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A Fireside Chat
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with Patty Greer
Guest PATTY GREER, award-winning filmmaker, discusses the many shifts and "bumps" we face as we approach the Mayan calendar's end date, 2012.   As she mentions, "We're In It Now", which is part of the title of her magnificent film.   Patty has created one of the outstanding features on this subject to date.   This was a riveting show, so don't miss it!   Patricia Cori is one of the main narrators, and will be my guest next week.   She is also a BBS Host-ess here, on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.   We're all "family", after all!


For thirty years, Patty Greer had been known for her musical prowess as an accomplished singer, songwriter, pianist & harpist. After hurting her hands in 2005, she was forced to retire & re-focus. She ventured off to Europe & discovered an entirely 'other world' in the farm fields of Southern England. Laying down in the center of a huge Crop Circle formation in 2007 she had a life changing (out-of-body) experience. Coming to, she recalls an unusual sense of calm & a new vision for her life. She began making full feature documentaries about ETs & Crop Circles with no previous training, desire, or experience whatsoever. Within 18 months she had created 3 documentaries (seemingly) on her own. The subjects being : Crop Circles, ETs & UFOs, and 2012.

Transforming her musical perceptions into those of the visual world of cinematography, she brings to light the mysteries of our shifting realities with intense detail and respected UFO photo archives. Highlighting the many aspects of extra-terrestrial life, communications from other worlds and the Crop Circle phenomena, you are left with many of your previous questions answered!

Patty Greer - Film Maker - Crop Circles

Greer delivers heavy material with a surprisingly feminine touch (immense visual images & trance-like music). Her own original music is combined with the music of fellow "Croppie" Nick Ashron (UK), creating a truly magical soundtrack. Greer's recent movie "2012-We're Already In It" won the prestigious '2009 EBE Award for Best Feature Film - UFO Or Related' at the International UFO Congress Convention; a very discerning crowd! It premiered in Hollywood a few months later at the historic Grauman's Egyptian Theater for the opening night of the "Feel Good Film Festival" on August 7, 2009. Then it screened at the "Moondance Film Festival" in Boulder, Colorado on September 27, 2009. Patty Greer has been interviewed on numerous international radio shows, Television, and internet talk shows. Two of her three movies have screened at International film festivals.

Patty Greer - Movie Maker - Sunset over Wiltshire. Greer traveled through Europe for 2 summers interviewing renowned lecturers, writers & researchers for their perceptions & predictions on a variety of fascinating subjects. She features the most inspiring ones in these movies.

Patty Greer is dedicated to helping humanity see the beauty of what is just within our reach, while facing the dual aspects of our current world with a positive attitude and potential solutions. Always hopeful, always optimistic. That's a promise from this film maker! She is presently working on a new movie "Faerie Kingdom In The New Paradigm." Beautiful, colorful, educational Ascension material for children of all ages!

A Fireside Chat

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The focus of these inter-connected shows spanning 8 plus years is the practical and metaphysical application of ancient wisdom and future technologies. 

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