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Breaking the Silence, November 22, 2020

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FaithSprings Baptist LIVE
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with Dr. Gregory Williams
FaithSprings Baptist LIVE with Dr. Gregory Williams "Pastor Greg".
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Breaking the Silence

“Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams”

Now is the time for you to step out of your own personal darkness and break the silence that has been hidden and closed up inside of you.

“Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams” radio program will offer the listeners a Road Map to Hope each and every week with keys to discover within yourself that ray of light to make your day better and brighter.  Dr. Williams will not only discuss his own personal journey of overcoming the darkness of years of horrific sexual child abuse in the hands of his father and his father’s friends, but Dr. Williams will also feature special guests that have their own personal stories of overcoming obstacles in their lives and becoming victors instead of victims.

“Breaking the Silence” will also feature information from the professional and medical field that will dive into the important research involving Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how to build Resiliency in yourself and in your children.  Along with this information will be special guests from greatest minds in the United States to share their expert research and thoughts on this very important subject that each person needs to be aware of.

Now is the time to invest a few minutes each week with some awesome information to give you steps to HOPE and keys to HAPPINESS and PEACE.  NOW is the time to Break YOUR Silence and breakout into a NEW and BETTER YOU!  Join us each week beginning August 13, 2019 for “Breaking the Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams”.  You won’t want to miss a single program.  Heard around the world on the best radio network on the airwaves, BSS Radio Network available on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Facebook Radio, Spotify and over 100 other high quality digital radio stations.

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welcome and good morning phase Springs Baptist Church and welcome everybody to sell online with us today and and we are we just had to beat people away from the building today they're just so many thousand people trying to get but good to see everybody hello guys I haven't
good to have everybody wants to just the set back and relax and we're getting ready to go into an awesome week and a lot of people are saying blocked we have to be thankful for a lot that's right God is still in charge and double give him some glory and praise and appreciate people still coming in so make yourself a home
I hope you have your Bible today cuz it's going to be short simple and sweet I just really think we're going to have a good Thanksgiving message today that you'll be able to relate and up like your wife so let's sing a little bit I don't know they got some stuff propped up here so I could go on and rocking on the steak and the pumpkin starts rolling away in the signs are gonna just let it go just think we're going to start off with purple and if you don't know these just listed it but I think majority of these her or songs
I'm watching the the camera by myself today cuz Curtis is doing family stuff today
I think you probably know the first last verse of this but
great things he has taught us
this right here is really means a lot to me because of who we are
I'm so glad
your wallet
praise His name forever
I threw that one in there just to let you know
we're getting ready to go into Christmas so just didn't seem like we're that close already
you cooking the turkey this year
who's cooking the turkey
hey I'm okay how are you well I just thought if you haven't got a little program feel free to grab one and and we will let you know that the things are happening school is not in session from here till the following week after Thanksgiving be praying for all of them is they're traveling and going to all the lever different places that they go when they don't have school how long people our prayer list 1 let you know that there are some people in our church family that has Colvin we just want you to pray just for those people that have that and
we just still
I don't know yesterday's numbers at the hospitals were the highest ever that we've ever had since this thing started so we're getting ready to go into another Peak another time don't want to try to scare everybody but these are the real numbers when the numbers are coming through I haven't I was looking just want to go before we go live. Today's numbers were but but yesterday's numbers were like 2800 Justin Harris County Houston area and pray for people and just pray that as you go out and celebrate with your family that you're safe you're not goofy that you don't go out and do things and just just keep everything under control as much as you can is and just be careful out there so we asked
this Thursday just remember to
enjoying someone the middle of all that
we're talk about the sermon but give time to just go around the table and thank God for something that we still have something to be thankful for this world is not as Bleak as what we all think it is I promise you that God is in control God's in charge and he still is worthy of being praised no matter what's going on no matter how many empty to empty chairs are at your table this year it's been a tough year for a lot of people and respond to lift them up and 11 delivery care of her thinking of him but I also feel free to grab all that information because it will be rain next week we'll be right into the week of December for you Thanksgiving fill this year so
a grab ahold of that and join us in the pray that we could prayer doll that for my demon
what's the name of the morning offering
we have a couple y'all
you have been in the bathroom for you go back there just be careful
the second floor is almost done with just a little bit of trim left
in the
so you can watch on that there can be working on the first four early this week or more to be here tomorrow HVAC will be here tomorrow electrician should be here tomorrow the four people be here tomorrow so I think tomorrow so we're try to hit the week are cuz we're supposed to be done by the end of the month which is right around the corner so it's going to be
pray for the days to be long dated so we can get all that stuff done I think the four guy before he came out here testing positive for cold we have been on the ground yet because they told me not to come since he has Kobe so we're trying to deal with all that in the middle of construction. Please go out there and look they got rid of our tree that was a pretty tree The Atrium of the window dog-gone-it I was going to put ornaments on that for Christmas and have a little Charlie Brown for you out there but it is gone so is he took care of that and everything just looking really well I appreciate all of your help and I want you to put on the save the date
on your calendar are you want to save December 18th 19th and 20th that'll be the drive-thru live nativity here on our parking lot so with the situation where Amber. Going to ask people to get out of the cars were going to actually have a narrator walk around as you drive around with different scenes if they're going to keep the kids get is coming really really clever unique classy and hopefully we're going to reach lot of people in the community a lot of things in our town and it shut down and said they were not going to do anything but we we don't want to do that we want to try to still reach out and tell people about that parts of Jesus and Christmas is all about but that would be the 18th 19th and 20th I think around 6 to 8 we're trying to move in a little bit later so it's dark and we really want to get the atmosphere right so it's kind of dark with the lights and I'll be more meaningful will let you know but the exact time of it later on
what you come here and look up those that have been sick fill up and dealing with stuff and then also bless him if the offer thank you for this day on the 23rd and the 24th this is the Lord's doing it is marvelous in our site this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it
father we thank you for each and every day because you promised never to forsake us not to leave as it is written in the 13 chapter of Hebrews and father you always there you never leave and we love you for that and we pray for the sick father you know all about it and father we pray that you will will will be done that you just look up on them and touch them Father that they will have a testimony that will not only changed their life but will change others around you and father we thank you for the challenges in life because it's how we grow and father is painful but we thank you that your mercy endureth forever we thank you Father that you're so gracious we thank you Father that we can come before the throne of grace as is as it is written in the fourth chapter of Hebrews
and we can get grace and mercy in a time of need and we pray for this offering father that you will touch the hearts of your people to give father because you so loved the world that you gave your only begotten son we love you and we praise your holy name and we thank you for this day in Jesus name amen
hippie please
call home mobile
he is in me
about 3 hours ago
I was up here singing that to where I couldn't hardly sing anyway I just love getting in here by myself and see more this is for you
I lost my voice that's okay
if you don't lose it on waiver for doing that the gel in the one of the kids who is singing praises the boar
why you're doing that turn to the book
probably every church that's out of the country maybe even the world is dealing with this verse today
because we know
we are Philippians
you know how to find that that's a good trick I talked about this last week and I got so many texts what did you mean by General Electric Power Company if you want to know where glaciers Ephesians Philippians Colossians are remember General Electric Power Company that give you the order G General Electric Galatians electric Ephesians Tower Philippians Colossians company okay so generally National River where is that anywhere where the middle of that today with Philippians that's why they have an index at the front of the Bible so feel free to look it up but I want you to find this you may have some notes in the margin because I preach on this quite frequently and I think this year this is just so
appropriate if I was a betting man
and maybe I am but it won't be in the building will go out back and do it but if I was a bad man I would probably half of the churches are on this verse today because this is just good because of
the air we are in
the point of history that were in
the straps
there are countries in our worlds in
and now we're getting ready to roll into Thanksgiving
how do you even deal with that
the way Lord it hadn't been such a great year it has been such a wonderful time you know Andy Williams comes in and does it's a wonderful time you say Andy or something I love that song though sometimes it's not the most wonderful time of the year what about now what if your family is going through something in your dealing with you I just don't want to be around the Thanksgiving table this year
and not because Uncle John's going to be there and you always have something funny but
just because I don't know if I have anything to be thankful about o
we should never get to that mode
how do you deal with X that are stressful
and you have nothing to supposedly
be happy about
and what a praise Lord about that's what we're talk about today and will try to get through this here pretty quick chapter 4
how can you be thankful
in tough times
Philippians 4 verse 4
we're going to throw up this one first throughout this and just kind of talked about it for a little bit and we're to get into a two or three point inside very long one
for 4 if you're there flipping for four say oh yeah may you always be joyful in your life in the Lord or another version says rejoice in the lord always again I say rejoice
how can you do that
how can I always be thankful to God when things are
in my mind I feel like there's anything to Rejoice the Lord for am I going one feels this way sometimes or the rest of y'all why you just say I don't
what do I have to look forward to according to that first we should rejoice in the lord always and I love when scripture repeats itself because I give us an indication there must be some importance
it's like me to tell him or my kids in the younger days to clean your room okay
I said clean your room
when you put that extra make sure
so you already have the headphones on in the video games on the Nintendo on relax and white you heard me the first time right just want to make sure this is making it so clear in for 4 and again I say rejoice it doesn't say moan gripe out
it doesn't say complain or criticize or does it say to hate give God your suggestions on how it could be better it says in the very situation that you're in right now you need to find something to be able to praise the Lord about in the Rejoice there's we go into a Thanksgiving season one thing that really gets my goat this year and then tells you how juvenile I am why did CBS decide not to put Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on TV this year we are on our protests are you kidding me they can have all the other thank goodness Apple iTunes pick it up and run it on ITV but I just like are you kidding me are you kidding me
I think we find so many things to be
negative about
in this world full of negativity right now
Fairfax I wish I could take half of the calls that I get every week from some of y'all
about how megative everything is right now
rejoice in the lord always God still good and I'm still in power now
that's that was all free that didn't cost you a thing jump down my jump out because I think the next to first five
let your gentleness
be known to all men
what's my next line today
Lords of hand
horse here
how many times this week
have you been in situations in your world
will you thought you had to look for him
and you may not have seen or noticed evidence of him
what are the kind of healthcare
Because when that is going on in your life I will let you know the Lord is more present with you than he's ever been before
when you think he's not in the room when you think he's not listening to your prayers when you think that he's not caring what do you say ceiling paint where are you I want to let you know in those very moment in the middle of the night to in the morning 3 in the morning and you're laying in bed and you just can't be any more I will let you know the Lord is present their more than ever that you ever known he is there he promises that and I guarantee you I lie to you she never will
the person next to you will lead you astray maybe not knowingly Lead You astray battle say something is made is not be true
have different motives when we are through with the lord always keeps his promises the Lord is at hand
when you're sitting around the table or when you're by yourself this year
if I can be by myself this year and you start getting to that point where you go
I'm alone I want Assurance you
we won't be alone for days
we won't be alone
God is at hand I'm about you it wasn't just work it out of bed and come and get the free kolache
getting that
it's a whistle that we ought to say praise the Lord for
that gives me something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving no matter what you're going through in life he's right there with you now let's jump into the three or four points in the poem a tap-dancing we will go okay first point but let's read description first because it's scriptures watching porn my words really don't mean much
scripture is what the key is
how do you survive
a stressful season
stressful holiday stressful week
the next verse
don't be anxious about anything
but in everything by prayer
and petition with Thanksgiving
present your requests to God
and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and Minds in Christ Jesus
finally whatever is true whatever is Noble whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable think about these thanks and the God of Peace will be with you
you know the reason that you don't have the God of Peace or you feel or you're recognized the God of Peace with you is because probably the four five words before that last words we just wrote your filling your mind with binding CNN Trump CNBC and all of this junk and then you say I don't understand why I'm so stressed will my neighbor pucker drivable listen to the news anymore it's just like I don't even want to do it it says if you start focusing on what's Noble on what's right what's right right now with the news nothing
what's right with it nothing why are you looking for the one station that is all God it's not there it's God's words that's the only thing that is noble and pure and righteous and true and we pride ourselves on so many different things we put our emphasis on so many things why not focus on the lovely the admirable
wee folk show all the negative
and then try to have a beautiful mindset
ladies when you fix it I don't mean to say ladies because I I know Michael you probably fix more Thanksgiving dinners and most women do because of your Chef knowledge
so whenever whoever fixes Thanksgiving dinner or lunch
tell you what
thinking about the negative
and expecting to turn out beautiful in our minds
is like going to the dumpster
and trying to get the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner
and then cook it up the best way you know how is it presented to your family but isn't this awesome
you're not going to be able to get something great out of the dumpster in a mindset that is always on negative and trash and that's what we've done to ourselves
that's what we've done to ourselves and we did in that mindset not only with our family
or my family really want
maybe at work all the time
what should you have to do that which we have and I always remind them you know that's why you get my paycheck
that's why we paid if we have this will be fun if this would be something that everybody would want to line up and do free and just enjoy doing it we would have to hire you and pay money for it
so instead of looking at the negative look at I have a job
I have a place to work I have places that's the give me benefits and maybe maybe not the benefits you want but there's people out there begging for a job begging for benefits what we need to start looking at the positives in life instead of the negatives
the first thing I want you to sing these versus the steps here
the first step
is a verse 6
don't worry about anything
be anxious for nothing
don't fret some versions don't have any anxiety please tonight on the show at 8 I have Andy Anderson
she is the co-owner of Isaiah University and I did a whole she doing a 40 ml thing I think some people have signed up for these free classes or whatever she's in a 40 step training on fear and anxiety is coming up starts tomorrow is on loneliness and depression by spent 45 minutes doing taping a video series for them on fear and anxiety and the things that we worry about the things that were scared about and it says right here and don't fret about anyting don't be don't have any anxiety about everything so that first step is be worried about nothing don't worry about anyting
you know there's a magazine called Smithsonian institution is anybody ever seen this I used to get this as a kid
they did a whole
magazine just on the topic of anxiety
we have Micro worries we have personal worries now we're confronted with mackerel worries in the worries of the world there's worries and worries and worries and what it says don't worry about anything worry about nothing
and you've heard this
40% of things that you worry about never happen
40% of what we worry about
never happens
30% of the things you worry about are things that have already happened in your past so why are you spending energy to destroy your presents
or something this happened in your past
12% of your worries Ron needless health concerns
the hypochondriac in US
Lexa the guy that had on his tombstone
Ashton the stone I told you I was sick
we have that sometimes and we worry about stuff that we just can't control on on needless health concerns 10% of your worries are on an insignificant and Petty issues
that leaves only 8%
hope your worries are on legitimate concerns 90% of the stuff in the junk that we worry about never comes to pass only 8% so why we so anxious and worried about everything stop worrying
I suggest you pick a time to worry
I were worried about 45 minutes a day and pick that time between 3 and 3:15 in the every afternoon I'm going to worry
and then just worry yourself sick listed at 15 minutes and then let it go because while we do is we want to carry the bags with us we want to wait on it and we just want to let everybody else and then you want everybody else to start worrying about your problems are you kidding me I got enough of my own and we start dinner
family leave me alone this is what I'm really just going to beat myself up and have my pity party and do the worrying time and get it over with and then not deal with it anymore for the rest of the day we would be so much better and start focusing on what God wants you to be focusing at and here's the key
you got to live
I want to I just went brain-dead you know I'm noticing I'm getting those senior moments more often are you getting those yet. Right
you know senior moments
show up Connie Francis Francis of France who did I'm just as Lord one day at a time that's that's the key to this stop worrying about something so far down the line is only 8% of that the key to do it about worry unless is take everything one day at a time in life and I want to assure you sometimes you got to get to the point of breaking it down and such bite-size pieces I didn't get through one hour at a time or just get me through from four to five
or just give me give me through till noon and then focus on give me to till 3 then to 5
then start long Jaden then it just take it one day at a time
I used to do this you know my desk at Baylor
I don't have just the top of my desk cover I have layers of paperwork that doubt cover of my desk and they're just layers of the only one there right now and just layers and just about ass about that thing all the way across my desk and I would used to just go home and go I want to let you know ever turn back and came back the next morning that's just all still there is going to be just fine overnight
so basically I tried to tell everybody I'll get to it when I can and there's some days I'm not getting to it
so you start looking what's priority here or it would absolutely eat your lunch
and some of us have had our lunch eaten way too many times this is don't worry about this stuff
try to worry less
according to scripture
don't worry about anything
take it one day at a time
this may be how you get through it
pray about everything worry about nothing pray about everything
in everything I love scripture here cuz it goes our Philippians pray
in everything by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God in everything
do you know what we do we pick out the things that we agree with and pray about it
it says her
making my versions maybe there's been some typos in my Bible pretty says in everything pray about it give him thanks for everything
there's another translation that says it like this when you pray tell God every detail of your life
I don't know about you but I don't like doing that
because I want to pray to God and then I want to carry my own baggage with me until I can't handle it anymore and then say God can you handle this is about time you gave it to me why didn't you give it up to me 6 years ago
okay Beatles be honest because I probably think I can do better than you
it's all I would never tell God that is why don't you give him everything and why don't we do it
why do we hold back on some
why we we hit amen real quick before we really get to the good stuff and God sitting on the edge of the seat of his throne waiting to hear that one thing that you should be giving him this week
call you get close and then we back away gun
trust me I'm right
you'll be back
would be awesome to tell him about everything
unload everything on him
don't like that because that's the first Peter 5:7 unload all your worries worries on him because he's looking after you unload all your worries
who's talking earlier
some problems the only way you can deal with them is prayer
maybe there's only a few of a senior the need to hear that
you've tried manipulation do trike Ram it down their throats
you tried coercing you tried bribing you tried everything else to get it to be solved
well I guess now my only chance is prayer
we should have went to that first
everything unload all your worries on him pray about everything
another version of that first Peter 5:7 goes like this you can throw the whole white of your anxieties upon him for you are his personal concern
James puts this way
you do not have
because you didn't ask
and you've heard the story you've heard this joke or St Peter when you go up to heaven in St Peter walks through this hey give you have an Uber to show you heaven and you go to walk into a place and look at all this on this side of though this is all yours
any notes across the street this huge piles of other stuff but who's placing it over yours oh that's all the stuff that was there you just never asked for
same thing with us we have to ask for give it to him you haven't because you haven't asked
I can't sleep I just I can't sleep and I'm one of these battle with that believe you me I'm me got more sleep last night than normal the normal night
I'll take it to the Lord
there's something there that won't break
what's at the break so I understand how sometimes you can get in to rewire your brain with past but it's getting better and I want to keep asking but there's a lot of times that I reach for a Tylenol PM before I reach to the creator of the world
what does make sense to go to him first
on anything let him take care of the anxiety
here's the key
firstkey was live one day at a time second key no problem is too big or too small
to pray about
no problem
no problem
number three thank God in all things and everything when you pray as a SATA pray pray with Thanksgiving
that's what it's always all about
it's very little to do with pilgrims or Indians
and all that stuff
it's really about taking John from where we're at and folks stop complaining about this country and start thanking God for this country and start praying for this country still complaining about it. Go to get us one step closer to resolution it's about prayer and Thanksgiving another translation of that same section of her says always ask him with a thankful heart
you know the most healthiest human emotion
is not love
is gratitude
it's time for us
is giving that cuz Studies have shown that it actually increases your immunities in your body when you have gratitude and Thanksgiving for what's going on in your life or what's around you
give God praise
it was old song like that couch your blessings name them one
which our problems
Moana girl in about him
1st Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus because I need still need these in still
I need the listing for service but I need somebody
we get almost contagious but that stuff will get better instead of better
and every start stands give thanks
number for
put your mind on the right things
or state
bookends horses that's finally Brothers
I love I love when when scripture with
this isn't for lost people
or Wednesday by Lee Brothers
this is for believers. I know I'm going to be dealing with this the Holy Spirit right pure lovely admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about those things
Proverbs 23:7 in about done so hang with me as a man thinks
in his heart so he is
your attitude suck your attitude shower your attitude bitter grab too bad
what comes out of your heart comes out your mouth what comes out of your mouth comes out of your heart
congratulations that's who you are
and James tells them that bitter water and freshwater can't come out with the same phone have you ever seen it
have you ever seen water and Kool-Aid come out the same time I don't think so I'm going to cool a long time but I don't think so
bigger and better can come out of the same so it's saying get to the root of your heart and start dwelling on the good things
don't focus on the negative
notice the result
if you do this
you will experience God's peace
Which is far more wonderful than the human mind
can every Copperhead his peace will keep your thoughts and your heart quiet
and you can rest as you trust in Christ Jesus
I want a promise of God as you trust Christ Jesus is peace will keep your thoughts
this week
today is Repose out
focus on here
we all need to go to the bathroom and look in the mirror
hello Adele Someone I don't want to see that I don't believe I'm with you
I'm with you
how many people had to walk here today
how many people
can get other car make it into the building they need a wheelchair
how many people was able to dress yourselves this morning
how many didn't get food yesterday from lunch or dinner or breakfast
how many people have wanted to go to Starbucks and get your second cup of coffee for the day
didn't have the money in the account to do it
books for blessed
and that's just the physical things
as your pastor in your friend
I want to give you Thanksgiving today
but in that I want to give you thanks living today
and give you something that you can't buy
Ross can get it on sale
what's the peace of God
find and look right down this week all the things that God has done for you
husbands look at your wife
why is look back at your husband's
you've been blessed
stop criticizing the way they walk across the floor love him a little bit more
remember the first day that you fell in love with them
two man I still love you
and then get on your knees thank God there's somebody that will put up with you one more week
is that person
is that person
you with me been there done that thank you for your word
how the devil can come into our days come in like a cloud that just kind of creep slowly and
up from the Horizon that's in them all of a sudden it's right above us
nothing can start looking pretty dark
Andover forget that the sun is always Shining
through it
Allure we focus on the cloud
I don't believe in the history of this world there's ever been a cloud that never went away
I don't think there's ever been a rainstorm
in the rain never stopped is still going on now
door stops
Lord that sun is always Shining
your love your presence your peace your mercy your grace your strength your courage and more I can keep going on with adjectives Lord about you and all your wonderful nest
never Sate always flows always shines and made this week we focus on how awesome of a God you are
and we give you thanks
well I think you that we live in a country
even though it's messed up right now
for free
even though there's things going wrong things going wrong
but I'm still glad to be in this country
lower part of a church
the other stuff wrong in the back out here and it may take longer and has taken longer than we ever dream
or I'm still glad that I'm part of this family of God
India kids won't answer the phone when you want to text him or talk to him
I'm glad your my kids
so many things I can go down and look at all the negative the Lord let this be a week to look at the possible we give you the glory give you the price
and maybe have an awesome Thanksgiving week in Jesus name we pray amen awesome week we love you
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