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Growing up Indigo, May 18, 2017

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Growing up Indigo
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with Adena

Growing up Indigo with Adena Bannick

Summer has begun, so it seems that way. Doesn't it? But it just may be premature to start packing up every warm item in the house. Just like everything else , weather especially will change. So what do yu do , keep all spring , summer , winter and fall items out all year long ? Of course not. Unless you have a changing closet bigger than most homes. We watch the days and nights change, we follow the  patterns of old we let the last days and holidays of a season go by, along with the years celebrations and tears, and then when the weather looks like it's here to stay, we start exchanging clothes  . Safe Easy .Hopefully no surprises like a snowstorm at the end of may. Isn't that the way all things in our life should change? Effortlessly? A date on the calendar, everyone gets prepared, a party to celebrate, pictures to keep, and someone else to put away the clothes?

Growing up Indigo

Show Host

Join Adena, One of the Internet's First Top Most Popular Psychic, Medium and Angel Practitioner's®, for her show Growing Up Indigo.  Adena covers metaphysical topics from Angels to Zen. She brings you guests who are highly accomplished in their fields; including  the "Psychic Twins", Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®", Tori Hartman, the creator of chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, and Tara Sutphen, author, channeler, TV personality, and a forerunner in the meta community - as well as many others. Adena does live readings on air, and will answer your email questions weekly.

Adena shares her 35 years of personal, spiritual, and practical knowledge, openly, honestly, (sometimes a little too bluntly honest) but compassionate and kind point of view, that has won her a vast and loyal audience. Adena started this show because of her own struggles in life. She used to think that people knew some code to life she didn't know. Even with her gifts, or perhaps, because of them, she seemed to feel more, hurt more, and did indeed, have more tragedy than most have in 2 lifetimes. She wants to show you, through her talks, guests and readings, that no matter where you are in your life, no matter what you feel, you can start here, now, by using the gifts you may not know you have. Maybe you too are struggling to live with being a sensitive, so lets learn about everything this universe has to offer by exploring self love and the magic of completeness.

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