming voting and equipment on the lake Hugo Chavez I'm saying that the dimensions the realities are blending and something's going to pot which is the truth
and the arrangement advisors says President Trump is risking a full-fledged war and those as president Hassan Rouhani that rhyme I got to speak to at the king of start some years ago quite a few
you might say that he's a very mild-mannered moderates
Anna ran
yes on George Galloway said I was rouhani's MP Back in the Day in England so there's all kinds of stuff that we don't keep up with over there across the pond about these things and ask my dad might even himself again become
president of the college guy is
who did something that will be living in history because he told everybody in English that 9/11 was an inside job and he got away with it must have been for Hillary walked out of there with what's her name
Susan Rice Susan Rice they all marched out of there
years and they're all the folks in this circle surrounded by Eden in this is why I got to stay in that Circle that I am sorry but I'm just saying
it is the convoluted story and
at the levels in Red Square
Lady Diana is staying as the member you know about the solar Tribunal
there are other galaxies that got to say so in this Story Land right now
there's a lot of stuff being cussed and discussed about how intervention comes right in right now
I am seeing shipped every single day in the skies
oh okay
so everybody
what kind of a little bit early Ramos this morning I have a question when is God is going to be the next president of Iran fruit is there have any election next year I think in July but that was about because she has I remember that it was awesome that whole USA everybody from everybody left that was just got this guy did I was just like
oh my God yeah you play it everything it was really good you brought to our attention that that time so thank you for that that ingratitude
everybody let's just keep breathing this is very very intense there's a crap saying going on for people's lives who dies
I'm George Galloway said Rouhani was a student in Glasgow and at when when he was also George Galloway's constituents I mean there's so much stuff we don't know
my goodness
and then you know they're bringing up the story by ran about President Trump's murdered one of their people what was his name again so I have some qasem soleimani
yeah that's not going anywhere and I think that has a lot to do with also the fact that Donald Trump Junior's got covid-19 to do with Mohammed bin Salman and Jared Kushner and the whole family arranging to murder Jamal khashoggi
that's not going away no none of these things are going your way and they were talking today about how turkey they stole that pow pow right out from under there was nothing Democratic about that and they have been in charge of killing people like there's no tomorrow
okay it's time to get ready Rouse got to go get the phone number
but I again to do this calmly and with the wisdom
you know because we have to demonstrate that were working with the 5th dimensional energies of accountability which have nothing to do with guns and executions and oh my goodness
holding accountable
there is a picture up here of Donald Trump he looks so absolutely disgusted it's just as
oh my goodness and he's refusing to leave power that's all he's doing is
not doing so
United States of former British colony already Rock rocked this year by ethnic conflict and mass protests over
kiss me
oh I don't know where
we will have an opportunity now to participate more than ever and tonight we're going to play Amy Goodman in ALC got up there and gave a little chat to everybody that is just so powerful and this is what's happening now these young Progressive
women are coming forward now and
we listen and we pay attention and then we
work with that way of the goddess and everything that were doing here
I'm just saying all of the media is being put on the line here to
and numb
there is
there is these energies here for a reason that we have the ability now to
process and publicly work together to create a new a new way of being the world Authority situation taking a nap
there's a picture Rama's going to put up on the website it's amazing
Grandma who's with this being of lye in this picture
I know you told me earlier this one
yeah it's just some some kind of being dead showed up the Georgia versus like being if this is is Sonic on you cannot delete date what it is is not the end and he's actually they're engaged and hand handshake there
it's pretty powerful everybody
did you put that up yet honey
forget not yet
you're not sure what
get up there okay well you can talk to me if I kick your ass okay it's time now to take a little
John's to our conference call what's the number on 720 +716-730-135-3863 all right everybody will be there for about an hour here join us the conversation grows
the world is on the same page weather looks that funny from this point of view or that are not everybody wants peace now so let's do that okay and we'll see you there for an hour and then we'll be right back here at the top of the following hour with BBs Radio Station 2
and it is the best place there is to find out what's news happening and we're talking about multiple levels they see you there
Namaste for now, stay
high pressure card thank you for joining us for our weekly blog we are all going to life-transforming changes at this time and the vast majority of those changes are wonderful however when we judge what is happening solely by but we are witnessing in the outer World things do not seem so wonderful
there is no doubt if they sent the confusing and sometimes even frightening time
in many instances it looks and feels like no matter how hard we try things seem to be getting worse
that is very disheartening and many people I have talked to feel hopeless and helpless when confronted with all of the adversity surface on the planet
what we are learning however from the beams of light in the Realms of aluminum in truth is that our interpretation of what we are witnessing in the outer world is inaccurate things are not getting worse it is just that we have not been able to see the bigger picture of what is happening
we have been judging but is taking place in our lives and the World by outer appearances alone
but that is only a small fraction of what is actually occurring
if we want to comprehend the bigger picture we must raise the focus of our attention above the chaos in our lives
once we transcend the discordant frequencies of the outer world we can more easily hear the intuitive guidance of our I am presence which is resonating with in the Divinity of our heart
Rin presence will help us to see with new eyes and hear with new ears
this week the company of Heaven wants to remind us of how to perceive the positive progress we are making in our individual and Collective lives
are are very dedicated people who have been invoking the light of God or decades and yet outerworld appearances do not seem to reflect their heartfelt
in fact in many instances they feel that things are getting worse
after word of encouragement I want you to know that the beings of light Ashura that nothing is farther from the truth
on the contrary they say that we are succeeding beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven
the reason things seem to not be progressing is because of our limited perception and the fact that we are not seeing the bigger picture
one of the most important things for us to remember is that we are multi-dimensional being functioning and several Realms of Consciousness simultaneously
are invocations and our prayers and meditation are first formed in the Realms of cos where everything begins
then they are magnetized in various dimensions of Consciousness into the physical plane of Earth which is known as the world of a fax
even though we think of the physical plane as being very real it is actually the least real of all of the Realms of Consciousness we abide in
and it is the very last mention to reflect the changes that are taking place
when we invoke the light of God without seeing the results in the outer world that we would like to see it gives us the impression that are invocations and medications are not working and that our prayers are not being answered but that is never the case
a light of God responds to our invocations and meditation each and every time we participate in these activities of light and our prayers are always hard and they are always answered
and remember it before we begin our invocations meditations and prayers we have firm I am my I am presence and I am one with the I am presence of all Humanity our efforts will expand exponentially and we will invoke the light of God in the Bible I am seven and a half billion people evolving on this planet
a moment we invoke the light of God in any way a matrix for the thought-form we want to co-create begins forming in the Realms of cos
each time we repeat our invocations or our prayers and meditations our Matrix grows and becomes more powerful
once something is formed in the Realms of cos nothing can prevent it from eventually manifesting in the world of affects which is the physical plane Earth
the only variable is how long that will take and that is up to you and me and the rest of Awakening Humanity
the Earth is subject to the laws of physics
and there is a factor that we learned about in quantum mechanics that determines when the changes we are invoking and praying for will manifest in the physical world that form
that factor is called the critical mass
everything is comprised of atomic and subatomic particles and waves of intelligent energy it is vibrating at various frequencies
a negative things manifesting in our lives are the results of heavy and discordant energy that we miss qualified in the past through thoughts feelings words and actions that were not based in love
a positive things manifesting in our lives are the results of positive and harmonious thoughts feelings words and actions we expressed in the past that were based in love
in order to change the negative things that are happening in our lives into positive things we need to raise the vibration of the energy is manifesting in negative ways and transmuted back into frequencies of life
if Unstoppable shift occurs when the negative energy reaches a critical mass of the higher frequency of life
the fastest and most powerful frequency of light available or transmuting negativity back into light is the Violet flame of God's infinite protection
this particular gifts from our father mother God is designed to help us reach a critical mass of positive energy faster than any other frequency of life
so why are we not seeing more tangible results in the physical plane
it is because we often give up before we invoke enough light to reach a critical mass of whatever it is we are striving to co-create
a very common scenario is that when we awaken and become aware of how powerful our creative faculties of thought and feeling are our I am presence inspires us to change our Behavior
we are prompted to control our thoughts and feelings and we are motivated to invoke The Violet flame so we can transmute the negative things manifesting in our life
we decide to think positively and to control our emotions and we focus our attention on what we want to manifest in our life
sometimes after what seems like a valiant effort we continue to experience some of the same old problems
that is when we often become discouraged and lose trust in our ability to change our life
when this happens we usually give up and stop trying to improve our situation
he no longer invoke The Violet flame and we stopped doing our affirmations
this causes us to regress back into our old negative behavior patterns we start dwelling on our fears problems and challenges instead of using our thoughts and feelings to empower our goals our hopes and our dreams
as a result of this relapse things in our life get worse and our situation appears to be even more hopeless
is an almond and occurs because we stop invoking the light before we reached a critical mass of whatever it is that we were trying to create
so what do we have to do to reach the Unstoppable shift of critical mass
we have to keep on keeping on even when it seems as though we are not making progress because that is never the case
there are many variables that determine when something reaches critical mass
how to make things easy the beans of Life said for us to think of critical mass as 51% of the energy vibration and consciousness of whatever it is that we want to procreate
when an electron is increasing and vibration and 51% of its vibration which has the higher frequency and Unstoppable shift occur and the remaining 49% of the electron is instantly absorbed into the new vibration and the entire extends into the higher frequency
tell for example if we are striving to create Prosperity 51% of our energy vibration and Consciousness from all time frames and dimensions both known and unknown must be vibrating with a frequency of prosperity Consciousness instead of poverty consciousness
when we reached that critical mass at 51% Prosperity Consciousness and Unstoppable shift occurs and nothing can prevent Prosperity from manifesting in our life
this is true for every single thing we are striving to co-create in our life
it's something that we have been working toward has not manifested in our life yet it just means that we have not reached a critical mass and we must keep on keeping on with our efforts
if we don't
we are trying to co-create will never manifest
I know it seems very daunting when we realize that we have to reach a critical mass of our energy from all time frames and dimensions both known and back Miracles have taken place over the past several years and reaching a critical mass for our positive goals is far easier and it has ever been before
one thing I'm manipulative human ego is no longer able to block our efforts
and our I am presence is once again taking command of our life
another critical factor is that the light of God is exponentially expanding on Earth every single day
life is infinitely more powerful than the fragmented and distorted patterns of our human mis-creations
Epping South Lyon have revealed that one person invoking the light through their I am presence and the I am presence of all Humanity transmute Century's worth of Miss qualified energy and what has been referred to as the twinkling of an eye
in addition to go with Miracles because of the need of the hour our father mother God had granted the company of having a sacred Cosmic dispensation that allows the legions of light to amplify our efforts a thousandfold every single day as we add to feel like it's the world
we are being told from on high that this is the gift of divine grace unprecedented in any system of worlds
even though it is impossible for us to know when we will reach that magical moment of critical mass
it could be with the very next breath we take
so the company of Heaven is encouraging us to invoke the light of God with the enthusiasm and expectation that critical mass could be reached with arm bearing next frappe
they want us to also have the hard commitment that we are going to keep on keeping on no matter how long it takes
so this week Precious Heart Keep On Keepin On knowing full well that your invocations and prayers are not only being heard and answered they are being Amplified 1000-fold by the company of Heaven
as you progress day by day through this amazing but sometimes challenging time know that no matter what you are witnessing in the outer world the light of God is always Victorious
and you are the lights
God bless you dear one I look forward to being with you next week
beloved hearts of love it is a son
Popeye and Son twin flame to Mother Akasha agreed to this day
with the challenging conditions that seem to grow more each day
in your world and perhaps even trying to touch your lies
it is so important
but you do everything
strengthen yourselves
continue to do all that you can
to increase your light
and try to live
in the highest consciousness
Love Lies love joy and health
that you can achieve each day
to assist you
overcoming challenges
that are in your world
Auntie keep yourselves Untouched by World conditions
I wish you to know
that's why every need and necessity
to keep yourself healthy and joyful
and abundant
there is a means inherent within each of you
experience greater fulfillment
of all your needs and necessities
beloved heart
will you hear this and will you know this with such conviction
but you deserve for filament
you deserve for filament
of all needs and accessibility
as it appears in your lives
and to recognize the source of that fulfillment
is within you
and above you
some of you some of you have already begun
to restore
your connection to that source of fulfillment
yes much greater
is that Source seek each of you
to find yourself to Mayfield cell
a Divine instrument
evolved life
many Treasures
always intended
each of you would Embrace and enjoy
must realise for all the advancements that have been made the last century
in human consciousness
progress made in fields of Science and Technology
Vietnam has come greater advancement
in the spiritual growth of humankind
bare necessity
a greater numbers of humankind
do spiritually awakened
to make contact with their own spiritual side of life that necessity is now
in order for the people of that
to safely weather
to safely come through
the many different types of storms
that are increasing in your world
I have some things to share with you
that may help you
encourage you
spiritual study prayer and meditation
is always the link
the bridge
spiritually Empower your lives
especially so when we recognize
that spiritual power
is greater always greater
and all the limiting appearances in the world
the key the golden key
is to unleash that spiritual power
so that it is acting in your mind
your physical bodies
and your lies
when Humanity can get past old Concepts and perceptions
about punishing God
or of the heavenly father being an old man in some Heavenly Realm
waiting to cast judgment on his children
must get past
these perceptions
these man-made inventions
God of sauce
and realize that the heavenly father and mother
Anon only Cosmic beings of life and love
did they also
the inherent characteristics and nature
I'm loving and intelligent Creative Minds
well I'm power
within the entire universe
go life
and that includes your life
various beliefs
have cut themselves off from the very Source of Life intended to provide them
what's the Fulfillment of all need and necessity
rifle prayer and meditation
restores your connection
do your own divinity
and you all connection
the universal loving creative mind and heart of the universe
when we rightly understand
did each person
is an individual ization of the infinite
and that she all consciousness
free comes from the universal consciousness
then each of you each person
discover how to make yourselves an instrument
of universal loving and intelligent creative mind and Power
play The Magnificent Perfection and powers of life
and once the game flow into your lives
providing you with the Fulfillment
Vol need a necessity
Tree of Life teachings
the ascended Master teachings
reveal the ideal and authentic understanding
of the words I am
I being the name of God
I am meaning God in action
then we can come to understand that within every passing is an inner eye espiritual
and this Anna I is the very individual ization of god goddess all the jizz
the samurai can be said to be the individualization
the infinite Universal Fowler mother or Divine mind and heart of the universe
whichever way you approach this
we acknowledge this inner eye
within ourselves
within the interior about being this our Consciousness as I'll true spiritual nature
and that this inner eye is one with a universal
then we can understand the words of Jesus Christ at the height of his own spiritual enlightenment
when he spoke
I and the father are one
of course
this is not the outer I not the surface eye on Eagle Eye
this is reference to the master individualized presence of God
better buys deep within each person's consciousness
when we come in daily prayer
communing with the greater
let us see our consciousness
as an instrument
in which the infinite consciousness of the universe
can express our individuality
true spiritual study
free to come to restore our divine connections Within
and then above
we begin to restore
the natural relationship
between ourselves
and our source
and restoring that relationship
as we commune and rightful prayer
what's a father mother
realizing the universal presence is everywhere
throughout the cosmos
is all life
then more of our own divine nature
begin to express
there are mines and our lives on Earth
I wish each of you to know
the critical characteristic
in a restored relationship
between the individualized life
and the infinite consciousness
to know that a critical characteristic
avacyn restored relationship
is a creative present and power inherent
that becomes the Fulfillment of all need and necessity in our past no lives
and is this grows and expands Extenze
to the consciousness of others
deer hunts
most of humanity has lived license to a branch cut off from a tree
cut off from a very source
rightful prayer and meditation
restores the branch to the tree
where each one can then a firm and no with conviction
I am
living branch of the Tree of Life
I am one with my sauce
I am a living branch of the Tree of Life
no longer cut off
rather restore
precious hearts
Humanity has suffered
has paid a dear price
trim cutting itself off
not only from its own Divinity Within
cutting itself off from its source
from whence that Divinity came forth
if you would like
let us try a rightful prayer now
yes please know this
when we pray
we ought to answer prayer
what's a hopeful heart
a remarkable face
and the ceiling of expectancy
knowing all rifle prayer
is always answered
that's when we appeal through prayer to the greater
call relief
all healing of conditions in our lives
then when we are complete with all prayer
you go on about our day
we ought not to let our attention return
to the negative conditions that we are asking for relief
we ought not to talk about those conditions
but whilst we are to appeal for assistance
then afterwards
we must let go
and have confidence in our God nature
Our God communion
all gone restoration
we must have concert
and that is why I approaching prayer
with a hopeful hearts with a lockable face the ceiling of expectancy
knowing your prayer will be answered
and after what we must let go and let God
attention goes back to the conditions that we are praying for release
then we are taking the matter out of God's hands back into our own
is it seems that within a day
let your prayer has not been and send
then I would simply encourage you
to return to your prayer the same prayer
do you have the results
again I say unto you
the most important characteristics
a relationship
between your own divinity
and the Divinity of the greater
what do you refer to the greater as the heavenly father and mother
oh the mighty creative intelligent mind of all universe
Matt is not
what matters
the recognition
the prayer and meditation
that is the length
and when engine into rightfully
one begins
to restore
that wonderful relationship
that was always intended to be
a recognition of One's Own divinity
a recognition
is that Divine spiritual nature is the gift from the greater
allergist through
your own divine nature
but you can restore your relationship with the greater from which y'all Consciousness comes from
if you would like
let us enter
into a rightful prayer
what's a hopeful heart
a remarkable face
wondrous feeling of expectancy
astounding in Woodley
as I enter into prayer
I lovingly has knowledge and except
Spiritual Center
A Century of divinity
in the Sanctum
within my own Consciousness my own being
were there abides within me a master presents
a hero
Liberty incident individualize present
of mother father God
I am grateful
I am awakens
to my own divinity
and yes
I am not intended to live
as an island cut off from source
in recognizing my own Design Center
it is from that Holy and a sanctum with him
that I recognize
but I am the Living Branch
of the tree of life itself
the universal principles of the heavenly mother and father
and from that inner sanctum of my being
I reach app
knowing that's within me and around me and above me and everywhere
is the universal love and intelligence allow you the best
of the heavenly father and the heavenly mother
and as I read
from the center of my God being
to the heavenly father
I asked
about Divine restoration
where in the harems
within my relationship
of my own Divinity and the Divinity of God's so
inherent within that relationships
is the Fulfillment
every need and necessity
and I recognize
that fulfillment
Heavenly mother's present acting
and so as I turn upward
to the heavenly father and the heavenly mother
my desire
is fall that design restoration
that most sacred of all relationships
relationship between my God self
and my godparents
and that's my Consciousness reaches out throughout the cosmos
I done restoring this design relationship
I called to the father and the mother
or release
in all limiting conditions
seven acting in my life
Heavenly Father heavenly mother
your individualize present abides within d
and now for
my omnipresent omnipotent
Noah's my every needs
I need not come to you Emily father and mother with a prayer list
for thy presence is the innermost spiritual presence sensor and Power Within Me
I come to you
loving recognition
the branch restored to the universal Tree of Life
the nine presents nine magnificent by glory and grace by Perfection. I will enjoy May flow once the game is the branch I am
heavenly father mother
restore and make a live within me
that critical characteristic
our divine relationship
the branch to the tree
Pentacle characteristic inherent Within
live and active once again
what is the loving nature
that is the Fulfillment of every need and necessity as it appears in my life
Heavenly Father heavenly mother
Mount Pleasant
it's within all life throughout the cosmos
and we can all life individualize
lean as a race
all cells off
likened to a branch cut off from its own source the tree
and it is my will my choice
the gift of choice
be divinely restored
in loving recognition of my own Divinity and the source from Wednesday that Divinity has been given me
I need a restoration
Divine relationship
I welcome
the most critical characteristic
about our relationship
the life I have been given
the Greater Life of the heavenly father mother
critical characteristic
the Fulfillment
I'm all need and necessity
in my life
that you are in Heron presents nature
restored relationship
the Fulfillment
all need and necessity in my life
I look to the greater
I look to the Tree of Life
the branch
the Buddha
the tree
God is the roots of which I am firmly grounded
reunited re-align once again
Heavenly Father heavenly mother
left eye pressing left eye Radiance of Divine Light and love slow down into me
try come to the restored to be thine instruments
in which side Greater Life by Greater Love
they slow down streaming out from me
be the light bezel aus
B the enlightenment
the world
show recliners at this time
Heavenly Father heavenly mother
in these days I should be mindful
I will remind myself
Lillian Herron
the very nature of our relationship
the branch on the tree
child of God and God itself
helical characteristic
provided in that relationship
every need and necessity
heavenly mother father
I look to you
for that natural inherent characteristic
come alive to be active
in our relationship
I look to you
once again stream your love your life your own Christ affection your choice your happiness your will
all that I choose to be
manifest in this life I have been given
I'm with him from above
for the Isle style passage is omnipresent everywhere
be now
once again
the Fulfillment
I also you
the inner sanctum of my being
awesome My Love by Praise my gratitude
Lauren Grace
enter the father the mother the source of all universe and all life
I offer my love praise and gratitude
glory and grace
and with that precious hot
I will leave you
encouraging you
to praise his rightful prayer
everyday three times a day
with a hopeful heart
unremarkable face
and a feeling of expectancy
acting knowing
special prayer to the greater
will most naturally be answered
beloved friends
Namaste namaste
we are all Servants of Peace everyone
my hopes and let it begin with each one of us
and yes we can set the van
greetings Mother in the lights in the office of the Christ and only in the office of cry
I am VOC lodging energy st. Germain and the Violet Ray we ask at this time mother for
more like
go beyond all that which is not of the lights
and stay there
app Force keep your in st-germain getting louder maybe pass every test
please father passes test this talking stick for our test to you
read story
Mary Mac's coming to conclusion
man they show scene
oway wood children
to burn their Bridges
yeah it is
buy a
coonskin Miss bills are being
Let's Just Dance
but us soon
nearest brand
the great tree
Miss Talking Stick
magic is afoot as
all the kingdoms are here
fulfillment of this completion
is at hand
the tie-in
I've had
Steady As She Goes the end is in sight
yeah this now moment is the one too.
As things are done. We'll be free meals
about the Giants story
and all the other Giant
in that picture
we can say gray
there is
listening in this
Patty called it
the realm of this cat
what we create in the realm of cars
it shows up here
what is
unfolding is this
rainbow Nation that's coming for
these beings
Awakening 2
how old is complete itself
not with the old timeline but in love enjoy
in rainbows
about this called us in our blood
Power in the Blood and stuffy sainte-marie
as we find out more
about ourselves a Creator goddesses and gods of your boast
what a time to be alive
like what Charles Dickens wrote
it is the best of time the worst of times
the tail year
not so much about Tale
t a i n
we all got a jail to jail
ice we get usedto
interacting with each other
in this realm as we think it therefore it is
and Louis are happy to stay
this conclusion is right in time me
with this
leading up to Winter Solstice
is the light from Great Central Sun
galactic center as well
look like coming into this drum of effect
is changing
this completion
where are we
shall study war no more
as the uplift me
good teen movies
what it is like to create
God of our own thoughts
Sears on living lock living light
Hood County alities
being made manifest as we choose
are Destiny GQ this old story right now
not just a fantasy it's real
nice rainbow Nation. They're coming for the rainbow crystal children
a heart
a way to explain bee stings
at is being sad In This Moment
why with the guys trust your gifts and abilities use the force
we have them
in our present moment as we
learn to use
RC does a Jedi ability
as we meditate in focus on
using this completion
right now
magnificent to behold because we are making it so
even though
you just heard from Patty
what we see in this realm
may not look like what we speak of
240 quite bluntly
the body going to the sky
it is about the completion
open old timeline
we cannot say
for the Stalls that are coming forward
as so many are leaving
Allegiant Air Prime Meats roots coming in is it Greek year
this is why we say Lord Michaels folks are here
they are taking on physical for
justice we are here
Lord Michael
the time is now 2
evolve our Consciousness to take the Quantum Leap
thank you
we I
all day it is
as we choose to change our physical reality it changes in the twinkling of an eye
time is nigh we better be on our wish
we can go on in our time yet it is
I know Penny ponme had a question having a little trouble remembering exactly about it
it is about how did we choose to begin here where did we come from in the beginning well all of us have unique
choiceful journey and yes I mean a great deal came from the Pleiades but another whole group came from Sirius
fathers came through huh
other time space continuum right mother
what you want to say about that. We can say is
in the realm of the Divine
decision to enter this stores
magnificent beings radiant light in love
we chose to come in in many groups of Souls
huge numbers of soul
some with greater ability than others
as we choose to use dos ability
it is a God
what we
came in just shift as we knew it was going to get this D
and we would
forget who we were
and as the aliens
kid Gator Circle
Equinox and solstices
the Galaxy
shein shein Jean has what you call time passing
it has come full circle
we as these beings that came in in the very beginning knowing full well
that we would kind of forget
is an interesting Mommy
at the junction
disjunction is it bad
all of us get to step into the picture here
and use our abilities to teen tits
at this time
let's say
asked her seduce what class is now in session
we will be showing out in your dream time
Navy in the physical as you because
and say how about a cup of tea
thank you mother thank you let's
move to this. Now is Grace I appreciate that the most radiant one I know. I told her I am a lost dog who is Elia Yoda old head
Yahoo Richmond
yes we can. The man thank you brother
vasu yoga Namaste mother
right now I'm so much love
hey we just got to give her a bit of a moment here
in time
oh my
Halo Halo weather
where did you go
two hash gruas to Hesperus
been there for awhile I have not
is there someone there that you had met before that you met again Grace I was in some kind of council meeting in a great hall that was like in the form of a giant Lotus building and there were flowers there
and birds of paradise in
water running through the entire scene
I just remembered that
the flowers were talking and they were
tell him to great group there
that something huge is about to happen with the Earth as we are
lifting ourselves up to join with our sister planet Venus and the other planets throughout the system
and I can say
Saturday is being fulfilled at this time
send more love more love yeah I passed the courage yeah
the wisdom to make right choices
well what can I say thank you Grandma and everything else that you did you speak to
I was not so much that I spoke with listen to these flowers that were talking
at this great gathering in
and the flowers were saying very much stat
Earth is rising up to our level soon you will see that magic where it becomes the new sended planet Earth is a feeling that ascended Planet realm right now
zowie we gotta go with the flow it's the trip
be live now it's wrong dust dead
yeah it's time to us
let go of the money change your story
wow I think we should listen to our sister Amy and democracy now that story
let's do it everybody
right here
New York Jets
commitment on a 2 trillion dollar climate plan
Chilean dollars
we're not going to stop there we're not going to stop with a piece of paper
forget about that agreement for the sake of an election are we
indigenous racial Justice and climate
Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC
Mediacom approved the green New Deal
then we're being told by he won't be able to achieve
I have a new piece
we look forward to a new Democratic Administration we need to be very clear about what
will speak in Cairo
the quarantine report
coronavirus infection Thursday the highest one-day total of Any Nation since the start of a pandemic more than 2,000 people died across the United States highest one-day death toll since neck disease modelers at the University of Washington School of Medicine now for you by March 1st control and prevention it's calling over the White House coronavirus news briefing
system ministration on our president does not support another National lockdown
notably absent from Thursday's White House briefing
coronavirus adviser dr. Scott Atlas Public Health prescription Mexico
100000 covid-19. Following Brazil India and the United States
Honduras tens of thousands of people who fled hurricane
storm shelters raising fears of a spike of new infection across the second wave of covid-19 is finally slowing due to Public Health measures that were reintroduced beginning in October in South Australia official lockdown free days early after they determine the man who became infected a handful of cases reported in recent weeks covid-19 patients after concluding it has no meaningful effect on mortality or recovery time
George is Republican Secretary of States that Thursday Joe Biden clearly beat Donald Trump win Georgia 16 Electoral College votes Brad raffensperger Statewide hand recount of 5 million valve failed to turn up any evidence supporting President Trump's conspiracy theories about Georgia's results before today's 5 p.m. deadline
navigation to his phone call with Rapids Burger last Friday
Senator Graham has denied making the request which legal experts say would amount to felony election fraud in Georgia the Associated Press the formerly called Georgia for Joe Biden giving him 306 Electoral College votes Nationwide to Trump's 232 in Delaware
blasted Trump's refusal to concede his election loss
turn into Red Machine incredibly responsibility
incredibly damaging message is being sent to Brett's coronavirus democracy functions as it continues to seek to invalidate Joe Biden's Bickford election results Joe Biden beat Trump in Michigan by about 157000 votes late Wednesday to Republican members of Wayne County Board of canvassers election results in Detroit large African American population by the election results for board chair Monica Palmer said Thursday she reversed course the second time after receiving a call from President Trump himself this comes as federal court filings alleged
Elektra members who plan to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer they've all been arrested in Washington DC lawyers for President Trump's re-election campaign said Thursday they've uncovered
voters by manufacturing the former New York City
open the lobby of the Republican National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill
Giuliani offered no proof of his claims as he spoke his face and apparent cosmetic malfunction
Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell describe the vast conspiracy to fix the election and Bob and George Soros Hillary Clinton and cheapest China Cuba in 2013 our have called for legislators and swing states to disregard the popular vote in order to apply from supporters to the Electoral College Christopher Krebs the top u.s. election security official fire
this week for failing to support conspiracy theories tweeted that press conference with the most dangerous 1 hour and 45 minutes of television in American history and possibly the craziest he said his buddy should not pressure electors to ignore their certification obligations under the statute where a nation of laws not tweets Republican senator Mitt Romney of Utah added it is difficult to imagine a worse more undemocratic action by a sitting American president
the labor department reports 743000 us workers file for new unemployment claims last week arrived about 30,000 from the previous week is Coronavirus infection hit record highs from coast to coast
12 million us workers will lose Federal Unemployment Benefits by December 26th New York food bank on precedent Demand on Monday Harlem including Ruth Crawford
you have to try that real and to pick up the better things because we want to know is like this or you can go to work or you can't work until Joey feeding America food security and security and Washington DC indigenous racial Justice and climate activist stage the protest outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters Thursday calling on President elect joebiden to take immediate action on the climate
Green New Deal
climate activist John Henry
two years ago we spent years of Sunrise movement The Forum
what the other name for the California fire we will never forget you
forehead lines will hear from others who attended the protest by Congress member Alexandria ocasio-cortez and congresswoman elect Cori Bush immigration rights temporary protected status TPS refugees from Central American nations devastated by Hurricane beta and I
the climate crisis field back-to-back hurricanes impacted Millions leaving a GPS was created for including the United States from the porting unaccompanied migrant children under a policy that allowed immigration officials to quickly Deport Asylum Seekers arriving at the US Mexico border without
citing covid-19 some 13,000 unaccompanied children have been deported during the pendant this comes as immigration rights on their families who are placed an expedited deportation proceedings by Ice the kids say the family's initial Asylum please were bought by officials resulting in the rejection of their credible fear claims this is Alexa a girl who is in prison by ice for 11 months
Ulta is Fort Whaley say children of righteous country children don't have right because I was sick and my mother was sick
Chicago concert
on Thursday the federal government executed Orlando Hall at the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute Indiana whole is an African American man was sentenced to die by an all-white jury he was he be executed by the federal government this year and a correction to a headline we reported Thursday
the federal government is scheduled to execute Lisa Montgomery on December 8th in the First Federal execution of a woman in nearly 70 years we miss identified her executed by the state of Texas in 2014
Amazon DE at least 37 people have been killed as protests continue over the arrest of opposition presidential candidate Bobby wine and 350 people have been arrested in the capitol
Wednesday when wine was taken into custody his campaign says he's been denied
lawyer medical attention the rapper turned politician is seeking to unseat president yoweri with 7/8 who's been in power for 36 years
in Argentina's boys to become the largest Latin American country to legalize abortion after president of Erica Fernandes send Senators a bill overturning script Choice laws on Wednesday National Congress introduced in past years have to defend legalized abortion out in the streets because we don't trust those were sitting in the Senate nor lawmakers from the major parties
forty thousand people in Argentina were hospitalized after receiving botched abortion outside of medical
are those are some of the headlines this is democracy now when we come back we go to Washington DC where there was a sit outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters stay with us
little kids
Call of Duty
indigenous racial Justice and climate activist station occupation outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters and the green New Deal Advocates are also calling for a corporate free cabinet protesters included Casino supper win of the Cheyenne River Grass Roots Collective
can we do know that there are people going to the number of lawmakers spoken to protest outside the DNC including New York congresswoman including congresswoman elect Cori bush from Missouri how much does a formerly homeless nurse and single mother who helped me the protest following the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri in 2014 the recently became the first African American woman elected to congress from Missouri
first of all I think that we need to make sure that something is very clear and so there is just no other alternative right now some people say uncle you can't win or you can't you have to play this game I'm done with the game grumps the parts for 250,000 people dying differently
I need somebody to tell if there was a startling end in an endangered tell you what
Stampy cat look like me
congresswoman elect Cori Bush of Missouri she was wearing a black mask and white bold words good trouble speaking Thursday at the Biden be brave occupation outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters Alexandria ocasio-cortez of New York
climate zone top three issue for voters across the country start acting like it
White House
what is so important is that every single person up here represents the power of the movement it represents the power of indigenous communities organizing the power of young people organizing the power of the Flies organizing and Liberties of indigenous people in the United States of America Working Class People kinds of transformational investment
it was a movement since day one they got money but we got people
people don't young people vote for political power because of young people because of this country that's why this work is so important because dollar sign X Clan
that's not what's going to happen we're not going to forget about that agreement for the sake of which I believe is decent and kind and honor
so that's what that's what I promised before it gets pregnant for it because there's a whole lot of people that tried to just shut up before this election we're not going to let that go for the first presidential Justice front and Suites
thank you anybody here to share a future we're going to class Justice Brave occupation outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington DC on Thursday
we are going to turn right now to Astra Taylor Pastor Taylor of the debt collectors the protest Administration is also facing increasing pressure to cancel all federal student loan debt on Wednesday group of 200 groups spent a vice president elect, Harris urging them to quote use executive authority to cancel federal student debt on day one of their Administration but yes we're turning now to the writer to the filmmaker to the organizer Astra Taylor who is a member of the debt collector which is just published a book
can't pay the case for economic Disobedience and debt abolition after the 4 to the book as well as new piece in the guardian that's headlines for being told by 10 won't be able to achieve much we must reject that we let's begin their what does it mean to say that we must reject this idea that not much can be achieved during a Biden Administration
first thing so much for having me a wonderful to follow up on those brains words from Representatives Corey bush in Alexandria ocasio-cortez also captures the spirit and after the election election that is you know still an ending that because it would be for a bite Administration to govern what is so great in this moment is how the grass roots are saying no we actually have a deep understanding of house
how are you will have even if the Democrats do not manage to flip those tendencies in Georgia of course flipping the seats would be
and if he's willing to actually understand what the Republicans do in the Democrats need to do the same so there is a movement afoot to pressure the administration to do this. This power so for example appointment
using the bacon caesar
use even though he had to set it on his side this essentially allows the president to appoint cabinet level posts for my Congress or senior employees with intern agency
I would recommend people follow commands
project what you been doing a lot of great especially saying you know there is a way to put
people in positions of power so that you can advance aggressive agenda that you are elected to advance because as AMC made so clear progressives won this election and in a moment of pandemic and economic crisis we simply cannot afford to have a government that fails to govern in the interest of the people the Democrats because they will be crushed in 2022 or 2024 if they don't do this so I'm paying attention to these sorts of things thinking about Staffing important positions
change all interconnected we need people who are committed to meeting the moment as opposed to you know the same old politics of austerity so we need those people in place right now so you know the debt collector is very concerned for example of issues
Department of education's to ensure that we don't have a repeat of the Obama Administration at the level of education and of course we're talking about the Obama Administration except
what is the present
can you talk about the wish list for cabinet members a lot has been talked about apparently
presidential like fighting is about to name is treasury Secretary of really been pushing is Senator Elizabeth Warren but there is concern because she comes from Massachusetts witch as a republican Governor would not guarantee the Senate because of the two Georgia senatorial runoff but the possibility of Elizabeth Warren now the name being floated among others is Janet Yellen Bernie Sanders wanting to be labor secretary that concerned that his State Vermont the governor results
play caucus for the Democratic party buy them both these case you got these Republican Governors to make the final decision what about the
it is in these particular candidates ask
I mean it's absolutely important that we put forward and I think the first thing she needs to do is put for people who are interested in I think she was at the Treasury under Obama and it has said some really interesting things about climate in the power of the treasury to consider when you know whether or not
there are if if they don't then went there needs to be in organizations are doing this is creating list of people who are already in governments of people who have a position on a missions with having the head of a teacher's Union
Department of Education would be a significant
we don't know I sent attention to this
these conditions are again we need to look at
bomb the Office of Management and budget is well actually I think about the power of the purse
can afford the new book can't pay walked a case for economic Disobedience and abolition you right quotes debtors will keep getting pushed deeper into a financial hole and it's a rose of the pandemic some payday lenders are charging close to 800% interest on short-term loans taking advantage of people who have no other way to keep a roof over their heads or put food on the table in the absence of a functioning safety-net intensifies Mass indebtedness fueling be already vastly unequal distribution of wealth along predictable racial lines
we're moving into the holiday week there are people blocks long on food lines across this country charity groups groups that are giving out turkeys or any kind of food are running out of food on unemployment numbers are going up for talking about millions of people about to lose your unemployment benefits can you talk about the whole issue of debt and what you think is possible already
waiting wages and deepening mind-boggling inequality so we had to do because they're not paid enough
twice you're robbed at the workplace by being paid poverty wages and pay interest to make ends meet so we have to borrow
to get an education so that we can get a job the average student borrower now has about $32,000 of debt goes up every year people have to take out payday loan to keep a roof over their head we know the research shows that people tend to the sesame's on their credit cards you know we're talking basic things like
people are drowning in medical.
Medical that is Bernie Sanders often pointed out on the campaign Trail is the num
in this country if you live in a country with universal healthcare medical debt does not exist to these are political
the weeds
country of people in debt are the vast majority of 75% of people Americans died
millions of jobs evaporates and thus becomes an even more urgent crisis we know before the pandemic the people didn't have $400 for an emergency what happens when your income dries up you go deeper and deeper into debt delinquency default and all of the psychological and physical contact
we all know that that is incredibly stressful it's bad for her
these are structural problems in a debt collector which is a union of debtors structural Solutions
workers organized in the workplace in one higher wages benefits
employment We Believe
we can come together and organize against our creditors that might be a private individual or in the case of student loans the Federal Government Federal Government closed
majority of student death overwhelming amount of it's over 95% so we are trying to build that are power in this moment and underscoring the fact that in a crisis like this the one we're living in what we need is cash to the people just like those unemployment benefits the checks for the money to support otherwise the $1,200
and has been leading the fight for the last 10 years seriously
to at least commit to the immediate cancellation of $10,000
we need to push them to use executive executive power to do so
then Republicans favored the 2005 bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and consumer protection act to build it essentially made it more difficult to file for bankruptcy change between bite you at the time was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Elizabeth Warren go at the time was a Harvard law professor now courses
family and cheese
in your position if you can describe where by his good of course he was a longtime senator from Delaware home of the credit card companies in very much pain is in bed with them to where he is today and what kind of confession tea is made and where do you think he needs to be
Biden's role in the student debt crisis goes way back in 1978 when he supported the middle-income student assistance assistance asked which essentially eliminated restrictions on federal expanding lending also appealing bankruptcy protection was that clipped his pointed out indeed he was the one
so this is his track record we have no Illusions about who we're dealing with that is one of the benefits of vitamin ministration nobody thinks he's a messiah
2005 bankruptcy bill was a travesty it was written by the credit card industry starts but as you pointed out it was actually be towed under Clinton and then
at least for it and it was passed under the Bush Administration so this is not encouraging track record in many ways and as I said earlier it was in a fight with the Obama Administration the Obama Administration that was made up of students from
these students have been defrauded and the Department of Education student disproportionately working class
ministration absolutely failed to use the power tools disposal immediately from that Administration to working in the for-profit college sectors with that
just walked right through that revolving door
navigation space
tradition and there are some signs that Under Pressure he is doing so I mean after Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination he moved and finally formally in student debt forgiveness and of course because does not exist in the first place we should not have to mortgage our futures education student debt plan and is still pushing today so Biden has taken up some elements of that plan he still needs to go further as I said because of the $10,000 included in his
he has a long medium post about this the question now though is how is he going to do it and will he do more and we are committed to building a movement to Ensure Nutrition cancels far more than $10,000 of student debt again we believe
Define Administration can erase all student debt on day one legal research from the deck Collective shows this is
Senators Morning Show the Trump Administration already use this authority to cancel interest rate on interest on student loans a few months ago because of a pandemic so we're in a very interesting moment where public pressure could really actually make a mess of different and and turn Joe Biden from the person who has
Crisis Intervention into the president who finally helps
can ask her if we can cut across the political Spectrum as we move into this holiday season get biblical counseling debt obviously is not a new idea in Deuteronomy 15 at the end of every seven years you must cancel debts on go back to that history of debt Jubilee Jubilee has a long tradition it's something he on here we can lean on the work of the late in grade Anthropologist David graeber David Gray was a friend of mine he brought me into the Occupy Wall Street movement
a beautiful book dad
ancient societies periodic jubilees a wiping of this essentially
societies would become torn apart by indigenous people started
play into debt slavery and there was a recognition that often your people would be driven into debt because of circumstances that work their faults maybe it was bad
are there was Warfare and to keep Society from breaking into and it's also to mitigate the power to reduce the power of the lender's there would be these periodic so you know there is the laws of Hammurabi he's very famous from 1750 BC that says you know there need to be dead on this future look nice. Scholars in Germany after World War II they would have a chance
economy economic Miracle soak art of
destroying people's lives there having disastrous social consequences we can't afford as a society to happen
economic thing which is that still actually boost the economy
get rid of these.
I wanted to ask you to see it as a very grave threat to democracy you have President Trump now inviting to the White House today that leaders of the Michigan legislature low-level Wayne County Board that wanted to invalidate the votes from Detroit to the larger then was pushed back from doing that by Massive public outcry across the political spectrum and then Trump called her and legislators to Washington DC today votes of Trump's lawyers is calling for legislature
swing states to disregard the popular vote in order to appoint Trump supporters to the Electoral College why don't we end with serious is this
serious is this a threat to democracy and if you think there is any possibility he will succeed at these bunkers down in the White House not seen by the public for days
I think this is a very serious threat to democracy I mean Trump you know even if he's not successful will do incredibly last being damaged part of the goal is to sow confusion but I think he's also pointing to something that we have to take really seriously which is the way our constitution is designed in the way our elections actually work I have been very concerned with the Democracy I've written a lot about in recent years made made this film and I think we too rarely pay attention to the structures of our political system
we are focused every four years on getting out the vote on ensuring people vote that's very important in a society where there's so much voter suppression where voter suppression is so racist is aimed specifically at reading the impact of progressives because ultimately this is a society that was Progressive majorities right
but we need to pay attention not just to access to the ballot
is that the legislators and Democratic is really sore taking seriously the process the challenge of democratic reform we need more democratic or other movements the things we care about glow from that whether it's addressing climate change or whether it is creating a society where Dad
dispossessed and abused as they are we want me to call you that will flow from these questions of
political system that sends I hope that I don't think he's going to succeed but it points the potential disasters down the road and we need to start fighting those fights now
thank you for being with us organizer with a debt collector of author of the Ford of their new book the Case for economic abolition we're going to link to your iPhone in the guardian which is headlined we're being told by Eden won't be able to achieve much we must reject that idea also the director of the film what is democracy an author of the book democracy may not exist but will miss it when it's gone when we come back we go to Cairo the leading Egyptian Human Rights group has been arrested it's late in an unprecedented Crackdown stay with us
Supernatural possession by Laura Jane Grace the executive director of the leading Human Rights group in the
arrested Thursday night in an unprecedented Crackdown Egyptian Initiative for personal rights were also arrested the move signal a major escalation of thousands of activist internal S&T came to power after the 2013 overthrow of the play president Mohamed Morsi Nara an office manager at Muhammad Bashir are the two other members of the Egyptian Initiative for personal rights who have been arrested they're being held on terrorism charges for the Human Rights group met with a group of diplomats in Cairo earlier this month
Independent Media Outlet in the significance of the arrest of these human rights leaders
listen to sagatianz into critical issues like detention conditions of their most recent work focus on the rights of health of prisoners at Mendham
commencing executions in Egypt
people on death row in month of October alone
February 13th
administrative director of the group was arrested from his home
yesterday at in media Outlets owned by the general intelligence service.
illegal organization goal is to
Social Security
can you send invitation from the very top which is a concern so as a guitarist organization publishing Falls news
I need to come the main mechanism
Independent Media to Grassroots activism and movements
attended the meeting other countries in
very quickly what your hopes are for next steps
European countries that attended this meeting and the rest were in response to what I was expecting to see more
Senator Chris Coons organization
International Security
it's an interference in the internal affairs
thanks so much for being with us Louisville Kentucky this democracy no correspondence and a reporter from out of my server based in Cairo please be safe and that does it for our broadcast happy birthday and a fond farewell and all the very best to our digital intern Noah Flora that says it's for the show will be raining or rain check
I am at Kaiser this is a Keiser report text Kaiser guess what Citibank is now doing wound math on bitcoin
orange pill espanol group Max is fasting media and I'll set is Max without socks on the set and I can tell you for sure I see bare feet
another unsubstantiated conspiracy theory
do you need socks to get to the moon in each wear Moon boots for sure
and a lot of other stuff is needed as the whole story and I was like crazy Beyond The Pale price prediction to the now
Citibank is kind of taking them to try for they can craft but I think that we're going to be competing with each other
there are tons and tons of scammers with price predictions for Bitcoin but there is only a few that I know of
talking about there's people like Paul Tudor Jones there are people like send dr. Miller and there are people like Max Keiser my Citibank
strategist is looking at it says that Bitcoin price
number 2021 s the new Gold City Bank director says
does this bull market started in 2018 that the bull markets have been getting longer and longer and so this is why it just based on compared to previous Cycles
about how much is going to go out compared to previous Cycles in the Bitcoin Market sensor in a 2009
is depressing a price of 318000
he also said that he's looking for a dollar to have a sharp move down and it's being disintermediated Orchestra
Perfect Price Discovery the price of Bitcoin is perfect it it's it mimics matron that way it's like
perfect rice Discovery the perfect market-maker between risk and reward between Consciousness and Humanity that's absolutely perfect. That's why people are running to it now and we recently interviewed report and he runs a conference call Don confiscated. Calm and unconscious cuticle is the quality of Bitcoin that this managing director of Citibank so good he says Bitcoin is the new gold it is an asset with limited Supply it is digital this is the twenty-first century is a twentieth-century asset and moves across borders easily and ownership is opaque the last point is the huge fan of today as a cost in the future either directly or indirectly directly it is that at some point the bills have to be paid which means that some
in the future the money needs to be found while Bitcoin may become subject to more regulatory constraints going forward it is a natural store
indirectly the argument can be the basement of Fiat currencies by treating High nominal gross and inflation effectively a soft default I do not believe hard default particularly in the world's Reserve currency is a real concern however and lessor currencies it could well be there by 1971 American when it closed the gold one
and that means the perfect song total of all goods and services
we ever put an intermediary in there like a bank or a country that money is State money and other forms of credit card Bank of Commerce happening simultaneously how do you have money on this game it always favors War but it's important to remember physical deterioration and inflation
and when she's talking to Citibank wealth clients or JP Morgan is talking to their High net worth individuals or Fidelity is talking to their High net worth individuals what these family offices and very wealthy people are concerned about is not speculation and money go up money number go up there concerned about retaining and keeping their well for the Next Generation or confiscation is often and usually done in the modern era through money printing through inflation and they're saying he's saying that this is like better than gold and terms of your wealth is not confiscate herbal through inflation or put through in the case of gold in the United States has already been confiscated in the past and it obviously could be done again he also mentioned that you know that's it
currencies versus gold
H-E-B DC live
for Distributing stimulus particularly fiscal also makes Capital confiscation easier for example of negative interest rates
to me to be positive and then the 21st century digital equivalent Bitcoin vs. Fiat digital of what we saw in the 20th century when the financial versus Fiat
credit-wise and in terms of just being changed and an Asian and other negative interest rates
hit hardest to those who have Savings in the same as hell if you look throughout Europe where they have applied negative interest rate $2 to deposit in the banks has mostly been a hundred thousand Euros door hit with these negative interest rates so they're the ones that are going to be driving into goals and especially into Bitcoin
a lot of people on the other Financial press with talking about in terms of Melissa going to compete with Bitcoin but as we sat at the time and is now Citibank in the grain with us that it actually caused the Panic by Bitcoin because they realize that the Central Bank digital currency will just be a way to one inflamed the value of the money are Michael Saylor calls with the melting ice a big is an easier ways to confiscate while so now they're not the ordinary Pub
2017 E320 Google Trends now are those who will be hit by negative interest rates who will be hit when this fiscal stimulus starts with the c b d c they are they are they are dust and rock in Miller's these are people with billions of dollars and it's hard to hang on to billions and so to anybody who's got any well that they want to preserve in an environment unlimited paper money being printed by the trillions of hundreds of trillions and a government involved in to confiscate all proper I mean sorry for bad in C
could be wrong because often are wrong but you know it's never on the market that's according to Jesse Livermore it's one of the greatest show me to talk me when we first met I never wrong only opinions are so we're going to turn into an opinion that says we're at the dollar at $10 + $100 + $1,000 + $10,000 + $20,000 she's always wrong and that is Peter Schiff
Superior store value exuberance investors are flocking to risk assets and shunning safe-haven the world wide as the riskiest acid of them all Bitcoin is being bought as part of the risk on tree cry like a baby
got to see that his head went with Peter or whatever I do have a chance to shamelessly kind of Tillery him and mocked him cuz I know it's the public records people can look at the YouTube to me in person just calling to ask about history is this the worst my manager history
call an adjusted for opportunity costs she's been losing money at a rate of all right it's been dropping Miller Michael Saylor and figure out who has more skin in the game who's actually have has a better track record over 30 40 years that you can see what some of these guys should open up a pub somewhere in the middle of nowhere and their beer all day long because they messed up so badly
I'll look forward to talking to you
we're a couple. Artificial intelligence
I would like to take out various job
a boy
play Loreena art
Betty Wright
David and Democrat was going global Loreena welcome to the Keiser report thank you very much so you know I'm really excited to be here why did you open it and what exactly do you do there a place in Mexico where Bitcoin hurts and people that he's interested in
Picard and resistant is search for information and meet other people to learn about it in December 2018 and yes they have been difficult lately because we have to be closed in about four months and then airport jobs are a little bit louder now to check people's Well when things are bad or when hyperinflation hits or there's a crisis now here in obviously around the world with the global crisis and it is there a sense that the Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico City now before that Bitcoin was good in the
the crisis it came and two people Now understand more thoroughly what this Bitcoin is all about the reason that we are still a witness is because of Beacon and because of that Reserve that we have 4 hours from ourselves in between we have to sell a little during this time to keep on beIN our employees are red and everything and now people are starting to search more information about this and we have our YouTube channel to where we can teach people about the suffix and are searching for an answer to this
this has been a lifesaver know how to do for sure about that coin and make some savings and I asked a friend there that's helped my mom with investment where can I go this morning to make it information introduce you to a friend that is where stuff about are some critical risky or something like that so he introduced made they be the real guy that is my partner in the park
money that Americans during the crisis have seen their incomes and savings go up
of course that's what a great things about having the world Reserve currency what's the situation like in Mexico during a lockdown what are you saying really happening on the ground there during this Global prices well I'm going to be closed off at the United States is bringing a lot of money and Mexico government I think we'll ask some to borrow some money but I think because of that and maybe it will make things worse during Mexican up because by the time all that money comes here it will be less than a I am getting a lot of people on the street asking for money
a lot of pieces are getting out that they are closing so I think all of the text about all this money that's in prison will be it will be filled and in a much more time how do you say peaches in long time that this will result in a long-term problem going forward and I would imagine also if you look at the Latin America all the countries that are suffering and in a similar way and of course with the with Bitcoin you have the ability to create your own individual sovereignty
but you know in Latin America we we we we know that for the most part that the political agenda tends to be what you would call left wing
or socialism
and this is quite popular political system in Latin America is Bitcoin what are you
about how how they should maybe think about Bitcoin as a way a torrent of more of a better way because we've done things the same day you know because
I'm an entrepreneur so so they see me maybe as a person but Beacon is for everyone or every one that wants to be sober and even if they are in a group you know how do you say I have some time and I have told them that they can make a collection of Bitcoin and I'll share it with each other and they can help in any way in in capitalism and socialism maybe if you have that idea of sharing location
we should say that you can have your own note and share the network with everybody on the network you can share the code it's open source with everyone on the network has a lot of ways you could convince socialist to participate and Bitcoin and
Chase Bank of America in its own way and the government of course it do you think the government is just what would never take on this concept of Bitcoin here in the United States and we had an election and a couple of senators are now very interested in Bitcoin this one in Wyoming for example that wants to bring one Bitcoin to Wyoming are there any politicians in Mexico that know about Bitcoin who want to push it further into the establishment is something called lazy index in Mexico and they are applying it to the exchanges and all the how do you say it all the companies that sell a Bible but I think that that they are doing
is that because you can see that they don't know they're talking about a dead friend so yeah I think that's a lot of people don't know anything about this
been in Mexico City of cars were good friends with Jose Rodriguez
which is a very influential in spreading the word and I know at the Bitcoin Embassy Bar where you with your work and brings in a lot of folks and the message of course of Bitcoin is beyond Financial Freedom or individual sovereignty there is a lot that goes with it as well where people have something to say about the Improvement of their
their spiritual well-being if you will travel in Mexico another culture is so vibrant so rich so beautiful when it's so uplifting it seems like they're the character of the people in Mexico and Bitcoin would go together naturally they'd what do you think of this before I be friends with with everybody
a way to share with everybody so you can people know about Bitcoin they want to spread the word they want to tell other people to save them you know all the knowledge that they have to give them some advice and mentioned before on organizing a huge event blockchain technology
gameland human hand specialist
which years ago I think so
that we have collected all this time and I'm 13 years old and amazing
fart with me next time
okay so there's one more here
I'll let you go to
Rockridge accident night is the comedy show where Americans in America, American News
foreign agents okay so now with old man Joe transitioning to president
who were going easy on the Democrats
I have no idea where that expression came from I don't know if they were sexually pleasing each other with their feet or or baby back 700 years ago their little arms in Spanish
all of the Democrats have time to go back to calling them out on their craptastic record they do not like me and you actually did give them a break for a few minutes
because mine is 100 years old and trying to run for president in young man's game and Trump is always popped up on 1970 diet pills with 10 10 in math until you thought you did that but now it's over soon be dominated our government where do they win the senate or not number one president lives matter protest decreasing
really appreciate it tell us what you'll do to address the racist drug laws that you do slam through Congress now locking up more black people than the number is slave when the US had slavery will you do
I'm not getting any answers answers I said I don't know no I don't answer
what will you do for the environment you gave a speech where you said Donald Trump is a climate arsonist which is totally so what will you do know I guess this means you'll sign on to their Green New Deal you support now I don't support the green New Deal
Baltimore released
environment at least traffic the whole idea whether or not we're going to stop fracking I would not stop fracking I gradually move away from fracking
gradually moving away from cracking because there won't be any fracking
going to keep it going and stay seeing busy eating fleas off each others heads
Steve Bannon
friend like that
how to say he'll rejoin the Paris climate agreement
doing who have not pulled out of the agreement like we did climate is in our future as Nations Mister Paris agreement targets by a long shot well at least it's on told you don't mind stop hurting meaning we don't have to hear about it everyone is going to keep it to themselves
don't for telling the truth which you might have noticed I can't stop myself from doing it which is R-Truth for you Paris climate agreement does not have any enforcement mechanisms almost nothing
number 3 what will you do with country music I got my eyes and ears all over the world I know what you do
the Democrats will you finally passed medicare-for-all giving every American Universal Health Care which and then you get a giant bill for head removal surgery but now will Joe give us Medicare for all
I would
I don't care being available today
under 35 trillion dollars
how you're going to pay for a canvas I got an idea
how could you pay for it
Emma Morano Rock in the war on Syria and the war on Afghanistan and our support for the war on Palestine and before you know it. Money balls we have as much money as we want because we can print as much money as we want and are ridiculous bloated military coups it so next time I'll pour child can't get the cancer treatment because you Jo-Jo where is the money when you have an endless supply of cash for bombing other children across the world to me a favor job and shove them in your mouth to make sure
number for
what were you doing for minimum wage and Union and Universal basic income in the back of things Burning Down the country is Razzmatazz Nation with dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes Scrooge mcduck's at which point he would have course changes name to McDuck screwed the rich get richer this isn't really that tough to understand there's a chart that shows two important things all right the blue line here is Union membership is the middle-class income between 1967 and 2017 when you and your membership goes down middle class income goes down
are tied together like hostages during a ransom negotiation and the hostage-taker is so rich the fewer union members there are blank power workers have less money to middle class takes home so where does all that money go to the top again in blue the blue line that is one goes all the way back to 1915 before the Great Depression and the red line is the amount of income going to the top 10% has union membership crashes
get richer because they're able to steal more because the workers have as much power as a lightning bug in a jar you know he can signal it doesn't matter
so did you buy
I think you hardly mentioned unions do the whole campaign season
oh yeah I'll go when you have some downtime but I do know but between your mahjong games and watching old episodes of As the World Turns on VHS when you have some time could you turn on some Americans close Guantanamo Bay city has the largest corporate power graphed ever created you know what you need to hurry up and do if you want to prove you have a soul that hasn't withered to the fish eyes of a moldy raising underneath the refrigerator
but I'll save those for next week I have plenty of time to scream at you and I am just getting started
well, I'm leaving camp now let's take the news from behind the Canadian military has noticed something the people of Canada yes apparently the country known mainly for saying story or quickly going down a control at least in the view of Canada's murder machine operators the Canadian Forces announced they want to establish a new organization that will use propaganda and other techniques to try to influence the attitudes beliefs and behaviors Canadians
this is terrible this is monster
I don't mean to brag but I've been all the way to Canada I believe it was a 4-Hour drive and I think imma call CNN playing in my hotel room so that means garbage propaganda is nothing unusual for Canadians
what apparently Fortune wolfdown Canadians throats is that enough for the military to propagandize their own people table in the controversial and bizarre propaganda transmission military forged letters from the government
this past October 8th for the letter warning about wolves on the loose turned out to be part of the Canadian Forces
spell save creators of fake warning about wolves and send it out to a bunch of Canadians to see how people would react and then they claim they didn't mean joke that's not something you can do accidentally it's not it's not like tripping on a stair or spilling catch up for knocking someone up
but it wasn't even just sending out fake letters Department of National Defence spokesman said he didn't know why the loud speaker was set up to transmit wolf sounds and that will be investigated as well you put on loud speaker to play both sound down the only how long is emanating from the holy beast and echoing through towns in North America are supposed to come from Wolf Blitzer himself it's in his contract to see you then
but don't forget the Canadian Armed Forces probably got this desire to blank if their own people with propaganda when they saw that the u.s. gets to do it so I can 2013 US government funded domestic propaganda officially hit the airwaves unleashing thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic consumption per propagandizing your own people isn't enough takes more than that. Last week Twitter temporarily shut down the account of Bolivian Bolivian president Evo Morales returned to his home country after being expelled by the us back to a year ago
Virginia's on Us Media tell disabled Morales
it was a court created by the Bolivian people with jeers and an anger and they they they threw rocks and ugly
parts of the video
or maybe he's beloved by most of the Bolivian people and that's why they just voted out the us back to Argus had his Twitter account temporarily suspended as it has been pressed one of the outlets he works with what her intentions have people seeing Abel Morales created when
I don't see recent this is part of a pattern of gross censorship save the day he runs faster than a speeding
it is a single about the jumping she's not not since than anything since
and find will end. Big Tex final Purge the propaganda from our news media will tell us the truth just ask Richard Stengel who has recently quit his job and MSNBC to join Joe Biden's transition team here is Richard Stengel anti-propaganda my old job at State Department was what people used to joke as a cheap propaganda is job
propaganda every country does it and they have to do it to the round population and I don't necessarily think it's that awful
so don't forget all these episodes TV Guide website also also check out my new podcast on government secrets free review podcast
what the hell was that
location if all that remains in question
welcome back when it came to ballot measures on this year's jacket the decriminalization of drugs stole the show but location Naomi karavani tell me where are you a secret marijuana Farm in Florida damn I guess it's not secret anymore
crazy Jamison still illegal in Florida no I can't believe it Florida voting yes on a $15 minimum wage California abolished the minimum wage for Uber drivers and other gig workers loving Florida man is more Progressive than the Pelosi worshipping non-binary California person
well there were half as many measures tried to make it nearly impossible to passed ballot measures surprisingly Arizona also surprisingly past 208 what is Arizona smoking because Illinois
play why am I going to be in Illinois a tax increase on the popular Ken Griffin funneled 54 million dollars into the public to lie about the tax increase that he would have paid with a new text
rich people laying taxes but love theater
don't you think that the school's name some money though I don't know why
play I was surrounded by bushes of purple dream kush all day
I'm expensing the hemp soap I accidentally ate thinking it was a pot candy in history was California's Uber and Lyft sponsored prop 22 that passed meaning of a minimum wage the right to unionize and dignity those companies spend nearly 250 million dollars on a refrigerator magnets prints to drivers and buying the social justice both $85,000 to a consulting firm run by Allen's house ahead of California's nwacp California was a vote for racial Justice they literally voted for attached
me too
go with enough money these companies can just write their own laws breaks everywhere courts in Canada and UK in Italy I'm Stateside a cerveza call it as it is that category taken I mean it sounds pathetic our system is there is a continuous failure of America ballot measures to protect us
quit smoking with the rich taste like do you want some Lee now it's time to get to some of the stories that slip through the cracks and remember that corresponding that live in jail
Boeing 737 Max yes or actually supposed to be back in American Airlines rotation of jet over that were involved into horrific crashes that killed over 300 people whenever Brown
media attention but there's a very important because I have way too many steps involved so that the unions that represent the pilot
you add there's a more room there is rare or you can only slide to the left slide to the right so much sleep through Charlie Brown
one of the big red by Miguel the Electric Slide before he's trying to destroy anything he can on the way out to watch it on the way out so unfortunately Farm Workers who are here working out of the h-2a Visas are in that path of Destruction because the administration just choose to up freezer wages for two years so the people who helped harvest the food that we eat and are likely to run a higher risk of
I'm at risk of having wages and also they're at risk of both food and housing insecurity in the middle of the pandemic and they're already dead
pandemic like food chains like you really want to interrupt
I mean this is an Administration that doesn't think before they act so not soup
where are your headlines from the future next week you'll read
Stephen Miller not sure of his own personal immigrants in cages on the midterm elections Florida to Georgia
got charged robot join our free email if I text you were redacted to 33777 and find me on Twitter Lee Camp good night
is no time like the present to pass this talking stick to our sister snakes and snails and alligator tails out at this time a few fairies and angels and rainbows and crystals are good for your hair
I got it I got it
you got it thank you thank you
wow what a time we are in Hawaii
it was the cat
I go outside
now I can talk without waking anybody up yeah we need it if that's the thing
whatever it is that they do and it's a good time for a long time
hey man I really like to light it to see it come to a places
wagging her tail
damn what you got for straightness out playing everything
in giving away the control you got it
you got the time to control you wanted
that's to say where you had a loving relationship to the world
but you didn't have to make up your mind what it should do
you let it decide
how do you see that's how your body is work
you don't have to make up your mind
what's your nerve cells going to do
delegated authority
doesn't the United States have to lay awake at night thinking what every official under is Demond is going to do he can't be president
he's got to make an active Charleston all those devoted to be responsible and carry on their things and just the same way as you make an active process
this is the secret of what we will call organic power as distinct from political power
not supported in this way the great doll clothes everywhere both to the left turn to the right
loves and nourishes all things but does not Lord it over them and when merits have accomplished is Lesnar playing today
Marvel for you
relinquish power
small powerful
but in such a way
instead of having to lie awake nice controlling everything
you do it beautifully by trusting the job to everyone else
They carried on for you
are you can go to sleep at night talk to another system to wake you up in the morning you can even tell it I want to wake up at 6:00 and it'll wake you up just like an alarm song
this is the sort of paradox to say this but the principle of unity
I'll coming to a sense of Oneness
with the power of the rest of the universe is not to try to be attained power over the rest of the universe
that will only disturb it and antagonize it and make it seem less one with you than ever the way to become one with the universe
is 2
as another as you would another
what you going to do
peace is the time now is the time
this is the day
and we'll see you in this afternoon that's what it says here we're already in the new day here where we are
this is the 11 20 20 20 is powerful sequence of numbers that will inspire the final 11 days of November
11 portal opens up into a triple 20-20-20 called never again will this powerful code be activated in this century
Lebanon is the same family as 20 both reduced to the route number to divine feminine vibration of Peace balance Harmony and serenity have a beautiful
maybe I'll pass every stuff and sat Nam honey in the heart and no evil live long and prosper everyone see you on the bridge now. Let's aloha

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