Happiness Hangout - Inspiration Part 1, March 23, 2016

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Happiness Hangout - Inspiration Part 1
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with Lori Peters and Sara Troy

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters.. Come hear inspiring stories and information with Guest Sara Troy at Self Discovery Radio. Come feel your best with us at the Happiness Hangout.

Headlined, Happiness Hangout, March 23, 2016

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March 23, 2016

Be inspired and inspire others with Guest Sara Troy and Host Lori Peters with this 2 part Series. http://bbsradio.com/happinesshangout


Guest, Sara Troy

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Sara Troy
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Guest Occupation: 
Co-Owner, Operator and Host of Self Discovery Radio
Guest Biography: 

Sara Troy “Self Discovery Radio” producer/host believes in knowingness, that feeling you get when you let the divine intellect speak to your gut and enter its divine knowledge, it then resonates with your heart in truth and passion, on to the spirit to get into action, and draws from the mind what it needs to know at the time it needs to know it. That is her knowingness and the state of being she chooses to live in.

She found her purpose and calling with her radio/blog station Self Discovery Radio. Each week she and her hosts interview exceptional people living extraordinary lives, sharing their expertise and their own self-discovery. They discover knowledge on their health, inner wealth and the possibilities that they are inspired to follow.

They also support  their global “Community for Change” initiative by raising funds that they will invest back into people that need help in re embracing life, by hiring the services of those they interview who will enable them to find their dignity, liberty, and meaningful purpose in life.

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Happiness Hangout

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters
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Lori Peters

A Show about happiness, gratitude, self-esteem and much more as it relates to personal relationships!

My guests are relationships experts, life coaches, therapists and much more. We discuss all aspects of how to create and keep a healthy relationship. 

Come hang out with us as we discuss thought provoking questions with audience participation.

Happiness Hangout show info:

  • Great for singles who want to manifest a great relationship.
  • Discussion around how to make your current relationship better.
  • Transformational stories for becoming a happier much more satisfied person and how to do it.
  • How to keep your happiness level up during higher levels of stress whether you're with a partner or alone.
  • How to Get Happier ASAP.
  • How to start over in a relationship.
  • How using tools like gratitude, mindfulness, law of attraction and others can help you in your daily life.
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