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The Expansion Point, June 18, 2014

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The Expansion Point: Dreams and Subconscious Mapping
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with Brad Johnson

The Expansion Point with Brad Johnson

Headlined Show, The Expansion Point June 18, 2014

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Dreams and Subconscious Mapping

In our next episode, Brad Johnson will be speaking more on the potentials dreams have for our own expansive purposes, and how we can map out the dream plane so we can discover symbols to enhance our personal being.

Live calls will be taken near the end of our show. Join us Wednesday, June 18th @ 6pm PST!

The Expansion Point

Show Host

The Expansion Point is an exciting, insightful and cutting edge radio talk show unlike any other. Hosted by Brad Johnson: Conscious Matrix Communicator, Psychic, Channeler and Author; you will be taken on a journey into the depths of universal consciousness as new ground is broken. The Expansion Point will cover such topics including: how to enhance your ESP ability, how to channel, frequency & vibratory fundamentals, ET awareness, Ancient Earth and Galactic history, humanity’s powerful positive future, time travel, dimensional mechanics and much more!

You will also have the opportunity to interact live with Brad Johnson as live calls are taken near the end of every bi-weekly broadcast. Be a part of a radio talk show that’s truly one of a kind and will help you to reach your point of expansion!

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