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Angel Talk with Jim Young and Sandy Young

If God is For You Then Who Can Be Against You?

Vision is the end game, it may not even be achievable in your lifetime or the next.  Nevertheless it's a cause close to your heart and very important to you. Your Mission is the contribution you can make given your experience skills and education, to bring about your vision. It is what you get out of bed each day to do.  Your Purpose is the WHY!  Why You  get out of bed to undertake Your Mission in the creation of Your Vision.  IMPORTANTLY your purpose must make you feel worthy and needed or it probably doesn't belong to you!

Eves Corner with Prophetess Amina Campbell

Title: Power, Purpose, & Praise

Ascended Masters at Work with Shirlene Reeves and guest Vickie Helm

Shannon Guest and Alexandra Meadors review a unique and beautiful way of bringing forth angelic messages through personal artistic creations. Shannon is an Angel Intuitive and Psychic Artist. Through the brush or pastels, psychic messages transform into a visual reflection of Guardian Angels, Soul Portraits or other types of Guides and Teachers. Her hands are guided to create each and every brush stroke, one after another, until a portrait emerges.The process is through complete trust with her Angels, where they direct the outcome, allowing Shannon to be their conduit.

Caroline discusses transmutation, the art of transmuting negative energy into positive energy to change yourselves, to heal the earth, and to clear polluted waters. She shares a formula from Sandra Ingerman's book, "Medicine for the Earth" that gives you specific steps to take and she describes how to use those steps. She also shares a morning ritual from "Simon Peter's True Testament" that helps you set your intent for the day, and purpose for you life.