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Galactic Connection, March 31, 2015

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Galactic Connection: The Spinning Ball You Think You Are On Is Flat?
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Guest, Mark Sargent

Mark Sargent and Alexandra Meadors review many enlightening concepts regarding the flat earth theory and why it is important to challenge everything we have been taught from our first days in school. Find out how so many of the theories we have been taught can all be seriously questioned such as gravity, a spinning earth, and a far away sun and moon just to name a few. Even plane travel has been mysteriously manipulated to hide the true routes commercial airliners are taking to avoid the reality of earth's shape and size.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

Guest, Mark Sargent

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Mark Sargent
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Researcher, gamer
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Born in Seattle, grew up on South Whidbey Island, founded the Brimstone fireworks company in college, shut down by the ATF my junior year in 1990.

Spent 3 years as a sous chef at a Greek restaurant, won the first computer pinball world tournament in 1994, hired by a PC game publisher in Boulder Colorado the same year, played computer games for a living until 1997. Stayed in the Boulder technology sector ever since.

Never married, never had kids. Most of my extensive free time is spent trying to unravel the hidden truths of our civilization, and the never ending search for the meaning of life itself. If I had to pick a single motto, it would be, "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst". A close second is, "Don't regret what you've done, regret what you haven't".

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Galactic Connection

Show Host

Galactic Connection... connecting minds and hearts everywhere to step out of the 3D matrix unilaterally. Even those of us who have done an immense amount of work are still learning how much the 3D set of rules and limitations has pervaded our recent outcomes.

What you will learn as you listen is news, education, research, healing information, and out-of-this-world perspectives in regards to people, government, country, world, planet, aliens, UFO’s, Galactic Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, solar systems, ancient civilizations and beyond.

This show is designed to get you to start seeing yourself and the planet you live on, in a more expansive view, recognizing that becoming spiritual is synonymous with becoming galactic. Higher dimensional beings will be visiting us, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and vibration that will trigger us beyond our comprehension.

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