God Is On The Sun, January 6, 2019

Spirits of the Universe with Blake Rubie
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God Is On The Sun
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with Blake Rubie

God Is On The Sun with Blake Rubie

Spirits of the Universe

Spirits of the Universe with Blake Rubie
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Blake Rubie

We are here on earth to develop spiritually. We came from Heaven and will return to Heaven, eventually. As the brain is to the body, so the soul is to the spirit. As spirits of light, the Creator has created darkness to help us learn from the darkness and increase our light. In this show, there is much to learn about spirituality. The subjects range from the creation, the Original Creator, Co-Creator Gods of Solar Systems and Galaxies, reincarnation, the nature of our spirits, planets throughout the universe, near-death experiences, extraterrestrial intervention in our past, angels, who Jesus really was and more!