Getting the Love You Want Workshop - Maureen McEvoy and Tamara Adilman, February 6, 2016

Quyn's Empowerment Hour with Quyn Lê Erichsen
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Getting the Love You Want Workshop - Maureen McEvoy and Tamara Adilman
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with Quyn Lê Erichsen

Certified Imago Relationship therapists share their passion in facilitating the Getting the Love You Want Workshop designed to help couples increase satisfaction in their relationships.

Headlined Show, Quyns Empowerment Hour February 6, 2016

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February 6, 2016

Getting the Love You Want!

IMAGO Vancouver invites you to experience the intimate adventure of a lifetime.

   learn practical tools for effectively resolving conflict
   transform daily squabbles into an opportunity for growth and change
   revitalize and enrich your most important relationship

This 20 hour Imago workshop, developed by Harville Hendrix (Oprah’s favourite therapist), has been offered worldwide to over 100,000 people. It is open to all couples of all sexual orientations, whether you are in a solid relationship, navigating a shaky one or in distress.

Workshops are designed for maximum privacy for you and your partner. It is not group therapy or group sharing.

Guest, Maureen McEvoy

Guest Name: 
Maureen McEvoy
Maureen McEvoy
Guest Occupation: 
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
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Maureen McEvoy, MA, RCC has been in private practice for more than 20 years. She works with individuals, couples and groups. She counsels clients who have experienced trauma, either recent or historical. She is certified in trauma modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DMNS). Other approaches include art therapies, hypnosis and mindfulness.

She also works with couples using Imago Relationship therapy. She is an Advanced Imago clinician (1996) and a Certified Workshop presenter of the Getting the Love You Want weekend workshop based on the work of Harville Hendrix.

Maureen believes that each of us is able to be the author of our own lives, and that we have an inborn urge to grow towards our full potential. She sees her role in counselling to provide an environment of safety, witnessing, reflection, and support that facilitates such growth. She wishes to guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves and their situation, to befriend their challenges and embrace their strengths. She believes that self-awareness and self-acceptance are critical ingredients in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Clients experience her as respectful, curious, pragmatic and compassionate.

She also believes that psychological issues can never be reduced to the individual, but are always related to culture, social settings and society. Therefore, problems need to be addressed in context.

Guest, Tamara Adilman

Guest Name: 
Tamara Adilman
Tamara Adilman
Guest Occupation: 
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
Guest Biography: 

Tamara Adilman Counselling and Consulting for over 20 years in Vancouver B.C.

Specialist in Relationship/Marriage Therapy and Individual Counselling

"The Journey is the Destination"
- Unknown

I have been a relationship therapist and individual counsellor since I began my career over 20 years ago. I have committed my working life to helping people discover what it truly means to be who they are and help them identify how they want to live their life. I help clients find a more positive and loving way to be in relationship with each other because I believe relationships have the power to transform the lives of couples, adult family members and individuals.


As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist with Advanced Clinician Status a Workshop Presenter and Certified Imago Consultant /Supervisor I have worked with hundreds of couples and individuals. What I experience is that Imago therapy teaches couples a NEW WAY TO LOVE.

It teaches partners practical skills based on positive proven methods that work. Clients love this approach because it offers them new skills to change old behaviour patterns. Couples and family members learn how to calm their reactions towards each other, lessen conflict and find a deeper understanding so they can restore their connection to each other.

Quyns Empowerment Hour

Quyn's Empowerment Hour with Quyn Lê Erichsen
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Quyn Lê Erichsen

Quyn's Empowerment Hour is a radio talk show aimed to inspire you, touch your heart and transform your life! Join Quyn every other Saturday 9PM PT for an hour of insight and inspiration for your heart, your spirit and your soul! The show discusses topics pertaining to empowerment and emotional and social well-being. You will hear from well-known experts and inspiring and amazing individuals sharing their expertise and their stories. You will also get to hear personal stories and experiences shared by listeners such as yourself. The show is aired every other Saturday 9PM Pacific Time and it reaches audience worldwide!

Quyn Lê Erichsen, M.Ed., is a Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker. Quyn's unique life experience as a blind woman, a boat person from Vietnam and a refugee has driven her to realise her dream of shining light where there is darkness, bringing hope to those in despair and healing the wounded hearts of many people in the world.

  • Courage To Come Back Award Finalist, 2015
  • Achievement of Excellency in Academia and Psychology, presented by Don Davies, Member of Parliament, 2010
  • The NEADS Equity Through Education Student Award, National Educational Association of Disabled Students, 2009
  • The AEBC National Achievement Scholarship, Alliance of Equality for Blind Canadians, 2005
  • The Dean's Honour List, McMaster University, 2003-2007
  • The Achievement Awards of Excellence, McMaster University, 2003, 2005
  • The University Scholarship, McMaster University, 2004, 2005