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Galactic Connection, March 14, 2017

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Galactic Connection: Quantum Entangling with Universal Unity
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Guest, Joanna L Ross of Universal Unity

Joanna Ross is an intuitive visionary, an esoteric teacher, an author, a radio host, and an ambassador for New Earth. Her childhood experiences with ET contact were re-awakened after bearing her first child, an experience that was followed with 'soul-wrenching dreams'. These ignited her present path to exploring the infinite interconnecting threads in our infinite universe and her mission relating her discoveries through a variety of mediums.

Sound and tone -- and 'play' of several kinds -- are key to Joanna's message and teaching. These form the basis of essential methods on the path of ascension. These tools especially help with clearing, which takes center focus of much of this conversation, since it has become an imperative as the ascension energies ramp up on our planet. We also hear several times of Joanna's own techniques of using sound, language, and color to change frequency and effect clearings and resolutions.

Joanna gives a fascinating contexts to understanding light languages, which, she says, are often unique, reflecting our inner creative spirit, and in her own case combine inspiration from many ET and ED sources. Her own spoken and written language is also unique and evocative. She speaks of the 'encodations' of pauses in speech as well as of audible sounds, and continually refers to our quantum 'entanglement with Spirit, with each other, and with the world. Entanglement is the effective key to Universal Unity.

The central place of our "inner temple of light" is another illuminating subject of conversation in this fast-moving, wide-ranging interview. Joanna discusses the metaphysics of our divine heart center, our higher dimensional chakras, and the need for grounding and clearing the lower chakras in this period. The necessity for self-love is foregrounded, as we now are called on to clear not only the akashic, aural, and chakra "bruises" from this life, but from past lives as well. Entanglement is also the key to how our efforts help others. Alexandra and Joanna also discuss dealing with the "triggers" that may bring up these areas of needed clearing and re-alignment.

As an inspirational finish to the interview, Joanna and Alexandra share their visions of New Earth, which seems in imminent arrival. Universal love and unity consciousness are both the means to align with Gaia's new self-creation and the promise of its final fulfillment and realization.  Joanna has fascinating remarks to make about the role of the oceans, the cetaceans, and Sirius in this process. Our own human collective consciousness also is key; again, 'entanglement' is why.

Joanna Ross is the author of 5th Dimensional Consciousness: Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact, recently re-issued in a second edition, and Ascension Path Work Pocket Guide. Her books may be purchased at her website. 

Joanna also is the host of a KCOR Radio program covering topics related to Universal Unity and New Earth Consciousness

Galactic Connection

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Galactic Connection... connecting minds and hearts everywhere to step out of the 3D matrix unilaterally. Even those of us who have done an immense amount of work are still learning how much the 3D set of rules and limitations has pervaded our recent outcomes.

What you will learn as you listen is news, education, research, healing information, and out-of-this-world perspectives in regards to people, government, country, world, planet, aliens, UFO’s, Galactic Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, solar systems, ancient civilizations and beyond.

This show is designed to get you to start seeing yourself and the planet you live on, in a more expansive view, recognizing that becoming spiritual is synonymous with becoming galactic. Higher dimensional beings will be visiting us, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and vibration that will trigger us beyond our comprehension.

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