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Galactic Connection, April 25, 2017

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Galactic Connection: Mudfossils: A Mind-blowing View of Earth
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Guest, Roger Spurr

Earth, we know, is a living creature recycling living creatures. But for Roger Spurr, Earth is formed of carcasses of dead creatures to its very core. Its every stone is a body part. The most remarkable of these abundant "mudfossils", he says, are those of giants who fell to earth from heavenly battles. Some of these carcasses, of massive humanoids and dragons, stretch for hundreds of miles.

In his professional life, Roger serviced nuclear missiles in the Army, worked at GE and then as a field engineer for a global electronics firm. He came upon his innovative thesis in retirement when he noticed anatomical "fascia" on the coverings of stones that resembled bodily organs.

His radically unconventional interpretation of stones as body parts and organs of giants has been backed up, he says, by several catscans and DNA analyses. Roger has a background in chemistry, and explains his views on the complex transformations from organic flesh to hardened stone with reference to well-known chemical processes. Extraordinary photographs are presented throughout this interview. Body parts and whole creatures are exhibited. Especially abundant in his examples, Roger says, are the remains of arteries and veins, and many instances show the transformed traces of blood in iron-rich areas of the Earth's "geology".

Naturally, conventional geological science entirely rejects his findings, as he entirely discounts their premises. Roger also discounts conventional and most alternative histories and archaeologies as well, asserting, for instance, that the head of the Sphinx is a real head, like other objects long understood to have been sculpted, or partially sculpted, from stone outcrops.

Deriving part of his cosmic history from Immanuel Velikovsky, Roger Spurr also considers the Book of Revelations to tell of our past, not just the future, and correlates his findings with myths around the world. Gnostic views of Gaia, Jesus, and the forces of darkness also richly inform his presentation.

Notwithstanding the controversial nature of his beliefs, Roger encourages research in this area and a free exchange of ideas. Roger's work can be found at, and his Youtube channel, Mudfossil University.

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

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